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Thursday, June 09, 2016

An Orgone Henge In Every State

We Need An Orgone Henge In Every State!!!

Our Orgone will destroy the Lizards dominating us and all the creatures that will be coming in when the dimensions merge! We have to get busy now folks! If you already saturated your area with Orgone pucks then awesome! But  a henge in each state will punch through the atmosphere and even space above that state and affect the entire state and region!! 

Pipes are powerful!!

I'm willing to travel to each state and put up a henge myself if I have to but I need your help!

What is a henge?  It is 12 -  5 foot (or larger) Orgoned pipes planted in a circular format. They can be 4-10 feet apart or even longer if you have the space. 

I have tallied some of the costs for supplies that we will need for 45 states (there's henges in 3 states already) and at about $90 a pipe (you buy them at 10 feet and cut them in half yourself) at this rate it would cost about $48,600 just for pipes alone, then probably another $50,000 - $75,000 for resin, copper wire, magnetic wire, aluminum shavings and resin. 

Then travelling or mailing expenses (we could make the pipes and send them to warriors to put up)

This project seems extreme but it's doable, what other choice do we have folks!!! Just let them march in here and round everyone up into FEMA camps uncontested? 

We need to fight back!!

We need to put up a resistance against them!!

They hate my Orgone!!!

I need  your help!!  We need about $200,000 - $300,000 to get this project started and possibly even completed!!

We need people who have never stood up to stand up and get involved and help us!!

This is the last year for us to knock this out and get it done!! 

Please HELP!!! Lucifer plans on taking over every Trust Account and Offshore Account in the World!! They're already telling you they're going to take over retirement accounts!! What they haven't told you directly is that they plan on taking over all Accounts!!

Do something with your $$ for Yah!! We fight against HIS enemies! We are HIS people!!

Help us fight against His enemies on and above Earth!!

This is a War folks!! I'd rather die fighting then on my arse in a FEMA camp!

Please send donations to:

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615


Tom Jacobs said...

AWESOME,Thank you for Posting the Pictures. Makes Much more sense. I'm trying to put a Gameplan together in Florida. I've got some New Orgone Warrior Recruits, Gonna get together this weekend and have an Orgone Blaster making party, YYeeaahh!!!. Chem Trail me now Fallen angel MF'ers.

Unknown said...
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Sergio Andrade said...

Very enthusiasticrowd but not a very talkative bunch? How bout posting here for your state if your building a henge please?? I am building a henge in Wister Oklahoma. I am using bigger 3" copper pipes, 12 of them, 5' tall pipes. My buckets will hold 7-8lbs crystal. I also have 3 6' 2 inch bucket blasters to put center. I also will build 2 more 3" by 5' pipe bucket blasters for 5 blasters total center of henge. This henge is the climax to my life's work, my one thought having been 2burn thfallen angels as of about 1985. I was writing sherry about building a little henge for my desk 12 blasters with the twelve stones& quartz in 2011, so this larger suggestion really gels perfectly with me. I alrwady have 600 lbs crystal mostly bigger sized , VERY clear of quality so this awesome idea came at exactly the perfectime 4me. I also have no car so this works best. ..&besides, we running out of time. ZORRO is having a sale copper pipe. 2 days only, solstice 2016. Type SOLSTICE checkout code saves 20% entire order if spending $200. Free shipping. I bought 4 10ft. by 3" copper pipe $490.37 shipped total. To find them pipes, type DWV COPPER PIPE 3" in google. Then click on the ZORRO link to buy. 3" pipes hold maybe twice the resin of 2 inch. MERTONS sells a liquid, cheaper waxed resin is MUCH easier to work with vs Bondo. Just ask seller which resin sherry buys.

Sherry Shriner said...

awesome....glad to hear!

Malie Mapour said...


Malie Mapour said...

Sorry guys, I made some writing errors, because I was typing fast; anyway, I had learne through this "Great and Powerful -Interview" , that, my Deat Sherry Shrinet, better known as "Queen-Shaz", I discover tgst, "Lucy" us my older- lost brother and I love me him inspire of---because DADDY LOVES him. I hope he will repent someday and come back home...I know it's hard, but, he was a Son...and a brother before he gotten influence by BAD -ANGELS and REBEL...against DADDY. I am ready to talk and meet this brothetvsome day and have dime real ' sister and brother Sherry and thank you for helping me know who I am and where I belong; we are One.

Sergio Andrade said...

Criticalelixir here again. I shouldv had 5 more orgone henges done by now. No problem. Going as planned just some delays. Been losing money fast sitting on a solar Reptilian attack paperweight. Very angry. Decided well, drop all projects, focus only on the henges but sure could use some help.

I did built my 1st 3" 5ft. henge pipe 3 months ago 2 get a cost/labor breakdown. = excellent. = Much more powerful then 2" with 1/2 thwork& a fraction expense. 3" pipe holds over twice thresin of a 2" inch. 620 grams 2" vs 1,400 grams 3. Like making 2 henges@ once, or 1 twice thpower.

Each of th12 pipe/bucket houses 1.6 gallons resin, 91ft 12 gauge wire, & 14.5 lbs crystal requiring only 1.6 gallon resin pipe - bucket. I use #10 vegetable can buckets. Painted/caulked 2prevent rust. I use a handful amethyst top on this my 1st pipe. (Each pipe gets handful appropriate stone 4that tribe) &2 neo magnets, top &bottom pipe. 15 pennies top bucket. Working in 70 - 80° ideal. Resin heats, &sets too fast hot days.

Make sure bucket is LEVEL 1st is best. Place pipe/crystals wire/shavings bucket. Pipe must be above bottom bucket 1" so resin will rise up pipe 2same level u fill bucket. There4 add 1 section coil, magnet, crystal bottom pipe. I use 6 13' sections coiled wire pipe, 2lb crystal per section. LEVEL pipe. I use 13' wire bucket widest coil as possible. I used 3lbs 2oz crystal bucket, &aluminum shavings. Mix gal resin + 1tblspn Mertons catalyst per gallon. DONT mix entire catalyst per gal Mertons = sets too fast.

Work fast. Pour entire bucket resin. Do not top off pipe. It will fill from bucket only. Add 15 pennies top bucket last. I have orgone cupcakes standing by 4any leftover resin. Do NOT top off thpipe after u just filled bucket. Bucket will overflow. Once resin sets, coil& crystal pipe in 13" coil sections, 2 lbs crystal per section. (= Approx 6 13' sections). These clues: thbucket eat about 1/2 gallon resin there4 doing 2 buckets @once super efficient. Once thresin starts heating/setting, I prefer 2cool it2 eliminate cracks. I submerge entire bucket water = zero cracking.

Always add entire bucket resin once = increases pressure. Always try to do same pipe. Don't dry, add more, dry, add more.

After around 45 minutes allow sun 2beat down on resin. UV aids curing. I fill thbuckets absolutely full 2stop water pooling. Caulk, paint, bury th12 pipes widest circle. Leveling them is best. (mine will be 400ft. circle)
I have 24 pipes& all materials but only1 pipe built = 2 henges materials. ...=1 henge 4Wister Ok., 1 to give away other state. However.

ZORRO just sent me a 20% coupon. So I can buy yet another henge maybe a fourth. Sherry Shriner industries was mentioning doing a mission this year still, well I should have been done by now but I came under attack primarily from Danny, a seller @ ML solar, who claimed he was christian. I'd initially explained my pricarious financial position in Yahuahs orgone war....

Well, electricians told me Danny was a crook. How sad. &I lost 3 months trying 2connect his faulty components. His instructions meanwhile were a blatant mockery. Hmmmm. Maybe u prayer warriours should send a little prayer 4him? I always let stranger peeps know just who I am , @right off thbat so's that way they know exactly who they dealing with@ it sure as hill aint just me. Anyway, now I have solar components 2sell, I lost huge time/$$$, & could use serious aid with building, distribute the henges. I use electric bicycle = i also have no car 2 deliver these finished henges.

Sergio Andrade said...

Bringing down thlamps:
Ok so I have completed, &installed a 12 pipe, 5ft.tall round 200ft. wide orgone henge @30548 Wards Landing Rd. here in Wister using big 3" pipes couple 2, 3months ago. Totalling 45lbs per pipe/bucket. That makes about 1,000 lbs orgone I have here on site. I don't waste people's time. I immediately brief any all locals on th ancient solar system past& orgone war, &I give away free pucks orgone. Most peeps take them. I plan 2 gift key sites someday but that hasnt fared well. No time &I have only a bicycle 4travel. I prefer space travel anyway. Let th orgone do thtraveling vs me. I'm typically doing more with less then 6 efficient people pUT together.
Had rains trying wash my cabin away &so, obviously, various other countless henpeck attacks, problems. Had2 lay 30,000 lbs of shale control erosion, 19 F150 trucks full I had 2gather with bicycle, & trailer in 7days. Also hand mixed 168 80lb bags cement built patio, water culverts & carport 2keep foundation dry.
Today March 1st I begin building again. I have 32 10ft. Pipes of 3" diameter on site &about 700lbs crystal 2build with. I just recieved word 16,000 ships were crashed so seems th orgone is accelerating? Surprised, my skies ain't been very spectacular as back in cali they were.
I use simple formula 2make a round henge. I use 1 mm for each ft., I drew a 200mm circle on paper there4. I lay string on circle, measure string, simply divide that length by 12. That gave me 53.3 feet between each pipe. Then I simply hammer a 10ft rope into my chosen center &It tells me how far from center I bury each pipe.
For those who wonder what orgone henge is, it's a portal in2 heaven on yr property releasing th life force energy from creator basically. If that sounds like a plus 2u, build1. I began with only 8lbs orgone&, I was shocked by how it permanently improved thsky above no matter where I went with it back in cali.
I had 2 secure paid4 cabin with garden, fruit trees etc. first Thats bcuz I still have $72k in thbank& I hope &pray I will be able 2 spend as much as that as possible on orgone in harmony with anticipating Lucifers RFID timing in deleting my funds. Keep me updated. I have next 2 zero internet strength, access.
Neighbors blown away @what i did2 thpeoperty here. I have easily doubled th value of this property via only 5k funds yet massive labor efforts so, I could even sell this place, make more orgone still. But, alas i doubting I will have enough time4that.

Sergio Andrade said...

...Oh, 1more thing. also, I plan to make a couple 10ft henges this time 2save time, increase frequency. I will build onto this SAME henge basically. Th technique - = I lay pipe down, insert 4ft crystals coil shaving, stand up pipe in bucket, fill bucket resin, let dry, fill pipe 2 4ft., then add remaining 5ft. Crystal, shaving, resin. This will be other worldly powerful hengemost. Hoping be done b4 april.

Sergio Andrade said...

Hello? Any1 home in sherry shriner industries?
Juss an idea I dunno but I thinking of maybe, possibly sending materials 4orgone henge 2Ohio. I dunno if SS industries is up 2 building just 1more henge.
Thing is I just got a 25% off coupon ZORRO 2day in thmail. so, just an idea. I have not done thmath yet cost breakdown &have spent a few thousand just this week on supplies for my monster henges so,
is ss industries up2 building a henge or not? these 3" pipes are MUCH easier 2work with &hold over twice th volume resin of a 2" pipe does as it is. I am also perfecting 10 foot henges. I have built one so far. Am building a 2nd now. I will paste instructions here once I have more practice. (And since otherwise I will also frget)
1thing: sellers don't always allow shipping 2 P.O. boxes so shipping materials might be impossible unless thrz an alternative address. I have tried shipping to th Carrollton P.O. Box b4 &seller wouldn't ship P.O. email is criticalelixir at gee mail dot com

Sergio Andrade said...

so hey am I the only one who noticed the creators light in the west is now gone? it vanished on saturday, yesterday, sabbath day. Creator had said it would vanish sabbath or mondays... it dissappeared same day I completed my 1st monster 10ft. tall orgone portal henge. today is march 19, sunday.

Sergio Andrade said...

Sherry Shriner I SAW THE LIGHT TONIGHT. It was almost next to impossible to make it out. I had mentioned I saw it (a bright white light) in Cali earlier but that was in th sunrise not the sunset but i thought that was a Japanese satellite at the time anyway. And it would precision drift predictably higher each morning with the sunrise &eventually vanish into the spring.
I have been watching the same looking "star" this year each night LOWERING down into th sunset till it vanishes. In this way it was easy fr me to predict thcreators other dimensional light would vanish when it did. At first it was higher up and would linger almost till morning, then it would appear lower and lower each evening till it was only lasting around an hour after dark b4 vanishing horizon.
Well tonight I found it. U would have to be on thmost ideal vantage point to see it which I was. As th sky turned orange I finally spotted it as a fading little orange globe just above the treeline 2 miles away but as typical, the sky was still way too bright to assume it was a star, and it was still seen as bigger then a star but very very LOW. If i held my fingers together a foot from my face they would be 7mm apart comparing (it) the way distant treeline. It's moving out fast. It was precisely where it had been vanishing in its bright white phase so I know that was definitely it. I think what is obviously happening is it is suddenly moving way OUT fast in its trajectory as it continues to dissappear horizon sunset.
I took photos but the camera couldn't register it.
Carrolton Ohio has cloud cover for 3 saturdays and mondays so my guess is it will be another month before it's revealed to u with a clear sky meaning you'll assume it abruptly vanished later then it actually did probably because creator is going to align it with an event a month or so from now. So whatever is supposed to happen it appears u have 3 weeks left at least.
My guess Lucifer will be released around month from now. this will be exactly when I have completed my 3,000 plus lb orgone henge so i will have made my peace with thworld for ONCE. .
in our MISERABLE lives.
I've had 2run it like a freightrain with every second counting seems like my timing with events is been quite miraculously prfect.

Sergio Andrade said...

Today's Update:
Monday July 24, 2017
As I mention I built a 200 ft. Wide 5ft. Tall by 3" thick copper pipe henge 12 pipes.
I then built 24 10 foot tall by 3 inch copper pipe henge. These monsters weight about 70lb each pipe/bucket. They will be buried next to the 12 pipes I already buried. They are currently laying down pointing out in radial fashion 4each hand on th clock dial. I will stand them up probably september, @same time as anticipated pole shift.
Yesterday I distribute 90 5oz orgone pucks in a 10 to 30 mile radius on bicycle. 57 miles total, surrounding Wister lake. Each puck has neo dyne magnet. Distribute 12 mile roadside 4 tight wall, or 2 miles for least powerful wall.
I currently building l,572 more 5oz pucks 2 distribute countryside. and 1,056 mini personal carry pucks 1.65oz each which I give away to locals so they can spread them farther then I can drive out bicycle. All have magnets.
In addition to my 36 pipe 3" henge already built, I am building 1more 5ft by 3" henge for 48 pipe total henge (24 10 footers, 24 5 footers)
&center of that I build a monster bucket 20 ft. By 3" pipe loaded with about 10lbs of every precious stone mentioned bible. And extra large magnets. I will probably just leave this1 lying down on thmt. Side I live on.
When u add those 2 thbucket blasters i already built previously,,, that totals 3,000lb henge I have here on sight. Probably biggest genuine Yahuan orgone device in thworld in 1spot.
Finally,,, with 50lb remaining crystal I will build a few huge bucket blasters with any remaining short pipes tossed in.
I currently ordering remaining 40 gallons resin I need, wire 2day. Since this is thyear of darkness I'm anticipating Nibiru will shield th sun 3 days in thpole flip. Sept, August. hopefully b done b4then.
Will rportbackwhencmpleted