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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We're Fighting Back...

The orgone warriors in Boston are fighting back to save our American city against flooding disasters. I didn't know if orgone would prevent flooding but it was worth a try to see, and this is an email I received...

Hi Sherry, Good news. My home and neighborhood are fine, and I think will be fine here in MXXXXX. The big concern now for XXXXXX was a dam over the Spickett River which is a part of the Merrimack River. Yesterday morning I put orgone in the exact location where the dam is and also directly into the run off after it falls. It is amazing because only a few hours later when I wanted to go back to put more, it was blocked off by police and fire and I could not get through. The amazing thing is that God let me get in to put the orgone before it was blocked off. I heard this morning on the news that the mayor of XXXXX said it stayed up through the night and the worst is over. Other media demons don't like to hear that and are saying differently. I am sure the orgone I put in the day caused the dam to stay in tact through the night, also, my home and neighborhood have no damage. The Merrimack, the main river, crested this morning and will now start to recede very very slowly. I am hoping the orgone I put out yesterday will keep the remaining flooding from the receding rivers, streams, etc. to a minimum. I am very very fortunate, grateful to God for all He has done for me. Thank you so much. Sincerely, XXXXX.

Praise Yah!

There are other warriors standing up to protect Boston from this weather weapon disaster. Was Boston targeted to be another New Orleans? Seems like it.

The intentional dumping of sewage into the water to compound the problem and make people ill is yet another attack on the people of Boston, they need to start tossing orgone everywhere Yah leads them to.

I've got a bunch of orgone heading out to Boston warriors tomorrow.

I would encourage everyone who lives near something that can flood to put orgone in the water!
It's simply amazing with everything it can do! No matter where you live, you may not be a target now but you could be later and it will prevent your planned destruction.

Weather weapons are evil and the positive nature of orgone will fight against them!

If you live in a drought prone area, put orgone in it and see if it will cure your area of drought! That's something I've wanted to test but I haven't had the chance. There's no drought areas around me. Let me know what the results are.

I've already seen tornados and threatening severe weather change directions away from orgoned areas. I've seen it prevent chemtrails from being able to stick in the air, I've seen evil repelled by it, I've seen possessed people get boils from it, and at the same time I've seen it heal people and protect people.

Orgone is simply amazing.

It's our ultimate weapon against evil and negative energy weapons including weather weapons. check out my new additional site on it..

For the folks in Boston, DO NOT get on buses that are there to help you 'evacuate' people have a way of disappearing that way!

Yah bless His Warriors!

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