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Monday, May 16, 2016

Series - Interview With The Devil

My Series "Interview With The Devil " by Sherry Shriner

Interview With The Devil - Part 1

Part 2

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Interview With An Ancient Goddess- Lillith - Part 1

Lillith - Part 2

Lillith - Part 3


Queen Shazurazy - Part 1

Shazurazy - Part 2

Interview with Lillith - Part 2

In March of 2016 the ancient being known as Lillith staged a Global assassination attempt against me via thousands of witches and Satanic groups everywhere to chant my death and do rituals in what we call Black Magic Circles to accomplish my death via a heart attack. They were trying to take my soul out of my body through some kind of ancient witchcraft technique. The Most High intervened and Lillith was captured by an Archangel and detained in a lower heavenly realm. She has been held there since. Since her detainment the Most High has allowed me to have conversations with her about the past, present, and future. These are parts of that Conversation.
All I can do is put the truth out there. What you do with it is up to you.
My Conversations with Lillith - An Ancient Goddess

by Sherry Shriner
Interview With An Ancient Goddess- Lillith

Part 2


Sherry - so you were created with wings?

Lillith - me and Adam had wings, yep, but when Eve was created she didn't...and when they got in trouble he lost his wings...they got new more flesh bodies...

Sherry - did Eve have sex with Lucifer?

Lillith - she had sex with Luce then had sex with Adam...the right way...because he didn't know the right way at all, he was an animal...I would go on top of him but he would do me from behind like an animal and that's what we always fought over...and I left him...I wanted to make love to him like Luce made love to me but Adam wouldn' was Eve that finally got him to...but then Eve got Luce in trouble because she got pregnant with him and Adam...

Sherry - What did Adam look like?

Lillith - he was a light olive skin with black hair and black beard, he had blue eyes we both did, so did Eve, blue is angel, all angels have blue eyes..

Sherry - Iran always seems separate from the other Arab nations, the Persians...who were they?

Lillith - Iran,, they were a different people altogether, they were a diff race, they were Eve's kids but they weren't Ishmael's...they weren't part of his kids...

Lillith - Arabs today aren't anything like Ishmael's kids, they're mostly inbred animals...that race was destroyed years and years ago...the original Arabs are long gone...

Sherry - the churches are hyped over Israel and Jerusalem, yet everyone seems to despise it over there?

Lillith - yeah see that's the thing Jeremiah moved the Ark of the Covenant and temple stuff out of Israel into Europe and into the USA eventually...the original Israel isn't even there anymore, the ones there aren't the original Israelites, the original ones are Europe and the USA and when you talked about it on the show it freaked everyone out because like no one knew and you were bringing it up..

Sherry - you guys stole Solomon's books from the temple...

Lillith - yeah the Templars stole Solomon's books and that's what the secret societies have, and they use it and we had our own stuff out of it for the wiccan's for demon power...we didn't worship the demons we used them for their power like Solomon did...he used to show me stuff and how to work with them, make them do stuff at command...that's how I got them all under my command...

Sherry - does Eve get involved with that?

Lillith - Eve--no she doesn't like messing with them (demons)...

Sherry -when did she leave Adam for good?

Lillith - they had about 10 kids and then she left him after a while...her kids were having kids when she left him and Adam hooked up with one of the granddaughters...he finally started to soften up more and learn how to treat people but the kids were closer to Eve..but when she left Adam for Lucifer they got mad at her and didn't even have anything to do with her after that..she just totally left them then and went to the area of Babylon (Iraq) where all of Luce's people were...they were into building star gates and portals and stuff and they had a lot of scientific knowledge and stuff it was really cool over there...and they had the city life there, Eve was sick of the country life, and she protected Cain and was with him...

Sherry - what was the mark on his forehead for protection?

Lillith - well the Archon (Yahuah) had taken off the horn and put a cross on him...a red cross...that's where the Templars got it was protection, they were protectors at the time, they adopted the symbol...

Sherry - how tall was everyone?

Lillith - Cain was like 6"5", Abel was 6' or barely, Adam was 5 '10' Eve was like 5'8'...?

Sherry - so they weren't tiny?

Lillith - no...I was like 5 '10' same as Adam...although he was bigger than me, manly,

Sherry - how many people were on the earth when the flood destroyed it?

Lillith - just under 2 billion on earth when the flood hit, when you said I think it was 1.6 billion we were shocked...because that was probably it...we knew you were getting your info from somewhere...

Lillith - at the beginning you would come down a lot, but as Watchers moreso than getting involved with anything...when it started getting really bad, cities going up, people partying, doing their own guys stopped coming least I didn't see you....but you came down when it was time to destroy would talk to Noah, you would encourage him and sit and talk with him and you guys would sit and laugh and talk about stuff.....

Sherry - is that why he's around me now?

Lillith - laughs... is he really?... probably so...because you guys were friends back in his used to look out for him...and no one was messing with were revered by everyone...angels, demons, people themselves, you were always you or hate you, people respected you...

Sherry - what about Rashayel?

Lillith - you were the dominant were your own person...she was with you but didn't get involved as much as you...she could fight, but you could absolutely destroy whole towns yourself...and you would only get involved if there were murders (sacrifices) going on, that's why that all went underground, hidden, to hide from the angels...and it was always at night because the angels wouldn't be around...

Sherry - what was it like with the Nephilim giants around?

Lillith - in regards to the giants...there were so many of them...I mean what could you do...and women were dying giving birth to those things so the balance was tipping over between the ratio of men vs. women...they would kill the woman to save the giant if there was trouble...and at that point there was nothing they could do for the woman anyway...birth was just a torturous death for most of them...

Lillith - the giants started making their own cities and moving away from the little the time of the flood half the earth's population was giants...

Lillith - after the flood, Ham's kids started it all over again, it didn't get as bad as it was before because the Archon would have Israel destroy them ...they were the superior fighters at the time until Rome got dominant..

Lillith - people always focus on Israel and the desert and all that stuff, but Europe was getting populated at that time pretty well...all that part of history is ignored for the Bible narrative on Israel it's limited in what people know and learn about the past because they only read the KJV and think that's all there was going on...

Lillith - oh and I was going to tell you that there were huge earthquakes going on after the flood with all the water etc..and that's how the continents were created, the land mass was completely broke apart and split up into sections at that time...and it would evolve over the years as well with earthquakes

Sherry - what was the Druid stuff in Europe...

Lillith - the Celtics, druids, etc..that was our stuff...we wanted our own continent but we were fighting with the Israel people coming into our turf...people were leaving Israel all the time, sick of the bs, wars, etc...they would leave and go to Europe. spread out and around.. Japheth, Ham, had continents full of people...the Bible always focuses on Seth and Noah's 3rd son can't remember his name... and that's it..

Sherry - I know most people today read the KJV and refuse to learn anything else, to read other things and learn what it was really like back in the day...get the whole picture...

Lillith = it's not a history book, it's just a book on the Jewish religion and who they were...people need to branch out and read other stuff if they want to know what it was really like back then...

Lillith - we had our stuff going on everywhere, you guys weren't even a threat to us...just an annoyance when you'd meddle with our stuff...

Lillith - we always controlled, commerce, govt's, religions...everything...the druids, Celts, and everyone else like them etc..just went underground ..we stayed in control of the power but blended in with the people so they didn't know who we really were...that's how we started operating then and that's how it's been since...we operate in the background and people don't even know it's us, that we were there pulling the strings and leading them along like sheep...

Sherry - I got a warning from one of the reptiles under Libya I think it was ....something like...'you're one of us now (awakened), there's stuff about us that humans don't need to know" and then it was like the communication line was broken off or something...he just disappeared or Father cut him off from talking to me...

Lillith - that council under the desert...yeah you freaked everyone out with that one...there's a council that sits in the background and directs things on earth, they're very hidden...the hidden controllers...the highest rank of Lucifer's fallen...those who actually got Luce to leave heaven...they were the ones behind him...they're his advisors, they mediate between all the diff what you call alien races in space...because they're all always fighting etc...they're our government...that's who they all answer to...there is a structure...but it's well hidden...they know who you are...most of their attention is on earth because they know it's going to be an epic battle and already is between you and Luce...North Africa to India, it's all connected underground, and parts of Asia Shamballa....

Lillith - we cull the populations for food, they go after the Archon's people to keep the numbers down, so they never outnumber us, or ours.

Sherry - what's the deal with Orion and pyramids?

Lillith - Orion has interdimensional doorways..3 star belt...the stars are the doorways...

Sherry - how's our Orgone War working out for you guys?

Lillith - Orgone destroyed Saturn...there's a connection between Saturn and the north pole you guys figured out, but all the planets and moon are becoming unbearable with the Orgoned just burns stuff up and you can't see can feel it but that's about it...

Lillith - I don't know how you figured that out but that part of the war 
between you 2 has been epic...(Sherry/Shazurazy and Lucifer)

Sherry - is the Orgone destroying Capricorn? (huge space ship of Sannanda's, and Allah)

Lillith - the Capricorn has metal shields, a metal covering over it to 
block the Orgone but it started melting  the's like a huge elevator shaft, metal, insulations's not's in the shape of a penis...huge penis...light blue because of the Orgone hitting it, reflective...

Sherry - where did they build that thing? I heard it's up to 30 miles high?

Lillith - they built it in sections on the back side of the moon....I don't know how high that thing is it could be 1 mile to 3 miles's not 30 unless they added onto it..

 Part Three -

Part 3

Shazurazy - Part 2

Shazurazy - Part 2 The Rebellion & War

Part 2


 For some reason Lucifer was always insecure and never felt he got the attention from Father he deserved. Or craved from Him. I simply can't understand him. No one else felt ignored or that they didn't get attention from was never an issue with anyone, we all loved dad and if we wanted to see Him we would go see Him..if He was busy with things we would see Him later but no one ever felt that that weren't loved by Him, ever. We all loved Him very much.

Sherry - I don't know where Lucy's insecurity came from. Balance and Harmony were part of his attributes and yet he was completely unbalanced and unharmonic.

Sherry - insecurity feeds isolationism or even hatred. If it turns into hatred and anger that feeds into narcissism. Pride, boastfulness, are all traits of narcissism. An inflated, self-centered ego. If anyone would have known a problem was brewing within him it would have been Hadasseh. And she would have gone straight to Father without necessarily going to anyone else about it or talking to anyone else.

Sherry - you could view it as he was a bad apple from the beginning. If there's a runt in every litter then he was it. No one else had insecurity issues and I certainly don't know how he got his.

Sherry - Lucifer had said, "I never felt a part of them...I always felt like an outsider, unappreciated, you were the one that made me feel made me feel love, joy,.."

Lucifer - when I would go away for periods of time and come back they would be like "hey Halayel, how are you" etc....

Sherry - what did you expect a big party?

Lucifer - that would have been nice, something....

Sherry - you always felt under appreciated?

Lucifer - Yes.....

Sherry - Why didn't you ever have a relationship with Yasha?

Lucifer  - he was awkward, he was always kissing up to Father and I would be out accomplishing and doing things and he would get all Father's attention.

Lucifer - there were 14, the girls all had one (planet) but I ruled over them because they were never around, they'd go running around or back to the palace with dad, I took care of things...I was more hands on with everyone, the girls were all beautiful and smart, but they let everyone run themselves, I was looking for better ways to do things, I was the one they liked to see show up, I made a lot of friends away from the palace and that's simply why I was never there.
Sherry - but you got influenced by a bad group of let them influence you ....they pulled you away is what it is...

Lucifer, probably some of it, but I was getting tired of just being the under dog to Father all the time...I wanted to do things my way, I wanted to be the leader, not secondary to Father...I just rose above him, it was time to just leave and take everything with me and away from Him.

Sherry - why couldn't you just serve Him like the rest of us did?

Lucifer - I was arrogant, I'll admit it, but I had fun...and once I made the move to break away it felt I didn't have someone over my shoulder all the time...I couldn't stand that...

Sherry - yeah but He's still there..always...

Lucifer - yeah but I'm on my own...

Sherry - don't you think he's using you 
though? Using you to test the people?

Lucifer - laughs, if they loved Him they'd serve him. They love me. They don't care if they go to hell.

There seems to be a huge disconnect about Lucifer's rebellion from Heaven and the lack of information available on it. And it makes you wonder why, after all these years, Lucifer himself has been so silent about it.

Was he trying to hide who he was? Where he came from? I know that all the way up to 2014 no one even knew or realized he had a sister, let alone two here on earth. Who were busy in the background creating havoc against him.

But this is when Hallayel would become the Adversary against God. Satan means adversary and that name would be adopted for him by the time the KJV was written and passed down through the ages to the churches.
Lucifer means Light Bearer and I'm not sure when he was appointed that name, or who appointed it. It was just another name that was attributed to him.

Most of those around him today and those in the occultic groups refer to him as Luce, or Lucifer. While those in the churches for the most part refer to him as Satan, or the devil.
No one has ever referred to him by his original angelic name but me. When I wrote an article years ago referencing his real name and referred to his real name on my radio show there was no one more surprised than those the closest to him, Lilith and Eve. I'm not sure they knew who I was at the time, but they knew I was someone from the past because only someone from that far back would know what his real name had been.

I had already been raising eyebrows because of the info I had been releasing over the years since I started my radio show in 2004 and started writing articles and books. So they knew I was credible, they knew I knew what I was talking about.

But instead of being embraced by others for my knowledge and information I was put on assassination lists everywhere. They didn't want to talk to me, they wanted me dead. I was a threat to them because I wasn't one of them. Who is they? The Government itself. I was put on the 'black list' and even religious leaders wouldn't talk to me. Not one of them ever made an effort to contact me or get to know me. But they would mock me. They weren't short of excuses for that.

When the Father stood me up to speak for Him I wasn't embraced by anyone. My earliest memories of that time when I first started to speak out are of MOSSAD hit men in my back yard. Welcome to the real world.

I knew the fight was on. Good thing Father had sent His Warriors because if there was something we had never done it was back down from a fight. And I had no intentions of backing down. I was just getting started.

Two million years after I was created Hallayel would start a war in Heaven that had never seen war.

At that time, Hallayel himself was about 6 million years old. He ruled over the 6th planet, Tiamet. And he was the 6th child created directly by Yahuah. An interesting correlation of 666.

 I spoke about it in my article Angels in the Flesh 2 which was also a chapter in my book Aliens on the Internet you can read it at

Over the years the Father has given me more memories and made things clearer of how things were and are but usually to my own benefit. Most people just think I'm nuts and the churches have been completely unphased by any truths I've revealed over the years. They keep teaching the same errors. And the government thought I would be a threat to the status quo? They need to Relax.
Despite the Bride and mankind in general, some of the Elect who are here have now woken up.  And some of them have joined me in my war against Lucifer here on Earth. 

However we're scattered around the world and constantly targeted like sheep for the slaughter.

You can wonder how someone who had it all could walk away and never look back...could give it all up and never regret it. It boggles my mind now, back when it happened. it blew me away.

No one saw it coming.

It's not something you could have expected because it had never been done before.

The Houses of Heaven (Planets)

For some reason Rashayel couldn't go with me, or didn't want to go with me when I went on a trip across the Universe, she was busy at her own House Urantia. It was one of the more popular Houses with plenty of mystic and landscape designs to keep an angel in awe of it's presence. Angels loved to go there for adventure, hiking, walking, touring, and picnics. Rashayel herself had a flare for adventure, danger, and fun and everyone liked her House because it was so vastly different than everyone elses. The entire House was like a saffari with no guides and no rules. You never knew what you would find there. For that reason most of the angel communities were kept to being inside the cities...because once you left a city, it was an adventure.

There were huge animals like lions, tigers, bears, elephants, all kinds of stuff, of prehistoric sizes  all over the planet and if they saw you they would run after you...they wouldn't harm you because if they got to close to you they would just vanish and end up somewhere else...but the thrill of the chase was a lot of fun. This place was for adventurous, adrenalin junkies.  There were long vines to swing on from one place to another, rope type bridges, hills, mountains, valleys, lakes, trails everywhere, forests, jungles, the landscape constantly changed as did the types of birds and animals you would encounter.

Urantia was everyone's favorite destination. You could form teams and you would be dropped off at the beginning of a trail and you had to make it through various fields, mountains, hills, forests, and terrains to make it to the finish line. There were competitions where teams would compete against each other to see who would get back first with the least amount of penalties. For instance, if one of the monstrous vulture type birds snatched you and took you to their nest on top of a tree or a mountain, if you used your wings to get out of it you would get penalized. Your team would have to find you and help you get out. There were gigantic pythons like 200 feet snakes that could grab you and whisk you up into the air. They wouldn't eat you but no one liked the snakes and they were everywhere. There were huge T-Rex type things that would chase everyone (Jurassic Park anyone?).

 I remember when it was being created and all of us sisters were huddled around Ella's table in the palace with suggestions on what to do with it and how to design it. Ella (Queen Elashayzar) was a genius designer, architect and engineer....she has a flare for the unexpected, unnatural, adventurous, she got to go above and beyond what was typically the format or the status quo when it came to creating the Houses. Father let her run with Urantia, and run with it she did.

It was epic. Completely epic. And Rashayel was thrilled. She loved her Planet. Just the animals there alone, and birds, and aquatic animals and features...would leave anyone who ever visited there in amazement. And everyone would go there. It was the Disneyland of Heaven. The place everyone went to to have fun and get away and artists loved to go there and paint the animals, forests and landscapes. And typical with her flare, Rashayel's palace had been built inside the side of a mountain. The middle of the mountain had been hollowed out and this magnificent palace had been built in the inside of it, yet visible for miles in all directions. It was like something out of a fairytale book. I usually spent half my time over there with Rashayel. The other half we would spend at Shan.

Lucifer - we loved that place, we changed it to your Uranus, up yours, after you destroyed it...that place was awesome and you guys obliterated it, you drowned the entire ruined everything on it...and she did that way before all you guys had even left, you burned your palace down, Rashayel flooded her planet , the others burned their palaces down...they took everything off them they could...

 I had a little bit of a flare for various things. 

I loved music, art, games, and gladiator competitions. When I asked Father about it He said, "You were an accomplished gladiator while you were growing up. Michael and the others had always worked with you and Rashayel in warfare and techniques of fighting. That's why on Shan you had it set up for gladiators and military training. You enjoyed all of that and were very involved with fighting in competitions and tournaments. No one could beat you....and since you were a queen, the archangels wouldn't fight you directly, even in fun, but Michael was always so proud of you. He would always cheer you on."

Worship and Praise music was a dominant theme on most the Houses, but I also liked Adventure had a sound and style all to it's own. Hallayel had been developing different types of music and he and Tory (Toriahn) had been coming up with some amazing stuff. I know it's hard to imagine music in heaven as 'amazing stuff'...but I think you'd be surprised that not all music is centered around 2 feet angels playing harps as they fly in the air. I see that depicted in pictures or paintings on earth and that always made me laugh. You would find them at Father's palace but not typically on the other Houses. And they were just the sweetest angels you could ever meet. We all loved them.

On Shan since it was known for it's sports, games, and warfare, it just became that type of a planet with Olympians and Gladiators. 

There were many different venues in various locations that were always exciting to visit. The artists loved to showcase their work around the venues, fruit and snack cafes were everywhere as well. And if fruit smoothies had a true beginning they no doubt began on Shan.

I had a huge palace located somewhere near the center of the planet. As it was typical for all the Houses that a palace would be located in the center of it.  I loved anything purple and red like amethyst, rubies, and dark blue, and there were white and various colors of what we would think of as marble. 

There were various colors of this marble everywhere mixed with gemstones, crystal, gold and silver.

I had training schools and camps for everything from gladiators and whatever sports we played, or even fitness and the  competitive games we would play. There were programs, teams, the best of instructors.  It was also the home of training schools for what we would call the armies and Air Force of Heaven. I had training and military bases for the air angels and the horse guard. All the protective and security forces of Heaven and its military leaders and commanders were trained on Shan.

There were thousands of miles of plush green pastures for the horses to lounge on and also many fruit trees. Trees of all types. I loved exotic looking trees and Angels would come from everywhere to pick fruit, ride the horses and learn to fly air pods. They also loved the huge lakes and all the toys I had on them to play with and amuse yourself with. Imagine a 1/2 mile high water slide! My water slide lakes were infamous! Shan was all things military and recreation. 

The things I loved most.

Ellashayzar  had Jupiter. She increased the size of the core and practically blew up the planet. That's why it's the size it is now. It's all the gas and heat. She left it totally uninhabitable. Jupiter is much how it looks without all the heat, multiple strips of atmospheres and hues. It was a blend of engineering genius with planetary design. 

On Jupiter you could design a landscape of your own and then go to that area and enjoy it. If you wanted a beach with white sands and raging ocean u could design it and it would appear. A tropical island paradise, a space adventure. Jupiter was a science planet, it was all things engineering and science, design and development of all kinds. You could design, create, and learn the technicalities or just have fun and entertainment with what you could come up with (such as the 'vacation room" on Star Trek). 

It was the home of the best of the best of scientists and engineers. Her specialty wasn't just planetary development and engineering,  but ultimately warfare as well. She is the mastermind behind how to efficiently destroy planets, star ships, and anything else via warfare or deconstruction.

 Beranziana (Branz) had Saturn. Father said, "She flipped it upside down and put a frequency ring around it to destroy their pods trying to access the planet. It would throw them inside the ring and just swirl them around the planet in a loop. She had much fun with that one." Saturn was technical development of Space. Our air pods, star ships, all space related vehicles and transportation were designed and developed there. For instance our angel "GPS" was created there and all things navigation for planets, space, dimensions, realms, frequencies, travel, any and all types of technologies were developed here. She's a technology genius and all tech geeks and inventors live there.

Hadasseh had Neptune. I don't remember the former name of it. Her planet had been one of sophistication and grace. Much like what she is. All of the planets resembled the personalities of the queens or princes who ruled over them. They had helped with the creations of them and helped to make them how they wanted them.  Neptune was known for it's striking beauty. The atmosphere colors would periodically change from various purple hues of amethyst, topaz, scarlets and reds. Neptune was the Libraries, Records, Knowledge and Information. Everything of knowledge was kept there. Her planet was like a huge university with city based campuses everywhere. They were the thinkers, philosophers, the intellectuals of the bunch. 

All the great schools and academics were there. Tutors, mentors, and teachers. Hadasseh loved the children and newly created angels and she would raise them all and train them all in knowledge and wisdom.

Elayzah had Mercury. Onyx, gold, crystal, diamond, and rubies. Mercury was much like it's counterpart at the time, Neptune with sophistication and grace. Angels would showcase their work on this planet. Artists of all kinds, chefs, inventors, inventions, projects. It was a huge market place with many angelic cities and countryside areas. It was the NYC and NY of heaven.  There was an ocean that surrounded the inside of the planet, the entire equator was an ocean all around it. The angels loved living on the edges of the water, there were boats and all kinds of water vehicles and toys to play with. There were water based competitions here and sports.

Yasha had Venus. Venus was a mini replica of Father's House. Yasha was always with Father and would handle Angel Administration and matters that involved Heaven. None of us girls got involved with that stuff very much, perhaps the older girls did but me and Rashayel never did. We were to busy with our own matters. Whatever we decided those were at the time. LOL.  No one expected intellectual genius from us, we were the fun ones, the adventurers, the gladiators and competitors. And later we would become Destroyers and the givers of Father's Judgment onto those who rebelled against Him. 

Venus had a quiet, melodic, royal feel to it. Heavenly music saturated the air, choirs, orchestras, symphonies, all things music would fill the air. It was peaceful and tranquil there, far different from the hustle and bustle of the other planets. For something to become an official Royal Palace matter to Father directly, it would first have to go through Yasha. He was the chief mediator of the angels and Father and would later become the Chief and only mediator between Father and mankind. I guess you could consider it as the Legal Administration planet.

 All things law, legalisms, administration oriented things. The Supreme Court of the solar system answerable only to Father Himself. And  Yasha was fun. He would visit Urantia with his sisters and they would create teams with others and compete on the trail adventures. He was charming, kind and gentle. He was sociable, smart, funny, and likeable to all. And he was a great singer. He loved to sing and would give concerts with his sisters who were all talented and revered singers.  He had a flare for adventure and was always fun to be with. It was always nice when he was around, his sisters adore him.

Jahorgianne (JoJo) - Eris - childrens planet. A learning planet for young angels...everything kids.. Angels with children would live here where there were plenty of schools and educational tools for the children. It was also an animal planet and animals ran free. Me and Rashayel would go there and loved to organize elephant races. We would ride the lions, tigers, elephants and the heavenly version of animals. They were all much larger than they are on earth. We used to have so much fun there. The kids loved it when we'd show up, we always had a good time. "You girls are so silly".... was so status quo...we'd wear it with a badge of honor.

Toriahn had Mars. Mars was always known for it's unique sculptures. Tory was a great music composer, writer, and singer. 

When she wasn't involved with music she would love to do sculpting. She would carve scenes out of stone, mountains, landscapes, even trees. Artists who loved craft type projects and sculpting would all gather here in the various cities around the planet. She had many schools for music and composition and Art. Her sculptures could be seen at Father's palace, and on all of the planets and in all of the palaces. She would often engage the angels with group sculpting projects. Everyone knew her as a brilliant songwriter, singer, and sculptor. Mars was full of artistic style, mystic and designs.

Lucifer had Tiamet. Huge orchestra venues, and concert halls. Hallayel was the master of all things music and was a composer, songwriter, instrumentalist, he could play anything and was the one who started recording music. But music wasn't his only interest, he would start to become involved with planetary administration and organizing administration affairs and protocols on all the planets. Tiamet was varied with everything from music, to sciences, maths, and a cross section of just about everything.

 As I was recalling Tiamet Lucifer said, "I had a huge palace there of gold, I had administrators designated to run everything on my planet who were also the heads of the various councils. I would create and implement policies for all the other planets and they would follow my rule. Everyone else was subservient to my people. We set ourselves up as the chiefs over everything and everyone else. The angels looked to me as a leader and dad had given me much power over them. Tiamet was the ruling planet over all the others secondary only to Venus. Tiamet was the Washington D.C. ...the Vatican....a combination of the two. My buildings for political administration along with sculptures from Tory, that's how I designed D.C. and the Vatican city was my idea based on how I had my palace set up. 

All my chiefs lived with me and we had our own little city away from everyone else, much like Vatican City."  (the more u have to hide the more privacy you I say this he laughs).

Nashallah had Haumea and Lahandra had Pluto - these were the garden planets. 

Each planet was interiorly designed like a wheel. With palaces in the centers of them and then going outward from the palaces were long, long rows of gardens for probably hundreds of miles. Nashallah and Lahandra were all things praise and worship, in music, composition, poetry, literature. All of the choirs, symphonies, orchestras, would learn and practice and play here. 

The best of the best got to play at Father's palace. The food grew well here, it was legendary. It was all the praise and high energy of the planets that would cause it to grow so well. The Palaces were on hills with outer buildings surrounding below them where instructors, teachers, mentors, would meet to play or write. Those on the other planets could often hear the music being played on these two. Recitals, rehearsals, concerts, were common there. The best chefs would come from here. They were all things music, poetry, literature, and agriculture, and food. When the rebellion started, they had Rashayel flood the planets so Hallayel couldn't reap the benefits of all the food grown there. 

MakeMake - Mickaylez -the tropical planet of Heaven. This was the Hawaii, the Jamaica, the vacation resort paradise. Different landscapes for different types of vacations and getaways, or get togethers.

Ceres - Yahlanda Astronomy planet, archives, records. Huge astronomy observatories and Record Halls.

Father - Every planet was destroyed in one way or another so Hallayel couldn't enjoy them as they had been. He would have to rebuild them on his own.
Lucifer - oh man, you guys..that was unbelievable, unbelievable (in regards to us destroying our planets) guys didn't leave anything that wasn't destroyed,..every planet you left was a complete mess or totally uninhabitable like the ones you flooded. Lucifer - we overcame it, we built pristine angelic civilizations, like on Shan there was Lemuria, Atlantis, there were 7 distinct ones on there...they were all involved in warfare and technologies. Since it was a warfare planet anyway, we just kept it the same but with our own stuff. It was crazy because even the kids we were having we're taller than us..they were getting up to 8, 9 feet tall. 

I was 6"4' and some of my wives were like 6"6" and our kids would be like 7 foot, 8 feet tall. The planets weren't the same either, they didn't resemble the way they were before, the weather was getting rough, it would get windy, I remember that, so we started digging into the planets and building conclaves under them just to get away from the wind. He didn't just curse us, but the planets to. So we had obstacles to overcome. 

The dinosaur phase was the craziest because we thought we had them contained in one area and they just got out and got everywhere and so the communities had to barricade themselves in away from all the freak animals we had created and had everywhere. It was crazy..moreso on Shan, I didn't let that go on my planet, we kept that apart for administration and worship of me,

Sherry - how did your economic system go?

Lucifer - after everyone left the planets and destroyed a lot of them, that part wasn't fun anymore.

Sherry - Did that take the steam out of your sails?

Lucifer - it was disappointing. We started building star ships that could travel the universe and started taking control over other planets we found and stuff, we started crossbreeding and would create different races on the different planets...we had all kinds of experiments going on. You used to get so mad at what we were doing out in space, you used to chase us around out there, it was crazy "run from Shaz!" used to mess with my people, you'd flip their pods over, you always thought that was and Rashayel would go out there just to harass everyone and flip them over...when the war started you would shoot us out of the sky if we came near heaven, anywhere near it, you guys would shoot us out of the sky.

Sherry - the rebellion last 1,000 years and then that was it, what happened then?

Lucifer - I guess dad figured time was up and he called me to the palace to come see I went there and he told me that only I would have access to him, no one who even survived would, they were being cast out of heaven completely. And that's when you guys cast all the planets away from the sun, pretty much to where they are pelted them with fire and hailstones, destroyed everything...there was nothing left of any of guys didn't want them near the sun at all.

Lucifer - from that time on the war was on, if we saw you guys or you saw us the shooting would start. it was hostile before, but the war was totally on now..and we wanted target practice with our ships and the tech we had developed.

Sherry - you got to rule for 1,000 years...after that the planets were destroyed and cast out of heaven into their own solar system that we know long then until earth was recreated?

Lucifer - Probably about another 1000 years.

Lucifer - we had set up Orion and we ruled from over wasn't going to let me set up another sun and my own system, so we put together the largest constellation in the sky...we called it something different than Orion (Halayon), I left that to come to earth when you guys started playing with that one
Sherry - after dad blew up Tiamet..

Lucifer - you blew it up

Sherry - ok after I blew up Tiamet, and dad cast Nibiru out of our system many of your people were left to go the next 1000 years with you? 

Lucifer - everyone was gone...I had the kids of the ones who had been with me all that time, and they just picked up where we left off...they had been trained in the sciences and tech etc..but none of them remembered the former angel planets, how it once was...none of them knew, they had been born during when I was I just created them their own history book from that point on, so to speak...I spun things in my direction, in my way, and no one knew any different, my only problems started when Yahushua arrived on earth, or Yasha, and then you coming now and being here...

Sherry - where were you before earth was recreated?

Lucifer - I was on Orion..

It was during my journey across space when Hallayel would begin his rebellion against the Father.

 And during this time Hallayel had started making subtle changes. During concerts he would introduce new names for Father to describe Him by, no one thought anything of it, like here on earth we have Adonai which means "friend" etc...and then he would write music and have other singers do the same that would start referring music away from Yahuah or Father directly to other names that were supposed to be attributed to Him but Hallayel would call and refer to himself by those names instead. He wanted to be honored and worshipped as God.

Hallayel always traveled around to all the planets, and he began to accumulate power and recognition as not just the music leader but political as well and would attribute himself as the 'boss'.

He tried to raise himself to the level of King Hallayel and his entourage would refer to him as such and suggest to others he was a king to try and spread the growing influence that all should accept Hallayel as the King of the Houses, or King of the heavenly solar system. It was blasphemy. 

I remember years ago when I asked Father how it all started He said "it was subtle."  In other words there were subtle changes that no one suspected any harm in. He had also started to become involved with House administration stuff, planetary politics and wanted all reports from Councils to be given directly to him.  

Lucifer - I was having all the other planets answer to me on Tiamet, I had my own council set up and they began to take over the the other planets councils....we were going to implement a new economic system so that gave us a backdoor into putting our own people on everyone's councils..

Lucifer - It was our strategy to implement new things, then put our people in charge and impose those loyal to me on everyone else to implement the changes for their planets...then it was easy once we had our foot in the door, to turn everyone over to us or get rid of them...

If you haven't read the section on "The Awakening" in my Interview With the Devil Series posted on my blog then it's posted  here, if you have then just jump through it, it details from Father's perspective and Hadasseh's what happened during the time of the Rebellion.  It's quite the eye opener of what Lucifer caused and did back in the day...and gives insight as to what he's going to do on earth during the last days...the same thing he did before, create chaos.

The Awakening 
Interview With The Devil - Part 4b
Rebellion - What Happened
By Sherry Shriner

For a long time I had the majority of my memories blocked. I knew who I was and where I was from but there were so many details I just couldn't remember. The few memories I had of growing up in Heaven were priceless to me and enough to keep me going when so often I just wanted to give up.

As I started doing this series of Interviews with the Devil more and more was being opened up for me to remember. Father would reveal things to me and helped guide me through this whole process.

The most shocking aspects to me would be the rebellion itself and why and how it happened. I couldn't remember much of anything and what I did just didn't make sense because it didn't put the whole picture in front of me to see.

And then it finally happened. Father finally lifted the veil so I could see it. He revealed to me with Hadassah (the firstborn, oldest Queen) exactly what had happened during that time. Finally, I was getting an awakening, a breakthrough of information that would help me wake up and remember the things that had happened and taken place.

It was shocking...because even though I was there at the time, as a human born on earth I was hearing it for the first time.

And when you read and learn for yourself what will realize that nothing new does happen here on Earth. As Ecclesiastes states there's nothing new under the sun. There's nothing happening that hasn't happened before.

That's eye opening when you put it into perspective with the information to be able to do so. Just shocking, and eye opening, and epic to see that everything happening around us now on Earth, already happened once before, in all places....Heaven. More specifically, Tiamet. Lucifer's planet of rule.

At some point, things started going terribly wrong with him and none of us knew exactly when his total rebellion against Father had started but Father Himself. And Father never told us. But He knew, and He watched him while we were busy doing our own things and taking care of our own responsibilities.

I often thought that the rebellion officially started when I had left and Lucifer decided to take charge over everything and make administration changes on all the planets. But it had started way before then. As Lucifer himself had told me "we planned it for a long time."

And he wasn't just planning he was preparing. He was beyond the drawing board and into full scale implementation at every level. Ones we couldn't even dream existed. We were blindsided, completely, he was cunning and calculative and when it came time for execution it had been well planned and implemented with precision. We were completely shocked.

 I finally just asked Father directly, "What I want to know     is why we just walked away from our planets?? Why we gave up our homes to that scoundrel and even let him have them to begin with? Why didn't you allow us to just kick him and his off our planets and even solar system altogether at that time?

Father - when you were gone, he had up to 50% of the populations with him...he was a great orator on putting in a new economic system, new system of elections, rehabilitating everything and into a new system and order of things...much of what you have in America now that you see doesn't's easily corrupted to be controlled by the few...but the angels didn't see that...they didn't know of his crimes he kept hidden away at his temple inside Tiamet.

 They didn't know his true nature that was coming out at that time. He was zestful, charming, he sold it to them all...but my girls, nor my son, were fooled and they were angry. He took over with most of them (angels) supporting him at the, Ellashayzor and Brianzianna were gone at the time. He took over your three planets and had full control of them by the time you came back. It was subtle...when you came back you were very angry and rallied against him...his revolution was turning into a war...

Sherry - evil only triumphs when the good people do I want to know what it was that was so overwhelming that it would cause all of us to just walk away from our homes and then destroy them in our anger? If we walked away it was in defeat. Defeat of Hallayel?? How was that even possible? How was it he won? He won by us leaving...there had to be something so invasive, so evil, that we wouldn't stay...even if we had kicked all of his people off our planets themselves. I want to know what that was....

Father - as quickly as he had taken over the planets...he began to implement a system of punishment for those who were listening to you and the others, he was desperate to hold onto control and began using devices they had developed against the people....

Father - he gained control of the armies...while many fled, many were taken over by him as well, and became robots (like being chip implanted and controlled),...defending his empire against the righteous angels that were there....

Father - he would corrupt them, defile them, then take over them....just as he's done on earth...he's doing nothing new there child, everything you see down there now, is what he did in the past..."nothing new under the sun'...

Father - that's why you have so many memories of rescuing were rescuing them from his imprisonments he set up all over the was a war child..

Father - when he said he had planned it for a long time, he had...and when they made their move it wasn't just to deceive and manipulate...they had technological advances they had created and developed and used those against the people...en masse....

Father - the brainwashing techniques taught to the Nazi's were nothing new, the MK Ultra programs you have now, existed in the past, developed way back even then, that's how he took control...they kept it quiet and away from all of you...they were using Nibiru as a home away from Tiamet, all his scientists were there busy recreating angels to make them controllable...the 'mark of the beast' is nothing new, he did it back then...he incorporated it back then...

Father - Nibiru was his Dulce Base, Los Alamos...Milabs...

Sherry - why didn't you stop it?? Just end it before it even started?

Father - I can't inhibit free will. I can punish it, but once something begins it has to play out. Mankind was created with free were the angels...

Father - he opened inner-dimensional doorways, gates, gateways...

Father - he had 18 million at the time of his revolt...creatures he brought in and trained to be military soldiers..

Sherry - you mean like with CERN?

Father - yes...

Hadassah - he brought in all kinds of evil spirits, beings, and he would brand them as his own and force them to work for him...

Sherry - like Solomon did with the demons?

Father - yes...he brought in thousands of them at a time, and one by one branded and took control of them...separated them into groups...then gave them portions of the planets to guard...

Hadassah - he put them over the intimidate the others...what you know as Hell in earth...was where he would have these gates, he hid them well...he would pull these beings into "hell" and take control of them there...he would mind erase them, turn them into whatever he wanted, his robot armies, they were ugly, they were creatures from who knows where...he would target a particular area in the universe and if he could use those creatures he would pull them in through his gates....

Hadassah - he loaded the planets up with these creatures...when that started we all left...there were millions of them...he would laugh and unleash them onto the planets. He had gates on all of them...they all worked one knew what was going on...he had set up secret places on every planet and dug into them and worked from the hollow centers of them...we had no idea...when we found out we were furious...that's why we left, those creatures were and Rashayel led the exodus off of them....we were literally escaping, not leaving as much as escaping the horror that was being unleashed on the planets. That's why after we left we destroyed them and kicked them out of our heliocentric system into where they are now.....he could sit and rot in his own mess...we all left...

Sherry - CERN"s not even original...

Father - oh no he had that in the past, he just recreated everything here..

Father - when the veil is lifted and the dimensions merge, it will be a recreation of what happened in the past...

Hadassah - we had stuff mapped out in the universe and his people stole the maps and used them for themselves. They'd pull in what they could control and use...

Hadassah - the last straw was armies he had coming from one was prepared for that. We were trying to take control back of our own planets and seal off what he had going on inside them...but he had stuff hidden and gate entrances everywhere we couldn't even find, or knew was a total onslaught, no one was prepared for it.

Hadassah - and the whole time...he just laughed...tried to act like he was some kind of military was see how Hitler was down there? That was Lucifer...totally...he would do the same stuff...line up all his armies and have them drill past him, or ride up through the center of them....he would do the exact same stuff...and he told you he took over Hitler and loved that guy, that's why.

Hadassah - he reenacts the past through dictators down there. Your history books don't reveal at all what's really gone on down there...

Hadassah - the creatures brought in diseases...people were getting sick, the animals, the planets...vegetation...everything was getting affected one way or another...

Hadassah - because he brought those creatures in, and they were evil, dad's glory and presence left the planets...and when His glory left them, we left...there was nothing to stay for then.
Sherry - after we left the planets and kicked them away from long did Lucifer operate on those other planets with what was left of them and all the chaos of those creatures?

Hadassah - he had a whole era, dad says about 1,000 years your time. We set up angelic posts around the sun and kept him and them away from it. Battle lines were drawn.

Hadassah - every once in a while you would go see him...confront him...other than that the only time we had anything to do with those planets was if some of our own were captured by them and held as prisoners...then you would take a group and go free them...not that you needed a group...(laughs), but whatever,...

Sherry - so that went on for 1,000 years...

Hadassah - then after that dad had a meeting with Lucifer...and after that, he gave you guys the permission to destroy those planets. You practically obliterated them. Lucifer knew it was coming and had run to Orion...the rest weren't so lucky...a lot of the people he left on Tiamet and Shan etc...were loaded up onto Nibiru and cast out of the solar became a prison planet...

Hadassah - and you guys were allowed to completely blow up Tiamet and blow it into smithereens...and you did..

Sherry - that's the planet I keep seeing that we split in half?

Hadassah - probably...laughs...course you've done that to a few, and star ships...laughs...

Hadassah - Tiamet is a layer of rocks now floating around out there in space somewhere...laughs...

Hadassah - the rest were pounded with hailstones and fire, some were pounded then flooded where they iced over...

Sherry - how many left to get away from Lucifer?

Hadassah - 21-23 billion left those planets...they went to Pleiades...we kept Mercury...we set up outposts around the sun...


Sherry - Father you said Lucifer incorporated the mark of the beast during that time...can you tell me about that?

Father - it was something similar to what he will do down there. He forced all of the ones who supported him to show their loyalty to him by getting a stamp on the back of their hands, their right hands. He tried to promote it as entering a new era and told them that only those with his stamp of loyalty would be allowed to live on the planets and participate in his new kingdom of heaven. That really infuriated those who loved Me and knew he was out of line with his boasting and lying.

Father - at first most were intimidated into supporting him because they thought that's just what they should do since he was a prince of heaven. When the queens started to argue and fight against him on it he got more brazen and bold, and forceful.

Father - it was a stamp with his picture on it. Much like you would refer to as a tattoo down there. The currency he had was coins with his picture on them. Many were upset they would have to carry around coins for things and that everything would cost money to buy what had always been free. He was confusing everyone, making most angry, and no one wanted changes but those closest to him.

 He did away with our rewards system and appealed to the angels they could just buy what they wanted instead of having to earn the more luxuries of heaven. Before it had never been a focus of anyone's attention to have more and more and more, people were already content with what they had...he made them feel inferior and that they needed more, bigger, better, things. He was introducing materialism, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, just all the things contrary to the way things were.

Father - what scared them was he was threatening to kick people out of his kingdom who didn't get the stamp of loyalty. People didn't want to lose their homes and be uprooted from their families and communities, or lose their elected positions or service work (jobs).  The queens continued to fight against him and contacted Ellashayzor to get back home with you and Brianzianna. Lucifer's revolution had begun. It happened quickly. He had planned every detail and when he started to implement his plans he did it forcefully and with authority that I had never given him.

Father - he showed no respect to the queens...but he knew to fear you because you never demanded respect you had already earned it from everyone in my kingdom. Everyone loved you and they would listen to you and Lucifer knew when you returned he was going to have problems with you. You were a mighty gladiator, strong, beautiful, charming, smart, the youngest yet the most fiercest with a commanding presence. He knew you would give him problems, and you did. You gave him a war.

Sherry - where was Yasha during this time?

Father - when Lucifer started his revolution Yasha was recalled to the Palace to be with me. You worked with him and he directed you in what to do and how to proceed with and against Lucifer. I would not allow Yasha to take him on directly. It was you I stood up. And you lead the angels as Yasha directed you. You and Yasha have always been very close. It worked out well and Lucifer lost most of his support even with his threats and violence against them but he would destroy most of the heavenly planets in the process and when evil invaded them with the millions of creatures he brought in as an onslaught, then you and Rashayel led the exodus and the majority of angels left them.

Sherry - what were these creatures like?

Father - hideous, ugly, grotesque, their very presence was an abomination. Lucifer had appointed leaders over them and they would harass the angels just by causing mayhem everywhere. If an angel had a stamp they were left alone, if they didn't they would try and bully them into getting it. Most of them had unnatural voices that were implanted into them to cause them to speak. Most angels would just fly or run away from them, some would be captured and put into prisons that had been set up by then for resistors but when you returned you began to destroy those with Rashayel and lead the exodus off the planets to the Pleiades.

Sherry - I cringe when I hear that name because the New Agers have cornered the Pleiades as if the Pleidians are making contact with them and leading them into their nefarious teachings and doctrines.

Father - There were some from the Pleiades who had left and joined Lucifer's side over the years but they are no longer mine. My angels don't come into contact with mankind to teach them anything, or lead them into anything, those are deceivers and Lucifer uses them to deceive people into the New Age lies they have been promoting. It will lead into the arrival of the beasts that are coming to earth as prophesied. Lucifer uses them because they look like angels, unlike his people who have been cursed and look like reptiles and snakes, along with Lilliths almond eyed races all over space and the various ones who have been manufactured and crossbred.


After a while, we got tired of chasing down the creatures who would capture angels and hold them we created these big nets...and we would go capture them and put them in these big nets. We would get thousands of them inside the nets then set them on fire and destroy them.

Me and Rashayel would just go out and collect them, round them up...and then burn them. Ella and Branz made us these things that resemble vacuum hoses and light beams that we could use from our air pods making it much easier to collect them in huge groups at a time.

We could target the frequency signature of the beings and then do sweeps for them. We organized clean up crews to go through and sweep space, and the planets, of all these creatures.

And of course Lucifer was furious and they would try to confront our ships to prevent us from getting near their ships and planets.

So that's the bulk of the war, trying to clean up his mess and battling him from preventing us to. We got the bulk of them.... and at the end of 1,000 years most of space and the planets and star ships had been cleared of the creatures that had taken over them and inhabited them..

Dad then gave us permission to obliterate the planets in judgment. Lucy ran to Orion while all the others were collected onto Tiamet and Nibiru. Tiamet was blown out of existence and Nibiru became a prison planet and was thrown out of the solar system. Nibiru was the bulk of Lucifer's wives and kids and the other angels who were secondary in his rebellion against Father.

Those on Tiamet were his administrators, administration, his top tier managers, all those involved directly with him...the entire planet was destroyed by fire and then blown up.

Shan and the other planets that had been used by them were pounded into oblivion with huge hail stones of fire and then flooded putting them into ice ages...with the deep freeze and ice ages killing anything off that had survived up to that point.

Lucifer - when you came back you went to Tiamet and confronted me on what was going on, and you kept coming back, for years, you were always coming back trying to get me to stop what I was doing and apologize to dad, .
Lucifer - you quarantined us in that particular system so we couldn't branch set up angelic posts surrounding it and watched us...but we were fine we didn't need to branch out or leave, we had all the planets right there except for Urantia, earth was useless to us because you took everything off of it and then cut down all the trees on it..(I laugh) we didn't care..

Sherry - how many rebelled with you?

Lucifer - how many angels came with me? Probably about 6-7 billion spread out over 14 planets came with me...

Sherry - so there were about about 21 billion angels at the time give or take...everyone was upset to see Urantia destroyed,

Lucifer - Tiamet, I had science, astronomy, my planet was big on music and science. Tones, sounds, the correlation with science, it all worked together, we were coming up with amazing discoveries and dad wanted us to stop what we were doing and just chill on it and I got tired of it...there's a lot of secrets to creation and creating things with vibrations, sounds, frequencies and we were figuring it out....maths, geometry, all the maths, sciences, music, my planet was like high academics on everything...

Lucifer - Neptune was flooded, all the buildings were taken down, she didn't want me using her she destroyed them...

Lucifer -  all of you guys destroyed everything...there wasn't anything left on any of the planets except mine. But that was ok, good riddance...on Tiamet and Nibiru we had plenty going on..

Sherry - where did Nibiru come from?

Lucifer - Nibiru was my secret planet away from our own solar system...some of my people had set up shop on there and we used that as a headquarters to start our own stuff and meet at before the takeover started...we wanted to make sure everything was kept secret until then...we had planned this for a long time....and then like the perfect little presidential candidate I was I sold it to the other angels and the takeover began..

Sherry - you only got a 1/3.....

Lucifer - it was much higher than that while you were gone..but when you came back you started getting everyone against me, you turned people away from me that had been supporting me...and those who were just going along, went to your side. So our numbers went way down, but it didn't matter...we got what we wanted...with or without support from any of you guys..(family) guys were all mad at me and confronting me all the time, eventually it stopped and you guys all left, but you would always come back and check things out, see what we were up to, I didn't know if  you were coming to talk or yell, sometimes you were nice, other times you would throw stuff around, you'd be angry at what we were doing...the others never came around, after the (final) exit it was just you.

Lucifer - Rashayel never gave me the time of day, all she does is scowl at me...the girl hates me, even back at the palace when we all lived there she never had much to say...she was funny then, but we never had much to say to each other, she was always with the girls
Lucifer - Hadassaeh was always the big sis to everyone, course because she was created first out of all of us...she was always like the mother hen, I liked Hadasseh, she was challenging, smart, very smart,

Sherry - she's the Queen of Wisdom and Knowledge...

Lucifer - laughs, yeah, you don't win an argument with her but she doesn't argue, she teaches, she's patient, I always learned a lot from her, it helped me later dealing with so many different things...her take on psychology was the best, what we call psychology, behavior science, all that, she was a genius...she helped me more ways than she knows...and the others...when we wanted to split apart and do our own things, we learned everything from her....Neptune was like a huge library with auditoriums and records, debates, discussions, my people hung out there all the people were on her panels...they became teachers, instructors, and during and after the war they would become my leaders...a lot of the politicians survived, but like the instigators and scientists were destroyed, we had to start that all over again..

Lucifer - we were creating animals and crossbreeding different types, we put them on the various planets that were livable enough for them. Shan wasn't too bad...we put tons of stuff on there, the dinosaurs were our creation. And the birds of prey, we got that idea from Urantia...we recreated those to actually attack and we did all the animals we created, when dad made them they didn't  hurt anyone, we made them predators , we set up a chain of command, the strongest survive.

Lucifer - all the philosophers did on earth was try to remember and reinvent everything Hadasseh had already taught everyone else...only we twisted things to go with our new concepts and the ways we were setting things up..

Lucifer - nothing on earth is original, you always say that anyway...but it's still better than anywhere else...the other planets run by the animals are lunacy...the civilizations we have everywhere run by the different races and breeds we created, they're animals, it's lunacy on those...that's why I have nothing to do with them...

Lucifer - the half breeds aren't to bad, the tall greys are ugly as heck but they're half breeds...some of the other races of them are a lot less than half breed, a lot less human and more animalistic..

Lucifer - see people think dad just cursed me in the garden, but everyone got cursed at the same time, he turned us all into reptiles, snakes, I wanted to differentiate my own people so dad let the smart ones keep their wings...I kept mine...the ones who came later didn't have them...elders, dracos, reptilians...

Lucifer - after earth was created we would take demons and put them in other bodies to see if they could survive in was an experiment, heck everything was..

Lucifer - it doesn't take that long to get to earth from anywhere if you use the right portals, it's finding them and knowing where they are in space..then piggybacking one after the other to here like a long elevator shaft...or tunnel...connect the tunnels and you get right to earth...

Lucifer - Sannanda and them took over Saturn and Venus, what you call Ashtar Command, Maitreya liked Mar.s..he's always liked that one...and the Moon...he would set stuff up on there before you destroyed him with that Orgone literally crippled the guy...he had been trying to change his own cellular structure to other stuff and the Orgone just beat him up, unlike the others because they weren't messing with themselves like he was. That egg head stuff was because of stuff he was doing...changing molecular structures...egg heads, long necks, all that stuff was stuff he was doing on Mars...he would use the moon and so did everyone else to build their space crafts on...we needed materials on earth and it was just easier to haul it there and everyone would go there to get what they needed. We had to do it out of sight so we went to the back side...we used our mechanization to stop it from spinning...we control that thing now, it's just like a big space ship...always has been, no one's ever noticed and earth's scientists went along with whatever we told them or we'd kill them..

Lucifer - Azazael was me and Lillith's son...the ones listed in Enoch as the Watchers...who taught things on earth to kids worked with kids were there to influence a lot of that...that's how you pull fire down from the sky...the light...the angels...we got a lot of them to come to earth...we told them they could take whatever woman they wanted for themselves...those guys were animals...then giants were everywhere...the half breeds, was crazy.
Lucifer - after the dimension change on earth me and Lillith's kids couldn't even operate here, survive here, we put them on planets in space...I had hundreds of kids with her but we were both different dimensional beings than earth's 3rd dimension after what they call the Fall. It was amazing Cain survived, but she was pregnant with him before Father punished he got to survive on earth...and the other kids Eve had with me...we just hid them away and they became India..

Lucifer - the Chinese were Lillith and me...before she got put on Terra...she left them here...had to...she was put on Terra, raised Azazael up there with the others...but Az would come back down here with me a lot...

Lucifer - there's a lot that were never mentioned...but the flood destroyed everyone's people...some of the Chinese, Indians, and giants survived that went under the earth...there were people everywhere that hid under the earth during the flood...that's how we figured out we could hollow it out and make our own cities under there..

Lucifer - course we had already started to do that when you destroyed all the planets and threw them out into space and the universe, you pushed them away from the sun...we had to find the ones we could even still survive on...we'd access it through the poles...we'd do that to all of them..

Lucifer - we were trying to recreate Urantia...on Shan...we had vast areas of our own communities on there like Atlantis and Lemuria, there were 7 at one time, then it was down to like 4, then 2,  everything was destroyed anyway...we had about 1,000 years and then dad said, that's're done..and he destroyed everything...then for like another thousand years no one was allowed to recreate the planets or do anything...we had to go to other ones...then you guys decided to recreate Shan and make it into earth....


Lucifer - the war lasted 1,000 years earth destroyed all the planets so we had to try and rebuild them...NASA hides a lot of it...they all can live on just about all the planets still, Jupiter..Jupiter doesn't work in earth's dimension...but in our dimension it's fine...the Orgone's destroyed space, you can't hardly live in it anymore...I don't know how you figured that out, but it's working against us....we just tell everyone you're crazy while everyone else is trying to kill you off the planet...

Shazurazy - Part 1