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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sherry Talk Radio
Aired on 3-17-2008

Sherry Talk Radio 03-17-2008
Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night March 17, 2008.

If you have any questions for the show you can send them to I’ll be checking that in and out.

It’s one of those nights. If I don’t sound too upbeat and cheery, it’s because I’m not.

Some of you have been listening to the show weekly in and out, will remember back in September and October I had found things in the codes that I wasn’t going to reveal because I didn’t want to escalate things at the time; because I knew they were watching what I expose and reveal. They watch very carefully the things I say and expose and reveal on this show. It kind of correlates to how they act and how much time they have to play with.

Back then, the whole thing I found in the codes where the gold vaults were empty. There is no gold in any of the vaults. The reason I didn’t expose it back then was to give the believers in the Lord more time, because most of you are living week to week and aren’t prepared for a coming economic crash.

I knew back then if I had stated back in September/October when it was when I found that, things would have escalated before the end of the year. Now it’s March and we’re seeing it come about. It bought us maybe 5 or 6 months. It’s not going to delay things forever. Eventually people are just going to be caught unprepared.

As much as I hate it, we can’t keep stalling. The only reason that things are delayed as far as they have is because of Maitreya. Certainly not the Lord; He has given them the green light. They can do what they please. It’s their stage right now and the events of the tribulation period will come about.

The only reason that things haven’t’ escalated even further is because of their own indecisiveness in how to act and react to what is going on; actually getting their plans going. That’s where we’re at right now, folks. It just can’t be stalled any longer. There is no gold in the vaults; or practically any substantial money in the banks.

Some of you the Lord has already been telling you to get your money out of the banks. If He is telling you, gives you a nudge at your spirit to get your money out of the bank…get it out. Do as He says. It’s gonna be a snowball…it’s gonna trickle at first…maybe a small bank in a small town will close it’s doors then maybe somewhere else.

What I’m saying may affect you in your area and not everybody all around the nation or world. If what I’m saying resonates with you, then it is to you that I am speaking. I know that some banks will be propped up longer then others. Other people are being told to get their money out of the banks maybe because the bank they have it in is getting ready to close their doors. He’s trying to warn. I know that He will warn about a month or two and then it just hits; whatever He is trying to warn you about.

That’s how you learn to hear His voice too; He nudges your spirit to do things. Then you realize when you don’t do them when you feel that nudging, whatever He said happens. One way of hearing him, you know? I just want to throw that out there because they just can’t hide it any longer. Me talking about it tonight isn’t going to speed it up; it’s already under controlled demolition status. Our economy is tanking.

The global economy is holding up America’s economy right now. It’s all going to tank; it’s going to crash. No one can hold it up any longer. These things I’ve been warning about and you’ve been reading about are going to come to pass.

Some of the things that I’ve been looking for is…there comes a point where for so many years everything I see in the codes is background info; it’s what they are doing in the background that no one else sees. All of a sudden you start to see then come alive. In other words, everything that is being done in the dark is coming to the light and we are seeing all of this manifest now. It’s eye opening really. It’s a total change. As soon as this stuff comes to light, it’s stuff people aren’t going to want to see. None of what is coming is what people are going to want to see.

I’ve been talking about March forever; warning about March because it is always a dominant month – either 2008 or 2009. Dominate month for the beast Maitreya. He is very much operating in the background right now, folks.

What I have found interesting and I sent it out to my lists last week, is the fact that Dick Cheney took an unannounced trip to the Green Zone. People might be wondering what that’s about. I found it interesting because as much as I kept saying the month of March is a dominant month for Maitreya to finally show his face, that Cheney would take off unannounced.

Another thing I’d been saying is that we had been building them a palace in the Green Zone. The whole reason that we have the Green Zone over there is we are building Maitreya this huge home; this huge palace over there.

That’s exactly what it is.

This palace they have built for him under the guise of some sort of U.S. embassy is larger than the Vatican. He can hold a lot of his forces and counsel there; whatever he needs. He has a lot of these alien and demonic forces that are coming. That’s what we’ve been working on. Kind of stumbled on it be accident by the Orgone and everything that the Orgone can do. It has 101 uses. We’re always finding something new that it can do. It’s apocalyptic. The bible codes call it apocalyptic. It’s going to cause a lot of events in the bible to come about.

One of these things is the whole locust thing. I just said it half flippantly last month that Bush is probably over there drilling in the Euphrates River and is going to end up opening the abyss and all the locust come out. You can read about it in Revelation chapter 9 where it talks about the locust coming out the abyss. The Euphrates River always comes up in the codes. They are looking for that gateway over there.

Sure enough, these locusts are actually allies of this Maitreya and the orgone is going to destroy them. It might take 6 months, but they will be destroyed. We are going to be destroying a lot of his forces with this orgone. What we’ve been able to do in our own country is secure it; make it a fortress against Maitreya and his forces. As they try to take it over, they’re going to die trying to. It’s a perpetual war; a constant war.

We’ve been targeting their strongholds throughout the country; their underground bases. The best thing to do is to get it in the water. Get it in the lakes, rivers, oceans and ponds. Get it in the water. These aliens and demonic forces need water. They don’t necessarily eat our food, but they drink our water and bathe in our water. Our water becomes very toxic to them if it has Orgone in it. Orgone doesn’t bother humans, but for some apparent reason it just totally burns and destroys alien and satanic forces.

I thought it was interesting that Cheney took off over to the Green Zone. I do think Maitreya is planning to make his announcement soon that he is here. I haven’t been listening to his people and don’t know what they’re saying, but they usually say they are waiting on our media to announce he is here. If anybody knows our media, they aren’t going to announce much of anything. We’ve been kind of keeping track of Arab and Indian websites to see if they announce anything about Maitreya’s arrival over there, in case they are and we are having a news media blackout here.

Another interesting piece I sent out last week was on the special closed session of the U.S. House of Representatives. Last week was only the fourth time in 176 years that Congress closed its doors to the public. There was a lot of interest in what were they talking about and didn’t want the public to know about. The last time they had a closed session it had to do with NESERA. I have that at

There was strong arming about this whole NESERA program that’s coming. Of course, they are trying to change the name, but it is the beast economic system on earth and what they will enforce with the chip implantation. There was a list of things supposedly leaked out from this closed session meeting of Congress and what they had talked about. Of course as far as the media is concerned, they were talking about Bush’s surveillance provisions in his bill. That’s what they gave for media consumption.

Apparently what they really talked about was:
1. The imminent collapse of the US economy to occur by September of this year.
2. The eminent collapse of U.S. federal finances by February of 2009. So we have economic collapse by September. 2008 and a government collapse by February 2009. I’ve warned folks that whoever was president in 2009 would hand over the power and control of the United States to the antichrist. Here is a timetable there they are giving us.
3. The possibility of civil war inside the USA as a result of the collapse. That would be this September if not, February of next year.
4. Advanced roundups of insurgent U.S. citizens likely to move against the government. 5. The detention of those rounded up at Rex 84 camps constructed throughout the USA. 6. The possibility of retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses.
7. The locations of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during expected massive civil unrest.
8. The unnecessary and unavoidable merger of the United States with Canada and Mexico.
9. The issuance of a new currency the Amero for all three nations, as the proposed solution to the upcoming economic armageddon.

A couple of weeks ago, I said I would talk about the FEMA camps and Rex 84; The Lord wanted me to talk about the coming war against the saints. I don’t even remember what I was talking about, I kind of ran out of time. He still has me back at that because it is coming, folks. Back in the 80’s; this whole thing with Oliver North and Iran-Contra affair selling arms. He traveled the country as some kind of hero being beaten up by our president and congress for putting up a security system.

One of the things about that that makes me sick, I was just a kid at that time, but my parents had dragged me to listen to Oliver North speak.. We went to Cleveland, Ohio to listen to him speak. Republicans are so schmoozzled by him; “He’s a Christian, a Republican.” At that time I had no idea of any aspect of the New World Order at all. Clueless. I was just a kid in my late teens probably.

Now that I look back at it, the whole time he was traveling around the country on speaking engagement being set up as a hero, he is planning our deaths through Rex 84. He was the one that Reagan had put in charge of the Rex 84 program. You look at what 84 is – the future internment of Christians and Patriots in internment camps.

We’ve seen Bush funding it a couple of years ago and giving Halliburton the contract to actually construct these interment camps. There have been pictures circulating on the internet for years of these camps. They aren’t what you expect. When you see them they are just fenced in areas with barbed wire coiled towards the inside to keep people, from climbing out of them. People heave seen them and gotten pictures near water supply area’s out in the middle of deserts and woods where it would take a train, airplane or boat to get to these camps. FEMA centers are in every major city.

They can take over any cities convention center and use them as processing centers to round up civilians. That one just kind of knocked the breath of me lately. I’ve been talking about it for so long, you know its coming; it’s right around the corner. I can’t believe it is here. It is here.

Right now we are looking at a controlled demolition. They knew last year there was no gold in the vaults. They knew, I knew and a couple of smart thinkers knew that the vaults were totally empty of gold and the only thing propping up the economy was that nobody was talking about it. Just trying to give people some time, buying them some time so they could get out and prepare for the coming famine and economic crash that is ahead.

Another thing is when I look at the whole thing with the location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during suspected massive civil unrest. That’s a joke. It’s one of those things where your heart hits the floor because you know they will all be killed. Satan has no loyalty; even to his own.

We may not like the members of Congress, and they may be to blame for a lot of the things, but there are still some good people in Congress. I have to believe they aren’t all lizards, greys or taken over and soul-scalped. There has to be somewhere, especially the new ones who were just put in…some normal humans with families left in Congress. They are all going to be killed. I saw that, years ago.

When this while thing starts to go down, the first ones on the trains; the red listed aren’t necessarily the Christians although Satan wants these government officials to believe that, “Oh, we’re going to round up the illegal aliens, possible troublemakers and the Christians, Patriots and bigmouths.”

They will be the first ones rounded up. They have been. After 9/11, I was hearing from people that saw lines and lines of people in handcuffs getting on trains and they were while collared professionals in suits, ties and dresses; government employees. To shut them up and get them out of the way. That’s exactly what they are going to do.

When they no longer need this Congress of ours, they’ll move them to a safe facilities so they have then all in one place so they can take them to their next real destination which will be a slaughter chamber. A lot of these underground cities that have been built and the promises of the government and military, “Help us to fight against and defeat the New World Order. Or, “Help us get these plans though and we will protect you in one of these underground cities or bases.”

The Lord told me that a lot of these underground cites and bases will become their tombs. Either way they’re dead. Even if the government doesn’t willfully kill them like they will the politicians, they will die eventually anyway because those underground cities and bases are gong to become their tombs. I have no joy in talking about this; its just one of those things. There will be so much death and destruction coming up.

They talk about this unavoidable merger of the United States, Canada and Mexico. That is so far beyond my worries right now because that would be after massive martial law here in America. That’s just what puts a hundred pound brick on your head knowing that before that even comes about there is going to be 50, 60, 70, 100 maybe 150 -200 million Americans killed.

The coming martial law. I put this link on my website for The End Game Plan. You can go to It talks about the governments plans to round up all the illegal immigrants they have allowed through our borders just so they can hide behind the illegal round up of Christians and patriots under the guise of illegal immigrants. Having this massive round up plan; they call it the End Game Plan. It makes you realize why they opened put the borders for so long and just let the Mexicans cross the border. Because they’re going to serve a purpose.

They opened the borders and let them cross for years and have done nothing about it. Acted like they were going to do something about just like they acted like they were doing something about the drug war; what they say and what they do are two different things. They talk about a drug war being against drugs, but meanwhile the drug war is a war against America so they can bring drugs into America.

The government’s been behind this for years. They talk about rounding up illegal immigrants, but what they will do is round up Christians and Patriots; who in a New World Order run by Satan will all of a sudden find themselves as illegal immigrants in their own country. Anybody that doesn’t go along with this New World Order is going to be rounded up.

They already have a list, folks. If you’ve been a church tither; if you’ve been a church member, those churches turn all of their membership roles into the state. They have to as part of being a 501(c) (3) church. So they have your name, you address and social security numbers. They know who you are. They’re been surfing the net for years.

People think they can hide behind screen names. That’s not so; they can find out who you are. They own the servers. I’ve been screaming that for years. The CIA owns the servers. They can find you and put you on a list. They have probably millions on their round up list.

What I see happening is this whole controlled demolition that’s going on now, is that eventually they can’t hide it that there is no more gold; there is no more money. The few people that are smart will get to the banks and get their money out now. They’ll just start rounding people up. Instead of announcing having all of the banks close. That would be one route that would cause the civil unrest. To have all the banks shut over night and of course that would cause massive civil chaos.

If they want to go that route and created massive civil chaos, do it that way. Otherwise, route number 2 where they don’t announce the banks are closing, they don’t announce that there is no money. They just start their round up program. Before anybody suspects it; before anybody sees it coming, they begin their round up program. They shut the internet off. I’ve seen them doing that. I don’t think it’s just my sites they are going to shut off, but that is always a possibility. It’s always there. They could take down the entire internet so that people can’t warn each other as to what is coming; what is happening.

Maitreya is behind that and wants them to do that. That’s how they could keep people from learning what’s going on because they’re going city by city, town by town and neighborhoods rounding up Christians, Patriots and loudmouths and taking them to internment camps. They could have millions taken imprisoned and killed before the rest of the world even knows what is going on. The media has a blackout. The media doesn’t talk about it. No one is talking on the internet because there is no internet and no body knows what is going on.

They could last like that for a couple of days, maybe even a couple of weeks. In the meantime, busily just killing millions and millions of Americans. I have always warned, “Do not get on these relocation. Don’t go to the busses, the trains. If there is a terror attack in a city and they will relocate you like they did a dry run in Katrina, don’t do it. There are thousands of adults from New Orleans still missing. You never hear about it. There’s always been this media blackout on it. The separated the kids from the parents, and there are still thousands of parents missing. They’re not just lost, folks. They’re dead; they’re gone. I think Katrina was a dry run for what’s coming. That could go about with little or no big fuss worldwide. You could have 100 million Americans dead before anybody realizes what’s going on over here. I think they’re going to go.

You’ve got your 2 routes – messy or quiet and silently. Whichever route they go, eventually they will just have to close the banks anyway and there would be civil unrest here. By then they would’ve gotten rid of the bigmouths, Christians and patriots.

What especially the Lord wanted me say about this is this whole coming martial law is indeed the antichrist war on the saints. Christians always have a prophetic picture in their mind about what the last days are going to be like. They picture this happens, then that happen.

Events are going to happen in ways you won’t expect them to. That’s one thing the Lord has always told me. We form assumptions and illusions in our own mind based on our beliefs are not necessarily based on the times and what the truth really is. We build our own beliefs and views on the things we have learned through church and religion and things aren’t always going to happen that way.

Most of the churches are waiting for a pre-trib rapture to come, and waiting for this temple in Jerusalem to be built. They are waiting for all these markers to happen, so they sit secure in their homes and they are asleep. That’s exactly what the bible codes say, that America is asleep; they are sleeping. They are under destruction and under siege and they don’t even know it.

Revelation chapter 13 verse 1-8.
And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, (Sherry: in the bible codes the leopard is a terrorist) and his feet were as the feet of a bear, (Sherry: communism and socialism) and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: (Sherry: lion being referred to as Judah or the Lord) and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear.
This is exactly the same timetable that I am seeing. I’ve been talking about; there will be the first fruits rapture of 144,000. The bible codes refer to it as a fraction. It really is; it’s just a fraction of the bride.
There are probably millions in the bride and there’s a small group; a fraction of that number of millions. They’re going to be taken off the earth. It’s these that Maitreya- the first beast is really after. Through this Orgone, we have caused so much destruction and death to his kingdom on earth.
Even coming through the aerospace. We’re destroying them in aerospace. Not us, but it is actually the Lord who is kicking up the strength of the orgone that we have put out everywhere. So he is going to be furious when he comes after this particular group; these orgone warriors…..and they are gone. What he does is turns around and goes after the entire bride.
He is the one who is going to start this whole war on the saints. How he is going to hide that is through martial law in America. You’re thinking, “How can this Maitreya in the Middle East going to control anything in America?” We are already aligned with him. America has already made an alliance with this beast. We’ve known for a long time that America has been lead by Satanists. America aligned with Satan years ago. It’s really not a shock…it’s just the way it’s going to happen is so different then the way people expect them to.
You expect some charming antichrist to rise. Someone tall, dark and handsome that the women will be goo-goo eyed over. They misrepresent Daniel and everything Daniel says. It’s not going to happen the way you expect things to happen. It’s not going to be as out front and in your face as you expect. A lot of things happening are done behind the scenes. Like now with Bush going over to Iraq to meet with Maitreya in the Green Zone and planning what they will be doing here in America.

This whole controlled economic crisis…..the economy crashing…..the banks are empty. Starting up the roundup of Christians and patriots; this war on the saints because he is furious. I do expect that the 144,000 will be taken off of the earth before all of that hits the fan. What I do worry about is so many of those sitting in the churches today being asleep to what’s going on.

Even if you are a Pauline Christian sitting in the church today, nowhere does it mention that there would not be a famine or civil war before a rapture will occur in the last days. I’ve been there. I know Baptist theology like the back of my hand. 30 years of it. I’m very astute at it, I might add. I know all your arguments, illusions, delusions and beliefs. Been there, done that.

The Lord pulled me out of it when I started praying for truth in all things. That’s all it takes; a heart for the truth and getting sick of religion; seeking Him for the truth in all things so He can lead you and teach you and pull you away from the errors that you are in. That’s a daily journey, folks; always asking the Lord for the truth in all things. It’s a daily journey with Him. If truth seeking is such a journey, then doesn’t that fly in the face of any kind of pre-illusions that we have about you can read the bible front to back and think you know it and have all the truth that’s in it?

If that was the case, then someone who’s read the bible front to back 100-200 times for 20, 30, 40 years they would pretty much have a grasp of the truth, don’t you think? I’m just looking at my own life because I’ve been reading the bible since I can remember, since I learned how to read. Front to back, front to back, front to back. So it wasn’t a big shock for the Lord to tell me that Paul wasn’t His. I knew that already. You can read Paul’s books and read what the Lord and the Apostles taught and see that there are two different messages being taught. It takes knowledge of the bible to be able to distinguish that.

Back to the basics; things aren’t always going to happen the way that we expect them to. Be prepared for the unexpected. I know that the church is waiting for this huge rapture and this coming war between Russia and Israel. They put Ezekiel 37 and 38 at the middle of the tribulation period because Hal Lindsey tells them to; because he says so. A 32nd degree Mason tells you what to think and everybody jumps. Stop listening to TV preachers and start asking the Lord. Things will start to make a little more sense. Look at Ezekiel 37 and 38 and Revelation 21 and 22. That aligns with Satan’s release at the end of the thousand year millennial reign. It has nothing to do with during the 7 year tribulation period.

What I have seen coming for Jerusalem- Satan is going to have his fleet of UFO’s. I don’t know if that is Sananda’s arrival in September of whatever year. He is having a hard time right now because he was going to have this entrance with Maitreya. It’s hard to tell and convince everybody that you are god when your UFO’s are crashing to the earth.

That’s why I came up with that silly “It’s raining UFO’s” song. That’s exactly what’s happening. The orgone is pulling the UFO’s out of the skies; somehow the orgone is conflicting with these navigation systems in the UFO’s. The Lord has confirmed that to me. They are crashing out of the skies and our media just talks about meteors hitting the earth.

Anywhere we have seen these stories of UFO’s crashing, they are orgoned areas that they have come into contact with. Everyplace that I have read about meteors, I know are orgoned areas; we have a warrior out there. ….a warrior here……..and over there. We’ve got warriors all around the world that have been putting orgone out. These UFO’s are going to run into orgoned areas and just hit the ground.

That’s another reason that whole beast charade….this whole quad; I think there’s 4 of them. Maitreya, Jesus, Mary and Germaine. Germaine is the one who is supposed to lead the beast economic program on earth, the whole NESERA thing. We have 4 of them together. I still see “black beast” in the codes, so I’m not sure who that is. Sometimes Obama’s name comes up, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s an Aryan, an Arab, a woman and a Negro. There are 4 of them mentioned in the bible codes, but you will also see the whole New Age themselves talk about the whole group of ascended masters that they have coming. We have many beasts coming. We won’t be limited to the antichrist.

Don’t forget, we have President Bush who has already pretty much convinced himself that he is messianic; that he’s a prophet of God. He’s going to be on a snorting monoat0mic gold mission to transform and permutate his own human body into one of these light body’s.

It’s a mimicry of a resurrected body and they get this through abusing monoatomic gold; taking great quantities of that daily. For all intense and purposes, I see Bush still being affected by that if he’s going to go that route. He just may go as crazy as to announce to the world that he is god and transform into this light body. It’s a hard one to swallow. King George. He’s already being forced to act; to do his part on the scene of the world’s stage.

The hate-thought crimes bill that I have on my website talks about where even thinking a thought of what they think is terrorism could land you in prison. They’re pulling at straws just to find the legislation and excuses to throw people in prison. They’re going to be using draconian legislation like that one. They may also be pulling out within maybe a couple of weeks, more legislation or they’re going to start enforcing existing legislation. They’re going to take away free speech and make it impossible to speak against King George. That would also be a precursor to these roundups. Many patriots would go under that one. Any rational thinking human being would go under that one.

It’s not ours just to be taken as sheep to the slaughter. Defend yourself; defend your family if they want to send military soldiers to your house. Think back to the Holocaust (don’t send me emails saying it didn’t happen).

Think back to the Jewish Holocaust where millions of Jews were just rounded up taken on trains to Auschwitz. You always wonder, “Why didn’t they do anything to defend themselves? Why didn’t they shoot the soldiers as they came?

Why when they were all standing in line and there were only a few soldiers around with guns, they didn’t team up and just take the guns from the soldiers? There were more of them then the soldiers. They just got on these trains like sheep to the slaughter and went to their deaths.”

That’s the same thing that is coming here to America. Are you going to let them round you up and take you to these trains? Are you going to sit in these barbed wire camps until the trains come to take you to the slaughter house and not do anything? There are always going to be more prisoners then guards.

You are going to die anyway, so at least die trying to get out of there. Get a back bone. We don’t have to be sheep to the slaughter. The sad thing is, most likely we will be. A lot of the bride is going to be tested for their faith and die. They’re waiting for rapture, but what is coming is martial law and death and a time of testing.

I know the government agents love to get online, pose as Christians and say, “The Commandments say thou shall not kill.”Folks, self defense is not killing. It’s not premeditated murder. It’s protecting yourself and your family. There is a difference between “thou shall not kill” and “thou shall not murder.”

That’s exactly what that word should have been translated as, “thou shall not murder.” If they weren’t allowed to kill, then David wouldn’t have been half the warrior he was. The Old Testament Israelites have always been warriors on the battlefield. It’s your God given right to protect yourself and your family.

So don’t let these pastors who are being rolled out by the government to slam Romans 13 down your throat on how to be submissive to government. Read the whole chapter. We are to be submissive to government until they go up against The Most High God. Obviously any kind of martial law, imprisonment and killing of civilians is not of God and you have a perfect right to defend yourself.

I’m going to start to answer some questions from listeners.

Question from a listener: Hi, Sherry. My name is Mike and I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. XZone Radio sucks. I received 2 pendants that I purchased on March 4th and haven’t seen one chemtrail over my city’s skies.

Sherry: Usually the pendants are just personal protection. Usually If you want to knock out the chemtrails, get Orgone and saturate the area with them. That’s funny.

Question: Does the size of the orgone make a difference in the area that it affects? I would love to know.

Sherry: The difference between the orgone. The 3oz, 5oz and 10oz. If you’re in a city area, I would just pelt it with 3oz muffins. I go to plazas and throw them up on the roofs, throw them into ditches, throw them in bushes where they won’t be seen. Just get your area north south east and west. Do a loop around your area. Go out and get the cow fields and corn fields. If you’re in the suburbs, it’s a little bit harder; but you can lop these things up into people’s gutters and they won’t know. What you want to do is get the little ones, you can hide them better. Once you get out and away from towns and cities, you can get the bigger ones. They will cover 5 miles of atmosphere miles. When you are inside of a city, your atmosphere miles get blocked by trees and buildings. You just need to use more orgone. If you’re out on a good day in a country field, and driving down the highway, one little 3oz puck will cover 3miles; a 5oz every 3-4 miles and a 10oz every 6 miles. It just depends on how well you want to saturate your area. I like to overkill. I encourage you to at least get your areas. Get your homes, your neighborhoods. Get the places that you go to; your stomping grounds – your bank, where you shop, where you buy gas, where your kids go to school. Get those areas as well. Any place that you go, any major routes into your area – so that truckers can get into your area with food and supplies. So while we can, we need to be getting our entire areas. Just ask The Lord to show you where to put them. He is great to take out on orgone missions. He’s a lot of fun and will tell you exactly where to put them.

Question: Does the orgone pendent only work if you wear it? Hillary Clinton is coming to my college tomorrow. I forgot to bring some orgone with me after spring break and only have my pendent. Can I hide it near the entrance to the building? Is Clinton even a shapeshifter or does she just do their bidding?

Sherry: I don’t think she’s a shapeshifter, but don’t quote me on it. She’s a very high ranking Mothers of Darkness witch. She very well could be a shapeshifter. There are some that believe she shape-shifted and scared the life out of Princess Diana when she came to
America and got her to drop her plans to go after John Kennedy Jr. and went back to Europe. Yeah, that would do it. Change into a lizard in front of her. I don’t know if she is as dominant a lizard as others because she is such a possessed witch, literally. She does protect the agenda; she works the omega agenda. The website with her at has her with Al Gore and Dick Cheney. I wouldn’t be surprise if she is a shapeshifter. Just wear your pendent and walk into wherever they are. It’ll annoy them. Anybody like Benny Hinn, Obama coming to your area? Try to get there before them and throw some orgone up on the roof of wherever they will be, or even inside of the facility they will be at, so it has time to assimilate into the air. I always tell people not to expect results right away, it takes a couple of days for the orgone to saturate into the air. Then you hear from others that say it was immediate; that they started to see the effects immediately. It’s really in the Lords hands. It’s His product and in His hands; saturate your area immediately or make you wait a few days.

Question from a listener: Have you seen the 2006 mini-series “Invasion”? This show is really good and has a lot of truth concerning aliens and military conspiracies.

Sherry: I did see it a couple of times. I just got so tired of the whole soap opera thing. I did like the storyline; the characters they had playing the people were killing the series.
That EMT guy was just so annoying; the soap opera guy. He just made the whole series annoying, I couldn’t watch it. I noticed it was a swamp in Florida. Southern Florida… there’s a huge underground base off of the southern tip of Florida. There are all kinds of problems with Florida in general with aliens as it is. It’s interesting that they picked that location for the series.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. I’m really scared and don’t know where to go. What is there for me to do? Kill myself?

Sherry: No. Killing yourself is not the answer. The Lord will protect those that are seeking Him and have their eyes open. He will protect. Don’t take one part of scripture and throw out another. In Revelation chapter 3, He will protect the Church of Philadelphia and He describes this church of Philadelphia. They are the ones that are truth seekers. Read between the lines. It is the truth seekers and those that are seeking Him and not embroiled with all these churchdom deceptions right now. If you are even listening to me and you are worried about what is coming, then you have a heart for the Lord; a heart for the truth. Go to Him and ask Him for His protection. He will protect those who truly seek and love Him. Martial law is going to be a time of testing for Him to test the majority of the bride who say that they love Him and do nothing for him. They just sit in these religious boxes week after week.

Question from a listener: You said earlier that you had some information to tell us, but didn’t know if you could reveal it to us because the government is listening. Can you go into detail to prepare us?

Sherry: That would serve no purpose. No. That just prevents things. I already told you about last year anyway. I’ll tell you eventually. The problem with revealing info is if I reveal info, they change their plans. We don’t always want them to change their plans, then they change to somethin
to see why so many people will die in the future because they don’t see the truth for what
it is. The guy was a complete moron and a huge atheist even though he denied it. I
applaud your efforts on the show because someone out there really needed to hear what you were saying. I hope that everyone in Canada doesn’t think this way. I guess I’m used to the Patriots and the people fed up with the government in America than to hear it differently from uneducated people. Yah bless your continuous efforts.

Sherry: Yeah. We’ll take some hits just so the message can get out.

Question from a listener: Sherry, yes Xzone Radio sucks. What a bunch of nut buckets. When is the best time of day to put out orgone? I don’t want to be seen and stopped by police for something as ridiculous as littering. I figure that nighttime is better. What do you think?

Sherry: I have traveled this country at nighttime and have seen one end to the other at night. Defiantly when it starts to get dusk out. I’ve had people take apples with them in case they got pulled over they could tell the cop they threw an apple out the window. If you are on the highway and you’re throwing an orgone puck every 2 miles or so, when you throw it, don’t let your arm go out of the window so they see your arm. Just kind of toss it inside of your car so that it goes out your window without the person behind you seeing your arm. I get in the slow lane, go slow and people pass me. When they are passing me I throw it, or have the passenger throw it if I’m driving. I don’t toss them with people behind me. That’s a big reason I do a lot of traveling at nighttime. People don’t see you. When I was out west, it didn’t really matter because there is nobody on the roads in the deserts. If there are you just drop down to the speed limit and they’ll pass you.

Email from a listener: Hi Sherry. When I was at Benny Hinn they had metal detectors, so try and get there ahead of time if you are planning to give it to him.

Sherry: I don’t think metal detectors can detect orgone. I’ve gone through airports with my orgone pendant on and the metal detector never went off. So, I don’t think there is enough metal in it, or the resin hides it or the Lord just does. I guess I’ll find out at the Capitol. I’m going to try it up here at the court too. I don’t know about the bigger pieces of orgone, but I haven’t noticed it to pick up the pendants. If somebody has gotten through a metal detector with a 3oz or 5 oz puck, let me know. You don’t have to even get inside the facility where he’s at. Just get outside of it; the roof and the area around it. He’s waiting on Satan to arrive and demonic power. He gets his power from demons. If they can’t get inside the building because of orgone, he has no power. They won’t go through the orgoned area to get to him.ill we all be on our own? Should we find a way to get together and survive as a group? What are your thoughts on this? By the way, Rob sucks. Do you think he should be punished for it?

Sherry: He served a purpose. Several years ago I was in a panic to get a safe haven for the Lords people. You start hearing about these groups that are already together. The problem is, the Lord told me, it is all infiltrated by the government. When the time comes for Him to protect who He considers as truly His, who have already been tested and don’t need to be tested through martial law, He will literally protect you and take where you need to be. Just put your faith in Him. Don’t be so fearful.

Question from a listener: I’m worried about Obama as a reptilian. I like what he has to say and am actually a supporter. Since his preacher has come out and made his comments, how has that changed things? Wouldn’t his preacher know if he is a child of Satan or not?

Sherry: Other than his racist comment, I liked what his preacher was saying. He had a lot of truth. We all know the government was behind 9/11 and all this other stuff. He didn’t say anything that others haven’t said. He just has the racist slant. I get so tired of it. I run into more racist black people than I have ever run into racist white people. They’re just so racist. I can’t take a racist slant from any race. I don’t care what race it’s coming from. His racist slant is what really hurts him.

Heads up from a listener: I got through the detector at the airport with a 3oz puck in my backpack.

Sherry: There you go folks. I didn’t think detectors could pick these things up folks. They can’t, so don’t worry about it. Just go and get your orgone done. Stuff them in your purse, in your pockets, whatever works.

Email from a listener; Thank you for talking how we have the right to protect ourselves. I really needed to hear that. I respect and love you so much.

Sherry: I love you too. I love all of you. Some of you really crack me up. Some of you give me a lot of energy and motivation to keep going with what I’m doing becuae of your own love for the Lord.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. We love you here in Quebec Canada. Have you ran other bible coeds of leaders such as Stephen Harper of Canada.

Sherry: I’ve been keeping my eyes on Canada since I have so many supporters there; also Australia. I haven’t seen anything coming up. Quebec comes up every once in a while, so I’ve been trying to keep my eye on Quebec. Nothing dominant right now. When something is dominant, I’ll see it. For instance, the Avian Flu in China (which is a bio-attack) we all knew that. America is going into an alliance with Delhi, which is Maitreya’s homebase right now. You’ll see the Chinese at war right now with the Buddhist Tibetans. This is very interesting because that is Maitreya’s stronghold and the whole New Age, Age of Aquarius garbage. The Himalayas are their stronghold. Now you see China acting out against them. Another thing, Japan is coming up in the codes. This renegade iceberg that I’ve been talking about to watch out for, because that’s still in the codes. This huge iceberg that’s going to break off from the north and cause incredible amounts of flooding. I believe it will hit our west coast; maybe Japan and somewhere else. We’ve got a renegade iceberg coming. For that to keep coming up in the codes causes a lot of concern. If the Lord is telling you to get away from the west coast, get away from the west coast. This iceberg is going to be hitting sometime this year.

Email from a listener: Hi Sherry. Yah bless. Great show as always and the remix song with the Weather Girls. Were there shapeshifters when Yahushua was walking the earth? Was Yahushua releasing positive energy?

Sherry: Yeah, I’m such the pop singer now.
The whole orgone energy is His energy. So, I don’t know. The bible codes always refer to it as “biblical” and it refers to it as “apocalyptic”. I know what it’s going to do apocalyptic wise, but I don’t know what it has done in the past. From what I can tell, orgone is something that has always been around, it was just known as something different. I don’t know what it was referred to in the past. I don’t have enough information on it. I know it will cause a lot of the things that the bible talks about; the destruction of the locusts after 6 months and boils on people who are chip implanted. It will burn and cause boils on alien and demonic forces. It’s going to do a lot of things. We’re going to see it too. Unfortunately, he is going to retaliate against the entire bride for it. But, we also know its coming. It’s his war on the saints.

Shape-shifting in front of Yahushua? I have no idea if they did or not. I know the demons knew who He was and would scream out at Him. They know. They know who you are; they know who have the love of the Lord in them as well.

Question: How many orgone warriors do you estimate are in L.A., California? We are 2 out of 144,000. I’m glad you liked the pendants we sent you.

Sherry: Yes, I did like the pendants you sent me. I’m not real sure about California. I’ve sent a lot out there to a lot of Air Force bases out there. It’s funny because they are the ones sending up the planes to spew chemtrails on everybody, and it’s the families themselves buying the orgone to protect their houses from getting these chemtrails on their heads. Just get it out there. Just do what the Lord leads you to do because I can’t put people together. It causes too many problems. So you have to just listen to the Lord. If He tells you to get a certain area with orgone, then get it. Target the water supplies in L.A. There are a bunch of reptilian underground tunnels in L.A. Try to get it in the underground. The sewers, the ditches; whatever the Lord leads you to do. There is so much in L.A. It’s the city of fallen angels before it was the city of angels for a reason. There’s a lot of work to do out there and everywhere.

Email from a listener: Hi Sherry. My brother wants to know how to tell the real from the false miracles. Also my mom would like to say she really appreciates what you are doing. Yah bless and thank you for answering our questions. I love you.

Sherry: I love the Lord’s people.
Everything that’s coming down from Benny Hinn and this Jesus that’s coming, are all false miracles. They may look real and Satan can mimic. It’s like causing the problem and fixing it yourself type thing. Have a demon infest somebody and cause problems and then have the demon go and the person is healed because the demon left. Don’t by it folk’s. Everyone is going to love him. That’s the problem. When he comes, he’ll be healing the sick and the lame, restoring sight to the blind. The majority of the world is going to accept him as the messiah. Then he’s going to say, “I’m just the son. You need to worship Maitreya as god.” Or Heaven forbid, George Bush. Just play it by ear. He’s not going to pull one over on anyone with their eyes half way opened. They’ll all be repulsed by it (those that are still here). We can laugh about it now. It’s going to be the church crowd being led by all these TBN preachers by the hundreds of thousands who will be deceived by this. Benny Hinn and all them will put their support behind these beasts that are coming.
I’ll answer the rest of your questions later.

Email from a listener: I was watching the mini-series on John Adams on HBO. Guess what? Nothing has changed. They couldn’t agree on anything back then either. I was watching the news today and I believe that the economic crash is starting before they wanted to and why the Fed is trying to keep it propped up.

Sherry’: Yeah. It is. They’ve been propping it up since last September and October. You can’t tell me that I was the only one who knew the vaults were empty of gold; they knew. They’ve been propping it up. The only reason, like I’ve said, they are delaying things is because of their own indecisiveness. We are destroying their plans and they have to go to plans, B, C and D because we keep taking their plan A’s away from them. That’s a testament to the Lords warriors.

Question from a listener: Any areas of Quebec that you could suggest? What do the codes say about us here in Québec? Thank you, Sherry. I love you girl.

Sherry: I love you too. Obelisks are excellent targets because they are Satan’s penis symbols all over the place. Target these things. Ask the Lord where to put orgone. He loves to go on these missions. Just go with Him. Head out and ask Him to show you where to put them and go from there. He’ll show you. I love the Lords people and have so much fun. I feel a lot better now then when I did starting this show. I see that destruction is coming and I’ve tried to do my part in holding it off to give the Lords people time.

So that’s where we’re at, folks. I’m not going to answer any more questions tonight and am going to wrap this up. There is no propping up the economy anymore. Even me being silent about it isn’t going to do anything. The banks are empty, the vaults are empty. Boom, the crash is coming. Some of you and me the Lord is telling you to get your money out of the banks, get it out. If you feel like you are fine, then you are fine. What could affect one person in one state, may not affect somebody else somewhere else. The problem with Israel today is we are all over the world. When the prophets used to speak, they used to speak to the people in Israel all in one place. Now when you are speaking to Israel, you are speaking to the entire world. Israel is red, yellow, black and white and all over the world. That makes it impossible to speak something and have it affect everybody all at one time.

I’m going to wrap it up because I’ve said what I had to say tonight. The war on the saints is coming. The roundups are coming. The economic crash is coming. Banks will be closing. If banks are closed, businesses will be closed because they can’t bank. Just think about things folks. Get prepared. Can you go 3 months? Do not head to relocation areas. Don’t go for government support and help; that’s the biggest thin; that’s how they will get you. Stay at home. You should have enough for you and your family to get through 3 months. Don’t be heading out and getting government help, because FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). I warned about this last year and the year before, - FEMA is going to be an arm of the beast and will be taken over and run by these hutch/ tall boy/ grey aliens. When Satan arrives on Earth, they will be the ones running FEMA and enforcing chip implantation and the deaths of all these people that are rounded up. They won’t bat an eye carting people off in trains and taking them to slaughter centers where they will be burned and whatever. These aliens won’t bat an eye. That’s why they’ll be the ones in charge of all of this and taking over FEMA.

Just a heads up until next week. It’ll be interesting to see what else He will let me talk about next week.

Until then, Yah bless everybody.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Transcribe 3-10-08

Sherry Talk Radio
Aired on 3-10-2008

Sherry Talk Radio3-10-2008
Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live.

It’s Monday night March 10th.

Good to be here tonight. I was busy this week; I’ve got something real special for you tonight. I met up with the Weather Girls earlier this week and so I’m going to go ahead and play what we came up with.(Sherry plays the song, “It’s Raining Men”, and “men” is replaced with “UFO’s”.)

Just some fun I’ve had this week with The Weather Girls.If you have questions for the show, you can send them to

Yes, I’ll put our next #1 blockbuster on my website.Don’t forget folks, we have three new areas over at You

The watcher Files are at You now and sherry Talk Radio is at You Tube. I’m putting up my own site…don’t really have anything up yet. I have some help with this; I’m not real tech oriented as most of you know.

I’ve got 2 warriors who have stood up for The Lord and are just doing things. They have done a ton of work over there. It takes sometimes takes them 1 – 2 days just to upload 1 video over there. They are doing a tremendous job.

Also the warrior who stood up and put up If you like a little bit more organization, it’s much more high tech of a website than any of the sites that Ihave up now. Very blessed. The Lord is just sending people my way. My transcriber Liz does a great job every week transcribing my interviews and also my shows. I'm just real blessed.

A lot of interesting things happening in the bible codes. Every week I don’t know how I just got into doing the bible codes in current events type of thing, but this is where The Lord has me. I noticed last year, last September that the codes were in real time. There were certain ways of finding that and doing that. Like I’ve said, it’s the Lord Himself who helps me understand these codes and sometimes not quick enough. Sometimes I just can’t understand what I’m seeing. They are like a puzzle and as I keep seeing it over and over again in different codes then I start to put the pieces together.

I found it interesting; I got a call from a Washington Post reporter on Sunday. He was asking me questions that I just saw coming out of left field. Why would Washington care what I thought of John McCain? I really have no thoughts on John McCain. I’ve published far and wide my thoughts on Obama and Hillary. Frankly I just told him that…..I sounded the same thing that William Cooper said. I just told him William Cooper’s warning about John McCain; that John McCain had been a prisoner of war for 5 years and that there is no way that somebody could be in all of that torment and torture and not have his mind fragmented. So, he’s most likely, most plausibly, according to William Cooper and what I think as well from my own run-ins with people that have been involved with abuse and torture at any age, is the fact that their minds will fragment.

So, who is controlling John McCain? That’s the problem. We have that with George Bush now. George Bush’s mind ifs fragmented. He’s MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder modernly known as Dissociative Identity Disorder). You never know who is controlling the personalities that have been fragmented within George Bush Jr. Not even that, but just completely take him out of the picture and you have one of his clones in place. I see that a lot in the codes. He has doubles. Like I‘ve said, doing a code on him is like looking in an empty box. I see that with John McCain. There is a shell, but nothing inside. You don’t know who is controlling who. He was interested in my thoughts of Hillary Clinton being a high-ranking witch with the Mothers of Darkness and Obama being a lizard.

I think it was the first time this reporter had actually heard the terms, “lizard” and “shape-shifter.” Kind of funny. It’s been so long that I’ve been doing this stuff, especially in this particular area, that it just sounds so natural to me. What sounds natural to me just sounds completely off the wall to others. It’s almost amusing.

I’m not sure what he is going to use for an article that he is writing. He was writing an article on Satanism in Washington D.C., and he stumbled on my website because of info that I have on my site from David Bay over at on his layout of the buildings and the streets in Washington D.C. and how it’s all laid out in Masonic and Satanic symbols. So I referred him over to David Bay.

Then he came up with these questions out of nowhere. Later he sent me an email asking further questions. It’ll be interesting.I’d like to see the whole newsroom pulling up my website the first reaction will be to laugh, mock and ridicule. The next reaction will actually to start reading some of the stuff. Our critics and enemies are sometimes the best things we have because if it wasn’t for them, people wouldn’t hate you and your information wouldn’t be out there. So if you are hated, at least you know your message is getting out there.

That’s the way I look at it and what The Lord has always told me. He sits down some of my enemies and then lets others thrive against me because they serve a purpose…the serve a purpose for Him. When I started putting up these websites, I put them up for the Lord. He leads people to them. It’s all about Him. It’s not about me. I try to do things the best I can with the limited abilities I have to do them. I just leave it all with Him. It’s about Him.The Washington Post reporter had made a comment about my involvement with the internet, my websites and all the time I spend at my radio show.” He asked, “So this is how you make your living?” I said, “No, I don’t make a living doing this. This is how I spend my time.”He said, “Well, how do you make a living?”I said, “My husband’s a carpenter.”

Very interesting because it’s one of the biggest tools of Satan; you’ll see it with his henchmen all over the internet. “Oh, she’s getting rich off of her books. She’s just doing it for money...” If I was doing it for money, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen this. I have a college education. I would have gone and pursued my dreams that I had back in college rather than sitting and talking about aliens and UFO’s day in and day out; warning the public about what’s coming.

It has certainly hasn’t made me rich. I live in the ghetto; my car is 14 years old. They’ll strike at anything. They’ll pull at anything to try and discredit people. “Oh, she’s playing the same song that so and so does…”

I’ve been playing some of these same songs since 2004, so a lot of these other people are copying me and not visa versa. They just pull things out of a hat and accuse you with it. Sometimes being on a forum boards are the worst because you reply to a message and all of a sudden they attribute that whole thread as being something that you said or started and all you did was reply to it. I don’t even go to those anymore. Satan pits. I think godlike productions has to be the biggest Satan pit on the internet. It’s interesting because without your enemies, nobody would hear about you. It serves its purpose.

I had an interview Friday night with X Zone. What I thought was really funny about that, was I knew from the intro, he’s either nervous because he’s being really flippant and obnoxious in this intro or it’s going to be one of those nights. He welcomed me to the show and I said, “Thank you.” I wasn’t really expecting anything at that point but the Lord brought something to my mind just today. It was kind of funny because normally when I do a radio interview, I say, “Thank you. I’m so glad to be here.” The Lord had held my tongue Friday night, because all I said was, “Thank you.”I didn’t say, “I’m glad to be here.”

I didn’t recognize that. I didn’t notice it till He brought it to my mind earlier tonight. I thought that was kind of funny. He knew what kind of interview it was going to be and that’s what kind of interview it was. The Lord was just kind of holding my tongue. And I had to hold my tongue just to keep my patience because it was one of those things. Satan just wants to attack and discredit.

When that doesn’t work, they’ll just go to some 2 year old behavior like cut you off the interview.

Before the show I had submitted 12 questions. He asked me to submit 12 questions that listeners might want to hear the answers to. He never got past the first one.

Tonight I thought I’d go through, because I thought these were really good questions that listeners would want to hear the answers to. He didn’t even get past the first one. I’m going to go through those tonight….the questions that he should have asked me and I should have answered. We would have had intelligent conversation. I’ll have that tonight, all be it by myself and about 50 of you that are listening tonight.

You look at these shows throughout the month and it’s completely amazing just thousands…thousands are listening to the archives of these shows. The leading country behind the United States right now being China. They never listen the night of the show; they’ll catch it later….12 hours from now whenever they are on it on their side of the world. Other than that, Australia and Canada. Those are the top 4 countries that listen to this show, out of 150 that listen to it. It really gets out there, just the message.

You can go to my archives and listen to them. They aren’t really time sensitive, time dated because anything I said 3 years ago is just as relevant now as what it was then. I think that’s why everyone of my archives are so heavily listened to and why I keep them up. People will go through and listen to every one of my shows for the past 3 years. I didn’t have a radio show in 2005; I just spent a lot of time homeless that year. It’s always Satan’s attacks. It’s always one thing after the next. I had a good time that year. The Lord was always with us; we weren’t needing for anything...just a house.

Anyway, one of the first questions I had listed to go through was: Who and what are aliens? Aliens are fallen angels, folks. There were 2 different rebellions back in the early days. You had Satan’s rebellion against the Lord when he wanted to become like God and was kicked out of Heaven. Then you have Enoch’s rebellion; the Watchers rebellion.

Two different rebellions and that’s why you have 2 different main variations of aliens, being one – they’re giants. One set of different factions of these aliens/fallen angels are all humanoid giants. We’re talking 7...8…9…10 foot tall. Then you have the other; like Satan and his group that are lizards, greys, the reptilians and snakes. There are 200 different variations of the ugly type beings that we call aliens.

That’s the difference because when Satan rebelled, his whole judgment was not given to him at that time because his whole judgment will come when he is chained and cast into the lake of fire after the thousand year reign. He still gets even after this time, one more attempt to usurp the authority of God. But back then part of his judgment and those that were with him was to lose their angelic looks. So they lost their angelic looks; it was part of their immediate judgment. Even after having lost their angelic looks, Satan like I’ve said, his kingdom is very high tech. He has been able to create these clone races controlled by the hive mind capacity of chip implantation; like the greys. The small greys are all chip implanted and controlled. There are other races like them who have been manipulated and created by Satan to use them as slaves; to do their foot work.

Where you got the giants, the Annuniki that are tall and humanoid and angelic looking - these are the children…the ancestors and down the line of the Watchers that fell to come to Earth to procreate with human women. You can read about that in Enoch. I believe they were standing on Mt. Hermon. There were 200 officers and they had tens of thousands of angels underneath them. It wasn’t just a handful of watchers that decided to leave Heaven and come to Earth at that time; it was hundreds of thousands. They came to Earth; they took what women they chose; which means they were abducting, raping them and impregnating them.

These women were giving birth to giants. The giants they were giving birth to, Enoch talks about 2 brothers that were 30 furlongs tall. I’m imagining that’s about 30 feet tall; just huge beings. In the time of Noah and earlier, you just had these huge giants on the earth. When you really sit back and try to look and think about life was like on Earth back then….it’ll blow your mind.
The churches give you one impression. The History Channel will give you another impression. Then there’s the truth.

According to Enoch, one of these brothers alone ate 500 cattle a day. When there were no animals, they would just start eating humans. This is what they were going through. When the Lord wiped out the world with a flood, he destroyed the Nephilim at that time; the hybrid children of the unions between these women and angels. I heard Daniel Ott ask a guest this the other night on his show. He asked his guest, “Did human women procreate with these giants?” It wasn’t the giants they were procreating with; that was the result of their offspring; these huge giants. Angelic beings to begin with are going to be tall; about 7-8 feet tall, but that’s not necessarily a huge giant that we would think of today…15-20 feet tall.

Remember the giant that David took down was 9 ½ feet tall. David was small. I can relate to David, he was small; 5’4” to 5’ 6”. He had three stones. He didn’t just take down Goliath; he took his brothers down with him. That’s why I liked that movie “300”. I don’t know if you saw it last summer. You get a good picture of Sparta going to war against this god-king. That was the whole thing I wanted to see, because these god-kings that ruled on the Earth at that time. These satanic beings…that’s how it was. These giants and these different types of animals on the Earth at that time. Satan always trying to create his own animals and his own humans. I’ve talked about that before in my articles and on my show.

The missing link between cave men and human was that Satan created the one and the Lord created the other. You will never be able to connect those two. Satan has never been able to duplicate the Lord’s perfect plan, His perfect blueprint of a human. That’s because of the soul. Man became a living soul when the Lord breathed through the nostrils of Adam; He declared that man was a living soul. Satan cannot duplicate that. They will never find the missing link between Satan’s experiments of a caveman and mankind. Satan’s been furious since and has tried to destroy the Lords creation.

We see that today. He never stops trying to destroy the Lords creation. We are seeing it in full force.Last week. How they’ve been putting this myrrh…this white powder gold, monatomic gold in water; in what we are drinking. It’s been going on under our noses all these years.

Now you’re hearing about water supplies being contaminated with pharmaceuticals. Towards the Midwest and western states even being contaminated by estrogen and other hormones. It’s their agenda to turn mankind from male and female into androgynous beings; neither male nor female. Hermaphrodites; hermaphroditic beings. It’s just another way of destroying mankind.

They do this through the promises that they will ascend into a new light body. They always make it seem good; like it’s something you want. What it is is a mockery and fake of a resurrected body. The Lords resurrected body. If you’re a believer in Him, you receive a resurrected body when you die and go and be with him. After death, we have this resurrected body; that is what Satan is trying to mimic with this monoatomic gold. That’s why I was talking about Obama. People say, “Oh, he glows!” I’ve seen in the Bible where he is a snorter of this white powder gold; this monoatomic gold. That’s what gives him the image of glowing.

I’ve also seen where George Bush Jr. He has 2 different routes here. We won’t know which route he is going until he chooses it. The bible code will show you 2 – 3 different paths ahead; things that can happen. That’s why you can’t use it to try and figure out future events. The bible codes will give you 3 different routes and you don’t know which one is taken until it’s taken. All you can do it talk about what you are seeing that way people know what to look out for. I have seen George Bush’s permutation and transformation in the bible codes based on snorting this white powder gold.

That’s what Obama is already doing. I still get questions about Hillary and Obama. I’ve been warning about Hillary Clinton since 2000, 2001. She wasn’t even in the Senate yet. I said she would be the president or vice president and would be in charge of martial law in this country. My thoughts haven’t changed. I didn’t have Obama’s name back then, but even when I look at him in the codes today, I don’t think he’s going to live very long.

Back in January I had warned of a scheme I had seen between Hillary and Obama and the whole Democratic Party. Boil it down to those two and take Obama out of the way…it would pave the way for Hillary.I’m just going to stick with that and not change it.

Even if Obama did get elected president, I don’t see him staying in office very long, period. They’re going to have a hard time….all these beings coming to earth and counting on earths changes simply so they can survive here….these “friendly aliens” coming to Earth. It’s a hodgepodge.

There are no friendly aliens, they are all evil. They have this whole plan of bringing gods kingdom to earth and turning it into a light body kingdom. They’re going to ascend into the Age of Aquarius; bring Heaven to Earth. T

hey need all these changes on earth just so they can survive. They need chemtrails to dim the sun on the earth because they can’t deal with the hot sun. They need white powder gold to give them to give them the angelic glow when they try and come as angelic beings. So they can’t pull that façade off without the glow. They’re using frankincense as perfume to hide their putrid death smells.

It’s going to be very interesting.With George Bush; if he did go that route where he would be their ally,you see him transforming and becoming what they would call ascended (we would call it possessed) with his light body. “Oh, look…I’m god.” His fake resurrected body. Nothing would surprise me at this point with George Bush. If he doesn’t go this route, they’re just going to kill him. This would be interesting too, because when Maitreya comes to Earth in Iran is when you’re going to see a lot of this stuff rolling.

I keep warning about it. Watch Iran. Watch Iran. When you see Maitreya arrive that’s when everything’s going to start rolling.Something interesting that I’m seeing in the codes; it could happen even before Maitreya arrives. I’ve talked about how I keep seeing “pacific” in the codes. The Pacific Ocean. I was laughing about the Capricorn and ashes in the Pacific.

Like I’ve said, the Orgone is causing these UFO ships above the earth to malfunction and crash to earth. That’s what you are seeing. The media is calling them meteors; they don’t know what they are. They are UFO’s. The Lord has confirmed that many times already. It’s the quick flash of light in the sky. Every once in a while someone will hear a “boom” and then see a flash of light. I’ve always just seen flashes of light.

Of course, when I was in a campground about 2 years ago, there was a huge spectacle over the campground. I believe that a ship was shot out of the sky because the area I was in was being protected. Of course, it was in the news; the whole state was enthralled by this blue light and “boom”. Here’s my tent right underneath it all; it was funny. I’ve seen star wars go on and also UFOs’ shoot at each other. It’s interesting. If you want to know it there are UFO’s, look up in the sky; watch them at night.

My second question: Are there friendly aliens?


There are no friendly aliens. I have asked The Lord many, many times thinking maybe I was wrong. Anybody who knows me knows how cautious I am and how slow I take things. I don’t want to be wrong. I’ll take things back to The Lord and ask Him to confirm….confirm. Maybe I heard Him wrong. I’ll ask Him again 3 or 4 times. Eventually, He just gets angry and you learn not to ask Him again. You just learn that’s the answer and don’t ask Him again. One of the things He has told me over and over again and probably getting sick and tired of telling me over and over again is that there are two types of beings; celestial and terrestrial.

Celestial angels are in Heaven, terrestrial aliens are on Earth and in space. They have been kicked out of Heaven. If there was an angel, they would be a celestial being in Heaven; they are on of His. So you have the ones who are in Heaven and the ones who are not. Anything part of the terrestrial kingdom is under Satan’s realm. It’s like going to Hell and asking, “Is anybody nice down here?”They all play agendas. They all play a different faction agenda.

I ran into a Nordic agenda several years ago. Supposedly these Nordics hate the New World Order; they want to work with Americans and people around the world to destroy the New World Order and blah…blah.

I asked The Lord quite a lot about them. They don’t like the New World Order because they want their own agenda on Earth. Then you have these other people claiming “they are good aliens and they want to seek redemption from The Lord…they want to be allowed back into Heaven.” My answer is, “They wouldn’t be mingling with mankind then. Because they know of the deceptions that Satan uses to trick and deceive mankind. Right now there are groups on the Earth who are retired military intelligence and government officials who deal with these friendly aliens; these humanoid giants. Tall blond haired, blue eyed. Typical Annuk, Nordic type.

What they think is that they are working with these, “friendly aliens” to fight against and destroy the New World Order. What the Lord has told me is when this comes about these aliens will just take over with their own agenda at that point and the humans that are working with them will be killed. Not as friendly as you thought, huh?

Just don’t be deceived by these beings. They are all under Satan’s realm. They want you to believe anything they can do to get you to work with them. Don’t do it. Don’t trust them; they are all part of Satan’s realm. Many of these humanoids, these Nordic looking Annuniki can shape-shift and do.

They shape shift into lizards. So how do you know if it is a fallen watcher, or one of Satan’s reptilians? They do it all the time and can take on human bodies. Look at the body that Maitreya is coming in. You can see his picture online on of this Maitreya which is a cloned body of Cain’s. It’s not his body; he is just a lizard and had this human body created.

This Jesus that’s coming; this Sananda, its a cloned body that he has. This person playing Jesus is just one of Satan’s generals. They clone human bodies. They create bodies. Even Hatonn (I have it at my websites and even Hatonn talks about how the body he has was created for him. You can see the long neck feature of this Hatonn who is supposed to be their leader. That’s because he is a tall grey fitting into a human body.

It’s really kind of silly. Sounds fiction, but…hey, where do they get fiction from?

Third question. Who and what are the serpent seed line?

I’ve talked about this for a long time folks. Satan has a seed on earth. If you go to and just spend 10 minutes scrolling through this summary of Genesis 3:1-6 and a whole detailed account of what really happened in the Garden of Eden. I found this one link on “What was the real sin in the Garden of Eden?” He said everything I’ve already said. I also have articles on my website. This will give you a detailed word for word view of Genesis chapter 3.

I also have an excerpt from Blueprint for Bondage. This is an excellent book that people should read. There is a link to that on my website or you can go to Even in the New Testament when the Lord was speaking to the Pharisees and he was proclaiming they were of their father the devil. This was literal; it wasn’t symbolism or masking anything.

Literally telling them they were the offspring of the devil. Satan has progeny on earth. It only takes about 5 – 10 minutes to realize the terms being used in the New Testament. Nowhere in Genesis do you see the term “apple” anywhere. It wasn’t about an apple in the Garden of Eden folks. It was about a sexual union that took place between Eve and Satan.

Number 4. How can we defend ourselves against aliens?

Defending yourself against aliens is as easy as opening your mouth and speaking or just getting Orgone out there. What I like about the Orgone is that it works in the background. An automated energy that keeps them away from you so you don’t have to constantly be on the alert. I know that even they will try hit and runs even if you have Orgone in an area, you’ll still get hit at night with tech attacks and demonic attacks. They will hit and run. You don’t always know what you are dealing with demonic, aliens or military. 9 times out of 10, it is military. If you have your home, yard and area orgoned, the demons and aliens don’t want near it. It burns them. They’ll send military after you.

It doesn’t have an effect on human unless they are totally possessed. They can operate in the 4th dimension realm. Kind of hard to explain how they can operate. They can walk into your room and be totally oblivious to physical things; they aren’t going to bump into your desk, but walk right through it. They aren’t limited boundaries. I don’t know how else to explain it but most of you know what I’m talking about anyway.

We’ve been going though this garbage for years. One of my favorites is just asking the Lord to fry their equipment. If they are targeting you with tech weapons, ask the Lord to send His angels.

Real simple, say something like, “Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you fry the chips being used to operate their equipment; the circuit boards so they can’t use their equipment. In Yahushua’s Name, amen.”“Dear Heavenly Father, something is in my house. I don’t know if it is demon, alien or military. Please send your angels to chase them out with flames of fire and burn them.” Or ask Him to chain them and send them to the abyss. Don’t take it. So many warriors are being pounded on day after day. Being harassed, stalked and just beaten on all the time. You don’t even know by what and are too tired half the time to care.

It’s time to get proactive and ask the Lord to do something. You will start seeing peace around you. When you start throwing Satan’s generals in the abyss, it infuriates him. He can’t replenish them very quickly and has a limited number of army forces available. He can’t reproduce them except for these cloned beings.

That’s like back up plans B, C and D. Just get proactive.I’ve got a fried computer sitting in the dining room. I need to take my own advice. Every time you turn on your computer, ask The Lord to guard and protect your computer and if anyone tries to access your computer to harm it, to fry theirs. To burn it, fry their motherboards just for attempting to get into yours.

We can do this stuff. We can get active as warriors and ask Him to do these things. He does the actual work He’ll send the angels out to actually do the work we are asking. Just like the fun list we came up with. I have 60 things compiled by different warriors and put them on a list. This was causing chaos in Satan’s kingdom. We were targeting the human/alien underground bases and causing complete chaos. Keep the prayers up on that. Go through them everyday.

Pray a couple of things. The first week we did it, it was really strong. I could see in the bible codes that it was causing complete chaos. As time goes, people forget about it. I’m encouraging you to keep up on those. It really was reaping havoc on Satan’s kingdom and still is as long as we keep asking The Lord to do those things.Aliens won’t go into orgoned areas.

It is also causing their ships to crash and causes them to burn. It is an apocalyptic weapon that the Lord has given us and causes many of the prophecies to be fulfilled that are coming. Also ask the Lord for protection against them and ask for specific things.

If you see a spaceship, ask the Lord to crash it. Just simple stuff, folks. He’s listening...know that if you are a child of His; you have all the power that He as by using His Name. Ask him to do these things in Yahushua’s Name and he will handle things.I want to get to some questions from listeners. It’s about a quarter till and I usually speak for about an hour. I’ll finish these next week.

Question from a listener: Sherry, I know how to listen to the archives of your radio shows, how do I listen live so I can ask questions during the show?

Sherry: What you need to do is go to and click on the Listen Live button. There is a link under there email a question for the show. It’s 10pm eastern, Monday nights. Until I get another computer put up. I haven’t been able to run the archives on automatic like I usually do. I lost that computer; they fried it to death with their virus attack.

Question: Can you talk a little more about the FEMA camps?

Sherry: In America, there are probably 700 or so FEMA camps that Dick Cheney’s Halliburton has constructed. You can Google “Rex 84” or “endgame plan”. There’s a link on my website, to the endgame. This was the government’s whole plan to round up illegal aliens in the last days and use these camps for them, and then allegedly send them home. Basically, what this endgame plan will supposedly do is when they are rounding up these illegal aliens, they will also round up Christians and Patriots and throw them in the mix. The media of course will only show illegals from Mexico being rounded up. That’s how they will disguise coming after the Patriots and Christian crowd. You have to say both because all Christians are patriots, yet not all patriots are Christians; you have 2 different crowds.

They will be coming after both of them and disguise it by saying they are rounding up illegal aliens. One of the biggest reasons they have a no border and let them flood on over, is so when they start the big round ups they can disguise it. “Look there are 20 million in L.A. alone and we gotta get them out of here. “ They’ll just throw in the Christians and Patriots. They won’t send them back home, they send them to these camps.

They have underground incinerators. We have our own Auschwitz in Alaska, Indianapolis…the Amtrak Center….3 or 4 of those around the country where they can just burn and destroy bodies all day long. Don’t ever let them put you on a train or let them round you up. Don’t let them, because you are as good as dead. Once they have you, you are dead.

Question from a listener: What is your view on Shirley Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church? Will the reptilians make us all look like that?

Sherry: I don’t know who she is so I can’t comment on that.

Question: How many Elect do you think listen to this show?

Sherry: Probably a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. That’s my best answer, and I’m sticking to it.

Question from a listener: Sherry, I’ve come across many stories believing that Michael Bloomberg running and winning the presidential election and English Fascists will be put into power after Hillary and Obama are discredited with all their past issues.

Sherry: No. Hillary is too strong and too dominant for martial law in 2009.

Quick question for the show: (A million dollar question I should probably know the answer to.) What really happened to Amelia Earhart? Was she abducted by aliens or killed off by our government?S

herry: Sorry, I really don’t know the answer to that one.

Question from a listener: If Satan is reptilian and his offspring was Cain, did that create a different bloodline than the more humanoid watcher giant children?

Sherry: Yeah. Satan’s seed through Cain never disappeared in the flood. People say the flood ended it, but Noah’s sons’ wives had contaminated blood. Ham’s wife, their son, I think his name was Canaan, was one of the first ones to produce these hybrid races; contaminated bloodline on earth after Noah. If you look at the Canaanites, Hittites…and all those “tites”. Israel was forbidden to intermarry with them. This is after the flood. There were races and races of giants on the earth.

After the exodus when Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt, they had to conquer like 18 cities of giants just to reclaim the land of Israel. This was before and after the flood these things happened. Satan’s children compared the watcher children was they didn’t have the gigantism defect in the DNA where they then became giants. Satan’s through Eve just kind of assimilated. They looked normal. They didn’t have that gigantism DNA.

Question from a listener: My question is on the Sabbath. We are commanded to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. I was taught from my youth that the Sabbath was nailed to the cross. When did all of this start? It makes no sense to me.

Sherry: Yahushua was nailed to the cross, not the Commandments. He came to fulfill the Law, not abolish it. We are to keep the 10 Commandments.

One of those commandments is to honor the Sabbath; the 7th day and keep it holy. The 7th day is Saturday. It was the Roman Catholic Church and the supposed Protestant Reformation when the Protestants supposedly broke away from the Catholics. They started worshipping Sabbath on Sunday. The Catholics have always celebrated mass on Saturday. It was the Protestant Reformation. If you look into this Martin Luther, he was a Jesuit for the Catholics. He was the one that was instrumental in starting the whole Protestant Reformation and having everybody move worship to the first day of the week, Sunday. Look at the founding fathers of the church and who they are basing everything on. They were Jesuits working for the Catholic Church. You have King James who was a homosexual Satanist. Come on, folks.

Question from a listener: I heard you talk about Mylar blankets for the windows and walls in your home to protect you from the technology and ELF beams. I wanted to know where I can purchase these blankets.

Sherry: You can get Mylar blankets from I got 12 for like 3 bucks.

Question from a listener: Were we all incarnated from Heaven?

Sherry: No, I don’t believe so. Not all of us. If anything I say makes sense to you and you are in agreement, you are probably an incarnated being from Heaven; ‘cause I don’t make sense to anybody else. Our spirits resonate with each other because we are the Lords and so our spirits recognize each other and resonate with one another. So out of almost 7 billion people on earth, there are 144,000 here now as incarnated beings, angels from Heaven. Sent here from Heaven to be born and be warriors for the Lord. I don’t know if that 144,000 is all at once, or is it a period over time. I know the number…144,000 so there are many millions of other believers that are also part of the Bride who are not incarnated angels from Heaven but who worship and love the Lord and will go to Heaven as part of His Bride.

You have to understand, His Bride is like a tree with different branches. There are different groups within that tree; different branches. One faction here is one branch and there’s another one over there and another over there. You have your church crowd, your warrior crowd, this crowd and that crowd. Different limbs on the tree; different groups within the Lords Bride.

Question from a listener: If Maitreya doesn’t come this year, when can we expect his next sideshow act to come? It seems like it will be 2009.

Sherry: It totally is 2009. The problem is, most people think that 2009 is next year. I’m struggling with that one because I’m seeing so much happening this year as apposed to 2009. So, it could be 2008 or 2009; I can’t peg a year on it. We need to watch for him, whenever he arrives. March is a dominant month for him, so just watch him in March, May and July. The spring and summer months are dominant for the arrival of this Iranian Mahdi. Now Jesus, this Sananda, when he comes to Earth with his host of UFO’s, his dominant months are September and November.

I wanted to mention. I’ve always been warning about September. Last November, Benny Hinn was in Israel for 2 weeks. I noticed in the codes and always being aware they are the 2 hot months for the arrival of Sananda on Earth. I noticed the coincidence that Benny Hinn was going to be in Israel for 2 weeks in November when it was one of those hot months for Sananda’s arrival.

Well, guess when he is in Israel this year. He’s in Israel September of this year. He obviously knows too that those are the two months when this Jesus is going to come to Earth. It’s going to be September or November. I would strongly believe September, but what I’m thinking if something happens and NASA can’t bring him to Earth, then he has his back up date of November.

It’s really going to take a huge Hollywood production to bring him down to Israel with the fake angelic host of UFO’s and the whole charade. You have to have the television cameras there to catch it so the rest of the world can see it. His dominant months are September and November and Maitreya’s dominant months are the spring months and early summer.

Just things to watch for, folks. We do have a dollar crash coming. We do have a famine coming. We do have a tsunami on the west coast coming.

A lot of the west coast is going to go under water. I was almost hesitant to even start warning about that tonight. I had a vision of it 2 years when I saw L.A. sink under the water. In the codes I’m seeing ice boulder breaking, cracking. That’s another vision that I had, but I didn’t know which coast it was on, east or west. I do believe it’s the west coast.

The Bible codes talking about an ice boulder breaking off. Are they talking about a comet or what I saw; a huge mountain of ice breaking off the Antarctic and sliding down and then decimating the islands and the United States on the Pacific with these huge hundred foot waves?

It’s something you just need to look out for. If the Lord is telling you to leave California or the coastlines of Washington and Oregon, then leave. This is definitely coming up in the codes.
I was warning back in 2001 when I was looking at the year 2009, I saw up to 3 different comets hitting in this world, specifically hitting the United States. Not knowing whether this is the actual 2009 or that we have until (no sound) I’m not convinced this is just (no sound) The biggest thing is being able to recognize when the Lord is speaking to you. (no sound) Ask Him to guide you, so that He will to begin with and you will recognize Him.

Comment from a listener: I understand you perfectly and I’m in my 20’s.

Sherry: Kids, I always hear from kids, they don't have problems (with the info). I know you hate being called a kid.

Comment from a listener: I can’t hear you.

Comment from a listener: I like that. It’s like the Bride is a tree with 144,000 leaves and each of us is one of them. Cool.

Some people are having problems with sound. My levels everything is alright. Everything looks good on my side, so I'll keep talking.

Comment: I saw a UFO in Gainesville, Georgia in 1977. It was cobalt blue in color and saucer like.

Sherry: Yeah. People have been seeing UFO’s for years. Like I told McConnell Friday night, “Some people will just never believe they exist until one sits on their head.”

I thought about his whole comment, “Why didn’t I have pictures?” How many people… (no sound for about 2 minutes)

I’m back.

You can catch all this on the archives if your sound was coming in and out. (Note: archived message was also broken up) I’ve seen in the codes where they will be breaking my broadcasts up. More toys of theirs.

The CIA owns the servers on the internet. We’re really at the mercy of our government anyway just to have internet access, because they own the servers to them.

Until next week everybody,Yah bless.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Transcribe: Sherry Shriner On The Air with X-Zone

Sherry Shriner on X-Zone Radio with Rob McConnell
Transcribed by Liz Patton

My guest this hour is Sherry Shriner (he should have just added, "and I'm going to be as rude and sarcastic as I can be during this interview").

She is an internet evangelist who runs her own personal radio show on the internet and apparently is listened to people in over 162 countries. She owns and operates 20 website on the internet; she is the author of 2 books, Hidden Codes Revealed the Coming UFO Invasion and Aliens on the Internet.

She is the granddaughter of Israel’s ancient King David and claims several different alien invasions are coming to Earth during a period of time the Bible describes as the tribulation period. Her websites cover various topics such as aliens, UFO’s, government high tech weapons, chip implantation, the coming antichrist, joint underground alien and military bases and the last days.

Rob: Welcome to the X-Zone.

Sherry: Thank you.

Rob: Who are the aliens?

Sherry: Aliens are fallen angels; not these extra terrestrials that live billions of miles away. They are just fallen angels.

Rob: So if you are writing books on UFO’s and aliens on the internet, are you talking about angels?

Sherry: I’m talking about angels that were kicked out of Heaven with Lucifer in his first rebellion; also those who fell during the earlier days. Angels have free will, just as mankind does. They are not held as prisoners in Heaven and they do fall. They fell before the flood and after the flood. People think that the flood wiped out all the giants and fallen angels at that time, but the Bible says in Genesis 6:4, they fell before and after the flood. They just disguised their appearance and there are different reasons why some are humanoid looking giants and others are grotesque ugly looking creatures such as dragons and lizards. There are like 200 different variations.

Rob: Tell me, when did you get your calling?

Sherry: Probably about 10 or 12 years ago. I’ve actually just been born with the love for the Lord. I finally just started giving up on religion and going to the Lord for the truth direct in all things. I was just getting so exasperated with religion and started seeking Him for the truth. That’s when He started opening my eyes and pulling me out of the box; that box that everybody who is in religion is in.

Rob: When did your interest in aliens, UFO’s, government high tech technology joint underground alien and military bases and last day prophecies come to the surface?

Sherry: Well, I was going into the New World Order; I was with the patriots. I agreed more with the patriots online; conservative America – patriot America. The Lord pulled me away from that and started showing me what was really going on behind the scenes; what really controls and pulls the strings of the New World Order. So 10 years ago, there were maybe 1 or 2 alien and UFO based websites on the Internet and now you look and they are just all over the place.

Rob: How many years ago?

Sherry: About 10-12 years ago.

Rob: My dear, I’ve been doing this show about 15 years and there were plenty of UFO and alien websites on the internet back then.

Sherry: The only ones I was familiar with was Alien You probably know Guy Malone and Rick at Star Gods.

Rob: Oh, gosh, there were tons, there were tons back then.Okay, stand by. You and I have to take a commercial break. When we come back, I’d like to talk to you about the coming UFO invasion. My name is Rob McConnell, this is the X-Zone, Sherry Shriner’s our special guest .

If you’d like to give us a call and speak to Sherry 1-877-528-8255 that is toll free for the U.S, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Sherry and I will return on the other side of this commercial break as the X Zone continues live from our studios in beautiful Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. On the shores of Lake Ontario right in the middle of the Great Lakes triangle.

Rob: Welcome back to the X-Zone everyone. Sherry Shriner is our special guest.Now, Sherry you say there is a coming UFO invasion. Can you tell us about that?

Sherry: There are several UFO invasions. Once you learn the terminology being used and learn how to recognize them in the Bible, even with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. It talks about the arrival of the 4th horse and Hell and Hades following after him; referring to Hell and Hades, the northern army in Joel 2, the Euphrates locust in Revelation 9. All of these are terms for aliens.

Rob: How do we know that? How do we know that?

Sherry: What I’ve been doing for the past…about since 2000, in becoming an avid decoder in Bible codes.

Rob: Now, excuse me, you said the last 2000?

Sherry: Since the year 2000.

Rob: Oh. Since the year 2000. I’m sorry.

Sherry: So, The Lord’s been able to show me different terms being used to describe these alien beings in Hebrew terminology in the Masoretic text of the Hebrews. When you tear down the words…you can take abasic concordance to Biblical terms…..locusts…what exactly are locusts. Iknow that some American preachers teach that it is helicopters, but that is wrong. Also other terms being tall boys, lizards, different types referred to as the same beings which we call today, the aliens.

Rob: So, do you read Hebrew?

Sherry: I’ve been learning it.

Rob: You say that you’ve been doing the Bible codes since the year 2000, so how can you read the Bible code that is written in Hebrew if you don’t read Hebrew?

Sherry: Well, they translate it into English.

Rob: Who does?

Sherry: The programs do.

Rob: Oh, this is a program that you use?

Sherry: Yes, a Bible decode program.

Rob: Okay…and…I always thought that when the Bible was talkinga bout locusts, they were talking about locusts, the swarms of locusts that are very common in that part of the world.

Sherry: Well, the book of Revelation is based on a lot of symbology. So, if you break down the symbolism of the terms being used. You talk about a guy, the Apostle John some 2000 years ago trying to describe things he was seeing in the future so they could understand it. So what he could do was describe things the best way he could. We all know the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are not literally riding horses; it is just figurative ways to describe what he is seeing.

Rob: Alright…so…when are these UFO invasions coming? And where are they coming from?

Sherry: The first one that most people need to be watching out for. I believe that the rider of the red horse is already riding – being represented by George Bush and his endless war on terror. The next horse to come is the rider of the black horse..

Rob: Hold on here…let’s go back to my question. MY question was, when the UFO invasion’s are going to start.

Sherry: I’m getting to there. The rider of the black horse, which is Maitreya, this coming Iranian Imam. So you will start seeing alien invasions on Earth almost coinciding with his arrival in Arabia; the unleashing of the locusts from the Euphrates River. These locusts are going to be his allies.

Rob: Alright, so when is this UFO invasion going…when is the next…when in the first UFO invasion and where are they coming from?

Sherry: The first alien invasion is with Maitreya. The first UFO invasion will be with this coming Sananda; this Jesus Christ that’s coming to the earth. That’ll be several months after Maitreya’s arrival, depicted usually in the month of September in the year 2009. What I’ve been battling back and forth with – there is 2008 this year, this biblical year 2009 or is it literally next year in our 2009?After you see this Iranian Imam, this Maitreya come to the world scene, about 4-5 months later, you’re going to see the first UFO invasion which will be with this Sananda. He’s going to come posing as God; these UFO being his angelic hosts. I think most of your listeners have probably heard of Project Blue Beam that will come into play with Sananda’s arrival.

Rob: Where are these UFO’s coming from?

Sherry: The fallen angels; these demonic beings have modes of transportation. They live on our star systems, they live on our moons, they live on our planets. All of them are hollow. You can look up in the sky and see their bright star ships at night. They usually come out at about 33 degrees above horizon. They mimic stars, but are actually star ships.

Rob: Oh, yeah. How big are these star ships?

Sherry: I don’t know how big they are, but they look the size of a star and they are much closer to Earth. They have to be pretty huge.

Rob: Have you ever seen a starship?

Sherry: I see them every night. You can look outside, and look up in the sky and see them.

Rob: Have you ever been in one?

Sherry: No.Rob: Then how do we know they are really starships?

Sherry: I guess it’s one of those things; you believe it or you don’t. They move. They don’t just sit there like a star all night. If you watch them, they’ll do something crazy. They’ll move across the sky and then back into position. They’ll be there one night and miss a night and not be there at all then show up the night after that. Once you think you’ve located a starship, just watch it. They do crazy things. They’re not like stars that are in the same position for a period of time.

Rob: When you started the interview, I asked you who the aliens were and you said that they were fallen angels. Then I asked you if the aliens were in UFO’s and you said, “No, they’re fallen angels.” Then you tell me a few minutes ago the fallen angels come in UFO’s.

Sherry: I missed your question. Are they in UFO’s? Yes. Understand we’ve got these demonic beings, these alien beings who use UFO’s for transportation who also taught the same technology to the Germans, the United States, Russians and Chinese. We’ve got everybody flying UFO’s now. The United States has their own fleet piloted by NSA pilots. When people look up in the skies, you don’t know if you’re seeing a military UFO or a real terrestrial being UFO.Rob: And you know this how?

Sherry: Just years of research. You know, you can read the works of William Cooper. You can read Phil Schneider…

Rob: Billy Cooper?

Sherry: I’ve been breaking down Bible codes for almost 8 years now. I’ve written many articles on my websites…Rob: Hold on here…let’s go back a second. Billy Cooper?

Sherry: William Cooper. Yes.

Rob: The alleged UFO expert?

Sherry: He was a Naval Intelligence officer.

Rob: That doesn’t mean he was an expert.

Sherry: It’s one of those things, Rob; you either believe it or you don’t. Some people need a UFO to land on their head before they’ll believe they exist.

Rob: Where do you get your belief from? This is what I am having a problem with.

Sherry: I get my belief from what the Lord teaches me and what He reveals to me. People can say George Bush hears from the Lord too. Let me tell you something; the Lord doesn’t speak to your head. If you are hearing voices in your head, you are hearing from the ELF god, which is military technology. Satan’s realm; demons talk to your head. Satan talks to your head. Aliens channel information into your head. The Lord doesn’t speak to your head, He speaks to your heart and He will lead His people.

Rob: Tell me about your ministry.

Sherry: My ministry is reaching out to almost every area in the world now. Islands and countries I’ve never even heard of. I’ve been doing this for a while now. The Lord has just led me to be a mouthpiece on Earth for Him. Satan is coming to Earth within a matter of time. People don’t have a lot of time. We’ve got the telltale famine when Maitreya arrives. There will be a coming global famine. He’s just been using me to sound the alarms on many things that are coming to Earth.

Rob: Before you entered the ministry and started your own evangelistic crusades, what were you doing?

Sherry: I was in school. I was in college, attending Kent State. I graduated from Kent State University. Before that, I was at Liberty University. I was planning on having a career in journalism and broadcasting, and the Lord just had different plans for me.

Rob: Do you see a lot of people getting converted to your way of thinking?

Sherry: You know what? It’s not something I…I’m not one of these people – you have to believe what I believe. I simply say what The Lord has me to say, if they believe it fine, if they don’t fine. I have more enemies then people that agree with me and that’s fine. I’m not here for the majority. There’s a minority in the world that are The Lord’s people and that is who I am here to wake up.

Rob: Why would you have enemies?

Sherry: I have tons of enemies. I’ve had many death threats. I’m targeted all the time by the government, which is why I’ve learned how to combat high tech weapons. I get targeted all the time; they want me to shut up. They don’t want me to expose what they are doing and what their plans are.

Rob: What are their plans?

Sherry: Well, I’ve got 20 websites exposing their plans.

Rob: Can’t you just summarize one or two of them for us?

Sherry: There are 2 different factions. You are dealing with the New World Order faction and the Alien agenda. Ron Paul is the alien agenda and George Bush with the new world Order crowd. It’s a battle between those two agendas alone. I just sit back and expose them both.

Rob: You expose them, but do you make any difference?

Sherry: I can’t stop it, but what I can do is prepare the people on Earth for what is coming and that’s what I am here to do. We can put a big dent in their plans. We’ve already seen it and have caused many UFO’s to crash out of the sky. Eventually a lot of them will be doing it. We can put a hamper in Satan’s kingdom.

Rob: How do you get a UFO to crash?

Sherry: Apparently, UFO’s are flown on some kind of technology. I don’t know how it works, but Orgone is a simple energy emitting device. By running into this Orgone, it conflicts with their systems that run and operate the UFO’s, and they just crash.

Rob: Stand by. You and I have to take a commercial break. We’ll be back after the break. Sherry Shriner is our special guest. We’re talking about UFO’s, gods, being a televangelist; how aliens are fallen angels who fly flying saucers and when we come back she’s going to tell ushow they get those to crash. Because the government has a fleet of UFO’s, the bad guys have a fleet of UFO’s, the NSA fly’s UFO’s and if ou look up into the sky at night, you can see the mother ships!

(interview resumes)

Rob: Sherry, before we went to the break, you were telling us about being able to bring down UFO’s and how do you do this?

Sherry: (no sound)…..they saturated my area with chemtrails allthe time. I put Orgone around the perimeter of my area and several milesout all the way around. I noticed every time the chemtrail planes would come, the chemtrails would dissipate. For a while that was going on and still goes on, but what I noticed was when UFO’s would come into the area, you would start to see the flashes of light coming out of the sky. Sometimes you would hear loud booms. Most of the time, you would just see flashes of light. The media would refer to it as meteors crashing to the Earth. I started looking at that and noticed that for about 2 years until I stumbled onto it in the Bible codes and saw that it was literally UFO’s crashing out of the sky.

Rob: How many UFO’s do you think have crashed in the last 10 years?

Sherry: I have no idea. I’ve being doing Orgone for 4 years now and I’ve probably seen anywhere between 8 and 10, maybe 12 in my own area. WhenI started hearing about it in Tampa, Florida and out in Washington, the media describing exactly what I had seen in my own area. It started becoming more and more noticeable and the Lord told me that we’re just seeing the start of it. It’s going to happen a lot more.

Rob: So you’ve seen 8 to 10 crashed UFO’s in your own area?

Sherry: Right.

Rob: Do you take pictures of them?

Sherry: No. For a while, last year even being a constant target of the government, I was even homeless for a while living in a campground. There was a big commotion there; everybody hearing a loud boom and seeing a blue light flashing. It was on the media all over the state. I’ve just been in circumstances where I have become so accustomed to being targeted by so many different factions. I didn’t own a camera. When I was in New Mexico, I took pictures of that area out there. I’m one of these people, you can believe it or not. I’m going to do what the Lord leads me to do. To set up Satan’s welcome party on Earth. If others want to join me they can; if they don’t that’s fine.

Rob: I’ve gotta tell you. You’re making some very wild claims and don’t have any evidence to substantiate anything.

Sherry: You know what? The Lord’s people know who I am. They can tell by their own spirits if I speak the truth or not. I’m not here for the majority of the world. The Lord’s army is 144,000.

Rob: That’s it!?

Sherry: Two armies of 144,000 that will do work on the Earth for Him. The rest will be going through martial law, stuck in churchdom, stuck in religion. Not really getting to know who He is because they believe what religion tells them. I was a Baptist for 30 years. Something is wrong here when you have to twist doctrines to try and prove doctrines. So, I just walked away from it all and asked Him to teach me the truth in all things.

Rob: How can you be a Baptist if you are the granddaughter of Israel’s ancient King David?

Sherry: I’m an Israelite. People get a different idea of what Jews are. David had red hair. That doesn’t make him a dark skinned Arabian looking Jew. The Jews in Israel today are fake Jews. They are Kazar’s.

Rob: Now, that’s not a nice thing to say.

Sherry: Well, it’s the truth, Rob.

Rob: Where do you get your information? You told me that you went to journalism to become a journalist or a broadcaster. You know that you have to get facts; you’ve got to do your research. Where is your research on all of this?

Sherry: Look at my websites. Go online and put in Kazar. It’s not just on my website, it’s all over the internet. This is radio. We are sitting here dealing in audio, not written text facts.

Rob: But we’re dealing in facts, not supposition.

Sherry: Read to your hearts content. I’ve got a whole website on fake Jews.

Rob: You’re making a lot of claims. You said there were 8 to 10 crashed UFO’s and you don’t have proof of that. You’re saying..

Sherry: Do you believe that Abraham Lincoln existed. Have you seen him with your own eyes? You take history books for value? How much do we know of history is correct?

Rob: I know a lot of history is incorrect. However…

Sherry: You either believe it or you don’t. You can research it on your own or take it at face value what you are hearing. I like to research things and pray about things. I’ve been studying things for years. I was at a time in my life 20 years ago when I was reading 5 books a week to learn what was going on.

Rob: Tell me, why do you hate the government?

Sherry: I don’t hate government; I hate corruption.

Rob: So are you saying the government is corrupt?

Sherry: It is totally corrupt…

Rob: So you hate the government.

Sherry: The corruption in the government. The people running the government. The New World Order agenda. It’s not an agenda that is looking out for people. When you have people that swear oaths to secret societies, their loyalties are to that secret society and not the constitution of a country they are supposed to be protecting.

Rob: How do you know these secret societies exist?

Sherry: They’ve been around for thousands of years. It’s not something new that has happened just in America. They are in every country. Ever since Satan caused the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, it’s been a conspiracy to destroy mankind. You have Satan’s seed and The Lord’s seed here on Earth. Satan’s seed hides within secret societies.

Rob: What do you talk about on your church broadcast? How often is it?

Sherry; It’s not a church broadcast. It’s on every Monday night 10 pm Eastern…

Rob: Batman, I’m having a hard time hearing the guest. Can you fix that?I’m sorry; we’re having difficulty with our audio Sherry. Can you repeat your answer?

Sherry: I broadcast every Monday night at 10 pm eastern time. I talk about Bible codes, coming events, whatever The Lord has me speak on.

Rob: Do you speak to the Lord?

Sherry: Every day.

Rob: What does He feel about the situation of the planet? If these aliens are bad, and if there are going to be negative things happening on this earth….why doesn’t He just step in and stop it?

Sherry: Mankind has free will. Mankind has free choice.

Rob: That seems to be a biblical “out.” Whenever you talk to somebody about why there is never the intervention to either cure the sick, feed the hungry, stop wars…it’s always this little escape clause, “that’s because man has his own free will.” No one can ever give me a direct answer. If this supreme deity is there, why doesn’t he correct the mess that he made?

Sherry: He does, but He gives mankind his own time. If you have the answer, let’s hear it.

Rob: It’s easy. I’m a dad. I would never see any of my children go sick, go hungry, and get into problems. I don’t even let strangers who I run into go hungry be sick and go homeless. And yet…this is my show, not your internet show.

Sherry: Okay.

Rob: We’re talking about a deity who is supposed to be so magnificent, so awe inspiring, and so all encompassing. If we are made in His image, then He should come and correct the problems that He created. Maybe free will was the worst mistake He ever made.

Sherry: Well, it wasn’t His intention, if I can butt in, for it to be this way. He created Adam and Eve for Himself. It was Adam and Eve that sinned in the garden and cause creation to go a totally different direction than the purpose He created it for.

Rob: Why is it a sin to have knowledge?

Sherry: It’s not a sin to have knowledge.

Rob: Then what was the sin that Adam and Eve did?

Sherry: Their sin was…I have it detailed at about his sexual union with Lucifer. It had nothing to do with an apple in the Garden of Eden.

Rob: That’s your interpretation.

Sherry: Yes. That’s if you read the terminology being used in Genesis. That is the interpretation based on the words in the Bible lexicon.

Rob: Where does it say in the bible that Eve had sex with Lucifer?

Sherry: If you look in the terminology being used, it’s all mapped out on the website. Enoch talks about it; he’s one of the greatest prophets in biblical history. He never died, walked with God and was taken to Heaven in a chariot.

Rob: Ummhhmmm.

Sherry: The church has suppressed it all these years. Who controls the seminaries? Satanists and Luciferians. There’s been a lot of lost knowledge. That’s why when people stand up and when they do they are ridiculed and mocked constantly, just like I am on radio interviews.

Rob: It’s because you make no sense.

Sherry: Just because something is true, doesn’t mean….sometimes it takes a while to assimilate the knowledge; to get used to hearing truth. You’ve been lied to your entire life…

Rob: It’s true to you because you believe it. In your mind it’s true.

Sherry: In my mind, it’s because I pray and ask daily for the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to me because I don’t want to hold on to errors. I don’t want to hold onto false beliefs and doctrines.

Rob: But there are millions of people around the world who also pray daily.

Sherry: For the truth in all things. It’s a very specific prayer, Rob. To ask the Lord to reveal truth in all things to you. Because when you do that, you allow Him to get rid of all the errors you are holding on to.

Rob: How come these other people who pray to the Lord don’t have the same outlook that you have?

Sherry: That’s why I teach on my show every single week. I hammer it every week; ask Him for the truth in all things; to get back to the Lord Himself. They are tied up with religion, and what I teach is relationship. A relationship with the Lord and not being stuck in religion. Religion is what man defines God as.

Roy: Here’s a question for you. It’s a biblical question; maybe you can help me out with this one. Doesn’t the bible say that in the end times there will be a false prophet?

Sherry: Yes.

Roy: Maybe you are that false prophet?

Sherry: It also details and describes what this false prophet is, Rob. This false prophet forms an economic program, a global economic program.

Rob: Now you are saying that the government is corrupt. You’re saying that the aliens are really fallen angels. You’re saying that there are starships in the sky. You’re saying that the planets are hollow. This kind of falls into the category in my humble opinion of a false prophet.

Sherry: Well, that’s your opinion. That’s fine. You can believe what you want to believe, but The Bible is very detailed on what the false prophet is or what a false prophet says and it doesn’t come to pass. If you research anything that I talk about for 10 minutes, you would be overwhelmed with information that you could start learning from. You’re holding on to a particular view. You hate God. You’re mad at God. You’re mad at the world. He doesn’t exist. Until you break the walls down around you, you are never going to see God.

Rob: You know what? I don’t hate God. I never said he doesn’t exist. So, where are you getting your information from, young lady?

Sherry: It’s basically what you have just been saying in the last 10 minutes…”Well, if I created the Earth I wouldn’t allow people to suffer.” No one likes to see people suffer. Satan makes people suffer.

Rob: That’s right. Then why do they?

Sherry: The funny thing is, is when he comes to earth as God, people will believe him and worship him in majorities. This one being that has caused all this suffering, war, death, destruction and torment on Earth; when he comes and plays God on the Earth, people will be following him.

Rob: I don’t think that you are right at all. I think that you have some very unique outlooks on life. I think that for some reason you have a negative spin to you and the negativity is not welcomed on this show.

So Batman, shut the line. Enough is enough. She hates the government. She has her own little world that she spins in. There are negative aliens who are really fallen angels. What planet was she from again?