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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

In the news..

Fox news is reporting that the pope has not and will not be embalmed, his funeral is on Friday.

Only someone high up, such as the Black Pope, Hans Van Kolvenbach could possibly order such a thing. Seems to me they are holding out on the possability of John Paul 2 coming back to life as the Antichrist. Unless there's some other sane reason for leaving a guy dead 8 days till his burial without embalming him. Maybe he had an embalment phobia.

It's really amazing to sit back and watch how people revere this guy as if he's some great religious symbol. He's accomplished more blasphemy and apostasy in his reign than any Jezebel whore pastor could or has and people revere him.


And those people call themselves the Lord's people..

Even more sick.

Compassion for evil? Sympathy for the devil?

Not from me.

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