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Friday, April 29, 2005

It has been a busy week.

Check out the new site design at

Not to much different, but more navigable .. all of my articles and links will be put in the "What's New" section..

HAARP has been strong all over the world..orgone doesn't work against HAARP as effective as it does Chemtrails. There are 19 HAARP towers placed strategically around the world, I think 3 of them are here in the States.

Those towers need to come down, those towers need to be rendered useless. Prayer Warriors, time to stand up against these tower strongholds. That's the only answer I have right now. You will know what to do. Seek Yahweh. You're our first line of defense. I know you can hear.

Everyone is under assault, countries all over the world. Stand guard folks and seek the Lord on what you need to do to keep yourself safe from attacks, or to stop them. Read my article on the Hooks and Roots of Sin and how Aliens have access to abduct believers. It's not just abductions, but being targeted as well by military black op tech weapons. And yes, there may be reasons that it's allowed, but we also must stand up against it in the Name of Yahushua and rebuke and stop them. That means taking action folks, get off your couches and take action and go into spiritual warfare against the enemy.

That Shelly Shriner mimmick site just reaks of an intel/Omegan operation. I have done what I can about it for now, I've sent letters to Paypal, Stormpay and Yahoo. Stormpay suspended her account for review, the others I have not heard from. I've been extremely distracted this week, at the same time have gotten alot of things done, yet not everything I needed to.

The war is on. I'm battling on all fronts right now, seen and unseen, what I say and reveal and what I don't. Just pray for the strength I need to overcome this all out assault on all fronts. I'm holding ground right now and fighting back and defeating them as I can. I can't say to much right now. Stand guard for yourselves folks.

It's not a time to go to sleep.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Well the Omegans..or Government..have finally done it.

They have made a website to copy and mimmick me.

check out she has all my stuff on her sites, words and messages the Lord has spoken to me, and quotes them verbatim on her website as if the Lord spoke them to her.

She's Omegan I think. Good grief!

Is there anything I can do about that? Anyone I can contact about someone taking my stuff and quoting it on their own sites as if it's their material?

This is crazy, what gets on my nerves is the messages the Lord gave directly to me that she quotes as if He said them to her. That just crawls under my skin.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I love the Most High God.

Without Him, there is no reason to live.

He is the reason to live.

It is mind boggling how so many people can just live without any thought of Him. What's the purpose of life if it wasn't about a choice?

He who has the most toys when he dies..still dies.

This earth is a testing ground, a battle ground. If you haven't noticed, it is no longer a Garden of Eden. Every person born is a victim or overcomer of the battle.

What you do matters. What you say matters. Everything is recorded and everything we say and do means something or affects someone else in some way.

Everything we say and do matters. The question is, whose Kingdom are you building and whose are you hurting?

Monday, April 25, 2005

The radio show was sabotaged Saturday night. No surprise there folks, when you have problems with the player you're listening to it from, switch players. They attack the Real Player. Use the Windows Media player, and I put the new MP3 link on to the real player link on my site now, so it should cut out problems if you listen from my site. If you go to the main page at the new MP 3 stream link is on there as well.

My house here was a zoo after the show with all the remote viewers. I told them to leave or be uncreated. I'm getting tired of the constant harrassment from military and government remote viewers. They think they are sneaky, they think they are invisible, they're a joke..a total joke.

If they want to keep ticking me off I'm going to put up a whole website just on remote viewing and expose them and ask the Lord for specific ways to destroy them. I'm tired of being patient or nice to humans who serve Satan. It's time to just destroy them if that is what it takes to be left alone.

till next time..
Lucifer said:

.....I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North..I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High...

Yahweh said:

.......Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
Isaiah 14:13b-15

Lucifer, the Master of Deception, probably thought he was going to sneak this one up on mankind without prior notice. After all, it floored me, yes he has the capability and the power and the resources to build a city that would mock and mimmick the New Jerusalem that Yahweh has built for His people during Eternity.

But now his secret is exposed. Visit my new website at:

Just when you think you thought you knew it all...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

If I had a dime for every person who sent me an email asking me to do a Bible Code on them I could build Yah's people our own city to inhabit during the tribulation period.

I even took my email address off the codes site and they still manage to bypass Ronda who answers those emails and hunt me down.

One of the most common emails I get is, "The Lord has a calling for me so I need a code done." If you love the Lord then do as He asks. You don't need a code to choose to serve the Lord.

It takes 40 hours to do a code, at least, and people, hundreds, even thousands over the years expect me to just drop everything and spend a week on a code for them.

It gets ridiculous.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I will be hosting Aliens In The News one hour a week, coming soon. I will announce more details later. It will be at 1pm on Tuesday's or Wednesday's.

I was offered a chance to do the show on another network for a 2-3 hour time slot but opted to only take one hour for now. I will keep the same listener call-in format.

My regular show on Saturday nights will stay the same. That will always be my "home" show.

The Lord has revealed some info to me lately that has shocked my socks off, so I'm working on that to reveal that soon. I always wondered why in the codes I was "shocked" and what it was I so shocked about. Well, the Lord has revealed will I...soon.

A few of you are offended by the term sucks in my latest website
Well folks, that website is geared toward those who find it amusing. It doesn't have "this is a religious" site all over it and so it's attracting alot of people who wouldn't otherwise go to it.

I have heard it is not an "adult" term to use..well most people on the internet don't act like adults it is serving its purpose. Over 30 countries visiting the site already in less than a week or so.

It's good to see just as many countries visiting a lot of people interested in the Feast Schedule. Yahweh is leading them Back to HIS feasts. It's not such a huge step and thing to get into when you have some help and guidance. We were supposed to be celebrating them all along, the majority of the church took a dive in the wrong direction and has been apostate for almost 2000 years. Yahweh is waking up His people and leading us all back to Him and His feasts, to do ALL the things He has commanded us to do.

Most people get ridiculous and take it for a mile that we're to follow all 613 or gazillion of the OT Levitical laws and that's not the case. Just let Yahweh lead you into His truth and what He wants you to do. In the Old Testament they were led by the letter of the law. The New Covenant replaced that with the Spirit of the Law and HIS Spirit will lead you into what to observe and follow. It's that simple. People make it a lot more complicated than it really is.

till next time...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hello folks,

A Jewish Pope, interesting. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem. Watch for the Dome to be destroyed and the Jewish temple get put up.

Having a rebuilt Jewish temple is the main enchilada of the Illuminati's plans. Even if you don't think Daniel is literal for today. It is literal for the Illuminati who want a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

Ratzinger is Edomite. He was appointed as Pope on Hitler's birthday.

Ratzinger was the one who stepped in and campaigned against Kerry because of his views on "abortion." Nevermind Bush has the same views. He could have stood against Kerry because Kerry ran a snuff film operation, but noooooooooooo, killing children is ok, just not unborn infants. Don't even try to understand their madness. It is all a game.

Of course Ratzinger was appointed quickly, a lot of paybacks were due and I'm sure he was well promised the job before John Paul 2 even died.


At a time the New Age Anuk's need to dominate the governments the NWO just got a push with an Edomite Pope. NWO 1 vs, New Age 0 - if I were to start keeping tabs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What is NESARA?

An excuse to plunder and pillage America under the false pretense of peace and prosperity and a return to constitutional law.

Visit my new site

I need a jingle of some kind to go with it ending in Nesara Sucks..

submit ideas to
The Cardinals are meeting to cast lots on the next great deceiver to take up space in the Vatican.

You know what the Great Whore of Babylon is? Religion. Period. Religion has led men and women into the pit of hell for thousands of years. Not just Catholicism, all of them.

Religion is man's attempt to play God on earth. So few are really messengers or teachers of Him in the churches and religions today. In fact most who pronounce Him as Lord He rejects as even His. He said, "They call Me by My name but they don't do as I say. They are not My people."

Most religions lead people away from the Most High, not to Him. They replace HIS commands and teachings with their own perceptions of what those are.

Stop the Madness!

Get Back to Yahweh

Stop waiting to be "led" to God by someone else and seek Him for yourself. Lead your self to HIM. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and teach you who He is. You don't need someone with a zillion theological credentials to teach you who God is, most don't even know themselves they just sound impressive with all their credentials.

Like sheep to the many being led into the pit of hell by the ones they trust because they aren't following the Lord's commands to seek Him for themselves.

He is the door. Plain and simple. Go to the door.

Knock on the door.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

some more monickers for NESARA:

Non Effective Snake and Reptillian Association

Native Evil Serpent's Apostate Reprisal Act

National Extremist Satanic Assassins Reptile Ambush

Nazi Establishment's Savage And Repulsive Agenda

Never Expected Screw America Regardless Act

Neo-logical Excrement Spread Artfully Round America

What is NESARA? An excuse to plunder and pillage America under the false pretense of peace and prosperity and a return to constitutional law.

NESARA is a foot in the door for those who propose it. Once these Anuk are in control they will ratify parts 2&3 of NESARA that nullify part 1 and begin their own agenda of cannibalism and murdering the inhabitants of America.

Aliens are liars. They are incapable of telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about anything. They are fallen angels, Lucifer's boys playing "we want to help mankind" theology.

Don't listen to them. Don't believe them.

The proponents of NESARA are supposed to be "gods, those who reached godhood" they are liars and they are subservient to the Most High God who controls them like puppets on a string and will only allow them to bring forth their lying Satanic agenda when He, and He alone, decides to let them to punish America for its idolatries and perversions.

And that's the facts Jack.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Word from Yahweh He just gave me:

Repent from idolatry...

People call Me by My Name, yet they idolize things not of Me, they worship things or people not of me, they follow and receive from others, things that are not of Me.

They place idols in front of Me, they seek to fulfill their feelings of how they want things to be, or what they expect them to be, without asking Me how things are, or what they are going to be.

They don't ask Me. They seek man, they receive from man the things that are of man, and not the things that are of Me and that is why I constantly draw them to Me, to come to Me. Many heed My calling, others refuse to hear Me and I will allow them to be tested, to see if their hearts are even of Me.

Repent! Your destruction is coming!

Turn back to me and do away with the idols of your churches and your homes and come back to Me!

A great judgment is coming on this Nation. A wake up call for those who call Me by My Name, a great judgment on those who don't. I will not defeat your enemies, I will use them to judge this wicked and perverse nation and those who have turned their backs on me. I will use them for My purposes. They will know that I am the Lord God, and beside Me there is no other.

Their plans have constantly failed. I have kept them in derision. It is I who allows or not allows their plans to go forward. It is I who controls them. I answer to no one. They answer to Me. I use them for My purposes. They have no power of their own, only what I allow them to have.

Warn My people to repent of their sins against Me and follow My ways or I will continue with My plans to utterly destroy this country for their idolatries and perversions.

Warn them!


My child the time is coming when man will lift up sword against brother, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom.

Many don't understand the times. My people are those who call Me by My Name. The Israel of the past, called Me by My Name, the Israel of today, calls Me by My Name.

America is Israel. They are My people. They are those I blessed above all Nations and yet allowed for the tares to suffocate the wheat. And now this nation is under judgment from Me.
Your leaders think they can mock Me. That they can defile My Name. They will deceive many with their mockery, but My Strong ones will stand against them and be a witness to the world of Me.

Many of My people will not follow them and many will die as martyrs. Stand in Me unto death and ye will be awarded a crown of life. Fear not, what man can do to the body, but of ME who can cast a soul into hell.

I love you child. Lead them back to Me.
ok folks,

NESARA - Non Essential Snake And Rat Act was not announced as planned. I'm shocked... Like I have time to put up 3 more websites right now..sigh..




check out the cover idea and send me some feedback

For those who submitted the titles "The Beast Network" and "Evil Never Sleeps" send me your addresses and I'll send you a signed copy when this one comes out. I will probably use those titles for my next book but I will send you copies of this one since your titles were chosen in my top 3 fav list.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I can assure these idiots that if it's not announced by Friday night, I will put up 3 more websites..

course we know their liars, perhaps it will wake up the deceived following after them..

the latest dribble from the Omegans:

Hello All,

This is it!

The moment the World has been waiting for! N.E.S.A.R.A. will be announced by April 15, 2005.

There has already been a "Dress Rehearsal in the United States last week and it went with Flying Colors! NESARA is just a stage setup of for WORLD CHANGE!

Governmental Changes, Alien Disclosure resulting into First Contact, and then to finish it off with a grand finally: THE SECOND COMING. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen Jesus is now on our Door Steps. He has seen enough, war, violence, control, and destruction for his liking.

Be prepared, but Do Not be afraid. Be calm, open minded and asked 1 million questions. Calm the Uninformed, and the ignorant. Help your friends, family, and community during this great transition. It is the beginning of a glorious future.

Finally we will have Peace on EARTH.
Rafael Roberto Rabassa III VargasR.R.R.V.III

www.NESARA.DE/index.htm (International NESARA
check out my new website at

some titles submitted today were hilarious..I love "Decloaking the Alien Nation" or, "Lizards 101" and "Lizards for Dummies."

I would have to write 100 books just so I could use all the great titles submitted.

In the news..

USA military building up in Israel. Huge convoys seen going down the highways. Perhaps this alone will show all those deceived by Sananda and the boys that they're the liars and deceivers I've been saying they are. How many pieces of garbage have they channelled that there will be no more nuclear bombs dropped, wars etc..? Many. Do you really think a "Messiah" could possibly lie that much? Not a real one..but Satan's boys always do as they play gods and they always manage to still deceive many people anyway. People rationalize their false claims and prophecies because they want to believe they are who they say they are.

They are liars. They are idiots. They are garbage from the abyss. The more I speak out about them and reveal who and what they are, the more their henchmen try to intimidate me into silence. Please.

If I was wrong, they wouldn't be so desperate to shut me up. The Bible declares them for what they are, the Most High has declared them for what they are. It's up to people to listen. Satan always uses deception and tactics to get people to follow him. And if you are following anyone but the Most High God then you have fallen for one of Lucifer's tactics and deceptions and when you die, he will claim your soul. Think about it.

Do you think the Pope is reigning in hell now? Over what? Flames and despair? Those in hell are suffering, tremendously. There is no party in hell and Lucifer won't share his kingdom with anyone! He lies to the gullible and they fall for it everytime pledging their allegiance and loyalty to him for earthly wealth and fame with the promises of the same in the afterlife. What do they get in the afterlife? Nothing...but the realization Lucifer lied and by that time it's too late.

Hell is real. There is only one way to secure eternal life in Heaven and that is to worship the Most High God and follow Him.

All the glory and glitz, power and wealth on temporary earth means nothing in Eternity. Earth is temporary. Eternity never ends.

These false messiahs are creating an illusion of a coming transformation on earth. Once they get into power they will have less than 7 years to destroy the earth with their cleansing and "transformation." Cleansing is a term for murder. In order to achieve their objectives of a "kingdom on earth" they will have to murder millions of people to do so. And they will.

Between Lucifer and Yahweh's judgment on him and those on the earth following Lucifer, some 4 billion people will die through weather catastrophies, wars, famines, and cleansing.

When the Lord Himself returns to put a stop to the false messiahs and Lucifer's reign on earth, only 1/3 of the population will be left.

How many will figure out in that time that the "aliens lied?" The Sananda's, Germain, Maitreya, Lucifer crowd lied?

World War 3 is on a roll to begin. The USA is targetted for destruction by its very own leader they put into office. It's been his job as President to bankrupt the nation and lead an army of terrorists against it to destroy it.

They are conditioning the public of bio attacks and suitcase bombs so when they're planned attacks happen they can say, "told you so" and blame it on someone else other than admit it was them themselves who were behind it. America has to be brought to it's knees and completely changed for the NWO to succeed. There are too many believers in the Most High and constitutional patriots standing in their way. The war on the saints and patriots will begin through martial law that is implemented after their premeditated attacks occur.

Don't enlist in the military. Don't support their phony wars designed to kill you so you aren't home to defend America. That's their whole point, getting every able-bodied American who can fight out of the country so they can destroy it without a fight from the citizens.

Welcome to New World Order hell. They want to control you and if they can't control you they will kill you.

Many will die refusing to bow to the NWO, or their Luciferian puppets leading it. Get strong in the faith now so you can withstand the tactics of the devil.

Better to die standing up for your faith in the Most High and gain eternity in heaven then bending to fear and spending eternity in hell.

Just tell Satan to go back to hell. He's a loser.

Yahweh wins.

Jump to the back of the book.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well folks,

Amazing how many titles have been submitted. In fact I'll be using them for books #3,4,5,6, etc..

I love the combo The Beast Network: Evil Never Sleeps and I'll probably use that for book #3, which will come out several months after book #2 comes out. Book #3 will be focused a lot on the beast network itself and last days prophecies, all my articles on the New Age, last days prophecies, etc.. So whoever came up with those titles "The Beast Network" and "Evil Never Sleeps" will each get a free, signed copy.

So far my favorite for this one coming out is still "Aliens on the Internet." I'm going to put a pic of an alien sitting on a computer on the cover. It's catchy, the title grabs attention.

Let me hear the yeahs and neahs on that one.

It is so much work to put a book together. Especially when you have to do all of the formatting and editing yourself. I subcontract the editing out, obviously since i'm no gramma queen, but the formatting I do, and anything else. Where's a publisher when you need one? Hiding under a table somewhere...hahaha

It's amazing that even those who publish books specifically on aliens and ufo's run when they see me. I'm not marketable or what? 132 nations visit my websites and I have a internet talk show. And my first book is about to hit Sun Tabloid out of Florida.

It's just Yah saying, "Let ME handle it." And so I am. So if I have to be bogged down and worked to death so be it. I'll do it Yah's way.

Maybe in my next one I'll mention the new technology our gov/mil has that they're getting bolder with. In some cases it's just remote viewers you can feel around you in your house, but the military has this thing out where they are totally invisible. You can't see them, but you can hear them. You can hear them walk, you can hear their legs bend when they walk, you can hear their stomachs gurgle, you can hear them breathe, but you can't see them. You know exactly where they are, and where they are standing, but you can't see anything.

Weird eh? They have had it for a while, I first noticed it 2 years ago, but they're getting bolder with it now.

Wonder if they realize how not so foolproof their tech is.

Anyone got a name for it?

I remember years ago the stories coming out about a high level CIA dude that everyone was afraid of who could manipulate his bodily atoms and walk through walls, etc... there's probably a lot more of him now....and this human cloaking thing is pretty wild to.

I wonder if yelling "Vin Uru!" would cause them to decloak? Allegedly it causes shapeshifters to shift back into lizard form. Would be fun to try at a congressional meeting don't ya think?

Maybe I'll take the kids to DC this summer and take a walk through the capital yelling Vin Uru.


Monday, April 11, 2005

The Lord said, "Teach them how to Worship Me."

Hmm, well, I'm about the craziest nut you've ever seen praising and worshipping Him. I used to think He was going to give me a straight jacket Himself, but He loves it. It's just always been our time, and I just have fun, and I love Him, and at that point everything I do and sing or say is because I love Him and it's sincere, and not formal, and not methodical, it's just from the heart.

David danced before the Lord. He sang and worshipped Him and danced before the Lord. Should we be any different? I'm not. I have fun.

I can't sing worth an off key note. In fact I'm about 1000 of those put together. But I can sing from the heart and lip sync to music. And Yah hears it just fine. Just because something isn't audible in this realm, doesn't mean it's not in His.

Just set time apart for Him. Or make time. And just play some good praise and worship music and sing to Him, that's what He wants. Raise your hands in the air, put some emotion into it, sing to Him, let loose, get crazy, have some fun. I always look up to Him and raise my hands and just sing, sometimes I do some little dances around the place I made up. It's all in fun and worship and He adores that. He adores it so much. He's told me so many times how much He loves it. So folks, get crazy, let loose, have some fun, and just worship and praise His Name. Throw all formality out the window and just get into Him.

The Lord loves for us to just be ourselves, and be personable.

Get that music on..

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The contest is still going on..

You can view the suggested Titles at

Read the post below for contest details.

I will pick a winner on Thursday April 14, 2005.
Ok folks, I need suggestions, so we're going to have a little contest called "Name This Book"
go to

Yes, you get to give me the title for my next book coming out because I'm just clueless. So I am going to wait till one of you comes up with a blockbuster Title that I'm just going to love and use.

Get it?


Get busy.

The winner gets a signed, free copy of the book when it comes out.


Submit as many titles as you want.


Friday, April 08, 2005

A lot of people seem to be interested in knowing why they didn't embalm the pope. In fact, they didn't embalm Pope Pius XII either and his stomach burst during his lying-in-state. To embalm or not to embalm...that is the conspiracy. LOL.

John Paul 1 was embalmed. Probably to hide the fact they poisoned and killed him. So the lack of embalming or emballment, embalment, if that's a word and however you spell it, of John Paul 2 hasn't gone unnoticed by the curious. I think it is because they think he's a contender for being the Antichrist and could return as "God." Seriously yawning here...

Can you imagine Satan Clause appearing in the heavens descending to earth? Children everywhere would be utterly confused on Santa's early arrival.

I would like to thank those who support my ministry online. Through their generosity I will be submitting my second book, another collection of my articles already on my websites, to the publisher next week. I will be calling it "Saints Under Attack" and it will highlight the high tech weaponry being used to target people, and especially believers. It will include a mixture of current and future event type articles.

May the Lord be blessed and may He bless those who have blessed me.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Is the next Pope the False Prophet? Check out my commentary on it at

1 more, 2 more, and then the end. So they say.

I think Catholicism is over. It hasn't put a dent in world religion and yet the Vatican is Satan's seat. Over 1 billion Moslems, over I billion buddhists. But think about it. It was a Jesuit who created Islam. The woman Muhammad married was a Vatican pawn who created Muhammad and his "divine" calling on orders from the Pope to do so. She created Islam for the Pope. So the real founder of Islam besides the Pope, is a woman. And who do they dehumanize and demonize the most? Women.

As his wife she convinced Muhammad he had a divine calling on his life and was hearing from "Allah." I have no doubt he was hearing from a demon called the moon god, but in this century these deceived people actually believe that Allah is a offshoot of the name Yahweh.

Do they act like God's people? Would Yahweh discriminate against anyone? No. Would Yahweh abuse, torture and dehumanize anyone? No.

Islam is Satanism. It thrives on abuse and suffering. There is no difference.

Prince Charles will attend the Pope's funeral and has moved his wedding to the next day.


I wonder what they will do afterwards? Shapeshift and reminisce about the days when the pope could actually walk to the basement himself and do rituals over the pentagram on the floor?

Or maybe they'll drink blood and brag about the growth of Islam, Mormonism, and how deceived everyone is? How about that throne room overlaid in gold under the Mormon in temple for the demon Moroni? Do you think he'll be at the funeral?

I wonder if this is like a demonic holiday now where they all get a day off of harrassing humans to celebrate the death of one of their own that they now get to torment in hell.

Do you think he has lifted his eyes up to heaven to behold it's glory to wish he had a second chance? Do you think he'll get that glimpse of heaven before they assign him his cell or pit in hell to burn in?

I remember reading "Divine Revelation of Hell" by Mary K. Baxter. She described how she was taken 40 days consecutively to hell to write what she was to see to warn the people about hell. She described how hell was divided up into separate areas etc..for classifications of people. The witches, were all promised kingdoms when they died, or to share Lucifer's with his, they were promised wealth and rank in Lucifer's kingdom after death. Mary described what they got, they were placed in what looked like tiers of jail cells. The only furnishings in each cell was a rocking chair. They would sit in these chairs and every so often flames would cover the entire area and burn them as they sat there. There was nowhere to run, no way to hide. They would scream in pain and Lucifer would show up just to laugh at them and ask them if they wanted more. They had believed his lies when they were on earth and had done as much wicked and mean things as possible to advance his cause on earth. They prided themselves on the power they had over other people to hurt them and cause evil. Their reward upon death? A rocking chair, jail cell, and flames of torment.

Hell isn't pretty folks. There's nothing fun about hell. If you die without Yahushua you go to hell. Lucifer claims you on default. You have to make a choice. Just because you dont' make a choice, doesn't mean one isn't made for you.

If you don't choose to love and follow the Most High, you forfeit your soul to Satan.

Choose Yahweh,

The Lord doesn't want anyone to perish without Him as their Saviour. But people choose to serve Lucifer over Him. They believe the lies of Lucifer.

Lucifer is the father of lies. The devil LIES folks, he might be charming and handsome to those who have seen him shapeshift into human form on earth, but he's a liar and a player and he's gambling for your soul.

Don't let him win.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Check out my New Commentary Corner at

Today's commentary: Beasts...Beasts...Where Do They Go...

I'll be updating it with commentaries throughout the week.

The pope's burial and the Prince's wedding on the same Satanic "high masters" day. I haven't figured out the significance yet.

Let's see.. Prince Charles converted to Islam, yet they killed Diana for wanting to marry a moslem. Huh?

George W. Bush converts to Catholicism (just a rabbit trail sidenote). The pope had to be furious that Charles converted to Islam. Was his death planned to upscale Charle's wedding? Well I have no idea..but it's interesting to muse over.

SUN Tabloid has asked for a copy of my book. They will annihilate it, mock it, and tear it to shreds.

I sent it by airmail.

till next time..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

In the news..

Fox news is reporting that the pope has not and will not be embalmed, his funeral is on Friday.

Only someone high up, such as the Black Pope, Hans Van Kolvenbach could possibly order such a thing. Seems to me they are holding out on the possability of John Paul 2 coming back to life as the Antichrist. Unless there's some other sane reason for leaving a guy dead 8 days till his burial without embalming him. Maybe he had an embalment phobia.

It's really amazing to sit back and watch how people revere this guy as if he's some great religious symbol. He's accomplished more blasphemy and apostasy in his reign than any Jezebel whore pastor could or has and people revere him.


And those people call themselves the Lord's people..

Even more sick.

Compassion for evil? Sympathy for the devil?

Not from me.

Monday, April 04, 2005

My Top 10 List of What the Pope Learned When He Died:

1. Purgatory doesn't exist

2. Satan lied.

3. He was betrayed by the brotherhood.

4. He wasn't the Holy Father on earth.

5. He should have listened to Peter and not Paul.

6. He doesn't get a second chance to do it right.

7. He shouldn't have slept in church.

8. Making a life out of deceiving people wasn't worth it.

9. Rejecting the truths of the Most High wasn't worth it.

10. Hell isn't what he thought it was going to be.
The Omegans claim the Illuminati sacrificed the Pope to delay their (Omegans) plans of announcing NESARA.

I posted a link at the files site today, Is Sananda having a nervous breakdown

Matthew 24:5, "For many shall come in my name saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

They have certainly deceived their share so far, and it will get much worse.

Alot of people ansy about the Pope dying and what it means in the prophetic picture.

Keep your eyes focused on the Lord always...

The eagle is the only bird created with protective coverings for its eyes. When they are chased by their enemies they close their eyes and head toward the sun knowing it will blind their enemies if they follow them. Their enemies can't follow them when they head toward the sun.

When you're on edge, head toward the SON.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tonight on the Radio show..
Eric John Phelps of

We will be discussing the future of the Vatican, the present and the past.

The Black Pope, Jesuits, Knights of Malta..the plans, the agenda, and the New World Order.

What does it have to do with your head?

Find out tonight.. 8pm EST at or

Friday, April 01, 2005

In the news..

The Pope is dying, or probably already dead. Even if he died today they would probably hide the fact he did, can't have the pope dying on April fool's day..that would have been funny, and fitting.

So who's next at the Vatican? Interesting Sananda is claiming they will come before April 15th, so has encouraged his followers not to pay their taxes if they owe any.

I smell an audit.


I guess he forgot the Scripture about rendering to man the things that are man's..