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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's the Real Agenda of the NFL?

Satanic NFL Agenda

It's a Liberal Thing, Not a Black or White Thing

They Want to Kill you, The War is On

Sherry Shriner Guest Host on Revolution Radio

Great Pyramid, Portal, End of Days

Ark of Covenant Leaving Earth Soon

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Videos I've added lately:

Red Moon Is the Sign the Pole Flip is Coming!!

Heavenly Star in the East Sept. 6, 2017

What the Heck is that Thing??

September Harvest Month Destruction Cometh

You'll Remember September

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

#10 Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter

The Last Days News With My Views

Prophet of the Most High

Hello folks,

I can't understand the hype within the church crowds online over 9-23 and the arrival of Satan to Earth. They're almost giddy at his arrival. To me it's appalling. I've always said they were all being led by Satanic freaks and wolves. Does it get any clearer??

I think the real naive ones actually think a Rapture will take place on Satan's Day. They are mistaken. Do they really think the entire chapter of Rev. 12 takes place in ONE DAY?

And it's still equally repulsive to think they know God so little that they actually think He would create an event such as that on that kind of day.

The funny thing is, most of these Nimrod xmas tree bunny adorers won't even be taken in the Rapture, they won't qualify because they are pagans and apostates. And they are so apostate they're blinded to their own apostasies.

The Father has been standing up Messengers, Watchmen, and Prophets for years to wake them up and they refuse to listen and actually hate those who are trying to steer them away from the lies and into the truth.

On another note, NYC will be flooded with water on 9-20. I don't know if it's from Hurricane Irma or another one comes in after that one, or what happens. I just know the city is flooded and it's coming from 2 different directions, the water from Long Island Sound and the Atlantic. 

From what I know the Wicked ones have committed to this route and these plans, and so the people of NYC better pay attention to the warnings and leave by the 19th. 

I think it's becoming painfully obvious by now that most "humans" on TV are fake. I did this show several months ago and it's gotten even worse since then...

We've Hit Critical Mass Only 1 in 4 People Is a real Human

I put out some teachings on Hell:

The Belly of Hell

666 Chip and Visions of Hell

And my last show, 

You'll Remember September
Houston We got Problems...

My newest and all my videos:


I have joined Patreon  and ask that you Join Me there. Subscribers will get exclusive content and their names or nicknames on the list of credits after my videos. Plus it will give you bragging rights that you're an official supporter of the Greatest Ministry on Earth led by a real Prophet of God's.

I hear from a lot of people who have chip implants or think they do...go here

Some of you just refuse to learn how to pray at all and so freak out over every little thing that hits you upside the head...grow a pair of feet and use them. Learn Spiritual Warfare and do something about being harassed by evil ones

A lot of you would rather get beat up by the Wicked rather than do something about it...take responsibility for yourselves and LEARN. Go to the links I provided and LEARN SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  Then act on what you learn!! No child of God should be a floor mat to anyone or anything that is evil. If you are it's your fault for not using the power you have in the Most High to defeat them.

Tough Love folks. I can't hand hold everyone. You've got to grow in HIM and the only way you can do that is by sitting at His feet and learning, then using what you know.


I've been busy with projects as the Father leads me. A special Thank You to those who support me so I can get those done.

Until next time everybody,
Yah bless,
Sherry Shriner


If you haven't accepted Yahushua ben David (Jesus the Son of David, the Son of God) as your Saviour don't you think it's time to? There's only one way to Heaven...See


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