The Watcher Files

Monday, November 05, 2007

They Don't Play Nice

Well it's been a rough ride lately but things are getting better. Since my last few radio shows the attacks against me have increased from hateful emails, website hacking, and virus attacks against my computer.

For weeks things have been disappearing and then reappearing on my computer in regards to pictures of Maitreya and Sananda, even my graphic for my book "Aliens on the Internet" was being hacked off my websites.

I've had to re-upload webpages, graphics and even audios constantly.

On the web hacking and even back-door access into my computer hitting me with viruses is how they've been "tolerating those who disagree with them" although their main message is "tolerance of all people."

They're rather short tempered for being 'tolerable.'

I have been warning people for years that this New Age - Alien agenda is wicked, evil, and while they preach love, light, and tolerance they are the complete opposite. They are evil, hateful, obnoxious and short tempered with anyone who disagrees with them.

I hope those who have fallen for the lies of these "Ascended Masters of Disaster" see them for what and who they really are before it's to late and they damn their own souls for joining the 'kingdom' these evil freaks intend on building on earth. When you join their 'kingdom' by taking their mark, number or symbol signifiying loyalty to this new global government it will damn your soul for eternity. By joining with 'them' you are literally joining with Satan, their boss. They won't tell you who their boss is...they lie to everyone.

And that's why they hate those who expose them for who and what they are. Because they know we speak the truth.

Yah bless His Warriors,