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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Crunch Time Folks

It's crunch time folks.

The Lord has shown me a huge open gateway that the Chinese are going to use to invade this country. Through Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico.

I had been hearing about it for the past several years, how the Chinese were amassing down there...but the reality of it doesn't hit you like when the Lord hits you with it Himself.

It was an eye opener.

He showed me they would come up through the southern borders of those two states and destroy and kill every person they see as they march through the countryside, desert, and cities, on their way to America's heartland.

A couple of years ago I travelled across the northern border area of Arizona and parts of New Mexico. From what I can see, the Chinese, when they reach these orgoned borders, will start to get the time they reach the heartland states of America they will be decimated.

The problem is, by the time they are decimated they would have destroyed the infrastructure and millions of lives in Arizona and New Mexico.

So we need to get busy.

We need to orgone the southern border areas of those two states so that by the time they even cross Mexico they will start to get sick and decimated and too weak to carry out their planned march of destruction.

Someone, or even pairs or groups of people need to drive from east to west, all the way across each state and throw an orgone puck every 2 miles. This will create an orgone border across each state. To the southern most areas as possible by the Mexican borders of those states.

When the Chinese leave Mexico to advance into the United States they will hit this orgone and get the time they reach the middle of the those two states they will be to sick and decimated to accomplish the total destruction they have planned.

So we have work to do folks.

Millions of lives depend on it.

A couple of years ago the Lord showed me there were a group of men He had blessed with an abundance of finances to use in these last days for this ministry. These men assumed I was not of the Most High. They didn't think He would stand a woman up in these last days to lead His people against our enemies. What they assumed was wrong, and they never went to HIM about it. Instead they gave much of the financing to someone elses ministry, someone the Lord had not stood up, but had taken it on himself to declare the Lord had. He lied.

Meanwhile this international ministry, the Orgone Warriors, and myself have suffered greatly because of their arrogance and errors. The Lord showed me that one of them, actually knows they made a mistake, and was cowardly not approaching the others out of fear of what they would say and think. This is their last chance to do the right thing and support this ministry. If they don't, the Most High has told me the blood of millions of people will be on their hands.
I know they will read this, I know the Most High will lead them to this. This is your last warning from Him, DO THE RIGHT THING. And to all those who the Lord said, "Yes, she's mine" and led you to financially support this ministry and you haven't, you have a very short time left, DO THE RIGHT THING.

When the Most High annointed Esther as Queen of Israel, the nation was unarmed and about to be at war and destroyed by the coming invading armies. She armed the people and led them to victory against their enemies. Is it so far fetched that He would once again stand up a woman to lead Israel, His people, to victory against the coming invading armies? Of course not. He stood me up years ago and we've accomplished much. But there's still much to do in the short time that's left, and I mean SHORT TIME that's left. We could be looking at a matter of 2-3 weeks here folks.

This ministry, what has become Yahuah's last days Warriors Ministry, needs financing to finish what we need to do. We need money to buy supplies and pay for expenses incurred to take the road trips necessary to finish protecting this country with Orgone.

More work needs done in our southern border areas. Arizona and New Mexico will be destroyed, and millions of lives lost. We need financial help to make it possible to get these areas and others protected. It takes thousands of dollars just for supplies for the Orgone, and we need a new vehicle to even make it possible to take another road trip. I'm afraid my 1994 vehicle just won't make it on another trip.

So Yah's 'bride' can either stand up and do something to protect this country and get Orgone out there in key areas, or support my ministry so I can get out there and get it done.

If you're waiting and hoping others will stand up, well guess what? Only 2% of the Orgone Warriors themselves will even leave their areas and go on road trips to do others. Most warriors have covered their own areas and that's it. And that still means and says much more than the tens of thousands of those who claim they are believers of Yahushua who haven't done one thing!
While they sing about how He will protect us from the coming storm they seem to ignore that HE gave us the weapons to protect ourselves with! And if they are caught in the storm it's no one's fault but their own! Because He's already done what He's going to do. The rest is up to HIS FOLLOWERS to do what HE has told them to do!

I started this ministry 8 years ago. People used to laugh about aliens and UFOs, most were in total unbelief....until now that they can practically see the UFOs nightly for themselves! And people around the world can see the effects of our last days it is knocking our enemies out of the skies as flashes of light and decimating them with ALIEN flu they wrongly call Avian Flu! And this ALIEN FLU will and already is affect the serpent seed hybrid races!

I've warned of the coming UFO and Alien invasion for years...and guess what? China's armies are part of the forces of the Antichrist! They are a serpent seed race and will do Satan's bidding in these last days. And conquering America and the Christians in this nation is the first plan of his agenda and they've been building up and getting ready to implement it for years now!

They're at our BORDER folks! All they're waiting for is the signal to cross over! Do you see our President and Congress doing a thing about it? Of course not, THEY'RE IN ON IT!

The Secret Societies that our members of Congress and President are involved in are working to bring about the one world domination of the Antichrist and the destruction of the United States through their contrived and planned terror attacks, wars, economy crash and martial law.

The Lord has blessed many with finances to be used in these last days to be supporters and backers of those HE stands up to lead His people. The problem is, they're supporting wolves instead of the sheep! They're supporting pastors and ministries the Lord Himself HAS NOT stood up and ignoring those the Lord has!

Maitreya, the Iran mahdi, who will attempt to conquer the world for Islam, who is the first beast of Revelation 13, could arrive in September folks. Are we ready? Are you ready or are you still wasting your time believing some big rapture is going to save you from this beast to come? Wake up people you're drowning in false theology! Get back to the teachings of Yahushua and the Apostles and what they taught and not what Apollo-Paul-Satan led the church astray with! Stop assuming I'm wrong and ask the Most High if I'm right! Millions of peoples lives are depending on it!

I need those with finances to back and support this ministry NOW or it will be too late if/when Maitreya arrives in September! I need to raise about $25,000 immediately, right now to guarantee the work in the southwest is done in time, within the next 2-3 weeks, or we do nothing and just pray someone else does the work, and you know how that goes!

It's up to you's up to you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Transcribe 8-11-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio
Aired on 8-11-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody; you’re live its Monday night August 11th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to

I’ve been real busy this week; looking through a lot of codes. Picking up where I left off last week. We definitely have some times ahead of us, folks. I know loud and clear that my job is to inform everybody what is coming and what is happening right now.

September 2008, like I said back in March that this year could be 2009 prophetically in the Hebrew Bible code years or it could be 2008. I wasn’t really sure what year. Either way, I think things are going to be accelerated for this September. This September will start 2009 and the things that we thought would happen next year in 2009 will happen this year in 2008. Kind of like a backwards thing. They always have different months and time routes of things and when they can pull things off in.

That’s always something I’ve had to stay on top of and said you don’t know they’re going to do it until they do it, but what I can do is give you plan A and B and C that they have at the moment.

They listen to this show and as I expose things, they change things. It’s almost like a chessboard. You’ll see in the Bible codes “game” and “board” and that’s exactly what it is; a chessboard. Trying to stay a step ahead of them which is why they’re forced to change their plans. I’m always a step ahead of them. I know I am. I’ve seen it a million times. Because I’m always a step ahead of them it always leaves them in derision and bewilderment and they have to change their plans. Eventually time just runs out and things just have to happen.

I think for now, September will be a pivotal month. I can tell you what I’m seeing for September. Whether this comes about this September or not, and is pushed back, delayed or cancelled and moved back until our September of 2009, so be it. For tonight I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m seeing for next month. Like I’ve said, times can change; time tables can change…nothing is set in stone until they take a decisive step and make it happen.

Their plans are pretty paranoid right now. Like I revealed last week, this Avian Flu is not Avian, its ALIEN Flu. It’s making them sick. It’s a plague from the Most High God against the aliens and hybrids on this earth. It’s not affecting human people that are born, but it’s affecting the tares of the world. In Matthew the Bible talks about the wheat and the tares. This is what we are seeing; the tares being plagued. I don’t know how they know, but this September, Yahuah, the Most High is going to increase the magnitude of the orgone that we have out in the world.

I don’t think they realize that it’s the orgone because I see a lot of times in the Bible codes, “hindsight, back sight, re-evaluation” because they’re going to be re-evaluating and looking back because for a long time they didn’t think that this orgone was anything.

They’ve spied on me and followed me for years. Like I’ve always said, intelligence is only as good as the person who is interpreting what they’re seeing. The Lord showed me back in 2004 how I had spy satellites spying on me. It’s really been a part of my life the last couple of years. It hasn’t stopped anything; as a matter of fact, it hasn’t stopped us one bit at all.

We’ve put orgone all over this country in America and warriors around the world have bought it. I know Canada and Australia …a lot of warriors up in those areas protecting their areas. Various parts of other countries could probably use a lot more, but will have to do with what they have. The areas that do have it will be protected.

The Lord is going to increase the magnitude; the power that the orgone emits. When He does that, you’re going to see aliens and hybrids; the Bible codes refer to them as locust, bison and buffalo.

They’re going to start to drop over dead.

It started a while ago in China ; the Asians are a hybrid race. You’re going to see it in China . It’s going to hit Japan . You’ll see it hit the Middle East . Then it’s going to come to America and start wiping out the hybrids here. In America it’s much harder to hide because they look much like we do. They look like normal white and Black Americans, but they’re not human, they’re hybrids.

Women have been abducted by UFOs for years and used for breeding experiments. Aliens that have come in human bodies posing as humans and aliens coming right out and shape-shifting as humans. They’re going to get this alien bird flu and start dropping dead.

Somehow the government knows this. They’ve prepared; they’ve got coffins stocked in Atlanta . Also rumored to be out in Montana ; over 500,000 coffins. I was reading 500,000…that’s it? What I’m seeing is we could get millions of them this way.

I know that we’ve depleted underground bases. We’ve chased them out of NORAD. They had to move NORAD over to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado . I bombarded NORAD with orgone a couple of years ago. Shortly after, they hightailed it out of there and went to Peterson. We effectively shut down Dulce Base. If you don’t know about Dulce Base in New Mexico , you can read about it at my website You can put Dulce in the search box. Bases in Kentucky, bases around the world have been our target and we’ve been wiping them out; these aliens that have been living in them under the earth.

When the Lord increases the magnitude of this orgone and ups the strength, instead of everything being in the background where we can’t see them, it’s going to be your neighbors, your pastors. People are going to get this Avian Flu and just die. It burns them from the inside out. I’ve also have told you that this orgone is apocryphal. When you see it in the Bible codes, it always refers to Jude and John, especially with John. Those who are chip implanted…the bible talks about the plague of boils as a punishment. They break out in boils.

This is exactly what the orgone causes people who are demon possessed to break out in boils. I witnessed that a couple of years ago with a lady who I’d given a pendant to who was demon possessed. She couldn’t wear the orgone pendent because she was breaking out in boils. When I started seeing that in the codes, I realized there is some kind of conflict with a human who is demon possessed. You’ll also see it with people who are heavily chip implanted; they’ll start burning. If you want to know where your chip implants are, sometimes you can put orgone on you and see what burns. Then you can take a neodymium magnet, tape it onto that area and leave it on for a day. It’ll deactivate that chip. I’ve been talking about deactivating chips for years and how to because we all get them from flu shots and vaccinations. Sometimes you don’t even leave the hospital anymore as a newborn before you have a chip implant. You can deactivate the chip implants.

Somehow they’re on to this. They’re on to what’s going to happen this September with the Avian-Alien Flu. They’re bracing; it’s going to be pure pandemonium for the whole race of them. I think there will be survivors. I don’t think Obama is going to be one of them. I’ve talked about since January how I’ve seen Obama’s death in the codes. I don’t think he’s going to escape it, Bush will. He’s got something to do where he’s going to be going to Miami or Tampa , Florida.

There is all kinds of stuff going on down in Tampa Florida at McDill Air Force Base. It’s the US Central Command and CENTCOM which is running the war in Iraq and Afghanistan . It’s also the US Special Operations Command for all Special Forces. Every military branch is controlled under this unified command along with the worldwide operations of special force units. They’re all linked at this base, McDill Air Force Base in Tampa. Bush is going to be headed there. I can see it in the codes. I don’t know exactly when, but I assume it’s in September sometime.

What I’m seeing is pure pandemonium in September. That could be a reason why they might start martial law. They’re going to lose control. When they start seeing their own tare race dying off they’re going to get desperate and could start martial law here in America and enforce the vaccine. Do not get the Avian Flu vaccine; there is nothing wrong with you. If you’re just a normal person and can trace your lineage back to grandmas and grandpas and know who your parents are; don’t take the vaccine. The vaccine is coming from China . China ’s armies are an arm of the antichrist. They’re going to kill innocent human beings with these vaccines. It won’t help you. It can’t keep you from getting alien flu; you won’t get it if you’re not an alien or hybrid. Some kind of intestinal flu too.

The whole thing with the bird thing. I’ve been trying to find that because they really pulled this off the last year or so showing that it’s hooked to birds and poultry and they killed all their chickens.

That was a lie.

What I think is that bird is also another term for aliens; I think how they signal everybody around the world; all these Satanists. In Daniel it says the antichrist understands and speaks in dark sentences. That’s how all these occultist societies signal each other; they have all these codes. Some people that have been in it and gotten out can recognize the codes and television cues. Sometimes you’ll see words or sentences or see someone do something that’s a signal to everybody else. I’m on the outside on that one; I don’t understand it. But that’s what they do. Kind of like a secret handshake. I think the whole thing with the poultry was letting everybody else know that the aliens were being affected. I think that’s what the whole thing with the chickens was; a signal. And enforcing and contriving a famine is part of their plans anyway. They’ve been sabotaging the food supply for years. I think it’s a whole façade; I think it’s just symbolic; I don’t think you have to fear your chickens. It’s just some kind of a signal to let everybody know that they’re (aliens and hybrids) being affected by a plague.

They know that it’s about to increase in September and that the Most High is going to increase the orgone. I don’t think they’ve figured out that its orgone. They’re going to hear me saying it’s the orgone, then in September re-evaluate, freak out or whatever they do. It’s too late by then, because it’s in the Lord's hands. The stuff we put out has energy too it; it’s a life force, a positive energy. It gives the earth life so there is nothing evil or wrong with it. So when the Lord increases it, it affects evil. The evil can’t stand it.

Something that I’m seeing is that our government has an agreement with the aliens with the chemtrails program. With the use of chemtrails, it’s like a layer and imprisons everybody on the earth. Like a layer of chemtrails. Chemtrails wasn’t just a phenomenon here in America; chemtrails are being laid around the entire world. What it was doing was suppressing the life force energy of the earth and sealing it into almost a sealed globe of dead orgone energy, sucking the life out of it because Satan can’t stand life, He can’t stand positive. He can’t stand light. They were going to darken and dim the atmosphere and create DOE (dead orgone energy). Also another thing it does is put aerosols in the air so they can run their holographic programs in the skies so that people can see "Jesus" coming through the clouds with his angelic host and the whole façade they have planned.

There’s like 101 uses for these chemtrails. It was part of the agreement that they had with the government that we have. The orgone breaches and destroys the whole agreement, because orgone and orgoned areas will wipe out chemtrailed areas; they can’t stick. Drive through Ohio and other places around the country and you’ll see nice fluffy clouds. We’ve effectively put a dent in their chemtrail program. They see that coming as well, because they’re not going to have a world-wide spectacle that they were planning. I think they’re saving it for Jerusalem . Hopefully our warriors in Jerusalem have been busy with the orgone that we sent over years ago. There’s going to be no place on the planet for them to go to.

Another thing that we know is they have to hide. They know they’ve got to get into underground bases and areas away from the air. Orgone will over power the air so they have to go to their underground bases. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Bush, Cheney and much of Congress take off to hide in underground bases in September.

The only problem being, what do you tell the public? No one up here is scared of anything so they have to create excuses. This whole thing with Georgia , the province in Russia going to war and at the same time the bombings are going on in these two areas, Bush and Putin are sitting together at the Olympics. I thought that was so ironic; like they were signaling the world that they were in agreement on this. “Everybody just chill out, we’re in agreement.” I thought that was very symbolic while they’re supposedly fighting in Russia , they’re sitting together at the Olympics. It’s contrived.

What I think they’re going to do; and this is a long shot; is try to pull out Russia as the big boogie man again. Remember the cold war of the 1980’s and how Russia was going to bomb us? “We need to build nukes and put money into our military.” I think that’s what they’ll do again. Create an atmosphere that we’re going to be going to war with Russia and we better hide. “ Russia could bomb us at any minute. Go and hide in the underground bases.” They’re going to be hiding. What are they going to tell the American public? “We’re hiding, but you guys try and survive on your own?” They’ll have to come up with something.

Perhaps with all their little tare brothers, sisters and cousins around the world; these aliens and hybrids dying, they’ll have the public convinced that there is some plague that they have no control of. It’s going to be interesting. It burns them from the inside out and eventually they die.

Last week I went over some of the effects that it has. I think they may use Russia as a threat for the time being, so they can hide or pull out the Avian Bird thing. They know its going to be amped; they just don’t know when.

Both sides are pretty much looking and knowing September will be a pivotal month. I know exactly what’s going on; the orgone will be amped. I think they’re still trying to figure out how they all die. I think they’ve remote viewed ahead into the future and know something is coming in the future although they’re not sure what and I’m sitting here telling you exactly what it is.

Another thing I thought was interesting; I spent some time again looking at Obama’s code. I don’t think he will survive this year. Sure enough, in the Bible codes that I’ve seen about Obama is that his brethren are the Muslims. I know you guys aren’t shocked. I can hear the gasps everywhere (sarcastic). He’s with the Aryan brotherhood; he’s Muslim.

Whatever he says, you want to think differently of him. He’s a creature; a beast. He’s not even human. The Bible codes describe him as a Negro beast and creature. That’s exactly how it describes him. He’s in an alliance with the Muslims. If he were to become President of the United States, and survive what is coming up, he would eventually hand basically what are the keys to the country symbolically over to Maitreya and the Muslims. He’s just a pure puppet and pawn for Islam and the Muslim agenda for Islam taking over the world.

But you’ll notice that they keep trying to sneak Hillary back into public view. I think because they don’t know themselves if Obama will survive (ALIEN)Avian Flu because he is a lizard. I don’t think that they can count Hillary out. I think she’s still in it; she’s not completely knocked out. I never believed that she would be knocked out. I’ve always seen her very dominant in 2009 no matter what capacity that she is in. She’s always dominant with martial law. Martial law could come as early as September of this year.

I think you’ll know when martial law comes; they’ll get rid of the big mouths first. You’ll see the internet take a shake overnight; a lot of big mouths disappearing. I think that’s pretty much how you’ll know when martial law is going to come about. With all of them dropping over dead and having to hide in bases, I think that will be the impetuous of martial law. I don’t think that it will be just an economy crash or whatever…and we do see that coming and always have for September. We’ve always known that they economy is going to bust. We’ve been hanging on by a shoe string to that one. I’ve always said “the bathtub effect. “ Watch out for that. As the water gets to the bottom of the tub, it starts going out very quickly. As one end time prophetic event starts to happen…boom, boom, boom… they’re all going to happen quickly together.

Keep watching for that bathtub effect.

Another thing I wanted to mention tonight; as I keep looking back at March. I was laughing how we brought the Capricorn down and am never more sure of it than now.

We brought the Capricorn down.

I’ll recap what was going on back then. Our government had announced that we had a satellite named Temple One that had gone inherent and they were going to have to shoot it out of the sky. They made this big dramatic thing; put a carrier out in the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii ready to shoot it down if it didn’t break up in re-entry towards the earth. I knew then that Satan has this, I don’t know what you want to call it – a ship, a rock, a moon; it’s called the Capricorn. It’s where he travels; its his habitat and where this whole Ashtar Command resides.

This Ashtar Command is also where Sananda and Maitreya are coming from. This Capricorn had malfunctioned; they were afraid of it being malfunctioned. There were a lot of dead aliens – thousands perhaps millions and a handful of them left alive because the Lord needs a handful of them to serve His purposes. Sananda was left alive; possibly Maitreya and others. I don’t know if Maitreya was with Sananda at the time. Sananda is this "Jesus" that I’ve been warning you about and this has always been Sananda’s main spaceship or whatever you want to call it.

It did malfunction and was coming out of the skies. They didn’t want anyone on earth to see it so they had to be careful. If it didn’t burn up on re-entry they were going to blow it up, and shoot missiles at it. Either way, if they shot missiles at it, or just fragmented it in pieces, then either way parts of it would hit the Pacific…and it did hit parts of the Pacific.

The Lord brought something to my mind the other day about Revelation chapter 12; the war in Heaven and Satan being cast out of the heavens. I was thinking, the Capricorn went into the sea and that is Satan’s spaceship or home or whatever you want to call it. I’m starting to think that the second half of the tribulation period started in March 2008.

Remember that the Lord uses people to fulfill His purposes. I know that Revelation uses a lot of imagery and symbolism, but remember a lot of it is to mask things. The Lord had to make it easy for John to describe. Since March, we’ve had tons of crashing UFOs. People have described seeing meteors flashing across the sky or flashes of light across the sky. I’ve told you they are UFOs.

The orgone that we have out has permeated the atmosphere; not just our atmosphere, but aerospace as well. That’s what’s causing these UFOs to malfunction and what caused the Capricorn to malfunction. If they even breathe the air that orgone is in, it makes them sick and eventually kills them. It’s interesting that the Capricorn was the first to come out of the sky and now all these other little UFOs are following.

I do think that we are somewhere in the middle of Revelation chapter 12. The War on the Saints is around the corner. This Islam beast Maitreya (Cain) that’s coming; I’ve always seen 4 beasts in the codes; a woman beast, a black beast, an Arabian beast and an Aramaen beast. This Aramaen beast is Sananda that is coming. The Arab beast being Maitreya (Cain DNA double). The black beast is Obama and the female beast being Eve. I know it will shock a lot of you, she’ll come as Mary, Sananda’s mother, but it is Eve.

There are 4 beasts that are coming.

The black beast dies. I also believe that the black horse which Maitreya represents will also die. We could see the death of both of those. I think they’ll have a time where they can spread Islam over the world, create civil chaos in one country over the next in martial law. This could be the scenario where they play good aliens, bad aliens or good messiah, bad messiah.

Maitreya could die, and Obama, then we get rid of the Islam beast and then Jesus arrives and says, “Oh, that was the antichrist prophesied in the Bible. Now I’m here to establish my kingdom on earth.” Then we’ll take a 180; go from persecutions and martial law to where "Jesus"- Sananda try to establish a kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We’re looking at two different Antichrists playing 2 different roles to fool the public; to fool the church. There are a lot of end time delusions and deceptions coming. And there are some real possibilities on how they could play these out.

Just thought I’d give a warning on that.

I do see a possibility of Maitreya arriving in September of this year. Also at this time, complete pandemonium because the Most High is going to crank the power of the orgone and we will see the death of a lot of tares in the world. Remember I talked about the wheat and the tares? They are obviously the tares. Nothing that real humans have to worry about unless you’re getting a vaccine. Don’t get their vaccine.

Another thing is that they could take vengeance on regular humans and try to mask what is happening to them; that orgone is only killing certain races or type of beings. I think once it gets world-wide, and it will, they don’t really have to worry about that because people will see that’s its only killing the Chinese, Japanese… and in the Middle East…and now its in America. They’ll make it look like it’s a pandemic; something contagious through the air like the Black Death. The Black Death killed 40 million people so it’s nothing to shake a stick at. It definitely going to be worldwide, but it is the Lord’s judgment on them. It’s not something that we have to worry about.

Also the destruction in government because the serpent seed; these shape shifting reptilians that I’ve been talking about for years now and how half our politicians have been soul-scalped and they’re aliens. You look at Congress and most of the politicians have been soul-scalped. Aliens are using their bodies as hosts. You think its sci-fi; they’ve been warning you for years what’s been going on (through movies and tv), they do it in a fiction format. A lot of them will be taking off to hide to get away from the air, or suffering the effects and becoming victims of this ALIEN flu. It’s going to be interesting to watch this unfold in September.

I think the thing that will be the most interesting is whether this Maitreya actually arrives. We’ve been waiting for him forever. He’s the first beast of Revelation. Shortly after he arrives, he starts his persecution against the saints, because he’s mad. He’s lost his forces; we’ve been killing them for years in the underground bases; aliens that have been hiding out; and bringing down their UFOs.

When he arrives on earth and orgone starts killing his little hybrid children around the world, he’s mad and knows it’s the Christians doing it. That’s where you read about the persecution of the saints in Revelation chapter 13.

One of the first things he does when he arrives is start coming after the Christians. It’ll take him a while to consolidate his power to do so. Once we see him, we’ll be able to go from there.

I think the Faction Four Orgone Warriors will be taken off the earth by the Most High and protected. This infuriates him and what causes him to scream and curse after those who are protected and in the tabernacle in Heaven. So he goes after the remnant which is the church Christians; the rest of Christianity that has been left here to go through testing.

I know that most Christians in the churches sing about being warriors. I get so sick of it; they don’t know anything about it other than singing. They’re going to be the ones left to be tested for their faith. Most of them will die for their faith; a lot of them will. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these tares; these pastors fall victim to this alien flu because most of them are aliens (and serpent seed). Most of them leading the big televangelist and in the churches today are serpent seed. They are Satan’s children and not the Most Highs.

Ask the Lord who is running the churches today.

You go into most of the churches today and see a picture of this "Jesus" that Michelangelo painted – that is Jesus, Sananda, Satan’s general. It’s just sick and they have his picture hanging up in churches all across America . Satan has to get a good laugh over that one. It’s going to be interesting.

We’re coming to the end of August here and they have to start getting antsy. I don’t know how they know about September. I know because the Lord has shown it to me, I don’t know how they know.

There’s a bunch of aliens who remote view, come back and say, “Look, we’ve got some trouble in September.” Look for them to head into underground bases. By the time they figure out that it’s in the air they breathe, and then they’re really in trouble. Once they go into a base they won’t be able to come out. They’ll be prisoners in their own underground bases. It’s not going to bother a regular human. We’re going to see fluffy \white cloud days, sunshine and breathe pure air while all of Satan’s satanic scumbags start to die off the earth; it’s no loss.

I don’t want to talk for a long time tonight. I know a lot of folks especially during the Olympics want to watch that.

Question from a listener in Europe : Hey Sherry. Its 3am , I stayed up to listen. Have you been contacted by anyone who is incarnate and part of the 144,000?

Sherry: I can spot them. I know who they are just by their spirits. Its very easy. I don’t think that some contact and say, “I’m one of the 144,000 and know I am.” They’re usually the ones that aren’t, but want-a-be’s. The church pew Christians. The Lords 144,000 are busy doing and not talking. Getting orgone out for 4 years now and asking the Lord what He needs them to do on the earth. Not, “Gimme, gimme, gimme, Lord.” The 144,000; you can always tell them by their spirits.

Comment from a listener: I have heard that Russia will become rich from oil and America will become impoverished. Any comments?

Sherry: America will become impoverished because our government has set the pace of that for at least 20 years. To bankrupt America so they can put us under a dictatorship of a new world order. It’s going to take an economic crash. They’ve moved our corporations out of America ; mostly everything is imported now. They’re bankrupting the nation and practically giving money away to get us further into debt. America being impoverished is being enforced by our own government. That’s a no-brainer and going to happen whether Russia becomes rich with oil or not. We have more oil in America than we know what to do with, and they cap it, leave it and make us dependent on foreign oil.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, what is DOR orgone?

Answer: DOR is dead orgone energy. It’s the opposite of positive energy. It’s what death, dead and dead things cause. It’s like light and darkness. People that understand light and darkness; light is positive, darkness is negative.

Question: I was wondering if you have any findings about Quebec or American Indians.

Answer: I have seen Quebec in the codes, but nothing significant. I really always look for Canada . If I see Canada , I pay special attention because there are a lot of warriors in Canada .

Question: The Davinci code is almost a reversal representation of what is happening behind the scenes. True hogwash as you say. Have you seen anything about mind control being rampant and making people venerate the beast under the guise of the computer and pornography?

Answer: They can use mind control to enslave people to their own sinful desires and thoughts. People who are prone to pornography, they’ll get you hooked to it on the internet. They’re going to do what they can to distract you s o that you feel too unworthy to do anything for the Lord. That’s always hogwash folks, because the Lord forgives us for our sins. Don’t think about your sins. Ask Him to forgive you and get busy doing what He needs you to do. Just say, I know I’m a sinner, a scumbag, I’m forgiven. Tell me what to do. Don’t let it stop you. Satan tries to use that to hang over peoples heads. Oh, you’re a sinner…you’re unworthy and blah, blah, blah and keeps you ineffective for the Lord. I see that happening a lot with people. They’ll use their tech weapons to enslave people to themselves by their own thoughts, sins and insecurities.

One more thing I wanted to mention about the Olympics before I go. The symbolism is very interesting. The Bird’s Nest looked like a spaceship. I saw it while they were interviewing someone. Then you have the water cube. Is anybody catching on to these? The cube; The New Jerusalem coming down. 8,8,8 being significant to China because it signifies new beginnings. This whole thing about one world.

Last question from a listener: Hello Sherry. Roughly how many are part of the Faction Four? Am I part of this because I make and spread orgone?

Answer: That doesn’t make you an automatic part of the faction because you make and spread it. It comes from your love for the Lord. I get it out there because I love the Lord and want to kick Satan’s butt. An enemy of the Lord is an enemy of mine. Satan is an enemy of the Lords and an enemy of mine. I’m going to do what I can to kick his butt. If he’s going to be here anyway, he’s allowed to rule here for 42 months, I think that we should take it on ourselves to make it as miserable as possible for him.

Just because he’s allowed to rule for 42 months, that doesn’t mean that his forces are allowed. They’re fair game for destruction. We’ve worked hard for that and are about to see the fruit of our hard work coming up. I’m just going to be laughing; to see Maitreya walking around with boils and miserable and probably in an oxygen gas mask. "Yeah, I’m a god from heaven" (sarcastic) and can’t breathe on earth. I think its going to be funny.

We’ve already taken down so many UFOs that you can’t even count them. You hear from people all over the world talking about seeing the flashes of light at night. How many during the day don’t we see? I think we’ve probably taken down thousands of their UFOs.

Like I’ve said, if my analysis is on track, then the tribulation period started in March of this year. We have about 42 months give or take 6 months. We have about 6 months of a mid term type period and I think that’s what we’re on now.

Comment: Great show tonight. Would you announce the date of your show at different times so when we try to reconnect that we know we have the right show?

Answer: It’s Monday August 11th. I know that a lot of people have a time getting kicked off.

Comment: How about the Red Army in the beginning? (The Olympics)

Answer: Yeah, and if you noticed the red marks on their foreheads. I was looking, wondering what that was supposed to be. A red templar cross, the mark of the beast on their forehead and letting everybody know? I know it’s taken me a while to realize that China and the Asian nations are armies of the antichrist. We’ve got them piling up on our southern border, their equipment coming over our northern border and have been for 10 years now. I’ve always said that America is Satan’s stronghold and going to be his main home base. We’re working hard to take that away from him. We’ll do what we can.

I’ve heard about Chinese soldiers coming up from Mexico and going into Deming , New Mexico outside of Las Cruces . There’s a whole area down there folks that needs orgoned.

We’ve done what the Lord wanted us to do with certain areas, rivers, and lakes – now we need to go where they’re at and make them miserable. We just need to get this orgone out there; it’ll be interesting to see these soldiers. I can pretty much guarantee that they are chip implanted. Being that, you can assume that they’re all chip implanted and then the orgone will effect them.

It’ll be interesting to see the orgone take out all these evil forces without having to look to lift a gun. Just make sure that you get your areas orgoned. This is the Lord's weapon in the last days. It’s not going to hurt the Lord's people, but destroy our enemies. It’s got a lot of uses. Its something that the Lord led us to years ago and also is a way to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order.

When you pray, expect an answer. I prayed for years for a way to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order.

Who would have thought that this little orgone puck that He showed us how to make and to make pure orgone with it would be causing so much destruction on their end and so much healing and protection on our end.

It is a healer and has various uses. As long as you’re human, you’re going to love orgone. If you’re one of Satan’s minions you’re not going to like it.

I think its going to get really enlightening over the next several weeks. It’s going to be interesting to see what’s going to happen with the economy and everything with our government having to hide. The Lord’s going to crank it up and its going to become I don’t know how many times more powerful than it’s already been. I’m sure we haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg. We’re not even near there yet. It’s going to be very, very interesting.

Prepare in the meantime folks. All this positive orgone energy in the air and the earths positive life force; they can’t stand it. They need destruction and death. It’s what they feed off of; it’s their food.

We’re going to continue to see fires. Fires are the biggest thing because it makes something dead right away. We’re going to see fires out West and maybe in the East because fires alone put the most DOE into the air immediately and more effectively than anything else does. War and death does too; that could be another route. They’re going to be burning their own before they come after us. I’ve said that for years. It’s so prophetic. I’ve always said that Satan would go after his own; and here, we’re the ones killing them off first. Those coffins are just going to be used to dump bodies in incinerators to burn them. I guess they’ll be like reusable coffins, just dumping bodies in incinerators.

Keep your eyes and ears open. People coming down with Alien/Avian Flu in your area let me know. I know that a lot of you out there listening to this show have a pretty good sense for who is and who is not human in your areas. Kind of like a six sense after a while. They have a really dark energy about them; you don’t like being around them. Black, dead eyes. You can feel evil just being around them. Watch for these beings to start dropping over dead. Especially the Asian and Middle Eastern nations being affected the most because you have 1.3 billion hybrids just in China.

I’m certainly not saying that the Lord's blood can’t redeem any of them who have accepted it and worship the Lord. I’m sure (know) His blood will cover that. They can be redeemed if they accept His salvation. I don’t expect it to bother Christian Asians over there, but the other ones.

Another interesting thing for those who like research. China and Japan are probably the only two nations in the world who can trace their lineage 5,000 years back to the dragon. That’s why both of them claim the red dragon as their creator of their race. Great Britain does the same thing, but not with half as much as passion as the Asians do.

You’re going to see them dropping like flies under the guise of a poultry disease. The Avian Flu is Alien Flu. Something to look for in September; Bush could get desperate and try to hide the deaths and create wars. Go to war against Iran. Get Russia pissed off and have us think we’re going to war with Russia and have to hide in bases so no one thinks twice about it.

The real reason behind anything he does over the next couple of months is because they have to hide. They can’t breathe the air in our atmosphere without getting sick and dying.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shocking Menace of Spy Satellites

This is exactly what they use against me...spy satellites..I've seen it many times in the codes where "Bush" is spying on me...and "satellite" the funny thing is...what good has it done them?

LOL..they don't understand 'us' or how we operate...a spy satellite is only as good as the person who's interpreting what they're seeing.

And for all their spying all I have to say is...'eat a blaster, we're going to destroy you and already are'


By the end of next month I suspect most of our government and military will be hiding in underground bases to get away from the Orgone that when cranked up by the Most High, will burn them, kill them, and put a huge wrench in their plans of conquering our earth for their NWO. Get your coffins ready hybrid and alien freaks!

I was told that in Beijing there were some people seen wearing space suits with inhalator oxygen masks at the airport..LOLOLOL..

Welcome to the Resistance!!


Unknown to most of the world, satellites can perform astonishing andoften menacing feats. This should come as no surprise when onereflects on the massive effort poured into satellite technology since the Soviet satellite Sputnik, launched in 1957, caused panic in theU.S. A spy satellite can monitor a person's every movement, even whenthe "target" is indoors or deep in the interior of a building or traveling rapidly down the highway in a car, in any kind of weather(cloudy, rainy, stormy). There is no place to hide on the face of the earth.

It takes just three satellites to blanket the world with detection capacity. Besides tracking a person's every action and relaying the data to a computer screen on earth, amazing powers of satellites include reading a person's mind, monitoring conversations, manipulating electronic instruments and physically assaulting someone with a laser beam.

Remote reading of someone's mind through satellite technology is quite bizarre, yet it is being done; it is a reality at present, not a chimera from a futuristic dystopia! To those who might disbelieve my description of satellite surveillance, I'd simply citea tried-and-true Roman proverb: Time reveals all things (tempus omniarevelat)...

As extraordinary as clandestine satellite powers are, nevertheless prosaic satellite technology is much evident in daily life.

Satellite businesses reportedly earned $26 billion in 1998. We can watch transcontinental television broadcasts "via satellite," make long-distance phone calls relayed by satellite, be informed of cloud coverand weather conditions through satellite images shown on television,and find our geographical bearings with the aid of satellites in theGPS (Global Positioning System).

But behind the facade of useful satellite technology is a Pandora's box of surreptitious technology.Spy satellites-- as opposed to satellites for broadcasting and exploration of space--have little or no civilian use--except,perhaps, to subject one's enemy or favorite malefactor to surveillance.

With reference to detecting things from space, FordRowan, author of Techno Spies, wrote "some U.S. military satellites are equipped with infra-red sensors that can pick up the heat generated on earth by trucks, airplanes, missiles, and cars, so that even on cloudy days the sensors can penetrate beneath the clouds and reproduce the patterns of heat emission on a TV-type screen. During the Vietnam War sky high infra-red sensors were tested which detect individual enemy soldiers walking around on the ground."

Using this reference, we can establish 1970 as the approximate date of the beginning of satellite surveillance- -and the end of the possibility of privacy for several people.

The government agency most heavily involved in satellite surveillance technology is the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), an arm ofthe Pentagon. NASA is concerned with civilian satellites, but there is no hard and fast line between civilian and military satellites.

NASA launches all satellites, from either Cape Kennedy in Florida orVandenberg Air Force Base in California, whether they are military-operated, CIA-operated, corporate-operated or NASA's own. Blasting satellites into orbit is a major expense.

It is also difficult tomake a quick distinction between government and private satellites; research by NASA is often applicable to all types of satellites. Neither the ARPA nor NASA makes satellites; instead, they underwrite the technology while various corporations produce the hardware.

Corporations involved in the satellite business include Lockheed,General Dynamics, RCA, General Electric, Westinghouse, Comsat, Boeing, Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International, Grumman Corp., CAE Electronics, Trimble Navigation and TRW. The World Satellite Directory, 14th edition (1992), lists about a thousand companies concerned with satellites in one way or another.

Many are merely in the broadcasting business, but there are also product headings like "remote sensing imagery," which includes Earth Observation Satellite Co. of Lanham, Maryland, Downl Inc. of Denver,and Spot Image Corp. of Reston, Virginia. There are five product categories referring to transponders. Other product categories include earth stations (14 types), "military products and systems," "microwave equipment," "video processors," "spectrum analyzers." The category "remote sensors" lists eight companies,including ITM Systems Inc., in Grants Pass, Oregon, Yool Engineeringof Phoenix, and Satellite Technology Management of Costa Mesa, California. Sixty-five satellite associations are listed from all around the world, such as Aerospace Industries Association, American Astronautical Society, Amsat and several others in the U.S.Spy satellites were already functioning and violating people's right to privacy when President Reagan proposed his "Strategic Defense Initiative," or Star Wars, in the early 80s, long after the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 had demonstrated the military usefulness of satellites.

Star Wars was supposed to shield the U.S. from nuclear missiles, but shooting down missiles with satellite lasers proved infeasible, and many scientists and politicians criticized the massive program. Nevertheless, Star Wars gave an enormous boost to surveillance technology and to what may be called "black bag"technology, such as mind reading and lasers that can assault someone, even someone indoors.

Aviation Week & Space Technology mentioned in 1984 that "facets of the project [in the Star Wars program] that are being hurried along include the awarding of contracts to study...a surveillance satellite network." It was bound to be abused, yet no group is fighting to cut back or subject to democratic control thist errifying new technology.

As one diplomat to the U.N.remarked, "`Star Wars' was not a means of creating heaven on earth, but it could result in hell on earth."

The typical American actually may have little to fear, since the chances of being subjected to satellite surveillance are rather remote. Why someone would want to subject someone else to satellite surveillance might seem unclear at first, but to answer the question you must realize that only the elite have access to such satellite resources. Only the rich and powerful could even begin to contemplate putting someone under satellite surveillance, whereas a middle- orworking-class person would not even know where to begin.

Although access to surveillance capability is thus largely a function of the willfulness of the powerful, nevertheless we should not conclude that only the powerless are subjected to it.
Perhaps those under satellite surveillance are mainly the powerless, but wealthy and famous people make more interesting targets, as it were, so despite their power to resist an outrageous violation of their privacy, a few of them may be victims of satellite surveillance.

Princess Diana may have been under satellite reconnaissance. No claim of being subject to satellite surveillance can be dismissed a priori. It is difficult to estimate just how many Americans are being watched by satellites, but if there are 200 working surveillance satellites(a common number in the literature), and if each satellite can monitor 20 human targets, then as many as 4000 Americans may be undersatellite surveillance.

However, the capability of a satellite for multiple-target monitoring is even harder to estimate than the numberof satellites; it may be connected to the number of transponders on each satellite, the transponder being a key device for both receiving and transmitting information.

A society in the grips of the National Security State is necessarily kept in the dark about such things. Obviously, though, if one satellite can monitor simultaneously 40 or 80 human targets, then the number of possible victims of satellite surveillance would be doubled or quadrupled.

A sampling of the literature provides insight into this fiendish space-age technology. One satellite firm reports that "one of the original concepts for the Brilliant Eyes surveillance satellite system involved a long-wavelength infrared detector focal plane that requires periodic operation near 10 Kelvin." A surveillance satellite exploits the fact that the human body emits infra-red radiation, orradiant heat; according to William E. Burrows, author of Deep Black, "the infrared imagery would pass through the scanner and register on the [charged-couple device] array to form a moving infrared picture, which would then be amplified, digitalized, encrypted and transmitted up to one of the [satellite data system] spacecraft.. .for downlink [to earth]."

But opinion differs as to whether infrared radiation can be detected in cloudy conditions. According to one investigator, there is a way around this potential obstacle: "Unlike sensors that passively observe visible-light and infra-red radiation, which are blocked by cloud cover and largely unavailable at night, radar sensors actively emit microwave pulses that can penetrate clouds and work at any hour."

This same person reported in 1988 that "the practical limit on achievable resolution for a satellite-based sensor is a matter of some dispute, but is probably roughly ten to thirty centimeters. After that point, atmospheric irregularities become a problem." But even at the time she wrote that, satellite resolution, down to each subpixel, on the contrary, was much more precise, a matter of millimeters- -a fact which is more comprehensible when we consider the enormous sophistication of satellites, as reflected in such tools as multi-spectral scanners, interferometers, visible infrared spin scanradiometers, cryocoolers and hydride sorption beds.

Probably the most sinister aspect of satellite surveillance, certainly its most stunning, is mind-reading. As early as 1981, G. Harry Stine (in his book Confrontation inSpace), could write that Computers have "read" human minds by means of deciphering the outputs of electroencephalogra phs (EEGs). Early work in this area was reported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 1978. EEG's are now known to be crude sensors of neural activity in the human brain, depending as they doupon induced electrical currents in the skin. Magnetoencephalogra phs(MEGs) have since been developed using highly sensitive electromagnetic sensors that can directly map brain neural activity even through even through the bones of the skull.

The responses ofthe visual areas of the brain have now been mapped by Kaufman and others at Vanderbilt University. Work may already be under way in mapping the neural activity of other portions of the human brain using the new MEG techniques. It does not require a great deal of prognostication to forecast that the neural electromagnetic activity of the human brain will be totally mapped within a decade or so and that crystalline computers can be programmed to decipher the electromagnetic neural signals.

In 1992, Newsweek reported that "with powerful new devices that peer through the skull and see the brain at work, neuroscientists seek the wellsprings of thoughts and emotions, the genesis of intelligence and language. They hope, in short, to read your mind."

In 1994, ascientist noted that "current imaging techniques can depict physiological events in the brain which accompany sensory perception and motor activity, as well as cognition and speech." In order togive a satellite mind-reading capability, it only remains to put some type of EEG-like-device on a satellite and link it with a computer that has a data bank of brain-mapping research.

I believe that surveillance satellites began reading minds--or rather, began allowing the minds of targets to be read--sometime in the early1990s. Some satellites in fact can read a person's mind from space.

Also part of satellite technology is the notorious, patented "Neurophone, " the ability of which to manipulate behavior defies description. In Brave New World, Huxley anticipated the Neurophone.

In that novel, people hold onto a metal knob to get "feely effects" in a simulated orgy where "the facial errogenous zones of the six thousand spectators in the Alhambra tingled with almost intolerable galvanic pleasure." Though not yet applied to sex, the Neurophone-- or more precisely, a Neurophone-like- instrument- -has been adapted for use by satellites and can alter behavior in the manner of subliminal audio "broadcasting, " but works on a different principle.

After converting sound into electrical impulses, the Neurophone transmits radio waves into the skin, where they proceed to the brain, bypassing the ears and the usual cranial auditory nerve and causing the brain to recognize a neurological pattern as though it were an audible communication, though often on a subconscious level. A person stimulated with this device "hears" by a very different route. The Neurophone can cause the deaf to "hear" again.

Ominously, when its inventor applied for a second patent on an improved Neurophone, the National Security Agency tried unsuccessfully to appropriate the device. A surveillance satellite, in addition, can detect human speech. Burrows observed that satellites can "even eavesdrop on conversations taking place deep within the walls of the Kremlin." Walls, ceilings,and floors are no barrier to the monitoring of conversation from space.

Even if you were in a highrise building with ten stories above you and ten stories below, a satellite's audio surveillance of your speech would still be unhampered. Inside or outside, in any weather,any place on earth, at any time of day, a satellite "parked" in space in a geosynchronous orbit (whereby the satellite, because it moves in tandem with the rotation of the earth, seems to stand still) can detect the speech of a human target.

Apparently, as with reconnaissance in general, only by taking cover deep within the bowels of a lead-shielding fortified building could you escape audio monitoring by a satellite.

There are various other satellite powers, such as manipulating electronic instruments and appliances like alarms, electronic watchesand clocks, a television, radio, smoke detector and the electrical system of an automobile.

For example, the digital alarm on a watch, tiny though it is, can be set off by a satellite from hundreds of miles up in space. And the light bulb of a lamp can be burned out with the burst of a laser from a satellite. In addition, street lights and porch lights can be turned on and off at will by someone at the controls of a satellite, the means being an electromagnetic beam which reverses the light's polarity.

Or a lamp can be made to burn out in a burst of blue light when the switch is flicked. As with other satellite powers, it makes no difference if the light is undera roof or a ton of concrete--it can still be manipulated by a satellite laser.

Types of satellite lasers include the free-electronlaser, the x-ray laser, the neutral-particle- beam laser, the chemical-oxygen-iodine laser and the mid-infra-red advanced chemical laser.

Along with mind-reading, one of the most bizarre uses of a satelliteis to physically assault someone. An electronic satellite beam--using far less energy than needed to blast nuclear missiles in flight--can "slap" or bludgeon someone on earth. A satellite beam can also be locked onto a human target, with the victim being unable to evade the menace by running around or driving around, and can cause harm through application of pressure on, for example, one's head.

How severe a beating can be administered from space is a matter of conjecture, but if the ability to actually murder someone this way has not yet been worked out, there can be no doubt that it will soon become a reality.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We Are Annihilating Them!

We Can Annihilate Them!

We Already Are!

UFOs are Crashing out of the skies as flashes of light!


We're Annihilating the Wicked! Our Orgone is killing Aliens and Hybrids!

The New World Order is an ALIEN Agenda. They want to destroy stand up and do something about it!
Stop singing about being a soldier in the Lord's army and actually be one!

Stop the Madness!!

Stop the Mind Control!!

Stop the Chemtrails!

Stop The New World Order!

Avian Flu IS Alien Flu..What's Killing Aliens and Hybrids

August 5, 2008

Sherry - Avian Flu IS Alien Flu...What's Killing Aliens and Hybrids...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sherry Talk Radio 7-28-08

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 7-28-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night July 28th.

If you have any questions for the show you can send a question or comment to I’ll check that periodically.

Just a few things I wanted to talk about tonight.

I sent an email out on the list today. I was out driving around today getting some things done. I drove by this little Christian Care Center that we have here in town. It’s just a small town here in Ohio. It’s just a one room tiny church that offers free bags off food and sometimes clothes for the poor people for free. It’s usually pretty quiet and empty. When I drove by it today, there was a line of people standing outside of it going all the way down the street. Cars parked everywhere; just people of all ages. I was just shocked; I had never seen that place busy; certainly not a line standing outside of it. I guess what it is, is the last 2 Mondays of the month, they offer free bags to people. That just shows how many people are actually going hungry. I’m sure that it’s a lot more people than what were standing in line today. It’s a definite wake up call that our economy is just on the throws of a crash. People can’t afford to eat.

In Ohio the food stamp program is $1 per person, per meal, per day. So if you’re on food stamps in Ohio ; and 1 million of them are. It’s probably higher than that because you know that the government always fudges their numbers to make them sound less than they really are; so probably more than a million. These people are getting $3 a day of food stamps. What they do is they have some kind of a card that they put them on. It’s called the Ohio Direction Card. They can use these cards at grocery stores. That equals out to probably $80 - $84 a month per person, per month. You know that is probably gone within 2 weeks, especially with food prices the way that they are.

The last 2 weeks of the month, they probably don’t have any help; any food. I was floored.
What surprised me the most was the reaction from people that were surprised by my reaction. People don’t expect that kind of thing to affect me? Of course it does.

I can’t imagine…I’ve grown up in America and to see everything going down the toilet like we’ve been warning its going to be. Just because we’ve been stood up to warn people that things are coming. Especially in my case, it doesn’t mean that I like it.

I don’t like what’s coming to America ’s people. America is just like any other country in the world where you have the wheat and the tares. Where you actually have good human people and then you have serpent seed that control everything. This serpent seedline, the tares are what’s controlling most of the governments today. Even when it comes to the big arguments in America , do we support Israel or not. How do we support Israel ; the remnant of the Lord’s people without supporting the tares that run it? The true Christians that are living in Israel are persecuted even moreso than they are in America. You have all these pastors who say, we love Israel , let’s support Israel. You’re supporting a government that persecutes the believers of Yahushua in Israel.

You really can’t win in either aspect. We’re sending billions in aid of our tax dollars; our money to other countries for useless research projects. You hear about the money being spent on the stupidest things in the world and we have people lining up in food centers in America for free food. That is just pitiful. Another thing that just really rubbed by goad is its never going to get any better; it’s not going to get better.

Something that we all need to prepare for. I’ve warned about this on the show before; the Lord had told me that when things start, we are going to have the bathtub effect. You know when you have a full bathtub of water and pull the plug; water starts to trickle out slowly. When you get toward the end of the tub, it starts draining down and gushes and floods and drains very quickly. We’ve been on that trickle effect for a long time. Probably the past decade we’ve been on the trickle affect of the water leaking out of the tub and now it’s going to start to go down very quickly. Things are not going to return to the way they were in America . Once it starts, there is no turning back.

The line I saw today is nothing compared to the line I’m going see in 6 months. Every food center in America is going to have lines.

Employment is not going to improve; it’s going to get much worse. People don’t have money to spend on luxuries and frivolous things; paying $4 for a cup of coffee; fast food restaurants; clothing. It puts all those Americans out of work.

The backbone of America has always been the entrepreneurs, the small shop owners. Even the corporations now that are employing all these people that work in the chains all across America . Who can afford $15 for a pizza, or $30 for 2 anymore? America is on its way down. It’s not going to get any better, but worse and worse and worse.

I was reading an analysis of the housing market. I’ve already heard from bankers that what they’re stating on TV and in the media is not right. Home values have dropped much lower than they are announcing. That’s why there is such a huge problem with foreclosures right now. Home values are much less than what the media is telling you. They’ve dropped. People are walking away from being strapped to those huge loans because their homes are no longer worth it.

The next thing is going to be credit card defaults. The next thing after that will be vehicles. We’re going to see people defaulting on credit cards, people walking away from car loans. A lot of these people aren’t going to have transportation. The biggest thing in America is finding affordable cars. $500 - $1000 cars that are affordable that will run. A lot of people aren’t going to be able to afford these high car payments that they’re making. You see the trickle down effect and how it affects everybody. Auto salesman and their families, everybody associated with the economy is going to suffer in one way or the other. Construction workers, realtors. Just so many will be out of work this time next year.

You wonder if were going to get through this year. Is this the year that things are going to really start to shake up and happen or are we going to have to go slowly through next year and this is just a torturous beginning. The Lord warned us this year that this would be a bad year and it has been so far. We started out with a bang by losing our farmlands to floods. They’re getting us by the weather weapons. They’re getting us by economics. The silent famine is always working in the background. I want to keep warning about the silent famine. A lot of people that have waited online to be able to buy stuff. I warned last year; don’t wait ‘til the last minute, you know stuff is going to happen.

People are complaining now because the government is buying up all the freeze dried and dehydrated foods now and it won’t be available to the public for another year now. You waited too long. Get busy; hit the Wal-Mart’s and the Dollar Stores. Get the canned meat, rice and beans. Things you can stock up and eat. Do that now while you have a job. The food stamp assistance program is going to feed you about 2 weeks a month and that’s it. That’s eating macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. If you have a higher taste level for better food, it will probably last you 1 week then. The food stamp assistance programs across the country are not designed to give you much luxury in that.

People just have no idea, no idea how many times I’ve sat here and cried looking at the things that are coming. I’m not a super human being; I’m a mom of 4 kids. I’ve been doing this for the Lord for the last decade. It’s never been easy to see the things that are coming. Now that they’re here…..I do get laughs; I do get enjoyment when I see Satan suffering; when I see inroads and victories we have won against Satan and his forces. When it comes to mankind, it’s just a totally different aspect of this whole end time charade.

Something that often probably gets lost on people as we keep hearing that millions of people are going to die within the next year possibly 1/3 ( about 2 ½ billion) people dying. That’s a lot of people, folks. When you actually start to see people suffering it just is a real wake up call to what’s really coming, how much destruction and how much suffering will be going on. Especially when you realize that most of these people…if they’re having hard times now, what are they going to do when they’re really hungry and they’re offering them bags of food to sell their soul; to get that chip, the mark of the devil and join Satan’s kingdom on Earth. They know darn well what it is and they know not to, but their own suffering leads them into getting that. That’s going to be a whole different aspect of things.

The Lord's witnesses will be here at that time; His evangelists warning people. The thing is there are so many people that are just going to go to the dark side. They know Bible prophecy and all these things are coming, but they didn’t prepare because they believed the rapture would come and take them out. That the Lord was going to come and save us all before the tribulation period started. They base all their doctrines on Pauline books and now they’re the least ones prepared for the things that are coming.

Another thing that has always got my goat is that so many Christians believe in the churches today that Satan can’t touch them because they are Christians. That’s hogwash. I’ve seen in the Bible codes that there are Christians being held in these underground bases being used for experiments by our government. There are Christian women being abducted by aliens being used for breeding experiments. Some people say these UFO abductions aren’t real. Some of them aren’t. Some of them are hoax’s being put on by the government. That way when something seeps out; if they become lucid and they remember something like it was a military guy and not an alien….he had a costume on or whatever.

They keep people confused, but there is no doubt that fallen angels have been abducting people for years. They did it in Noah’s time. They did it in earlier times. They do it now, they’ve just went underground. The church has a lot coming that they don’t expect. I hear from a lot of believers, a lot of Christians who don’t talk about things that are happening to them because everybody in the churches would call them crazy. The usual metaphors “ you can’t be saved if that is happening to you. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that one. I walked away from the churches years ago; the Lord pulled my out of them. I don’t miss them. Just a lot of things coming.

One of the things I wanted to re-emphasize because we’re kind of getting focused on the disasters happening in this country with the economy crashing; also keep your eyes on the East. Maitreya is here. What’s funny is that so far he hasn’t been able to make his arrival the way that he wanted it; the way he had planned it. He lost his forces; he’s lost his reinforcements. He’s embattled and they’re all in derision. I think he’s just in sit mode and waiting for Jesus to arrive; this Jesus; Sananda that I’ve warned about.

He goes by the name of Jesus. Satan’s general; one of these ascended masters coming down. He’s going to mimic the Son of God. Right now, I think that Maitreya is just sitting and waiting for Sananda to arrive because his plans of having his big Day of Declaration and making himself all great has really been tossed out the window. He may try to salvage that. Even that’s getting to be a joke. If you look at Satan’s kingdom…the whole thing about Satan’s kingdom is they’re built up on technology. They’re dependent on it, even when they do arrive to earth; everyone’s going to be able to watch them on TV. One of the whole points of this chemtrail operation was putting aerosols in the air so that their holographics would work.

They were going to have this huge (they’re still going to have it, but it will be limited) holographic display from heaven of Sananda (Jesus) arriving from heaven with his heavenly host (which are nothing but fallen angels mimicking angels with the whole Hollywood effect) really mimicking what the Bible describes as the second coming of Christ. The chemtrails were going to help with this whole holographic thing. With all the orgone we’ve put around the world and especially in America from one end of this country to the other, we’ve destroyed their ability to mask the entire country in chemtrails.

I don’t think we’re going to be able to see the holographic show from the skies and we’d have to see it from TV. Here’s another thing; with people losing their homes and their jobs, one of the first things they’re not able to afford other than luxuries that I talked about earlier is cable bills. In about 80 – 90% of America , if you don’t have cable you don’t have TV. So how are people even going to be able to see this spectacle on TV when they can’t pay their cable bills and have television?

Most of them will be losing their cars in about a year; no penny radio to listen to either. In all their greed and haste to destroy America and get control, at the same time it bites them in their own feet because no one will see the charades that they have planned; quite amusing actually. Sad on one aspect and funny. No one to see him and declare how great he is. And how anybody else in the world is going to care that some Mahdi from Iran is here over there gathering his troops in alliance with Ethiopia and the nations over there. You pretty much have to keep your eyes on the Internet for news. I guess that’s just how it’s going to go for now.

When we lose the internet, that’s going to be that. The internet will go down eventually. It will go down. That’s a plan; they plan to take it down. Whether you can afford it or not, there just won’t be an internet. They’re going to take it down once they start implementing martial law here in America . Maybe much sooner; maybe when they start taking out bigmouths. I don’t know. I do believe it will be a little while past that, I do think they’ll take the bigmouths out. Once martial law starts going, then they’ll take down the internet. Just some things lining up.
Another thing I wanted to bring up tonight and reiterate. You read a bunch of mixed things going around the internet. One of the things that I even warned about in one of my articles several years ago, there’s an article on the internet, Social Engineering for a False Flag Alien Attack, its at by Lee Rodgers.

A lot of these articles coming out have a lot of good info. Its one of these chew the grass and spit out the hay. A lot of these people believe that we’re being set up to fear the aliens. Now that the whole façade of 9-11 is coming out, people no longer believe that the World Trade Towers were blown up by terrorists.

Everybody knows that our government was behind it and used it as an excuse to get into Iraq and become imperialists in the Middle East . Nobody buys it that there’s a Bin Laden boogeyman out there. If there was, he was just a CIA agent anyway by the name of Tim Osman. All that started in Chicago. Trace the roots of Al Qaeda, its not Saudi Arabia , but Chicago.

People aren’t buying that anymore thanks to the internet and people being able to get truth spread out. What they need to do now is come up with another threat. What they want to do is globalize governments and the military. You see them doing that now, they’re doing this to every country, not just America . They’re taking corporations out. Foreign buyers are buying up corporations in everybody’s countries.

Immigration is a problem in every country, not just America . We have an influx of illegal Mexican aliens here. In Europe they have an influx of illegal Muslims. Immigration is a problem everywhere. Another thing is corporations selling out, moving to different countries. Then different countries moving in and buying up….I think that China owns half of America.

We have highway toll booths owned by foreign countries. It’s ridiculous. They’re just dividing and splicing up, mapping up America and giving it to other countries to own. That’s what they’re doing to other countries; systematically destroying every nation in the world by what they are doing. This isn’t just an American problem, but a global problem. Now that everybody’s getting on to them and what they’re doing, something that they need to set up a fear tactic that this whole thing, an alien false flag attack.

Get everybody afraid of aliens and so when the aliens arrive, our governments will unite to fight against them. Like I’ve said, you’ve got to really chew out the grass and spit out the hay. First of all, they got that right; these aliens are no good. I don’t fear them. I fight against them with the orgone. So you get these pity articles where they want you to think that not all aliens are bad. Yes, they are. There are no good aliens. That’s the biggest problem with the new agers, they think there are good aliens.

There are only 2 types of beings in heaven; celestial and terrestrial. If they were angels with the Most High, they would be celestial beings, not terrestrial beings. Terrestrial beings have been kicked out of heave. That’s what you are dealing with these aliens, these fallen angels in the 4th dimension. There is nothing good in the 4th dimension. Heavenly beings of the Most High would be what you would call the 5th dimension. That’s what Satan wants to mimic. He wants to mimic and for people to believe that he and these ascended masters are from the 5th dimension. I have audios on that, The Lies of the 5th Dimension that I did 2 years ago. They’re on my archive page at Sherry Talk Radio. There are two parts; lies of the 5th dimension parts 1 and 2. Satan wants to mimic that he is God; that he’s a celestial being. The whole 4th dimension is what we are dealing with and are surrounding us.

These fallen angels, demonic beings, Satan working in the background trying to rule not just America , but the world. America was his home base. We’ve (the orgone warriors) have done a good job getting them out and chasing them out of a lot of these underground bases that they had strong food holds in. I’ll see Dulce Base come up in the Bible Codes a lot. We chased them out of Dulce. We’ve been able to chase them out of a number of different bases and that’s just by getting our orgone in the water supplies and the air that they breathe and the water that they soak in. Just getting the orgone out in general and targeting these footholds and strongholds of Satan.

I was praying years ago for the Lord to show me how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. That’s when He led me to orgone. We not only found uses in defending ourselves against the towers and the mind control weapons, but that it would actually destroy these aliens. It burns them and eventually kills them.

It’s like a poison to them. Like garlic to a vampire is what orgone is to an alien; positive orgone. Not all orgone is made the same. I have directions on my website on how to make your own orgone. This orgone that’s being promoted by Ken Adachi and Don Croft and the entire “aliens are our friends” crowd, are making dead orgone that attracts evil; it doesn’t hurt them. There isn’t just a fight against aliens and the wicked and Satan on earth; we’re also fighting against people making other orgone that attracts aliens. You have a fight between positive orgone energy and negative orgone energy.

The problem with a lot of the people that are following those crowds; their intent is to do good, but they are making worthless and useless orgone. We have fights on all fronts. It’s all around us. I see in the codes just how exhausted the Lord’s people are. We are; we’re just exhausted. All this is coming to a head soon, folks. They could very well be planning to stage….I’ve3 always said aliens work in a “good cop, bad cop” capacity. So the government has their own UFOs; they’ve had them for years.

They’ve had UFO technology for 40 years and can build their own UFOs. The alien UFOs are crashing. You’ll see them as fireball meteors across the sky. This isn’t just a phenomenon in America , this is around the world. Europe , Israel , Brazil …its everywhere. People seeing fireballs falling out of the sky. Those are the real alien ships being burned out of the sky. They’re coming in contact with our orgone, because it’s assimilating into the atmosphere and causing their ships to crash. It will not affect manmade UFOs.

What I think they’re going to do…one of their plans is to stage a fake UFO invasion with their own UFOs. Russia has them. China has them. America has them. At least 8 different countries have their own UFOs and can pilot them with their own Air Force pilots to stage boogieman aliens to attack the earth. No one is believing this boogeyman terrorist stuff and we have to come up with a different enemy; a new Al Qaeda.

So they’ll use the aliens. You know what? I wouldn’t really care about it because half of its true. You wouldn’t want to be with the aliens. The thing about it is the after effects because they’re going to stage this alien invasion to unite the world. After they get rid of all the “bad aliens” the good aliens will come. They’re going to kill the bad ones off so Jesus can come. He’s a “good alien”. He’s the son of god and coming with his host from heaven. If they want to pull that off, they better hurry up because this Sananda (Jesus) is scheduled to arrive in September of 2009. In September…this September or next September? The September of this year starts a new year in the Hebrew calendar. Is it going to start this year? Either way, they’re going to have to hurry up because they only have a month to pull it off.

I’ve always seen a lot of disasters for 2009; all year long I’ve been struggling to know whether this is the year 2009 or not. It’s always been a wait and see. This while year has been a wait and see, practically. If we do have another year, then perhaps Maitreya will come out of hiding and make his entrance in March of this year.

Maybe he’ll do it next year. And this Sananda would arrive in September of next year. It gives them more time this year to deal with their planned destruction of America . I know that people are sending videos and photos of these plastic coffins that they’re stockpiling up in Georgia and in other places across the country. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Georgia ’s the one that will get hit. You wouldn’t put your coffins where they would be destroyed. And Atlanta Georgia will be the new East Coast capital of the New World Order when all the destructions are done hitting the earth. They’re moving them around, getting them into position.

One of the things that I’ve always warned about is they expect a comet to hit the Atlantic . Every spring it comes up, and every spring the government goes into a panic and they start hiding. May, June and July are the months that these comets would hit the Atlantic. They’re doing it again this year, except this year they have their little front man Richard Boyland sending out an article saying that November 15th is the target date for this year. I can almost guarantee that if it’s really going to hit, they wouldn’t tell you the correct date.

Everyone would expect it to hit November 15th and it would hit 2 months earlier. No one knows when it’s going to hit. The only reason that they talk about it is because the aliens told them it was going to hit. The aliens have remote viewed. Fallen angels have remote viewed into the future and have seen this comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean . Ever since I’ve been on to it (about 7 or 8 years) they don’t know when it’s going to hit so every year in the summer time they get panicky about it. Not real sure why they’re saying November when it would be anytime actually.
That was another aspect of their plan. If they can’t pull out the alien invasion and scare everybody by this one or the asteroid that’s coming. I find it interesting because the Bible Codes has no talk of an asteroid. Not the ones I’ve been looking at. It’ll talk about a rock or a boulder. I think its something that they’re going to do because I have seen comets hitting the earth in 2009 a while after the antichrist is established here on earth and in power, so I’ve always viewed them as Gods judgment on the earth. Anything that happens before then is their own doing. I could just see them getting together this huge rock up on Jupiter or Mars or the Moon somewhere and hurtling it towards earth and tell everyone that an asteroid’s coming and causing destruction. I really wouldn’t put it past them.

That’s pretty much the way it looks. That’s pretty much the way it looks as well. So many fear tactics going on in trying to get their own agendas going and mixing up everything to keep people confused. That’s why I always have to count on the Lord to let me know what’s going on and what it is I need to know. Of course He doesn’t always tell me everything I want to know. Sometimes you just don’t need to know too far ahead, or it’s easier to know what’s coming farther ahead then in the present. I don’t know, but He seems to tell me what He wants me to know. He stands other people up to do the rest. You certainly have to watch who it is…the “we love aliens” crowd is certainly not of the Lord. Don’t even deal with that one. There is no good terrestrial. They just play good cop, bad cop routine. Some will appear as grey aliens, some will appear human. You have your short greys and tall greys. The whole other thing, like I’ve got on the Watcher

There’s a video of Bush giving a speech from outside the Oval office and you see a grey alien in his office. They’re all working together. I was watching on You Tube other day this video of George Bush and how he has that battery pack on his back. There was a whole You Tube video on it. I want to go back and get it and put it on my website. I no sooner watched that and then the next Bible code I was doing was talking about how the Oval Office is mechanized, mechanical and how it’s going to malfunction.

That’s gotta be George Bush and his little battery pack that they put on his back. They put this ear piece in his ear. I believe its Karl Rove or somebody talking into his ear. He’s actually giving speeches to the media. You can watch him stop and restate words and stutter a little bit because he’s waiting to hear what he’s to say next through the ear piece. A battery pack that he has on his back that allows that to happen.

They’re literally just telling him exactly what to say when he’s in front of the cameras. It’s not because….we all know a village in Texas has lost its idiot and he can’t speak and stand at the same time. It’s because it’s not really him. They just move them around; there are 8, probably 12 different George Bushes. The real one, I’ve heard for years is just kept away; locked up somewhere because his brain is so fried from all the alcohol and cocaine he’s done. They don’t even want him near Washington . So they prop up all these little clones of George Bush’s in Washington and they control them by these little battery pack things on their backs.

They do as they’re told; they’re chip implanted and controlled and repeat everything they hear in their ears. You’ll catch some of this stuff; it’s so Hollywood like the X-Files and some of these other shows that are coming out where they drop little gibs of information. People think its science fiction and not reality. This stuff is true. They always tell you what they’re doing; you just have to look for it. They always mask truth with lies to keep people confused.

I remember that the CIA has a long standing rule; I think it’s a government rule (I don’t think it affects the White House) but people in the CIA and intelligence community – that you can’t talk about anything that you know or anything you’ve seen that’s classified information; but you can do so in a fiction format. A lot of these people are the ones behind a lot of these movies and series coming out. They’ll tell you truths and give you bits of information and disguise it in fiction and science fiction formats.

I never watch anything other than to see what it is they’re trying to tell the people. Why would the CIA (I knew this back in the early 90’s) have a 20 year contract with Hollywood to release different movies and stuff like that? They’re telling people themselves what’s coming. They also have to condition people to what’s coming. They can’t hide everything because they also need to prepare people for the things that are coming. It’s kind of like a two edged sword for them.
You also have people that are coming out of the intelligence community and warn people through fiction format of what’s going on. Just weed through it; chew the grass and spit out the hay.
A lot of things with the mainstream media…I swear the History Channel spends a lifetime at my website. Every time I sit down on a weekend and turn on the History Channel they have something of aliens; picked something off of my website and do a whole show on it. I have so much information on my website. Its amazing just some of the stuff they’re coming out with on TV. They are preparing people for the things that are coming.

Life I’ve said, they’re trying to control so they can make people fear. Then others can say you don’t have to fear them, its just the government. You do need to have a healthy fear of aliens. They’re not your friends. They do want to kill and destroy. They do eat you and your children. They are not your friends. I don’t know how to make that any clearer to people.

You’ll always be fighting the idiots who say aliens are our friends and not all are bad. You do need to watch out for that. They do have this thing coming out; I think even Bill Cooper warned of a fake alien invasion in his book, Behold a Pale Horse. I’ve seen it and I’ve seen the fake rapture. Even in A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter has a whole section in the back of the book I have it listed on my website or you can google Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter or William Cooper Behold a Pale Horse. Mary K. Baxter tells how she was given a vision of Hell. I don’t necessarily believe this was a vision given by the Most High but allowed it, Yahushua. Ashe tells about these UFOs descending into Hell and these people getting off of them. I’ve been warning the new age for years that this thing where they’re going to lift off their light body workers before cleansing comes on Earth and removes them to safety while the earth goes on a cleansing and stasis period. Be forewarned that this you; this is all these light workers these new age gullible. That are going to get on these UFOs; that’s them getting off of there in Hell.

That’s your future folks. I’ve been warning you – Don’t get on those UFOs. It’s like their own little fake rapture. They tell those in the new age circles that they will protect them from the coming catastrophes and earth changes and cleansing that’s coming on the earth. They’re going to protect them all the way to Hell and make sure that they get there safely. That’s exactly what’s coming. They aklso want to mimic a real repute. I’m not talking about….even they know, which is amusing to me, because years ago a decade ago when I was speaking out against the multi-million person rapture, but its only going to be the first 144,000 off the earth.

Even Satan knows that because he’s been preparing his new age people through Balbotsky (I think she was back in the 1800’s) and all them who have been around forever for a massive disappearance of over a hundred thousand people. That’s why they’ve come up with their own thing where they’ll remove about 150,000 people (light workers) to mimic the rapture of the 144,000 off the earth. You can see where the churches have taken this whole thing and decided that they’ll all going; that everybody in the church is going to be raptured before the tribulation starts.

We are very close to getting towards the middle of the tribulation period right now. For all of you pre-trib rapturists; you’re already too late. You’ve already missed it. I don’t know how to wake them up. I’ve tried.

The fourth seal is about to be broken soon. When that is, it’s going to be complete chaos on Earth. Right now you’ve got 3 horses working in the background. The white horse is fighting against ht red horse and the black horse. When the pale horse arrives, there is no hiding it because 2 billion people are going to be dead. The pale horse is Sananda; this Jesus that’s coming. If they’re going to have a fake UFO invasion, it’s going to have to happen soon.

If Sananda arrives this September, just giving you a heads up that he has an out. He can arrive this September. If he doesn’t arrive this September then it will be next year. In the meantime, if we’ve got another year that doesn’t mean its going to be a good one. By this time next year, millions of Americans are going to be out of jobs, there will be no food. It’s going to be disaster. Just think from now until this time next year how much life in America is going to change. Not just in America , but around the world. Everything that happens here happens in Canada and visa versa.

Pretty much in Europe as well. Each country has the same goals and agenda and each country is at a different part of it. If you want to see how bad the police state is going to get here; look at what’s going on in Europe now. Look at what they’re dealing with in Europe . It’s going to get hat way here. We’re behind and ahead in different aspects. Everybody has the same tally sheet and every country has to get to that same goal on that sheet and every country is at a different spot on it.

Eventually everybody will be up to par and in alignment with each other. Its immigration problems and economic problems. I was reading an article that 1 out of 4 children in Germany are begging stranger for money for food. It’s getting bad in various places around the world. The food centers starting to line up in America . When you see it hitting the small towns that means the manufacturing jobs have been closed and it’s hitting small town America which has always been the backbone of America . It’s always been the manufacturing jobs and the farming jobs. It’s not going to get any better. It’s not going to return to what it was. Don’t hold on to hope that this will get better next year. It won’t get better but worse and worse and worse.

The one thing you need to focus on is your relationship with the Most High. What kind of relationship you have with Him. Working and building on your relationship with Him. He will be the One who’s going to get you through everything. He is the one you need to be listening to. You need to be able to hear His voice in your spirit when He’s talking to you. You need to be praying every day and asking Him to teach you to hear His voice. I hear this from people all the time. …I don’t hear from the Lord like you do. You can. There is nothing special about my relationship with the Lord. I’ve worked on it. I’ve built it that way.

You’ve got some time left to where you need to be doing the same. Ask Him to teach you how to hear His voice. You people need to be led by Him and recognize when His voice speaks to you in your spirit. You aren’t going to have the internet to tell you what to do. You won’t have television and radio. You might loose contact with people…period. You need to be able to hear His voice and how He is leading you.

You need to be asking Him everyday for the truth to be revealed in all things so that you will learn the truth in all things and ask Him to teach you how to hear His voice and how to recognize His voice when He is speaking to you. A lot of people dismiss it; they think it’s a hunch or intuition when a lot of times that’s the Lord speaking to you. Its just semantics and learning to discern that’s the Lord speaking to you. Now is not the time to walk away. I hear from people all the time….they’’ come back to the Lord when things really get tough. You won’t.

If you’re not building up your spirits in the Lord now to be able to withstand the things that are coming, you’’ be the first ones to fall over in it. What are you going to do when there are no stores; the baby is crying and needs formula and going to starve unless you get some formula. Are you going to pray and count on the Lord to take care of it, or go and get that chip or mark and join Satan’s kingdom.

I can see a lot of believers faltering over this one, because they didn’t expect to be here when it happens. A lot of them will be here. You think if I get upset in watching a line of people lining up for food, just wait until you start seeing people that you’ve known to be Christians their entire lives accepting the chip/mark of the beast. Its going to be heartbreaking. Just a heads up on the things that are coming.

One of the things that I thought was amusing was an article in one of Israel ’s newspapers called Meteor Sparks Fears of UFO - Iranian missiles in Israel . It says: A relatively large and unexpected meteor streaked across the sky over Central Israel Tuesday evening sparking widespread fears the nation was under attack by Iran , Syria or perhaps aliens. The large bright ball and flaming were visible around 8pm and were seen by thousands of Israelis from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. As soon as the meteor disappeared; burned up in Earths atmosphere call and beliefs began pouring in.

What if it is Maitreya trying to arrive? I know we’ve brought down the Capricorn. I’ve seen it in the codes. With all the fireballs that we’ve seen across America , Canada and Europe , I really wonder if he isn’t trying to arrive and he keeps crashing out of the sky. I think its funny and that’s why he’s still sitting and hasn’t made his public appearance yet. He’s going to just wait for Jesus to arrive because Jesus is going to bring reinforcements. So keep going folks. Keep getting the orgone out there.

We’re winning a lot of battles against them. They have to change their plans. And it gives people more time to prepare for the things that are coming. Stocking up on food, medicine and putting some money back so if they lose their jobs they can pay the electric bill and all kinds of things coming. Just ask the Lord to guide you on what to do; what to prepare; how to prepare. If you buy food or save money, or buy coins…whatever you need to do. Just ask the Lord to help you prepare.

He’ll know exactly what you need to do for your area. If He’s telling you to get out of your area, then get out of it. Certainly if that comet was to hit the Atlantic like they’ve been waiting for every year for the last decade. It would take out a big chunk of our East Coast. I don’t have any fears that it would take out New York City . Its not time for New York City . New York City gets taken down by fire, not by water. It could be the one that takes out Florida . I’ve warned that Florida is going under the water….and Japan . We don’t know. If it hits, it hits. I don’t see anything hitting until 2009, but be it for me to know if this is 2009 already or not.

All I can do is sit and wait for things to happen because of the different time tables between the Hebrew calendar and our calendar. In the meantime, listen to the Most High. If He tells you to leave an area, leave. You should leave the coast. You should be getting out of these areas that will inevitably be under waters such as California , the east coast and Florida . I’ve warned about Japan last year; if you’re on the island, get off. Japan is going to under; it’s just a matter of time.
The Lord does give time when He warns, but how long have I been warning about that one? A year is plenty of time in the Lords thinking and my thinking too. You don’t know when these things are going to hit and you can’t say you weren’t warned either. People are going to think that they still have time, time, time…..time is going to run out someday.

I’m gonna answer a few questions then wrap up the show. I’m not going to spend a lot of time answering questions tonight, but I will answer a few.

Question/ Comment: Yah bless sister. Yes, hard times are coming and people need to prepare for the emotional aspect of all the suffering that will be going on around them. It will be very difficult to deal with. Did you hear Obama’s Germany speech? It sounded like umpteen end time videos I’ve seen over the years about the antichrist. I now believe he is a candidate. What do you think? I mean 200,000 Germans; what is that all about. Keep up the good work. In the Name of the Most High, Yah bless His warriors.

Sherry: Two of the most dominant names in the codes are Bush and Obama. A lot of the things that I’ve seen coming – Bush is still president. It’s almost like its if something happens to Bush, Obama will inherit it.

I don’t see John McCain in the picture at all and Hillary has all but dropped out of the codes. It’s totally changed out of her favor and with Obama. I still think that the destruction of America will still happen under Bush’s reign. Maybe in 3 months from now its going to be a lot different. America will look a lot different than it does now.

Question from a listener: It seems like Satan has a predestined agenda; one that the Lord has him and his minions working for Him. Hurt the ones without the seal of God. Why does Satan go along with this? Why don’t he and his minions refuse? How do you/I/believers know when to fight against Satan and when not to if he is doing what the Lord requires of him?

Sherry: That’s simple. We just do as the Lord leads us to do. If He leads you to fight against him, fight against. him. He’s got 144,000 of us fighting against Satan. Satan ultimately serves the Lords purposes because he actually thinks he can win and beat the Lord.

The Lord tests His people; "who do you really love – Me or him." "Do you want My Kingdom in Heaven or Satan’s kingdom on Earth?" We are children of God and we are planted on this Earth, to live on this earth and deal with Satan and all his minions. Who is your real love? Is it still with the Lord, or have you gone over and love the things of the world. One foot in Satan’s kingdom and one foot in Gods. You know what? You can’t do that; the Lord will just kick you out of His.

Question from a listener: Sister Sherry, I’m noticing from the Book of Enoch, Lucifer isn’t mentioned as one of the rebelling fallen angels. Any idea if he was one of the watchers that was part of that rebellion? I was thinking then that he is involved in everything against the Most High.

Sherry: He ruled over all of them. Satan’s rebellion happened before the Watchers rebellion. There were two different rebellions. Satan’s rebellion happened before the watchers. I’m sure he was whispering in their ears to rebel when the met on the mount. Two hundred angels; leaders of battalions that had met and decided to go earth and commingle with human women. His rebellion happened before then. That’s why I’ve always said there are two different types of beings. The humanoid/alien looking terrestrials and the really ugly ones…the greys, dragons and reptilians…the animal type looking terrestrials. Each rebellion was judged differently. In Satans rebellion they lost their looks. That’s why you have these grotesque ugly animal looking beings.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, when people have paranormal stuff happening in their homes; when people see ghosts are they all human spirits, demons or both?

Sherry: Both. They’re a mixture of both. There are some human spirits that are trapped. There are different astral dimensions to Hell. There are different aspects to Hell. Some of them are trapped in the astral dimensions of Hell. They can be familiar spirits, they can be demons, they can also be humans that are trapped. With paranormal stuff, keep orgone around. If its humans that are trapped, they will released sooner or later. I’m not going to get into that one.

Sister, when we die should we go towards the light or not. I’ve heard psychics say to go towards the light. I’ve heard Whitley Strieber say to stay away from the light.

Sherry: If you’re a believer in the Most High, you’re not going to be in a tunnel with a light at the end of it. You’re going to be escorted to Heaven by angels. Willy is right in this one actually. I usually don’t agree with him, because he’s usually just a butt kisser of the aliens. He can’t make up his mind. At first he admits that aliens are evil beings, the next minute he’s their biggest friend saying that there are friendly aliens. He is obviously being controlled. I’ve always heard the same thing from people that had near death experiences to not go towards the light. Then you are just sitting in that dark tunnel…so what do you do? I don’t think anyone has got to that point. They’ve either come back to life or they ended getting sucked up by light. I don’t know. I know as a believer you don’t have to worry about it; you’ll be escorted to Heaven by angels.
Question: Do you see a 9-11 style attack in September because Satan is into numerology?

Sherry: They have something for every month. They drive me nuts with all their numbers. If this is the September, different things could happen. We know that they want to take the Empire State Building down. They have a thing for the Sears Tower as well. Ever since WTC, next was supposed to be the Sears Tower ; that whole idea flubbed. Then they were going to take out Houston ; that flubbed. Charleston South Carolina ; flubbed. Then back to Houston . I get codes for the Empire State Building . I have no idea.

They’re moving Chinese equipment across the Canadian border. I know this for a personal fact; somebody that actually works up there. How can you really call it a Chinese invasion of America if they’re helping them move in their equipment? They’ve been doing this since 1991, 1996 so people call it a Russian or Chinese invasion…how can it be seen as an invasion if they’re opening up the door and letting them in?

A lot of things can happen and change here in America. One of the things that struck me the other day as I was sitting here, was that all this debt…all these mortgages….the Chinese own our debt. I keep seeing in the Bible codes that the rules are going to change. In August, Bush is going to be done as using our Constitution as his toilet paper. I’m seeing that he’s going to suspend a charter in September. Now whether this in a UN charter or the Constitution of America, he’s going to suspend a charter. I have a feeling that it’s the Constitution of America and he’s going to outright suspend it. What happens if the owner decided to take possession of what they own? All of our debt is owned by China.

What if the rules change to where if you can’t pay of your debt to your bosses they own you and you become their slave. I know the rules are going to change and people are going to be shocked. It could be what causes so much chaos here in America and why they’re bringing in the military to begin with. Just one of the routes and something to think about. The Chinese own the mortgage industry; probably the car loan industry.

If you can’t pay off your debts are you going to go to debtor prison? Are the Chinese going to kick you out of your house and put you on a train? Things are going to change to where people won’t expect. Is Bush going to bomb Iran ? Is that why he’s suspending it? Or are the Chinese going to take over America . Just a lot of things that could happen and you don’t know which direction they’re going to go. All you can do is sit back and catch what their plans are so they have plans A, B and C and you can see which one they will go down.

I just find it interesting that Bush is going to suspend the Constitution, but I don’t know why. I don’t think we’re going to war with Iran , but that’s my own personal thoughts. Simply why, is because when Maitreya (who is already here) and Jesus comes; they’re going to amassing all of the Arab nations over there. Then they’re going to go to war against the world. It’ll be an Islamic takeover. They’ll be fighting against the other countries of the world; killing off the infidels (those who don’t believe in the moon god and follow Satan as god.) And we are going to go down that route. It’s going to be interesting to see if we do go to war with Iran.

If they do go to war with Iran , then pretty much what everyone’s seen already; he would suspend the Constitution and suspend elections and we just pick up from there. Otherwise he suspends the Constitution and we’re in martial law because Americans are getting kicked out of their homes; the Chinese are here taking ownership of everything they own. I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.

Just something strikes me about the whole thing and I can’t pinpoint it, but I know the rules are going to change. We may have debtor’s prisons here in America yet. If you’re in huge home right now and owe a lot of money on it…get out of it and go and get something you can afford. Its never going to get better and you’re probably at a very high risk of losing your job as it is. If you are in the service industry or anything that you would consider a luxury industry, get out. Work while you can, but get out of your home loans…get out of debt. That’s the one thing that will bring down America , because the Chinese own all of our debt. Bush doesn’t care about America . He doesn’t care if the Chinese come over here. Wake up people!

Until then, hopefully the Lord will give me more information about that. Just this whole check thing I have about Chinese being involved with our debt; something going on with that and with Bush suspending the Constitution in September. I think it’s going to have to be much bigger than a WTC for him to suspend the Constitution, because people aren’t going to buy it. If they blow up the Empire State Building and the Sears Tower ; people aren’t going to buy it as a reason for him to suspend the Constitution. It’s going to have to be something much, much bigger; the nuking of a city or several cities. It’s going to take a couple of nukes to pull off suspending the Constitution of America. It’s going to be a wait and see, until the Lord gives me more info. Right now I just have a heads up, okay?

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.