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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Morgellons Disease..

Morgellons Disease..this is one of the nastiest plagues I've seen in a long time and it's reportedly in every state, hitting South Texas and California particularly hard

So I decided to spend some time in the Bible Codes on it. What I found was that Morgellons is a poison, toxicant, contamination, spread by needles and vaccinations.

Of particular interest is the fact it seems to be limited, it was a 'sample or a testing.'

Seems an 'allotment' of vaccines were tainted with the plague then distributed to the public.

In the codes there is a lack of any of the usual types of terms you would see associated with chemtrail therefore I don't believe it's being spread by chemtrails. Besides, if it were there would be a much more larger outbreak of this plague than has been reported. One spraying of chemtrails with the fibers of Morgellons and an entire population would come down with it.

So apparently Morgellons disease is being spread through vaccinations or even possibly flu shots which are 'vaccinations' as well.

Is there a cure available? With so much to sift through in the code what I did find of interest were the terms comforter-salt-phosphate. So if the doctors can figure that one out, there is something that can give comfort to those suffering with Morgellons, somehow.

Obviously many Americans have just fallen victim to another bio-experiment from our government without being forewarned or told in advance of it, or agreeing to it for that matter. They are involuntary victims of a bio-attack, and in this case, a very much so terror attack.

And from vaccinations.

Do NOT get vaccinations and do NOT give them to your child. They are NOT mandatory you can take religious exemptions from them in most states. Vaccinations are pure poison you are putting into your body or your child's. They will not keep you from getting diseases they cause diseases and cancers later in life. In short they are a delayed depopulation tool which are designed to activate and kill you with 'something' as you get older.

I have sent some of the information I found in the code to the website owner of what he does with it is up to him, chances are he'll never be able to publicly admit what is causing it and keep his license as a doctor.

So what they won't or can't tell you, I will.

Stay away from vaccinations.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Pastors being used as NWO shills...

Secret FEMA Plan to Use Pastors as Pacifiers in Preparation For Martial Law

By Paul Joseph Watson 24 May 2006

"A Pastor has come forward to blow the whistle on a nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to 'obey the government' in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation... It falls under the umbrella of the NVOAD program (

... Pastor Revere [pseudonym] outlined the plan to carry out mass vaccination and enforced drugging programs in times of crisis such as a bird flu outbreak. 'In the event of an outbreak or a bio-terrorist attack, there'd be a mass vaccination....they have a program nationwide 'Pills in People's Palm In 48 Hours'," said the Pastor..."


Is it any surprise? How many pastors will stand up with a conscious and refuse to participate and enforce the beast agenda on their congregations when it comes down to it? How many will stand for the Lord and tell our Satanic government to go back to the hell it's working out of? The problem is so many of them are brainwashed they think they are somehow Biblically required to support our government.

We are to follow man's laws, until they come against Yah's. Vaccinations? We are not to put any live substances into our bodies as per Leviticus. Firearm seizures? Every Israelite family was armed! It is our right to defend ourselves and our families from harm..and that includes from a government who seeks to harm us or take away our rights to firearms.

Most Christians have been lulled to sleep with the "love your neighbor" theology they can't distinguish between loving people and hating evil. And so do nothing about evil in fear of offending the person or people committing it. Christians have become spineless and allowed the Satanists of this country in the name of "God" to completely degrade and destroy every Biblical principle that was ever an original part of it. Let alone God Himself.

So many Christians are afraid to do something wrong they're not doing much of anything right!
Why? They're afraid to stand up against authority. Nevermind the Antichrist is indeed going to be the ultimate authority over man when he arrives, what will they do then? March to Satan's drum all the way to hell? God forbid!

Wake up folks. Stand up against the "I love Lucifer" freaks running our government and who long ago infiltrated, own and run many of our seminaries and churches. How many men think they have to be ordained by a Satanist-run seminary to feel 'qualified' to lead a church? It's ridiculous.

How many times have I heard from men, "the Lord called me to preach" and then they go get "qualified" by a cemetary? Many times!

Our seminaries are cemetaries of the dead. They are taught and preach what they are told is the truth by people they don't even know. If they did know who and what is teaching them they'd run! So that's how good the deceptions have sunk into and become a part of our country, people can't discern them! Will they be able to later if they can't now?

Satanists love the KJV. They can manipulate it to say whatever they want it to and that's why there's over 100,000 denominations! Men interpret it the way they think is right while the Satanists introduce one heresy after the next and their congregations grow into the thousands. Feel good theology, don't tell the people what they need to hear, tell them what they want to hear.

I refuse to get into Scripture debates with people. It's pointless, show me 10 Scriptures to defend your belief and I can show you 10 to defend mine.

The priority is not, "what does the Bible say" but, "what does God say?" He said, "My sheep hear My voice and they know me and I know them." We're to follow HIM. Not man trying to interpret what they think the Bible is saying based on their head knowledge. That's religion. We're to have a relationship with the Lord where we can talk to Him and He to us. You don't need a licensed minister for that! Most of them don't even tell you HOW to have a one on one relationship with the Lord.

Seek Him daily, think about Him, talk to Him, and listen for His small voice in your spirit. HE leads us by His Spirit. His Spirit speaks to ours. He doesn't contradict Himself. Man contradicts God.

The coming Martial law, enforced vaccinations, how many are preparing their congregations for this?

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Some updates on a few things...

For those of you wondering about the fundraising for a new or newer vehicle with low miles to travel across the country with...well, through a warrior in Texas the Lord has blessed me with a brand new 2006 truck! I will be flying down to pick it up next week and drive it back to Ohio. She had just bought this truck a couple of months ago and contacted me and told me she was signing the title over to me and giving it to me as a gift and to come pick it up. Now that's Yah!! I praise Yah and thank her for her extreme generosity and love for the Lord she has to enable me to continue to do my work for Him.

And I thank those of you who contributed, I will have the $ to fly down there and drive it back! Praise Yah!

And naturally of course I still get criticized for dare asking for $100,000 to buy land and start building a safe haven for Yah's people. Many of you stood up and contributed to this but at the end of the day, after 6 months I've only collected about $12,000 in donations for the land or donations to the ministry in general itself. And much of this has been used over to the months for ministry expenses and also in taking back areas of this country and others around the world from the Satanic and demonic strongholds that have been established. Instead of securing a safe haven for the Lord's people, it seems I, along with others, will be securing huge portions of this country instead! And it's been quite a job, and I'll be coming out with more info on what we've been able to accomplish in a few more months. It is not time right now, evenso, the victories and those that are coming are Yah's!

There are many with the finances to donate huge sums to help us build a private safe haven for His people or where we could build up storehouses of food and clothes for His people about to find themselves homeless and hungry in the coming destructions and wars but they've held onto their money because they think I"m crazy, or they have ignored Yah Himself because they don't want to part with it. That's ok. Yah knows what's going on and I leave it in His hands. So be it folks. So be it.

For those aware of my current situtation of having to leave my home because the neighbor bought it from my landlord for himself...I've asked for your prayers in being able to find another home and I thank you for those. Keep praying! I have about 6 days to find another place. I haven't found one yet and I"m heading to Dallas next week which makes the time crunch all the more crazier. Yah hasn't opened any doors for us yet on where to live or move to so I'm just waiting on Him still.

Satan's attacks or Yah closing one door to open another? I don't know but if it's Satan I'll tell you what, you can't knock a good warrior down. Despite what I've had to go through all month my love for the Most High stands strong and I stand proud to serve Him on the front lines and Lucifer can take that to hell! I serve the King!! I am a child of the Most High God's and there's nothing short of death itself that can stop me from doing the things He has asked me to do.

If one door closes He'll open another. In His time folks, in His time.

My many thanks and love to those who support my ministry. Most of us are just simple people who love the Lord. We're not famous and we're not wealthy, but we're banding together because we love the Lord and can hear Him and can be led by Him in these last days to do exploits, and heal the land, and heal His people from Satanic oppression whether directly on the front lines or indirectly through financing the missions needed to get His work done. All of these people will be rewarded by Him for eternity. Nothing we do for Him is ever lost or forgotten folks. He knows everything, He keeps records of everything, may we all serve Him with 100% focus and committment to do so.

Over the years the Lord has led many people to my websites to learn what the truth is about what's going on before us or behind the scenes. Knowledge is priceless. Share it with others.

The Lord is standing up an army in these last days. It's not something He's going to do, it's something He's already doing! Many people have imagined things are going to happen a certain and particular way because of what they've always been taught by the churches. What's the Lord say? He has said things are going to happen in ways we don't expect or have imagined! So don't get boxed in on man's interpretation of what the apostles or prophets have said seek the Lord Himself for HIS interpretation.

Ask the Lord daily for the truth in all things and let Him be your guide and lead you. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and to teach you how to build a closer relationship with Him.

Nothing we do for Him will ever be lost or forgotten.

Remember that folks.

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Been Quiet Lately.....

It's been quiet lately...Yah hasn't given me much to say about anything.

This whole month has just quietly droned on...

He has blessed me with a brand new truck to travel and do exploits with and I'll be flying down to Texas in a week or so to pick it up. He is awesome!

I'm still waiting to figure out where I'll be living, if not the streets! I have about 10 days now to leave the house I've been living in for the past 4 years and we have nowhere to go. All of the houses that I've seen for rent in the area look like they should be condemned, and every time I call a house that looks halfway decent it's already been rented! So nothing but doors being closed on even leaving here and we don't have much choice! The landlord wants to sell this house and my neighbor is in the process of buying it.

I don't want to leave here. This house has been my home for the past 4 years and I like it here. And I still don't know where it is Yah wants us next since we're being chased out of here. Ten days isn't a lot of time. Pray that He'll open up doors for us and pave the way to a place for us to go.

I can't stand having to be distracted by this kind of stuff. There's so much that needs done as I make plans to travel the country for Yah and tear down strongholds. My enemies are definately trying to prevent and stop that from happening! I can't be out doing what needs done if I have to spend my time trying to find a new home to rent that will accommodate 6 people. It would be easier if we could just outright buy a house but we are not in debt and have no established credit to do so. Me and my husband have always paid cash for everything. If we can't pay cash we don't buy it. Plain and simple. No credit card debts and no years of auto loan bills. So everything is quite messed up to try and live in a society that demands you be in debt so you can get further in debt.

Anyway just pray that Yah will provide and light the way for us.

I can't stand the thought of being sidelined for a while.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We're Fighting Back...

The orgone warriors in Boston are fighting back to save our American city against flooding disasters. I didn't know if orgone would prevent flooding but it was worth a try to see, and this is an email I received...

Hi Sherry, Good news. My home and neighborhood are fine, and I think will be fine here in MXXXXX. The big concern now for XXXXXX was a dam over the Spickett River which is a part of the Merrimack River. Yesterday morning I put orgone in the exact location where the dam is and also directly into the run off after it falls. It is amazing because only a few hours later when I wanted to go back to put more, it was blocked off by police and fire and I could not get through. The amazing thing is that God let me get in to put the orgone before it was blocked off. I heard this morning on the news that the mayor of XXXXX said it stayed up through the night and the worst is over. Other media demons don't like to hear that and are saying differently. I am sure the orgone I put in the day caused the dam to stay in tact through the night, also, my home and neighborhood have no damage. The Merrimack, the main river, crested this morning and will now start to recede very very slowly. I am hoping the orgone I put out yesterday will keep the remaining flooding from the receding rivers, streams, etc. to a minimum. I am very very fortunate, grateful to God for all He has done for me. Thank you so much. Sincerely, XXXXX.

Praise Yah!

There are other warriors standing up to protect Boston from this weather weapon disaster. Was Boston targeted to be another New Orleans? Seems like it.

The intentional dumping of sewage into the water to compound the problem and make people ill is yet another attack on the people of Boston, they need to start tossing orgone everywhere Yah leads them to.

I've got a bunch of orgone heading out to Boston warriors tomorrow.

I would encourage everyone who lives near something that can flood to put orgone in the water!
It's simply amazing with everything it can do! No matter where you live, you may not be a target now but you could be later and it will prevent your planned destruction.

Weather weapons are evil and the positive nature of orgone will fight against them!

If you live in a drought prone area, put orgone in it and see if it will cure your area of drought! That's something I've wanted to test but I haven't had the chance. There's no drought areas around me. Let me know what the results are.

I've already seen tornados and threatening severe weather change directions away from orgoned areas. I've seen it prevent chemtrails from being able to stick in the air, I've seen evil repelled by it, I've seen possessed people get boils from it, and at the same time I've seen it heal people and protect people.

Orgone is simply amazing.

It's our ultimate weapon against evil and negative energy weapons including weather weapons. check out my new additional site on it..

For the folks in Boston, DO NOT get on buses that are there to help you 'evacuate' people have a way of disappearing that way!

Yah bless His Warriors!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Sign

I know most of us keep wondering, WHEN will we know we are indeed IN the end times...

Matthew 24 pretty much lays it out, but it's kind of vague in a way, wars, rumor of wars, earthquakes, etc.. we're living in those times yes..more frequent? it's definately knocking at the door...for those who haven't completley gone to sleep or buried their heads in the sand...they know it's coming or even around the corner.

But is there a definate sign that will wake us all up as to when it starts so that we WILL KNOW THIS IS THE TIME spoken of by the prophets?

Yes indeed.

I've been seeing it in the Bible codes for years but just haven't grasped it until lately Yah decided it was time to knock it through my skull so I'd 'really get it.' And it's not like I haven't talked about it in the past, I have, quite a few times, but I think the revelation of it finally hit me today since Yah confirmed it 3 times just today alone. So there has to be something to it ya think? LOL..

I know, I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box. Most of the time I'm just grateful to be in the box.

You want the sign? The death of George Bush Jr.

When he dies, there is no doubt the countdown has begun.

No matter what other things you've overlooked or explained away and it didn't really grab you by then that this was the tribulation period, when you see his death, KNOW that it is.

There are two dominant beasts coming, perhaps just one even though I keep seeing two, and I don't know which is going to play what part, the Antichrist or False Prophet...but, like I've done forever, I'm going to explain them again. Both of them are Anti-christ. So they can haggle over who gets to play what I guess..all I can do is tell you what I keep seeing in the codes and what Yah shows me.

Maitreya is an Arab. He's going to be associated with Ethiopia, Mecca, and Iran. He may arrive in Ethiopia or the Negev Desert. He's going to be the awaited messiah of the Moslems. He's a murderer and what the codes describe as "effeminate" meaning he's a homosexual. He's going to possess great majic to fool the people into believing he's a messiah, or God. With 1.6 and probably closer to 2 billion Moslems drooling over him, he's going to have much power and will lead the way for the death of George Bush, Jr. shocking everyone, the USA included. He will be the dominant beast of the East. Maitreya is associated with Mars, he may reside there for now until his appearance here on earth.

Sananda is Aramaean. He looks like the picture of the KJV Jesus of the Bible that churches have adopted. He's also a homosexual, effeminate. I'm sure neither of these beasts will come out and proclaim their homosexuality, just mentioning it as I've seen it.

Sananda-Esu or Sananda-Jesus or Sananda-Immanuel, whichever name he decides to go by, currently resides on the UFO spaceship called the Capricorn that hovers over the western part of the USA. He will dominate the West and Israel. When he appears he will arrive with the Annunaki posing as angelic Cherubim complete with angelic light and illumination to portray the charade of a heavenly host. This is a huge deception, and I've often found it amusing that the terms such as 'crane, cameraman, studio" have some part to do with helping this along to deceive mankind. A literal staged, Hollywood production, and for the most part probably a real descension of some kind of these beings to play their part.

I don't think Sananda appears until after Maitreya does but I don't know for fact. Just my guess considering there is more info on Maitreya than this Sananda for now.

When Maitreya arrives he will have some kind of assembly or "banquet" which in Hebrew could be literal or symbolic, a gathering of people in some type of pavilion or under a tent, where he will begin his crusade of murder and chopping off peoples heads, such as junior Bush's.

I find it amusing that when he arrives he's completely angry and mad. Not a good way to start off a "I'm a loving messiah/God here to help mankind" facade is it? Hehe...those with ears can hear.

One of them, I believe it's Maitreya, will have a duplicate copy of the Ark of the Covenant. He will desecrate it.

There's always an uproar around Maitreya. The world is going to be shocked by his bluntness and brassness. I don't know if he'll last long to be the actual AC or if he's a frontrunner for the then next beast who comes as Sananda Jesus who will then either be the actual AC or False Prophet with a Roman Western leader becoming the actual AC.

It is Maitreya who has some kind of declaration when he comes and pronounces some kind of 'commandments.' Probably with his machete in his hand (being sarcastic).

He's brutal, wicked, and somehow deceives people. I mean how stupid could you get to fall for him as a messiah??

Sananda seems to play the nice guy. Yet as with Maitreya, those who fall for him as a messiah will damn their souls to hell for eternity.

These guys are Beasts. They are Anuk's, fallen angels here to deceive mankind for Lucifer.

There could be some real fireworks here on earth (destructions) before Maitreya's actual appearance, but just know when you see him start to go on a beheading campaign that the tribulation period is running the clock.

4 dominate beasts of the last days:

1. Maitreya
2. Sananda-Jesus
3. A Western leader - watch for Al Gore
4. A female beast - no it's not Hillary, watch for "Jesus" to arrive with a woman/goddess or maybe even "his mother." It will be the "Queen of heaven" beast..yes it's an actual female of some sort.

It sounds like quite the foursome doesn't it?

The deceptions they will inflict on mankind will be supernatural displays of power like you've never seen.

The whole 'heavenly host' descent on mankind will be an awesome display of Hollywood and alien-tech you can't even imagine.

The Ark of the Covenant they bring with them is a's a fake replica of the original.

The angels are not REAL angels. They, along with "Jesus" are fallen angels manipulating heavenly light and illumination technology to make themselves appear as if they are from heaven.

This banquet/assembly Maitreya has will be broadcast on live television. It will shock the world. Don't let your kids see it..he will be chopping off peoples heads on live television.

I haven't just stumbled on this information in the codes once or twice. This is the same information Yah has been showing me for 3 years now, every time I do a I"ve seen it, the same info..HUNDREDS of times already, it never changes. The only thing that changes is my increased understanding of what it is I'm seeing.

There is more that I can't mention for now. The Lord's warriors will have great victories...and play a huge part and an integral part the whole time. Those with ears can hear. Keep busy.

Despite the many deaths and destructions coming, Yah's Warriors will have many laughs at the victories they will see with their own eyes. That should keep you motivated!! It's not all about Satan! Yah's Warriors will make a difference, a HUGE difference in dismantling the deceptions these beasts are trying to pull off and Yah's warriors, because of their previous actions will be saving souls from falling into the grips and delusions of these beasts!

All will not go as perfectly as these beasts have planned...why? Because Yah's warriors are fighting and they'll be fighting in ways these beasts could have never imagined!

Don't ever underestimate Yah and what He will do with even just a handfull of people who are loyal and faithful to Him!

Got religion? Get relationship!

Don't be dismayed at some of the things that will happen that I haven't mentioned, just know we are all in Yah's hands and everything has a reason and a purpose!

Yah bless His Warriors!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I didn't get my recording up yesterday so I"ll try to do that today. I couldn't record at all ..the hyper bullies who moved in next door we're so loud my attempts to record were basically thrown out the window.

The same neighbors who have basically given us 30 days to move out of the house we've called home for the past 4 years. And that was 2 weeks ago. I still don't know where we're going. They bought this house, or are trying to, they're waiting for their loan to get approved so they can kick us out. Nice of em eh. I can't stand bullies. I can't wait for the Lord to crush the heads of all of them.

I'm still making plans to continue my work for Yah on the road, despite all the distractions lately, makes ya wonder whose getting ticked? LOL..

Well they can annoy me, but they can't defeat me. I can be delayed, but I can't be beaten.

Maitreya and Iran. Should be an interesting combination...straight from hell.

Come on over to America Maitreya, we've got some plans for ya....LOL

Beasts...beasts....plenty of them coming.

What cracks me up is "Jesus arriving with Cherubim." Not the real Jesus, Yahushuah, this Jesus coming soon is the false Christ with a grand delusion of thousands of Anuk's playing the charade they are heavenly angels complete with illuminated light so they actually look and appear as "angels."

It would be funny to see them all crash land to earth don't ya think?

Or how about the 'banquet' Maitreya holds on earth where he starts chopping off peoples heads.

They're savidges. It won't be long before their true colors start to show for what they are. They'll go on magic tours to 'heal' people and display their satanic supernatural powers to deceive the masses and many will be literally hypnotized by their evil charades.

When they're on tv lying through their teeth, don't listen to them, don't even watch it, they will be hypnotizing the people watching them.

Al Gore, pawn of Lucifer's and the Omegans, leading the charge to blame earth changes on global warming. Trying to keep attention deflected away from the real cause, Lucifer's armies moving closer to earth.

He's so gross. You can tell he's totally possessed.

He wants to be their frontman put in as the next White House squatter when Bush gets impeached or arrested.

It would be nice to see a 100% human in office for a change. I'm getting tired of possessed Nephilim who hate this country acting like they are running it. Running it into the ground is what they're doing and most people would prefer not to hear the truth.

Bush is making treason drowned Clinton look like an angel. That's pretty bad.

Hold your ground Warriors, we've got time for some more fun..branch out.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is The Earth's Net Going To Catch On Fire This Month?

I've been sitting here thinking over various pieces of the puzzle, things I've heard, or read, or seen in the Bible Codes, or whatever, and trying to analyze possible scenarios that could be played out over this month.

I can't ignore reverse speaking right now without a good reason to, it's basically just a new tool or technology and hasn't been tested enough to know if it's real or garbage in regards to future events. I guess we'll find out.

In regards to Reverse Speech, those who have been analyzed since last year kept talking about an upcoming event and they needed to get off the earth. This from the reverse speech analysis of media personalities and politicians.

They refer to the net being burned.

Not the internet, but possibly the electromagnetic net that surrounds the earth, or, what came to my mind tonight as I sit here..the veil that the Lord put over the earth after the fall of man.

Think about it.

The atmosphere during the Garden of Eden was one unlike we have today. And we've seen in he plans of the illuminati to restore earth's atmosphere to it's original Garden of Eden atmosphere. I believe a veil was put over the earth that changed our atmosphere, and this is the veil or "net" that will be lifted in the last days. In other words, taken off, destroyed, in this instance, burned.

It's also possible these are two completely different nets..I don't know if they are the same thing or different.

I believe the Illuminati has already attempted to do it by blasting us with chemtrails, one of the many nefarious reasons for that program.

There's some who claim that it is PX coming in that will cause the net to catch fire and that's possible.

I've mentioned before on this blog about seeing our atmosphere on fire in the Bible codes and not really knowing what to think about that or why it happens.

So here's the gist, if somehow our atmosphere catches on fire, and this is the lifting of the veil, or the destruction of our electromagnetic net we would probably see a red haze over earth, our skies would be red...i.e. red sky.

Another thing is the incredible heat caused by this. Also, would it cause our satellites to stop working? If so, most people would probably find themselves stranded on roads and highways, under a burning intense heat, with probably no water or protection from the heat. Millions could die of heat strokes alone. Perhaps the electrical grid goes down, millions, perhaps billions on the planet would be without electricity, air conditioning, or even fans to help them against the blistering heat.

I'm not trying to be an alarmist and I don't have a "thus saith the Lord." Just thinking over various scenarios here.

How long would it last? Is this the 3 days of darkness others have talked about or predicted? If the atmosphere is on fire, it would certainly block the sun from shining forth it's light, and the moon.

Usually when you hear about this 3 days of darkness it's usually during the last weeks for a December. What if it's this month instead? Just something to think about. And since no one seems to have a real certainty on this, something to prepare for.

Would heat temperatures reach over 130 degrees? It's possible. Could you survive it for 3 days without electric or being stranded somewhere on the road?

Here's some survival tips:

Stock up on aluminum foil to cover your windows with to keep the heat from penetrating through your windows.Fill your bathtub and sinks with cold water. Not only can use it for water to drink if necessary, you can dunk your head in it to keep cool. You might also want to keep a wet towel wrapped around your head. Do not go outside and be sure to lock your doors. Be ready to defend your home from those in a panic, or looters.

If you have generators, stock up now on gas in case you'll need them to run your AC or fans. Don't put off waiting for a crises to actually happen before you buy a generator. One is always handy to keep around. If you have electric/battery generators make sure they are charged up and ready to go. Keep your car close in case you have to recharge the battery.

Stock up on gallons of water and canned foods, things you won't have to cook that you can eat cold. Get a manual can opener. If you have MRE's or dehydrated, or freeze dried foods you're already way ahead of most people.

Fill garbage cans with water or drums, or swimming pools, or whatever you have that can hold water and cover them so it doesn't evaporate in the intense heat.

At the first sign of an unusual intense heat and/or red skies, get in your home and start preparing by covering the windows and getting water ready and make preparations for the probability of the electric going out. Seal off areas of your house and concentrate on just keeping one or two areas cool.

Do not drive your car. If the satellites go out, all cars probably made within the past 26 years will not run. Most, if not all have electronic chips in them that will malfunction and stop the car from running.If you are somewhere and your car not stay with the car...if you want to survive get somewhere that can shelter you for 3 days. It wouldn't hurt to put gallons of water and some ER food in your trunk. You'll never know when or if you'll need it and you'll be glad you have it if you do.

13-inch tv's won't drain as much juice from generators as larger ones do. Also get a wind up radio so you can stay informed on what's going on. You can buy those at websites that sell solar related products. I also have them at

Even after 3 days, be cautious of even thinking of leaving your home. It could be complete anarchy on the streets once the heat subsides and people who didn't prepare and are hungry will be looking for food.

That's just my thoughts for now based on all the findings from Reverse Speech and what they allude to... and they are all are frantic to get off the earth this month on a UFO the Nephilim, human hybrid children of the illuminati, what are termed as the "elite" have built. This would be most of our politicians folks from around the world! The Nephilim (elite) dominate our politics, economics, banking and religions.

Yes, George Bush Jr. is a Nephilim, as is Cheney, Rice, Dum Rum and all the others..

Yes, they have the technology to build a UFO. They have many already but have been building a huge one in the Iraqi desert or perhaps in an underwater base for years that they all plan on boarding to escape earth at a predestined time this month. All that's been gleaned from Reverse Speech in regards to this UFO and it's whereabouts is that there is a entrance/tunnel leading to it from one of the museums in Iraq.

So don't plan on help from the government! They're all ready and preparing to run to try and save themselves.

I guess time will tell what or if anything happens this month that they're so afraid of.

Time will tell, but it won't hurt to be prepared for yourself and your families for just in case.

Seek Yah and ask Him to lead and guide you for what to do this month, if anything.

Yah bless His Saints!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yah Is Raising Up An Army!

Someone sent me a passage out of one of my all time favorite books and it just completely floored me. As many times as I've read Mary K. Baxter's "Divine Revelation of Hell" I don't remember reading this part for some reason. The Lord had led this person to this particular passage recently when he started to question the validity of orgone and why he was doing it. The Lord led him to this:

From Divine Revelation of Hell, Chapter 14 p. 139

This is what the Lord revealed to Mary in regards to the last days:

"Behold I am preparing a Holy army. They will do mighty exploits for Me and destroy your high places. They are an army of Holy men and women, boys and girls. They have been annointed to preach the true gospel, to lay hands on the sick and to call the sinner to repentence. ... This is an army of working men, housewives, single men, single women and school children.

They are common people, for not many noble have responded to My call. In the past they have been misunderstood and mistreated, abused and rejected. But I have blessed them with boldness in holiness and in spirit. They will begin to fulfill My prophecy and to do My will. I will walk in them, talk in them and work in them. These are they who have turned to me with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. This army will awaken many to righteousness and purity of spirit. I will soon begin to move upon them, to choose for My army those I desire. I will search for them in the cities and in the towns. Many will be surprised at those I have chosen. You will see them begin to move across the land and do exploits for My name's sake. Watch and see My power at work. "

Can you see it now?

I've said many times the Lord is leading us to do exploits for Him NOW. It is now folks.

Many of you have heeded His call and you're busy doing exploits for Him in your areas. I just got back from travelling across the country two weeks ago with 2 of my sons. Yah is standing up His Warriors to go to battle for Him and do exploits.

I think alot of people would be shocked to know how close we are to the appearance and rise of the Antichrist and his beasts.

The prophetic timetable is clicking and yet so many still have their heads in the sand with their false doctrines, beliefs and religions.

Got religion? Get RELATIONSHIP.

A relationship with the Most High Yehovah.

Yah is standing up an army and calling them to do many things for Him in tearing down the strongholds of the wicked, preaching repentance and healing in His Name.

These aren't people with big names or great wealth. These are common people who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind. The "little guys." Because the "big guys" can't or won't hear Him and most are so lost in apostasy they can't recognize Him because they're so wound up in religion they have no relationship with Him!

Let's get busy folks...are ya WARRIORS or WIMPS? Many are called...few are chosen. Because only a few will actually do what He wants them to do!

If you're willing, He'll prepare the way.

Yah gave David stones to bring down the giants in his day, orgone pucks are our stones to bring down the giants of today!

Yah bless His Warriors!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hitting The Road for Yah!!

So here it is,

I'm going to be doing a lot of travelling over the next few months. Tearing down strongholds and destroying the strongholds of the wicked. This will involve literally going into their own havens and areas around the country and going to war against the principalities and powers of the air that rule over those areas and using orgone to literally chase them out, then proclaiming that area for the Most High God.

Darkness can't stand light. It would be the equivalent (for analogy sake) of a group of Satanists getting together at night to worship the devil and the mood is killed because they can't conjure up the evil atmosphere they enjoy so they look around and see Yahushua or an angel of God's standing 15 feet from them. about a mood killer. His mere presence destroys the works of evil. And that's how this weapon is that He has given us, orgone made His way creates a continual positive energy source that destroys evil and negative energy, they can't stand being around it.

People will say they've already proclaimed His name in churches or areas and what happened? Eventually the evil and wicked just came back. Warfare is a constant battle. With orgone it's always working and you don't have to keep going back and back to proclaim something for Yah, or be at constant war rebuking and casting out the demonic and wicked. With orgone they just won't stay! And Orgone never stops working! So you don't have to keep going back and back. And if you're used to going into battle by annointing your home , if you have orgone in it you don't have to keep annointing your house every few weeks or months because the wicked won't stay, they'll hit and run and that's about it.

It's also these demonic and wicked that possess and inhabit people. They also possess and inhabit churches, buildings, entire neighborhoods, cities, and countries..the rulers of these areas are called principalities and powers of the air. You can read about the angel Gabriel's encounter with them in the Book of Daniel.

These beings exist. And as warriors for the Lord our battle is against them and those the wicked and the demonic possess. We can neutralize their ability to control, govern, and possess and inhabit.

So that's what I'm doing folks. For years I've been encouraging Yah's warriors to get busy with the orgone, and now, more and more I'm going to be hitting the road to take care of areas myself and proclaim them as havens for the Lord's people or just neturalize the affect the evil has had over an area. David killed Goliath with a stone. We can destroy the works of darkness with an orgone muffin!

David wasn't afraid of the giants, he knew with Yah the battle was won! I'm not afraid of the giants's time for some real battle!

What I need is a car that is good on gas and is dependable to get me around. The vehicle I have is an SUV and it's 10 years old just short of 200,000 miles and it's a gas hog! So I need your help to obtain either a new or newer vehicle with low mileage so I can pile the mileage on it without being broke down somewhere. I have much faith in Yah, but I don't want to be tempting Him either and I want to be using wisdom at all times. Plus my husband will need my vehicle to be home with the kids. So I need your help to get the car I'll need to travel the country and go to war against Yah's (and our) enemies!

The New World Order wants to destroy America. They have strongholds everywhere. It's time to go on the offensive folks! And the Alien New Age agenda has their strongholds everywhere as well! I'll be taking them all on!

If you can donate or feel the Lord is urging you to help with this please send donations to
Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, Ohio 44615

The sooner I can get a new car the sooner I can start planning to hit the road again.

I can't do this on my own, I need help! We're Yah's army, a team, let's do it!