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Monday, May 01, 2006

Hitting The Road for Yah!!

So here it is,

I'm going to be doing a lot of travelling over the next few months. Tearing down strongholds and destroying the strongholds of the wicked. This will involve literally going into their own havens and areas around the country and going to war against the principalities and powers of the air that rule over those areas and using orgone to literally chase them out, then proclaiming that area for the Most High God.

Darkness can't stand light. It would be the equivalent (for analogy sake) of a group of Satanists getting together at night to worship the devil and the mood is killed because they can't conjure up the evil atmosphere they enjoy so they look around and see Yahushua or an angel of God's standing 15 feet from them. about a mood killer. His mere presence destroys the works of evil. And that's how this weapon is that He has given us, orgone made His way creates a continual positive energy source that destroys evil and negative energy, they can't stand being around it.

People will say they've already proclaimed His name in churches or areas and what happened? Eventually the evil and wicked just came back. Warfare is a constant battle. With orgone it's always working and you don't have to keep going back and back to proclaim something for Yah, or be at constant war rebuking and casting out the demonic and wicked. With orgone they just won't stay! And Orgone never stops working! So you don't have to keep going back and back. And if you're used to going into battle by annointing your home , if you have orgone in it you don't have to keep annointing your house every few weeks or months because the wicked won't stay, they'll hit and run and that's about it.

It's also these demonic and wicked that possess and inhabit people. They also possess and inhabit churches, buildings, entire neighborhoods, cities, and countries..the rulers of these areas are called principalities and powers of the air. You can read about the angel Gabriel's encounter with them in the Book of Daniel.

These beings exist. And as warriors for the Lord our battle is against them and those the wicked and the demonic possess. We can neutralize their ability to control, govern, and possess and inhabit.

So that's what I'm doing folks. For years I've been encouraging Yah's warriors to get busy with the orgone, and now, more and more I'm going to be hitting the road to take care of areas myself and proclaim them as havens for the Lord's people or just neturalize the affect the evil has had over an area. David killed Goliath with a stone. We can destroy the works of darkness with an orgone muffin!

David wasn't afraid of the giants, he knew with Yah the battle was won! I'm not afraid of the giants's time for some real battle!

What I need is a car that is good on gas and is dependable to get me around. The vehicle I have is an SUV and it's 10 years old just short of 200,000 miles and it's a gas hog! So I need your help to obtain either a new or newer vehicle with low mileage so I can pile the mileage on it without being broke down somewhere. I have much faith in Yah, but I don't want to be tempting Him either and I want to be using wisdom at all times. Plus my husband will need my vehicle to be home with the kids. So I need your help to get the car I'll need to travel the country and go to war against Yah's (and our) enemies!

The New World Order wants to destroy America. They have strongholds everywhere. It's time to go on the offensive folks! And the Alien New Age agenda has their strongholds everywhere as well! I'll be taking them all on!

If you can donate or feel the Lord is urging you to help with this please send donations to
Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, Ohio 44615

The sooner I can get a new car the sooner I can start planning to hit the road again.

I can't do this on my own, I need help! We're Yah's army, a team, let's do it!

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