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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Reading Behind The Headlines...

If you've been reading my blogs long enough then you know how much I've talked about how the government and secret societies reveal their plans through Hollywood. And it's no secret, others have been saying the same things as well, case in point, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Sum Of All Fears, ET, Men in Black, Star Wars, They Live, and many others.

One of the other things that I'm still trying to figure out is the nonsense headlines they put out as news. I want the real issues behind the issues. Not the comedy they throw at the gullible public who waste their money on newspapers thinking their getting the truth about anything. Fortunately for us the internet has become a place where thinkers and great minds can get together and dig for the real truth behind the hogwash.

The reasons behind the reasons.

It's endless trying to figure out exactly why they do what they do unless you have a grasp of the real feuds going on behind the scenes. The shadow governments fighting it out, the secret societies dualing and all of them in constant warfare and competition travelling down diferent roads to bring Satan to power in a world government. They're not friends, and they often use the media to tip each other off as to what's going on via embedded codes.

The part that gets me is that every single time I see "atomic energy" I think UFOs. It just grabs at me. This whole facade about Iran building nuclear weapons and how worried we are that they build them is hogwash. Iran has many, an entire stockpile of nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles that can reach the United States that they've gotten from their ally Russia.

Not to mention Israel has enough nuclear weapons and their own nuclear power plant in Dimona to wipe out the entire middle east themselves with or without our help.

So the real question is, what's all this about if it's not really about nuclear weapons?

And is it really about oil and money?

I think it's about UFOs and alien tech. I think it's about factions of aliens fighting it out and what one government is trying to keep others from obtaining in regards to UFO tech. Every time I think of atomic energy I think of a gas station or fueling station for man-made UFOs.

Our society doesn't need oil from the middle east to survive, just certain corporations do. And I've already said before that the world's oil supply is running out and the last nation to have it will be Israel. So it doesn't make sense to spend billions of dollars on wars for something that is inevitably going to run out, they could be using that money allowing and funding patent holders to develop their alternative energy sources instead of stealing thier patents and putting the holders in jail to keep them quiet.

I think it goes beyond what we can imagine.

I think it has to do with alien and UFO tech. The haves against the have nots.

And don't forget there are 1 billion Arabs in the world to kill off in drummed up wars and violence. Either the global religion becomes Islam or the Moslems get killed off before a global religion can be established. Both can't coexist at the same time because it's impossible.

There's a lot to be played out this year as positioning takes place among the factions.

Don't believe what they tell you. Look for the real reasons behind the headlines.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stay Grounded in your Faith

I have had to take some time off recently because of Lasik eye surgery I had done. Yah paved the way for me to get it and told me to get it done so I did. Every day gets better. The glare of the computer monitor is what's been the hardest to take. I had always worried about having enough contact lens stuff stocked up for during the hard times coming and Yah just kicked it all in the butt and paved the way for me to get the surgery. Praise Yah! Without my contacts I was probably close to legally blind. I couldn't see without them and I've worn contacts since I was 16. Now I can go to bed and wake up and actually see. It's amazing.

I'm not going to resume the radio show until about 2 weeks. I just need to get some things done this month, it's been a preparation month to just get stuff done I've been putting off.

I haven't been able to read alot of emails or articles or anything on the computer very much this week but I wanted to comment on something I caught off one of them I could read that was short.

In a nutshell, folks if you don't know their plans now in exactly how they are going to operate in the last days, at least a pretty good idea, you're going to be prime for deception. You're going to get suckered.

I know so many people that claim they would never get suckered by end times deceptions and then send out emails wondering if something is true or not. In particular about archeological findings discrediting the faith we have in the Most High and the truth as we know it from the prophets.

The biggest gimmick of these end time players is to chisel away at every basic tenent of the faith until there's nothing left. Discredit Yahushuah's birth, life, ministry, death, and/or resurrection. To claim He wasn't the messiah, or just one of many. To take away His divinity and Godhood or claim we can all become gods. Do you hear the hiss of the snake..?

I wouldn't think much of it if these kinds of wavering faith and doubts were coming from the unbelieving camp, but to hear Christians asking, "is this article true?" They should know better already. Any article or 'fact' or 'finding' that diminishes who Yahushuah is or was is naturally not true but a lie from hell itself.

Digging up new archeological evidence to discredit the prophets or Yahushuah is a big part of the Blue Beam Project and end times deceptions. Hold onto your faith in Him and don't be deceived by the garbage that's coming. Don't even pass it on or around, why give garbage the light of day to just weaken the weak as it is? It's enough to have to wade through typical garbage to expose their plans, but it goes without saying not even to think twice about information to discredit the Son of the Most High.

Don't entertain the lies that will make you think twice about the Son of God. Stay strong in your faith, especially at this late hour. Realize it's just garbage in many clever and deceptive ways to get you to renounce Him.

And yes, it will be many of the churches and church leaders who spearhead the way into apostasy and renouncing Him. It will be subtle, the same way apostasy has been over the past 2,000 years. Most people are in apostasy and you can't tell them otherwise. They refuse to open their eyes to see it because they honestly believe they aren't in error at all.

Deception is clever, and it's subtle.

Ask the Lord for truth in all things and to be kept from error and He will lead you into the truth and away from errors. This is where the proud will fall. They don't realize their need to seek Him for the truth because they have been deceiving themselves into thinking they're already in it.

Don't take anything for granted, especially knowledge. Go to Him direct to be sure that what you know or think to be true, is true. Ask Him to lead and guide your heart and your thoughts and ask Him that everything be of Him.

Safeguard yourselves. Seek Him and not others for wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

It's a daily battle for the souls of men.

We all have to be on constant watch and safeguard ourselves and our faith in Him.

Don't fall for the deceptions.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Cruising Through February?

All quiet on superbowl 40. I expected it to be. Their plans were well exposed and as we've seen over and over once their plans are exposed they cancel them. They like the element of surprise. They feed off the energy of unexpected horror, especially from those who are the victims of it.

And would they really be so brazen now that every anti-corruption-in-government person on the internet is getting involved in exposing their corruption? The finger pointing would have led right back to them. Not by a few, but by thousands.

Besides, they accomplished their purpose indirectly so they already won. They got terror on everyone's minds. But do we really fear who they think we should? No. Many people that can see and hear already know the Al Queda doesn't exist apart from CIA and government funding. They are the ones behind them. The terror network they built off taxpayers money is a sham and a scam.

We need to tell them clearly and loudly we don't believe them. That we aren't going to be bullied into believing their lies that towelheads from the desert are the ones behind terror in America or the Middle East. Before the CIA and MOSSAD formed the PLO and Al Queda there was peace in the Middle East.

Who are the real culprits and core of the problem of worldwide terrorism? The governments of America and Israel. In particular, those behind the New World Order. Most people of America are repulsed by this NWO, the Satan freaks are kidding themselves with it. And the real Jews in Israel hate the Zionists. The people of both countries are being held captive by Satanists in control of their governments.

Look what an uproar the possible terror attacks have caused over the past 2 weeks. And guess what? No one bought anything but that it was our own government planning them! I think as a country we're actually starting to get somewhere. Many of the sleeping are awakening.

And as the citizens of this country are coming more aware of what's really going on the Clone Bush keeps giving speeches from the dark ages with the agenda propaganda buzz words such as Arabs, Terrorism, and Terror. He needs to stop it already we don't believe him.

I'm at complete peace. I've been. So how to interpret that..I don't think we're going to see any major destruction until March. I know the Lord has me focused on several things that will take me quietly through the month of February. So something is up for March. I don't know if it's personal or public, but something's going to happen in March I have felt that since the beginning of the year. I just feel to be prepared by March for the next step..and I don't know what that is, directly.

I'm not sure where the line is from sounding the alarms to playing in their hands. As watchmen we are to sound the alarms on things that are coming to wake up the people. On the other hand, that plays into their hands to instill fear and terror into people as part of their agenda. First of all, the Lord's people shouldnt' be fearful, just alert and prepared. Through Yah we don't have the spirit of fear but of sound mind. I know for some you have to keep reminding them that, over and over and over... and then they call us fear mongers. I"m not in fear. I never am. Sometimes I'm alot more at peace than others, sometimes I feel on edge, but I'm never fearful. I'm always watching and alert and preparing. That's how we're supposed to be.

He hasn't said anything specifically to me about anything in regards to events coming in the near immediate future. So until then I"m just sounding the alarms as a watchman and watching the moslem charade unfold.

Notice none of them get arrested for violent protests? Because most of them are intel pawns advancing the agenda of a WW3 in Europe. Inciting civil riots and protests has always been a ploy of intel agencies.

France and Italy are the targets for destruction in this round. Hope they're watching their backs.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Amusing Rage over Cartoons..

Amusing yet once again to see the 'peace loving' religion of Islam demanding Jihad and the deaths of those who come against it. Now that the world is experiencing the wrath of fanaticism over cartoons perhaps they won't care for it's elimination either.

Eradicate Islam and the world's a more peaceful place. It's never been anything but a tool of Satan's to use to incite hatred, terrorism, suffering, and wars. It was set up and established by the Vatican through Mohammad's wife so that it could be an arm to bring about WW 3 in the last days. It's doing it's job. Jihad against Islam.

Islam according to Nostradamous will incite a total western war against European countries such as France and Italy. It will eventually be brought down but not until it destroys much.

Maitreya is an Arab. The coming Arab Beast is supposed to arise out of Egypt. Maitreya's roots. What if it's this Maitreya that leads the Arabs in WW3 .. then amazingly and shockingly he's brought down and destroyed by the coming arrival of Sananda, beast #2. The "world" would hail Sananda, especially the lizards in their deliverer and messiah.

A clever deception.

I still haven't figured out where the woman beast comes in but she could come with Sananda perhaps as "Mary." Yes Hillary's a beast, but not particularly this one. I've always said Hillary will be dominant in martial law and persecuting Christians. When the chessboard clears of all the clutter the real players will emerge.

Meanwhile study and you'll be well prepared for some of the possible coming charades.

I've always turned down public appearances and cable and tv interviews and shows. But the time is coming when I will accept them and begin to speak out much more publicly against the agendas on earth. It simply wasn't time and hasn't been. But it will be soon enough, in particular when Yah says so.

I can tell you a bit about what's going on behind the scenes. Behind the scenes the lizards are losing control of what is called a net they have put around earth. This net has in some way been able to keep out the Omegans full army auxilaries. The Omegans are Lucifer's last days armies and they include the likes of Sananda, Maitreya, Germaine and other Anuks. Those beasts are here and hover the USA daily, but they can't make their move until the rest of their forces can get into our atmosphere and they've been blocked by this net the Reptilians have put up.

As the earth's poles shift the net loses it's fitting, or creates openings. It has something to do with it, right now I don't know the particulars, but all of this stuff comes into play in some way or another with each other behind the scenes.

This is why the reptilians are in such a state of panic. They're losing their net and control over earth and they know they can't fight and beat the millions of Anunnaki that will break through and get here to earth.

It's not if, but when. It's not later, it's now, behind the scenes.

As Planet X comes closer to earth it will break the net completely that the reptilians have up.

What's on Planet X? Millions of Anuk's.

The former original president Bush was going insane with terror and fear and completely losing his mind, thus all the tirads he was having and drunken binges. He knew what was happening and happening now and that their time was coming to an end (he was controlled by a reptilian).
Cheney as well, he was always in hiding and sending out his clone to make personal appearances to keep the image up of VP doing something.

They're both gone now. They've been replaced by the reptilians and clones they both counted on so much. There's no loyalty amongst the Satan freaks. They used Bush and Cheney and now where are they? Enjoying their power and wealth? No. They're suffering in hell.

Humans incarnate with reptilians. Imagine that. "They Live" has come alive.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gold and Silver I have none..

I often get asked by people if I have gold and silver for the coming dollar crash. No, I don't have any. I can't afford worthless dollars let alone gold or silver. At one point I was thinking that perhaps I should pray for it. He knows what we need anyway, but perhaps I should make a conscience effort to pray for gold and silver. I never got very far.

Now, I'm not trying to be my usual pessimistic self when it comes to the last days. But for now it's unavoidable.

First of all, in war and or famine the availability of goods to buy is limited. We have never experienced that here, some lived through the 1929 market crash but that's not even going to compare with what we're going to face.

Gold and silver can't buy food that isn't on the shelves. That's why we are to be preparing now while it's plenteous. Another thing that brings on such a state of chaos here is that so many are going to realize too late we're headed in trouble as a country that the rush to buy and stock up will facilitate the problem. Those who live in hurricane areas know all to well the mad rush for generators and basic necessities at the last minute. And that's how the approaching storm is going to be here in America. Too many people waiting for the last minute.

If transportation is knocked out, if our electric grids lose their power, if severe droughts hit us hard this year or next, if, if, if, anything at any time could put us in trouble, and for many in a complete panic.

We know bad things are coming. We know hard times are coming. There's nothing left to do but wait folks. And to prepare. We're not going to change Washington. We're not going to restore our country to what it once was. It's over. God's judgment is coming to this nation.

Many have already realized this. Most haven't. Most are still holding out for something to happen that will turn this country around, it isn't going to folks.

Stick a fork in her, America is done.

I loved my country, but I hated the evil. The evil is getting worse and worse. The top positions in government, military, media, and religion are dominated by people who worship and serve Lucifer. And they're not about to be toppled over. Replaced maybe, by others more wicked then themselves.

We're done. There's nothing left to do but wait for His wrath and judgment to come on this land.

Realize it, accept it, and get busy with Him and do as He leads you to do.

Even Noah had to face the day when it was time to get in the ark. He knew it was coming, he had prepared for the flood, and then the day came when it was time to escape it.

We know God's judgment is coming, we are now in the prepatory stage of preparing for the coming onslaught. And the day is coming when we will be told to "get in the ark to escape it."

I have wanted to prepare an ark for the Lord's people. But things aren't looking too good. As you can imagine land is very expensive. Time is running out. More people are interested in stocking up on gold and silver the Bible says they'll be throwing in the streets rather than prepaing food and shelter away from the cities and chaos.

The stock market is going to crash, the shelves are going to be empty, and they'll be herding people into death camps while they take your children to be abused and used for the unthinkable. Just ask the Katrina victims. 2000 children can't find their parents. The parents? Most likely many of them already dead and the children will disappear into the government system of child slavery and child prostitution. Many of them will probably be shipped overseas as the media ignores what it's told to ignore and Katrina fades from memory.

Many of them were Christians too. Do you think the Lord tried to get their attention? People pray a lot, the problem is they never listen.

Learn how to listen. Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him, how to listen to Him, and how to recognize when it's Him.

Stay consistent and persistent.

Don't get so focused on one thing that you neglect others.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Explosion blacked out by Media..

An explosion yesterday in N.C. 35 miles from S.C. was blacked out by the media.

Typical games by the droids, "look here" while they hit something else.

I posted the story at my site you can read about it there.

I taped shrub's speech last night so both Peggy Kane and I can RS it and see what we can find. Reptilians speak on the recorders often, so not only do you get the person you're RS'ing but the lizards as well. They seem to be worried that the earth is escaping from underneath the owl's net. The net is some kind of barrier they have, like a shield that they use to access portals to go back and forth to Mars etc..

For most people it's interesting to see how Lucifer works behind the scenes and how they do what they do. We know he rules in the heavenlies, first and second heavens, but most never bother to think twice about it, or exactly how he does it.

So it's interesting.

In Bush's speech last night he seemed to be worried, he said, "earth's escaping from the owl's net" in one part of his speech when I reversed him. The owl is a reference to Satan.

I haven't gone through much of it yet, so it will be interesting to see how much info this clone of Bush reveals as opposed to the original Bush.

You can tell it's not the same Cheney. A nice copy of him but no cigar.

Did you notice how many people in Congress avoided contact with the camera? Whenever the camera would span the audience several of them would always look away refusing to be caught on camera.

Another day in lizard town.