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Monday, May 12, 2008

Transcribe 5-05-08

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 5-05-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody, you’re live Monday night May 5th. If it can go wrong, it’s going to. Some of you can connect to the show and some of you can’t. I’m not sure. They upgraded the server and I know you that have AOL are having problems connecting to the show. It’s always a delight 5 minutes before show time to run into hassles, but that’s alright. If its not one thing, it’s another. If it’s not them, it’s me. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I’ll be answering questions tonight.

Some of the things I’ve been looking at. The same thing coming. I know a lot of people are talking about us going to war with Iran. I’m starting to think that Iran is nothing but a big distraction right now. If there is a war in our future with Iran, I am not seeing it or the Lord is not showing it to me. I’m really mixed on any kind of war with Iran thing, folks. I think they have other things happening and it is just serving as a distraction right now. Like I said when I look in the bible codes I see things happening in the background and now in the physical realm. So it’s hard to tell what exactly I am looking at. Something that’s happening in the background or something happening in the physical realm.

I decided to do something interesting. I got to spell out the Lords name the way it sounds. I know you call Him Yahweh and that’s not how His name is pronounced. What I did was look at His Own name in the bible codes to see what He would show me if anything. At first, it was like….I don’t want to know if I want to do this. All these years of doing bible codes and I know if you run up the name as spelled by the Tetragrammaton, Yahweh, Adonai and Jehovah; they are simply titles for the Lord and not His Name.

Those kinds of titles are indicative of leaders whether they are spiritual leaders or political leaders. You will see that name with their own, because it’s a title. It’s not referring to the Most High God. When you see that term in the bible codes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s Him. I am finding that it usually isn’t. Two years ago I stumbled on the fact that every time I saw the name “god” in the bible codes it was referring to Satan and not to the Most High God. I’ve been telling you for years that it takes years to really master the codes and know what you are looking at to understand the terms. Things change, the codes change. Right now I can see the codes in real time; things happening now, things that are going to happen in the near future. It’s very interesting.

What I started to do was looking at Yahuah’s code, the Most High God and see if He would show me anything. I just found it really interesting. I don’t know if it is gutsy or stupid to look for your own name in the Most Highs code. I went ahead and tried it and sure enough my name was found in His code. Basically in His code seeing the same things I’ve been seeing in all the other codes that He wants me to see. Right now what I call the Faction Four. I see “faction four” all the time in the bible codes. Just warriors for the Most High God, the 144,000 doing a lot of set up work preparing for the arrival of Maitreya and this Jesus and the false christs that are coming. Satan is coming to the world as the antichrist and what we have is Al Gore Hillary, Obama, George Jr. and everybody being prominent in the codes. What we are doing is set up work and preparing for all of their arrivals to earth.

Matthew 24 tells us that many will come in his name saying they are christ and shall deceive many. When they call you in the deserts and say “look christ is here, over here in the desert and over there”, He says not to go to them; they are false christs. We have many false christs coming; Maitreya, this Islam Arab messiah, and Satan’s general Jesus who is coming to mimic the son of God, Yahushua.

I’ve gone through that; how Satan cleverly translated Yahushua’s name into Jesus and the churches are worshipping him as the Son of God and it isn’t even His Name. It’s important to start calling Him by His real name Yahushua. If you are calling out the name of Jesus that is Satan’s general's name. The churches have been deceived by that. I’m not saying that He won’t answer you. As a child, you don’t know what your parents names are, so you just call them mom, dad and they answer. That’s pretty much how the Lord is. He knows that you are calling Him. You are supposed to get older; grow up and stop being babies so He can lead you into the truth.
Some of you stay in the baby stage forever and go around acting like you are huge mature adults in the Word and you know nothing and you want to argue with everyone who does. Those are the ones who annoy me the most. He will never give you a vision or a word from Him and say “My name is Jesus” ever in a million years because that is not His Name. The one who does claim his name is Jesus is Sananda, Satan’s general.

When you see all these people; these false prophets saying, “I had a word from the Lord and a vision and he said his name was Jesus and blah, blah.” Right off the bat you know that it is false. I wouldn’t hear another word he says. He will never tell you that His name is "Jesus" in a million years. Anybody who has met this "Jesus", it wasn’t Yahushua the Son of God; it was one of Satan’s general's playing games with you. I see that a lot.

People talk about how they had a word from the Lord and a vision and he introduced himself as Jesus or said he was Jesus. That’s not his real name. He will never come as Jesus. It’s just another one of those discerning things on what is really of the Lord and what isn’t; the fact that He wouldn’t give you a false name.

Another thing that is very interesting is that even tonight the Lord wanted me to talk about some certain scriptures with you guys. Immediately after He gave me some scriptures, these Pauline scriptures started coming at me and I discerned instantly that they were coming to my mind and not to my heart where the Lord speaks. That’s how he operates. I’ll tell you what, in 20, 30 years since I have ever asked the Lord to lead me to a scripture, He has never led me once, not once to a Pauline scripture, but Satan will. Satan will lead you to a book written by Paul where the Most High never will. That was one of those red flags in learning who and what the Apostle Paul was; a manipulator and a deceiver working for Satan to infiltrate and destroy the church from within. That was one of the biggest things. Just looking back in my own life, the Lord had never led me to a scripture by Paul. So it wasn’t that hard to grasp that; it just made sense to me. It made sense that the whole reason that Paul was put in the New Testament; the whole reason that he dominates it.

There are basically two messiahs. Paul and his own gospel, “I come to you with my own gospel,” he boldly proclaims; then you have Yahushua and His Apostles. Very two distinct groups of people; you have the Apostles and then Paul and his group that were called Christians. The Apostles were never called Christians. That’s why today you have the church crowd, Christianity and then you just have the believers in Yahushua who He has called out of the churches; He has called them out of the whore churches of Babylon.

The Lord wanted me to mention Matthew chapter 10 tonight, so if you have a bible, look it up or just listen along with me. I get these emails all the time from people asking me about their families; their loved ones. This is what the Lord says about it:

Mat 10:32-38 "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me."

Folks, I get so many emails everyday from people, “How do I get my mom to wake up? How do I get my kids to wake up? How am I going to get my spouse to wake up?” It’s never going to be easy. He didn’t come to bring peace to families; He came to bring a sword. That’s His own Word, folks. He has come to set a man at variance against his own household, because not everyone is always going to follow the Lord, the Most High. If you look in Matthew 24 and Revelation chapter 6 the fifth seal, there are martyrs for the Lord. There are many, many millions that are martyred for the Lord and the testimony of Yahushua.

I don’t see a 30 second prayer mentioned here. I have some fun with this one because the only reason being that some people think that when they were 5 years old, 6 years old and said that repentance prayer that all of a sudden they are saved and from that point on they are going to go to Heaven for eternity. No way does the Lord say that in saying the salvation prayer that you are going to be saved for eternity. I know the churches teach eternal security and it’s wrong. The Lord says "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father."

Also the Lord wanted me to mention James tonight. James was the leading and ranking Apostle among the Lords Apostles. James and Peter were the head of the church. This is what James had to say:

"What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works. "

James 2:24-26 "Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way? For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also."

This kind of flies in contrast to the sole doctrine of grace that the churches teach today. They take the Lords grace by a mile and have every believer in their church believing that all they have to do is believe. What does James say? Faith without works is dead. We don’t have to earn our salvation, it’s already been given to us by the Lord, but you also can’t sit on your butt and do nothing the rest of your life. Faith without works is dead; you have to show people by your works that you are one of His; that you follow Him and that you love Him. I don’t like getting into scripture arguments with people over this because as many scriptures that you want to bring out to teach, people will bring out something else to combat you with. Usually one of Paul’s verses. So before you do that, just consider that Paul is a false apostle.

Try learning something out of the bible without quoting Paul; without quoting anything that he wrote. He came to manipulate and destroy the early believer community at that time. That’s why Constantine worked closely and went along the same lines as Paul. The whole RCC was born; the whole church manipulations from that point on. I’ve always said if you really want to know what the truth is, start going back to the early church and what the Lord taught; what His apostles taught. Start from there, from that point; don’t start from 300 AD on…from that point on the manipulations and deceptions came into the church.

If you have any questions for the show send them to I know people are having problems with the show; I’ll try and have it fixed next week. I knew it was going to be 5 minutes before the show tonight that it was going to be interesting. For all intents and purposes it seems like the server is just dead. Somebody give me a shout and let me know if this is even being broadcast.

Now I’ve just sat here and talked for 5 minutes on this show while most of you are stuck on 4-28, so somebody give me a shout and let me know if you have been listening to this show or 4-28. Like I’ve said if it can go wrong it’s going to tonight and so far it has. A lot of technical problems. I’m just having ridiculous problems here tonight, but that’s alright. I’m really just surprised and amazed that even after March to be on the air. I knew that March was going to be a pivotal month. Apparently if it was, it was in the background; otherwise it’s March of 2009 that is going to be a pivotal month next year. What I’m looking at is getting through the rest of this year and what to expect. I still think we have some things coming in July. Maitreya will be here before September 2010, so he only has from now until September of 2010. I really believe he will be here earlier.

I’m getting emails now from people that they are getting the show.

I didn’t really know what I was going to talk about other then Matthew. Read Matthew 10 and James chapter 2. James is one of these people that the Lord always has me in reading. I love James, I love Jude; I love the book of Matthew with the words in red. Sometimes it’s the only words I read are the ones in red. That’s what you need to be paying attention to folks, not what people tell you, but what the Lord leads you to read and hear.

Like I’ve told you as soon as you start asking Him what you should read, Satan is going to try and jump in right in after and also add on to what He wants you to read. You have to be real careful with that one; it takes time and practice and part of the evolving relationship with the Most High. How He works and how He speaks to us. That we can discern when He stops talking and the enemy starts. That’s almost always…I mean Satan never stops talking. He’s always on the ball to confuse you on what the Lord really wants you to do.

Lots of people sending are emails saying I’m on. That’s cool. Good to hear. I’m just having some real problems here. I’m working on getting another computer so that I’m broadcasting 24/7 like I used to be before they virus bombed my old computer. I’m working on getting on getting another computer so I’ll be on the air all day.

Comment from a listener: Sherry, read 1 Corinthians 12:16.

Sherry: Obviously you haven’t been listening to the show. That’s Paul’s book and why would I read Paul’s book? Paul is Satan himself in the New Testament.

A lot of listeners are in Canada. I talked to a couple of them last week on the phone; just a lot of good warriors in Canada. And a lot of good warriors are in Australia. I’ve been helping people out all over the world and love being in contact with the various warriors. It reminds me of something I was looking at earlier this week about the lost 10 tribes of Israel. Every time you bring this up, people call you a Nazi. Every time that you mention, yes there are white Israelites, you become a Nazi and they spew lies about me all over the internet.

I don’t waste my time with people and emails sending them straight from the lies that they are listening to on the internet. It really gets annoying. What I’ll do is just answer their initial email and don’t read any others after that. That’s that. I’m not here to argue with people. I’m not here to debate people. When you start talking about the 2 different houses of Israel; the house of Judah and the house of Ephraim. The lost 10 tribes of Israel being the house of Ephraim, and Ephraim being dominantly Europe and the United States.

Yes there are white Israelites, there are black Israelites, there are Asian Israelites. There are Israelites all over the world, especially now with over a thousand years of race mixing. Nobody knows who they are. What I find interesting is that when I do codes for people I’ll see what tribe they are from and they don’t even realize that they are an Israelite. One of the biggest things encouraging to me, because when you sit and read the Old Testament, that’s our history. That’s a lot of our history. Most people think the Jews of the Old Testament are the Jews that are in Israel today. The Jews that are dominant in Israel today are Khazars who adopted Judaism back when Judah was conquered by the Babylonians and they scattered. The Khazars had adopted Judaism and joined the tribe of Judah. There are 2 very different groups. There are Torah believers in Israel today and the Talmudists who are dominantly Khazars. Probably most of the Talmudists today in Israel are actually real Israelites but deceived into believing and following the Talmud. It’s those that we try to reach out to and wake up.

You also have your Torah believing Jews in Israel that are very much persecuted; just like true believers in the USA, the ones who aren’t being confined in a box and under religious mind control. You know what afflictions I’m talking about. You’ll have helicopters over your house and intelligence agencies trying to break into you computer by back door entrances. You just get harassed out the ying and that’s how it is for Torah believing Israelites; they get harassed out the ying too. We are everywhere folks. I just find it amusing that there are so many extremes on the internet to where they put all 12 tribes of Israel with the one Kazar race that is dominant in Israel today pushing Zionism.

I just sent something out to my lists the other day about Zionism. It’s a satanic, political agenda to bring the antichrist to earth. This Zionism is the same satanic agenda that the churches are supporting today. They have no idea what it is. They hear Zion and it’s almost a rally around Jerusalem...sing and dance and be patriotic…it’s the Lords city. They have no idea; if they took 5 seconds to research today’s Zionism they would understand for the satanic agenda it is. But they don’t research it or understand it but verbally support it and demand our president support it. This gives him an open checkbook to send billions and billions to Zionists in Israel who are working to set up the arrival of the antichrist to earth. They are all Illuminati.

Its really just wakes you up when you realize what’s going on. I know some of you want your dads to wake up, your moms, sister and everybody else. I’ve just learned to just pull myself into a little hole and surround myself with walls. If somebody doesn’t;’ want to hear what I’m saying, I don’t push it on them. I’ll send little blips of info. It’s getting really hot in here…hang on.

I’ll send them blips of info over the years and pray that the Lord opens their eyes. I move on. I put it in the Lords hands and I move on. That’s what a lot of you need to do because some of you are becoming so tied down to not being able to get people to listen to you that you are becoming altogether discouraged and not doing anything that you need to be doing for the Lord. Just plant seeds; you would be amazed what that does over the years. A lot of people that I was surrounded by over the years were big Bush supporters. Now they have finally been slowly opening their eyes and seeing that he works an occultic agenda and part of the Illuminati. It just takes times folks, but I haven’t let it slow me down over the years. I just do what I need to do and I don’t let people slow me down. That is the attitude that a lot of you need to adopt as well. You need to move on for the Lord. Don’t let people discourage and stop you; that’s one of the biggest games Satan uses to send people to waste your time with distractions and arguments.

Comment from a listener: I love what you said about faith without works. In Matthew 12:30 it says if you are not gathering, you are scattering.

If you have a question or a comment for the show you can contact me at

Interesting that our government is bringing in 6700 tons of depleted uranium to Idaho. You have to ask yourself what they would need with 6700 tons of sand from Iraq and Kuwait. They said it was for testing, but I can tell you from first hand knowledge that they have already tested it and are testing it through labs that they have set up in Germany. I know people that work in them. Why do we need to bring it to the states? We already know that the sand in Iraq and Kuwait is highly contaminated by poisoning. The gruesome thought occurred to me that they just may be using it to put in the chemtrails.

We started a fight a couple of weeks ago about the chemtrail planes being grounded and that entire week the American airplane fleet was grounded. Some of you have seen chemtrail planes in your area and then leave and not see them again for a week or two. We probably need to keep on top of that because I have a feeling that this DU is going to be used to be spread over our country with these chemtrail planes. Why else would they need 6700 tons? It reminds me of a vision I had several years ago. I saw a little white plane flying over…I wasn’t sure what city it was, but it could have been one of the boroughs in New York City and felt at the time that it was. A white powder was being laid over the entire city and as people were coming out of buildings they were dropping over dead. They were just taking one breath and dropping over dead. I wrote about that and put it on my website years ago. Its things like that that come to mind because we have some terrorist attacks coming here on our soil.

A lot of things happening out in the Pacific; very dominant in the codes so I know we are going to see a lot of destruction in the Pacific. The islands out there, the nations, the West Coast. They are targeting the west coast with earthquakes for some reason. I know in 2009 California was going to start getting hit by quakes and not that it hasn’t already been. We could see comets hitting the earth; rocks from space hitting the earth; hitting our oceans.

It reminds me of something I was reading last week about how the military is supposedly supposed to be all underground, shut up and safe by July. I had to laugh because July is one of these months where we will have a UFO flyover and they are debating whether to have real UFOs or Japanese UFOs. So that one will be interesting. Either way, July looks interesting, if not this year than next year. I just don’t see how right away us being involved with Iran. Everyone is going on and on how we are going to war with Iran. I don’t doubt it for a second; I just don’t see it for this spring or summer.

Another thing that interests me is I don’t think that Bush will give up his office. He is going to have to drag out Iran for a little longer if he wants to be in office for 2009-2010. He would declare martial law here and null and void elections in November. So something would have to happen before that for him to do that. Just look for that to happen; it’s always a possibility. Also Obama still very dominant in the codes. Hillary is less dominant, but Obama is not going to last even if he is president. That will be interesting.

Another person rising up is Al Gore. I’ve always said to watch out for Al Gore, because he really works this alien agenda and he’s been snorting this monoatomic gold to make him glow. He is the number one man, probably one of the ranking humans on earth working this alien agenda and in bringing these ascended masters to earth and all this garbage. I’ve been talking about it for years.
Something interesting with him is that his whole thing will malfunction. I don’t know what is going o malfunction, but something is going to get really funny because he is live and he malfunctions. So I’m not sure what that means. If he loses his glowing or what happens?

I see a lot of malfunction. Something the Lord has had me in this week is studying energy. I have never been a scientist. I’m one of these people. I was laughing with someone who does understand physics; I did the orgone because the Lord asked me to. I didn’t understand the physics of orgone, what it was or what it would do. I knew some things; that it would stop ELF attacks. That’s what I was aiming for at the time; to stop ELF attacks. I just did it because He asked. Now He is taking me and showing me exactly how it works and the ins and outs of this orgone. It’s really funny because it’s like trying to teach it to a kindergartener. I have no understanding of physics and science and all this complicated stuff. He makes it really easy to understand when He is teaching you. Its one of these energies that is dimensional. It’s not just physical, it goes into the spiritual dimension as well; and that is where it is causing so much damage and destruction right now is in the spiritual dimension and in space.

I’m going to talk about more next week as I study it more and He reveals more to me. Its one of the reasons….Wilhelm Reich and Tesla had both discovered…Tesla had rediscovered orgone energy and Reich took his work off of him. Many years later the Lord had me into orgone. Its like we all three are kind of into the same energy, although I had no understanding of it; I’m coming from the back door in. I just do it and then I ask, “What does it do?” Both of those men had said; I found it interesting because I had just learned this recently and hadn’t known it 5 years ago when I started orgone that it could bring down UFOs.

The Lord is showing me through energy how it all works and how it is possible for this to happen. One of the things is that these UFOs work on dead orgone energy. They operate in a dead atmosphere. Their atmosphere is full of DOR (dead orgone energy). When they come into the light; into the physical realm, our realm – all of a sudden they experience change of energy. When they are bombarded with this orgone energy which is a healing, positive energy and a light, good energy, these dead beings can’t handle it and it causes them to malfunction and crash. A lot of them are even starting to die in the upper space atmosphere from orgone energy. It is reaching up their through the breeze, the wind blowing it around the world.

Its going to get much, much more interesting as the effects of this orgone energy as Satan arrives on earth with his forces. We have Maitreya’s arrival. We have the locusts from the Euphrates. Other terms that I have found that is used to describe these Annuk is buffalo and bison. I wasn’t real sure for a while exactly what this whole buffalo thing is. It occurred to me that in Indian folklore and some of these ancient religions always talk about the returning buffalo and stuff like that. I’m not real versed in it; I’m not real studied on it or know the folklore right now. Buffalo is another term for fallen angels. I found it interesting that the dominant terms in the codes right now are buffalo and bison. It’s always referring to the coming Annuk and fallen angels. I know that some New Age websites will talk about the white buffalo; in the bible codes I think I’ve seen it as the albino.

The bible codes will also give you terms that if these people saw them in the bible codes they would understand. I don’t necessarily understand it but will as I go. These New Ager’s…if they saw all these terms would know exactly, but not agree with it. They think the coming buffalo is God and all this stuff. The bible codes reveal that they are fallen angels; liars, deceivers and manipulators. The New Ager’s don’t want to hear that.

Another interesting thing is the arrival of Eve. That one more than any others will be interesting to me. She is coming as the queen of heaven; Mary the mother of god or whatever in some of these other religions where there is a woman coming in. They all have their female goddesses. It’ll be very interesting to see how she plays out in these other religions. I think it will be interesting to see her. Like I’ve said, Eve left the Lord and didn’t die the same way that Adam died. Adam died as a righteous man; Eve turned her back on the Lord and followed Satan. Satan had offered her eternal life and has been keeping her alive with this white monoatomic gold. So all these years, all these religions have been mimicking Eve through the queen of heaven worship.

They have always included her in all these false religions and cults. There has always been a female goddess and it’s always been a worship of Eve. So her coming to earth with Jesus, Sananda, this general. The church will call him Jesus. She will return to earth with him in the last days. So it will be Maitreya, Eve, Jesus (Sananda) and some others coming as christ that Matthew 24 warns about. In Matthew 24 he warned us that many will come saying I am christ. So you have Eve, christs mother or whatever role she is going to play. I think it will be interesting to see the first woman ever created. I don’t know if we’ll be here. The 144,000 will be taken by then.

I definitely see two different routes that the 144,000 during that time. One route being that the 144,000 is taken; raptured shortly before Maitreya arrives. Another route being that we are here for a short time after he arrives; several months. I guess we’ll just watch and see what happens. If I’m arrested and there’s a big spectacle about me and Maitreya because I’m his biggest opponent on earth, then you’ll know we are on the second route and not the first. So we have to watch, it’ll be one or the other. I don’t care which one it is; it’s like - let’s get the show on the road.

They’re going to come after the Christians for annihilating their forces. Right now they are busy denying it and disputing it, but eventually they will come out and admit it. When they do admit it, it will be interesting because they will come after the people that caused it – the orgone warriors. It’ll be a lot of fun. I also see that the orgone creates a barrier against them. That’s why I’ve been telling everyone to get your areas because it is a barrier against the aliens; like you are making yourself a wall of protection around your community or whatever. If I am interpreting it right, then that will protect a lot of people.

I felt like in the last days I would be doing something to help the Lords people. I wanted to make a safe haven. I think this is the Lords own way of answering that. I didn’t have the millions of dollars necessary to physically create safe havens for the Lords people, but I have taken every dime I’ve had for the last 6 years and put orgone out. That’s building barriers around cities, countries and areas. That’s becoming safe havens for the Lords people. He has His own ways of doing things.

Comment from a listener: Acts 1:26 And they gave forth their lots; and the lot fell upon Matthias; and he was numbered with the eleven apostles.

Sherry: Mathias replaced Judas. Paul didn’t replace Judas. Acts 1:26. They don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to Paul. As much as people love Paul, they are going to die by his heretical and blasphemous teachings because they are following Paul’s teachings instead of the Lords.

Question from a listener: Did Adam have a wife before Eve and did he have one after Eve?

Sherry: The Hebrew books talk about Lilith, but she was a different creation. She left him after being created. There was Lilith and Adam then the Lord created Eve. Did he have a wife after Eve? There are some books and information that says Adam children with one of his great-granddaughters because Eve had left him. I don’t know if it’s true or not; its one of those things – chew the grass, spit out the hay. One of those FYI’s….for your info. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it is stated that he had children with a granddaughter later on because Eve had left him as well. Not only Lilith leaving him, but Eve leaving him as well; both having been deceived by Satan.

Comment: Sherry, there were 12 apostles not 13. Maybe Paul didn’t write 2 Corinthians.
Sherry: Paul wrote I think 13 books in the New Testament. A nice occultic number for you. 2 Corinthians is one of Paul’s books. What I really think is funny is in Romans when he talks about being circumcised on the 8 day and then you go to Galatians where he is spitting fire saying he would never be circumcised. He is so psychotic.

Comment from a listener: The DC madam’s death was not a suicide.

Sherry: I don’t believe it was. We all know she was suicided by the government. They kind of kill who they want to. I’m not going to get into that tonight through. A lot of people are getting evidence on her death. She was murdered.

Question: Does the word tripping mean anything to you?

Sherry: No. Tripping, no. The show has been a trip tonight.
Just something to keep your eyes on folks. A set up time over the spring and summer. More famine coming. Its been orchestrated, I’ve warned about that. Also Israel. When I look in the codes I see Israel’s destruction. I see a lot of Jericho being bombarded with fallen angels, probably already is. So watch for a pre-emptive strike from Iran against Israel. That’s what I really think could happen, then Israel bombards Syria.

Question from a listener: Is sliver a viable alternative to aluminum or titanium?

Sherry: I would include it with it. I wouldn’t use it instead of aluminum. It’s a pure metal. Just ask the Lord. I don’t change the recipe that He gave me. I know there are some things that can enhance it, silver….there have been people that asked if they could put gold in it….even magnets. They will boost the power of the crystals. If I was going to use those ingredients, I wouldn’t leave out any of the other ingredients, but just add it with them. Just ask the Lord to guide your thoughts on it if you are going to make orgone that way. As you are doing it you will feel Him urging you, leading you one way or another to what you should do.

Just go over Matthew 10 and James 2 because we don’t want to be caught dead in our face doing nothing for the Lord. Faith without works is dead. I know that you will run into some of the biggest government agents online who push that “saved by grace” theology to the max that almost pins people to their couches to do nothing. You just have to say enough is enough. Read James read Matthew and find out what the Lord has to say about these things. Faith without works is dead.

I can’t tell you where my faith would be today had I not gotten off my butt years ago in doing things in blind faith for the Lord. That alone has just increased my faith a thousand fold over the years in seeing how He works and the things He will do. How many other people can drive on to Los Alamos undetected? I drove all over Los Alamos and wasn’t stopped one time. It was 2 o’clock in the morning with a car full of orgone. Its just things like this that the Lord will lead you to do that you will have to most fun with. Those are relationship building experiences and that’s how you get so bold in Him. You’ve been through the ringer with Him so many times that you know that you know that you know that He is there and the things He will do for you and your confidence in Him is built.

That’s how you get boldness. I hear from people all the time that are just amazed at my boldness. I see it all the time in the bible codes, “bravery” and “boldness.” You just get that way from walking with the Lord everyday. It’s not something that somebody can give you, its something that you’ve learned. It’s a relationship building thing that you just get over the years as you are walking with the Lord and acting on faith on things that He tells you to do.

I wasn’t even the one that was supposed to be the one in charge of the orgone on earth in these last days. I wasn’t the one sent here with that responsibility. In fact there was a whole group of us. The Lord has been telling me over the last couple of months that I wasn’t the one sent here to do it. The people who were, defaulted on their calling for the Lord. They turned their backs on the calling. I was the one who stood up and ran with it. The only reason that I stood up and ran with it was because the Lord asked me to do it. All He had to do was ask me.

Apparently the people that were supposed to be working with me during this time just never stood up; they are off doing their own things; off supporting different ministries. We could have had a whole nice set up at this time. We could have had orgone around the world two years ago and already had this phase done. It’s almost like a script. This has to be done before Maitreya arrives. We are almost done; we are almost at that point. We’ve done it in one car garages and working our way through the winter almost freezing to death. A handful of the Lords warriors have joined me in this and people are joining the Faction Four group every week. More and more people standing up doing it. It’s not the way it was planned to be, but we did it with what we had. The job is done and being done now.

A lot of times you well see the term “lottery” because several are chosen and one is called; one wins. They could have a job that needs done and have several names submitted to the Council of Heaven and they will choose one. It’s very interesting and very flattering to see yourself as being considered reliable by the Lord. He can call and ask you do something and you are reliable and get it done. That kind of stuff comes with just faith and building over the years; as you get to know Him and are walking with Him everyday and sitting at His feet.

The Lord doesn’t have favorites; He doesn’t play favorites. All His gifts are open to everybody. Instead of asking Him for material things, ask Him for spiritual things that will build a relationship with Him. How to hear Him better, how to have better discernment, how to have better wisdom. Ask Him what to ask Him. Say, “I don’t know what to ask you for.” And let Him tell you. Stop talking so much and start listening. That’s the biggest problem people have too; they talk too much and don’t stop to listen. Sometimes I’ll just initiate a combo and I’ll just sit there and not say anything. I’ll wait for Him to talk. It’s that small voice in your spirit folks. He doesn’t speak to your head. If you hear a voice in your head, its ELF technology, the church of NORAD, the politicians and military in NORAD pumping the church with false visions and prophecies. Especially the Pentecostal crowd; they love that stuff. The Lord doesn’t speak to your head. "Jesus" doesn’t talk to you. Jesus is Sananda; one of Satan’s ascended masters. One of his generals. If you hear a voice claiming they are Jesus, just rebuke it in the name of Yahushua.

The Son of God’s name is not Jesus. One of the biggest things to get that through peoples heads then they start to see all the false prophecies and visions that they have been following and listening to over the years. These false prophets are listening to and channeling Jesus. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that where people are channeling Jesus. New Ager’s channel Jesus. That’s exactly what that is. Even Christians today and pastors today who said they “heard from Jesus”. They are channeling Jesus. That’s another reason the Lord is leading a lot of His people out of the churches. One of the reasons why is they are not His churches. I’ll get into more of that next week.

Keep your eyes on Benny Hinn. I think this year he is scheduled to be in Israel this September. Benny always seems to know the Satanist agenda. He is Satan’s mouthpiece on earth. There could be some interesting things this year in Israel in September. September being 2009. Interesting times, the months leading up to that as well.

Like I’ve said, stay away from those who are instigating food riots, gas riots or any kind of riots in the streets. They are just CIA agents baiting people to take to the streets so they can start a police state here and martial law. Just seek the Lord before you are going to do anything, folks.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.