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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Some updates on a few things...

For those of you wondering about the fundraising for a new or newer vehicle with low miles to travel across the country with...well, through a warrior in Texas the Lord has blessed me with a brand new 2006 truck! I will be flying down to pick it up next week and drive it back to Ohio. She had just bought this truck a couple of months ago and contacted me and told me she was signing the title over to me and giving it to me as a gift and to come pick it up. Now that's Yah!! I praise Yah and thank her for her extreme generosity and love for the Lord she has to enable me to continue to do my work for Him.

And I thank those of you who contributed, I will have the $ to fly down there and drive it back! Praise Yah!

And naturally of course I still get criticized for dare asking for $100,000 to buy land and start building a safe haven for Yah's people. Many of you stood up and contributed to this but at the end of the day, after 6 months I've only collected about $12,000 in donations for the land or donations to the ministry in general itself. And much of this has been used over to the months for ministry expenses and also in taking back areas of this country and others around the world from the Satanic and demonic strongholds that have been established. Instead of securing a safe haven for the Lord's people, it seems I, along with others, will be securing huge portions of this country instead! And it's been quite a job, and I'll be coming out with more info on what we've been able to accomplish in a few more months. It is not time right now, evenso, the victories and those that are coming are Yah's!

There are many with the finances to donate huge sums to help us build a private safe haven for His people or where we could build up storehouses of food and clothes for His people about to find themselves homeless and hungry in the coming destructions and wars but they've held onto their money because they think I"m crazy, or they have ignored Yah Himself because they don't want to part with it. That's ok. Yah knows what's going on and I leave it in His hands. So be it folks. So be it.

For those aware of my current situtation of having to leave my home because the neighbor bought it from my landlord for himself...I've asked for your prayers in being able to find another home and I thank you for those. Keep praying! I have about 6 days to find another place. I haven't found one yet and I"m heading to Dallas next week which makes the time crunch all the more crazier. Yah hasn't opened any doors for us yet on where to live or move to so I'm just waiting on Him still.

Satan's attacks or Yah closing one door to open another? I don't know but if it's Satan I'll tell you what, you can't knock a good warrior down. Despite what I've had to go through all month my love for the Most High stands strong and I stand proud to serve Him on the front lines and Lucifer can take that to hell! I serve the King!! I am a child of the Most High God's and there's nothing short of death itself that can stop me from doing the things He has asked me to do.

If one door closes He'll open another. In His time folks, in His time.

My many thanks and love to those who support my ministry. Most of us are just simple people who love the Lord. We're not famous and we're not wealthy, but we're banding together because we love the Lord and can hear Him and can be led by Him in these last days to do exploits, and heal the land, and heal His people from Satanic oppression whether directly on the front lines or indirectly through financing the missions needed to get His work done. All of these people will be rewarded by Him for eternity. Nothing we do for Him is ever lost or forgotten folks. He knows everything, He keeps records of everything, may we all serve Him with 100% focus and committment to do so.

Over the years the Lord has led many people to my websites to learn what the truth is about what's going on before us or behind the scenes. Knowledge is priceless. Share it with others.

The Lord is standing up an army in these last days. It's not something He's going to do, it's something He's already doing! Many people have imagined things are going to happen a certain and particular way because of what they've always been taught by the churches. What's the Lord say? He has said things are going to happen in ways we don't expect or have imagined! So don't get boxed in on man's interpretation of what the apostles or prophets have said seek the Lord Himself for HIS interpretation.

Ask the Lord daily for the truth in all things and let Him be your guide and lead you. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and to teach you how to build a closer relationship with Him.

Nothing we do for Him will ever be lost or forgotten.

Remember that folks.

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