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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Global Warming - Flat Earth Theory - Straight from the Horse's Mouth

I just want you to see Perspective's Us vs. can believe us or you believe them, but either way you have to take sides in this war because if you don't Lucifer gets you on default as one of his own when you're cast into Hell when you die. He can't save you from that. He can't protect you from that. He has no power over that. Once a person dies they go to Heaven or Hell. It's your choice to make while you're alive here on earth because once you die It's TOO LATE to change your mind!

Tidbits from my Interview with the Devil:

Sherry - Where did Nibiru come from? 

Lucifer - Nibiru was my secret planet away from our own solar system...some of my people had set up shop on there and we used that as a headquarters to start our own stuff and meet at before the takeover started...we wanted to make sure everything was kept secret until then...we had planned this for a long time....and then like the perfect little presidential candidate I was;  I sold it to the other angels and the takeover began..

Sherry - When I asked Father about Nibiru He said, "Nibiru was a planet they were trying to turn into a 'sun' so they could mimic our heliocentric universe and create their own...with Nibiru as the center. I gave them plenty of time to repent, and then that time of patience was over it was the time of judgment."

Sherry - What about the flat earth theory? What is this crap?

Lucifer - (laughs..busts out laughing....) that's another one of our ingenious distractions keeps the fools busy...

Sherry - like global warming?

Lucifer - (busts out laughing again...) hey it is hot with the Orgone...

Lucifer - you have to understand a lot of that is code amongst each other...then when they get caught speaking code they have to make something out of it and it just gets bigger and bigger then...

Sherry - the lie(s)

Lucifer -yes..

Sherry - so global warmings my Orgone... I knew it was..

Lucifer - (laughs)

Lucifer  - flat earth doesn't even make sense, these people will believe anything..

Sherry -that was the original assumption that the earth was flat, they found out it was round and you were killing them off for that, now you got it back to being flat again...

Lucifer - (laughs) they got satellite photos from space showing a round earth...I don't' know what else to say about that...people are fools...sometimes it's just to easy to manipulate and deceive easy...when they're that dumb it just takes the fun out, Laughs...they'll believe anything I say just because I say it? I love that.

Sherry - yeah but they're parading the scientists in front of them, it's them they're believing...

Lucifer - it's still from me...

Sherry - was Jurassic park from Urantia? 

Lucifer -  yep...

Sherry - what about Star Trek? That was Ella on Jupiter?

Lucifer - yep. we got stuff from all those old can see it all over earth movies, in books, in songs, people think it's fiction and ingenious when they think that stuff up...and I'm the one giving it to them..

Monday, April 25, 2016

Will Sannanda Arrive at the Vatican?

Will we see some action this week? Oh I know they're always promising to arrive and never do...but sooner or later they will have they can either arrive on their feet or on their arses cast down by Yah Himself. I think they'll choose the former...while Lucifer chooses the latter.

Either way, the arrival of Sannanda and Maitreya this week is their plan. That's why everyone's hyping a great earthquake...the Russians proclaiming the Pacific NW, others proclaiming the Madrid (as I always have for the 6th Seal they just take my info).

Won't the churches be surprised? They think this picture is "Jesus" but it's actually Sannanda one of Lucifer's own. That's why Yah's always said He isn't in the churches today...they plaster Sannanda's photo all over them..that's like plastering Satan himself.

So where will he arrive Jerusalem? USA? Vatican?

Watch out for the Vatican since that's where Satan's seat (throne) is on earth.

For some reason they don't seem to like Jerusalem or even Israel at all. There's no prize there to overtake or overcome. They already own it. They filled it with Turks proclaiming to be Jews 100 years ago. None of them are real Jews in power over there. They're all fakes. So Satan already owns it.

The prize is America...because that's where the real people of Israel are. that's where Yah's real people are...the ones in Europe have been overcome by the lizard factions for decades already. And the other countries are busy worshiping Buddha or Mary. Satan claims those as his own. South America is dominated by Catholicism which is Satanism by another name. So Satan doesn't have to conquer them he already owns them.

Sannanda will use the power of the Vatican and UN to take over America. Why the Vatican? Because the real power is the "Black Pope" position that Lucifer holds there behind the scenes. Through that post he controls the CIA owned Shadow Governments in all countries worldwide. Satan is "the CIA"...the headquarters is at the bottom of the lake in Geneva, Switzerland where CERN is also located near it. Apparently he thinks having an underwater base is genius. We'll see about that.

For those of you who want to literally gag every time you hear the word Vatican, I"m with you. The pope's nothing but a baby sacrificing, raping, Satan worshiping scoundrel. Vatican City has long been used as the epicenter for child sex and murder trafficking in Europe.

If you want more info youtube Satan Worship at the Vatican.

Sannanda at the Vatican, Matreya in Iran or Yemen. Here come the Beasts of Revelation we'll see.

Happy Passover Folks...

I've changed the time of my radio show from 10pm EST Monday Nights to 9pm EST Monday Nights. You can listen to it live or join the chat room at

Meanwhile it's Passover. Happy Passover to all the real believers of the Most High who follow His ways and not the pagan ways of the Satan-controlled churches who prefer bunny rabbits and easter eggs to honor Lilith the fertility goddess while they scream it's about the Resurrection. Yeah right...whatever...bunnies don't even lay eggs...hello....what does that have to do with His resurrection??? "oh but it's fun it's for the kids" yeah good one, teach them to be good little satanists while believing they're honoring God???

How do they call themselves Christians, as in His followers and yet follow Satan and his ways?

It always makes me so mad and frustrated to have to deal with these people and yet Father always tells me to have patience and plead with these people to wake do u wake up the blind, deaf, and just plain hard headed stupid?

I grew up in the churches for over 30 years. Did the whole Christian schooling thing to...and trust me they have excuses for everything. And what they can't explain they sweep under the rug with generalized statements. They're salesmen. But they're selling paganism disguised as worshiping the Father.

No, I didn't troll down a wrong path, I finally found the right one. When you start praying for the TRUTH IN ALL THINGS  the Father will honor that and wake you up to all the wrong doctrines, ways, and teachings of man that are NOT HIS.

Anyone can do it. I don't have the corner on seeking Truth. That's why the Bible separates truth lovers from everyone else. They're a rare breed.

The Pauline Christians get mad at and hate everyone who attacks their Christmas trees and Easter bunnies.

I'll follow the Most High.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Sabbath day folks. I hope you've learned by now that if you want to learn something from Yah, get understanding, wisdom, knowledge, or discernment, the best day to seek Him on those things are Sabbath days. I've written almost every one of my articles, or started them, on Sabbath days.

Sabbath day is for meditating and dwelling on Him and as you send your energy to Him He draws closer to you. A Relationship is a 2 way street folks. Some people just never brace that aspect with the Father. Sometimes we just need to shut up and listen to what He has to say to us, instead of always rambling to Him about something. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. Learn the different ways He works through you.

Ask Him to teach you how to recognize His ways. Learn how to recognize Him when He speaks to your spirit. He doesn't speak to our heads, He speaks to our hearts. Sabbath days aren't burdensome. Enjoy the Sabbath in and with Him. Yah bless folks

Lunatic Fringe - The Aliens Control the Hen House folks!

Our government is dominated by the "Shadow Government" which is a reptilian faction controlling the earth. They take over humans and host their bodies themselves or create clones to take over celebrities, politicians, announcers, etc...

Clones don't know theyr'e clones. The think their as human as you or I think we are. They don't know any different. 

 You see them every day on tv. Look at their eyes, usually slits, or their plastic barbie skin...

I wrote this article about 10 years ago....nothing's changed since then it's only gotten worse.


 Lunatic Fringe, we know you're out there. And we know the ones trying to overtake and rule the Earth are pure scum.

The problem is, they're everywhere. They're not just in the sky, in space, or underground in our subterranean earth, they're overtaking human bodies as well.

      Did you know a person's memories can be downloaded like a software program, the person killed, then an alien can take over that human's body with all his/her memories then uploaded so the dominating alien can 'play' that human? Think it's fiction? Think again. This is what is becoming known as being 'soul sheared.'

      The soul-less stare, the black stare, the lights are on but no one seems to be home. Other names such as Robotoids, Automotons, Walk-ins, are all   relating to the same phenomenon in slight variations.

      Clones look human but don't have souls either. It would be hard to tell the difference between a human clone and one that's been 'soul sheared.' They've been cloning humans for years, don't let them fool you with the blabbering that it's something fairly recent that they 'might' be able to accomplish or are working towards doing.

     They've been doing it hidden under black operations and inside space stations and underground military bases. There are over 18 space stations. They will only acknowledge one of them. The others are completely off limits as they've been creating hybrids, cyborgs and clones in them to be used in the last days and perfecting their evil technology and agenda away from prying eyes.

    Cyborgs. Man and machine. Man interfaced with machine. The soul usually lost in the process as the man becomes a machine. Other than the literal hardware used to interface with man it almost sounds like the same affect of being chip implanted.

     The microchips used in implanting are two-way radio transmitters. Once you get one implanted they have full access to you to audible speak to you and take over your mind. There's no getting rid of them short of death. Also, once you join "God's" kingdom by getting this chip, mark or imprint of some kind, you are officially owned by Lucifer so he can do what he wants to you (Rev. 13:16-18). One of his minions, the aliens or even a demon, can overtake and possess your body. Don't ever get a chip implant or any marking or imprint on or in your right hand or forehead. This will seal your destiny to torment and hell for eternity whether you're alive or dead.

     The last days deceptions aren't coming they're upon us now.

     The Most High God does not need to implant you with a chip for technological reasons for you to join His kingdom. The one coming claiming he's god and being worshipped as one is NOT the real Most High God. But he gets to act like he's one for 42 months while his False Prophet plunges the world into a new peace and prosperity economic program. I'm almost sure it will be done under the auspices of 'setting up God's kingdom on earth.'

The religious jargon used to describe who is and everything he does, while he quotes Scripture doing it will fool many. Almost the entire world is forced to participate in this charade and it will look like it's voluntary. He'll have many followers all praising how great he is. He'll become a legend in his own mind as he uses the media of the world that he already owns to promote his own perceived highness and greatness. Even the religious leaders of the day will jump on the bandwagon promoting his perceived greatness. Don't be deceived.
The Most High God does not need UFO's and space stations to help announce his arrival. When He returns He will return with tens of thousands of His saints and returns to judge the world for rejecting Him and destroy it and them. He's not coming to bring peace and prosperity He's returning to bring a sword of judgment. His wrath will be on those who accepted the false god as the real God. His wrath will be on those who accepted the chip implant, mark, and/or tatoo to join the peace and prosperity kingdom (such as what NESARA promises). His wrath is on those who chose to follow Lucifer the false god and are stupid enough to fall for the lies and deceptions that are coming. If you're falling for or into error and deception it's because you're not actively seeking HIM for the truth!
By that one omission alone you will seal your own fate in these last days. Trust me, death at a guillotine for refusing to bend to the orders and demands of the NESARA and NWO crowd is much easier than eternal torment in hell for doing so. Literal hell. Once you die Lucifer owns your soul. If you die because of your faith in Yahweh and you're refusal to renounce your faith you will become a martyr in Him and receive eternal life in heaven with Him. The choice will be every person's to make.

        FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is a cover for aliens. It's the agency they will control and operate when they overtake earth. Many in FEMA today are already walk-ins, people being possessed and controlled by aliens who are hosting their bodies. The top echelon of FEMA is so secretive and underground for that very reason. Humans started it, but aliens own it, and those at the top aren't real humans anymore. Same with the military and those involved with Black operations. When you become involved in the clandestine operations of 'secret' military and government operations you become one of them.

        None of this should surprise you. The Prophet Daniel prophesied that the last days ruling kingdom would be iron mixed with miry clay and in Daniel 2:43 he warns, 'they shall mingle with the seed of men." This is literal DNA tampering and hybridization to living and cohabitation with humans. Your neighbors, your coworkers, your employers. Yes it's real and it's happening.

      If you're afraid you should be appalled at yourself. There's nothing scary about this information. If you are in Yahweh you have all authority over Satan and his minions. Use your authority in the Name of Yahushua and kick some butt! Rebuke them! Don't associate with them.

      You can see the deadness in their eyes. Black, nothing there. Without Yahushua anyone is fair game to the tactics of Satan and especially those getting their paychecks from his secret military and organizations. When you crawl in bed with the devil don't expect to come out an angel. You become owned by him, possessed, and eventually taken over completely by him.

     The only escape is Yahushua. Protect yourself before it's too late. The Lord has shown me that FEMA is just another name for locust. Locust is a Biblical term for aliens.

      Revelation 9:1-6   

    And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.      And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.
      And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.
      And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.
     And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.
     And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.
It goes on to describe them, "the sound of their wings (UFOs) was as the sound of chariots". In verse 11 it says, "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit (space), whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." Apollyon means destroyer.

     The bottomless pit is space. Another term for space is also the abyss. Yes Lucifer and his forces, the aliens, will invade the earth. And men will seek death and not be able to die. NO ONE CAN DIE AT THIS TIME.

     This invasion comes full force at the time of the fifth trumpet. This is also when the Antichrist is here playing God and the False Prophet is setting up his kingdom on earth to destroy, deceive, and annihilate mankind.

      He will set up his kingdom shortly after his arrival. Once he arrives he will commence his war on the saints. Through Martial law in America millions will be murdered for their faith.

     Most people don't understand the war against the saints comes before the chip enforcement requirement upon the whole world. It is FEMA who will enforce this legislation that requires every person to be chipped, marked or have the new imprint required to buy anything in the stores, cash a check, or even sell something out of your garage. Every person in the world will be required to join the new Peace and Prosperity economic program enforced on the world.

     Before that even happens America will be under martial law and millions of its Saints and Prophets murdered for their faith in Yahweh.

    "And I saw the woman (America) drunken with the blood of the saints,and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration" Rev. 17:6

     If you haven't read my article on the Two Beasts of Revelation it will help clarify the end time roles of the beasts, who they are and what they will do. It is the False Prophet that is so good he deceives the world. It is the False Prophet, the second beast, who implements the NESARA and peace and prosperity programs in America and upon the world. It is doomed to fail from the beginning and it will. It will lead to nothing but wars and rebellions around the world from those who won't succomb to Satan's authority.

      The Antichrist is almost mincemeat compared to what the False Prophet is and will do. It is the False Prophet who literal takes over the world "for" the Antichrist. It is the False Prophet who is the most dominant. And it is the False Prophet who will work with the "FEMA's" around the world to get it under subjection to their rule and authority on earth.

 I have spent day and night for the past few years trying to warn mankind of what is coming. I can't work any harder than I have, I've given it everything I have and every ounce of energy I have. The time is coming.

      For those in Yahweh stay focused in Him and don't let the events coming shake your faith. Stand strong in Him and pray for His strength and discernment in all things daily. Pray For the truth to be revealed to you in all things daily. The Elect actively seek HIM and will not be deceived. Don't follow man, don't follow your pastors, your teachers or your leaders. Follow Yahweh. Yahweh will not and cannot lie to you or deceive you. Man is, has, and will continue to do so because their fallible and full of errors and deceptions. You are accountable for You. They will not stand in your shoes, only you can do that.

    The only way to be on of Yahweh's is to "believe in Him." As believers in Him we are to repent of our sins and turn away from them and seek Yahweh Himself. Those who love Him keep His commandments. Idol worship is one of the biggest commandments being broken today, other than not keeping the Sabbath holy. If you are putting theologies, religions, churches, pastors, leaders, in front of Yahweh instead of going to Him direct you are in idolatry. And that's why this nation is coming under such judgment from HIM. If you are ignoring His command to worship Sabbath on the 7th day of the week and following mans' reasoning to worship Him on the first day instead you are in violation of His commandments. 

      It's time to stop using man's reasoning and ideologies, their theologies and religions that usurp the commands of Yahweh and replace them with their own. Let's get back to Yahweh Himself while there's still time. A true servant or apostle or translation of the Lord's does not contradict Him.

      Judgment is coming to America through disasters, bombings, food and water control, and FEMA. When FEMA takes over America will never return to the nation it was before then. FEMA is an alien agency run by Lucifer behind the scenes himself. The front of it that we've heard about and seen over the years is a facade. They act like a government help agency and the first ones in an area that has been decimated to help the people. This is the public relations face they want  you to see. Eventually their backside will move to the forefront and they will show themselves for what they really are and what they're really going to be: enforcers of the beast and destroyers of mankind.

       You've been warned.

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Conversations with Lucifer

All I can do is put the truth out there. What you do with it is up to you.

For several days the Most High pulled Lucifer up to heaven so I could ask him questions and talk to him. This is part of that conversation.

An Interview With The Devil:

by Sherry Shriner

Part One

Part One - April, 2016

Sherry - have you regretted anything?

Lucifer - no, I'd do it all over again.

Sherry - what about all the murders, sacrificing, the things you have done to humans on this planet?

Lucifer -You know that made me so angry when you guys were recreating Shan and Father was going to put people in His likeness on that rock...what we weren't good enough for Him? We were the highest and most beautiful of the angels and he makes us feel like second class citizens? I was angry...I just wanted to destroy what you guys were doing down there...and I have....every day of every year of every century I have destroyed everything about that place...I don't care about babies, about women, about children, they're humans...I'll destroy them all...

Lucifer - there have been some humans that I've liked over the years, but not very many. Not very many....I liked Napoleon, I liked Hitler, I used to mess with him all the time he didn't know what was going on...I would just take over him like a Barbie doll...he had nothing to say about it..

Sherry - What about Aleister Crowley, Anton Lavey, the wickedest of the wicked?

Lucifer - They were useful, Crowley was worse than me....they sacrificed Lavey to me and I met him down in hell...he expected a big hug or something, it was funny, he got what he had coming, they all do...they all know they're going to hell when they die so why do they think I'm going to save them from it? Because I said I would? You don't make a deal with the devil, u make a deal I break the deal...that's how it works. I'll spit and lie to keep those *uckers on my side, but when they die they're not mine anymore, they just go join the dead.. I have nothing to say over that.

Sherry - what about Adam Weishaupt was he one of your favorites?

Lucifer - He was a little punk. I liked Adam.

Sherry - what do u see as the most dominant country in the world today?

Lucifer - They're all messed up, we control all of them.

Sherry - Which one do u see as coming out the strongest?

Lucifer - Probably Russia...they know how to keep their mouths shut and hide. America's just annoying. Too many fools in the hen house constantly walking in and out the door. We just got to the point we started replacing them all and controlling everything behind the scenes. We are the shadow government...we're the shadow government in every country.

Sherry - what about Israel? Seems you spend most your time in America?

Lucifer - America is where most of dad's people are...and that's why we want to destroy that place so bad. It's always been our focus...we already own everyone else...always have.

Lucifer - they all know who you are but they all hate you.

Sherry - they never stop trying to kill me...

Lucifer - and they never're not one of us. To much light...they hate light...most of them are worse than're all like candles burning on a cake and we just take out one candle at a time. the ones with the most light are our targets...if we can't get them on our side, we just kill them...
I don't care if u make this public, I've already won...there's nothing but crumbs left on earth you guys are fighting for....everyone's ours....

Sherry - but what good does that do u when they die they go to (Hell) the realm of the dead?

Lucifer - dad doesn't get them...that's what it does for me...every person I get is mine, and I got way more than Him.

Sherry - don't you worry about the Day of  Judgment that's coming?

Lucifer - I'll find a way around it. I always find a way.

- America is the birthday's more fun for us to snuff out the's a numbers game now, we could rule the world now if we wanted to, what's the rush?

- The thing with America, like you've said, is they are the real Israel...we want to rule over one cares about Jerusalem, that's all our people over there...the real Israel is in America...even Europe...we own all them...we want Judah, and Judah is in America because you're there...

- If u over, we just take over America and move on...add it to our collection..

- While you're give us to many much attention...

--You're always trouble...because if you're around that means dad is too..

- Both of his daughters right there in Ohio...the Orgone war, it's's all trouble...

-The Middle East is boring...there's nothing going on over there that we don't already control..

Sherry - so what was the original Israel like, like the ones in Egypt were they black, white, middle eastern looking...?

Lucifer- slaves in Egypt ..yeah they were white, we've chased u guys from Egypt back to Israel over to the USA.. then we filled up Israel with Turks, hid the real identity of the Jews, and the rest goes from there, course you figured it out but no one listens to you...we make sure of that.. there's more of us that listen to your show than dad's people.

-The world is controlled from NY...that's why the focus is NY and OH because you're there and dad's there...that's where a lot of action is for us...there's just a lot of stuff going on in that region.

Sherry - tell me something about the War itself...

Lucifer - the last about 1,000 years earth destroyed all the planets so we had to try and rebuild them...NASA hides a lot of it...they all can live on just about all the planets still, Jupiter..Jupiter doesn't work in Earth's dimension...but in our dimension it's fine...the Orgone's destroyed space, you can't hardly live in it anymore...I don't know how you figured that out, but it's working against us....we just tell everyone you're crazy while everyone else is trying to kill you off the planet.

Sherry- why do some of these gods have boobs?

Lucifer - Buddha and Moloch had boobs because that was Lillith...Buddha was a representation of Lillith with the Chinese...a combined god/goddess ruler over them represented by the male (Lucifer), Chinese and Lillith...although it's mostly Lillith and the Chinese..

Sherry - yeah Father said Moloch the Baphomet, was Satan and the goat combined, with Lillith...the breasts...the combined female/male worship was Lillith and Lucifer,

some tidbits....

-whenever there's something combined male/female it's those two..

-the gene itself that makes people both sexes is a freak gene like the gigantism gene of hybrids, anomaly...

-angels aren't hermaphrodite

- angel swords are/were awarded to them by Yah Himself. He would bless and anoint them. There was a ceremony at the palace when combat angels would receive swords.

-angels can eat food but it's energy that sustains them. They're energy beings. The animals in heaven are the same way, energy beings.

- they (animals) didn't have to eat to survive, if they did they would poop but the chemical composition was such that it would be quickly decomposed into the ground and then the ground would restore itself.

- when Lucy fell, and Yah's angels left the planets, the planets were in a fallen state because Yah's presence left them as well. That's why they became defiled...poop everywhere from his crossbreeds, Lucifer digging into the insides of the planets and everything else...

- angels can eat, drink, and be merry, but the 'merry' part is much different from humans. There's a limit. They don't get drunk and stupid and belligerent or violent. They're energy absorbs alcohol, doesn't affect them like it does humans.

Lucifer - the people in DC know you're legit...they've seen stuff...that's why so much of what you deal with is them, it's not even me it's them..

- Even clones have memories. They think they're human. They don't know they're not...they think they are as normal and real as anyone else. That's why u have to watch them, especially people like him (Obama) in public positions...those u have to watch...they'll do or say something can't trust them you never know what's going to happen. They could break down, malfunction, go haywire, they're unreliable. Obama thinks he's normal, he doesn't know anything different.

--Lucifer - India, that was me and Eve. She had more kids with me after I was cursed but she hid them away...her and Lillith never cared about what happened to me...they still loved me, they remembered who I was ..they stayed with me.

- I could manipulate an angel form so I would use that one at times, and human forms I can manipulate...but it's hard to stay in them very long and operate in that dimension...I do it when I have to, otherwise I just chill and watch behind the scenes.

-from Terra (Shema) we could be on earth in 10 minutes.

Sherry- would you take over Obama?

Lucifer -yeah, Maitreya would to. I don't know how you figured that one out.

Lucifer -the only way u keep control of  governments is controlling how much they spend, and how they spend it....that's why my people are in charge of every government.

- I left music a long time ago, became a politician. Manipulating stupid humans was more fun,

Sherry - why are there so many different personifications of the devil?

Lucifer - so people don't know what to believe..

Lucifer - Moloch is like me and the goat combined.

Sherry - why do u want them to sacrifice their children to you?

Lucy - because they're heartless souls...they would kill their own children for their own greed, that should tell you something about humans...

Sherry - but they're your kids doing it?

Lucifer - laughs....yeah I guess you got me on that one...laughs..

-when we would get dad's people to do it that was really funny...but even back then, as it is today, you have to teach them that to get you have to give. That's the whole concept, they always have to give....and what's really funny is if they ever stop we just take everything they got away,

-don't ever make a deal with the devil, you can't win, they can't win, they're just greedy *uckers and we exploit it...

- "money is the root of all evil' they should have read their Bibles..

- people who think they can play both sides are going to get burned by one of them....always take a side and be loyal to that side....

Sherry - So why do your ships always pile up in this region?

Lucifer - They just want to watch the show...

Sherry - are they engaging the angels?

Lucifer - not really...not anymore...we've lost so many they'd be stupid to try to...but they do what they want...sometimes when you see angels you just gotta have target practice...everyone hates angels...they're worse than humans...

Lucifer - some of you are just really hard core and we just can't get to you, you stay with dad no matter what, and that's why it's even still a war on earth for us...if America went down completely, we'd own the entire world. Plain and simple.

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***if anyone wants to repost this you have my permission to, you can also edit some of the bad grammar, I know, I write like a broadcaster....

Lucifer - Notable Quotes on the KJV

An Interview With The Devil

Notable quotes from Lucifer during a conversation I had with him in April, 2016
Sherry - Why was Enoch left out of the Bible?
Lucifer - Enoch..revealed to much info..
Sherry - What about Jubilees and Jasher?
Lucifer - it was just easier to keep them out and go with the narrative we had.
Sherry - Why did you have just 13 books of Paul (and his associates) in the
Testament? Was that a specific purpose?
Lucifer - 13 books of Paul...that's code, that our influence is in it...we're
in control..
whenever you see our codes, it means our influence, we're controlling it..
You were right about dad's message being in it, but we control the rest...
we edited
things in and out to make it the way we wanted it not giving to much info.
to keep the people happy and convinced they had all that matters...
Paul was ours ..(laughs)...I don't know how you figured that one out...not
many did, or will even accept it. We don't care, no one believes you except us,
and what do we matter? It's your people that are deceived about him not us.
the KJV...(laughs)...why do u think we know it? Because we wrote it...we took
over all their letters and combined it to give them (Jews) some history and
keep them under our control. Religion is like politics. Give them something
then control it.
(Lucifer talking to the Most High )
"There's some truth there (KJV)...enough to condemn people who don't
believe it at all....but like with Paul, that was genius...and we use him for
everything. Just like she's said that almost all false doctrines come from
his teachings...she got that right, but no one cares about her.
I've listened to every one of her shows, I've listened to everything she's ever
said, I've read every thing she's ever written...I have to say, good job,
she nailed a lot of it, but like I've said a million times who cares, no one's
going to believe her. We keep them so confused they all just hate her
like we do. No one's worried.
We did a hack job on the Torah to but most people (real Jews) don't' realize it.
That's why most of them rejected the KJV and kept to the Oral Traditions...
we got rid of all them. The ones now just believe it (Torah as it’s presented
in the KJV) and go along with everyone else. Time is always on our side."

A little over a year ago I compiled some messages the Father had given me:
April 4, 2015
My child,
Speak not to the ones/people who won't listen, but speak to my branch...those
who cling to Me and are of Me.
Baal, Moloch, Satan, rules in the churches today...they follow after the desires
of their own hearts and not Me.
They don't seek me for wisdom or knowledge, they seek me with their
wants and carnal fleshly desires, they don't want Me they want to build treasures
on earth.
I will destroy them all...
When my branch comes home, i will shut the door and My judgment will begin.
..just as in the days of Noah, My branch was brought into and protected
within the ark, the door was shut, and My Judgment began.
Tell My people to pray to escape my Judgment...
The churches today are dens of thieves, they rob Me of My glory, they rob
the people and seduce them with false teachings and lies, they lie, steal, and
destroy My people...and when they continue to support these liars, they
are overcome by them and become one with them..and no longer serve me
but other gods..
.A prophet speaks of My ways, they are led by Me, they do the things
that I say, they are not led by man...
Do not prophesy to them but tell them of my Judgments,
I will gather my own and then the door will be closed...
My own hear my words and follow me in My ways..
Live righteously and honestly...honor My Sabbath and appointed times,
seek My Kingdom and not the lusts of the earth...
Hate and renounce evil, reprove them who attack you with righteousness.
Tell them to seek Me in the out of the way places...
I love you child,
They worship Baal and say they get prophecies from Me...they say their
dreams are from Me when they devise them from their own hearts
and fears...
I know you are frustrated with so many, that is why I have set you aside child,
as my own, you are not with them and you are not a part of them because
you are with Me. Walk away from the reproachers and evil doers
(all those who mock and hate me), they are not mine...nor were they
sent by Me.
-Sherry Shriner

Maitreya Loses Power to Sannanda

There has been a transfer of power from Maitreya to Sannanda. In the early morning 
of April 7, 2016 I was on the edge. I was getting tired and fed up of being in pain all the 
time from witch and voodoo attacks against me. And then as I sat analyzing Bible Codes
and kept seeing the term poppet, I just lost it and became very angry. A poppet is a voodoo
doll that they make to mimic a person so they can inflict pain or direct curses at it to be 
forwarded to the person that poppet represents. And there were plenty of them out there
of me that the evil ones were using. I'd had enough. I screamed at Maitreya that I was 
sick of his attacks against me (he is the source of power behind the voodoo dolls and 
all those that have them of me so I took my rage out against him) and told him I was going
to have his butt cast into the lake of fire and threatened him that dad (the Most High) 
would back me on it.
I then talked to the Father and asked that Maitreya be cast into the lake of fire or have
his power reduced and demoted so much that he wouldn't have the power to be the source
behind the dolls, thus rendering them ineffective. Father liked this idea, in fact He
suggested taking all of Maitreya's power away from him and giving it to Sannanda
who wouldn't be aggressive with it against me. Sannanda plays a different game with
a different personality than that of Maitreya. Maitreya is very angry, hateful, aggressive,
and in your face. He likes to torture, attack, torment, and beat people up. Sannanda is
more passive and has never personally come up against me and typically doesn't behave
that way. So I thought that was a great idea...and so it was done. The transfer of power
was given to Sannanda.
What is amusing is that in the New Age crowd Sannanda has always been considered
the least powerful of the Ashtar Command. They practically demean and denigrate him
to janitor status of the group. Now they have back tracking to do to revitalize his character.
Maitreya is the Antichrist. He will gather a 10 nation Moslem nation confederacy to align
with him and back him as his power base as per Revelation 13:1-10.
Sannanda is the False Prophet (second beast of Revelation) who will promote Maitreya
as "god" and encourage the worship of him. He will use fake and false miracles and signs
from heaven to give the illusion that he has power from heaven and use those illusions
to influence people to worship Maitreya as god.
Maitreya is a beast. In every sense of the word. He prefers a cattle prod, whip, and beats
people (terrestrial) with it that are around him. He's always violent, has a bad temper,
often goes into rages, and in general is a very dark, hateful, evil person.
Sannanda will try and mimic Jesus of the Bible. It is his picture that the churches have
adopted as Jesus. He will come with Eve who will play Mary, Jesus' mother. Together
they will deceive the world and promote the worship of Maitreya, the Islamic beast, as god.
Maitreya is very angry. Losing his role of power superior to all the others (except Lucifer) especially to Sannanda has him steaming mad. Serves him right. Don't come against
Daughter of the Most High God! Literally.
What this does is make Maitreya subservient to Sannanda. And he doesn’t like being
inferior to anyone because he never has been. He’s been the monster of the Ashtar
Command since they created it and has been second only to Lucifer for perhaps thousands
of years. He can’t produce illusions (miracles or signs) without Sannanda’s help now and
is forced to work with him to deceive the world that he is a god worthy of worship.
This hits 100 on a gag meter of 1-10 but this is what’s coming folks. These two terrestrial
beings with orchestrated human looking bodies playing Biblical and religious roles to
deceive the world.

Lillith - The First Wife of Adam

By Sherry Shriner
My authority is from the Most High God and the Kingdom of 
regards to events concerning Lillith and the past few weeks...these are things
the Most High has revealed to me, things I've learned along with things I've been
doing in the background. I am a prophet of the Most High and have been qualified
by bloodline, raised up by Him to speak to the nations..
These are my notes and thoughts. I thought it would just be easier to present
the info this way than in a long article form.
Lillith- first wife of Adam, the creation story told of man/woman in Genesis
one is not the same as the one mentioned in Gen. 2
-in the first creation story of man and woman, they were both created out of the clay 
out of the ground.
-in the second creation, Adam was put to sleep, and a rib was taken out of him to 
create woman, the first one named Eve.
-two different creations that has been suppressed for thousands of they 
wouldn't have to explain who Lillith was, or they were hiding what she does in the background so she could operate with impunity and people coming against her for
her crimes against mankind.
-Lillith left Adam and began consorting and having offspring with Lucifer and 
everything and anything else, fallen angel, beasts, whatever...having a pre-fallen
differently created body from Eve's after the fall, it is written that Lillith could have
up to 300 offspring a day, but in judgment for her rebellion against the Most High
and refusing to go back to Adam she would lose 1/3 of them at birth.
-Lillith was well known about throughout mankind's early history, King Solomon and
others had also consorted with her and had offspring with her.
-taking the title as the queen of heaven and worshiped as a false goddess she
typically presented herself as a fertility goddess as if that was one of her was simply a mockery of it and every culture had their own names
for her and different personifications of her.
-she was the icon of sexual deviancy, immorality, lewdness, her kingdom focus
has always been on sex. Adult sex, pornography, child pornography, bestiality,
prostitution, homosexuality. she has no morals, boundaries, inhibitions or morality. Everything about her was her obsession with sex with man, woman, child, or animal.
-the Babylonian and Egyptian cultures were littered with homage's to Lillith 
focusing on fertility and the sex act, of procreation and the glorification of
sexual body parts.
-meanwhile Lillith roamed freely on earth as the demon witch of the night often
depicted as the screeching owl, Succubus where she would rape men in their sleep
(where the term wet dreams originated from), and she would kill infants under 6 
months of age, which in our time is widely known as Sudden Infant death Syndrome
or SIDS.
-in ancient Israelite lore they would put charms of protection above their babies at 
night to ward off Lillith from killing them.
-according to the records of the Ancient of Days Lillith is responsible for just over
1.8 billion deaths of babies under the age of 11 months old...attacking them and
suffocating them at night while they slept.
-Meanwhile the information of her has been suppressed and today most people
don't even know she existed outside of Satanic circles who worship her.
-the Ishtarte, Baal and Tammuz was a story concocted to mimick the real Mary, 
Joseph and Jesus of the Bible.
-Lucifer mimics, copies and recreates his own version of everything in mockery
of the Kingdom of Heaven and to have an opposite of everything that already
exists in heaven. He should know, he lived there for millions of years before
he rebelled against Father, the Most High, and started a rebellion against the
Kingdom of Heaven and the Father. In the Bible the parable of the prodigal Son
was a metaphor of Lucifer's rebellion.
Back to Lilith...
-not only did Lilith produce offspring on earth, but in space also.
-the Asian races on earth are the original offspring of Lilith. That's why they're 
so much different than Adam's kids. They are the original descendents of Lilith 
and Lucifer, while the country of India, are the original descendents of Lilith
and Cain. That is why those 2 cultures are the oldest on earth, and very
much different from Adam's offspring and tend to worship false gods and goddesses, demigods, alien beings, temples resembling UFOs (India), worship of the
Dragon (another name for Lucifer) etc..
-Cain was the son of Lucifer, not Adam. And Lilith and Cain consorted and the 
Indian race began.
-so the asian races were created by Lilith and Lucifer and the Indian race was created
by Lilith and Cain.
-it is the Chinese who dominated the ancient Middle East along with India. Over time
the other children of Cain would push Lilith's descendants the Chinese further east
to settle where they are today.
-people think the flood of Noah would have wiped out the children of Cain but that
isn't so. Although Noah and his wife and sons had pure human dna and were
children of Adam, the son's wives weren't. Ham's wife was of Cain and that
lineage carried down through his line.
-although most of the negroes in Africa are descendents of Ham, the Ethiopians
on the east coast of Africa are the offspring of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. 
They are known as and refer to themselves as Black Hebrew Israelites.
-the children Solomon had with Lillith became her offspring in space known 
as the Tall Greys.
-all of the almond eye races on earth, and in space, are the offspring from
Lillith. All the various different alien races with almond eyes such as the
greygs are hers...and none of them were redeemed or restored 4 years ago
when I petitioned Heaven for the restoration of the children of the Fallen
Angels who had no direct part in their parents rebellions against God. They
inhabited space with Lillith and her different alien races and they were
such races known as the Pleidians, Nordics, and other humanoid angelic
looking races. Almost 16 billion of them accepted the offer of restoration into
the Kingdom of Heaven and now reside on their own heavenly planet they
call Shaziron. Typically seen in the SE at night as a hugely brilliant white
star. It is the forces of Shaziron along with the Kingdom of Heaven who 
protect my area and region nightly. And of whom many of you will face
tonight if you so choose to try and attack me at my home here on earth.
-many of you laugh at my circumstances and mock me, when it has been Lillith 
who has suppressed, oppressed, attacked, and attempted to kill me over
62,000 times just in the past 14 years when I began my ministry on earth
and subsequent Orgone Energy war as a defense against her, the aliens, and
the space technologies being used against me to harm and kill me, and
many others on this planet.
-she has sabotaged and attempted to destroy my life and ministry through every 
means, gov, mil, tech, possible, also through the churches, Christians, to get them 
to hate and reject me and withhold their support of me.
-It is because of Lillith and her massive efforts against me that I am where I am
today, other than to preserve my life, Father didn't interfere with what she
was doing, but now he's put an end to it.
-Lillith knew the rules, she wasn't allowed to kill a Prophet of God's. And yet she 
ignored the rule and continually tried to kill me over the years sending many of her 
witches and warlocks against me, her priests, covens, and anything and everything 
else she could think of and use to try and kill me.
-62,000 offenses in just 14 years are a lot of offenses folks!
-now I know what you're thinking, all of Yah's prophets and apostles had untimely 
and in many cases gruesome deaths at the hands of their persecutors on earth..
.but it was Lillith who came at me directly herself. Ignoring the many warnings
to stop.
-she could claim that my Orgone war was destroying her alien offspring and that
is why she attacked me directly, but the Orgone war was and is, a defense to the
forced abductions, cross-breeding, poisons, weather weapons, soul scalping 
and attacks on humans from these very alien races themselves.
-when I asked the Father how to protect ourselves from these hostile alien races
coming against us and how to tear down the strongholds of Satan on earth He led
me to, and taught me how to make our specific brand of Orgone.
-Lillith's defense was that our brand of Orgone had crashed and destroyed some
10, 439 of her ships and killed over 2 million of her children from space. Let me 
remind u that these ships and children of hers were coming to earth to abduct, 
kidnap, rape, torment, crossbreed and feed off of humans....friendly anything 
doesn't do that folks! These were not NICE children! They were not coming to 
earth to help mankind...but feed off of mankind and feast themselves on mankind 
and had been doing so for thousands of years. And with the onslaught of the
reptilian races in America since WW 2 Americans alone were being kidnapped,
crossbred, raped and fed off of by the tens of thousands every year. When that
was no longer sustainable they built deep underground military bases and began transporting children and adults in from other countries and hiding and killing
them in these deep underground bases. Not only that, the aliens themselves
had been building their own deep  underground alien bases and were housing
humans in rows and rows of jail cells.

Enough was Enough.
Last week on February 19th Lillith instigated and was working in conjunction with 
different satanic groups across the country to form Black Magic Circles and chant
against me to cause my death. After having already suffered a heart attack in October
of last year at her hands, I wasn't faring well with her onslaught and told Father if 
it wasn't stopped I was sure to die that night. It was then that Father had Archangel
Michael seize and subdue her where she was put in quarantine in a pasture in one 
of the heavenly realms.
I then petitioned Father and heaven for the permanent removal of her from Earth
and her attempts to conquer and destroy this planet and the humans on it, in
particular the children of God and myself.
on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 there was a meeting at the temple of God in 
heaven with Father and the Council of Heaven where Lillith presented her case
and defense.
I argued that she had in essence, forfeited earth at the time of her original rebellion and therefore should have no right to it. She herself had voluntarily left the planet  
thousands of years ago when she rebelled against God and Adam, joining with Lucifer
and his habitations under the earth and in space.
Along with her 62,000 offenses against me, and the tens of billions she had accrued 
over the years against mankind in general, the Council of Heaven agreed and Lillith
has been banned from Earth.
-Those playing the roles of Maitreya, Sannanda and Mary mother of Jesus, were 
allowed to return to earth to fulfill their upcoming roles simply in the interest of all 
to keep things moving forward as much as possible.
-This person playing "Mary, Mother of Jesus" has been Lillith's cohort for the past
6-7,000 years. She has been alongside Lillith and played a huge support and friend 
role to her, she is none other than Eve herself, Adam's second wife, the woman God 
created from the rib of Adam. She too, left Adam as Lillith did, and married Satan
after having given several children to Adam.
-For those in the know it's no surprise, for the information has been available for years how Lucifer impregnated Eve in the Garden of Eden and that Cain was Lucifer's son. I've
written articles about it myself. The churches cover it up and call any talk about it
a conspiracy and blasphemous, but it's truth. She would give children to Adam as 
well, but she eventually left Adam to join with Lucifer permanently. And when she 
died Lucifer put her in his space and hollow earth habitations with him.
-this is why Father God hated Esau, he hated the Seed of Cain (Cain was a murderer
from the beginning just as his father Lucifer was, he had killed his brother Abel) and
he knew Esau would betray Isaac and join with the Canaanites, marrying their women and producing a line through them...AKA Edomites, Kenites,...sons of Cain.
-ancient lore has it that Tammuz was the first born son of Lucifer and Lillith and 
when Lucifer tried to take over the body of Tammuz as a baby it caused the baby to 
blow up into pieces...and that Lillith tried to patch the babies body back together...
some have him as a baby, some have him as an older grown man at the time...either
way that's how that whole legend grew over the centuries. They say his name was
Liam, thus the trio of Lucifer-Lilith - Liam which is also known as 
Baal-Ishtar-Tammuz or whatever 3some combo of names you've heard of, it's the same people.
-Eve is the mother of all living on earth, the Lucifer's serpent seed and Yahuah's seed.
it's been a war between the 2 bloodlines ever since. Although the Illuminati who refer
to themselves as the Elite are only 1% of the population because they are the very
richest and wealthiest people, about 90% of the world's population in total are of the
serpent seedline and Lillith's. It's actually been twisted, because only about 1% of the population are Adam's seed, 10% at most. Top 10%, Top 1%....but the Illuminati 
Elite refer to themselves as the top 1 or 10%. It's about 10% for Adam's seed on 
earth right now.
-Eve was producing Nephilim on the earth. Cain was a Nephilim, he was the twin 
brother of Able but they were nothing alike, because they had 2 separate fathers, 
Able was more like Adam and Cain was more like Lucifer.
-Eve was the first mother of everyone, Satan's kids, Adam's kids, and the Nephilim.
She's everyone's grandma.
-so how is it she's been able to live with Lucifer amongst what has been called his 
Galactic Federation of Light, or Ashtar Command? How is it she can return and play
the mother of Jesus, the queen of the last days to fulfill Lucifer's plan of deception on the earth? When Eve died, Hell as we know it now, didn't exist. The
departed souls went to the lower realms and stayed there. There was no fire in hell
then, torment, or terror. It was just the place of the dead, the lower realm part of earth. So instead of being there, Lucy took her to be with him at his that point 
she's in spirit form so she can deal with the 4th dimensional realm wherever it is, 
above or below or on the earth.
-when she appears as Mary she will have to obtain some kind of manufactured
human body to do so, just as those playing the beasts Maitreya and Sannanda will 
have to.