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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iran Expects Maitreya Any Day...

I posted an article from Worldnet Daily at

Iran's preparing its people for the coming of their Mahdi, Jesus, and Lady Magdalene. The New Agers call her Lady Magda, the Bible refers to her as Mary Magdalene. Of course the Biblical account and New Age/Illuminati account of who she is/was are two separate stories.

You can see a picture of this beast trio that Iran declares is coming at

I've been warning for years about Maitreya and Jesus/Sananda. I really don't know what the signifcance of this Mary Magdalene is for Lucifer....other than the blasphemy that she's the wife of Jesus/Yahushuah, it has to have some deeper occultic meaning. Does she represent Lilith? Eve? Who and What??

She's always been a part of the New Age babble and you can read more about it at

Will Bush go to war with Iran to prevent/stop Maitreya from arriving? They know a lot more than what they're saying. As usual. And it usually has nothing to do with what they tell the public.

And he (Maitreya) knows I've been broadcasting his arrival for years...and Sananda/Jesus...they both are fully aware of being exposed when they arrive. So perhaps the plan is to take out the big mouths before they get here. Martial law or imprisonment in America for free speech? They've been working towards it. They don't know how else to shut us up when their assassination attempts and harassment doesn't work.

If Bush can't stop Maitreya's arrival the world is going to be plunged into an islamic war. It's more like the beast-Satan factions fighting it out right now over who gets to sit at the top of the sandbox (world government) Islam or Talmudic Zionism.

They're both Satan's religions so he doesn't care. Either one will fulfill his plan of a world government and reduced earth population of 5.5 billion or so.

Maitreya's arrival will come before an outright invasion of "aliens." Who will come first the chicken or the eggs...I don't think the chicken will survive..he's going to die eventually. A lot sooner than he thinks. And when the eggs pop I'll be laughing.

So much to little time.

Yah bless His Warriors

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Satan's Beast Prophets on Earth

I've spent some time hunting down the locations of some of Satan's most notorious beast prophets on earth.

The Plan? To visit these places and put orgone around them. You don't have to get right up to the buildings themselves..just the outside vicinity is good and Yah will lead you where to put them. Now if you can get them inside the building, hidden so the orgone can't be found that would be awesome. That's why I have listed the times of some of these beasts services...if you can get it inside awesome...

If they're doing a conference/crusade you can join in and put orgone at your feet or at your side, or hold it inconspicuous so they can't see it. You can put them under pews, or seats, or wherever Yah leads you to...the orgone will break down the demonic strongholds of the building and throw them into derision. It would be hard to sit there and not laugh. If it can open one person's eyes as to the pure evil agenda of these beasts then we've succeeded.

Some of you may disagree as to the list I'm putting together of Satan's beasts. Ask Yahweh yourself if you don't agree and let Him reveal them to you.

The problem is so many are not listed...but if we target the top dogs you can get idea of who their followers are and go after them on your own...the smaller churches who branch off of the beasts. The same demonic spirits infest them all.

Benny Hinn
World Media Center
41 Columbia Court
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
949-389-3535 for tickets
Upcoming Events :

Rod Parsley
World Harvest Church
4595 Gender Rd
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
(614) 837-1990
Services Sun. 10am

Joel Osteen
Lakewood Church
3700 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77027
former sports arena
Services Wed. 7:30pm
Saturday 7pm
Sunday 11a.m

T. D. Jakes
The Potter's House
6777 W. Kiest Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75236

Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church
14355 Morris Dido Road
Newark, TX 76071
Sunday 8:30, 11:00am
Wednesday 7:00 pm
Directions :

Rick Joyner (Knight of Malta)
Morning Star Fellowship Church
Heritage International Ministries
375 Star Light Drive
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715 (Map)
Phone: (803) 547-9644
They have several church locations throughout North Carolina as well in Charlotte, Boone, Cornelius, Hickory,Wilkesboro, Wilmington, Winston-Salem.. Check their website at
Upcoming Events

Jesse Duplantis
Covenant Church Sanctuary
1973 Ormond Blvd.
Destrehan, LA 70047
Services: Sunday 10am Wednesday 7pm

Rodney Howard-Brown
The River at Tampa Bay Church
3738 River Int'l Drive
Tampa, Florida 33610
Telephone: (813) 971-9999
Services are held:Sunday mornings 8 am & 11 am Sunday nights at 6 pm Tuesdays 7:30 pmThursdays 7:30 pm
Upcoming Tour Events

Oral Roberts
Oral Roberts University
777 South Lewis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74171
Directions to University:
Upcoming Tour Events

Robert Schuller
Crystal Cathedral
12141 Lewis St.
Garden Grove, CA (By Anaheim)
"If you are visiting us during the week, take a few minutes to enjoy a tour around the campus of Crystal Cathedral Ministries. Tours are scheduled from 9 AM till 3:30 PM Monday through Saturday."
Services: Sunday 9:25am and 11:05am Sunday night 6:30pm

Billy Graham
Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove
1 Porters Cove
Asheville, NC 28805
Upcoming Events/Tour
Pat Robertson
Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)
977 Centerville Turnpike
Virginia Beach, VA 23463

James Robison
Life Outreach International : Life Today
1801 W. Euless Blvd. Euless, TX 76040

These are some of the worst of the worst...Satan's mouthpieces on earth.

Beast Prophets.

I will be posting this info at

Some of the most Satanic movements and networks he has on earth right now are within religion itself. New Wave, Apostolic Reformation, Charismatic, anything that has popped up this century and especially over the past 20 years. Most of those sleeping to the deceptions and apostasy in the churches today will twist the Scripture "knowledge will be increased in the last days" to apply to new religious apostasies coming out...they seem to forget the Lord asked, "When I return will there be faith left on the earth?" The earth will be full of evil and religious apostates. As it is now.

They can't take the blinders off their eyes to see 'how we get there' because deception is GOOD...deception BLINDS people from the truth, otherwise it wouldn't be DECEPTION. If people aren't deceived then there is no DECEPTION. People ARE being deceived now by these Beast Prophets by the thousands!! It's their last chance to wake up as Yah uses Faction Four to battle against these beasts!

He has called and we are going to work.

We are Faction Four at Yahweh's Command!

Go Warriors!

Yah bless His Warriors

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Super Bowl or State of The Union?

I took a poll today and seemingly joined the other 87% of Americans who would rather watch the Super Bowl than the State of the Union Address.

At least the Super Bowl is real, unless you know which team has already been rigged to win. At least the commercials are amusing. Why waste time on a State of the Union which is nothing but a stage production that spilleth forth lies and hogwash...At least the Super Bowl isn't so obvious.

Do you think they just ELF and dumb down to death the team while they're on the field that's supposed to lose? Or is it backroom payoffs and blackmail? I think it's both.

Here's some interesting info on Orion Technology and other Secret Projects

I have been busy putting together a battle and target list for Yah's warriors as Yah leads. I should be done with it in a day or two. I already released the first part of it earlier on this blog, Benny Hinn and his Satanic Crusade and listed his schedule for this year. Scroll down the page to see it.

I am also working on a new article the Lord has led me to write...Religion As A Disguised Form of Satanism. I don't know when that will be done...I just write as He gives me the words, thoughts, leading of His Holy I do everything when I write.

I will be on Daniel Ott's show The Edge on February 24th. It will be my 3rd appearance on his show.

This is going to be a busy year. Then again I can't remember the last time I didn't have a busy year. This one seems to be much more fun, actually going after the beasts themselves. Perhaps I'll meet Benny face to face this year. that would be a Telecast!

Perhaps we should do a Cindy Sheehan and start protests outside the studios and church bases of these charlatans.

Right now other than Benny Joel Osteen has the largest rat pack of deceived followers. Osteen's education and training includes one semester at CIA mind control stomping ground Oral Robert's University. He had his first preaching experience a week before his dad died. For those of you who haven't figured it out, he's being "handled." He's not even about religion but self-help psychology in the guise of religion. He doesn't preach salvation as the only way to get to heaven. He wouldn't want to offend anyone...bad for $business$. He's mind controlled and being led around on a leash...perhaps by the same ones who are holding Billy Graham's.

Yes...this is the year to start paying these beasts some personal attention and it will be done in various ways as Yah stands up His Warriors to do exploits and battle against Satan's strongholds on earth.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Go Warriors!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Time To Get Busy...

It's time to tackle some real problems across this country and go to battle against a certain gang of them that are Satan's mouthpieces and "Generals" of his army on earth.

They are so evil and influential they are at the top of Satan's own power structure to help implement the New World Order and prepare the earth for his arrival.

And so this is where the Lord has been leading my attention, it's time to be proactive against the religious demonic strongholds of this nation that are leading thousands into the pit of hell.

The Bible Codes refer to Benny Hinn as Satan's mouthpiece. And he is. He speaks for Satan, works for Satan, and is one of Satan's beasts on earth.

And if you look he even offers a "Signs & Wonders" training class on his website at

What does the Lord say about signs and wonders? And these Christians aren't asking themselves why it's ok for Benny when the Lord denounced such a thing and warned of the last days people who would do such wicked things? Does Benny outweigh the Lord? Of course he them. And these same "Christians" who are as repulsive as they are stupid will flock to Hinn's meetings for a 'sign or wonder.' And Satan will accommodate them. Many of these are our bothers and sisters deceived and drowning in deception and the Lord is reaching out to many of these to wake up!

Hinn is so helpful he even gives a schedule for this year's appearances across the nation and world

Ok so here's where we come in...the Lord's Warriors. I'm calling His Warriors to stand up and battle against this Satanic charade...this Hinn Crusade...and by doing so help open the eyes of the ignorant that attend and finance Benny Hinn meetings to see and learn what the truth is about him.

We are going to go to battle against Satan's stronghold and mouthpiece on earth...Benny Hinn. And if you're reading this and you know who you are in the Lord then this is for you because this is of Him and He is giving us marching orders. This is what He has instructed us to do:

This is the Plan...

Benny Hinn is going to be in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic on January 26-27 with a youth service on January 28, 2007. If you'll notice he offers "Training for Ministry" seminars and anyone can attend these. What he does is call for all those going into the 'ministry' to come forward for special prayer and annointing and as he 'anoints' them he is actually putting demons into them.

The Lord has instructed me (and to tell His people) that we are to attend these meetings with orgone in our pockets, purses, whatever and however, take orgone and sit and pray in these meetings that the Lord withhold His presence from there so that the eyes of His people who are there in attendance will be opened to the truth as to who and what Benny Hinn is.

That's it...just take orgone, place it in front of you on the ground where you are sitting or beside you on the chair or pew and just pray that the Lord withhold His presence and open the eyes of the people that are there. Very simple, very easy.

For the bold and brave try and get as close to the stage as possible, at least the orgone. Get a puck on the stage where it won't be found or under it, or under a chair in the first few rows, Yah will lead you where to put it when you get there.

This orgone is a very effective tool and weapon against when you go to the Hinn meeting don't forget it. I have the instructions on how to make it at you can buy it off the website if you don't want to make it or can't but I encourage you to learn how to make it.

It's financially impossible for me to attend these meetings so I'm counting on my brethren warriors who live in these areas or can get to them to go and do as the Lord has instructed us. I'm going to be able to attend about 2 of them, maybe 3. It's up to all of us folks!! We gotta work together on this for HIM.

Here's a rundown of Benny's schedule for 2007:

January - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
February - Charlotte, N.C. - Nassau, Bahamas, Limassol, Cyprus
March - Seattle, WA - Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Cape Town, S. Africa, Durban, S. Africa
April - Anaheim, CA - Singapore - Taipei, Taiwan - San Antonio, TX
May - Birmingham, England - Kampala, Uganda - Cleveland, OH
June - Cleveland, OH - Auckland, New Zealand - Sydney, Australia - Atlanta, GA
July - Hershey, PA - London, England
August - Toronto, Canada - Grapevine, TX - Dallas, TX - Rotterdam, Netherlands
September - Sofia, Bulgaria - Birmingham, Alabama - San Jose, CA
October - Lima, Peru
November - "Israel - Special Event" it doesn't say on his website what this "special event" is but he's going to be there from Nov. he's planning on something gruesome and ghoulish! As he usually does...
December - Orlando, FL

We need warriors in South Africa specifically that can get to these meetings...and all around this country and world...if you need orgone contact me and don't wait until the last minute because some of these places like S. Africa can take months for the mail to get it there.

For exact dates, times, and locations go to his event calendar at

You don't have to contact me ahead of time to let me know you're going, Yah may not want you to, but definately contact me afterwards and let me know how his meeting went I'd love to hear the feedback.

Let's do it folks! Plan now to attend what you can. You can get tickets off his website and I believe it's free to attend but you'll need tickets/reservations or wait in a long line when you get there.

I'm excited!

We've got marching orders folks...let's get busy.

Yah Bless His Warriors,

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Whose Running Our Military Anyway....

Keep your eyes on the sky.

I recently was reminded of conversations I had with some people who live down in the New Orleans area and who we're trying to clean up and rebuild after Katrina. I had sent a lot of orgone down there after hearing of the "evil helicopters" that were causing a raucus with family dogs/pets.

Also a long time supporter of my ministry who lives in Boston. I had sent alot of orgone to Boston during the flooding last year and it saved her area from being flooded. She has claimed for the past 2 years of being harassed by helicopters.

Now being harassed by helicopters is nothing new to the Patriot or Christian least those who are a threat to the evil agenda of the NWO. The black helicopters, the obnoxious loud ones, I've described several types on this blog before that I've seen in my own area.

I guess we need to be paying more attention as to WHAT is flying these helicopters.

I remember telling the people in NO that if the dogs were going nuts when helicopters came around it had to be evil beings flying them. Dogs hate them. And other than just the typical military harassment most of us have experienced with helicopters my friend in Boston is adamant that the ones harassing her "are not human." She is a former teacher in the Boston area.

The Lord has told me they are in our skies and this is exactly what He meant. I don't know why the events after Katrina had slipped my mind at the time He said it. But it was all brought back to my mind recently.

I had a vivid look at a "pilot" flying a helicopter with a human in a vision last week and this pilot was NOT human. It was the ugliest thing from hell I've ever seen. It wasn't even an alien, just some type of being I have never seen before except perhaps it's drawn in a comic book somewhere. It was a short skeletal looking being with a black hat and black eyes with the whole area around it's eyes blackened. White pasty skin that basically looked like a skeleton or costume of some kind, perhaps a uniform. Their eyes are not like the greys who wear black lenses over their eyes so people describe them as having big eyes when they are just lenses to cover their real demonic beaty eyes. It looked like black makeup surrounding their eyes, for a way to describe a raccoons eyes.

What I saw was grosser than an alien and other than something from hell I don't know what to call it.

Yah said the locusts are coming, and they're already here to an extent, but I think this will be a big wake up year for most people. As we weaken their forces and their ability to hide their presence will come to light. They can't hide anymore. And the fact that their numbers are growing in sheer size means more and more people will see them.

No they don't just fly UFOs, they fly our military craft as well. Especially when they are working in this dimension and not typically just spying on it. And they are going to start dominating this dimension visibly more and more. The foolish men who thought they had the 'aliens' under control are now going to see 'they' are the ones who are under the control of the aliens. They played a dangerous cat and mouse game with the fallen angels and they've lost. They were foolish to think they could win, but you can't tell them anything. They've been played as puppets and pawns since Eisenhower made the first unholy alliance with them in the 1930s. It was the beginning of our assured destruction by those who were supposed to protect us.

The Capricorn is a huge UFO spaceship that often hovers around Salt Lake City typically and over the western states out that way. Sananda's home base. When these humanoid Giants come to earth claiming they are from heaven and appear as an angelic host they're just taking a trip down from their space ships and home bases. They have them everywhere in the skies over earth. I have a site at that exposes some of their coming charades.

Hillary Clinton will throw her hat in the election of 2008. From what I have seen in the Bible Codes she will win and have this entire country in war on our own soil and in martial law by 2009.

In 2003 I spoke of Hillary being at the helm when this country went into martial law. It's falling into place.

You never know which route is going to be taken until they take it from the options available. At least I've seen this one already and know where it leads.

The times are getting interesting....

Yah bless His Warrriors

Thursday, January 18, 2007

And The Band Played On...

There's much to happen before the ultimate vengeance of The Most High is poured onto this country.

The abominations taking place in the secret places are going to come to light. Daylight. What is hidden will become a part of society and people will have to see for themselves what the things people like me have been saying all along and that they are true.

Most people prefer to live in denial. Or they want me to prove to them what I say is true. Why should I waste my time on the deaf and dumb. I refuse to. I no longer even answer that many emails. If I hear from Yah's people that's one thing, but the church goers who happen to stumble on truth and then refuse to read anything and just want to ask a million questions I am not spending my time on anymore. Grab a cup of coffee and spend some time reading my articles at I don't have the time to hand hold and babysit, there's much work to be done and I'm quite busy working with the Lord's real people who are busy for Him and preparing for the coming times and I'm not going to get my energy drained by those who think they are 'all that' and are now discovering they aren't as smart and religious as they thought they were. Yes it's time to wake up and the time to learn is almost over, trying to merely survive hangs around the corner for most.

There's such a huge difference between those who are truly Yah's and those who are just in the army of lip service. Hearers and Doers are rare, it's these people that are family to me. Most of these are about to stand up and become real warriors for the Lord, those who aren't already. There's so many of Yah's people who have been in the wilderness with Him just learning who they are in Him and why they are here to begin with, these are ready to move forward and stand up for Him in these coming times. These have been at His feet, now He'll go before them and lead them into battle where many of their brothers and sisters are. The door is still open for those who want to walk through it to Him and rededicate their lives to Him and His service, or simply join with Him and begin a walk with Him. But the door of opportunity to lay treasures in heaven is closing for many. Many have wasted their time and now many will lose their lives without ever having taken the time to reap rewards with Him in eternity. They just keep giving their money and time to Satan's beast prophets and never stop to ask the Lord Himself if they should. They take it for foolish granted that people who quote the Bible "must be His."

I have seen alien/demonic beings flying helicopters alongside humans in spirit visions. The invasion is coming. A silent invasion has already been taking place for years and now it's going to go from covert to overt.

Our government and military for years has established and honored pacts and treaties with aliens/fallen angels for many, many years. They've built them underground palaces and have catered to them hand and foot. These same who entered into unholy alliances with these fallen angels and Satan himself have been destroyed and controlled by them. Most have been soul scalped and now serve Satan as prisoners to him. And those who willingly serve him find themselves in complete fear of death and the judgment from the Lord they know is coming. They traded their souls for money, fame, wealth, and position, and now they live in complete fear of accountability to the Lord.

The locusts are coming...

The term locusts is a symbollic term for aliens/fallen angels and perhaps even demons themselves.

They will rule over mankind. Humans will be subject to them. As most in our government and top military positions already are. They will use the government and military of America to enslave the American people. They will torture and abuse them, injure and kill them.

The FEMA camps will be run by them as they were built FOR THEM so they could ENSLAVE and IMPRISON humans. Our government will simply hand them the keys. Our government is ONE with THEM.

Wake up people...

The "United Alien Nations" is coming upon us...

By the time America the Babylon see's its final end this country will be one huge abomination (much moreso than it is now, we haven't seen anything yet). Tens of millions of Americans will have been murdered and slaughtered. The end of Babylon is Yah's vengeance and judgement to those who destroyed it, enslaved it, and made the people here victims of their takeover.

Yes Yah will save and protect some of His people but not all...many are destined to die as part of their calling as warriors and yet many will die because of their own ignorance thus the "souls under the altar" of the 5th Seal.

I ache at what I know and what I've seen is coming...much hardship at first which will lead like a snowball affect into much worse things.

If your strength and faith is in the Lord then you're going to be ok. Just keep seeking Him in all things so He can lead you. In these days, that's all that matters the most.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The End of America

Hundreds of thousands without electric in the east, barraging snowstorms in the west, and people often ask me where the safest place to live is.

I often wondered that myself but I've seen the picture of the end for America and I'm real hesitant to say or write a thing about it, but I feel led to, so those with ears can see what's ahead and the naysayers can stick their heads back in the sand...I don't care what they do.

As I've said there's much destruction ahead. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, wars, famine, plagues, diseases...the destruction of America so the NWO can rise. It is the last part of their plan and they've already been working on it for years to destroy America. The secret societies who run our government work in cohoots with Lucifer and his plan of a New World Order. President Bush and former president Clinton and the last umpteen presidents have also been aligned with this end goal of destroying America so the NWO could rise. Acting as patriotic Americans these scoundral and scandalous politicians that have dominated Washington DC the past 30 years have all been working on a master blueprint together on building and establishing the NWO. It shouldn't surprise you that the destruction of America itself is the last part of their plan. And they themselves may be in for a big surprise because Yah is going to see to it that America is indeed destroyed. Perhaps not the utter and complete destruction the Satanists had in mind, but that's exactly what's going to happen.

The Satanists who run our government and federal agencies and the unwitting pawns who carry out their plans are all part of the plan to bring America under control of Lucifer himself. The plan is to divide America up into 10 regions, and another calls for the total alignment of all of North America together as one region. Eventually the strife and civil war this causes amongst the patriotic Americans and the coming weather disasters will lead to martial law and the imprisonment and death of millions of Americans and Christians. They will be gathered up and ultimately taken to their final destination of death by incineration and beheadings. The plan for now is that these people will be incinerated and so our government has built underground incineration facilities to haul people to them via trains they have built with shackles in them as human carriers to the incinerators. Many of the coming weather disasters are man-made for the very purpose of causing death and destruction and the implementation of martial law. I think the reason this plan of incineration will eventually be pushed aside and switched to beheadings is because they will need the bodies of the murdered people to eat to survive on. By this time the coming famine will be bad throughout the country and the world...and humans will become food.

This gross abomination of eating the flesh of humans and the slaughter of Yehovah's people will bring the final and complete wrath of Yehovah onto America.

Tens of millions of Americans will be killed and die in the coming destructions and the war to exterminate the Saints of Yehovah.

It won't be the same country that it once was, the Satanists who rule behind the scenes won't be hiding who they are anymore...Obama, George, Hillary, they're all snakes from hell who worship THE SNAKE.

Once the martial law starts here it will never stop, the population extermination program will begin on a broader and more bold scale. They had some practice with New Orleans because there's still thousands of adults missing who were taken off on buses....never to be heard from again and the media blackout on what really goes on continues. And there's not much of a blimp in the media about it if any.

The safest states to be in before the total and complete destruction of America are South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas (center to eastern parts of the states). And western parts of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

I had a vision and I saw 90% of America being drowned by water, coming in all directions, everywhere. There was only a strip of land left and I believe it's the states I've listed. I'm not 100% sure but that's the closest I can remember from looking at a map of the USA to what I saw.

Everything else is gone. Canada is gone although parts of Alaska are left. Mexico is gone. Paraquay seems to become a safe haven for people who survive the coming devestation. In my dream/vision Paraquay and Brazil were ok.

This dream/vision affected me for days. I didn't even want to write about it but feel compelled to do so. Perhaps because so many have asked me where are the safest places to go to or where should they head to and perhaps that's why Yah showed me what is eventually coming to America. All I know is that it was the very end of "America" and it takes everyone by complete surprise. No one expects it or sees it coming. The Great Lakes dump their water on surrounding states, the Pacific, the Atlantic, almost every state is destroyed but 7.

It just makes me ache.

There will be no warning. The water will come upon people unexpectedly and as they see these huge Tsunami waves coming towards them there will be nothing they can do. These waves will crush everything in their path. And it won't just come from the east but the west and the north. To me it seems like it happens all at once and literally gives meaning to a literal "America being destroyed in one hour." America drowns.

I was shown the end of America. There is still much to happen here as far as misery, suffering, and death before it comes.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Don't Panic, Just Prepare

Ok so Kansas time is over. We had the past two years to prepare for what's ahead. If you've been listening at all to me or allowing Yah to lead you then you know full well that things ahead are going to crash sooner or later into our reality.

I always get real hesitant about trying to put linear time on anything because the Lord doesn't live in our linear time and when He warns us or tells us to do something at one particular time, it could be another 2 years before what He said comes to relevance. He always gives His people time to prepare and plenty of warning ahead of time. And what may be a warning for one area or nation may not be for another one. You have to take what you hear and read and ask Him directly if it applies to you.

Don't take it for granted that America is the "Great Satan" and her judgment is coming (and not yours) because judgment is coming everywhere..when America goes down, the bread basket of the world goes down and the rest of the nations will suffer as well. Not to mention out-of-control weather will be global and affecting all nations.

The Lord said the locusts are coming in 2007. What or who are the locusts? The fallen angels, the "aliens."

An alien invasion in 2007? It will start in the east first. Jesus Christ...Maitreya...the arab Imam...They won't come as aliens but 'angelic hosts' from heaven. One country's messiah will be another's heretic. This is going to be more interesting than I think they even imagine it will be.

Destruction is coming...

Planet X, the changing of the sun and moon and their paths..are they changing or is the earth changing itself...are they out of alignment or is it the earth...don't always listen to the 'experts' expect the opposite of what they say to be true. That's how they speak, in opposites.

The earth itself as a planet is rebelling against Lucifer. The 'moaning and groaning' in other words the roar of the waves and drastic upheavals of weather and earthquakes aren't always the result of weather control weapons to purposely cause destruction but at times and much more to be..the earth itself disgusted and sick of Lucifer's presence and the increasing arrival of his minions on earth.

As his time approaches the catastrophies are going to get worse and worse and more common...and not just with the earth and weather, but the increasing and massive deaths of the people on the earth. Satan is at war with mankind. He comes as a man of peace but he's really a man of war...remember think opposites..because that's how they think and speak.

Death, death, death. "Terrorism", war, plagues, diseases, poisoned water and food supplies, bio chemical attacks against the populations of the earth in the form of vaccinations, cures, and the foods we eat. It's everywhere, coming from everywhere, and going to escalate to more and more and more.

If the media doesn't report an event does it mean it didn't happen? Of course not, but that's how most people think. If they don't hear about it it must not be happening. The media isn't reporting anything of real value because they are IN ON IT folks. They hide what needs to be hid to keep the public in the dark about real things going on so the agenda can operate without public interference. They don't want your opinions and soon enough those who have them and are vocal about them are going to find themselves victims of the end of free speech and in jail for voicing them.

One thing I remember seeing in the Bible Codes a few years ago was the fact that the people of this country are going to rise up in anger over the imprisonment and death of simple patriots and leaders...vocal big mouths perhaps. It's going to spark anger in this country and they will riot and there will be uproars against it. So it's coming folks. Perhaps that is what sparks martial law in this country and not obvious terrorist attacks themselves...after all the death of free speech and those who exercise it IS a terrorist attack.

I'm not saying the Russians aren't hiding behind the corner with suitcase nukes and our own government isn't sitting behind the buttons to launch our own missiles against our own cities to make it appear we're under foreign attack...because I've seen those too in spirit and in the codes...but like I just said earlier, we got stuff coming from everywhere...from every matter which road we take the end of it leads to destruction and an end of life as we know it and is that such a bad thing? We know the end..the wicked are removed from the earth and destroyed. Three cheers for justice.

I don't say these things or anything to cause anyone to panic, but encourage Yah's people to look ahead with preparation, bravery and boldness in the face of death and destruction and to stand up for who and what you are in HIM with pride and boldness. We know the tribulation period is upon us...

Do what you can while you can.

Yah bless His people,

Yah bless His Warriors

Monday, January 01, 2007



I have known for a while now that 2007 will be a rough year for many. It's like a deep forboding feeling and ache that wasn't going away. And it doesn't help when the Lord confirms that this year will be one of suffering and torment for many. But that's the way it's going to be.

Every year I bring in the year with Yah and He gives me a word for the year ahead. It's always been our time and I've always looked forward to it.

I'm not going to post everything He revealed to me but I will post most of it. I'm simply taking out some of the things He said personally towards me and in regards to me and I'll reveal the rest.

What the Lord revealed to me in regards to 2007.

"It is almost time for another new year, last year everything I told you would come to pass, came to pass. You are the one I speak to child and the others are under severe delusion, most of those who call Me by My Name, and some (names) that aren't (mine), are under delusion.

My child I have stood you up to speak to the nations and lead My people to war against Satan and his kingdom. His kingdom is ready to rise and many things will happen this year that will be as a result of judgment on them, but they will continue with their wicked ways and plans.

I have led many people to you to open your eyes and help you see the world as it really is..some are mine, some weren't, but I have opened your eyes so you can see the full picture of what envelopes and covers this world and how the wicked operate throughout it.

I have shown you many, many things and have opened doors for you to enter and see through.
I told you 2006 was another year to prepare, 2007 will be much worse, moreso than most have ever seen or would expect.

I know you expect this, it is I leading your thoughts and guiding you child. There will be much suffering and death. Their timetable is not mine, and they will be in derision as they will have to speed up their plans as I force My hand upon them.

Don't pity their demise, they are all evil and partake at Satan's table with him. I will destroy them and bring down their kingdoms on earth, money, entertainment, sorceries, witchcrafts, the banking and economies, people everywhere will begin to see a shaking of my anger and judgment over their countries and nations..even those who think they are My own will fail to see My hand in it, but blame others.

A year of suffering and torment for many people child.

I have molded and shaped you into a soldier for Me child, and you persistently seek Me on it, there are so few like you child, I have told you many times that and I mean it. Many are trying to get in to tear you down child and I know you are hesitant about all of them, I will give you peace for those who are of Me and for those who are not you will not have peace.

...Martial Law is coming to selected areas throughout the country, it is a beginning of what they have planned to begin in full force later. A year of famine will begin and get much worse as time goes on.

Do as I lead, I am sending many to you to help in the war against evil. I will bring you to the throne in 2007 and teach you directly Myself what is to come. I know you are exhausted child and time is short, which is why I will come to you Myself. I have withdrawn My presence over the past several weeks, and you quickly noticed that. It is My way of continuing to teach you child what is Me and what isn't. You have done well child, in all the areas I have led you and taught you. We are one child..and you are an extension of Me as I move through My people to lead and teach them.

The weather will be a destructive force this year, rainy, hot and barren, much destruction caused through Satan's war on mankind and it will escalate and get worse. Civil war will break out in many areas and troops will be moved everywhere to begin to take control of the masses.

Many will be led to their deaths through hunger, plagues, famine, sickness and disease. the locusts are coming child, and those who are preparing their way are not expecting what you have in store for them, it will be quite funny for us all child to watch their embarrassment and demise. You and My others have worked hard for this and it will be rewarding child.

Your strength and your faith in Me has been rewarding and a strength to many others have helped many..

For many my warnings to prepare will be too late for them because they didn't listen. for others My hand is still upon them..

As I taught you over the past year, there is great joy in tribulation, I showed you that to teach you many things child, for many in the times that are coming their tribulations will lead to their deaths because they never walked in Me child..

The time is coming when the warning and talking and ministering is over and the events just begin and are happening and there's nothing left to do but to teach them to look to ME for their salvation and hope because there is nothing else child, and for many, they will have nothing left to keep them from Me.

A time of tribulation and woe for many child, but My mercy and grace will reach out to many of them so they don't die lost without Me.

As hell expands the earth will tremble in fear...many of the disasters caused child are not from the outside of the earth but from the inside, and they don't and won't tell the people this because they don't want them to fear, but it is the very reason they seek to expand into space and get off of the earth child because they know it is a matter of time when earth will completely self destruct within itself, from inside the earth to the outside.

As Satan's presence dominates earth the earth will rebel, the closer he gets to power, the more destruction,

I love you child, fear not at the coming events, you have been told about all that will come to pass child that you need to know for now, My hand is upon all things and I will be alongside you child when things begin to pass....

I know your heart aches for the many who will die in the coming year, My spirit will draw mine to Me child and they can accept Me or reject Me. And I will send My own to many others to hear of Me and accept Me child. I know they are fighting against you with mental assaults and mind attacks but know I am with you child and right beside you and don't fret to come to Me child, I don't hold you accountable for their attacks against you. I love you and I know they cannot win against you child..we are One, and they seek to destroy that but they can't, what's done is done and sealed. You are sealed in me child and they will soon learn that themselves and see their own destruction they were trying hard to prevent.

I will continue to teach you child and open your eyes..know this child that you are sealed in Me and soon will be sealed to lead my army visibly before all. I love you.

Yes child millions will die this year, life is changing as the world knew it, their lives were not as they thought they were, I am shaking things up..I warned them and now My anger is against many.

The time is now child for many things to come to the front. I am forcing their hand, I am ready and I'm confident in you child to fulfill what it is you are to finish. I have prepared you child. I know you are confident and unwavering in Me. I know the end child, stay in me and it will be finished."