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Friday, October 29, 2004

I just posted a new article Prisoners of Dulce Base at

This article is something that the Lord has led me to write after the past several months of His leading me back to the research of Dulce and revealing and confirming things to me about this base. He has called me to bring this topic up again, to bring more awareness to it, and to encourage His people to pray for the release of the souls that are imprisoned there.

Several of the original people who brought the information to the public about this base and other underground bases have died. They were murdered. Let's not forget their deaths. Let's not let their deaths be in vain. They gave their lives so that this base and others could be exposed, and for the captives in them to be set free. We need to carry the torch for them. We need to demand that these captives be set free and pray for the release of the souls that are trapped there.

I am now going to be broadcasting two radio shows back to back.

I'll be doing my 8pm EST show with Reality Radio Network on Saturday nights and then at 9pm I'll be switching over and doing an hour show with the Micro Broadcasters Association. The MBA is on FM stations across the country as well as the internet. A listing of the states that carry their programming is on my site at

All I can say is..Art Bell and George Noory..Move over..I'm moving up! I'll be up there sooner or later with my own national show to tackle on Paranormal issues head on.

I did another interview with Zeph Daniel and you can hear it at That's probably the 5th interview we've done on the Z Channel. I always have a great time doing interviews with Zeph.


Election day is coming...I'm just sitting back and watching it like anyone else. Either one can win, the codes don't specify, for every code you find Kerry winning, there's a code that shows Bush winning.

Depending on which one wins, then I know the direction we're heading into and the events to expect. So it's a wait to see where we're going with future events based on who pulls it off. It's the ultimate war of evil fighting over this one. Factions 1 and 2 duking it out.

Whoever wins, the other will contest it. I wonder what Bush Sr., has up his sleeve for this one.

I don't think this one will be decided until January. If either wins by a landslide, then fine. If it's a close race, it will be complete hell.

This is going to get interesting. Meanwhile, I'm not giving it much thought, I'm busy with other things right now and there's really nothing anyone can do but wait to see which evil freak wins anyway.

My mind stays on Yahweh. My focus is on Yahweh and what He wants me to do and He hasn't been leading me into the election arena.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Lord said this to me early this a.m. ..

My Child,

The time I've told you about has come. Many things will happen as a whirlwind. My people will panic, they are not prepared. They listen to the warnings and they scoff, and they ridicule My Prophets and Watchmen.

No more.

I have set a rod against My house. I will chastise My people for rejecting the prophets, I will set My face against them, and they will know that I am angry. I will shake the churches and the harlots, they will not understand Me, because they believe the things they want to believe and don't seek Me for the truth.

I have prepared you for the things that can happen. You will not know what happens until it's time, but My child i have warned you and prepared you for all things. I love you child. Know this, that when they come, I am with you. Don't take your eyes off Me. I am your strength. You would have kept going and you would have been a messenger to the world even moreso, but they will stop you. They are choosing My hand, what they choose is their folly. I will not stop them. So child know this, that I know you love Me and your heart has always been for Me. What you did or didn't accomplish wasn't up to you, it was up to Me. I know all things, I look ahead and I see the future, and I know you would not have changed. You would not have stopped and for this you will be rewarded child. Don't worry about being cut off to early, you are a lion, a warrior, you have set into motion many things that would not have taken place otherwise, you dumbfounded them, you stumped them and you stomped them.

If you only knew, and you will, the glory and joy you have given Me. Be at peace and rest in Me. I will not forsake you.

Yes they are at the door. They will play their hand and then I will play mine. Be still and know that I am the Lord and in Me rests the weight of mankind. I have weighed the balances and America has been found wanting. The evil has overcome her. That is what you were feeling. I cannot bear it. It has taken over. I knew when it took over I would raise My hand against it, and now I am. This must come to pass. Many things will.

You have led My people, and you will lead them into battle again. I love you Sherry. I am with you, I will never forsake you.

Warn My people. The battle is at the door.

Sunday, October 24, 2004 worldwide, over 22 countries listening. I've been on the internet air waves for 2 months and already there's a global audience of those who want to hear the truth of what's going on in these last days. And it's going to grow, and get bigger and bigger and bigger. I'm just a servant of the Lord's and a warrior willing to take a stand against the corruption and evil overtaking this world under the guise of a New World Order and
I pray I'm a blessing to Him.

A friend sent this to me .. made me want to go to NYC and rip that statues torch off myself..

Statue of Liberty or Lucifer?

Rev 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Before the word continent was added to the English vocabulary, the word mountain also defined a continent.

There are 7 continents on earth. There are 7 seas. The Lord's number 7 may be found on many things.

Rev 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

We have really chosen an excellent symbol for this nation, the Statue of Liberty. The 7 horns on Lady Liberty's crown, represent the 7 continents and the 7 seas.

The Statue of Liberty is not an original symbol. It goes all the way back to the mystery religions of Babylon, to the godess Isis, queen of Babylon, to the godess Libertos, godess of Liberty, and the godess of Reason.America has the spirit of Egypt.

The truth about the Statue of Liberty, the world's largest idol, needs to be toldThe Statue of Liberty's designer, French Freemason, Frederick August Bertoldi, once boasted that his creation would last as long as the Pyramids of the Nile. The seven spikes of Liberty's crown represent the seven continents and seven seas of the world.

This was a Freemason project, linked to the builders of the Pyramids. Freemasons designed the dollar bill.Freemasons planned the Washington monument and laid out the whole city of Washington in Luciferian, occult symbols.The Luciferian Masonic symbols are what the Statue of Liberty is really all about.To see the fruits of true Illuminism, what the antichrist mystery religions of Lucifer, are all about, look at the French Revolution. Illuminism is what drove the French Revolution.

That is what Illuminism is, antichristian doctrine, and a reign of terror. The guillotine took many thousands of lives in this bloody antichrist Luciferian mystery religion revolution. The unbridled killing and terror is what Illuminism is really all about. Jesus told us clearly that Lucifer, Satan, the devil, comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.The French Revolution culminated in an event where they desecrated Notre Dame cathedral. They enthroned a half naked prostitute on the high altar, and crowned her as the goddess of reason.

The torch in her hand, is the light of Lucifer. Believe it or not, this is the origins of the Statue of Liberty. That statue was designed and built by French Freemasons and given as a gift to American Freemasons. It still stands as the largest Luciferian idol in the world.

It is not a nice symbol.

It is a symbol of the goddess of witchcraft, holding aloft the light of Lucifer.

Makes you sick doesn't it?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Tonight is listener call in on the radio show. That's probably my favorite format.

I've posted a few new codes at

FEMA = The Beast Police. I've been saying it for a while now and have an article on it coming out soon. I also posted a code on the Bohemian Grove. No surprise that George Bush Sr., is one of the managers and administrators of the place. We know it's the Satan Club for Men where the Satan freaks gather every year to plot the destruction of our World and Earth.

I don't know why people call them the "elite." They are not elite. There's nothing about them that is elite. They are doomed and lost Satan worshipping freaks. And that's all they are.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The website is about to go down. I'm almost out of bandwidth for the month on the site. I have already taken down the free archives page. If you want to hear the archives you can go to they charge a small amount but you can also listen to the other hosts on the network such as Steve Quayle's shows. He's got some great info and well worth listening to.

I don't know if I'll be doing the radio shows next month. Donations this month have been almost nill and naturally the donation buttons on my site had been tampered with and not working until today. And I simply can't afford for it to come out of my pocket. I don't have any. So I guess it's a wait and see. I have about 6 days to get the funds in for next month. So far my show has been 100% listener supported and government hampered. LOL. Big shock but gotta love the listeners.

I really enjoy having the listener call in shows so I think most of the format will just be that if the show remains on the air.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Tonight at 8pm EST
Listener Call In
If you have a question call in and ask it..
I'll announce the number to call in on during the show.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Well I'm exhausted.

I've been working night and day over the past week getting a manuscript submitted. Yes, I will have my first book published and hitting the book stores sometime in January. I have a second one ready to go but it needs editing still.

Every bit of the information in these books is already available on my websites. I wanted to make sure of that before anything got published. I would never charge $ for information the Lord has led me to or given me Himself. Yet there are many who I've heard from who would rather buy a book then read websites all day. So now there's a choice, or will be soon. I have no control over the title or cost of the book so I hope at least they stay with the title I suggested. They price books according to how many pages are in the book itself. It can run anywhere from $10-$13 with my page range. Very affordable for those who want it.

I don't know what else I can do to sound the alarms on what's coming. I have done everything He has asked me to do the past 4 years and all I can say is, bring it on, I need a vacation. Better yet, sometimes I just want to go home. I'm tired and I haven't had a vacation in 13 years.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bush will take the election.

I just don't see Kerry anywhere on the chess board right now.

Besides the obvious dribble that he's in the queen's pocket, the whole EU apocalyptic 10 nation facade has always just been a distraction to keep churchdumb off the real cards being played.

It's a game. Always has been. One of the terms you will see the most often in the Bible Codes is the word Game.

Bush will pull another coup if he has to, or wouldn't it be amazing if they just both ended up in the same place at the same time and the place went boom? It only plays into Bush's hands if he died because he'll be back. He's the dominant card for being the Antichrist right now.

I can hear the hissing and jeers from churchianity right now that is in love with their "Christian" president. Need I remind them Satan knows the Bible better than they do? Do they really think the Antichrist is going to descend to earth and outwardly show hatred toward the Bible? No..he's going to quote it to you all the way to the trains and camps as you're becoming a martyr for your faith. With that in mind I can't comprehend why it's so hard for people to realize the Skull and Bonesman isn't what he says he is to them.

Read between the lines. Bush has faith - in Lucifer. Bush has been born again - unto Lucifer (ritual in skull and bones) Bush has done nothing in the past 4 years but build the huge government republicans have always hated. He's trashed the constitution for invisible boogeymen, fake terror, lies and deception and half of them worshipping under Ceasar now don't even see it coming.

If your tithes are a tax write off you are under the roof of Ceasar and not Yahweh.

It is the churches that are the Whores of Babylon in the last days. Babylon is America folks,

Get back to Yahweh, Jehovah the Most High God.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

A lot of buzz lately about sightings in Ohio. I don't live to incredibly far from where they took place and a lot of the areas are my old stomping grounds. Do I think they're UFOs? No..I don't think aliens who have been surfing our skies for thousands of years are going to be stupid enough to crash into a residential area, or forget their cloaking devices.

However the military is.

And I don't think the bright lights being described are of alien origin either. I think the military is trying to hard to mimmick them.

Aliens don't care about nuclear power plants. However the military does. They're dependent on atomic fuel to keep their man-made UFO fleets in the sky. Power plants are nothing but gas stations for their fleets.

Ahh..the real reason for so many of them. Do you really think power plants are needed in every state to make nuke bombs? Nice fairytale.

Atomic energy. One of the trade offs for abducting and eating human children and adults. It's what they would call, "collateral" damage. In some way. Just give "us" (the government) the technology and we'll allow you to abduct someone elses children and family members (I can hear it now). Maybe the aliens SHOULD start taking the government's own children.

In this day and age, they would just be feasting off of their own kind.

I live in reality. I crawled out of the box years ago. If you don't like the truth that doesn't mean it's not true.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Saturday night 8pm EST I'll be talking to Zeph Daniel about George Bush, John Kerry, the coming elections and the Watchers.
Saturday night 8pm EST I'll be talking to Zeph Daniel about George Bush, John Kerry, the coming elections and the Watchers.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

October Surprise?
Is Bush Going to Stage a Fake UFO Threat?
by Sherry Shriner

There's been a lot of sightings lately all over the country of black triangular shaped objects in the sky. Some accompanied by fighter jets, some not.

Is this the October surprise?

With the Rothschilds and Faction 2 of the NWO controlling the money supply, and wanting Kerry elected over Bush, I don't think he'll be able to pull off a stock market or economy crash to declare a national emergency and martial law.

With the NESARA freaks and Omegans allegedly keeping Bush from implementing any more 911 type terror attacks, he can't use that either.

Seems his hands are tied?

Not really, he always has Areas 51, 52, and 54 to come up with a way to declare martial law around the other factions of the NWO.

What's up his sleeve? Stage a planned UFO threat and imminent invasion.

We know it's coming soon enough. A real one when the Antichrist rises to power. But Bush is desperate to stay in power..Now..and the only way he can suspend elections if he feels underconfident in being able to manipulate them is to create some kind of national emergency to declare martial law or suspend elections.

Enter UFOs.

The funny thing is, most sci-fi watchers can remember the black triangular objects as a new fleet of high tech planes our military came out with years ago. It used to be featured on the Sci-Fi channel.

The joint human/alien base at Los Alamos, New Mexico among other things, serves as an underground garage for the UFO fleets our government has built via black technology from illegal trade agreements with the aliens (committing treason against the U.S. Constitution) and backward engineering of crashed alien UFOs.

Area 51 has been the test flight center of these government and military created and owned UFO fleets.

The skies have been lighting up at night with strange objects and colorful lights. Watch for an increase of activity and the media starting to take notice. If this is Bush's 'suspend elections strategy' then it will start becoming more dominant in the media.

Bush is desperate. Is it time to pull the American UFO card? Time will tell.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tonight at 8pm ESTSherry Shriner Live on Reality Radio Network
Get in at 8pm or right after, you can't get in the show before 8pm..
Tonight I'll be talking about NESARA, the agenda of the Antichrist and False Prophet

Friday, October 01, 2004

Tomorrow night I'll be talking about NESARA and the coming economic and political agenda of the False Prophet and the Antichrist on

You can catch the show at 8pm EST. If you try to get in before 8pm you won't get anything, wait till right at 8pm. I have a 4 minute intro so you just might miss some of Lunatic Fringe playing but that's ok.

The aliens are coming.

And so are the silencers.

The government doesn't want you to know that Lucifer and his minions exist and operate as "aliens" and that they are in alignment with them to bring this world under a one world government that Lucifer can control.

They hide in underground bases and claim they are extraterrestrial. They're subterranean. Yes some exist on planets within our solar system. But the majority are underneath our earth and use UFO's to travel around the skies in and monitor mankind.

Our government has signed treaties with Lucifer and his minions to hide their existence and keep it quiet.

All anyone has to do is read the Bible.

There's nothing secret about Lucifer and his minions. Our government has turned it's back on God and signed covenants of death and betrayal with Lucifer turning our nation over to him and giving him permission to abduct, kill, and destroy people and animals.

What did our government get out of the deal for committing treason against its own people? Technology.

whoo hooo. And most of it has never seen the light of day to help the people of this nation. The government keeps it hidden for their own purposes and agenda.

So let's get this straight.

Our government gets all this advanced tech from the aliens and in exchange allows its people to be brutally murdered and used for experiments and food by these aliens and we pay for their underground mansions with our tax dollars.

Are you mad yet?

We could have free energy today. One of the tech prizes our gov got from the aliens, but they dont' want to dismantle the billion dollar profit electric/gas business on earth so they keep it going and keep the free energy for the underground bases.

They have tube shuttles under ground that can literally run thousands of miles per hour, with no gas or fuel needed, not even tracks needed...and yet demand we pay money for fuel to run our vehicles.

We'll never see the light of day of all this technology even though we're paying for it and our kids are being abducted for it and adults are being imprisoned and held underground.

We need to shut Area 51 down. We need to shut the Dulce Base down and Kirtland Air Force Base. These are strongholds of the devil where some of these joint human/alien bases are located under ground.

Are you mad yet?

200,000 - 300,000 children missing a year. People reporting seeing people and children held in cages at these underground bases, not jail cells..CAGES. Like they are cattle.

This "New World Order" is slavery, murder, abductions and mayhem.

It's time to Stop the New World Order.

We Demand an End to the New World Order Petition

If we don't voice dissent then it's as bad as approving of what they are doing.