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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes, There is a Crises.............

There truly is a crises in DC... a beast has been inaugurated as president of the United States, if people don't wake up then they will be judged with the wicked, plain and simple.

The only "crises" I see in the Codes for right now, is that Obama and 'clan' will not be able to tolerate DC because of the Orgone. In fact he was probably affected yesterday on his "inaugural walk"


I spent early into the morning hours praying that Yah will now step up His judgment against the wicked of this nation. All those who hate Him and worship Satan in their secret societies, buildings, homes, rocks and caves, and anywhere else..

I asked Him to crank up the Power of Orgone to where it was 'hidden' before to where now there is no place to hide from it for the wicked. Let HIS Judgments rain on them. IT IS TIME and all Power, Glory and Honor is to HIM, the MOST HIGH.

Yes, they will seek to stop us in their desperation, but let HIM be Glorified and Exalted and let HIM go before us and guide us in our steps for where HE is they can't stand the LIGHT.

It's not time to sit down but to stand up for HIM and be Bold and Brave in HIM.

If any warriors are in DC or can get there, it's now even time to pound it with even More Orgone. Get the lake/pond that is in the mall area, get the Potomac river, the capital, get the roof tops, the water, anywhere Yah leads you. We need a good focus and concentration on the DC area. Sure we have some there already, but we Need Even More. Let's really make a statement that the Orgone Warriors will not be threatened, mocked or Stopped!

I'm in the middle of a deep freeze, I can't get there. Others are going to have to stand up and target those areas.

Let's get it done!

Yah bless His Warriors,

Transcribe 1-19-09

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 1-19-2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live, its Monday night. This is Sherry Talk Radio. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to For those of you who want a date, it’s January 19th. And I’m Sherry Shriner and this is just another day in the deep freeze out in the Midwest. I don’t know about you guys but we are just getting hammered with snow and ice and everything else. For the most part it’s typical, but the amount of snow and ice has been a little overbearing this year. I don’t ever remember it being especially where I live, having this much snow. Another month of this and hopefully it’ll warm up. It doesn’t stop anything. I often see in the codes where they’re trying to stop and hamper our efforts in our Orgone war against them. It doesn’t stop anything. We have our ways of getting things done. And it’s not our ways, it’s the Lords ways. If they think they can beat Him they’ve got something else coming because they certainly can’t beat Him. So, a little bit hampered, but definitely not stopped.

People have been sending me a lot of You Tube Links of videos of UFOs crashing out the skies. I’ve been talking about this for the past year or so and have said, “Yes, Orgone will cause UFOs to crash.” That’s what we‘re seeing. We’re going to see more and more and more of it. I’ve just been warning about it over the months and now it’s getting to the point where it’s almost humorous. These are not meteors. Some of them may be, but for the most part, Satan’s forces are crashing out of the skies; like lightening out of the skies. You’ll see the lightening falls and the booms. Sometimes you’ll hear it. Sometimes it’ll be silent. It works either way. It can also be confirmed in the Bible codes. They are crashing out of the skies. The Lord has told us that Maitreya himself will crash next.

I’ve been talking about how Maitreya has this satellite above my house. This little spy satellite that looks like a star. It’s kindof obnoxious. I’ve been pointing pipe blasters at if for months. Eventually that thing is going to come crashing out of the skies. I don’t know where it’s going to land, but it is going to come crashing out of the sky. It’s going to be next. It’s going to be soon. Whenever I see the term “next” in the Bible codes, it could literally be next, like next week, next month, or it could be sometime within the year. It’s just one of those events that’s going to happen soon. That’ll be interesting to see.

I’ve actually got two. I’ve often talked about the one that’s white and flashes red lights. That’s a Pentagon satellite and usually stays on the opposite side of the sky as Maitreya’s. They usually kindof stay opposite each other. I think its kindof funny. I don’t know. Maybe they’re crowding each others space or don’t want to get too close to each other. It’s kindof humorous. But the white ones that flash red lights; those belong to the Pentagon. It’s not always here. It kindof comes and goes. I know that the Pentagon will target people. They have a list of people that they go and spy on. They get film, photo shots and whatever else they’re trying to get to gather evidence, file building or whatever you want to call it. Then they’ll move on to the next person. They’ll move out and head somewhere else. Or you’ll see it sitting in your area for a while and it’ll just disappear. Just the way things works, folks. We’re dealing with very high tech things.

The Lord knew the last days would be high tech and unfortunately for us, the Apostle John couldn’t really explain things that would be happening as far as the high tech goes. But the Lord hasn’t left us without a way of fighting this. Several years ago when I prayed and asked the Lord about how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. You look across the landscape today and see all these towers and weather control weapons, satellites and space weapons and microwave weapons, where they can just beam you from either a sitting car or a satellite. They can beam you with these microwave weapons and fry you. Or just hitting the Wi-Fi networks; the wireless networks. They can blast you through that with their mind control and their electronic weapons.

Some of the effects are feel like you’re going to have a heart attack. Dizzy, a sulfur taste in your mouths. Some people that are struck with psycho-tronic attacks will hear things like bowling balls rolling down a wood floor. Constant noises and harassments to keep you up at night. Night terrors stepping up. Usually children will experience those and coming out much more with adults. Seeing things at night. Being harassed at night; seeing demonic or alien looking beings.

The Orgone has been the one thing that just about attacked all these different areas. In conjunction with other things; you can use Mylar blankets to cover your windows so the satellite beam weapons and microwave weapons can’t hit you. You can put Orgone in front of your computer monitors. That will stop the effects from their ELF attacks through the wireless networks. You can use neodymium magnets to deactivate chip implants. There are various things that we have that we can use to defend ourselves. I have on my facts page at or different ways of combating their attacks against us; different warfare prayers you can say. Especially if you’re being attacked with something you’re not familiar with; just ask the Lord to break their equipment. That’s one of the easiest things to do when you’re at your wits end and you’re pretty sure they’re going to kill you. Ask the Lord to break their equipment. Other than that, load up on the Orgone because it defends against all this stuff. People say, “Why do we need Orgone when we can just pray?” By the time you’re praying you’re already under attack. The Orgone will keep you from being attacked. It’s a defensive measure. Once you’re already being attacked, then certainly ask the Lord to break their equipment to stop the attacks being forwarded against you. We’re not helpless; a lot of us just lazy.

A lot of people just don’t want to take the extra time to ask the Lord to break their equipment. I know that just takes so much time and so much energy, but you’d be amazed at how many people just want things to go away without having to actually do anything about it. That’s just what kind of warriors we’re dealing with today; the couch potatoes. People that don’t want to do anything. They want fast-food warfare and it doesn’t work that way. People are going to have to start getting off their butts and start doing things to protect and defend themselves against Satan’s schemes against them.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up that it is UFOs that are crashing. Next it will be Maitreya’s. It’ll be the satellite that he has up there. I can see it from my house every night. I’m not sure how spread out; how many other people can see it. I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s just over this area or other countries, other states can see it. I have no idea. But eventually it’s going to come crashing down. I half expect that when his comes crashing down, he’s going to be injured from it. Its almost humorous because their whole idea as these New Age ascended masters coming to Earth proclaiming they’re gods, isn’t really going to fly if they’re in wheelchairs or injured from crashing to Earth. And supposedly being these great healers and can’t heal themselves. Almost like Benny Hinn. He’s another one to watch out for. He’s getting ready. He’s going to be their biggest cheerleader. He’s going to be Obama’s biggest cheerleader. He’s going to be this whole Alien Agenda’s biggest cheerleader. Definitely...whenever you hear Hinn speak; its lies. He’s Satan’s pawn. Just believe the opposite because he has a role to play in these last days as Satan’s mouthpiece on Earth. Definitely need to be watching against these religious leaders that will work with him to promote Satan’s agenda on Earth.

There’s always been a couple of different variations of Maitreya’s return. If you look at his own website at, they talk about Maitreya returning and being hailed as a world teacher. If you look at the New Age sites, they have their own variations of the Ashtar Command returning and Maitreya being a world teacher - being the leader of them all and everybody else just falling in line; Jesus being included with that. They have their own being called Jesus. I’ve told you who that is. He goes by Sananda Emanuel. Also Mary would be returning with him and I’ve told you that’s just Eve. It’s going to be very interesting. In one agenda, it’s just Maitreya coming. Another, it’s the whole Ashtar Command coming. All acting as, “coming to save mankind”. They can’t save themselves from crashing out of the skies. This is coming.

One of the things I’ve been warning about the most lately is the persecution that is coming to the Saints. You need to be ready. You need to be prepared. I know a lot of people feeling this heaviness; this foreboding in the air that something big and bad is about to happen. Well, when you anoint Satan as king over your nation what do you think is going to happen? It won’t be very long before Obama completely tanks this entire country. Tries to rewrite the laws; the Constitution. Implement martial law. Start going after the Lord’s people. He’s a blasphemer. He’s an apostate. He’s a creature. That’s what’s going to be leading this country.

So the real Believers of the Most High need to start preparing themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the things that are coming because they’re not going to be good. We are not going to get our economy back. Home foreclosures are going to increase. The economy is going to continue to spiral downward. Stores closing, people losing jobs...their homes. It’s going to get really bad. On top of that I keep seeing Anthrax attacks, bio-attacks. We’re going to have things like that to deal with as well. All these things are going to start happening quickly.

I’ve always warned about the bathtub effect for last day’s events. That’s what we need to be watching out for. Certainly the persecution of the Saints is so close you can taste it. Most people can’t see it, but its very, very close and practically one of the next things on the agenda. I don’t know how they’re going to hide it. They can claim that they’re just going after trouble makers, big-mouths or whatever. They’ll probably just outright lie about why they’re rounding people up, but the fact is they are going to be rounding people up. They’re going to be targeting the Christians. So the church needs to be prepared to start losing your leaders. Start losing people you know; people you love disappearing and not knowing where they’re at. Eventually losing the internet as well. It’s all going to tank very quickly.

There’s two variations. People have been asking me about George Bush. I’ve told you he’s the rider of the red horse. People wanted to know about Obama. Obama is not a horse rider. He’s not a horseman. As far as the Bible codes go, it’s still George Bush. Simply because George Bush leaves office....he was the rider of the red horse. Whether somebody else takes over that horse and rides it, this is all symbolically of course, I don’t know. I don’t see in the codes yet as Obama being a horseman. He’s not a horseman. He’s not a horse rider. He very well could be set up as the Antichrist. I’ll explain that. I’ve told you, he is not fully human. Maybe the Obama of the past at one time was, but the one we have now is a creature and Satan can incarnate and control him. You hear it in his voice. Most people that get around him just feel evil. If you’re not persuaded by his hypnotic charm that I’ve been warning about that even Maitreya will have. They have this hypnotism thing where they can hypnotize people around them. I certainly saw it in his campaign where people would just in a frenzy and kindof like a daze. There’s this false euphoric feeling. Benny Hinn and these Pentecostals often get that going in their churches where people think they feel the Holy Spirit and feel like they are filled by the Holy Spirit. He isn’t any where near there. It’s all this false, satanic euphoria they put out. Obama working off the same kind of thing; the same hypnotism.

So very well watch out for celebrities, politicians. They always said they would bring the Antichrist in by music and entertainment. Watch those areas. You’ve already seen Oprah Winfrey and some of these other stars come out with love for Obama and blah, blah. It’s really sickening. Expect the lizards to start rising up out of the ranks out of Hollywood, out of TV, out of the media, out of the churches, out of Congress - because they’ve got their own in power now. A lot of people are going to be fooled by this. I wish I could sit here and say that no one will buy this garbage and they’re going to see straight through it....its going to be the laughing stock, we’ll get rid of him and go on to something else, but its not going to happen that way. A lot of people are going to get fooled by it.

You think a lot of people look at you like you’re crazy now just for believing that UFOs and aliens exist? And you believe in last days prophecies? And you seek the Lord Himself? You’re not looking to man for answers? They look at you like you’re crazy now. Wait until this whole thing with Obama gets underway. They’re hailing him as some kind of messiah. He’s not Our Messiah. He’s Satan’s man of the hour. You need to get prepared for that. Bush is still the rider of the red horse, although no longer in political power. If it changes I’ll let you know. Just because he’s no longer in power doesn’t mean he no longer holds that position and title for the last days because he was the one who started this whole “war on terror,” represented by his actions through the rider of the red horse being a man of war. That hasn’t changed. When it does, it does.

I was going to reveal to you tonight something that the Lord has told me to tell you. I didn’t want to. I really just didn’t want to. I’m totally happy being anonymous, sitting in the background just getting my work done while everybody else just spits fire and venom. I’ve talked to you about the white horse before and the rider of the white horse. I’ve dropped subtle hints here and there. The rider of the white horse is the Lord Himself. He will return at the War of Armageddon riding a white horse. And all of His followers; His Believers at that time will be on white horses returning with Him. He also has a human rider on Earth as each of the horses has a human rider attached to them. Several years ago when I started to pray and ask the Lord how to tear the strongholds of the New World Order, He revealed ways through the Orgone on how we could do that.

I’ve told you how the white horse has a bow but no arrows. He sets forth to conquer. I know the churches interpret that as legislation. Like United Nations diplomacy and all this garbage they throw it off as. Legislation has never been considered a weapon of warfare; either unconventional or conventional, so it doesn’t qualify as a interpretation of the white horse. I am the white horse rider. I’ve been the rider of the white horse rider for four or five years now. My work began pretty much about the same time....probably just before George Bush rose as the red horse rider. Simply been just riding along in these last few years leading the other horsemen.

This faction of warriors and this unconventional weapon the Lord has given us in these Orgone Blasters. He gave us the directions. I have them on my website. We’ve been conquering the world and been placing these Orgone blasters all over the world. It’s these Orgone Blasters that are tearing down Satan’s New World Order kingdom. Weather weapons don’t work correctly around them. ELF weapons don’t work correctly around them. They inhibit and stop almost all of their weapons and are crashing Satan’s UFOS and he can’t even get to Earth. He is going to crash to earth just like everybody else is crashing to earth. Almost humorous. He’ll survive the crash. He is protected to serve his role; albeit he’ll be injured so it will be amusing. I had to announce that because like I’ve said the Lord does everything orderly. Everything He does is legal and in order. I’ve never hit anything but that and it was just time because our time is almost up. Nobody can say “you didn’t tell us”. It’s out there. I’ve told you. Everything is out there.

I know there things that are coming and the things that can come. Some things won’t; some things will. Some things will take us by surprise; just prepare for all those things, folks. We’ve done what we came down here to do. Obviously it was supposed to be a much bigger ministry on this Earth in the last days; but those who were sent to be with me in this ministry in these last days abandoned ship, I guess you could say. They wouldn’t believe that the Lord would stand up a woman in the last days. The thing is, like I’ve said, the Lord does everything legally and in order. In my my ancient linage, I am and I have revealed on my websites, that I am the great-granddaughter, a great, great, many greats, granddaughter of King David. Just as the Lord led David to three pebbles in the river to take down Goliath and his brothers the giants, He led us to do Orgone to take down the giants of our days. And the giants are coming, folks. I’ve warned about that.

The veil is going to be lifted soon. When this Maitreya arrives and this Ashtar Command arrives with him and all his little ascended master freaks or whatever title they’re going to go by. They are all just part of Satan’s forces in the last days. The Bible has clearly warned about different alien and UFO type of invasions.

If you read Revelation chapter 9 and Joel chapter 2. These are not human invasions; these are alien invasions. There are different types of alien forces. I’ve told you there are two different groups of them. There’s humanoid types represented by the Enlil and the ugly demonic types, represented by the Enki. Both of them are controlled by Satan. These are two different groups of aliens we’re going to be fighting on earth in the last days. The Lord warned us “as in the days of Noah.” Pretty much the problem with that is the churches take it as the partying and chivalry and the carrying know, just people absorbed in their own lives. And yeah, we have that. But one thing the churches have always been silent on and why they kept out the Book of Enoch is so people wouldn’t be familiar with what is really going on in the last days.

The sons of God co-habitating and mating with human women. And the church changes that whole theory to the sons of Seth theory. It’s clearly in Hebrew the sons of God. These are angels that fell from Heaven. These are the Watchers that were assigned to watch over the Earth that ended up leaving Heaven to become a part of the Earth, basically. And so the offspring they had with human women were giants. There was a gigantism DNA defect and there were giants on the land. This is one thing that Enoch talks about very clearly in his books. I find it interesting that Enoch wrote 365 books and we have two of them. of the greatest prophets that ever walked the Earth. The Lord even said Enoch was a man that walked with God, literally. And the churches ignore him. The churches completely ignore him. I have his book on my website, if you want to read Enoch. The Lord has always stood me up to talk about Enoch because he was the greatest prophet of all time in the early days. In the last days.....the Lord has always told me if you want to know what’s going to happen at the end, we need to know what happened at the beginning. So you need to get into Enoch.

Other than my own family genealogy that goes back to King David through my ancestral lineage, also can be confirmed through the Bible codes on who I am; King David’s grand-daughter. I’ve had people send me codes. People that don’t even begin to know how to interpret what they are reading in the Bible codes.

Everything the Lord does is orderly. He has explained to me how the family lines from David went through the generations and how things work. One of the most stand-out things is – everything works. Everything is qualified. Every I is dotted. Every T is crossed when you see how the Lord works. Even the Lord Himself, Yahushua, had to be qualified to be the Son of God when He was born on Earth. That’s why you’ll see the other term associated with me in the codes is “qualified.” Because I’m qualified for this last days mission and the role that I play because of my lineage. I don’t know how that plays a fact, but it does. I just had to reveal that tonight. It is really one of the very few things I’ve ever held back because I like my anonymity, I guess you could say. I’ve been alone for most of this war and it’s going to continue that way. It’s not going to change. I do have leading His People to get His Work done around the world.

We don’t have a whole lot of time. There’s some great warriors that have stood up. No one loves the grannies more than I do. The Lords granny warriors; I just love them to death. And His kids....His kids standing up getting Orgone out. And everything in between. We just don’t have enough of anything. But we’ve done it. We’ve done it. We’ve had some strong men. We’ve had strong women. Strong grandmas. Strong kids. There is nothing weak about a Lords Warrior. They have more power in their little pinky than Satan has in his entire kingdom. With a handful of people that have really stood up to help with this Orgone war, whether it be financially or physically making you own and getting it out. Buying it and getting it out. Either way. Saying, I can’t do anything, but here’s 20....50 bucks to help get it out there. Everybody has done their part and we’ve done it. We’ve done it. It’s now year 4, year 5. Sitting through the winters in an unheated one-car garage. We’ve managed.....and a little computer microphone and speakers and internet connection to lead the other warriors. We’ve gotten it done, folks. Look at the results. We’ve got UFOs crashing out of the skies every day. I found it amusing in the Bible codes it talks about flasher murder. Flasher - another term for UFO. Murder. We’re murdering these UFOs. I thought that was really funny. To them its murder; to us its victory. It’s amusing. You’ll often see things in codes from the Lords perspective and from their perspective. It’s really funny.

Just a heads up because there really isn’t much time left. I half expect that Obama is going to come after the Orgone warriors with a vengeance because Bush wouldn’t. Bush never took us seriously. I thought it was amusing. To his own demise and to our advantage, because we were able to get so much done because Bush wouldn’t take anything seriously. But Obama will. Obama is the right hand man of this Iranian Mahdi coming that I’ve warned about. Obama is going to be his little pawn; his little right hand man. They’re all working together. You have to sit back and watch because either Maitreya can become the Antichrist or Obama will. I find it interesting because Maitreya is a horse rider that he would have two roles. So he may not since he is a horse rider. It may just fall on Obama to carry the sole role as Antichrist and not Maitreya. But for right now I’ve always seen Maitreya and this coming Sananda.....this Jesus as the two beasts. I’m not saying it’s not Obama. It very well could be. It can change. You need to watch for Obama.

The last days Antichrist will lead Babylon. If Obama gives pretty much leadership and control of America over to Maitreya, then that would definitely qualify Maitreya as the Antichrist. If Obama doesn’t and just implements all of his policies here and takes over not only as the nation’s leader, but the New World Order leader, then Obama would become the Antichrist. So it’s going to work with either being right now because they are both beasts. Maitreya is Cain. Maitreya is Cain himself of a clone of Cain. I don’t know. He’s just always synonymous with Cain in the Bible codes. He is just the very mirror image of Cain. We know that Satan will work through them. The Antichrist and the False Prophet are separate beings from Satan. He works through them. Remember, the Antichrist and False Prophet (Revelation chapter 19) are cast alive into the Lake of Fire. Satan is chained and cast into the abyss for 1000 years. There are three different beings, folks. Satan can either work through Maitreya and this Sananda or can just incarnate Obama; take over Obama. It’s going to be very interesting to sit back and watch.

I sent a heads up last week to my list. Once these beings do arrive on Earth and things start to happen, that I would start daily reports. Just literally start giving daily reports other than once a week radio show. There will be a lot more then to keep up on and warn the people about. Knowledge can go either way.

I am happy to see that my warnings to the Navy out in the Gulf of Aden have paid off. We’ve got a real Philistine problem out there right now. I’m wondering if this is what we are calling the pirates in the western media. I don’t know about the other countries, but our media doesn’t say squat. They really hide if they announce anything of value in language what’s really going on with everything or anything. That’s why Americans are just so dumbed down and stupid about what’s really going on in the world. Anyway, just seeing in the Bible codes that they’ve been able to fight against the giants that are out in the Gulf of Aden right now. They are using the Orgone. They must be making their own.

A lot of things go on that I don’t necessarily know about, but I can see the effects of things happening in the Bible codes. Even with Iraq. Even somehow getting Orgone in Iraq. I warned about it last year how they’re building this Disney palace in the Green Zone for Maitreya. I think they’re calling it the American Embassy or a big UN embassy. You don’t hear much about it. I find it amusing seeing more and more in the codes about it. America has now abandoned the Green Zone, although they built it and turned it over to Maitreya. It’ll be ready for him when he arrives or makes his appearance known. One minute it looks like he’s here, the next minute it looks like he’s coming, and the next like he’s already here. It’s hard to tell what’s going on sometimes. This palace in the Green Zone definitely being one of his and the Orgone is getting to it. The Orgone is getting everywhere. The Orgone is literally just saturating the Earth. It affects them. It affects them. It’s like a poison to them. You’re going to see an increase of plagues we’ve never seen on Earth before. Judgments from God that are coming against the wicked on this Earth.

Remember that the last days.....something the Lord hits me with lately as I sit at the computer every night looking through Bible codes and things. They’re the ones in pain. They are the ones suffering. You think about it. The Lords Judgment is on them. Any Believer that is on Earth at that time will be marked and protected. Yeah, we’re going to go through a period of martial law and persecution. It’s the first beast....whichever beast comes first; Maitreya or Obama. The first act is persecution against the Saints. So martial law is coming quickly. There is going to be thousands and thousands of Believers that are hauled to these camps and killed. They already have these camps set up all over America. Even after they’re all dead, the Believers here that do miss being rounded up and targeted and thrown into a camp; they’ll be protected. The ones suffering all these plagues and these judgments coming are the wicked. It’s the wicked suffering.

I’m not going to pity the wicked, but I do reach out to those who are redeemable. Every person....human on the planet is redeemable. Whether you’re Chinese, or Japanese, or Pilipino, Korean, European, Indian, American, Canadian, Australian. It doesn’t matter what country you are from; you can accept the Redemption of the Lord. The only way to escape the horrors that are coming and be safe in Him during those times, whether it be on Earth or in Heaven, is to be in Him; to accept His Salvation. You need to just to turn your backs against sin and Satan. Renounce Satan. Renounce everything about the New World Order; the New Age. These false religions and cults that are dominant all over the world. Protestantism. The whole Pentecostal thing. Catholicism. Buddhism. Hinduism. Renounce religions. They are not leading people to the Lord; they lead people into errors, into apostasy and away from the Lord.

That’s why I’ve been such a cheerleader as the Lord has used me over the years to lead people back to Him. The most important thing is to ask the Lord to teach you the truth in all things. Go to Him direct. Go to Him direct. People just need to realize that there is not a whole lot of time left. Much death and destruction is coming. Renounce and repent against sin and turn to Yahushua, the Son of God. Ask Him to be your Savior. Ask Him to lead you in these last days into being a warrior for Him. It’s very simple, actually. We’ve had 2,000 years of arguing. Every religion has their own savior that’s coming in the last days. And why is that? Why is there a Maitreya, a Jesus and a Buddha and all these different religions waiting for their last day’s savior? To hide the real one. To hide it.

Allah and this whole Islam thing is an apostasy. The whole Islam thing is to leave people away from the truth. And these are children of Abrahams. Arabs are from Ishmael. They are children of Abrahams. The Jews in Israel today aren’t even real Jews; they’re serpent seedline Jews. Fake Jews. There are a handful of real Jews over there, but they kill those off when they find them. The Satanists leading Israel today over there don’t just hate Christians; they hate their own Torah believing Jews. They kill them too. Look at the Chinese; how many Christians have died at the hands of the Chinese government. It’s horrible. The numbers are staggering. You look at the Christians in America; what pedestal do they think they are on that they would be raptured off the earth?

They have this false rapture theory thing going. While all of these millions of our brethren...our real brethren have died for their faith over the years, the churches in America are above that? Well, it’s coming to the churches in America. Its coming through the very one they are calling their redeemer and savior right now....Obama. It would have been Bush, but Bush ran out of time. Clearly marked as so many things. People would have been floored at how many things that Bush was anointed for. Satan anoints his own people for evil and Bush was anointed to the hilt. He could have been the last day’s dictator, but he lost his position and now it’s Obama. I’m not talking about just losing an election. They have things in their own kingdoms and secret societies how Satan runs things. Bush lost it, now its going to be Obama.

Yeah, things are changing. You don’t have a lot of time. If you’re not right with the Lord; get right with the Lord. If you are not a believer in the Lord, it’s something you bat around, there is only one way to Heaven, and that is thru Yahushua, the Son of God. Accepting His Forgiveness for your sins. Accepting His Redemption. Asking Him to come into your heart and be Your Messiah. It is the only way to Heaven - through His Son. It’s just real simple, folks.

There is going to come a time when all of our warfare with the Orgone, we just lay it down and become evangelists throughout the world. Because we’ve done our job and we are doing our job. By the time it is stopped, we won’t be able to do it anymore. But we have a short amount of time to where we could still do it. Put Orgone out to protect people and make protection areas. Where you do put the Orgone, they will be protected areas from the giants and the alien beings that are coming and all these grotesque things. People have no idea. We are surrounded by demonic being every day; we just don’t see them. The Lord has a curtain; a veil; a blindness around this Earth so we don’t see into the fourth dimension. When that veil is gone, you are going to see every thing in the fourth dimension clearly. It’s going to freak a lot of people out. It’s not going to be a nice sight. It’s going to be very scary for a lot of people. Very grotesque. I certainly am not looking forward to seeing a 14 foot tall naked giant coming down the road. Ain’t coming down my road! I’ve orgoned this area. You might come down, but you’re going to die. The Orgone will burn them, asphyxiate them and they’ll leave or die. Just do as the Lord leads you, folks. Just do as the Lord leads.

I’ve taken trips across this country doing nothing but deserts and highways just so our last days transportation; people can get on the road and drive without being harassed by giants. You want to talk about a society coming to a complete halt when there’s a couple million 14, 15 foot giants around. They never sleep. Always on the move and always eating.

I was watching TV the other night. Watching one of those forensic file shows. I seem to get stuck watching a lot of those. I usually keep it on MSNBC and Court TV or whatever it’s called, True TV. They were talking about how every year alone in Dallas, 7000 kids are missing. You know, in 10 years that’s 70,000. And that’s just Dallas. How long have I been talking about how every year there are over 300,000 children missing from just America? Do you know how much these things eat? I’m not just talking about the giants. Most of them aren’t even here yet; they’re coming. A lot of them are here and hiding in the Negev Desert.

They’re coming more and more and more. Just from the aliens themselves; the ones that are doing the abducting - 300,000 kids a year. So these beings, when all the veil is lifted and you see all these giant come. They’ll be doing a lot of eating and humans are on the food chain. We are on the top of their food list. The Bible warns about men’s hearts failing with fear. Yeah, there’s a heads up, folks. That’s a heads up why. They are coming. They are here and arriving more and more and more. Right now in the Middle East. I’ve said; keep you eyes on the Middle East. The Negev Desert. Ghana. Kenya. Libya. Ethiopia. Mount Sinai. Jordan. Egypt. The whole Gulf of Aden. This whole area. The coastal nations of Africa. The coastal areas of Jordan. Definitely places need to be targeted more and more and more with Orgone. We just need to keep up as long as we can with the Orgone, folks. Because Obama will stop it. He will stop us being able to market on the internet so that people won’t even be able to find the Orgone. You need to print out the directions so you can make it on your own because Obama will definitely come after the Orgone Warriors and the church.

Just a heads up. Not a real cheery one. Unfortunately we’re not in cheery days; we’re in the last days. Don’t fear man. Don’t fear the things that are coming. Put your eyes on the Lord. Put your hope and your faith in Him. And don’t lose sight of Him. The Lord says those who confess Him before man, He will confess before the Father. Even if you are being hauled off to a camp or whatever is happening, hold on to your faith in Him because with Him, we are with Him for eternity. All this stuff on Earth is short term. Our lives on Earth have always been short term. If you’re lucky, you get 70 years....100. Even now with everything that’s coming up, people will be lucky to be alive this year....the year after. Don’t give up. Hold on to your faith in Him. Eternity is much longer than this short term stuff. We get to spend an eternity with Him in Heaven.

Just a heads up. I know the inauguration is tomorrow, as we announce Satan as leader of what was once the freest country on Earth. No longer to be, unfortunately. So just a heads up on things.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Heads Up...

There was no radio show this week so someone suggested I write an update.

Frankly I enjoy the time off at times, I get tired of talking. When things really start happening moreso in the physical realm, like the physical appearance of Maitreya and Satan's goons I'll give daily reports. Until then it's just time to keep preparing folks and getting ready, not so much for the future, but the present.

Loss of jobs, an economic crash, a candidate for the Antichrist as a president, it's not time to wonder about your next vacation, but your next meal.

Obama is an animal, a lizard, a creature. He can be incarnated, literally possessed by Satan to lead the world into complete chaos and destruction. Don't be fooled by the ELF and hypnotic charm they spray over the audiences. I don't know how else to describe it. Yes, crowds can be ELF'd to be forced to feel a certain way, an induced euphoria. Demonic power can cause the same thing, ELF is just an easier imitation. You've probably seen it from Pentecostal churches where the people are induced into frenzies, they mistake it for euphoria and call it the "Holy Spirit" when it's simply a fake and forced inducement to cause you to feel a certain way either by demons or even technology that can be used that way today.

How many people are getting trapped by ELF inducements? It's everywhere from inducing people to fantasize about being rock stars, sexual deviants, or even one of the 2 coming prophesied witnesses. They are using their technology and even demonic harassment to dumb people down, keep them distracted, and lull them out of reality into dreamworlds. I don't know how else to describe it.

Yes this is the "New Age" and Yahuah has warned that Maitreya and the "Ascended Masters" have hypnotic powers and can induce hypnotism over people who are watching or even listening to them. Satan is prepared to deceive, not only with what he says, but "how" he says it. And his goons are no different.

How many times in the past year have we all heard of "change" that is coming. Obama spent his entire campaign on it. The wave of something new and different in the air, that we're going into a new phase, a new time. It's not just a changing of the guard in Washington D.C, but a complete changeover from humans to aliens of rulership over this planet.

The Alien Agenda isn't coming, it's here now.

The time I've been warning about for the past 8 years, is here. The New World Order was just a stepping stone for the Alien Order that is now upon us.

I've talked about Orgone over the past several years ( ) and the death and destruction it would cause these aliens. I've warned about UFO and Alien Invasions, underground bases, and their plans for world rulership and dominance in the Last Days as prophesied in the Bible.

Most people just can't put 2 and 2 together so I've done that over that years to spell it out so people can understand the things that are happening and coming.

As I started to suspect, the death and destruction of these aliens isn't always quick. There are many plagues coming upon them where they die slowly. And what I"m seeing in the Bible Codes is that the healthy Aliens are segregating the sickly ones away from them. Just as their hybrid human offspring on earth will do with the coming plagues that are coming, and are already here but kept quiet. Like Leprosy. They report 15 million have leprosy worldwide, we all know they under-report everything, so there's much more. I've seen in the codes where Benny Hinn will be in a panic over Leprosy. He either already is, or will be, and what's amusing is, he may just get it himself. Imagine that, the worldwide "faith healer" won't be able to heal himself, or anyone else for that matter, as if he ever has. He's a con, a fraud, wake up people!

And it even gets more amusing as all those coming as "Ascended Masters" and "gods" are themselves suffering, getting sick and dying of plagues. "God" is sick? "God" is in a wheelchair? "God" has boils??? What exactly is it are they going to have to offer mankind but their humorous lies?

And what's worse, most of mankind won't care...they'll believe what they're told just so they can try and continue living and making a living in Satan's illusions and delusion of grandeur as he leads the world through his puppets like Maitreya, "Jesus" and Obama who will all work secretly alongside Satan to help him propagate the deceptions and lies that will entrap the souls of those who follow and believe them into hell for eternity.

A Kingdom of God on earth filled with sickness, death, plagues, hunger, poverty, and war?? When will people figure it out that it's not the Kingdom of God but the Kingdom of Satan????
There's a Blue Star coming out of Orion that will signal the arrival of Satan to earth. I've heard that there are actually preachers teaching that "God" will come out of the Orion Constellation. The Orion Constellation is Lucifer's home base. Satan's "seat" in space. He has many, such as temples and habitations on Venus, Mars, Saturn, and other planets and moons, but the Orion Constellation is the main constellation of many of his forces. Our Creator and Father is NOT from Orion. Interesting that Orion is the constellation of the 'hunter.' Fitting and interesting that Satan is the hunter of the souls of mankind to kill, steal, and destroy isn't it?

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric coming from false teachers and false shepherds. Ask the Most High Himself for the truth in all things every day. He will lead and guide you into the truth. Don't seek man, seek HIM. Any true shepherd of Yahuah's will lead you directly to HIM, not themselves. They want to sell books, videos, newsletter subscriptions, they commercialize His name and live in abundance while you earnestly seek for the truth and just get led astray by one after the other.

That is why Yahuah has led most of His people out of the churches today. I have seen in the codes where a majority of His people are isolated. And that can be literal and symbolic. Most of His true believers and followers feel alone because they are surrounded by religionists (modern day Pharisees) and brain washed sheep drowning in apostasies and errors who follow man and not HIM for the truth.

Watch for the continuing uproar in the Middle East to hide the real news of the Negev, Sinai Desert, Gulf of Eden/Aden, and other hiding places of the Giants who are getting sick and segregated and at war with even each other (pirates) to survive.

I've even seen where the "Philistines" are getting rabies and cast to sea. Are these the "pirates" we're hearing about in the news? I know they're pouring phospate bombs over Gaza for a distinct reason. Are we seeing a war between the Israelis and Arabs or the Lizards vs. the Giants....?? It's going to get interesting folks.

I don't know how phosphate plays into affecting them in their underground bases and tunnels, but it does somehow. Unfortunately humans are the collateral damage in this war. They have no idea what's really going on.

Remember Satan's kingdom is just divided and fractioned as our own world is. We have different countries, races, cultures, etc..well, so do they. And they are fighting it out for territory and who gets to 'rule' over the earth with Satan. These are things they don't teach you in the churches today and things most people can't even imagine, because they have no idea 'how' Satan operates, they just know he does. So at least that's something, better than nothing I suppose.

I don't doubt that this "Blue Star" coming out of Orion could be the "New Jerusalem" that the New Age plans on lowering to earth to mimick the real New Jerusalem that Yahuah will later. The Bible Codes call this Blue Star a "Spaceship"...consider my website at makes a lot more sense now doesn't it? I hope it crashes. Now that would be a grand entrance wouldn't it? LOL...

Satan's forces are crashing to earth every day, and he himself is next folks. You'll see great lightening and probably hear great thundering when "he's" finally cast to earth and out of space for good. It's coming sooner than most people think.

I'm also seeing Yahuah writing His name on His peoples foreheads soon. Not the ones He's going to allow to enter martial law (Satan's War on the Saints) to be tested and tried for the faith, but those He already has tested and tried who have shown themselves to be worthy of Him, His 144,000. Nevermind how the churches have chopped up and destroyed that one over the years. Their teachings are wrong because their interpretation of the Scripture is wrong and they all share each others false teachings instead of going to HIM for the TRUTH in HOW to INTERPRET what the Bible says.

Follow Him and Seek Him with your heart, not your head. It's not your knowledge that makes you's whether He sees from your heart that you really are. Whether you're seeking Him daily for guidance and truth, and companionship and not your religions and doctrines and the ways mankind has established for themselves to judge whether they are worthy. He doesn't see things the way mankind does. All we've collectively done as a race for the past thousands of years is chop up and destroy the meaning, intent, and truth of the things He has said. Which is why we must go to HIM direct ourselves to find the truth folks. Just keep asking Him.

The economy is NEVER going to get better and return to what it once was, the weather is going to get worse and unpredictable, and in general, everything is going to get worse. So take your eyes off the misery and put them on HIM. Stay in Him.

Stay in Him folks.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Sherry Shriner,

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Transcribe 1-5-2009 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 1-05-2009

Sherry Talk Radio
Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. Yore live; its Monday, January 5th, 2009. It’s finally here; the year from Hell. I’ve been warning about this year for years and its now upon us. So fitting. I told you earlier that I spend every first day of the year...I just talk to the Lord. It’s not like He really recognizes our New Year, but kind of been a tradition between me and Him. I just talk to Him and get a word for the year. I posted it on my websites in that little frame box at the sites. You can read it at or or

I’m going to read it tonight for those of you who don’t have access to a computer and get my show. A lot of people download my shows on CD’s and hand them out to people who don’t have access to computers. So I’m going to go through it tonight and read it. First I want to talk about a few things.

One of the most important things especially for this started last month; is a heads up I gave to the navy. There’s a renegade what you would call military faction around the world of different countries that work together that are anti-New World Order. They were over there trying to close a gateway in the Gulf of Eden (they call it the Gulf of Aden). I call it the Gulf of Eden. The best way....and I gave them a heads up, is to get that with Orgone Blaster pipes. I have the directions at

These Orgone pipes; you get them in the water. Stick them on land. It is just a great power source for Orgone. This Orgone is what will annihilate and kill dimensional beings. Conventional weapons....trying to just kill these dimensional beings with conventional’re gong to have minimal results. What I have found with the Orgone; from the first time I put up a pail blaster. I put a pipe blaster in a pail, stuck it in my yard; it has immediate affects. It assimilates not only immediately into the atmosphere, but into the dimensions.

So it’s the Orgone that is a non-conventional weapon that is a multi-dimensional weapon that will take out these dimensional beings. It kills them en masse. When you try to use conventional weapons against them, it’s like bombing their base or something; it’s going to have that initial shock and then destruction. With Orgone, they never see it coming. It’s just very toxic to them. It gets in the water. It gets in the air.

It is very toxic to them in both dimensions and assimilates not only in our dimension, the third dimension, but also in the fourth dimension. So Orgone is what you need to be using to fight against this alien agenda; these ascended master gurus; these underground cities; the portals and gateways. If you get them at these portals and gateways, it’ll burn them on the way through them. So do a lot of destruction that way.

What we’re going to see next is very interesting. The Lord mentioned this in the message that He gave me for this year. I’ve been seeing it in the codes quite a bit. I usually wait for Him to confirm things. I’ve been talking about this obnoxious satellite that Maitreya has up in the sky. He uses that for intel, reconnaissance, spying...whatever you want to call it. I know he’s taking video of me making Orgone so they can have their little proof, “Look, she’s making Orgone in this one-car garage.” Yeah....whatever.

Well, he’s had this obnoxious satellite hanging above my house since about September. So that was my initial motivation for coming up with this pail blaster. This 5 foot copper pipe I put it in an aluminum metal pail. The instructions are on my website too. You guys can do all the stuff on your own. I immediately started noticing that it started assimilating into the atmosphere. All of this Orgone that’s been assimilating into the atmosphere. I also have a pipe blaster, which is a 5 foot pipe that I use. It’s about 2 ½ - 3 inches round and 5 foot long. I point them at Maitreya’s satellite. I was just pissing them off. I had no idea it was actually going to pull that thing out of the sky.

So it’s been quite the joy to see it in the Bible codes and get a confirmation from the Lord that Maitreya’s little satellite is going to crash to Earth. They’ve been abandoning it. I don’t know if they’ve done it already, but I see them abandoning it because the Orgone has just saturated in the atmosphere and is burning them too much. It’s miserable for them. So they’ve been abandoning that. I don’t know what you want to call it, a satellite, a star, a planet? Whatever it is, it’s actually a temple as well. A habitation for Maitreya and those who work with him; his little forces I guess you could call it. This thing is going to come crashing out of the sky. When it does....I don’t how much of the whole world is going to see it. I’m sure the whole world will see it. It’s so huge and above the Earths horizon at about 33 degrees, if not lower. This thing is just massive.

This thing is going to be lightening. You’re going to see lightening and there’s going to be a huge boom. A huge thunderous boom when this thing comes down. I don’t know where it’s going to come down yet. I’ve been trying to figure that one out; where exactly....because when this thing comes down, you would think it’s going to cause a lot of destruction wherever it hits. I’m not sure exactly where it’s going to come down. I’m still digging in the codes trying to find it. The Lord isn’t revealing it yet, or I’m just not seeing it, but its going to come down soon. I look sometime within the next five months for this obnoxious satellite of his to come down. It could be this month. It could be February. It could be March or May. I happen to think it’ll probably be part of Obama’s crisis at the end of this month.

You know, Maitreya is his little buddy. Obama getting into office is no accident. He’s aligned with Maitreya and this New Age agenda. I had a lot of people sending me emails because last week I had talked about how he was going to support the New Age agenda; the Watchers agenda, this giant agenda. He’s going to double-cross the lizards, folks. He is a lizard. Make no doubt about it. The Bible codes calls him a lizard. Calls him a creature. Talks about his scales.

He is one of these beings that literally has human skin over his reptile body. He’s going to double-cross the lizards. He’s going to support this New Age/alien agenda. I’ve been warning about that forever that he is aligned with this agenda and this Maitreya. Of course these beings can double-cross. There are double agents and double-crossing. They just don’t do that here on earth...humans, but amongst the aliens themselves. There are so many groups and factions among the aliens and Satan’s kingdom.

When you grow up in the churches, you just get this one dimensional view of Hell. When you start to realize the vastness and how great Satan’s kingdom big it is. Not great as in fantastic; they’re all scumbags from Hell. When you realize how big it is, it’s mind-blowing. That’s part of the whole process of waking up to what the truth is....really learning exactly who he is, what he is and what his kingdom is. The Lord will take you through that. It’s eye-opening. You realize that George Lucas and Star Wars....the truth is often stranger than fiction. Even though a lot of truths are presented in a science fiction format, there’s a lot of truth in it. Just pay more and more attention to what they are showing you on television minus some of the drama queen stuff. They do throw in some drama for entertainment purposes and things, but they do reveal a lot of truths in those movies as well; especially a lot of them coming out. They will tell you their plans up front so that they’re held without blame. They can say, “Well, we warned them. We came out with this movie. We warned them. It’s not our fault they took it as science fiction.” Everything has to be laid out ahead of time, no matter what format you lay it out in. I guess that’s part of the rules.

I don’t do anything in the dark. Everything I do, I do in the light. Everything the Lord tells me to say, I say. Everything I’m doing, I talk about. I certainly don’t hide anything. So....fair warning to Maitreya and the scum up in the satellite. Your little temple is going to crash, and I’m going to be the first one to recognize it and start laughing. I can tell you that much. Their whole kingdom; their strongholds.

We’re going to have a tribulation period with Satan on the Earth ruling as the Antichrist, acting like he’s God. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be everything he thought it was going to be. We’re going to make it as miserable for him as possible. And taking out a lot of his forces is part of that. We’re set here on Earth as the Lord’s people. So how could anybody that says they love the Lord; they love the Most High, sit on their butts and do nothing as Satan conquers the Earth as he is doing? I mean, he’s conquering it in our churches, our government, our entertainment and a lot of people just sit back and do nothing about it. They do nothing. How can you say you love the Lord and do nothing? You’re not offended? You’re not grossed out. I am. I don’t want those scumbags here, so I do something about it. So when we prayed and asked the Lord, “How to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order?” He led us to Orgone. That’s what I’ve been doing since.

I know there were a lot of people sent to be with me in the last days for this war against Satan that ended up failing. The Lord mentions that in this message that He gave to me. It’s something that we’ve kindof talked about back and forth throughout the years. But even without the support of the people that were sent here to support me in the last days so we could get this done, we did it. We succeeded. We managed to just do it.

It’s amazing what you can do when you really love the Lord and stop using excuses to stand in your way. I don’t want to hear people’s excuses. I don’t have money. I have four kids. I have 18 websites. I have a radio show. I make Orgone. Half the time I don’t know if I’m coming or going, but when the Lord asks me to do something, I don’t have an excuse...I do it. That’s why He asks me; because I’ll do it. If He knows that you’re not going to be a go to person for Him, He’s not going to use you. So many people....they want to know what the Lord wants them to do. He knows if He told them what He wants them to do, they wouldn’t do it. They really don’t want to know because they’re not seeking Him enough on it. You ask Him one time a year? Ask Him everyday. Show Him and bug Him that you really want to know. A lot of people are just already doing the things that He wants them to do and don’t realize it. Usually that’s the way He works. He leads you into something and then you’re already just doing what He wants you to do. He works in many different ways.

I’ve heard from people about areas that need targeted for Orgone. A target list. Folks, we need areas done in the Middle East. Especially Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Africa. We’ve gotten a lot in Africa over the years, but we need a lot more. Especially Ghana. Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt. All of those nations that are on the coastlines of Africa need done. Also in Jordan. Some of these Arab countries are very hard to get into if you’re not some kind of Arab....a wealthy Arab. I know there are some cities people just aren’t allowed in; like Dubai. Commoners aren’t allowed in those cities. They’re just set aside for the elite. We need places like that. We need the wealthy Believers in the Most High to stand up and get those areas. Mecca and Dubai and Jordan. And that gulf; The Gulf of Aden. We need some good pipe blasters in the Gulf of Aden. Just stick them right in the sand. Let them boom up into the atmosphere. We have done a lot of work in Israel, but we could always use more. If anybody feels led to get Israel, go ahead and do that. Not a whole lot of time left.

Of course, here in America and Canada, Australia and Europe and all these other nations – get your own neighborhoods. Get your schools; protect your kids. And driving routes; wherever you shop for food and things; get those areas. And get the highways. I spent a lot of time two years ago, criss-crossing America getting highways. Because when the giants are here, there’s going to be no transportation. Its going to shut down and truckers and companies won’t be able to transport their goods to your grocery stores. The giants are going to be all over those highways, and not letting them pass. Get the highways, so the giants won’t go near them and they’ll be protected and the stores can be stocked up.

It’s hard to grasp the whole giant thing, but once they’re here, you’re gonna know they’re here. They’re taller than ranch homes. They’re 14 – 15 feet high. They’re huge mammoth beings; 1,500 – 2,000 pounds. These are huge giants that are coming, folks. And when the Lord comes back in the real Second Coming of Christ, there’s going to be more of them than humans on Earth. We need to get busy; theses not a whole lot of time left. These are the same beings and the same agenda that these ascended master idiots from the New Age camp and that Obama is aligned with. It’s quite a different agenda coming, all out of the same alien agenda.

Anyway, a couple of heads up; watch for a blue star coming out of Orion. That should be Sananda/Jesus’ star. You’ll hear the New Ager’s talk about how there’s going to be a star. I’ve told you Jupiter is one of them. They were going to burn up Jupiter and have it burn valiantly. I’ve seen that in the codes. William Cooper warned about it. But there’s also another one; it’s called the blue star. That will come out of Orion’s Belt. I have a feeling that it’s this star coming closer to Earth that’s causing all the earthquake eruptions around the Earth. So watch for a blue star coming out of the belt of Orion. It’s the largest constellation in the sky right now. If you don’t know what it looks like; look it up at Wikipedia or Google it. Once you see a picture of it, you can go outside and easily pick it out. The belt has three stars across the center of it. That’s where this blue star is going to come out of and probably the thing that’s causing all the eruptions. Keep an eye out on that. That’s Sananda’s star.

Another heads up; they’ve been leaving this planet Niburu. I call it Rahab. They’ve been leaving it and they’ve been going to these underground bases. There is a base under the sea. I have a feeling that it’s tied in with this whole Gulf of Aden thing. They’ve been going there. Some kind of portal where somehow they can get from Niburu to these portal bases. That’s what’s been going on. The Lord told me that they’ve been coming; that they’ve been here. They’re just going to be coming more and more and more in numbers. Once Maitreya rears his ugly head and this Sananda/Jesus. Then we’ll have the giants...they’ll come out of their bases. Everything is going to hit very quickly once this Maitreya rears his head. Just look for that.

I’ve seen something interesting; Obama is going to be howling come the end of this month. He’s going to be humiliated and it’s going to be hysterical. He’s not going to be able to take Washington D.C. We orgoned it very well, years ago. Several different warriors have stood up at different times to Orgone Washington D.C. It’s uninhabitable right now. It burns them. Bush hardly spent anytime in the White House in the past two years. He would be at his ranch. When they need him, they’d fly him in, he’d give a press conference and they’d fly him back out. He didn’t stay in the White House. Obama is going to have the same problem. It’s going to be very interesting. He’s going to have a worse problem because he is pure lizard. Where George Bush was a pawn with MPD; multiple personalities that they could control, Obama is pure lizard. It would be interesting to see how he enjoys his stay at the White House.

Another thing I thought was interesting; seeing in the Bible codes how Benny Hinn....he’s either going to be panicking over this massive outbreak of leprosy, or he gets it. That’s going to be very interesting. He either gets it or he’s just panicking. I’ve warned about that – that leprosy was going to be on the rise. Right now there are already 15 million cases around the world. They’re being very hush-hush about it, but sooner or later the numbers are going to get too huge. It’s not going to affect the Lords people; those who are in the Lord will not be affected by it. It’s going to be interesting to see all these false shepherds falling like dominoes one by one.

Another interesting thing; and I wasn’t going to mention anything about it until I had more information on it, but I though I’m never going to get any more information on it. I don’t know how I’d do that. Maybe somebody out there knows, you can share it with me and then I’ll share it with my audience. I’m starting to think that the White House is a replica of Solomon’s Temple. If anybody has any information on exactly what Solomon’s Temple looked like. I could be right. I could be wrong on this. It was a thought. So somebody, either prove me right or prove me wrong and I can clear up this White House issue. I’m really starting to think it probably is some kind of a replica of Solomon’s Temple. That would be interesting if it is. If somebody knows info, get back to me on it.

Until then over the next couple of weeks, the one thing we can be watching for besides s total collapse of our economy. The government will totally collapse probably within 9 months, 10 months. For right now, we’re continuing on an economic slide into oblivion. It’s never going to correct itself. It’s never going to get better. So prepare as you can. Ask the Lord what you should do. I know I’ve been asking the Lord, if I’m going to be here much longer, I’m going to need a more secure place to live. Someplace I could own, because I rent this house. Someplace I can work out of because I’m limited in an unheated one-car garage with all the Orgone I need to be making. I need a place to store supplies and things like that. Just ask the Lord what it is you need. Maybe he’ll point you in the direction.

The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting. Watch for this lightening in the sky and this BOOM! That will be Maitreya’s Temple crashing. His little skylight, satellite, planet, orb, star. This huge light obnoxious in the sky every night. That’s Maitreya. Don’t confuse it with Jupiter and Venus. It’s lower than them even. You can’t miss it. It’s this white obnoxious star looking satellite type thing. Next couple of weeks; if you hear a big’s kindof like a universal thing where everybody hears it, that’s it. I can’t wait for that one.

I think I’ll read something else first. Its something the Lord gave me a couple of years ago. I posted it to my lists this week. I Am Coming for a A Bride.

I want you to pay attention to how He describes His Bride. Much different than what the church does.

I Am Coming For A Bride...

"I am coming for a bride that is found without guile. In Me they are spotless and blameless because they walk in ME and desire daily to be in ME and get to know Me.

They don't follow Me with their lips, they follow Me with their hearts.

Many will be left behind to their own devices. They say they know Me but they don't. They seek truth as it is in man and not as it is in Me.

Many claim My Name and don't know Me intimately. Have not I said, "My sheep hear my voice and they know Me, and they follow Me"?

I am coming for MY sheep. And these sheep will transform the world in the dark and evil days ahead when Satan takes complete rule of the earth.

Many victories will be won for Me in the dark and evil days and My sheep will lead the way in the calling of righteousness and repentance.

My child do not fear the things that you see or hear that are coming. Stay in Me. You know there is no fear in Me. So draw close to Me and stay there even at the darkest hours, for I am your Light.
I am coming soon for My sheep, you will hear My calling and see Me face to face. I love you child. Thus saith the Lord your God. "

Pretty much the same things that He’s been telling me for years. The whole thing about having a relationship with the Lord; is building one with Him so that its a daily thing. It’s not a weekly Sunday thing. You don’t become a Sunday Christian; a sun-god Christian. Every Sunday you spend time with the Lord snoring and sleeping in the churches with the false prophets. It’s a daily walk with Him. You don’t follow Him with your lips; you follow Him with your heart. It’s like the Lord had told me a couple of days ago. He said, "they talk about Me. They don’t know Me, they just talk about Me." He’s talking about the people in the churches today.

Another thing is they’re found without guile. Guile is witchcraft. You’ll see this whole boom, I guess you can call it....increase of all these Pentecostal false preachers. They just have tens of thousands of followers on television and in their huge ministries across the country. Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Copeland. All these false prophets speaking in tongues and their false visions. That’s guile. That’s guile. You need to get away from all that crap. I have an article on what the Lord told me about tongues at my website. Just look in the article section. They are not of Him.

Another thing; in being spotless and blameless. It’s not because they’re not sinners and not sinning. They are spotless and blameless because they walk in Him and desire to be in Him and they get to know Him. To Him, that’s being spotless and blameless. In the Bible codes you’ll see it as “perfect.” You’ll see someone listed as “perfect”. You’re thinking, none of us are perfect. Well we don’t see things the same way as the Lord does. He’s already forgiven us for our sins. Sin has always been a tool of Satan’s to pound people over the head and make them feel like they’re ineffective for the Lord because they have sin in their lives.
To be spotless and blameless before the Lord; it doesn’t have a thing to do with how perfect you are; if you’re sinning or not. It’s because you’re walking in Him. You desire daily to be in Him and get to know Him. It’s that daily walk where you are following Him with your heart and not you lips.
You’re not just talking about Him on Sunday’s. Not just one or two days a week. It’s a daily walk that you have with Him. He’s your priority. That is what He considers to have someone spotless and blameless in Him. So very interesting, because we know that we don’t always see things the way He sees things. He doesn’t see things the way we do. It’s very different. That’s what He considers to be spotless and blameless before Him.

I thought that was interesting. Things He’s revealed to me throughout the years. He never really tells me anything new; He just confirms something He has already told me before. So it’s very interesting.

On the first of this year He gave me a message. I’m going to read it over and I maybe have a few comments. It’s a pretty long message.

I asked Him what was going to happen this year and He answered me; this is the year for destruction.

Child this is the Year for Destruction. .

"The time is now for everything done in the darkness to come to the light and all will be revealed.
Nations will shake and tremble at My wrath. None can stand against the forces of Satan and My wrath is against them all. Only those hidden in Me will be safe.

You have stood when others have failed. You have stood when others have mocked you, you have always stood for Me child, and now I will stand for you. I am with you, and I will stand for you and by you as they seek to come against you even moreso.

Many have failed you, and they have failed Me, do not look to man but to is I who is leading and carrying you child. I blessed many to bless you and they failed, now I have taken their finances and possessions and will continue to do so, I have allowed the countries to crumble and their money to fail, I have allowed this and I have done this to judge those who think they can mock Me with their greed and stubbornness. They worship Ammon and Molech and think I'm not looking, that I'm not aware of the things they are doing. My judgment is on them.

Many call My Name and they are not Mine. I have not chosen them, I have not stood them up and I have not stood by them. They are deceived by their own vices and devices and I have had enough of their mockery of My Name. When they are suffering and calling to Me I will not hear them. My judgment is on them.

The Giants are here, they are coming moreso, the evil ones think they can disrupt plans and double-cross each other and forfeit agendas for other ones. I laugh at their derision.
The rich will suffer with the poor and none will be spared. None. Their towers and high places will fall and not serve their purposes, their hideouts will be destroyed and they will suffer with plagues not seen before by mankind. Many plagues coming and my Judgment is on them all.

The wicked will be destroyed with the righteous. Many will be tested and brought through the fires of refinement. Those who stay steadfast in Me will enter My glory in heaven, many will turn away and be deceived by the things that are coming and they will be turned away from Me child, and lost to Satan.
Satan's influence is dominant in everything and most leaders. The shepherds don't look to Me they...(they just) talk about Me. They are deceived in their own pride and arrogance and don't even know Me. They will lead many to the destruction of their souls and the fires of hell and it is the fault of those who listen to them and support them. There are very few that I have stood up that have stayed faithful to Me. Most are not even in the churches today for I have led them out.

The deceived and the blind are going to go hand in hand into the fires of hell. I have reached and they have turned Me away, Those I have stood up, they have mocked and ridiculed, and those who are coming who want to destroy them, they will listen to and follow. It is Satan's war against My people and those he already has as his own.

The earth will shake and tremble, much destruction coming by My hand and at Satan's own hand. Tell My people to stand in Me and stand for Me and they will enter into the gates of Heaven.
Your war against Satan has come at a great price, he is with great anger and wrath, and will leave no rock unturned to find My people. His time is short and he knows now that his futile attempts to be worshipped as Me, are and were in vain. Many of his own forces are he did before as he has done again, he deceived his own...just as he deceives My people he deceives his own people and forces. He is the father of all evil, and lies.

Tell them child, tell them they have been deceived by their own master and to turn away from him...tell them no wicked deed goes unpunished, no matter how big or turn away from evil.
Satan will fall like lightening from the've already seen his forces crashing and falling from the sky..he's next.

Your victories in Me will be obvious for those with eyes to see.

You have led My people well child, and you have taught them much in Me. Continue to lead as I lead you, and reveal what I tell you to. You're my voice on earth, I will lift you up for even the blind to see. They will have no excuse, but only a short time left to repent of their rebelliousness against Me and turn to Me for salvation and forgiveness of their sins against Me.

It's soon child. They fear you. They know My hand is on you. They know you are My anointed one on earth and they can't defeat or distract you. Only if I should ever lift My hand would they ever overcome you child. You will know what is of Me and what isn't.

I love you. You are so strong for Me, just like your ancient grandfather, you have stood against the giants and continue to do so. You shake the gates of Hell. The War is coming against My people. Prepare them for this. It will be brutal and none will escape without My protection. They will be tested and tried and I will allow it.

Tell them to seek Me as their refuge and strength even when they think all hope is lost for them and their lives.

I know you want more specifics but child I have already shown you much, you know what is coming. Don't doubt what I have shown you already. It was of Me. I know you want more confirmations but I have given you many already.

Prepare My people for terror, horror, but to stand strong in Me.

Your time is short. Soon all will come to pass that you have feared. I know you fear for those on the Earth.

Just stay in Me and find your comfort and strength in Me.

Soon child....Soon. ...I will see you Soon. I love you. "

This is a message that the Lord gave me on January 1st. Passing on a couple of comments. Especially some of the things He’s already said:

"The time is now for everything done in the darkness to come to the light and all will be revealed."

Watch for a lot of disclosure from the government, from the militaries. A lot of things coming out from the New World Order crowd about how evil and wicked they are. Things they’ve been hiding from the public for umpteen years. All the deceptions and trickery and things that have been going on. Watch for all these things to come out. It’ll be interesting. He says everything is going to come out. Just the mere fact that our government itself has been the biggest drug lords on the Earth and their “war on drugs” was a war for drugs. It should be interesting seeing all this come to light. Everything that people have branded as conspiracies; when they finally see everything for the truth that it is, are going to be quite shocked.

Another thing is the fact that He is warning Satan’s forces themselves to turn away from evil. Satan has lied to all of them. I started wondering last year, just reading a lot of their stuff. They really tend to believe a lot of the garbage they’re spewing. You can get into email arguments with these beings because they really believe what they’re saying...or they’re just really good con artists. We know it’s that too. They’re just liars. But the Lord has kindof confirmed they have been deceived by Satan himself. So once these beings...and I’m talking about these fourth dimensional beings in his kingdom now; all of these alien races that are following Satan and are being deceived by him. The Lord is warning you to turn away from evil because no wicked deed goes unpunished, no matter how big or small. To all these forces surrounding Satan and following him; you need to turn away from evil because you will stand in judgment before the Lord. Just as humans will, so will these spirit and alien beings from the fourth dimension; they will stand before Him in judgment as well. So He is warning you to turn away from evil.

Another thing He stated again and something He told me weeks ago; the giants are here already and are just coming more and more and more. Like I said, and He confirmed it in His message. He said we’ve seen his forces crashing. I’ve talked about how these light flashes and booms all over the world and they’re saying it’s a meteor or whatever. It’s actually Satan’s UFOs crashing all over the place because of the orgoned atmosphere. Satan is next. He said we’ve seen his forces crashing and the next thing we’re going to see is going to be Satan himself crashing. That’s why I’ve been warning about this obnoxious satellite that Maitreya has. It’s going to boom and crash to Earth. Its going to be funny....and it’s of these things that’s next. Usually when I see “next” in the Bible codes, it can be one can be one year. So I don’t think we have a whole year. In fact, anything I’m seeing in the codes right now is from now until May. These early spring months are going to be very dominant. Even just January and February as Obama takes office.

Watch the Earth start rebelling. The Bible even talks about how the Earth itself moans and groans. The Earth is a living spirit. Obviously, as more wicked gets on it, it’s going to rebel. So taking a lizard as a president; leading the once greatest nation on its just going to crumble and fall and be a has been.

That’s what I’m trying to prepare you guys for. Nothing is going back to the way it used to be. He’s warnings still and wanting me to warn people about the persecution that’s coming. I’ve talked about this Orgone war that we instigated several years ago...I think back in 2004. The Lord says Your war against Satan has come at a great price, he is with great anger and wrath, and will leave no rock unturned to find My people.

He’s going to seek vengeance. Just as we’ve crashed his temple to Earth...whatever you want to call it; a star, a satellite, a temple...and we’ve crashed that to Earth. And all of his forces. And have been annihilating him in both dimensions for the past several years. When he arrives to Earth, he’s very angry and he’s going to seek vengeance and come after the Bride. He’s going to come after the Orgone Warriors and he’s going to come after the church when he can’t find the Orgone Warriors. I really believe at that time is when the Lord will take the Orgone Warriors home and the other warriors that He has....144,000; a mixture of different types of warriors. He’s going to take them home and Satan can’t find them on Earth. He’s going to go after the church; the Bride. You can read in Revelation where he blasphemes the tabernacle of Heaven and he blasphemes those in Heaven because when he came after us, he couldn’t find us. I really do think then that before he can even get a hold of any of us, the Lord is just going to take us home. That’s why he’s so mad. It really makes me laugh.

Anyway, the Lord says, The wicked will be destroyed with the righteous.

That’s another thing I’ve been saying for years; how the whole thing with the New World Order and all these secret societies and how these groups run and how they’ll all promised that when the crap hits the fan, them and their families will be protected. It’s all hogwash. It’s hogwash. These wicked people that have been listening to Satan’s lies all these years and doing his bidding on Earth and getting the whole one world order thing together; they’re going to be destroyed with everybody else. Satan has no favorites. He’s not going to share his kingdom with anyone. Whatever kingdom you want to call that he has; he’s not going to share it. He feeds them lies. Whatever they want to hear; power, wealth, rank in his kingdom. Then they die and go to Hell, or he kills them and takes them to Hell and gives them their kingdom which is a little pit of fire or something even worse. Yeah, that’s what they have to look forward to for believing his lies all these years. I’d rather be a poor Christian, than a rich wicked person.

This economic collapse isn’t sparing anybody. You’re going to see the wealthy lose everything they have, along with the poor. It’s not like they’ve been told; that they’ve imagined it. Like they’ll be some wealthy class and the poor class so they can feel like they’re hotshots over the poor class. The Lord says they’re going to be destroyed along with the poor. It’s not going to be anything like they’ve imagined. It’s good to hear that. I’ve never really handled the human aspect of this war on Earth; I’ve always handled the inner-dimensional aspect. My war has been against Satan per say. Straight on, up against him and his forces. Everything else has been left up to everybody else. Its encouraging to know that not only are we defeating him on the backside where nobody can see, but on the front side with all his stupid little followers in the New World Order and these occultic circles and these secret societies, these Mormons, Scientologists and all these groups that spew his garbage under his influence. It’s going to be very interesting the next couple of weeks.

People ask me what is going to be Obama’s crisis. We’ve got a war coming in the Middle East, folks. The Bible prophecy of Damascus being destroyed has never been fulfilled yet, so I have a feeling that’s about to come about. So there’ll be a war between Israel and Damascus.

Also look for some rouge nations like Libya. Their terrorist cell led by Maitreya himself, but he’s not going to say that. He’s going to act like there’s some Al Qaeda and Libya somewhere that’s going to have a suitcase nuke and try and hit Jerusalem or whatever. Watch for the destruction of the Knesset and the Islam Dome of the Temple. Watch for the destruction of that. Destruction of Damascus....and just watch in general, Libya rising as a terrorist nation, I guess you could call it. Libya, Iran, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Lithuania. Some of these Arab countries that will be Satan’s 10 nation power base; all those coming together.

The Bible says they reign together for one hour. So they’ve never been in alliance or recognized as a league of nations or power or anything. So they do rise with him for one hour. That totally throws out all the Masonic interpretations that the 10 is going to be European nations or whatever. Yeah, yeah...keep your eyes on Arabia, because everything is going to come out of there first. When you see the giants arising in Arabia, these New Age ascended teachers; this world teacher Maitreya coming out of Arabia. Eventually it’s heading this way. So especially when you see that stuff happening, get the Orgone out. Get your ammo. Get your food. Get things supplied. Don’t even wait until then; do that now because hings are going to hit the fan quickly when all this starts coming about.

I’m going to answer a few questions and end the show.

Question from a listener: There is a star very close to us. It’s so obvious that it’s not a star. Do satellites sit still and not move? I sit and watch it every single night.

Answer: What state are you in? These fake stars are satellites. They spy. They take video. They watch everything you’re doing. They listen to my radio show up there. They do all kinds of stuff. They’re so low to the Earth. They’re too low to be stars. They’re like 30 - 33 degrees above our horizon. Just way too low to be an actual star or planet, so you know they’re satellites. I like the pretty ones that have the blue or red lights. The white

Question from a listener: How do you think or know if Yahweh told you how the Neanderthals, mammoths or dinosaurs fit into creation? Would Neanderthals be the failed attempts of Satan to create man? Is the missing link the breath of life?

Answer; Yes, I’ve already stated all that. That is my explanation. That’s what I’ve been saying since day one. Neanderthals were his creation. The missing link between his creations and a human is the breath of life.

Question: I received your group message from Yahweh and was wondering why He mentioned a lot of us would be going through trials from Satan and Yah that are allowed.

Answer: I think He is specifically talking about the coming martial law, where they’ll be rounded up and sent off to their deaths in these camps. I’m sure He’s talking about just trials now as well, because He’s talked about how He’s taking their money and their finances because they wouldn’t listen to Him and what He has told them to do with it. So He’s taking it away from them. He told me a year ago that He was going to do that. No surprise that it’s happening now that you’re seeing a lot of wealthy people lose their money. I know myself that there were some very wealthy people to be here in the last days with me to help with this Orgone ministry and they turned their backs on the whole thing and they’re supporting some false prophet somewhere else. Instead of supporting the Lords true people; they’re off supporting the false prophets. That’s why the Lord says don’t call on Me and expect Me to listen when you’re suffering. He’s not going to listen to them. He’s going to allow them to go through trials and testing. It angers Him. There’s going to be a lot of trials and testing and people calling out, thinking, “Why isn’t the Lord listening to me? Why isn’t He answering my prayer?” Because you’ve angered Him. That’s why He’s not listening. They’re going to be allowed to go through testing and refinement. Whenever you see that word “refinement” you know its death. The whole War on the Saints; the whole martial law that’s coming; a lot of Christians being rounded up, hauled off and killed. He’s going to allow that to happen.

Comment from a listener: You know things are getting bad when satanic cults are masquerading as churches. I recently visited a Unitarian Church thinking it was Christian. These people were openly practicing witchcraft and mocking the Lord.

Sherry: Yeah, our churches are completely apostate today. The Lord pulled me out of them years ago. I can’t see how anybody who really loves the Lord can still be in them today. They’re so not of Him.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, is it just me or are you starting to notice more and more tall people in public these days? I’m in the Columbus Ohio area and am starting to see more and more like they have a base or a house around here.

Answer: You are in Columbus and they do have a base there. I’ve done work in Columbus and I know you’ve done work in Columbus. They do have a base there. They have them everywhere. One thing that struck me when I was watching the Olympics last summer. I watched it everyday for 2or 3 weeks or whatever. I love watching sports. They kept saying that there would never be another Olympics like this one again. What I kept thinking was, yeah, because all the humans will be dwarfed by all the giants. Look at Michael Phelps; he was almost seven feet tall. The other athletes were 6 -7 feet tall. That gigantism defect in their human DNA coming out.

Just imagine when the giants are here on Earth. Right now, we’re just looking at some of this gigantism DNA defect. The aliens themselves; these Nordics that are on Earth masquerading as humans and things like that. These Anaks from Mt. Shasta that do mimic humans here on Earth. When the real giants are here, they’re even much taller than they are. You’re not going to mistake them. 10, 12, 14, 16 feet high. The whole earth is in a mess when you see those. Right now, it just seems like parts of our society are getting very, very tall. You don’t know if it’s just because more and more are coming out from their underground cities and bases and assimilating with our society or just some of these people born with this DNA defect. Interesting.

Comment from a listener: (referring back to the first question asked) Oh, he’s from Michigan. I’m next door in Ohio. Yeah, keep your eyes on that one. It’s going to come flying out of the sky....crashing out of the sky.

Comment from a listener: We were watching one of those Hollywood movies recently called The Happening. In the movie a plague was killing people immediately. In one scene there was a school bus that had 2010 written prominently on the hood. They paused conspicuously, so we had to concentrate on that 2010. We just turned to each other and said, “Hmmm.”

Sherry: Yeah, 2010. The Lord has warned there are going to be plagues that mankind has never seen. We’ve seen leprosy before and we know that’s here and going to rise. These are ghastly. So something even worse than leprosy. I was watching Animal Planet last night. This guy had gotten bit by a snake. The venom was eating his skin to the point where all you could see what bone sticking out. All you could see was the bone in his finger. He said it was something...necrosis...something. Interesting that I’m always seeing that term “necrosis” in the Bible codes. That’s an aging. It’s a dying. I always just considered it is part of one of these plagues that are going to hit these alien and demonic beings from the Orgone – causes them to die and decay and stuff like that. It can also be perhaps something that hits mankind. Some kind of necrosis thing to where your flesh just starts getting eaten and all you have left is the bone. That would be really wild. I’ll have to pay more attention to that. I have looked at necrosis and cellular permutations happening. So not everything being caused by the Orgone, but also the plagues sent from the Lord Himself to affect the wicked on Earth.

No matter what happens, or what comes to Earth...the one thing He always said; the one thing that will always be a standard is to stay in Him and to seek Him. Not to be afraid at the things that are going on around us and the things that are coming. But to stand strong in Him. Just keep seeking Him, folks. Praise His Name. That’s like Believers 101 school. When you want to feel the Lords instant presence, praise His Name. So if you’re scared; something happening and you just want to feel His instant presence, start praising His Name. Start praising His Name. You’ve got a 10 foot Goliath coming in your front yard? Start praising His Name. He says that even when it appears that all is lost and you’re going to lose your lives, to still stay in Him and seek Him. I know He can pull off some miraculous things. I’ve seen it myself on my road trips. He can hide you. He can make you invisible so they can’t even see you. All kinds of fun stuff. Even when you think all is lost and you’re going to die, stay in Him. Praise His Name. Call out to Him. Do whatever He leads you to do. He says just to stay in Him...even when all is lost and you think you’re going to die.

If you’re not in Him...time to get in Him. I know a lot of people are sitting on the fence, sitting on the sidelines. Time to get off the fence and get back with the Lord. It’s not a time to be backsliding because this is going to be the year of destruction. There is going to be a lot of death....a lot of destruction. So you need to be prepared to die. You don’t know when a satellite from space is going to land on top of your house. You don’t know where it’s going to land. It’s going to get pretty wild. And also with ICE; Homeland Security groups going out and rounding up people in the guise of rounding up illegal aliens. They’re going to round up Christians and Patriots and everybody else. Just get in the Lord and start building a daily relationship with Him.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.