The Watcher Files

Monday, October 31, 2005

I took the weekend off. Imagine that.

Ramon Watkins, playing the role of a UFO caller recently caused a stir by claiming only black people were allowed to attend his UFO callings. Only black people are allowed to be part of his 'group.' And so some white people were throwing a fit. They should be thanking him. They don't get it, that his job is to build a "black bride." Not a interracial one, a black bride. The aliens want a black bride to store in their meat lockers for now, and so that's his collect them for harvesting.

Still waiting to see if he manages somehow to get his bride overseas to Ethiopia. You gotta wonder why they're even playing the black card. I guess because they can.

The agencies are really trumping up the race cards lately aren't they? They want that civil war between blacks and whites. It's been on the drawing boards for years.

And while the country goes to sleep with "we might arrest bush" entertainment, he's securing 150,000 NATO troops to come here (November-January) and patrol quarantined areas and enforce vaccinations, if they can pull that card off.

The whole indictment sham sounds like a huge distraction to me.

As Roosevelt said, nothing happens in politics that hasn't been planned.

Everything that happens is just playing off a script. None of this has been unexpected, or is a surprise, to the players involved. Just another day at the office playing a script. But their hoping the drama keeps the masses amused so they're not paying attention to what's really happening behind the scenes.

Some think we're going to war in Iran in December. I think more along the lines, they'll be firing missiles here instead.

An interesting twist coming out of the Alien Agenda...remember they're the ones who are always framing the issues. In other words when it comes to much of anything, especially politics, present two sides and control both of them. Or how about two Antichrists?

Let's say Maitreya comes as the "Great World Teacher" Ascended Master poobah and people don't like him because he quickly shows himself as the intolerant psychopath he is who likes to kill people..(bad cop, bad Messiah) so then they present "the loving Messiah" as in Sananda, who comes in playing good cop, good teacher, good Messiah, and they tout Maitreya as the false one (but you can still believe him and follow him) and then bring in Sananda as the real one..follow other words they present 2 choices, one they know most will reject but the other half will like, and vice versa. As long as they can get you to accept one of them, the controllers behind the scenes win the game. They'll get your soul.

They could, will, perhaps, use two "Messiah's" to work against each other and divide public opinion and the world..with the masses of the world dumb enough to think even one of them is actually legitimate. And there's no 3rd you either accept Maitreya or Sananda as God.

Well who says there's no third option? Them? Who cares what they say?

There's always the third option....the TRUTH..and naturally they don't want you to see that for yourself, or figure it out. And those who do, will become the targets of martyrdom and persecution.

The Arabs will like Maitreya and the church crowd will like Jesus-Sananda. And so those two will be left to fight it out in a game to get the whole world embroiled in their mass deceptions.

Meanwhile the smart people, those who really love the Lord, will be preparing for the coming holocaust against them that's on its way.

Is this going to come down anytime soon? I think we have till next year, or 2007. I don't know when Maitreya will make his entrance, but Sananda will most likely be in a September.

Seems like Maitreya comes and goes. He shows up in obscure places every once in a while to try and drum up support and media attention for his arrival, but then when he doesn't get much more than a blurb he goes away.

Maybe that's the trick to all the madness, ignore them all.

They want us as a civilization to invite them here. I say we just keep ignoring them. No limelight, no tv interviews, no tv cameras, just silence.

Silence from the masses. Outright rejection of any and all of the freaks planning on coming here.

Now there's a real plan.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I had a disturbing vision the other night. So much so, I couldn't even talk about it till early this a.m.

I saw a huge black commercial oven.

There was someone (or something) standing in front of the oven, I saw the door open and he pulled out a huge tray. Inside the tray was a huge layer of rice. And laying on top of the rice were three babies in a row.

They had been cooked till they were red. The Lord told me they had been cooked alive and died of suffocation from the heat of the stove.

The second time I saw the exact same scene, I saw that person or whoever it was take a baby out of the center of the tray and put the tray back in the oven.

They are kidnapping or breeding human babies so they (the aliens) can eat them. Perhaps this is why so many people are being held in their underground bases as prisoners. To be used as breeders.

I don't know why the Lord showed me this. But I think He's tired of their abominations and He's going to, or getting ready to put a stop to it.


Aluminum deflects ELF waves. Orgone deflects Chemtrails. Mirrors deflect lazers.

I'm still waiting for what seems to be the to escape a neutron bomb attack.

Future wars, especially here, will feature Neutron bombs. Neutron bombs will instantly disintegrate anything alive while leaving buildings, homes, and infrastructure intact.

Just imagine if they get the know-how to put this type of weapon inside a rifle, or hand-held type weapons instead of being used inside bombs or space weapons.

I'm wondering if some type of heat reflectors/deflectors would work to keep people from being affected by a neutron blast.

Right now the only thing I know that would prevent someone from disintegrating is having the Seal of God in their forehead. And not the phony one's claiming he's God.


Sananda will come claiming he's the Jesus of the Bible. He will be very tall and look like the pictures of Jesus we have seen.

Israel is all messed up.

They never could get it straight that their prophets foretold of one Messiah, fulfilling two roles in two separate comings.

The first time when the real Jesus (Joshua, Yahushua), the real Messiah came, they expected a Warrior Messiah so rejected Him because He was fulfilling the peace and suffering role. He died for the sins of mankind. The second time He comes He will be fulfilling the warrior and judgment role. And they will reject Him because now they expect Him to fulfill the peace and suffering role.

Sananda will come in peace to establish "his father's kingdom on earth." This is a lie. Yet the Jews will accept Him as their Messiah. His right-hand man will have legislation passed that forces the world to worship the image (of Sananda or this new kingdom) and accept His mark, number, or name on their right hand or forehead to join in this new heavenly kingdom forming on earth. Not just the Jews, but Many people will be deceived.

Satan comes first to establish his 'kingdom' on earth. He will use Sananda. Don't be deceived by the charades coming. They will attempt to fulfill Biblical prophecy but don't believe them.

When the real Lord returns He is not coming to establish His kingdom here and peace on the earth, He is going to destroy all the wicked off the earth and that includes this Sananda. The real Lord is not coming in a parade of "heavenly" angelic beings and UFOs like Sananda will, He's coming with tens of thousands of His Saints.

The deceptions coming are going to be good.

Real good.


I've been trying to figure out exactly what the effect is suppose to be from getting hit with their Particle Beam Rifle.

Besides being sore, and sometimes itchy but too painful to scratch, what the heck is it suppose to do other than eventually go away? I've had it over a month. Am I full of radiation now? Am I suppose to drop over dead? What? I don't get the purpose of it. Am I suppose to be intimidated? Is that it? For a while it did bother me to sit here at the computer and work but so what I'll stand up and type to get work done if I have to. What's the point? I'm missing it.

You can imagine my laughter when I saw in the codes the other day when I was working on a code for Particle Rifle the words Sherry-buttocks-blubber-blunted. It got me right at the top of the leg right under my butt, I was amused.

I had been sent a warning that my name was in the code and I would be targeted and hit by the rifle, the person didn't know I already had been hit so the warning was too late. But it's in the code. And so is the warning of the arrival of Sananda.

Could be sooner than most think.

Just be prepared either way if you see him arrive then you know he's one of the beasts prophesied in Revelation 13 and we ARE GOING IN the last half of the tribulation period.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cleansing the earth, a re-birthing of the Earth, the coming 3 days of darkness...

These are dominant phrases coming out of the New Age camp and channeled Alien agenda that they promote through their teachings and writings.

But don't be fooled by their deceit.

What they really mean is that they are going to bombard the Earth with Particle Beam Space Weapons for 3 days. Those who die, which will be in the billions..will have been effectively cleansed from the Earth. The 3 days of darkness is naturally caused by all the smoke from their war on Earth.

Anyone caught outside during this time will die from the radiation.

Naturally this could be a false flag scare tactic as well, I mean think about it, if billions of people literally lock themselves up in their homes for 3 days just as many would die of suffocation.

And on a funnier note, don't those in underground bases rely on air from above ground to survive? So if all the air is contaminated, who would survive?

I can't find this coming alleged incident anywhere in Bible prophecy. Maybe I've overlooked something, but I don't see it prophesied. Doesn't mean it won't happen to some degree, it's just not a guaranteed event coming that they keep claiming it is.

Space weapons. The real threat of the future.

What to do about them? I don't have all the answers yet, but 2 things come to mind.

First, for America's part, space satellites and low-earth orbiting weapons would be run out of NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, and there's another facility out there now that was built as well, I think it's on that Fort Carson base or under it I should say in Colorado. They can't survive in underground bases without air. Find their air's a thought. It's somewhere out there..either way, Russia is the one that dominates space and they've had weapons in position for the past decade or so to completely annihilate the USA.

Second, mirrors. Area 51 is protected by mirrors positioned in front of magnets from space weapons in some kind of triangle format. Would $20 mirrors deflect their billion dollar $$ space weapons away from your home? They might folks....they might.

Put mirrors in a triangle format around your home. One in the center at the front, 2 in the back one at each corner with the mirrors facing toward the's a thought..

I will be seeking the Lord on how to combat space weapons, but that mirror thing has been on my mind for the past year already..and it's starting to feel like it's time to speak up about it.

Perhaps putting a mirror on each side of your home, that way it deflects rays coming from any direction..I don't know why the triangle thing, I just know that's what Area 51 has.

I always find it amusing when you can find things that cost a few $bucks that can effectively be used against $ billion dollar projects or weapons.

I'm sure the discreditors will come out of the woodwork to discredit what I've said. Well it hasn't stopped Yah's army and the orgone network I've built, and it won't this either. Those with eyes can see and those with ears for Yahweh can hear. If it is the way it is the way. Those who can be led by Him will know it and recognize it is of Him no matter what discreditors do or say.

Maybe by placing strong magnets behind the mirrors it helps amplify the deflection. Perhaps send the rays back to them even, now that would be funny, a few directed beams at a 'wrong location' and those beams could be returned to destroy the satellite itself. That WOULD be funny.

I need to seek Him more on this..till then folks, have a blessed day in Him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The unintelligent agencies have a new toy they're getting bolder with.

I've mentioned the fact that there are particle beam weapons in space. That these weapons can annihilate entire countries and cities from space. They've already been used, the Columbia and Challenger were practice and targets of the ongoing behind the scenes 'invisible' war between the Russians and the Soviet-American-Bolshevik faction of the New World Order that's taken up residence in the Treason House in the District of Criminals.

In the visible war here on America the Russians will use them to completely annihilate our Air Force. Planes won't even get off the ground. And the ones that do, will be destroyed before they get 50 feet off the ground. The Russians dominate space weaponry. The USA can merely try to mimick what the Russians already have.

And that's what they've done.

They've taken the space particle beam weapon technology and assimilated it into modern weaponry, such as rifles. What we now have and can call Particle Beam Rifles.


Now they can assassinate pesty civilians without an actual bullet that screams murder.

And they've been seen with these rifles trying to shoot people with them.

A friend of mine was almost a victim of their brazen technology. And from the description of the result, a huge, painful sore or blister that wouldn't go away. I have possibly been hit with the same type of weapon already myself. I've had that same type of sore/blister that he described on the back of my leg for a month now. It's just now finally started to go away since I started putting rubbing alcohol on it.

These low-energy particle beam rifles are suppose to hit you in the head, penetrate the skull, and cause a headache. Lucky for me he was a bad shot. LOL. The unaware victim then eventually goes to bed and never wakes up. No bullet, no mess, no visible sign of being hit with anything. If strong enough, they could probably decapitate someone as well from a distance. They can decapitate or hit anyone from as far as a mile away.

A mindless crime.

Ok, some of you won't think that's funny. But their list on "how we can kill civilians" is getting lengthy. They've got more weapons than we can see coming. By the time we figure out what they're up to, they probably have new ones.

Earlier in the year I posted at site about their sniper rifle that can shoot chips into people. You would feel a small sting, or think you got bit by a mosquito when in reality you were just shot with a chip and implanted by it. They can shoot you anywhere, even as you shop at Walmart. With the microwave particle beam rifle they can shoot invisible rays at you and you would never suspect being hit with it. You may or may not hear a large cracking sound, but no evidence of it being from a gun. And since they can hit you from as far as a mile away, most likely you wouldn't hear anything at all.

I've had threats that I will be "going home" by Christmas, ooooooooooo a threat to send me home to be with the Most High. LOL.

They're such morons.

Bring it on, cowards.

Bush's death must be close. I've always seen in the codes, and it's dominate, that my death would be around the same time as his. I have another assignment to go prepare for so I can come back here and literally kick Satanic and Alien butts all over earth. Literally. It will be much more fun than just fighting them over a keyboard and indirectly leading an army to place orgone all over the world to make your existance here as miserable as possible.

I don't fear you. Never have, never will. I have crushed many of your generals without so much as raising my voice. Yes they are big and intimidating looking, but the Most High, and those who are His, have more power in their toe nails than they or you will ever have.

And so the war goes on. Visible, invisible,

May the Most High be exalted.

In All Things.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Is the corruption over?

If indictments are handed down against Bush and Cheney does the madness stop?


It's just beginning.

To think I was getting tired of having to spend so much time warning about the Aliens and NESARA and the Beast's Agenda. I've heard every name a person can be called. I've read every insult you can possibly type. And here it comes, exactly as I've forewarned.

That should give you a start on what's happening and why. The Omegans are going to take over as they get ready for Phase 2 of 3 of what I describe as a 3 step process of the last days and tribulation period.

Naturally the fiascos in Washington could be dredged out over the next year, or they could happen abruptly. If you've been reading my writings over the past several years then you're well prepared well above everyone else on the things to come. If not, start catching up with this blogger's archives and my articles at

When Bush & Cheney are ousted, an interim gov will take their place until "real elections" can be held..

Real elections will never be held...Satan's people will step in and take over.

An amusing thought, since they stole the election from Al Gore to begin with, will they give it back to him?


Neutron Particle Beam Weapons.

Don't think they exist? Think again.

The Neutron Bomb is the preferred weapon of choice. It can disintegrate a human in a matter of seconds and leave infrastructure intact.

Will they ever be used? Zechariah and the other prophets say so. Most people think it will only be used on the armies who gather to fight against the Second Coming of Christ and the Battle of Armageddon. But the reality is, there's big plans for them.

I've always said it is the Russians who dominate and have superiority in space. People laugh because they buy the conditioning our media portrays of Russia. You won't be laughing when you see the skin melting off your skin.

They can change their plans and the cards they're playing to try and make the Lord's Prophets and Watchmen look like fools but I'm way ahead of them. I know how they play, so who is ahead of whom? They can change events as much as they want to, but the overall plan(s) remain the same and I know what those are.

Amusing, Cutting Edge came out with an article about the Antichrist, Aliens and UFOs. How many will fall in their tracks now and start to believe it when I've been talking about it for years already? Does it have some kind of credibility now because someone else is starting to talk about it?

The same ones who have been calling me a nutcase for years are now starting to write about the same things I've been saying for years.

Well the good thing is, when they (the remnant) finally begin to "get it" and wake job is over.


I get so sick of hearing about how Islam is a peaceful religion from the Moslems themselves, naturally. I would believe it and castigate our government as pushing false propaganda that they are violent and hate mongerers and bashing innocent people if I didn't see so much of it myself. Granted, I've come in little contact with Moslems, but those who I have, are full of hate.

I've never seen anything else from them. Every email I've ever received from them has been full of hate and violence. Is there any doubt that when a religion resorts to this level it is of Satan and not the Lord?

I hate religion. It's always man's excuse to behave the way they do, or want to. Want to commit murder? War? Rape? Rob? Pillage? Plunder? Create a religion such as Islam or Bushism and say it's of God that you do such things. Isn't that what's always been done in His Name?


Is the ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia? No.

That's another game for the public to buy into. Don't buy it.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Florida here it comes..

I warned during September that another hurricane would hit Florida at the end of October and perhaps be the one that completely destroys it from central to the southern half. It should make Katrina look like an amateur.

And I've talked to several people there who confirmed it saying the Lord had warned them to leave those areas..and that was in September. So here it's coming folks..I pray those of His are listening and leaving those areas.

I really don't know if this will be 'the one' but if the Lord is even directing His people to leave then He's trying to protect them from coming certain death/destruction.

You have to wonder how long the Keys will be able to withstand the pounding of hurricanes.

People need to get off small islands everywhere.

With the massive plate shifts coming, entire islands are going to disappear over night. This year, next year, massive destructions happening and coming even more extreme.


Does God fly in a UFO? I still haven't seen any evidence that suggests so, no matter how much info those who believe He does try and show Scripture proof for it.

The favorite is Ezekiel chapter one where Ezekiel describes being taken up in a vehicle of "wheels within wheels." But if you look inside the chapter itself it IDENTIFIES what this vehicle is..a living being...a Cherubim. Not a ANGEL.

And then to torture Scripture even more, the rule of thumb for prophecy has always been, if it makes literal sense, then accept it as literal. If it makes no sense, then it's symbollic. They take literal terms and reinterpret them as if they were symbollic.

So with that in mind, why can't a cloud be a cloud? Or a pillar of light a pillar of light? Or a horse a horse?

A cloud can often be used symbollicaly as supernatural beings..but a machine? A UFO?

The Bible says Yahushua will return on a horse with ten thousands of His saints following behind Him. It doesn't say, "as is a horse" or, "like a horse" it says "a horse". So why can't a horse be a horse?

I've been approached over the years by those who support the "God rides in a UFO" theory, and I've never been able to embrace it. It's never felt right in my spirit. I don't doubt that warrior angels of His battle against the 'aliens' i.e. fallen angels in the first and second heavens in some kind of "UFOs" but I don't believe for a million years that HE will return to earth in a host of UFOs.

The Bible says when Jesus/Yahushua returns to earth that Israel will look upon whom they've pierced and recognize Him as the Messiah as He descends. What do they do see Him through a UFO window? I hardly doubt it.

The Bible says the world will see Him returning with His saints, tens of thousands of them, how would the world know they are His saints if it's just a UFO invasion of machines? How would the world know who they are?

I just don't buy it. Everything about Scripture seems to indicate otherwise. It's open-air for Yahushua and His saints when they arrive.

So why all the fuss to push this theory? Because the Antichrist needs it.

The Antichrist needs to condition people that God rides in a UFO so when he descends to earth in a host of UFOs people will believe he's "God" when it actually is just an invasion of aliens trying to deceive mankind.

Christians who push the "God uses UFOs" theory are just being pawns for Satan.

Let's say or pretend, that I am wrong and they are right. Knowing the plans of Satan and his aliens and that they come first to deceive mankind into accepting them as heavenly beings, do you really think the Lord would send out His people to inform and educate everyone that He (Jesus) rides in a UFO so that when Satan arrives in one everyone expects it to really be Jesus? Would He purposely be trying to help His people be deceived and accept Satan the imposter as Him Himself?

Would He have His people hitting the pavement yelling "God rides in UFOs and He's coming in them" while meanwhile Satan arrives with his alien invasion and then people mistake him and accept him as God?

Who is it helping here? This whole theory helps Satan. It helps the people, especially the Christians to buy into the delusion that when he comes he's the Messiah.

I've had conversations with those who promote this theory several times in emails, and when you bring up these points you never hear back from them.

The one thing I will never do is torture and manipulate Scripture to make it say something it doesn't just to support something I believe. It's either the truth or it isn't. I want the truth in all things, I pray for the truth in all things constantly. If I'm wrong then I'm confidant He will lead me into the truth...I refuse to hold onto anything or any belief and manipulate Scripture because I want to be right. It doesn't matter what I want. It's what HE says and what the truth actually IS that must be our foundation.

If it doesn't work throw it out. Plain and simple. If you have to torture Scripture to make it say something you want it to say then what you believe is wrong and you are in error. That goes for any doctrine, theory, or belief.

Don't make it say something it doesn't. Accept it for what it does say unless the Lord leads you otherwise.

From what I can see, there are always obvious and distinct reasons for errors. They purposely take away His divinity, or who He says He is, or what He did, or they will lead us astray so that we don't know what's coming or going to really happen leaving us actually clueless in all things when we need to be prepared or on guard.

The real Messiah is not returning in a machine.

And naturally, if Satan can't pull that one off he's prepared with holographics compliments of the USAF black projects to make it appear as if he's bodily and literally descending to earth.

The other funny one I've seen is Lucifer arriving in a "balloon." Someone give me a 50 caliber..LOL..I'd go to Israel to shoot it down myself.

Hot air balloons, holographics, UFOs...we don't know exactly which route he'll take, but at least you know the options.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tell the Lord you love Him today.

Mean it with your heart, give Him a big heart felt "I love you Jesus/Yahushua" and be the one He can count on in these last days.

So many people think of Him as just an indifferent robotic Messiah that just acts and reacts to mankind. He's Real. He needs us just as much as we need Him. He wants our love and adoration, He wants more than just lip service, let Him feel it from your heart, a real genuinness to Him and for Him.

He wants and needs for His people to be the light(s) in a dark world for Him. Are you someone He can count on? Are you a go-to person for Him? If He needs something done can He depend on you if He asks you to do it?

The Lord works through His people.

He works through His people.

So many would like nothing more than His hand to come down from heaven to literally place them somewhere, or steer them in a direction, or to hear a loud booming voice telling them what to do or give them something they need to hear. Sure it would be nice, but He doesn't work that way. He works through His people to bless, teach or educate others of His that need it. He speaks to our Spirits and guides our thoughts.

Meditate on Him today, dwell on Him, think about Him, spend some genuine time with Him today.

Disasters come and go, and they are going to increase. With a New World Order and Alien agenda to depopulate the world by 6 billion people we are going to be seeing a LOT of death and destruction on earth.

Find your peace in Him.

Know that His hand is on His people that truly love Him and follow Him, and do the things that He says.

I warned earlier this month and last month about the coming hurricane in Florida for October. I've warned the people of Japan to get off that island, they have been given much time to do so, eventually time will run out.

2005 is an appetizer for 2006.

It's never going to get better folks, or return to what it once was with relative peace. There will be no more peace, just judgment at every turn, disasters, pestilences, plagues, wars, death, destruction. Increasing in veracity.

The horsemen are riding.

Be at peace, we know these things must be fulfilled.

Seek Him for solace and guidance.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I was tired yesterday. Just one of those days where you just don't want to really do anything..

I spent some time talking to Yah and could hear His own frustration in dealing with His people.

He told me that many, many, ask Him for favor, or ask Him for things that they want and yet don't do what He says.

Some have been gifted with great wealth and won't do what He asks with it, so He's going to take it away from them.

So many of His people caught up with the cares of this world that when He speaks to them or guides them in what to do they give Him excuses as to why they can't do what He asks.

Many can't be obedient in the smallest things, and yet want larger responsibilities, or larger callings from Him.

To whom much is given, much is required.

Reminded me as He spoke of the Parable of the Talents.

I just listened for a long time. I never said a word. I just listened to Him...

Most don't realize it's the small things that matter. That being obedient in even what seems like the smallest of thing to you will lead you into bigger and bigger things for Him. And more and more rewards from Him. Rewards that you keep for Eternity.

Everything we do is recorded. Everything we do matters.

Just as everything we don't do is recorded that He asked us to do.

Most people want immediate reward or satisfaction now for the things they do. And it doesn't work that way. Sometimes it does, but I don't think most of us will realize how much or how little we actually did for Him until the Judgment Seat of Christ when we stand before Him.

And then it's too late to change anything.

Faithfulness and obedience go hand in hand. You can't fully have one without the other.

Do we really love one another or do we just tolerate one another? Are we uplifting and encouraging one another or always looking for something to nag about? How do you treat your own brother and sister and how do you want to be treated by them? Look around you, your brethren are your brothers and sisters.

Are you helping build His Kingdom? Are you doing whatever He asks no matter how small or big or inconvenient to you it is?

He's frustrated with His people.

He said, "there's so many who call Me by My Name and won't do what I ask of them."

Some are going to lose their wealth, their possessions, everything they have, even their health. When the Lord wants to get someone's attention who won't listen He will start taking things away from them until they seek Him as to why. Unfortunately that's what it takes to get some peoples attention. They have to get to the end of their rope before they look to Him and ask "Why is this happening to me?" And then He has their attention. And that is what He said He is going to do.

I'm not writing this about or to any person in particular. I can hear it now, at times when I post blogs I get emails from people who think I wrote something about them and get offended or whatever. This is to all His people.

All those on the fringes who feed off His people instead of feeding His people. All those who think if they don't get involved they won't be accountable.

All those who sit by and watch the things that everyone else goes through and praise God it isn't them. I could feel His anger not at anyone I personally know or can think of, but all those I don't. All those on the outside fringes looking in.

All those who proclaim their own ministries and seek His favor and yet anger Him with their self-centeredness and the hate they show others because they simply disagree in points of doctrine with others.

People are perishing, and are going to perish, and instead of messages of redemption and salvation and righteous living those who call themselves shepherds are more worried about their next vacation.

Instead of preparing for what's ahead, the wealthy are working out ways to make more money or how they can save it and hide it.

Shepherds are fleecing the flock instead of feeding the flock. And those who are faithful and feed the flock are fleeced by those who feed off them.

Everything is a mess.

I know when I started saying things to Yah this morning I shut up and then wouldn't say anything..and that's how I am..because I don't want to gripe to Him. And yet He said, "tell me the things that bother you or upset you because I can't act and put things in motion unless you do." If we don't tell Him something is broken He can't fix it. If we don't tell Him our gripes He can't heal them or fix them. So maybe there's something here that someone else can use to. Don't be afraid to gripe to the Father. He can't fix our gripes if we don't give them to Him.

Sometimes we think we have to be the ones doing all the talking. And that isn't true. Yahushua is our Savior, our Redeemer, and our Friend.

I'm glad I was there so He could just vent.

He's the best friend I've ever had.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

....don't even believe Hell exists? Think Again.

Simply one of the best books I've ever read. When I read this book about 6 years ago, I was floored. Since then, I've read it every single year. Why? Because it's the truth, it's the reality for those who reject the salvation and redemption of Yahushua, Jesus. Hell is a real place for people who reject the Lord.

Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. Heaven is for those who love and follow Yahushua. And yet these people are the most hated people in the nations on earth.

Sure there's alot of wolves in sheeps clothing posing as evangelists and pastors and Christians and their hypocrisy is what people see and hate and so they develop a sweeping generalization and hatred for all of God's people because of it. They even put the Lord Himself in the middle of it and blame Him for what they see in those who call Him by His Name. And so everything about being a believer of the Lord's is hated.

A true believer of the Lord's is filled with love, not hate. A true believer of the Lord is one where they will lead you to Him, not themselves.

Carnal Christians give the Lord a bad name. They call Him by His Name and their hearts are far from Him. They talk the talk but they don't walk the walk. They make everyone around them miserable with their hypocrisy, unforgiveness, anger, hate, bitterness, and their constant attack against fellow brethren let alone anyone else who doesn't act like them or agree with them. They become enemies of the brethren. These aren't the Lord's people. They're fooling themselves.

The Lord's people walk the talk. They walk the talk and it is the Lord's Spirit within them.

Carnal and backslidden Christians become easy access and doorways for Satan to possess and control. They arent' filled with the fruit of the Spirit they are filled with Satan's. And that's why there's so much division and fighting amongst the brethren today. It's a war against those filled with the Lord's Spirit and those filled with the Devil's calling themselves the Lord's people.

Many, Many of those who profess the name of Jesus, Yahushua will go to Hell, not Heaven.

And all of those who reject the Lord and don't accept His salvation will go to Hell.

I encourage you, no matter who you are, to buy that book Divine Revelation of Hell and read it. And pass it on to others. In fact buy 2, so you can keep one and pass the other around because if you're like me, you won't part with your copy. For those who love the Lord, it definately gets you and keeps you motivated to keep sharing the love of the Lord with others so they won't end up in Hell.

The stark reality of Hell is that it exists and it's a place of torment. And it accommodates the souls of all those sent to it.

Buy the book.

Buy the book.

Buy the book.

Monday, October 17, 2005

"Thou shalt have no other gods before Me" Exodus 20:3

The very first Commandment.

What is it about those 8 words that is so hard to understand among people today? Why is it that this single commandment can be so easily manipulated and ignored by so many?

We are not to worship anyone but the Father, of which we were redeemed through His Son Jesus Christ/Yahushua.

Yahushua is the only mediator between God and man. Therefore we pray to the Father in Yahushua's Name.

And yet there's so many who pray to angels, or dead people, in hopes they will hear them.

It's in vain.

It's madness.

The angels of the Lord have never asked for worship, and they never will, they rebuke it and do not want worship but refer all worship to the Most High Himself. And we certainly aren't to pray to dead people, to those who have died and have moved on to heaven or hell. Praying to Mary is not a fundamental of church doctrine it's necromancy, forbidden by the Bible in the book of Leviticus. Yet Catholics around the world think that's what they're supposed to do because they were told to and accept deception without ever questioning it first.

We are not to pray to dead Mary, or dead Saints, or angels masquerading as the Lord's true and real angels.

Anything other than prayer to the Father in His Son Yahushua's name is forbidden and if you are doing so you are worshipping idols. You are praying to them instead of Him. You are doing the opposite of the first commandment of "thou shalt have no other gods before Me" and you are placing gods in front of Him.

That's why the whole "pray to Mary" thing of Catholicism was Satanically ingenius. It has 500 million people in idol worship and they don't even realize it.

And now we have people praying to Archangel Michael, or other angels of title or position. Such as protection or whatever else they're praying to.

We are commanded to pray to the Father for the things we want or need, to pray to Him in and for all things. Angel worship is demonically inspired, just as praying to dead people, both practices deceive people and lead them astray and into the pit of hell for placing other gods before the Father.

Don't do it.

If you have done it, or you are doing it, stop it and renounce it and ask for forgiveness.

Satan is going to use all these deceptive practices to further lead people into more damning deceptions and errors in the weeks, months, and years to come. And it is the peoples own fault because they are not seeking the Lord for the truth in all things, they're listening to and following after what man tells them to do. Or what seems right in their own eyes. Or they see other people doing it and assume it's the right thing to do.

If Satan can deceive people away from worship of only the Father by throwing saints and angels at them to pray to, imagine what he's got planned when "Ascended Masters" arrive and teach they are worthy to be worshipped and not only them themselves, but that people themselves can also ascend to that kind of status.

One deception leads to the next. If you're prone to be in deceptions now you're going to drown in them later and fall for all of them. The problem is people don't realize they are in deceptions. They think they are doing everything right, after all, everyone else around them is doing it.

Archangel Michael is the big splash now because the overuse and deceptive use of Gabriel has gotten burned out. Or they're just moving on to others now since they've broken that one in for people to accept and they've gotten used to him. They've been using a demon masquerading as Gabriel for false visions and prophecies for the past couple years. Now here comes "Michael the Archangel." These are demonic masquerades and even aliens posing as real angels folks, not the real angels of the Lord.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

Get rid of the gods.

Exalt His Holy Name, Yehovah, our Father which art in Heaven. Don't fall for the deceptions.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Meditating on the Lord..what does it mean? I was asked this recently so decided it would be a good topic to have on here.

Most people take the word 'meditation' and run with it for a mile into New Age, Yoga, and even visualization practices. This leads to opening demonic doorways and is not what the Lord had in mind or even King David when he would meditate on the Lord.

Meditate means to dwell. Dwell on the Lord. Think about Him. Keep Him foremost on your mind by thinking about Him, singing to Him, talking to Him...eventually you will become One with Him.

And I'm not talking about maybe 5 minutes a day, which would probably be a good start for some people, and at least it's a start you can build on, but an all day and every day thing. As much as possible, always having Him on your mind, always thinking about Him, talking to Him about the little things or even the mundane things. People think He only wants to hear about our immediate wants or needs. He wants to hear about it all folks.

Most people never talk to Him unless they're asking for something. If you're going to ask Him for something ask Him for the truth to be revealed, or discernment, or wisdom, or knowledge. Ask Him for strength, peace, joy, or even how to hear Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, to teach you who He is, to teach you how you can have a closer relationship with Him. People think they have to search for these answers from others, ask Him direct yourself.

I find it simply amazing that we've been led so far from Him that most people just don't know to go to Him direct about the most basic things. I was the same way growing up in the church system. Somewhere He got lost in all that. Instead of just going to Him we are led to think we have to listen to pastors, or read someone's books, or search out this knowledge on our own from others.

Anyone, who is truly of the Lord's, will lead you to HIM. In all things. Have a question? Ask Him and keep asking Him until you get an answer that hits your spirit that you know is from Him, of Him, and your Spirit testifies to you that you know it is the right answer. Being right brings peace and confidence in Him. Learning how He works brings confidence in Him. And you learn these things by and from Him Himself through your experiences and journey in getting to know Him as He leads you and guides you.

We don't need man or woman to tell us Him direct. At times He will lead us to others to learn something from them that He has already taught and shown to them so you can learn it to, but you will know it's one of those times when it hits your Spirit that "Yes! This is the answer." If it's not, then you'll know it because you won't have that peace about it, and your Spirit will still feel a longing for the truth. Real truth brings an end to the searching. Real truth brings peace.

We have peace in Him because we have the truth in Him. If you don't feel peace then there's areas you are in deception or in errors in. Ask Him what those are. Ask Him to reveal them to you.

Once you realize how much there actually is involved with becoming One with Him, you'll realize that yes, having a relationship with Him is much more than a 10 minute prayer at bed time. It's being with Him and open to Him daily, all day. It takes practice, but over time it will just become who you are and how you are. You're with Him, you will have become one with Him.

Anybody can do this. In fact we are all supposed to. This isn't some special anointing, or gift, or calling, this is a teaching from Him Himself. He says "My sheep hear My voice and they know Me and they follow Me." How can you hear Him and know Him if He hasn't revealed Himself to you and taught you how to hear His voice and know Him? Spend time with Him so He can.

The more you learn to know Him, the more you know what isn't.

He's our Father. Do you know your Father? Spend time with Him every day and ask Him to teach you everything there is to know about Himself.

Some of you are hearing these things for the first time because they don't teach this in the churches, He's been lost in the quagmire of sermons and musicals about Him but don't lead enough in knowledge on how to have a real relationship in Him.

It's a one on one thing. It's not something someone else can do for you. YOU have to decide that you are going to commit time to Him and start seeking Him daily and meditating (dwelling) on Him daily and asking Him for the things you need to be drawn into a closer relationship with Him.

It's not a formal thing either. Go to Him as you are. You don't have to bow your head to talk to Him, talk to Him while you're working on something. If He's guiding your thoughts onto righteous things think about them, dwell on whatever it is He's revealing to you in your thoughts. Likewise, if it's not of Him rebuke it and seek the things that are of Him. Ask Him to keep you from evil. Ask Him to deliver you from evil and to set your feet on the path of holiness and righteousness.

It never gets boring and mundane with the Lord. There's never things to run out of to seek Him on. What you do have, ask for more, what you don't have, ask for.

Building a personal relationship with Him is a process, one that develops over time. Just start daily and don't think about the time factor. He can take you to levels you never thought you'd be at in a short amount of time if He wants to. He knows what each person needs and works with each person individually. Your relationship with Him is what you build and allow Him to do with you. As in any relationship, be yourself, and allow Him to be Himself to you. He wants to be personable with us. You will find He has a great sense of humor and he's more loving and aware of us ourselves than you could have ever imagined.

He can only work with what you give Him.

Commit 100% to Him.

And if you have never asked the Lord to be the Lord of your life, do it now at

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I saw him again last night. The remote viewer who thinks he's sneaky when he comes in here. I don't know if I've talked about him before on this blog, I'm sure I have. The one who likes to think he's Moses. He has bushy long hair and always wears a robe. He came right up to my computer and stood beside me for a second to see who it was I was talking to in instant messages. Moron.

No, I didn't cut him off at the legs. I want him to read this. I want him to know that I know who he is. Fair warning. Don't come in here again, you will be cut off if you do.

And I have a word for you:

Repent and turn away from your wickedness, and Satanism. You have fallen for the wrong side, you think you have power, you think you have influence. You are deceived and you deceive others for a while until they catch on. Haven't you noticed? People catch on to you, that's why you never grow, although you work at building a net daily, it will always be your own snare.

Repent and turn away from the evil you think is power. You think you're way ahead of everyone else, you think you have favor in Lucifer's eyes, he's playing you for a fool. You're going to hell. You cannot win. You cannot beat the Most High. There is no 5th dimension coming to earth for you and your ilk, there is no escaping judgment. The best thought out and laid out plans are going to be destroyed and come to naught. You will see them unravel and fall into derision. Judgment is coming on all of you. All of you who follow and serve Lucifer. Repent while there is still time. My words are not empty. Your plans are. Your rank, your status, is a joke, it means nothing...nothing. The position you hold that you think is so special, is promised to anyone stupid enough to get to your level and sacrifice their soul. You think you're in a niche, a top clique, and you're not, Satan thinks you're a joke, he just uses you. You fall for everything he says and does.

You crossed over. And for what? For what? Lies? Wealth? Status? Power? It means diddly compared to Eternity and you know it. And you know eternity is coming and judgment and you can't stop it, Lucifer can't stop it either. He's giving it his best shot, but he will fail. He will fail. Those in eternity know all about linear time and everything that will happen here and Lucifer fails. Admit it, because you already know it. You already know it. Repent while you still have time. The Lord's mercy will not always strive for you. I will cut you off the next time I see you in here, authority and permission from the Most High. Don't be stupid, you will lose. Repent.

Friday, October 14, 2005

the coming Bird Flu..

I started working on the code and my computer shut off...


but I still have my notes and can resume it here this weekend.

I still need donations to cover the show for next month, you can donate at

Bird Flu.. or Eboli air strain...seems they're preparing for one, when the other could blindside.

Stocking up on Vitamin C is suppose to build your immune system from these bio-attacks without having to get the murderous vaccines. Here's some info on preparing for the Avian influenza bio attack

Those who do get the vaccine will most likely become carriers and give it to those who are smart enough not to get them.

Stay away from those who get them.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Small Ceramic heaters....they're the best as far as being inexpensive and child proof, with as much power as floor heaters, which are just all bulk and take up more space to begin with.

Your hardware stores have them and Walmart probably does as well. If you touch them you won't get burned, and if the kids throw something on them it won't catch on far as trying to keep warm in a freezing winter and safety, they're probably your best type of heater.

Of course electric can go out and so a backup power source for that would also be needed, but it beats turning on the gas until then. If at all.

I know, I just said all this stuff a month or so ago..if I sound like a broken record, that's the point..get the point..

Tents and Tarps. Be prepared. If you end up in the middle of an earthquake nightmare at least you will have some kind of shelter. Anyone can be an unexpected victim of an earthquake. The Bible says they will be in divers, or various/different places. Those are always good things to have and put them back somewhere for emergencies...

For the cost of a few pizzas you can be prepared well and above the majority of people when disaster unexpectedly strikes. Think ahead, protect yourself and your family instead of becoming someone elses problem or having to become a burden on someone else who DID think ahead.

Some of you are being led to get out of certain states or the Lord for confirmation and start planning, get out of there.

The biggest problem is people don't know how to hear Him. Ask Him to guide your thoughts...listen for His small voice in your Spirit. Ask Him daily to guide your thoughts and to teach you how to hear Him. Get into a habit of expecting to hear Him everyday in some way. He works in various ways. And ask Him for these things every day..He gives in measure, a little here, a little there, if you keep bugging Him then He knows you really want it.

And no I'm not talking about material things. He knows what you need. Don't bug Him constantly and be praying amiss for things that He will say no to. If He says no, get over it and move on. He will give you what your heart desires if you are praying in alignment with His Word for spiritual things, not material things.

He provides for our needs, not always our wants.

What does the government fear the most? People who can take care of themselves.

They want you to have to crawl to them for help so they can throw you in their bureacratic system and have control of you. Be able and prepared to take care of yourself in any circumstance.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I've had freaked out dreams lately..same theme just in different ways.

A couple nights ago I had a dream that I'm in this house with my kids and all of a sudden we're surrounded by water and it's starting to slowly come in the house. I have no idea why water is coming in the house so I look outside and there is water all around us, like a huge ocean of water and we're in the middle of it and it's being held back from completely destroying and drowning us. We go upstairs and clime to the roof and there's 3 other people there. One of them is a lady with long dark hair, I don't even know who she is, and then another woman and I think a man. I look around and there's nothing but water. Out of nowhere a helicopter comes to lift us off and take us to safety. Somehow there's some kind of deck near the top of my roof and the other three people are using it to stand on as the helicopter comes. I look around and it looks like we're in the middle of an ocean, all the houses, town/city itself, everything is gone and under water. As soon as the helicopter lifts us off the roof the entire house is flooded and destroyed with the water that had been held back from drowning us. ( I don't even live near a lake or ocean)

Then last night I dreamt that I'm alone. Different house this time..LOL..and the entire area is again, an ocean of water and the house I'm in is floating on top of it. The entire metropolitan area is gone, under water. But I'm fine, just floating on it all in this house I'm in.

I asked the Lord what it meant. Two freaky water dreams in a row..has my attention..

He said that in the end (my end perhaps) it would seem that I am alone, but that He is with me, and that I'm never alone. He said I had the keys to great knowledge that would open and reveal secrets and that 'they' would all know who I am in Him. I don't know who 'they' are, but whatever, so be it.

I'll tell ya what, there's nothing freakier than looking out your back door and seeing yourself surrounded by tidal waves of water and a huge vast ocean of water, and it's just waiting to deluge you..but being held back so that it can't.

I've never liked the ocean to begin I really don't....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Well well...isn't it amusing that those who call Bible believers hate mongerers and intolerant, are themselves hate mongerers and intolerant. In fact moreso than we.

The New Age crowd loves to speak out of both sides of their mouths on just about everything. While they proclaim unity, love and tolerance, they condemn those to death who don't conform to their ideas much quicker than the judgment of God Himself does.

Of course most of them would vehemently deny it, but you will find it in their own writings themselves. For those who channel and listen to the teachings of Sananda, Hatonn (Aton), Maitreya and Germaine they base their teachings on scrolls they refer to as the Phoenix Journals. These are what they claim, are the original truths of religion itself, lost over time and found by a Greek, yada yada yada..

In these scrolls they declare:

"If two men consort with one another in intimate sexual relationships, they should be punished for the fallible are unworthy of life and its laws, therefore they should be sterilized and further, expelled and banned before the people" (Journal #2, p. 65)

Child molesters and pedophiles should be killed, also those who involved with incest, also those who practice beastiality. All should be killed (pp. 65-66).

He who marries a man or woman who was divorced should be sterilized and banned from the people (p. 66).

A man who begets children out of wedlock should lose his life and he who creates a child in this union and abandons this child shall have his name stricken from the Book of Life (p. 66).

The only reason for divorce is adultery...if a person is responsible for adultery he should be sterilized (p. 68).

No wonder Bush, Cheney and the rest of the NWO pedophile, incest, Satan freaks are always on the run! According to these laws, most likely the entire Illuminati clan would be facing death and/or sterilization!

At the same time, these same New Age freaks hardly make known their real intentions of what their own religion dictates. They merely proclaim everyone elses is wrong and their's is right hiding the condemnation and judgment they contain themselves from their own followers who never read their official material anyway.

They focus more on the "dimension shift" they so badly need to attempt to escape God's coming judgment that they will tell the stupid earthlings anything they want to hear..anything that makes them feel good..just to get their foot on our planet.

You can never escape judgment and any religion..and yes, the New Age IS a religion. It's all about religion. It's all about rejecting earth's religions and accepting theirs as the leaders of the coming New Age.

Of course the Talmud flips the coin. It's perfectly ok to be a pedophile as long as the child is under 10 years of age. They plan on persecuting the people who don't agree with them on that. Not to mention their other twisted and perverted teachings that make the New Age look almost godlike.

It's a war between the New Age and the Talmud. Both religions plan on the elimination of Bible believers who won't adhere to their teachings.

But is it really a war or are they all just working together in phases to bring about the final result..bringing Satan to power on earth?

First we'll have the Satanism and outright suffering and death of billions of people that gives these Satanists thrills and a sense of power, along with their elimination of whole countries and societies for population control..and for who? The New Age. The Aliens in charge of pushing the New Age agenda know they don't have the manpower to control earth's population of 7 billion they are using the NWO to eliminate the numbers to a manageable size, so when they step in they can control the earth.

In fact you will see the entire last days scenario implemented in 3 stages.

1. New World Order, martial law, police states, the elimination of freedom and troublesome Bible believers and patriots, famines, plagues, man-made disasters touted as if they are "acts of God" and wars. When the planet has been decimated by the agenda of the NWO, then the New Agers will step in.

2. When the New Age steps in you will basically see an Alien invasion here on earth. They will come as our forefathers, Ascended Masters, "light beings", and they will try and implement a mimickery of the Most High God's kingdom of heaven on earth. They will deceive mankind into believing the Messiah is arriving to establish His Kingdom on Earth when they bring him to earth in a multitude of UFOs and Satan descends down from the air onto Jerusalem. Heralding Satan as the messiah they will eliminate all those who refuse to believe them and join their kingdom on earth while claiming the dissenters are just being sent to other planets.

3. The real Messiah, the real Lord of Lords and King of Kings returns with ten thousands of His Saints to put an end to the earthly rule and lies of Satan. He will destroy and judge the earth and those that believed Satan and followed after him and his false beast prophets damning their souls where these people will suffer and be in torment in the Lake of fire for Eternity.

It is after all, the Aliens themselves who rule the New World Order behind the scenes. They just use them as pawns to set the earth up for their arrival in phase 2. There really aren't distinct factions fighting against each other, since the Aliens run it all. The only ones deceived are the humans running the New World Order aspect for them, who can't see themselves as the pawns they are, and, who are now running for safety to get away from these same Aliens who seek to end their (NWO) reign on earth and begin phase 2.

But it isn't time yet for that. Much more destruction is still needed here on earth to begin phase 2. The population is still to free and to innumerable for them to control.

So what's to come? Much more of phase one. Ultimate goal? The elimination of millions, if not billions of people, one way or another through disease, famines, bio-attacks, martial law, persecutions, natural disasters and wars.

If you don't have Yahushua, Jesus, then you have nothing in these last days but a sure death of some kind waiting for you. And when you die, you will die lost, without Him, and doomed to eternity in the Lake of Fire that awaits all those who reject Him.

It's too late to save our planet or even our own country from the grip of Satan and his factions. God has declared His judgment on this country and has allowed them to take over and destroy it in their phases.

You can make a choice though, you can choose to serve Yahushua and live in heaven with Him for eternity once you die on this earth. The Lord is reaching out to all those who have rejected Him to repent and accept His redemption and salvation. One day it will be too late, don't wait to find that out, accept Him and seek to follow Him now while you can.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tonight 8pm EST, 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific, Live with Sherry Shriner at Reality Radio Network or

Tonight I will be revealing some things the Lord has had me in the past two weeks or so and I'll probably be in for a while in regards to the present and coming apostasy(s).

Don't miss the show!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yesterday I was starving so while I was out running to the Post Office I got a fish sandwich from McDonalds. Spent the rest of the day puking and in misery. Not to mention it's cold and rainy, so a miserable day anyway! I know..I'm gross..oh well..

I haven't gone grocery shopping in two weeks. I hate shopping. I hate grocery stores. Want to get sick? Go to a grocery store where 1,000 people have just pushed the same cart you just grabbed. It's disgusting. Not to mention by the time you pick up a jar or can of whatever off the shelves it's probably been touched by 50 other people who picked it up and then put it back.

I want a cave. Someone buy me a cave. I need to get out of town and into the country more. I live right in the middle of a two-horse town. Won't be very safe in the near future. There's alot of hills around here, I'd love to just dig into the side of one somewhere.

There's quite a bit of Amish around here. I was thinking the other day there's going to come a time when we'll be paying them to "drive" us around.

A lot of feedback from Monday night's show. Probably one of the highest #s as far as audiences I've had. Usually it's Archive Tuesday that gets the most numbers...but a lot of people listening Monday night. Good to have the newcomers to the show.

I think the shrub is getting desperate. He knows he's in trouble from every direction, and if indictments are a threat, then it's probably the reason we're seeing so much of his "outbreak" threats lately..

I mean really, I think he's sending out signals that if anyone tries to arrest him for the criminal he is, he's going to unleash a bio-attack on this country we've never seen before. He may even use it anyway to keep this country in chaos so he can't be arrested, or indicted, for his involvement in the Plame, CIA-leakgate fiasco.

And apparently the ELF God is talking to Bush. I'm shocked and surprised. Now he can join the other 90% in churchdumb ELF has made friends with..LOL..God does not talk to your head. ELF does.
Read about The ELF God here at..

Here's something for ya..for those who don't think speaking in tongues is harmful or is being used by the Beast Prophets to glorify Satan..

also see my article 666 And The Phony Seal of God Club at how these same pastors and ministers of our churches are going to lead the way for the worship of the image of the beast and pushing their congregations to accept the mark of the Beast.

Yah Bless His Saints.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, the New Agers...what seems to be the big kick to claim Jesus was/is Michael the Archangel?

It takes away His divinity as the Son of God.

With all of the blasphemous teachings about Jesus/Yahushua, you will notice that each one of them takes away part of who He is or about His birth, life, death, or resurrection. They take the truth and turn it into lies. Exactly as the Bible foretold they would. So what do those who teach these false doctrines and teachings do? Dance around the subjects because they don't know how to answer their own teachings when confronted with the truth. Most merely believe what they are told to out of blind faith and blind allegiance to the religion or ideology they profess.

If Jesus was Michael, He couldn't have been the Son of God.

Some information posted from one of the members on my NWOvsChristians list yesterday in regards to this whole issue:

Jesus said in no uncertain terms to the pharasees that if they didn't believe that He and the Father are the same you will die in your sins.

John 8:19 Then said they unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also. and in 24 I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

Even if people can work these verses to mean that He didn't mean you will die in your sins if you do not believe He is the Father. Oh well then they will have to deal with John 1.

Anyway it is clear to me if you don't believe Yahshua is the Almighty Himself in the flesh you will in no way enter the Kingdom.

Jesus cannot be Michael the archangel. Jude 1:9 states, "Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee." Obviously they are not the same person, the Lord and Michael are two different people.

In this verse, Michael would not take it upon himself to rebuke or reprimand Satan. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jehovah created Michael who became Jesus and, through Michael, Jehovah created all [other] things. According to them, this means that Michael created Lucifer who became Satan.

Therefore they conclude that Michael, who created Lucifer, was unable to reprimand His creation. This seems quite illogical and, after studying this carefully, even the most zealous Jehovah’s Witnesses should find this difficult to believe.

To the contrary, Matthew 4:10-11 and Matthew 16:23 testify that Jesus had no difficulty rebuking Satan. As a result, He cannot be Michael the archangel:

Matthew 4:10-11 “Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (11) Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.”

Matthew 16:23 “But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offense unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men."

Daniel 10:13 provides another reason why Jesus cannot be Michael. In this verse, the archangel is called “one of the chief princes:” "But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia."

Since the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is Michael, and Daniel 10:13 reveals that he is “one of the chief princes,” does this mean that Jesus has equals? According to the Watchtower, what are the names of Jesus’ peers? Could they tell you? Though the organization remains confident while instructing its followers that Jesus is one of the chief princes of Daniel 10:13, they are unable to identify the others so they could further explain their rationale. How convenient!

One final reason why Jesus cannot be Michael is as follows:

As previously mentioned, the Jehovah’s Witnesses think that Jesus will return as the archangel Michael. Keeping this in mind, Revelation 19:11-12 describes the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Will He be coming as Michael?

Not according to verse 12, which states that “he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself:” "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. (12) His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself."

Since Revelation 19:12 teaches that Jesus will have “a name written, that no man knew, but he himself,” the Jehovah’s Witnesses must be incorrect by thinking that Jesus is Michael. After all, according to this verse, Jesus cannot be Michael because nobody will know His true name at His Second Coming.

Finally, the Jehovah’s Witnesses rely on 1Thessalonians 4:16 as their justification that Jesus must be the archangel. It states: "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first." Since this verse instructs that Jesus will descend from heaven “with the voice of the archangel,” the Jehovah’s Witnesses incorrectly conclude that Jesus must be Michael.

Actually this verse teaches that when the Lord Jesus descends, it will be the archangel (with his own voice) who will accompany Him.

In conclusion, the Bible reveals that as long as the Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to believe that Jesus is Michael, they are only fooling themselves. Since they deny that Jesus is Jehovah, the archangel becomes their unreasonable alternative. Unfortunately for them, the Scriptures continually expose this fallacy.


As usual when it comes to teaching heresies as truth those who hold to them will simply add even more heresies to the mix to even begin to explain why they believe what they do. There is only one mediator between God and man, and that is Yahushua, or Christ Jesus.

It wasn't Michael who died on the cross for our sins, it wasn't Michael who arose from the dead. It wasn't Michael who redeemed mankind, and it isn't Michael who will be coming back to judge the world for their wickedness and rejecting Him as their Messiah.

So if these false doctrines of devils have people putting their belief and faith in Michael, then they don't have it in Jesus. And if you're faith isn't in Jesus your soul will be damned to hell for eternity for following after another idol, another God, and not Jesus, the Son of God.

It's clearly one of the most ludicrous, yet deceptive doctrines that is gaining prominence and popularity in these last days.

Even the pagans are picking up on it. They won't profess Jesus but they will acknowledge Michael??

Anyone but the true Saviour of the world..the only one who can redeem their souls.

Jesus is not Michael. Jesus is the Son of God. There is only one mediator between God and man, Jesus.

To deny and reject Jesus, is to deny and reject God.

Don't fall for the lies. Don't fall for the charades they are trying to push in these last days as "truth." You will only damn your soul to hell for doing so.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A lot of conditioning lately for their next planned terror attack against the American people. No, not from boogeymen that don't exist, like the Al-Queda, or Arabs hell bent on destroying America, but our government itself.

Of course the Arabs probably are by now, but our government asked for it...and it's the people that pay for their arrogance, stupidity, and thirst for blood and death. Satan feeds off of it for increased power and so our Satan-loyal government gives it to him through wars and self-implemented terror attacks they blame on everyone else.

Is a plague of Biblical proportions coming? I don't doubt it. How will they do it? Through scare tactics...make the people afraid so they run and get the vaccinations..which will make them sick and cause the epidemic to begin with and the spraying of Chemtrails.

Reports coming out of California and Washington about an odor of stench and sulfur. Brings three things to mind, warning of a earthquake coming of great magnitude along the entire coast, the underground heating up causing more disruption from volcanoes, or last but not least, they are firing up the underground incinerators and killing citizens already.

What citizens? Most likely if any, the New Orleans evacuees that have been trotted all over the country and of which the spotlight of them will be taken out of the media so they are 'forgotten about." Easy elimination targets? Yes. Many of them were taken to facilities and camps run by FEMA that were locking them in and not allowing them to leave. What part of a prison doesn't that sound like?

I warned last year that FEMA was going to be the enemy of the people of this country. They are an arm of Satan's and the NWO to control, kill, and enforce the NWO agenda here.

No, they are not your friends.

Perhaps the New Orleans debicle will wake people up to what I have been saying about them.

The media will portray the window dressing aspect of them, the humans on the front line sincerely trying to help those in need, but will never portray the hideous truth about the 'real' organization..that many have seen for themselves down there.

States need to block FEMA from entering them. Plain and simple.

With their kind of help, who needs them.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The People Without A Party

So where do real conservatives go now? We have no party and no representation in a country that was built by our blood, sweat, and tears.

I realize the facade of having a conservative party with the Republicans has finally revealed itself for what it is, a delusion. In the past they simply unified the Christian and Patriot right wing under a guise of a party to get their votes to continue on with their agenda from hell away from the spotlight. But now that it's been blown up in the mainstream it's obvious for all to see...there is no Conservatism in the Republican Party. The ugly truth is finally out of the bag that this 'right wing' has become even more dangerous than it's supposed enemy left wing.

The Republican leaders today hold nothing of the same values that the people they are suppose to be representing do.

They can't hide it anymore, the pretend games are over. Even the couch potatoes are onto them now.

The Conservative Right Wingers are now officially leaderless.

That creates a huge segment of the population that have no one to vote for. True Conservatives cannot support a party as lying and corrupt as the "Republicans" have become. Even congressional Republicans have shown themselves as nothing but the bought-out spineless wimps that they are.

We're on our own.

Do you see the dictatorship that has formed.

There is no more right and left. They have merged into one.

All that is left is the games of trying to hold the facade of a two-party system together, and anyone that believes we still have two separate and distinct parties clearly has their head in the sand.

So what is it you do with a sizeable amount of the population that no longer buys the lies and charades of a bunch of blood drinking, sacrificing, Satan loyalist freaks? Control them, and get rid of them.

Here comes martial law and an increase of what we've already had...government sponsored terror attacks targetted to wipe out and destroy these conservative or renegade aspects of the population that don't like or agree with them.

The new motto of the Squatter House is, "If they don't like us, kill them." And they plan to do just that.

So what can we do? Refuse to go down quietly.

This is our country, not theirs.

Government pawns are owned and controlled by the Alien-Illuminati. In other words, ALIENS are running our country. Not humans. Not patriots. They don't give a rip about our land, constitution, or the people. Their goal is to destroy America while they claim they are Americans.

The plan was ingenious. Breed Hybrid bloodlines, such as the Rockefellers and Bush's and the 13 bloodlines that have dominated out politics and economics so they can be controlled by the breeders themselves at the top (Alien Illuminati Council). This way they can assimilate into society as real human-Americans and slowly subvert it and take over the country completely.

And that folks, is what they have done.

The war is on. It's not left vs. right, it's humans vs. aliens.

Who are the aliens? Fallen angels loyal to Lucifer who are preparing the Earth for his arrival and complete takeover of all humans on it through deceit, lies, and the death and destruction of those who will oppose him and are anticipated to.

Don't be sheep led to the slaughter. Stand up and fight for yourselves and for what's left of this country.

I've heard from many Christians who are now, for the first time, buying guns to defend themselves agains the coming onslaught against them. Yes, the Lord wants us to defend ourselves against these alien and demonic animals posing as humans.

There's a big difference between murder and martyrdom. Defends yourselves from the outright murder of martial law camps and roundups. Once you enter a camp, you'll never leave it.

Remember that.

Don't be taken to begin with.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

An Alien invasion by air and ground.

Most completely misinterpret Joel chapter 2 and Revelation chapter 9. They align Joel 2 with Armageddon and Revelation 9 with the Kings of the East. These are wrong interpretations. In fact, these chapters deal with Fallen Angels and the Demonic.

In Joel 2 we are forewarned of an invasion by air. These invaders are led by Abaddon, The Destroyer. In Revelation chapter 9, the second half, we are forewarned that a 200 million demonic army will be unleashed and gathered by 4 angels who had been imprisoned in the Euphrates River. These angels will be released, and they will gather a 200 million demonic army to invade the earth by ground with the authority to kill 1/3 of mankind with fire, smoke, and brimstone.

Read The Coming Alien Invasion and the 200 Million Resurrection of Satan's Dead - by Sherry Shriner or

You can catch the radio show archives on this topic at

Monday, October 03, 2005

Saturday, October 01, 2005


A drill involving a World Wide War is to be played out starting October 4. Really, a "drill"? Some allege the Yom Kippur War will start on October 13. Either way, I'm a bit burned out on wars. Same with hurricanes. Change the channel please, I'm getting sick of orchestrated TV.

Another hurricane, a devestating earthquake, the announcement of a Global Police Force and a reinstatement of the draft.

October doesn't sound like it could be a cheery month.

Yah just has me everywhere right now. Here, there, everywhere. In regards to His earlier message He gave to me that I posted on this blog, He means what He says.

There's something going on with that Eridu gate in Iraq. I can feel it. Hopefully I'll have something to post on it in couple days. Maybe earlier, who knows.

Justice will come. The fraudsters will drown in their own sewage. It's coming. And then more sewage will rise. Lucky for us eh?

I can't wait for the day when I/we can go to real battle against all of it. Real battle, not with pens or keyboards, but with swords and elevated Power from the Most High.

Elevated power. At the end His Elect will destroy the wicked off the face of the earth. And have fun doing it I might add.

Some of you were born to be warriors and you're walking around with your tail between your legs. Stand up, declare who you are in Him and be proud, daring, and the bold warriors you are to be.

Perfect love casts out fear. Put your trust and faith in the Lord, walk the talk and get ready for some real battle.

Walk the talk.