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Thursday, December 30, 2004

I've had to put the audios on hold till next week. There's too much chaos around here with the kids home from school on holiday break. So my audios on Paul that I have coming out have had to be delayed.

Which probably would have happened anyway because I got the proofs back from my publisher that I had to go through this week and scramble to get my second book to the editor so it can come out in March. I'm still working on that one and will hopefully get it to my editor over the weekend.

As for those who have orgone orders pending. I apologize about the delays. I've just been so swamped it's unbelievable. Not to mention suppliers had me on hold for 3-4 weeks and I couldn't get good metal shavings. I still haven't caught up from November. I'm getting there slowly folks..

One person can only do so much. I'm so swamped I'm not even seeing daylight.

Ya know one night I was sitting here working and it was about 3a.m. and Satan says to me, "Look at have no life!" and I said back at him, "Yeah, cuz I'm busy kicking your ass!"

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Well I am really happy..the proofs for my book are done and I am going over those. I was real thrilled to see the actual book cover and how it will look. For a snapshot of it you can get a sneak peak at

The book will go to the printer's in about a week and then it will be available at bookstores, Amazon, etc.. I'll announce when.

All of the information in the book is on my website, my articles at

Thanks to Ann for her support in making this book possible..and for all of you who have supported my ministry and helped us go to 2 hour shows starting this Saturday at Reality Radio Network.

God Bless you guys and gals,

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Tonight at 8pm EST
on Sherry Shriner live..

Benny Hinn..False Prophet..
Listen to him growl, our collection of Benny Hinn
...the best fraud money can buy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I've been extremely busy this week..

A new audio will be going up soon and I've been working on the show for this Saturday night at

I need more hours in a day..

Thank you to those who have contributed to my ministry, Yah Bless you all greatly. The radio show will be going to two hours starting in January. This will give us more time to answer listener calls and allow us to have more interaction with you.

I have been a little hesitant but I know this is what the Lord wants and what He wants I will do. It's about HIM. Everything is. It's not about us, or me, it's about and for HIM. So I thank those who have listened to Him and have blessed me so I can bless others. There's no "i" in the word Army. We are the Lord's army, called out in these last days to do exploits for Him. Leading, teaching, ministering, battling, donating, helping others, it's all part of Him and doing what He leads us to do for Him.

Agape love to you all who stand for Him.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I was thinking about the radio show tonight and the Lord set me straight.


He said:

MY show is in your hands..

be faithful to Me and what I have you speak..

My time is coming,
the nations will roar,
they do not know My plans
the news daily for the people tells them what the Iluminati, and the scoundrels want them to hear.

They do not know MY plans. I will reveal them to My people.

Many things are coming that the nation thinks it can control,
they do not control ME, I laugh at their derision.

Prepare for war, against the forces of evil and darkness.

When they come forth, My people, those I have chosen, will be prepared for battle.

I will do a new thing. My own will be annointed and ready for battle.

Stay in Me, ye people of this nation, be ready to hear My voice.

Hearken unto Me. Seek Me.

I love you child,
Prepare for War.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Some of you guys and gals are really funny. I'm still alive. Hehehehehe

A thousand will fall at my left hand and 10,000 at my right..I have no worries folks.

If my whereabouts are ever in doubt you can contact Ronda Zeoli at

I've been busy lately posting some new pics and info on the sites.

Check out
I've been led by the Most High lately to start getting out more info on this Maitreya Sananda ..Maitreya is a title..not a particular person although Benjamin Creme seems to think so. Maitreya can be Creme's guy, or Sananda, or Germaine, any of these can step into the title/role of Maitreya. I have pictures on my site so you can see what they look like.

I put up some pics of Sanat Kumera at as well, just scroll down through the page.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Jingle Bells, Satan's bells, Robin laid an egg..

If you missed the radio show, our Christmas Special you can catch it at

We put the archives of our shows at but I put those there as an offering to the Lord for those who can't afford to subscribe to Archive on Demand. Bandwidth isn't cheap and if 10,000 people go to our archives the site would be down in no time running out of bandwidth.

I'm putting up a page on Maitreya, Sananda, the man of a thousand faces. Makes you wonder why exactly he can't decide what he looks like. Why so many different pictures and faces of the same person?

Ok we know the facade..he's supposed to "appeal to all." But you would think that would be via personality and agenda, not actual looks itself. Or is Satan just confused? Not real sure what he wants to do or play the game when one of his beasts arrives?

Never a dull moment.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Patriot Act 2 passed.

At any time, any one of us could disappear in a mirage of fed agents. We could be taken anywhere, without knowing where..and held..for as long as they want to hold us..we can be deemed a terrorist with no trial..

Welcome to the New World Order. Lucifer's temporary kingdom on earth.

I give the internet about one more year of existence as we know it. Persecutions will begin sooner than that. Perhaps in January.

It's over folks. Anything we were hanging onto to give us a feeling that we weren't quite in the end days, has just ended with the Patriot 2.

America is now dead. The country our forefathers fought and died for has been handed over to Luciferian control..permanently.

Our Constitution is dead. Our Bill of Rights is dead. They no longer exist under Patriot Acts 1 and 2 now officially law.

So what do we do now? Get into Yahweh...stay in Yahweh..for those of you who are sitting on the's owned by the devil..get off of it. Choose whom you will serve or the choice will be made for you. You belong to Satan on default.

Maitreya, Sananda, the freak from space will arrive in May and hold a worldwide television appearance/interview. Do not watch it.

Mind control, hypnosis and witchcraft will seduce the minds of all those who watch it and enslave them to him. Do not watch it. Do not have it on in your homes. You have been forewarned.


Why am I warning you now? I may not have a chance later. Each day could be my last on the internet, my last at all, any of ours.

Make a choice folks, for those who want Yahushua, Jesus, the Son of God

If you don't have Jesus you don't have anything, nothing.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Remnant Is Waking Up..A Message To The Nations

I am calling forth My remnant.

It is time.

I will lead them and stand them up to do My will.

They will go forth in My Name. They will heal the sick, raise the dead, and preach My Name to the people.

They will set a sword, My sword, in homes, churches, villages, towns, cities and nations.
Man must choose whom they will serve. It is time for mankind to repent and come to Me or face the sword of My wrath.

My remnant will go to and fro in the Spirit. They will go to and fro, from and to Me, to do My work, in My good pleasure.

I have saved the remnant, My best, for last. They are proven in Me. They are submitted to Me. And I will send them forth to be a a witness of Me on the earth and to do battle.

They cannot be killed. But those who seek to do them harm will fall on their own sword against them.

I love you child, speak forth My words for they carry life and those with ears will hear.

I am sending many of My remnant to you to lead them child. Lead them to Me so they can be given My anointing on them.

This is a new thing that I will begin.

I have prophesied of these days and now they are here.

This remnant going forth is My bride, and I will write My Name on their foreheads, and they are sealed unto Me as Mine.

Go forth in victory, preach My Name to the nations. Preach My salvation and deliverance and redemption for them.

Heal their sick while there is time, so they may know I AM that I AM. Preach the truth in boldness. The strongholds of evil will be broken. Many will come unto Me. Many will give their lives for Me.

Those who can hear will hear.

Enter not into the churches. For they are filled with their own vain glory and wisdom, but go where I send you and be vigilant and diligent in Me.

It is coming forth. It is time. Arise My remnant and Come Unto Me. Seek Me so I can anoint you, Seek Me.

I have spoken.

Give this to the nations child so they can be blessed and hear what I have to say to them. Those with ears will hear.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

This week on the show we're going to do a Christmas special..Sherry and Harry style..

The truth you don't want to hear, but need to hear.

We would like to expand the shows to 2 hours starting in January but we need donations to do so. So if the Lord is leading you to donate to our radio show we would be blessed by it, you can donate at

These shows are 100% listener supported.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The week went fast.

Lord willing, and providing, we may extend the radio broadcast to two hours on Saturday nights.

There's some great people over at the lamb cafe. You can get there by going to and then click on the link for lamb cafe. If you're looking for a place for just laid back, like minded believers to fellowship with, that's the place.

Friday, December 03, 2004

New Audios page at

Free audios to listen to that I will be making daily or several times a week as the Lord leads.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ok, so this was funny, picked up my blog on the chicken,

Topic: Government agents stole my creamed chicken!

The Miami bomb hit I exposed last year, didn't go away, it's coming back again for 2005. A January hit is still in play. How desperate is the shrub regime? Considering there are going to be resistance protests against his inauguration on the 20th, they're probably thinking another "terror" strike on our soil will give him some kind of an edge as far as our "protector."

Give me a break.

They are being sued out the ying for their involvement in 9-11 as it is, and now I'm TELLING YOU they are involved with this Miami fuel-air bomb explosion as well. For the brethren living in that area listen for the Lord if He tells you to leave, leave. No I dont' know if it's a certainty for this year, or if they will cancel it again, but just be aware, be advised this attack could happen.

Two attacks on our soil, the third leads to martial law folks.

Of course the third could be an all out war here..invasion of China/Russia forces.

You would think it would be a time of war, but not in a Satanist regime where the leaders of all these countries are in cohoots with who goes down when. No, our blood drinking leaders won't be calling Americans to arms to defend this country, they'll be throwing anyone who can pick one up in a camp to kill them. An American Holocaust. Welcome to the 4th Reich.

And my God, quite whining over Bush winning over Kerry. Kerry would have done the same things. They follow the same Satanic plan, they're both Satanists in the same brotherhood serving the same lame Devil. So it matters not which one is in charge folks.

America screwed up by allowing ANYONE involved in secret societies into the government to begin with. They have all committed treason. Why? Because when you are sworn in to a secret society you are bound by your oath to it. So reciting the oath of President and taking over this country is nothing but a lie to them. They can't defend and protect our constitution when the Satanic faction they belong to is sworn to destroy it.

Think folks.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It's looking like there may be a fuel air bomb attack here in America some time in January.

Of course when we make idiots out of ourselves and expose it they'll cancel it. But that's the whole point isn't it? It doesn't matter what I, or others look like, we're used to taking the criticisms, as long as they cancel their plans.

If a fuel air bomb hit it would kill everything in a several mile radius. It literally is an explosion in the air that sucks the oxygen out of everything beneath it for several miles. So it would involve some kind of plane spraying a layer of fuel in the sky and then it being lit on fire.

I'm working on this and will have more details later. Just a heads up for now.

Monday, November 29, 2004

When I first started this blog I mentioned covert war against saints and patriots and how the government likes to use circumstances and instances to just drive you crazy. In fact there's a website put up by those well familiar with their tactics.

I have been a victim of this covert game for the past two years and it's always something. I've learned patience and having a sense of humor is important to combat their tactics, and to this day, you just learn to live with it and expect for something to go wrong at any and all times.

On Thanksgiving morning I was up early and cooking, getting ready to head to the family get together. I had previously bought at the store everything I needed for all the food I was going to make and take with me. Yet that morning, I couldn't find the can of cream of chicken I had bought for one of the casseroles I was going to make.

I searched everywhere, tore the kitchen apart and couldn't find it, started walking through the house looking and couldn't find it..I even tore the kids toy box apart and couldn't find it. And yes, for even the strangest of reasons only a parent would be familiar with, I looked under the couch and couldn't find it.

It wasn't anywhere. I was frustrated. I sent the troops (kids) out to look for it, it was a family event just trying to find my can of cream of chicken. It was simply nowhere to be found.

So I decided to just take a shower and get ready to leave, minus one of my favorite casseroles, easy cheesy hasbrown potato casserole mind you. So while I'm getting ready the brilliant idea hit me to ask Yahweh where it was. After all, the creator of the Universe would know where a can of cream of chicken disappeared to.

So I asked Him, thinking I still have time to hurry up and make it if I can find where 'they' put it. At this point, I knew something was up with that thing. I'm way to familiar with the crap that flies when you're a servant of Yahweh's and taking a stand against the New World Order and the minions and forces that worship it. So I'm just standing in the bathroom at the sink and I asked Yahweh, "Ok where is it? What did they do to my cream of chicken?" And Yah said to me, "a government remote viewer has it." And I said, "Ok where did he put it?" At this point thinking I could still get it and make the casserole before I leave..but no..Yah says, "He's (remote viewer) holding it, and he's laughing."

Well, so much for that. I gathered all the ingredients I needed, threw them in a bowl and stopped at Drug Mart on the way out of town and bought another can. I was amazed they had it. And I made the casserole anyway, at my relatives house.

Just another day in the life of me..Sherry Shriner..

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Well I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving. It has always been one of my favorite holidays but anymore holidays are just a distraction and I could really do without them. I don't like having to be away from my work and extended periods of time really drive me crazy.

I need a laptop. One of those wireless things.


I go into anxiety thinking of doing nothing for several days. I have so much to do, so much to write, so much to do to further the cause of exposing agendas and idiots. I'm just a peon, I can't do everything but I can do something.

Audios coming soon on my sites. I'm set up almost and ready to go with it.

The radio show is truly amazing. Truly going global.

The war is on, it's us against them. Who is us? Normal, sane people vs. the Lucifer loving freaks.
We're peace loving people around the world who don't want their wars, greed, drugs, pedophilia, homosexuality and every evil vice you can think of. We are God fearing believers, patriots of our countries, people who want to keep their soverignty instead of being pushed into a global freak government that worships sin and Lucy/Lucifer.

United we will grow to be.

This is a global problem. The bullying of regime changes has to stop, those who don't agree to this NWO are systematically taken over and forced to cooperate. It wont' be stopped until people really know what is going on.

Wake up people. Your nations are being destroyed so they can be controlled by the Satanists. Just as America has been.

The United States of Satanism.

Unite. Pray for their strongholds to be broken.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

more nonsensicle babble from the news media...

this week Pastor Harry will be on the radio show again. Pastor Harry wants to become a permanent co-host of the show so give me some feedback on that folks and let me know what you think. It is easier to have a co-host on a show and I think it makes it more interesting because more info gets brought up.

Good to hear from Belgium and India this week. This show is literally global and if you haven't caught it yet check out

People are taping the shows on cd's and passing them around.

I put a warning on my radio site to the Pierson-Schwartz group, I don't know who you are other than Satan freaks so read it closely.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Well I have been busy..I got the what I think version of my book to the publisher this week. It is still in the production process and now that it is out of my hands I will be working on getting the second one together and submitted as well.

I am swamped with orgone orders and very behind in those as well. Sorry folks, I'm going to spend the next few days trying to catch up.

I need a maid, I need a cook, I need help! It is not easy. I have so many things to do there is never a dull moment or something that doesn't need done or something I am not behind on.
It's overwhelming. It's been past that point for a year now.

News with my views..

Trading Colin Powell for Condoleeza Rice is window dressing. Exchange one lizard for another and expect different results, right ok.

People think Powell is ethical and has morals. It's part of the game. They just want to save his image in case they need him later. The public buys into the facade so they're accommodating. I probably spelled that wrong but oh well, who cares. Powell is from the bloodline families, just another pawn in the New World Order who is working to bring Satan to power and playing his part. They all make me sick. Blood drinking, ritual sacrificing, freaks.

Interesting website at for whatever it's worth, it's news you won't hear from our media anyway.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I just posted a new article called "How to Detect Chips and Nullify Them" at,,, and

I thought it gave good info..the Native Prophecy Council list at Yahoo apparently didn't think so, they kicked me off their list.


Would the real anti-NWO crowd please stand up?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I posted a new article at
It's really very fascinating and interesting about the pre-Adamic era and makes complete sense if you think about it.

If Kerry wanted the election he'd be yelling about it, seems to me it's not the people but Mossad and CIA operatives playing their usual game of trying to stir up civil unrest and trouble. Would Americans be better off with Kerry? Does it make a difference who is in power when both Bush and Kerry are Skull and Bonesman having taken loyalty oaths to Lucifer? That means they commit treason by taking the oath of public office because they have no intentions of defending the Constitution of the United States against foreign or domestic terrorists. They ARE the domestic terrorists.

A lot of people having dreams of round ups coming soon. Round ups would begin before martial law according to those who have dug into the plans of martial law and the New World Order.

To fear the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. To fear man is a complete waste of time.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Tonight I will be on TheEdge with Dan Ott at at 8pm EST. My regular show will not be aired or a previous show will be taped in its place.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The elections are coming down to really doesn't surprise me. Ohio is dominant in the codes and especially relating to end time events.

I see it all the time. Ohio and Maine.

First of all, I live here, so where I live is always in the codes (Canton, Ohio) because they hate me, I influence events, I'm a larger part in the scheme of end time events than I can even imagine or understand, and so therefore it's mentioned a lot. The mere fact that I am a radical prophet of Yahweh's who is always exposing their plans and always in their face one way or another, draws attention, not just theirs, the freaks in the NWO, but it's dominant in the codes in just about everything. My name itself, can be found in just about every event coming down the pike.

Why? Because I'm exposing it, or because I've done something to hamper their plans, and that's usually the biggest kick I get out of seeing it in the codes, to see the terms "angry, hate, furious" it always makes me laugh. They're my enemies. I'm glad I can do something to ruin their plans. I'm glad I've done alot of things that have messed up a lot of their plans already, and I still have a future of time to keep doing it. Praise Yahweh. I don't pity those freaks. I loathe them. They are enemies of Yahweh. They are enemies of mankind. And they are enemies of mine.

And I'm still laughing about the Miami code. HAHAHAHA if people only knew. One day they will. For now they can berate me and say what they want, but the freaks know, and I know, and Yahweh knows, and that's all that matters. I don't live to please man, I'm a servant of the Lord's and I do what He leads me to do or asks me to do and messing up their Miami nuking was just one of many of their plans that has been messed up by just a nobody in Canton, Ohio.

There are a lot of events to come in Ohio in regards to these last days.

Another thing is Ohio has Dayton Wright Patterson Air force Base. And that is a huge underground joint alien and human facility that is also going to come into play with end time events. Lima, Ohio a nesting home for aliens perhaps. I believe there's a University there, Northwest, Northwestern, or something like that. Universities are usually stomping grounds for intelligence agencies. It's where they usually operate the most. And it's not to far from Dayton. That whole area over there in the south western part of Ohio is just crawling with alien activity.

Meanwhile on the southeastern part of the state is me, working daily to combat all aliens and the NWO freaks.

It's amusing.

And then there was the threat from the CIA's clone Osama Bin laden who said whoever votes for Bush better be worried about their security. Will the clone, or should I say NWO-CIA orchestrate an attack on Ohio now?

Wouldn't surprise me.

For those who can't fathom another 4 more years with Bush dont' worry about it. He won't be around too much longer. He'll never finish a year, let alone a second term. But that isn't good news either.

The War on the Saints is coming.

For those relieved we have a "Christian" president in office..HAHAHAHAHAHA...sing your praises when you're being hauled off to your deaths. The Lord's watchmen have tried to warn you and you won't listen.

So what's going to happen?

Bush will go on 'vacation' and Cheney will take over for a short while, but it won't last because his heart pacer is going to run out of batteries and there will be no recharging it.

The plans remain the same. No wonder Yahweh didn't want me wasting my time on the elections.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm not posting an election code. You can read why at

Severe biological attacks heading our way. Remains to be seen how they will spread but they're coming.

My network show with the micro broadcasters was cancelled after the first show. Guess I'm just too hot for radio!


My regularly scheduled broadcast with the Reality Radio Network will continue.

Friday, October 29, 2004

I just posted a new article Prisoners of Dulce Base at

This article is something that the Lord has led me to write after the past several months of His leading me back to the research of Dulce and revealing and confirming things to me about this base. He has called me to bring this topic up again, to bring more awareness to it, and to encourage His people to pray for the release of the souls that are imprisoned there.

Several of the original people who brought the information to the public about this base and other underground bases have died. They were murdered. Let's not forget their deaths. Let's not let their deaths be in vain. They gave their lives so that this base and others could be exposed, and for the captives in them to be set free. We need to carry the torch for them. We need to demand that these captives be set free and pray for the release of the souls that are trapped there.

I am now going to be broadcasting two radio shows back to back.

I'll be doing my 8pm EST show with Reality Radio Network on Saturday nights and then at 9pm I'll be switching over and doing an hour show with the Micro Broadcasters Association. The MBA is on FM stations across the country as well as the internet. A listing of the states that carry their programming is on my site at

All I can say is..Art Bell and George Noory..Move over..I'm moving up! I'll be up there sooner or later with my own national show to tackle on Paranormal issues head on.

I did another interview with Zeph Daniel and you can hear it at That's probably the 5th interview we've done on the Z Channel. I always have a great time doing interviews with Zeph.


Election day is coming...I'm just sitting back and watching it like anyone else. Either one can win, the codes don't specify, for every code you find Kerry winning, there's a code that shows Bush winning.

Depending on which one wins, then I know the direction we're heading into and the events to expect. So it's a wait to see where we're going with future events based on who pulls it off. It's the ultimate war of evil fighting over this one. Factions 1 and 2 duking it out.

Whoever wins, the other will contest it. I wonder what Bush Sr., has up his sleeve for this one.

I don't think this one will be decided until January. If either wins by a landslide, then fine. If it's a close race, it will be complete hell.

This is going to get interesting. Meanwhile, I'm not giving it much thought, I'm busy with other things right now and there's really nothing anyone can do but wait to see which evil freak wins anyway.

My mind stays on Yahweh. My focus is on Yahweh and what He wants me to do and He hasn't been leading me into the election arena.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Lord said this to me early this a.m. ..

My Child,

The time I've told you about has come. Many things will happen as a whirlwind. My people will panic, they are not prepared. They listen to the warnings and they scoff, and they ridicule My Prophets and Watchmen.

No more.

I have set a rod against My house. I will chastise My people for rejecting the prophets, I will set My face against them, and they will know that I am angry. I will shake the churches and the harlots, they will not understand Me, because they believe the things they want to believe and don't seek Me for the truth.

I have prepared you for the things that can happen. You will not know what happens until it's time, but My child i have warned you and prepared you for all things. I love you child. Know this, that when they come, I am with you. Don't take your eyes off Me. I am your strength. You would have kept going and you would have been a messenger to the world even moreso, but they will stop you. They are choosing My hand, what they choose is their folly. I will not stop them. So child know this, that I know you love Me and your heart has always been for Me. What you did or didn't accomplish wasn't up to you, it was up to Me. I know all things, I look ahead and I see the future, and I know you would not have changed. You would not have stopped and for this you will be rewarded child. Don't worry about being cut off to early, you are a lion, a warrior, you have set into motion many things that would not have taken place otherwise, you dumbfounded them, you stumped them and you stomped them.

If you only knew, and you will, the glory and joy you have given Me. Be at peace and rest in Me. I will not forsake you.

Yes they are at the door. They will play their hand and then I will play mine. Be still and know that I am the Lord and in Me rests the weight of mankind. I have weighed the balances and America has been found wanting. The evil has overcome her. That is what you were feeling. I cannot bear it. It has taken over. I knew when it took over I would raise My hand against it, and now I am. This must come to pass. Many things will.

You have led My people, and you will lead them into battle again. I love you Sherry. I am with you, I will never forsake you.

Warn My people. The battle is at the door.

Sunday, October 24, 2004 worldwide, over 22 countries listening. I've been on the internet air waves for 2 months and already there's a global audience of those who want to hear the truth of what's going on in these last days. And it's going to grow, and get bigger and bigger and bigger. I'm just a servant of the Lord's and a warrior willing to take a stand against the corruption and evil overtaking this world under the guise of a New World Order and
I pray I'm a blessing to Him.

A friend sent this to me .. made me want to go to NYC and rip that statues torch off myself..

Statue of Liberty or Lucifer?

Rev 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Before the word continent was added to the English vocabulary, the word mountain also defined a continent.

There are 7 continents on earth. There are 7 seas. The Lord's number 7 may be found on many things.

Rev 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

We have really chosen an excellent symbol for this nation, the Statue of Liberty. The 7 horns on Lady Liberty's crown, represent the 7 continents and the 7 seas.

The Statue of Liberty is not an original symbol. It goes all the way back to the mystery religions of Babylon, to the godess Isis, queen of Babylon, to the godess Libertos, godess of Liberty, and the godess of Reason.America has the spirit of Egypt.

The truth about the Statue of Liberty, the world's largest idol, needs to be toldThe Statue of Liberty's designer, French Freemason, Frederick August Bertoldi, once boasted that his creation would last as long as the Pyramids of the Nile. The seven spikes of Liberty's crown represent the seven continents and seven seas of the world.

This was a Freemason project, linked to the builders of the Pyramids. Freemasons designed the dollar bill.Freemasons planned the Washington monument and laid out the whole city of Washington in Luciferian, occult symbols.The Luciferian Masonic symbols are what the Statue of Liberty is really all about.To see the fruits of true Illuminism, what the antichrist mystery religions of Lucifer, are all about, look at the French Revolution. Illuminism is what drove the French Revolution.

That is what Illuminism is, antichristian doctrine, and a reign of terror. The guillotine took many thousands of lives in this bloody antichrist Luciferian mystery religion revolution. The unbridled killing and terror is what Illuminism is really all about. Jesus told us clearly that Lucifer, Satan, the devil, comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.The French Revolution culminated in an event where they desecrated Notre Dame cathedral. They enthroned a half naked prostitute on the high altar, and crowned her as the goddess of reason.

The torch in her hand, is the light of Lucifer. Believe it or not, this is the origins of the Statue of Liberty. That statue was designed and built by French Freemasons and given as a gift to American Freemasons. It still stands as the largest Luciferian idol in the world.

It is not a nice symbol.

It is a symbol of the goddess of witchcraft, holding aloft the light of Lucifer.

Makes you sick doesn't it?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Tonight is listener call in on the radio show. That's probably my favorite format.

I've posted a few new codes at

FEMA = The Beast Police. I've been saying it for a while now and have an article on it coming out soon. I also posted a code on the Bohemian Grove. No surprise that George Bush Sr., is one of the managers and administrators of the place. We know it's the Satan Club for Men where the Satan freaks gather every year to plot the destruction of our World and Earth.

I don't know why people call them the "elite." They are not elite. There's nothing about them that is elite. They are doomed and lost Satan worshipping freaks. And that's all they are.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The website is about to go down. I'm almost out of bandwidth for the month on the site. I have already taken down the free archives page. If you want to hear the archives you can go to they charge a small amount but you can also listen to the other hosts on the network such as Steve Quayle's shows. He's got some great info and well worth listening to.

I don't know if I'll be doing the radio shows next month. Donations this month have been almost nill and naturally the donation buttons on my site had been tampered with and not working until today. And I simply can't afford for it to come out of my pocket. I don't have any. So I guess it's a wait and see. I have about 6 days to get the funds in for next month. So far my show has been 100% listener supported and government hampered. LOL. Big shock but gotta love the listeners.

I really enjoy having the listener call in shows so I think most of the format will just be that if the show remains on the air.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Tonight at 8pm EST
Listener Call In
If you have a question call in and ask it..
I'll announce the number to call in on during the show.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Well I'm exhausted.

I've been working night and day over the past week getting a manuscript submitted. Yes, I will have my first book published and hitting the book stores sometime in January. I have a second one ready to go but it needs editing still.

Every bit of the information in these books is already available on my websites. I wanted to make sure of that before anything got published. I would never charge $ for information the Lord has led me to or given me Himself. Yet there are many who I've heard from who would rather buy a book then read websites all day. So now there's a choice, or will be soon. I have no control over the title or cost of the book so I hope at least they stay with the title I suggested. They price books according to how many pages are in the book itself. It can run anywhere from $10-$13 with my page range. Very affordable for those who want it.

I don't know what else I can do to sound the alarms on what's coming. I have done everything He has asked me to do the past 4 years and all I can say is, bring it on, I need a vacation. Better yet, sometimes I just want to go home. I'm tired and I haven't had a vacation in 13 years.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bush will take the election.

I just don't see Kerry anywhere on the chess board right now.

Besides the obvious dribble that he's in the queen's pocket, the whole EU apocalyptic 10 nation facade has always just been a distraction to keep churchdumb off the real cards being played.

It's a game. Always has been. One of the terms you will see the most often in the Bible Codes is the word Game.

Bush will pull another coup if he has to, or wouldn't it be amazing if they just both ended up in the same place at the same time and the place went boom? It only plays into Bush's hands if he died because he'll be back. He's the dominant card for being the Antichrist right now.

I can hear the hissing and jeers from churchianity right now that is in love with their "Christian" president. Need I remind them Satan knows the Bible better than they do? Do they really think the Antichrist is going to descend to earth and outwardly show hatred toward the Bible? No..he's going to quote it to you all the way to the trains and camps as you're becoming a martyr for your faith. With that in mind I can't comprehend why it's so hard for people to realize the Skull and Bonesman isn't what he says he is to them.

Read between the lines. Bush has faith - in Lucifer. Bush has been born again - unto Lucifer (ritual in skull and bones) Bush has done nothing in the past 4 years but build the huge government republicans have always hated. He's trashed the constitution for invisible boogeymen, fake terror, lies and deception and half of them worshipping under Ceasar now don't even see it coming.

If your tithes are a tax write off you are under the roof of Ceasar and not Yahweh.

It is the churches that are the Whores of Babylon in the last days. Babylon is America folks,

Get back to Yahweh, Jehovah the Most High God.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

A lot of buzz lately about sightings in Ohio. I don't live to incredibly far from where they took place and a lot of the areas are my old stomping grounds. Do I think they're UFOs? No..I don't think aliens who have been surfing our skies for thousands of years are going to be stupid enough to crash into a residential area, or forget their cloaking devices.

However the military is.

And I don't think the bright lights being described are of alien origin either. I think the military is trying to hard to mimmick them.

Aliens don't care about nuclear power plants. However the military does. They're dependent on atomic fuel to keep their man-made UFO fleets in the sky. Power plants are nothing but gas stations for their fleets.

Ahh..the real reason for so many of them. Do you really think power plants are needed in every state to make nuke bombs? Nice fairytale.

Atomic energy. One of the trade offs for abducting and eating human children and adults. It's what they would call, "collateral" damage. In some way. Just give "us" (the government) the technology and we'll allow you to abduct someone elses children and family members (I can hear it now). Maybe the aliens SHOULD start taking the government's own children.

In this day and age, they would just be feasting off of their own kind.

I live in reality. I crawled out of the box years ago. If you don't like the truth that doesn't mean it's not true.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Saturday night 8pm EST I'll be talking to Zeph Daniel about George Bush, John Kerry, the coming elections and the Watchers.
Saturday night 8pm EST I'll be talking to Zeph Daniel about George Bush, John Kerry, the coming elections and the Watchers.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

October Surprise?
Is Bush Going to Stage a Fake UFO Threat?
by Sherry Shriner

There's been a lot of sightings lately all over the country of black triangular shaped objects in the sky. Some accompanied by fighter jets, some not.

Is this the October surprise?

With the Rothschilds and Faction 2 of the NWO controlling the money supply, and wanting Kerry elected over Bush, I don't think he'll be able to pull off a stock market or economy crash to declare a national emergency and martial law.

With the NESARA freaks and Omegans allegedly keeping Bush from implementing any more 911 type terror attacks, he can't use that either.

Seems his hands are tied?

Not really, he always has Areas 51, 52, and 54 to come up with a way to declare martial law around the other factions of the NWO.

What's up his sleeve? Stage a planned UFO threat and imminent invasion.

We know it's coming soon enough. A real one when the Antichrist rises to power. But Bush is desperate to stay in power..Now..and the only way he can suspend elections if he feels underconfident in being able to manipulate them is to create some kind of national emergency to declare martial law or suspend elections.

Enter UFOs.

The funny thing is, most sci-fi watchers can remember the black triangular objects as a new fleet of high tech planes our military came out with years ago. It used to be featured on the Sci-Fi channel.

The joint human/alien base at Los Alamos, New Mexico among other things, serves as an underground garage for the UFO fleets our government has built via black technology from illegal trade agreements with the aliens (committing treason against the U.S. Constitution) and backward engineering of crashed alien UFOs.

Area 51 has been the test flight center of these government and military created and owned UFO fleets.

The skies have been lighting up at night with strange objects and colorful lights. Watch for an increase of activity and the media starting to take notice. If this is Bush's 'suspend elections strategy' then it will start becoming more dominant in the media.

Bush is desperate. Is it time to pull the American UFO card? Time will tell.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tonight at 8pm ESTSherry Shriner Live on Reality Radio Network
Get in at 8pm or right after, you can't get in the show before 8pm..
Tonight I'll be talking about NESARA, the agenda of the Antichrist and False Prophet

Friday, October 01, 2004

Tomorrow night I'll be talking about NESARA and the coming economic and political agenda of the False Prophet and the Antichrist on

You can catch the show at 8pm EST. If you try to get in before 8pm you won't get anything, wait till right at 8pm. I have a 4 minute intro so you just might miss some of Lunatic Fringe playing but that's ok.

The aliens are coming.

And so are the silencers.

The government doesn't want you to know that Lucifer and his minions exist and operate as "aliens" and that they are in alignment with them to bring this world under a one world government that Lucifer can control.

They hide in underground bases and claim they are extraterrestrial. They're subterranean. Yes some exist on planets within our solar system. But the majority are underneath our earth and use UFO's to travel around the skies in and monitor mankind.

Our government has signed treaties with Lucifer and his minions to hide their existence and keep it quiet.

All anyone has to do is read the Bible.

There's nothing secret about Lucifer and his minions. Our government has turned it's back on God and signed covenants of death and betrayal with Lucifer turning our nation over to him and giving him permission to abduct, kill, and destroy people and animals.

What did our government get out of the deal for committing treason against its own people? Technology.

whoo hooo. And most of it has never seen the light of day to help the people of this nation. The government keeps it hidden for their own purposes and agenda.

So let's get this straight.

Our government gets all this advanced tech from the aliens and in exchange allows its people to be brutally murdered and used for experiments and food by these aliens and we pay for their underground mansions with our tax dollars.

Are you mad yet?

We could have free energy today. One of the tech prizes our gov got from the aliens, but they dont' want to dismantle the billion dollar profit electric/gas business on earth so they keep it going and keep the free energy for the underground bases.

They have tube shuttles under ground that can literally run thousands of miles per hour, with no gas or fuel needed, not even tracks needed...and yet demand we pay money for fuel to run our vehicles.

We'll never see the light of day of all this technology even though we're paying for it and our kids are being abducted for it and adults are being imprisoned and held underground.

We need to shut Area 51 down. We need to shut the Dulce Base down and Kirtland Air Force Base. These are strongholds of the devil where some of these joint human/alien bases are located under ground.

Are you mad yet?

200,000 - 300,000 children missing a year. People reporting seeing people and children held in cages at these underground bases, not jail cells..CAGES. Like they are cattle.

This "New World Order" is slavery, murder, abductions and mayhem.

It's time to Stop the New World Order.

We Demand an End to the New World Order Petition

If we don't voice dissent then it's as bad as approving of what they are doing.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I've been noticing people trying to use the Bible Codes to find out who wins the election.


You can't do it. The Codes won't tell you who wins. Why? Because there's a 1 in 5 chance for either of them winning, or something else happening altogether.

So if someone is claiming a code says one of them will win, it's a rank amateur who doesn't know how the codes work.


I've been looking into FEMA lately, the Lord's been trying to show me stuff about it so it has my attention lately. I'll be coming out with an article soon.


Another UFO researcher/alien exposer has been assassinated. This time in London. Pulitzer Prize winner John Mack. He was at a conference speaking on abductions and reptilians.


Is my show too hot for radio? You decide..Saturday nights at 8pm EST on Reality Radio Network. Some people say they can't get anything, you have to wait till exactly 8pm for a real player to pick up the show..I have a 4 minute intro so get in right at 8pm and you'll be ok, or shortly after.


I'll be posting codes soon. I've been working on them, just sitting on them for now.


Sign My petition at
We Demand an End to the New World Order Petition

I can't believe all the fearful lazy wimps that post wimp comments on that thing. Yes Yahweh will destroy the NWO, but He isn't calling us to lay down and let them roll over us, He's calling His army up to expose them and stand against them.

His army isn't sitting down they're standing up and doing something. It's an army, not a couch potato club.

Most believers today are couch potatoes. Or just running their mouths against Yahweh's warriors to make themselves feel better because they're ignoring His commands to rebuke and stand up against evil.

And you wonder why our churches and nation are such a mess today. Look at those filling the churches..

cowards and wimps..

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I just posted a new article recently on my sites called Lunatic Fringe..

Lunatic Fringe
by Sherry Shriner

Lunatic Fringe, we know you're out there. And we know the ones trying to overtake and rule the Earth are pure scum.

The problem is, they're everywhere. They're not just in the sky, in space, or underground in our subterranean earth, they're overtaking human bodies as well.

Did you know a person's memories can be downloaded like a software program, the person killed, then an alien can take over that human's body with all his/her memories then uploaded so the dominating alien can 'play' that human? Think it's fiction? Think again. This is what is becoming known as being 'soul sheared.'

The soul-less stare, the black stare, the lights are on but no one seems to be home. Other names such as Robotoids, Automotons, Walk-ins, are all relating to the same phenomenon in slight variations.

Clones look human but don't have souls either. It would be hard to tell the difference between a human clone and one that's been 'soul sheared.' They've been cloning humans for years, don't let them fool you with the blabbering that it's something fairly recent that they 'might' be able to accomplish or are working towards doing.

They've been doing it hidden under black operations and inside space stations and underground military bases. There are over 18 space stations. They will only acknowledge one of them. The others are completely off limits as they've been creating hybrids, cyborgs and clones in them to be used in the last days and perfecting their evil technology and agenda away from prying eyes.

Cyborgs. Man and machine. Man interfaced with machine. The soul usually lost in the process as the man becomes a machine. Other than the literal hardware used to interface with man it almost sounds like the same affect of being chip implanted.

The microchips used in implanting are two-way radio transmitters. Once you get one implanted they have full access to you to audible speak to you and take over your mind. There's no getting rid of them short of death. Also, once you join "God's" kingdom by getting this chip, mark or imprint of some kind, you are officially owned by Lucifer so he can do what he wants to you (Rev. 13:16-18). One of his minions, the aliens or even a demon, can overtake and possess your body. Don't ever get a chip implant or any marking or imprint on or in your right hand or forehead. This will seal your destiny to torment and hell for eternity whether you're alive or dead.

The last days deceptions aren't coming they're upon us now.

The Most High God does not need to implant you with a chip for technological reasons for you to join His kingdom. The one coming claiming he's god and being worshipped as one is NOT the real Most High God. But he gets to act like he's one for 42 months while his False Prophet plunges the world into a new peace and prosperity economic program. I'm almost sure it will be done under the auspices of 'setting up God's kingdom on earth.'

The religious jargon used to describe who is and everything he does, while he quotes Scripture doing it will fool many. Almost the entire world is forced to participate in this charade and it will look like it's voluntary. He'll have many followers all praising how great he is. He'll become a legend in his own mind as he uses the media of the world that he already owns to promote his own perceived highness and greatness. Even the religious leaders of the day will jump on the bandwagon promoting his perceived greatness. Don't be deceived.

The Most High God does not need UFO's and space stations to help announce his arrival. When He returns He will return with tens of thousands of His saints and returns to judge the world for rejecting Him and destroy it and them. He's not coming to bring peace and prosperity He's returning to bring a sword of judgment. His wrath will be on those who accepted the false god as the real God. His wrath will be on those who accepted the chip implant, mark, and/or tatoo to join the peace and prosperity kingdom (such as what NESARA promises). His wrath is on those who chose to follow Lucifer the false god and are stupid enough to fall for the lies and deceptions that are coming. If you're falling for or into error and deception it's because you're not actively seeking HIM for the truth!

By that one omission alone you will seal your own fate in these last days. Trust me, death at a guillotine for refusing to bend to the orders and demands of the NESARA and NWO crowd is much easier than eternal torment in hell for doing so. Literal hell. Once you die Lucifer owns your soul. If you die because of your faith in Yahweh and you're refusal to renounce your faith you will become a martyr in Him and receive eternal life in heaven with Him. The choice will be every person's to make.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is a cover for aliens. It's the agency they will control and operate when they overtake earth. Many in FEMA today are already walk-ins, people being possessed and controlled by aliens who are hosting their bodies. The top echelon of FEMA is so secretive and underground for that very reason. Humans started it, but aliens own it, and those at the top aren't real humans anymore. Same with the military and those involved with Black operations. When you become involved in the clandestine operations of 'secret' military and government operations you become one of them.

None of this should surprise you. The Prophet Daniel prophesied that the last days ruling kingdom would be iron mixed with miry clay and in Daniel 2:43 he warns, 'they shall mingle with the seed of men." This is literal DNA tampering and hybridization to living and cohabitation with humans. Your neighbors, your coworkers, your employers. Yes it's real and it's happening.

If you're afraid you should be appalled at yourself. There's nothing scary about this information. If you are in Yahweh you have all authority over Satan and his minions. Use your authority in the Name of Yahushua and kick some butt! Rebuke them! Don't associate with them.

You can see the deadness in their eyes. Black, nothing there. Without Yahushua anyone is fair game to the tactics of Satan and especially those getting their paychecks from his secret military and organizations. When you crawl in bed with the devil don't expect to come out an angel. You become owned by him, possessed, and eventually taken over completely by him.

The only escape is Yahushua. Protect yourself before it's too late. The Lord has shown me that FEMA is just another name for locust. Locust is a Biblical term for aliens.

Revelation 9:1-6
And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.
And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

It goes on to describe them, "the sound of their wings (UFOs) was as the sound of chariots". In verse 11 it says, "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit (space), whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." Apollyon means destroyer.

The bottomless pit is space. Another term for space is also the abyss. Yes Lucifer and his forces, the aliens, will invade the earth. And men will seek death and not be able to die. NO ONE CAN DIE AT THIS TIME.

This invasion comes full force at the time of the fifth trumpet. This is also when the Antichrist is here playing God and the False Prophet is setting up his kingdom on earth to destroy, deceive, and annihilate mankind.

He will set up his kingdom shortly after his arrival. Once he arrives he will commence his war on the saints. Through Martial law in America millions will be murdered for their faith.

Most people don't understand the war against the saints comes before the chip enforcement requirement upon the whole world. It is FEMA who will enforce this legislation that requires every person to be chipped, marked or have the new imprint required to buy anything in the stores, cash a check, or even sell something out of your garage. Every person in the world will be required to join the new Peace and Prosperity economic program enforced on the world.

Before that even happens America will be under martial law and millions of its Saints and Prophets murdered for their faith in Yahweh.

"And I saw the woman (America) drunken with the blood of the saints,and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration" Rev. 17:6

If you haven't read my article on the Two Beasts of Revelation it will help clarify the end time roles of the beasts, who they are and what they will do. It is the False Prophet that is so good he deceives the world. It is the False Prophet, the second beast, who implements the NESARA and peace and prosperity programs in America and upon the world. It is doomed to fail from the beginning and it will. It will lead to nothing but wars and rebellions around the world from those who won't succomb to Satan's authority.

The Antichrist is almost mincemeat compared to what the False Prophet is and will do. It is the False Prophet who literal takes over the world "for" the Antichrist. It is the False Prophet who is the most dominant. And it is the False Prophet who will work with the "FEMA's" around the world to get it under subjection to their rule and authority on earth.

I have spent day and night for the past few years trying to warn mankind of what is coming. I can't work any harder than I have, I've given it everything I have and every ounce of energy I have. The time is coming.

For those in Yahweh stay focused in Him and don't let the events coming shake your faith. Stand strong in Him and pray for His strength and discernment in all things daily. Pray For the truth to be revealed to you in all things daily. The Elect actively seek HIM and will not be deceived. Don't follow man, don't follow your pastors, your teachers or your leaders. Follow Yahweh. Yahweh will not and cannot lie to you or deceive you. Man is, has, and will continue to do so because their fallible and full of errors and deceptions. You are accountable for You. They will not stand in your shoes, only you can do that.

The only way to be on of Yahweh's is to "believe in Him." As believers in Him we are to repent of our sins and turn away from them and seek Yahweh Himself. Those who love Him keep His commandments. Idol worship is one of the biggest commandments being broken today, other than not keeping the Sabbath holy. If you are putting theologies, religions, churches, pastors, leaders, in front of Yahweh instead of going to Him direct you are in idolatry. And that's why this nation is coming under such judgment from HIM. If you are ignoring His command to worship Sabbath on the 7th day of the week and following mans' reasoning to worship Him on the first day instead you are in violation of His commandments.

It's time to stop using man's reasoning and ideologies, their theologies and religions that usurp the commands of Yahweh and replace them with their own. Let's get back to Yahweh Himself while there's still time. A true servant or apostle or translation of the Lord's does not contradict Him.

Judgment is coming to America through disasters, bombings, food and water control, and FEMA. When FEMA takes over America will never return to the nation it was before then. FEMA is an alien agency run by Lucifer behind the scenes himself. The front of it that we've heard about and seen over the years is a facade. They act like a government help agency and the first ones in an area that has been decimated to help the people. This is the public relations face they want you to see. Eventually their backside will move to the forefront and they will show themselves for what they really are and what they're really going to be: enforcers of the beast and destroyers of mankind.

You've been warned.

Friday, September 24, 2004

My radio show with Reality Radio Network has been changed to Saturday Nights at 8pm EST.

This week's guest is Zeph Daniel and we'll be talking about the Dulce Base and associated phenomena. Zeph lives in Santa Fe, NM and has a lot of interesting things to say about it. Don't miss it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The radio archives site is down at, the web host is avoiding questions so it's looking like it's probably some government attack on the site. Usually is when the web hosts get silent. I'm still working on getting it back up, so Gene can finish it. The webmaster, Gene, runs you might want to check out his popular forum.

The UK is throwing in an interesting wildcard. Seems the shrub isn't playing ball with the UK's plans to run the NWO, so now they want Kerry who will bend over to their demands.

Hard to say what they'll do here to make bush look bad. LOL..maybe reveal some truth?? We already know they're all scum, but 98% of the sheeple would be amazed to find out how much so. Perhaps some prime time on the Bush Crime Cartell..

Someone's climbing up Dan Rather's shorts. Interesting he's bending over to the what is obviously now, the USA faction of the NWO and kissing Bush's feet over bad press.

After all, Rather's a pawn. Maybe he should speak up on what he knows about UFO crashes. Who cares about Bush's cowardice record in the military, like it's going to make a diference, they still elected Clinton. Enough Said.

Monday, September 20, 2004

I just posted two info pieces, not really articles just info based on the Joint Alien and Human Underground Bases and the Companies and Organizations that support them at

Ever notice that when it comes to overseas intelligence it's called the "CIA" but when it comes to their criminal activities here at home it's called The Department of Energy?

The Department of Energy is just a cover name for the CIA.

They spend most their time helping Lucifer and his minions establish and run underground bases to control and enslave America, so now you know why they suck at overseas intelligence.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I had a great interview last night with Dan Ott, based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. As his guest we talked about a lot of issues and you can hear the archive at

In 1954 President Eisenhower signed a treaty with the tall grey aliens. He met them on Edwards Air Force base. This treaty wasn't the first to have been signed with aliens. President Roosevelt had signed one in 1933. However Eisenhower's treaty was the one which inspired the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." The last one signed was in February of this year. Is our government in collusion with aliens, i.e. fallen angels? Yes!

You can read about it at and

The treaties call for our government to cover up and officially deny the existence of aliens. Meanwhile our government gets high tech technology from the aliens in exchange for the coverup. Also, the aliens are allowed to abduct Americans and use them for breeding experiments, implant them with micro chips, and feed off of us.

The Aliens are cannibals. They prefer to eat children. How many children disappear every year wthout a trace? 200,000? 300,000? And then adults added to that number? That would be about 20-30 million Americans over the past 40 years who have been abducted and/or used as food for the grey aliens.

Still think they're friendly?

Still think seeing a UFO in the sky is cool?

If you are a believer in the Lord, Most High, then you can rebuke them in the name of Jesus and they will leave you alone if you are ever confronted by them. There's Power in the Name of Jesus ,Yahushua!

The presence of fallen angels/aliens is going to get more dominant as the last days get closer. When the Antichrist rises to rule they were serve as his armies to enforce global chipping and the mark of the beast.

Planet X, Sedna, Toutatis, are all carrying his armies. They are hollow planets, moon, anomolies, filled with aliens/fallen angels.

There's not much time left on earth. Time is running out.

If our government doesn't stop the collusion with aliens, then the aliens will overtake us and rule America.

It's prophesied.

Read Revelation 9:1-12 Locusts are just another name for Aliens, fallen angels. The pit, and abyss, are outer space.

Pray for this country. Pray our elected leaders can get control of our government back from the military-corporate faction that has overtaken it and running it. It is the military-corporate faction ruling most of the republican and democrat parties now that are in collusion with the aliens.

They have agreed, and are allowing Americans to be food for the aliens in exchange for alien technology.

Over the past 40 years all of our presidents have been members of the Trilateral Commission. The symbol of the Trilateral Commission is the same symbol warn by the aliens and seen on their craft in 1954 when they landed at Edwards Air Force Base.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Tonight, Live, 10pm EST
I'm going solo on Reality Radio Network to give you information our government and religious leaders don't' want you to have!
Listener Call in Number is 260-356-2611
Tonight on Reality Radio Network I'm going solo again so I can give out info you won't hear anywhere else!

Listener call in number is 260-356-2611, I'll take call-in questions after the break of the first half hour of the show.

Tonight on Reality Radio Network I'm going solo again so I can give out info you won't hear anywhere else!

Listener call in number is 260-356-2611, I'll take call-in questions after the break of the first half hour of the show.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New Article Posted:

Where The Churches Went Wrong:
The Deception of the Ages
by Sherry Shriner

This article took months to write. It was a lot of research and just seeking Yahweh on exactly what happened and how our churches got off track. The churches today are filled with errors and paganism. They resemble nothing of what the early church was or believed.

The best example we have in all things is Yahushua Himself and His apostles.

Satan isn't stupid. He's very clever. Although it took him 300 years to wipe out the truth and all the early believers who held onto it, he eventually was able to override the truth and plant his own errors and doctrines into the church to lead it into blasphemy and apostasy.

For those who refuse to seek Yahweh Himself for the truth in all things daily, you'll just continue to sit in errors and recycle them to others. And that's what's wrong with the church today, they've recycled errors for hundreds of years.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I just posted a new article:

The Two Beasts of Revelation 13:
The Antichrist and The False Prophet
by Sherry Shriner

From my studies and years of working in the codes, I probably have the most accurate assessment of the two beasts that are coming. They're not things I particularly searched for in the codes as much as just bits of information I kept seeing over and over again. With my background in Eschatology and as being a Bible Prophecy student since the age of 13, I never could buy the European Market and the EU as the last days army of the Antichrist. It's so far from the truth it's a wonder anyone today who listens to prophecy "gurus" have any idea at all what will really happen.

And the deception is purposeful. It's enough stones thrown as bread to keep people away from the real truth. If you haven't figured it out by now, the Vatican controls ALL the dogma that's out there today and being promoted by the beast prophets in today's churches and blasphemous networks.

Don't listen to them.

Don't support them.

RUN from them!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Gene at has been archiving my radio shows, you can view the archives at

He should have the main page up soon. I've seen the work on it so far and it looks great.

This Friday I'll be going solo again so I can discuss sleep abductions, what the government knows about aliens and abductions and NESARA.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I just released a new article Planet X, Sedna and Toutatis - Signs in the Sky and the Armies of the Antichrist at

I've heard a lot of good feedback with my third interview with Zeph Daniel, you can hear it at just click on the Channel Z link on the left.

This Friday I will be spending the time to just get out a lot of information during my radio show at 10pm EST.

I won't be having a guest, it will just be me.

If you want to listen to past shows the archive page is up at

Saturday, September 04, 2004

I had a lot of fun with Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorn last night on my talk show at

The archive for the show will be on my site tonight if you have AOL or can use m3u files in your real player. They'll all be avail as mp3 files this week.

Signs in the skies..

Planet X, Sedna, Toutatis, Sylphs, Venus getting bigger and bigger as the earth moves closer to it.

Planet X is the former home planet of Lucifer, then known as Planet Rahab. When Lucifer rebelled against God, he led an interplanetary revolt. Several planets were involved. In Judgment Yahweh destroyed all the planets involved with hailstones of fire, those included earth and mars. The Planet Lucifer was from, was knocked out of our solar system. It is coming back in these last days. It has been the prison and home of millions of the angels who rebelled with him against God. It's filled with Draconians and Annunaki.

Planet X has 2 moons.

Sedna is a moon that follows Planet X - Rahab. It's the same thing. A prison, home of fallen angels.

Toutatis is a renegade moon of Planet X - Rahab. And again, it is filled with dracos and anuk just like the others. This one is off course and threatens to do a lot of damage to earth. Especially if it runs into us. It's much smaller, nASSa says it's an asteroid, it's not an asteroid. But it is a renegade off course.

Is this the anomaly Aussie Bloke warned of? Could be..

Aussie Bloke was one of them. He had detailed info and the codes indicated he was either part of them or just one of them. Who's them? Prob worked with black ops who work in this high classified areas of dealing with the aliens. At what capacity I don't know, or I just don't remember. His code is on my site.

Sylphs..the demonic looking clouds that eat chemtrails and keep our skies clear. I posted this code a long time ago but you can see it

Friday, September 03, 2004


Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorn on "Live With Sherry Shriner" at at 10pm EST

1. Go to
2. Click on Friday listings
3. Click on Listen button at top of that page
4. Scroll down to bottom of the page and click on listening feed.

Lisa and Victor are well known authors and activists against the New World Order and will be exposing the 911 facade and the tyranny of the NWO.

This isn't a Republican vs. Democrat issue..this is a US vs. THEM issue. Christians and Patriots against the NWO!

Don't Miss it!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

My interview with Zeph Daniel is up at just click on the Channel Z link on the left.

As usual I had a great time with Zeph and he'll be doing my radio show on the last Friday of this month.

I'll be doing another interview with Zeph Daniel today. It will be our 3rd interview together on Zeph's Z Channel and I'll be working on trying to get him on my own talk show as well. If listener feedback is a good indication of anything, then I'd say the interviews I've done with Zeph are by far the most in demand to be listened to and favorites of those who follow my sites.

There's a lot of people trying to get on my show right now at which airs on Friday nights at 10pm EST and there's several who would like to co-host it with me. Right now I'm not sure of the direction I want to go into with the show. If I want to continue doing interview type shows or just do info-based shows where I do most of the talking and presenting info and take call-in questions. I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with it right now and the direction I want to go in.

Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorn will be on this Friday night, you probably know them from and formerly of

I have put all my articles in a .zip format, you can download them at or I'll be posting 2 new articles soon. will be up soon with the archives of all my interviews so keep checking on that one.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

NASA's lying again.

I know those familiar with NASA are completely shocked. So no news really. Toutatis isn't an asteroid. It's the second moon of Planet X. A different type of moon and seems to have strayed off it's normal course like a renegade. It'll be interesting to see the events unfold on this one, I have the info at

September could be a real interesting month. One I've been waiting for, for a long time. Time will tell if this is the year for planned events to take place. Not necessarily what you might expect, but then again..

I love Yahweh. My faith in Him is rock solid. Always remember that no matter what happens...He is in control.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Tonight 10pm EST Sherry Shriner Live with Vietnam Veteran Tim White at

Find out about the Denver Connection with the New World Order..the city built under the airport..the queen of England owning hundreds, perhaps thousands of acres in CO, and much more!

Denver has been a Satanic hotbed for the NWO and has been designated as the Western capital of the NWO. They meet yearly there for Satanic rituals and sacrifices. Find out who these NWO players are in Denver and why Tim White has had so many unsuccessful assassination attempts made against him tonight on Sherry Shriner Live!

To access the show go to
click on the Friday listings
click on the Listen button at the top of that page
Scroll to the end of the page and choose a listening feed.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Message from Yahweh

Tell them

Tell them child the time of My wrath is here. It isn't coming, it is here!

The time is set. It is Now.

All in heaven can hear My voice, the earth will tremble, the earth will be thrown in chaos for what is to come upon them.

Tell them child, it is Time.

Tell them peace is only in Me. Tell them I have longed to be their Lord, their God, but they have rejected ME for a counterfeit.

They have rejected I AM THAT I AM for foolishness and deceit! Because they they don't seek Me. They went week after week day after day without Me!

Whoa unto those who come up against My prophets who try to lead My people back to Me! They will pay! They will be punished! And then they will see My mercy!

I love you child, do not stop what you have started, I am behind you and in front of you leading you.

My sheep have been scattered. They have been slaughtered by men. Because they follow man. They don't seek Me!

The dividing line has been drawn. No more. No more time of foolishness. They must choose, God (Me), or man.

It is time to choose.
Tell them.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Time Traveler Steve Gibbs will be my guest tonight on Sherry Shriner Live at 10pm EST

1.go to
2. click on Friday listings
3. then click on Listen button at top of the page
4. scroll down that page and choose listening feed.

Steve has some great insight on things he's seen in our future as well as Montauk.

Should be a great show!

Tonight at 10pm EST

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Steve Gibbs, time traveler, will be on my show tomorrow night. If you have a question you'd like to ask him, submit it to my email address at and I'll try to get it in if there's time.

The Page of Shame has been listed at I'm sure there will be updates..

Steve Gibbs, time traveler, will be on my show tomorrow night. If you have a question you'd like to ask him, submit it to my email address at and I'll try to get it in if there's time.

The Page of Shame has been listed at I'm sure there will be updates..

Monday, August 16, 2004

Gene over at is helping me put up a radio archive website, ok he' s not just helping, he's doing the whole thing..LOL. I appreciate his genius in putting it together and keeping it updated with the newest radio show recordings.

Last Friday we had problems for the first 15 minutes trying to get Sherman connected but once he got in he had some great info.

This Friday, Steve Gibbs, a time traveller, will be on to tell us what he has seen for the future. Steve is a professed born again Christian and uses some device the Lord showed him how to build. So it should be interesting. Yahweh works in various ways. I"m not one to put Him in a box or limit Him in how he works with His people.

I'm going to be changing the format of the radio show soon. Just so I have more time to talk more myself about issues that concern everyone in these last days. If you have questions you want to hear answered on the air send them to and put "Mailbag" in the subject.

Some interesting codes I will be posting on the site soon. Probably tonight or tomorrow so keep checking if you're not on my announcement list.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Tonight at 10pm EST Sherry Shriner Live on just click on the Friday listings, then click on the button at the top of the Friday listings page that says "Listen." It will take you to the listen page where if you scroll down you'll see a choice of feeds to listen from.

Sherman Skolnick will be my guest tonight and there won't be a dull minute! He's got tons of info on the secrets the Washington freaks don't want you to know!

More alien babble around the net still shooting for NESARA. Their time is running out. But they basically are just using it as a "we love mankind" theme song. What they really want is To Serve Mankind cookbook style! Don't believe their babble and lies.

Meteors or star wars? You watch the skies for a while and then decide for yourself. I can't see them at night but I've heard about it. Space wars? Can you believe it? And why won't the media just tell us there's a bunch of crazy UFOs up there fighting it out? Yes Planet X is here, and it's moving into the Venus territory. So are the Dracos fighting it out with the Venusians? Hard to say, but amusing to hear about.

The Dracos are dragons and ugly as hell. When they shapeshift into humanoids they're a little more bearable to look at. So what does a Draco look like? They're not that tall, about 5"7" to 5"9". They're black and scaley, with wings on their backs and red beady eyes. Their heads look like gorilla masks. And they don't walk as much as they bobble. They got that jive thing going when they walk and bobble at the same time and they have this jerk-movement going on with their heads. It's really pretty grotesque.

If I had a saber sword I'd chop off their heads. Guess orgone will have to do for now,

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


That will be a buzz word till November. Well I'm going to give my 2 cents for now and that's about it because it probably won't change until the Elections and then it won't matter either way.

Who's going to win?

You can't use the codes to detail a winner. Because the codes can give you one way, and yet there's several others possible as well. And just because you found one route, doesn't mean that's the route that WILL happen. So don't let people with codes programs tell you they know who the winner is.

On the other hand, the NWO agenda changes constantly. They also run on a several route path. If one closes down they take another. They never know themselves quite how they're going to do things either. So if they look like they have it all under control it's hogwash.

Even Lucifer himself doesn't know how he's going to quite come to power. That's why he sits at the top of many different agendas and every one of the roads possible to get him there. There might be several different plans and agendas, even working against each other to bring him to power, but he's at the top of all of them and running them all. He doesn't care who brings him to power, just as long as he gets there.

If he were to rise to power right now, it would be Bush Jr. dying and coming back as the Antichrist. Next year, it could be a different player altogether. So I just play the cards as I see them for now and over the next several months. And as time progresses, they can change and do change. All I keep track of is the here and now, that keeps me busy enough.

Bush and Kerry. Kerry will never make it. He might get elected, and if he did, he wouldn't last long because the Illuminati chose Edwards to be the man for president at their last blood drinking private shape shifting bash they call a conference.

So Edwards is the Illuminati choice. And that route has been seen in the future. Edwards as President. Who would be his VP? I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary was chosen. Why? Because her name is ALL OVER martial law in the future. If this country goes into martial law, she's the one directing it. No, Hillary is not our friend.

And you know if Hillary is VP she isn't going to settle...look for a demise of Edwards and Hillary becoming president. Or, Edwards survives the attacks against him but then she wins the next presidential election of 2008. You can't throw Hillary out of the game. She's a dominant player on a road to the end.

Could she be the Antichrist? Yep. Most people don't understand but the ancient god Mithra, who has reared his head in every race as a god..who played Baal, Tammuz, Buddha, etc..was a hemaphrodite. Both male and female. Is Lucifer also a Lucy? I think so. I think he's trying to mimmick the male (masculine) /female (as being emotional) aspects of God. No God is not a hemaphrodite, Lucifer just perverts that like he does everything and takes it a mile further.

Mithra was the dominant secret society religion of the Roman government back in Jesus' day. It never went away, it assimilated into the church around 300 A.D., it's the dominant entity worshipped in the sun-god churches of today. That's why Yahweh calls it a whore, Mystery Babylon, the whole system of religion today worships Mithra and not Jesus/Yahushuah. If you're worshipping on Sundays, celebrating Christmas and Easter, then you're worshipping Mithra, a different god and a different gospel filled with man made traditions that replaced Yahushuah and the Festivals/Feasts we're supposed to be keeping in remembrance of Him.

Constantine was an initiate of Mithra, as was Saul-Paul. And the early church, which became the RCC combined Mithraism with Christianity and Queen of Heaven worship to the paganism it is today. The Pentecostals didn't break free from it. They took Mithra with them even when they stopped the Queen of Heaven facade.

Anyway, It's viable to have a female Antichrist.

On the other hand, if Bush gets re-elected, or there aren't elections and he remains in power. Then the game is on. The Bible Codes are very dominant right now that Bush will be the Antichrist. Don't expect him to serve another full 4 years. He won't.

He will get taken out early. I dont' know if he's assassinated or just chokes on a pretzel but he's replaced by Cheney. Who doesn't stay long either, perhaps a few months to play the retaliation game against all those noisy Christians and Patriots he hates, like he doesn't do that now anyway, but he'll have a lot of room to go after them as Pres himself. He wont' last long either. I don't know how he goes out, but he's replaced by Colin Powell. When Bush comes back as the Antichrist, he'll go head to head with Colin Powell.

So three strong players in the end times game. Hillary, Bush Jr, and Colin Powell.

These 2 cards are VERY dominant.

Then there's the third card. The St. Germaine agenda facade trying to come our way, fighting for control and limelight. You can read about him at my website at That agenda is down right now, but not out. If it rises it will be in the month of May of whatever year. So right now all eyes are on Bush and Kerry.

And they call Bush temporary? How fast will they get Kerry out if he's elected?

Well let's see, if Kerry wins he just needs to run, far away. He'll need to stay out of airplanes big or small and stay off of ski slopes.

So here it is, the info they don't want you to have. Their plans exposed for the next coming months and which roads they are looking to take. It's nothing new, I've been saying the same things all along.

Bush or Hillary.