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Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Hello folks,

Welcome to 2011. This year I'll try to keep this blog updated on a more daily basis. I have so much to do it gets overwhelming so hang in there with me.

You know every year I spend the New Year's with Yah and we talk about the coming year ahead according to the Gregorian calendar. It's been a tradition I started with Him several years ago and just one of those things that have been a part of our relationship building over the years.

There's really quite the debate on whether this is 2011 or 2012. The Hebrew calendar begins the new year approximately every September, so indeed Sept 2011 could begin 2012. And then if we're all a year behind we're actually looking at 2012-2013 for the Hebrew calendar. They're usually a year or half a year ahead of us if you want to look at it that way. I see it in the Bible Codes that way all the time so I have to adjust to our Gregorian calendar that's why timing can always be an issue in trying to pin down certain months's almost impossible but you can get an idea of a general time frame.

As I spoke with the Most High the other night He gave me a glimpse of the coming times ahead. I won't post all of what He said because as usual, alot of it was personal info between Him and me, but what concerns the people...I'll post.

He said:

"This is the year you've been waiting for. Yes a lot of grief and destruction but My people will rise to glory and you child, will lead it. I love you and will lead you by My own hand this year child. Your naysayers will be left for judgment, they will face judgment as you seek Me for it dear, I know you're tired of them and I am too, so just ask Me and I will do whatever you ask. I will give you much annointing this year.

I've brought you up to new levels of knowledge and you will go even higher child. You will experience new things and be led by Me to new places and into a more secluded relationship with Me so you can teach and warn My people of what is to come without having to work so hard like you do. I hear your cries and complaints, I know you spend every instant in thought or deed for Me and I will reward you, you will be amazed. I know you fear the destruction coming on the whole world and the lives of the people but it is time child, they either repent and turn to Me or be judged and face judgment.

Many won't listen to you because they doubt you ....I ALONE will stand you up so there is NO EXCUSE for them ... Repentence or Judgment will be your message this year child. the sign of Jonah was of repentance, "that the children will return their hearts to the Father" and this is the last sign they will receive.

Last year was a year of fire, this year will be of sickness, want, and plague. the poor and elderly will suffer much, and then everyone will. The hardships of survival will set in as people can't afford their homes, cars, possessions, the riots will start when they can no longer afford to eat. Increased robberies, burglaries, hopelessness, lawlessness, will be rampant.

Droughts in some areas, floods in others, hunger and famine in the Fall. I will lead you what to say and give you much information for the people direct from ME because you will see it with your own eyes child, I will show visibly their plans to you and you will expose it all to the people ... they need more loosh to operate on earth, when you see much death and destruction in various ways then they will come..suffering...various ways...people will know their lives have changed and will never return as they were and they will be angry and vengeful with nothing to lose for many of them.

The waves will roar, earthquakes will flatten cities, and the despair will increase on every level child.

Look to Me and prepare the people as I lead you to.

This is the year, the year you've been waiting for, begging Me for, yearning for, you'll see'll see much with your own eyes.

I love you."

He said this would be a year of "want"...and He's not talking about the usual material greed of people, doing into debt to build up treasures on earth. People will need jobs, food, shelter, transportation. The basic needs of people that are slowly eroding and slipping away and out of their hands as they lose their jobs, employment benefits, health, and their debts overwhelm them and leave them penniless. A need for 'want' can cause desperation, and people who are desperate will turn to desperate measures to just survive. And that's why we'll see a rampant increase in burglaries, robberies, mayhem in general.

You need to prepare to protect yourself and your family, your property, even your possessions. Yah told Peter to sell his coat to buy a sword. Sell what you have to sell and buy a gun folks if you don't already have one. It's the best deterrent to crime there is.

For those of you who can get concealed carry permits I would suggest that as well. You never know when you will find yourself in a bad situation with desperate people and you will need to defend yourself or others.

Lawlessness is going to begin to be rampant. The love of many waxing cold. They just don't care anymore, all they see is hopelessness and have nothing left to lose.

Other things to watch for is an early spring and a drought by summer. If there's a bad drought this summer then that is signalling a famine in the Fall. This is the famine I've been watching for for years folks. This famine will kill tens of millions by September of next year alone. Perhaps hundreds of millions. Famine, sickness, an increase in murders and crime. Get out of the cities folks!! And get away from the coastlines!

Prepare for hardships ahead folks..prepare physically and spiritually.

Yah bless His people.