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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Almost The End of 2016

So it's almost the end of 2016.

Amazed it's been so quiet, but I didn't expect much either. It's not their crunch time.

Next year is.

The war of Hildabeast vs. Trump is over. Trump won. Trump signals the end of time for the old NWO crowd, in with the new.

Nothing more or less. He's not America's Saviour. He's just a signal.

I'm getting tired of the curb.

Tired, tired, tired.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mark of the Beast Phase Already Being Implemented

I was talking to the Father the other day when we were interrupted by Lucifer who wanted to talk to me. So Father said I could talk to him...this is part of that conversation.

I didn't release it earlier because my heart just sinks at what's happening and what I know is coming...they have several routes to bring their plans to it's usually a waiting and watching game to see what route is going to be taken on any one thing.

If you thought we were getting closer to the implementation of the Mark of the Beast then you haven't been paying attention. Even I was thrown for a loop on this one, but I"m not close to the corporate or banking world. And the tops of those already belong to the devil...but it's now affecting the employees of all these institutions, the trickle down effect is's already happening folks!!

How many people will recognize it for what it is? By DECEPTION Satan will take over and rule the won't always be an 'in your face' takeover, but by DECEPTION..and it's underway now folks!!

Sherry - - the soul scalpings geting really bad, it's everyone on TV..

Sherry - what's the plan

Lucifer - it's in full mode, of course you knew that...

Lucifer - the plan is to take over everything that matters, even stuff that doesn't...we'll control everything...

Sherry - its already at that point, so what's next...

Lucifer - we get ready to implement the Mark..

Sherry - they're already trying that with taking our guns

Lucifer - that just gets people riled up...

Lucifer - we can use other ways...controlling the food, water,

Lucifer - the gun phase just separates them from us, who's where...what...but doesn't really matter we already know, and won't matter when we use it to control the food

Lucifer - we'll start implementing food phases..

Sherry - what are the phases

Lucifer - gov control of welfare, people will have to take our mark (chip) to keep getting gov help...

Lucifer - then it will branch out to all gov employees from federal to local levels., corporate employees, banks, then it will branch out to the regular people..

Lucifer - the corporations control the distribution centers, the gov controls the corporations, it's all under our control..

Lucifer -it' will be under the guise of a new system, new economic reforms, people won't realize they're worshiping me until it's to late,

Lucifer - banking and economic reform, we can enforce it through bankruptcy, desperation...politics..immigration reform...there's a number of ways we can push it through...

Lucifer  - people can worry about stocking up their guns and bullets, when they're hungry they'll trade them all for a loaf of bread, they'll get the mark....they'll be so hungry they won't even think about it after a while, we'll use our propaganda to show how happy people are with the mark and how much easier it is, whatever works, the ones who are suffering without it will just get it...they'll be sick of suffering...they'll want to feed their kids...

Lucifer - I'll just sit in the background and watch...then I'll stand up and announce it's my system and they worship Me!

Sherry- won't matter, the chip will destroy them after they get it...not even human anymore...

Lucifer - laughs...LOL..I get the bragging rights...I'll take the credit, that's all that matters to me...

Many people will take the 'mark' not even realizing it's the "Mark" spoken of in the Bible....the Mark of the Beast...

Under the guise of a new economic or banking regulations they will be manipulated and coerced into taking it.

Parents will get the mark en masse just to get food for their hungry kids...

People will get it just to keep their jobs...under new "employee regulations" or whatever they come up with...

Only those people who are Discerning the Times will be aware of what is going on...

And that's why Yahushua always told the people to watch, and discern the people would recognize the deceptions taking place...

How many are watching?? How many are paying attention??

Satan's not going to come out and say "take my mark" and enforce it until the majority already have via Deception!!

Don't be deceived folks!!

Be Watching!!

Be Paying Attention!!

If you are told you need a RFID chip implant for work or banking reasons DO NOT GET IT for any reason!!

Don't get any type of chip implant for any reason!!!

There is no forgiveness for it!! Claiming "I was deceived" is NOT an excuse!! You've been forewarned about it since the day you were born!! The Bible has warned about it and been available for you to read and learn from your entire life!!

You may have to quit your job, or go off gov welfare, but you will save your soul from an eternity in HELL!! 

If you are not prepared for these times then thank "your pastor" they have failed their flocks!! But it is ultimately only your fault if you take the Mark of the Beast either knowingly or unknowingly because you could have read the Bible yourself and listened to His Watchmen and Prophets who have been warning about this for years!!

Prepare folks!!

Be Watching!!

Be Alert!!

Don't be deceived by the coming deceptions to deceive you into taking a chip implant!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mark of the Beast

I just posted a new video Father, Yahuah, the Most High has been wanting me to get out...

666 - Mark of the Beast - Chip Implant Don't Get It!!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

An Orgone Henge In Every State

We Need An Orgone Henge In Every State!!!

Our Orgone will destroy the Lizards dominating us and all the creatures that will be coming in when the dimensions merge! We have to get busy now folks! If you already saturated your area with Orgone pucks then awesome! But  a henge in each state will punch through the atmosphere and even space above that state and affect the entire state and region!! 

Pipes are powerful!!

I'm willing to travel to each state and put up a henge myself if I have to but I need your help!

What is a henge?  It is 12 -  5 foot (or larger) Orgoned pipes planted in a circular format. They can be 4-10 feet apart or even longer if you have the space. 

I have tallied some of the costs for supplies that we will need for 45 states (there's henges in 3 states already) and at about $90 a pipe (you buy them at 10 feet and cut them in half yourself) at this rate it would cost about $48,600 just for pipes alone, then probably another $50,000 - $75,000 for resin, copper wire, magnetic wire, aluminum shavings and resin. 

Then travelling or mailing expenses (we could make the pipes and send them to warriors to put up)

This project seems extreme but it's doable, what other choice do we have folks!!! Just let them march in here and round everyone up into FEMA camps uncontested? 

We need to fight back!!

We need to put up a resistance against them!!

They hate my Orgone!!!

I need  your help!!  We need about $200,000 - $300,000 to get this project started and possibly even completed!!

We need people who have never stood up to stand up and get involved and help us!!

This is the last year for us to knock this out and get it done!! 

Please HELP!!! Lucifer plans on taking over every Trust Account and Offshore Account in the World!! They're already telling you they're going to take over retirement accounts!! What they haven't told you directly is that they plan on taking over all Accounts!!

Do something with your $$ for Yah!! We fight against HIS enemies! We are HIS people!!

Help us fight against His enemies on and above Earth!!

This is a War folks!! I'd rather die fighting then on my arse in a FEMA camp!

Please send donations to:

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Convo with Lucifer on Soul Scalping

As an Ambassador to Earth, Prophet, Sere, and Messenger I have access to communicate with Lucifer as the Most High leads, oversees, and directs Himself. We are in the Last Days...people need to wake up to what is going on around them so they can prepare for what is coming.

All I can do is put the truth out there. What you do with it is up to you.

Conversation With Lucifer

June 8, 2016

Lucifer - soul scalping? You did an article on soul scalping?

Sherry - yeah, Father showed me how they do it since S***** and M***** were telling me anyway...I spoke to them from the 5th...they were scalped last week..

Lucifer - they got scalped?

Sherry - yes, I've been upset about it too, but they weren't Yah's and she would never listen to me...even after being scalped last month and I had to help her, she turned around and it happened to her again...this time Father let it wasn't until a couple weeks later when I heard from them and they were in the 5th by then...

Lucifer - so what did she tell you

Sherry - she told me that she was home with the kids and they got a knock at the door, and there were 2 big MIB's standing there that barged their way in, grabbed her by the neck, forced her mouth open and shoved a serpent down her throat, then they did the same thing to each of the kids..

Lucifer - well, she was already mine...

Sherry - I know, but she was still human, now she's just a lizard taken over by them...

Lucifer - it's part of the Plan...

Sherry - I know...and I put that in the article to...

Lucifer - did you separate mine and theirs...

Sherry - yes, I told them about the serpent and the proboscis types..

Sherry - why are they different, why does the serpent differentiate you from them?

Lucifer - it's just a branding..

Sherry - and you can take over the person with the serpent...

Lucifer - yes..

Sherry  - I mentioned that..

Sherry - I hate seeing people I know getting taken over, it's not like they're friends we have good, knock down, drag'em out fights and wars against each other but it's fun! Then when they're gone it just sucks...takes a while to build up good contacts...then you guys always destroy them...

Lucifer - a lot of things they do are irrational and they don't think things through but if it's part of the plan to begin with, they can implement that whenever they want to, a lot of times it's just bad timing, but they get over it, they move on...their focus is on the bigger picture...

Sherry - they had a big celebration two days ago for the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel in the Swiss Alps...had all the worlds leaders there to watch the ritual ceremonies..

Lucifer - ah yeah...that's a huge one,

Sherry - why do they need that thing?

Sherry - they're showcasing CERN, and you coming through that thing...out of the abyss..

Lucifer - haha yeah, they're doing rituals, raising energy, for our take things over...

Lucifer - who were they using as me,

Sherry - some actor but the focus was on Baphomet, he had a costume were represented by the Baphomet thing..

Sherry - the whole focus was CERN, the tunnel, and your I'm guessing there's a huge base in the ALPS....

Lucifer- there always has been, but now they're connecting the dots to everything underground..

Sherry - is that why they put the CIA headquarters in a underwater base under Lake Geneva?

Lucifer - that's been there for a long time, when they started building the base in the Alps, they knew they were going to center everything around that area, it's away from a bulk of people...easier to control...

Lucifer - the ceremony is just telling them it's ready, let's go...

Sherry - well it's already beyond ridiculous in America and Europe, all the humans in the media and on TV have been replaced with fakes, everyone you see on TV is a fake... if they're being paid or promoted, they're fakes...all gov, celebrities, promoted religious people...there's no real humans anymore with any of them..

Lucifer - well you already told people last year that was the plan, you've been telling them for years..

Sherry - what's next

Lucifer - we start snuffing light out..

Sherry - we're already suffocating...

Lucifer - it's going to get even worse...time for roundups..

Sherry - does that begin before the phase or after...

Lucifer - it can begin at any time, when they're ready they'll start Phase 1 of just going after known trouble makers and big mouths...if we can't scalp them we'll round them up and throw them in FEMA camps...we can use bribes on them, we can even kill them....that's Phase 1...that should be next...the Mark phase is Phase 3.

Sherry - how do the phases go

Lucifer - Phase 1, round up of troublemakers and big mouths, bribe them to join our side, freedom or imprisonment...

Lucifer - Phase 2 - round up everyone else with too much light, bribe them...same thing,,

Lucifer - Phase 3, take my mark and join our kingdom or outright die... course we'll use torture and bribes with that too...but that's the door to door phase as well, that's national, international, the "in-your-face" phase...we'll be everywhere enforcing'll be a total global enforcement.

Lucifer - with total scalping domination already, they're ready to begin Phase 1...

Lucifer - you can always hide troop movements in the summer, so it's good can always say something's a practice drill or just moving equipment around, can be easily hidden during the summer months...and by the winter they can just begin Phase 2..I'm starting to get excited now!

Lucifer - people with big bank accounts will be targeted first (soul scalping and roundups) because they'll want their money...they'll take over their rich lifestyle on's better than having to live as a peasant, those ranks are saved for our own peasant ranks..

Lucifer - people with Trust Funds, offshore accounts, Living Trusts, all that kind of money hiding stuff, those people are on the Top lists and don't even know it...all those with high paying jobs, estates, mansions, etc...we'll own it all,

Sherry - I knew you were doing that...the little investment clubs, seminars all over the how you find people to scalp them...

Lucifer -'re onto us...LOL laughs...

Sherry - Father showed me it a while's always something with you guys, it never ends..

And there you have it from the horse's mouth. If you have a lot of money, a big bank account, trust account, trusts of any kind, involved with investment groups and clubs, you're on a List to be soul scalped or even rounded up.

Use your money while you have it and support our Orgone War and Resistance on Earth! Use it to earn rewards in Heaven building fruits for Father's Kingdom instead of just letting the lizards destroy you and take your money for themselves!

Soul Scalping

Soul Scalping

by Sherry Shriner

The lizards or reptiles are in the last phase of their human domination plan of the End Game. They are soul scalping and replacing all humans at all top levels and secondary levels, even their families if necessary.

For instance (as in the case of someone I knew) they might get a visit from MIB's (Men in Black) during the middle of the day at their homes, or any time of day, or even work place and the MIB's grab them by the neck and face forcing their jaw to open and then they place a snake down their throat.

That is how they soul scalp people. This serpent possesses the human and takes over their brain and body and becomes that person. 

And that is how they do it. The reptilian aliens can transform and take the body of a small serpent snake to be placed inside a human body.

Yep, as the Most High showed me and told me about it, they take a slimy skinny snake, about 6-8 inches long, greyish in looks more like a long slimy worm, and open the person's mouth and stick it down their throat...something like this I found on Google images...

These reptile aliens work in groups. In true form most of them are over 6 "4". They watch and study the targeted person so they know all about them, and when they take over their brains and bodies they literally can act and become that person. They even do this to their kids so the kids don't make a fuss that something's wrong with mommy or daddy because something's just not right about them. They don't care about destroying the lives of children. They're all cold and heartless, unemotional reptiles with no thought of love, compassion or human emotions and sentiment. Those are emotions they have to learn to fake when they take over a human's body so they can blend in with society as a human.

In my book "Interview With The Devil" Lucifer had said they don't want any humans involved with the banking and they already dominated the politics. Now they are even going after secondary level people...such as CIA, NSA, any type of government or military spies, intelligence agents, advisors, analysts, directors, managers, along with anyone and everyone who has ever signed the dotted line for fortune and fame, or swore allegiance to Lucifer in the sisterhood or brotherhood. They are going after all of them and I had warned about this last year that this would become dominate for 2016. And it has. This year we are seeing their final touches on their control and domination. They have a list of all the people who are theirs and they are going through it!

The lizards who control the western nations, and all nations, don't want any humans involved with human affairs! They want everything controlled by them, thus we have reptile and cloned announcers, politicians, celebrities, lawyers, judges, athletes, anyone in a position of influence.

And they control every single aspect of the media and Hollywood. If you are a professional athlete or celebrity you have to be pre-approved to get interviewed on TV, sometimes you will hear reporters or announcers talking in the background, once I heard a desk analyst broadcaster telling a reporter on the field "he's been approved, you can talk to him" and the reporter then proceeded to interview a player about that particular football game. If a celebrity is being gossiped about whether good or bad (because all publicity is good to them) they have to be pre-approved. And only those who have signed the dotted line and sold their souls to Satan are approved.

Others have mentioned another type of scalping in which a lizard can take a piece or sheaf off the top of their head called a proboscis and put it into a host so they can embody and take over the host the same way a serpent does.

What they do is transform their entire being or conscious self into this proboscis and eject it off their head and then wiggle into the host, such as a human and they enter into a person's eye. If they have help the host's eyeball can be pulled out and this proboscis can be put into the back of the eye where it will then wiggle and spiral itself around the person's optical nerve and it also takes control of the person's brain as well. Donald Marshall talks about this. He's part of Lucifer's Disclosure Project where they are revealing all their methods, technology, and nefarious agendas to mankind.

When I asked Lucifer about this in my Interview With The Devil series and book he confirmed both types of these parasitic hosts that are used on humans. He also added that if a serpent is used as the parasite he himself can embody that serpent and take over that person's body. Which is why and how he can speak through Obama as much as he has. If you ever noticed.

This is a war folks. It's us against them. You can protect yourself from the lizards.

When I asked the Most High over a decade ago how we could destroy them, how we could tear down the strongholds of Satan and protect ourselves from them and their weapons being used against us He led me to Orgone and taught me how to make it. And you can hear in Lucifer's own words how much our Orgone has hurt, damaged, and destroyed him. It works folks!!  A lot of  people want to hate, debate, and gripe about my Orgone, meanwhile people are getting soul scalped around the world by the lizards we need to be fighting against. Stop fighting against me and start fighting against them! There isn't much time left for mankind.

***not all Orgone is the same. Most of the Orgone on the internet being sold as Orgone isn't even's just junk! Learn how to make it the way the Most High taught me how to make it because it's the only brand of Orgone that's destroying Lucifer and his lizards.

Friday, June 03, 2016

HAARP Activated All Week in Ohio and East Coast regions

I just get so disgusted with all the hating and haters I don't even want to be online. Is there any hope that people will pull their heads out of the sand and grasp the truth of the things that are going on around them...and have been for thousands of years? I lose hope.

HAARP has been obnoxious in SE Ohio all week. We got 2 things going on, locusts and HAARP, I don't know which is louder half the time...if it's not one it's the other.

They are trying to activate and open new portals around here, thus the screetching of HAARP...a very dimensional and loud noise.

I've been updating some of the websites.  The transcribes of my radio shows at  have been updated for 2015-2016.

I've also updated

There have been no reparations made for my destroyed property. So more of theirs will be destroyed. For those in the know, Phase 2 will begin and end this weekend. Should be an interesting weekend.

I am working on getting my Amazon-Kindle book in paperback format. It's frustrating.

For my few loyal friends, hang in there, we're in this together.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Series - Interview With The Devil

My Series "Interview With The Devil " by Sherry Shriner

Interview With The Devil - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3  

Part 4  

Part 4b The Awakening   

Part 5

Part 6 

Part 7   

Part 8    

Part 9   

Part 10  

Part 11

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Part 13 

Part 14


Interview With An Ancient Goddess- Lillith - Part 1

Lillith - Part 2

Lillith - Part 3


Queen Shazurazy - Part 1

Shazurazy - Part 2

Interview with Lillith - Part 2

In March of 2016 the ancient being known as Lillith staged a Global assassination attempt against me via thousands of witches and Satanic groups everywhere to chant my death and do rituals in what we call Black Magic Circles to accomplish my death via a heart attack. They were trying to take my soul out of my body through some kind of ancient witchcraft technique. The Most High intervened and Lillith was captured by an Archangel and detained in a lower heavenly realm. She has been held there since. Since her detainment the Most High has allowed me to have conversations with her about the past, present, and future. These are parts of that Conversation.
All I can do is put the truth out there. What you do with it is up to you.
My Conversations with Lillith - An Ancient Goddess

by Sherry Shriner
Interview With An Ancient Goddess- Lillith

Part 2


Sherry - so you were created with wings?

Lillith - me and Adam had wings, yep, but when Eve was created she didn't...and when they got in trouble he lost his wings...they got new more flesh bodies...

Sherry - did Eve have sex with Lucifer?

Lillith - she had sex with Luce then had sex with Adam...the right way...because he didn't know the right way at all, he was an animal...I would go on top of him but he would do me from behind like an animal and that's what we always fought over...and I left him...I wanted to make love to him like Luce made love to me but Adam wouldn' was Eve that finally got him to...but then Eve got Luce in trouble because she got pregnant with him and Adam...

Sherry - What did Adam look like?

Lillith - he was a light olive skin with black hair and black beard, he had blue eyes we both did, so did Eve, blue is angel, all angels have blue eyes..

Sherry - Iran always seems separate from the other Arab nations, the Persians...who were they?

Lillith - Iran,, they were a different people altogether, they were a diff race, they were Eve's kids but they weren't Ishmael's...they weren't part of his kids...

Lillith - Arabs today aren't anything like Ishmael's kids, they're mostly inbred animals...that race was destroyed years and years ago...the original Arabs are long gone...

Sherry - the churches are hyped over Israel and Jerusalem, yet everyone seems to despise it over there?

Lillith - yeah see that's the thing Jeremiah moved the Ark of the Covenant and temple stuff out of Israel into Europe and into the USA eventually...the original Israel isn't even there anymore, the ones there aren't the original Israelites, the original ones are Europe and the USA and when you talked about it on the show it freaked everyone out because like no one knew and you were bringing it up..

Sherry - you guys stole Solomon's books from the temple...

Lillith - yeah the Templars stole Solomon's books and that's what the secret societies have, and they use it and we had our own stuff out of it for the wiccan's for demon power...we didn't worship the demons we used them for their power like Solomon did...he used to show me stuff and how to work with them, make them do stuff at command...that's how I got them all under my command...

Sherry - does Eve get involved with that?

Lillith - Eve--no she doesn't like messing with them (demons)...

Sherry -when did she leave Adam for good?

Lillith - they had about 10 kids and then she left him after a while...her kids were having kids when she left him and Adam hooked up with one of the granddaughters...he finally started to soften up more and learn how to treat people but the kids were closer to Eve..but when she left Adam for Lucifer they got mad at her and didn't even have anything to do with her after that..she just totally left them then and went to the area of Babylon (Iraq) where all of Luce's people were...they were into building star gates and portals and stuff and they had a lot of scientific knowledge and stuff it was really cool over there...and they had the city life there, Eve was sick of the country life, and she protected Cain and was with him...

Sherry - what was the mark on his forehead for protection?

Lillith - well the Archon (Yahuah) had taken off the horn and put a cross on him...a red cross...that's where the Templars got it was protection, they were protectors at the time, they adopted the symbol...

Sherry - how tall was everyone?

Lillith - Cain was like 6"5", Abel was 6' or barely, Adam was 5 '10' Eve was like 5'8'...?

Sherry - so they weren't tiny?

Lillith - no...I was like 5 '10' same as Adam...although he was bigger than me, manly,

Sherry - how many people were on the earth when the flood destroyed it?

Lillith - just under 2 billion on earth when the flood hit, when you said I think it was 1.6 billion we were shocked...because that was probably it...we knew you were getting your info from somewhere...

Lillith - at the beginning you would come down a lot, but as Watchers moreso than getting involved with anything...when it started getting really bad, cities going up, people partying, doing their own guys stopped coming least I didn't see you....but you came down when it was time to destroy would talk to Noah, you would encourage him and sit and talk with him and you guys would sit and laugh and talk about stuff.....

Sherry - is that why he's around me now?

Lillith - laughs... is he really?... probably so...because you guys were friends back in his used to look out for him...and no one was messing with were revered by everyone...angels, demons, people themselves, you were always you or hate you, people respected you...

Sherry - what about Rashayel?

Lillith - you were the dominant were your own person...she was with you but didn't get involved as much as you...she could fight, but you could absolutely destroy whole towns yourself...and you would only get involved if there were murders (sacrifices) going on, that's why that all went underground, hidden, to hide from the angels...and it was always at night because the angels wouldn't be around...

Sherry - what was it like with the Nephilim giants around?

Lillith - in regards to the giants...there were so many of them...I mean what could you do...and women were dying giving birth to those things so the balance was tipping over between the ratio of men vs. women...they would kill the woman to save the giant if there was trouble...and at that point there was nothing they could do for the woman anyway...birth was just a torturous death for most of them...

Lillith - the giants started making their own cities and moving away from the little the time of the flood half the earth's population was giants...

Lillith - after the flood, Ham's kids started it all over again, it didn't get as bad as it was before because the Archon would have Israel destroy them ...they were the superior fighters at the time until Rome got dominant..

Lillith - people always focus on Israel and the desert and all that stuff, but Europe was getting populated at that time pretty well...all that part of history is ignored for the Bible narrative on Israel it's limited in what people know and learn about the past because they only read the KJV and think that's all there was going on...

Lillith - oh and I was going to tell you that there were huge earthquakes going on after the flood with all the water etc..and that's how the continents were created, the land mass was completely broke apart and split up into sections at that time...and it would evolve over the years as well with earthquakes

Sherry - what was the Druid stuff in Europe...

Lillith - the Celtics, druids, etc..that was our stuff...we wanted our own continent but we were fighting with the Israel people coming into our turf...people were leaving Israel all the time, sick of the bs, wars, etc...they would leave and go to Europe. spread out and around.. Japheth, Ham, had continents full of people...the Bible always focuses on Seth and Noah's 3rd son can't remember his name... and that's it..

Sherry - I know most people today read the KJV and refuse to learn anything else, to read other things and learn what it was really like back in the day...get the whole picture...

Lillith = it's not a history book, it's just a book on the Jewish religion and who they were...people need to branch out and read other stuff if they want to know what it was really like back then...

Lillith - we had our stuff going on everywhere, you guys weren't even a threat to us...just an annoyance when you'd meddle with our stuff...

Lillith - we always controlled, commerce, govt's, religions...everything...the druids, Celts, and everyone else like them etc..just went underground ..we stayed in control of the power but blended in with the people so they didn't know who we really were...that's how we started operating then and that's how it's been since...we operate in the background and people don't even know it's us, that we were there pulling the strings and leading them along like sheep...

Sherry - I got a warning from one of the reptiles under Libya I think it was ....something like...'you're one of us now (awakened), there's stuff about us that humans don't need to know" and then it was like the communication line was broken off or something...he just disappeared or Father cut him off from talking to me...

Lillith - that council under the desert...yeah you freaked everyone out with that one...there's a council that sits in the background and directs things on earth, they're very hidden...the hidden controllers...the highest rank of Lucifer's fallen...those who actually got Luce to leave heaven...they were the ones behind him...they're his advisors, they mediate between all the diff what you call alien races in space...because they're all always fighting etc...they're our government...that's who they all answer to...there is a structure...but it's well hidden...they know who you are...most of their attention is on earth because they know it's going to be an epic battle and already is between you and Luce...North Africa to India, it's all connected underground, and parts of Asia Shamballa....

Lillith - we cull the populations for food, they go after the Archon's people to keep the numbers down, so they never outnumber us, or ours.

Sherry - what's the deal with Orion and pyramids?

Lillith - Orion has interdimensional doorways..3 star belt...the stars are the doorways...

Sherry - how's our Orgone War working out for you guys?

Lillith - Orgone destroyed Saturn...there's a connection between Saturn and the north pole you guys figured out, but all the planets and moon are becoming unbearable with the Orgoned just burns stuff up and you can't see can feel it but that's about it...

Lillith - I don't know how you figured that out but that part of the war 
between you 2 has been epic...(Sherry/Shazurazy and Lucifer)

Sherry - is the Orgone destroying Capricorn? (huge space ship of Sannanda's, and Allah)

Lillith - the Capricorn has metal shields, a metal covering over it to 
block the Orgone but it started melting  the's like a huge elevator shaft, metal, insulations's not's in the shape of a penis...huge penis...light blue because of the Orgone hitting it, reflective...

Sherry - where did they build that thing? I heard it's up to 30 miles high?

Lillith - they built it in sections on the back side of the moon....I don't know how high that thing is it could be 1 mile to 3 miles's not 30 unless they added onto it..

 Part Three -

Part 3