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Monday, November 05, 2007

They Don't Play Nice

Well it's been a rough ride lately but things are getting better. Since my last few radio shows the attacks against me have increased from hateful emails, website hacking, and virus attacks against my computer.

For weeks things have been disappearing and then reappearing on my computer in regards to pictures of Maitreya and Sananda, even my graphic for my book "Aliens on the Internet" was being hacked off my websites.

I've had to re-upload webpages, graphics and even audios constantly.

On the web hacking and even back-door access into my computer hitting me with viruses is how they've been "tolerating those who disagree with them" although their main message is "tolerance of all people."

They're rather short tempered for being 'tolerable.'

I have been warning people for years that this New Age - Alien agenda is wicked, evil, and while they preach love, light, and tolerance they are the complete opposite. They are evil, hateful, obnoxious and short tempered with anyone who disagrees with them.

I hope those who have fallen for the lies of these "Ascended Masters of Disaster" see them for what and who they really are before it's to late and they damn their own souls for joining the 'kingdom' these evil freaks intend on building on earth. When you join their 'kingdom' by taking their mark, number or symbol signifiying loyalty to this new global government it will damn your soul for eternity. By joining with 'them' you are literally joining with Satan, their boss. They won't tell you who their boss is...they lie to everyone.

And that's why they hate those who expose them for who and what they are. Because they know we speak the truth.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Friday, October 05, 2007

More Websites Up...

While my current main site is being held hostage and hijacked by my domain registrar, I have put up 2 more websites just like the original at and

I intend to file a complaint with ICANN but it's basically reporting the devil to the devil. I doubt I get anywhere.

Meanwhile what do you? They are using my domain as a cash parking domain for bartending ads.

If that isn't harassment, I've had graphics and articles of information completely erased off of my hard drive. In particular photos of Maitreya and information regarding Iran and their expectency of this Maitreya. I always said he had a short he ordering my computer to be hacked?

He's not a messiah folks, he's a 2 year old with a hatchet.

In particular, he's the rider of the Black Horse of the Apocalypse. When he arrives there will be famine. That's his job...plunge the world into famine. Are you prepared?

November, 2007, any month in 2008...he's coming folks. Iran isn't bluffing they're just crazy into thinking he's some kind of messiah. And he fits as far as Islam is concerned....Maitreya has a vile temper, he's a rapist, and he'll cause the deaths of many. Just like their last leader Mohammad. But Islam's a peaceful religion they proclaim. These Arabs need education on peace and the term peaceful.

And not just Arabs, look how many ignorant people around the world are converting to it. "Violence is Us" the new mantra for Islam.

They destroy every country they inhabit. Europe, Australia, Africa, and they are trying their hand at America as well.

Bush is determined to destroy America through immigration and he's doing his job.

The Satanists are winning while the Christians wait for a quote from the Bible to send them back to their couches unconcerned of the actual fruit being produced. As long as Bush quotes the Bible as Hitler did, all is fine in American churches.

The real whores of America. The churches.

Not much time left. Thank God. Some of us are just tired of having to put up with so much evil and stupidity.

Beam us up Scotty, we're ready to go home.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weapons, Harassment, and Even Death

The military is promoting a new weapon for police state use...a ray gun

These weapons feel like you're on fire.

They can fry you from satellites...AKA Lazer Beam Weapons, or Microwave Weapons, or DEW's = Directed Energy Weapons.

They say it only penetrates a certain depth of the skin..yet under repeated exposure your skin turns bright red from burns...just as if you had a bad sunburn...and how can they claim it doesn't affect internal organs?

People have died from being microwaved/burned/zapped...

They use it for assassinations...

They've had these 'ray guns' for 20-30 years. They've been using them as part of their cache of weapons for security in underground bases.

The only defense I've seen is mirrors..mirrors can deflect the beams away from you.

They roasted and toasted me back in June when I was in Taos, NM...then again in St. Louis and Akron , Ohio. Once they have you locked in via satellite it's hard to get away from them. You have to get out of the view of the satellite or source beaming at you.

If you have windows make sure they are covered small crack of visibility and a lazer beam can get in at you.

For those being harassed by night terrors you need orgone in your bedrooms...

This particular orgone combats evil beings and evil energy. Not all orgone does the same things, not all orgone is made the same way. Orgone is an can be a positive, living energy or produce a negative energy. I make positive, living energy orgone as the Most High directed me to do to combat Satan and his minions.

So why use orgone and not just rebuke them in the name of Yahushua? If you use orgone they won't come near you to begin with. You can either spend your nights in warfare all night or get some sleep.

Yah bless His Warriors

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tick Tick...Distractions...Tick Tick...

Time is winding down.

We only have one more prepare for the coming war, plagues, holocaust and famine that ARE COMING to this nation. And that could be shortened.

Politics are a distraction it doesn't matter who is in office these things ARE COMING and Hitting in 2008-2010.

The murderous Satan Sons of Esau-Sons of Cain freaks are here and they aren't leaving until America is destroyed and their own destruction chases them out.

It doesn't matter who is president. These events Cannot be stopped.

The Most High is leading His faithful into how to prepare while the dumbdowned churchianity crowd sleeps and is caught unaware.

In 2009 life on earth as we 'knew it' is going to basically be over.

If not before then. An economic crash is inevitable and the banks can close in this bankrupted America at any time. HUD in NY can't even pay their bills, thousands could be homeless soon in just that one state.

In 2008 the Real ID Licenses are going to start being enforced. No Believer of the Most High can get this license 'eye scan'=forehead, 'fingerprinting'=right hand!! Without this license you can't drive, work, bank, etc.. Are you prepared to say NO!??

Things are creeping up folks! Are you prepared? Are you ready?

The church has conditioned you to believe certain events will happen in certain ways...the Bible says BY DECEPTION Satan deceives the world. It's right in our faces folks and it's creeping closer by the day, week, and month!

How many Christians will be snowballed and blindsided because the beast churches and Satan's prophets have lulled them to sleep? How many Christians have refused to pray for the truth in all things and get it from the Most High Himself instead of seeking and trusting in pastors for the truth??

Millions are going to fall for the deceptions!

Many Millions!

Wake up folks!!

Yah bless His Warriors

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ron Paul...

People have been asking me to run a Bible Code on Ron Paul I can't say I was surprised at what I found...

Here's some other info on Ron Paul and his agenda:

Sherry Talk Radio = Ron Paul, NESARA and the Bible Codes

Ron Paul A Front For Faction Three's NESARA/Alien Agenda -

NESARA and The Omegans - The Unveiling

NESARA: The Political Agenda of the Beast


Omegans Are Liars

Crystal City Fraud

The New Agers and their Ascended Masters like to refer to themselves as "Omegans." God's last days army. What they mean is "Satan's army" because that's what they are...Satan's followers, cheerleaders, promoters, and mouthpieces. Each and every deluded one of them.

The term "omega" means "the end." They stole it from the Most High who is the Alpha and the Omega...the Beginning and the End.

If you missed the show last night it's Ron Paul, NESARA, and the Bible Codes at

Yah Bless His Warriors

Friday, August 31, 2007

Just A Heads Up...

Read about my summer trip at

I thought I'd post this email in it's entirety sent to me the other day..minus this person's identification...
August 30, 2007

Dear Sherry,

This is a letter to you from myself and others in the Emerald Coast. I know that you are very busy so you do not have to write me back. I just wanted to share some information with you and the others. Thank you for your insights and the valuable information that you share with us. I have reseached alot on the NWO and their plans. I have also studied on Maitreya and Kryon and their plans. Your information brought it all together for me. Again thank the most High for you and your websites. For a long time I have been visited during the night. I was told that it was psychological, stress, or due to my seizures (I haven't had one since 1978). Sometimes at night I would be asleep and I can feel something pulling on my soul like they are trying to take me. I would immediately pray and it would go away. I always have animals around me and they would hiss and hide under the bed. I have also been harrassed by the following methods:

Loud noises at night by my window
moving furniture around when i got home
lights on and fans on when I know I turned them off
leaving my door unlocked
breaking my door locks
stealing my animals
leaving the water faucet on at night
killing my fish in the pond.
I hearing noises and laughter
All of the ELF tower symptoms
Strangers taking pictures of my home. I purposely would park my car in another drive way and stay at home.
Constant Drive bys

I am experiencing the following at work:

Unfriendly employees Constant stares
Missing work from my desk
Just a real weird vibe that I pick up from people

The Most High is showing me and pointing out who the goon squad is at work. It is amazing. All of a sudden I feel disgusted around certain people.

Since I found your information I now know that I am not the only one that is being harrassed and gang stalked. I figured out why.

I am currently residing in Pensacola, Florida (Gulf Coast) I am feeling a constant urge to "flee" It is growing dailey. The only person that I have that understands everything is on his way out. His wife has divorced him. His friends and family think that he is crazy. Everybody does. He has sold his house will divide everything and is heading towards a safe haven that he is preparing for me as well. I am unable to flee at this time but I do have plans. This part is for your many readers:


That is what we are now. Please prepare!! Prepare!!! and Prepare!!!. This is advice is from a person who has been through Martial Law (only temporarily).

After Hurricane Ivan (2004) we saw the boots hit the ground. We saw the Hummers and the White Hummers as well. We saw the cocked rifles and guns. Patroling your neighborhood supposedly to help. They are very rude. Stay away from them and FEMA. Folks, Wal-mart ran out of food within 10 minutes. The Food isles were empty!!!!!!! I know I was there, I saw how fast it happened. People were fighting over food and water. Even the pet food was gone. The SWAT teams were at Wal-mart. It was crazy. Please stock up now!!! Today!!!. I was in Wal-mart the other day. They only had 33 bags of sugar. If they had made the annoucement how long do you think those bags will be on the shelf.

They wouldn't last for two minutes. We had no food in any of the stores for 10 days. We had money but no food. This was an eye opener for me, so please prepare! I did have to go to FEMA for the MRE's because I had no food and I needed them. Folks, don't trust them. There are thousands that are missing from Miss and LA. Where did they all go? Where did they take them all?

The ELF towers are popping up at an accelerating pace. They are disguised as highway street lights (towers) They are also attempting to disguise them as trees. This is moving very rapidly in front of our eyes. Please try to leave the cities. You do not want to get caught in a URBAN environment the raping and plundering... Watch the environment watch the signs. Pay attention to our Animal Friends.

People please take heed!!!

Dear SHerry,

It is such a relief just to write this letter. My husband does not like when I read and visit your website. I truly beleive that people cannot handle this truth or they are not prepared. I feel that we can drop seeds now and then, but that they cannot handle the truth at full throttle. Thank you very much..


I remember Hurricane Andrew several years back and the email I read from a survivor who also said the same thing about our 'military'.."they weren't there to help" many of the injured were left to die as the military touted their guns and bullied people ...

I've been warning for a long time that FEMA is the arm of the beast that will be in charge of martial law and concentration camps. Don't trust them, don't go to 'relocation' centers in a time of a disaster, and stay off the highways!!

Disaster can strike in an instant...if you haven't read David Meyer's newsletter, read it at disasters are hitting everywhere..are you ready and prepared if one hits your area?

Prepare now while you can folks. Every day you/we have is a blessing.

P.S. Don't forget the brethren who need help either physically or financially.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wild Beasts of the Earth...

An Alien Invasion is coming sooner than people think!

Of course it's already been going on for a while, refer to my article on "The Silent Invasion" at

Possessing and soul scalping humans and taking over the political, entertainment, and news industries using human bodies has been the alien agenda for years now, only it's so widespread now it's becoming more and more noticeable.

It's hard for Satan's minions to hide their immoral narcissistic qualities, even as wannabe humans as they possess and soul scalp them to work through them.

Yah showed me something last week with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth" Rev. 6:8.

Death and Hell...Satan and his forces. The apostle John refers to "Death and Hell" as "them" signifiying a group of beings who have power to kill and destroy. The names are capitalized as being nouns, proper names of a person/being or a group of people or beings.

This is the 4th Seal.

The first seal is the white horse, diplomacy, political leader or influential leader sending out the second horse, the red horse to take peace from the earth. Red signifies war.

The third horse is the black horse with balances in his hand...a famine is coming.

The fourth horse is the pale horse who has "Death and Hell" with him, and they have the power to kill 1/4 of the earth. That's about 2 billion people. And they will cause their deaths by war, famine, and the beasts of the earth. Notice it doesn't say "beasts of the field" that would signify says "beasts of the earth" and this signifies aliens and demonic beings. Satan is always referred to as a "beast" because that's what he is. And his forces of fallen angels and demonic beings are always referred to as beasts as well.

This is what I've been warning about for years, that Satan would arrive during/after a famine. In fact his 'forces' will be the assassins of 2 billion people on earth! It doesn't say how the famine is started although most presume it's because of wars, it could be started because of wars or weather weapons, or a sabotaging of the food could be caused by a number of ways and Satan and his forces are behind it!

And they will target to kill humanity. Two billion people! All by famine? No...the Bible simply says 1/4 of the earth will be killed by war, hunger and the 'beasts of the earth.' An alien and demonic invasion of our earth!

This black horse/famine and the pale horse/Death (Satan) and Hell (his forces) work together to kill 2 billion people.

I believe they will literally invade the earth and war against mankind, overcoming and killing them with savage violence. Joel chapter 2 describes one of their invasions. In fact there are several listed..and now we have yet another one listed before the Antichrist even arrives personally..most believe the 4 Horsemen ride before the Antichrist appears on do I..

So what does this tell us? An Alien Invasion is coming alot sooner than most people think! In fact it's along with the next horse to ride. When you see a famine start to hit the earth...they are closely behind it!

The "beasts of the earth" are waiting to make their appearance known on a visible and worldwide scale folks!

Not much time left.

Yah bless His Warriors.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can A Christian Serve In Our Military?

I guess the real question is, should Christians be serving in our military? And the answer is NO.

With d'furer Bush publicly supporting and implenting a Luciferian and Satanic New World Order there shouldn't be one Christian in support of him either via the military or in any capacity whatsoever.

As Commander-in-Chief President Bush is using our military to conquer the world for Satanic and global tyranny. Trouncing our Constitution and eliminating our Bill of Rights with unconstitutional Presidential Directives he is paving the way for martial law, dictatorship, and the rule of the Antichrist over America. He knows full well what he is doing, as an avowed Luciferian (member of the Skull and Bones Society, Trilateral Commission and CFR) he has lulled many Christians to sleep with religious jargon to keep them "in line" and when it's time, he will command and lead them to their deaths.

The military is thus an arm of the Beast, global government, and Satan himself.

No Christian who truly loves the Lord could support President Bush and his initiatives and plans to destroy the America our founding fathers built and turn it into a fascist police state where government rules over the people instead of a government of and by the people.

President Bush's alcoholism is a danger to not just America, but the entire world. An alcoholic can't control himself, let alone a nation. He is a man without character or integrity and is devoid of any moral fortitude to stand in the highest office of the land representing this country.

Bush must be stopped and taken out of office. Congress isn't going to do it because they're all members of the same Satanic secret societies, in effect they are all guilty of treason against America and failing to uphold the Constitution because they are blatantly working to eliminate it.

By serving in the military these soldiers are ENDORSING Bush's actions and plans of implementing a Luciferian New World Order and eliminating the Constitution of America.

Bush is an enemy of the Most High God and God's people have no business supporting him!

It is time for the real Christians of America to unite and take a stand against the Satanic regime in control of Washington DC. It will soon be too late to do so.

As a Christian you can choose to live and die for the Most High and die with integrity and honor serving Him, or be led to the slaughter for putting your faith in a wolf who uses your taxes to plan your deaths.

It's time to wake up and stand up folks!

Enough is Enough.

Yah bless His Warriors

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fires Out of Control...

Just as I predicted..the fires would get outrageous as they try to beat our POE orgone with DOE.

Is it a fluke or a coincidence?


More wildfires flare, forcing further evacuations

1 person dies in South Dakota; hundreds flee blaze in Washington state
Rick Egan / The Salt Lake Tribune via AP

A scorched freeway sign sits in the road Saturday near Cove Fort, Utah.

Wildfires surge

July 8: As wildfires threaten towns in the west, now cities and towns in
the East are preparing for an increase in heat-related emergencies.
NBC's George Lewis reports.

Nightly News

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. - One of dozens of fires across the West raced out of
a canyon in South Dakota's Black Hills with a
vengeance on Sunday, killing a homeowner and destroying 27
homes, authorities said.

Residents of about 50 homes had fled the wildfire near Hot Springs,
which also injured two firefighters and closed a section of a state
highway, state and federal officials said. An area of roughly 9 square
miles has burned since the fire was sparked Saturday by lightning.

One person was killed trying to retrieve possessions from a home. The
person's identity was withheld until relatives could be
notified, authorities said.

This thing blew up because of extreme hot temperatures and the
winds, said Joe Lowe, state wildland fire coordinator.
"It came out of the canyon with a vengeance".

Gov. Mike Rounds toured the area Sunday and noted that the trees around some houses were charred but the dwellings were intact.

Raging wildfires

Aided by hot weather and gusty winds, brushfires are burning out of
control in several states.

™t know how in the world you saved some of those homes, he
told firefighters at an evening briefing.
More than two dozen homes had no damage because of a high-tech gel made of water-filled bubbles.

High wind near Wenatchee, Wash., overnight spread a brush fire that
threatened homes. By Sunday morning, 250 to 270 homes had been
evacuated, and at least three outbuildings were destroyed.

In fire-swept Nevada, about 1,500 evacuees from Winnemucca were allowed home hours after a wildfire destroyed an electrical substation and several outbuildings, shut down Interstate 80, delayed trains, and
killed livestock. No injuries were reported.

It was pretty hairy for quite a while, and people thought they would go
back to nothing, Humboldt County Undersheriff Curtiss Kull said
Sunday. It was a huge wall of flame coming at the homes.

It's amazing that no homes were lost. It was unknown how much
of the fire was contained Sunday, and no estimate was provided on when
full containment would be reached, said Jamie Thompson, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

In Utah, the largest wildfire in state history grew to 283,000 acres on
Sunday. The blaze has swept through about 442 square miles of extremely dry sagebrush, cheat grass and pinion juniper in central Utah.

This fire just ran away from us, and we couldn't put a dent in
it, said Mike Melton, fire management officer for
Utah's Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands.

The fire forced the closure Sunday of a 60-mile stretch of Interstate 15
between Interstate 70 near Cove Fort and Beaver, Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Steve Winward said. It was unclear when the freeway would reopen.

Other fires blackened the landscape in California, Colorado, Arizona,
Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

Quick-moving flames burned through more than 34,000 acres in
California’s Inyo National Forest, skirting the popular John
Muir Wilderness north of Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 states.

60-mph winds in California

The blaze was less than 10 percent contained Sunday, though a break in
the 60-mph wind and triple-digit temperature gave firefighters a chance
to dig in, Inyo National Forest spokesman John Louth said.

When an ember lands in the sagebrush, thereâs a 100 percent chance of
it catching, said fire information officer Jim Wilkins.
“You put a spark on it, it will ignite into fire.

Flames up to 40 feet high threatened major power lines in the area
feeding the eastern Sierra front and greater Los Angeles, Wilkins said.

A wildfire in the Los Padres National Forest in Southern California
injured 11 firefighters, including one who suffered a broken leg. The
6,500-acre blaze was threatening 22 homes, said fire information officer
Joel Vela.

A 45,000-acre fire in Idaho was contained Saturday, officials said.
Crews on Sunday raced to repair fire-damaged transmission lines that
threatened rotating power failures.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Satan's Armies...

Satan's armies....geared up, ready, and waiting to torture, torment, and destroy mankind.

Are they all alien and demonic in origin? No. In fact many humans have sold out to Satan and are soldiers in his army and many have seen them or even heard about them...the men in black.

I'm not just talking about MIB's as some have experienced odd encounters with them and also featured via Hollywood movies, but the men in black in uniform that many have seen throughout the United States.

Many police forces such as Swat teams have switched to black uniforms instead of the traditional blue for police departments and there are black military uniforms as opposed to traditional army fatigues.

I've heard some people proclaim they have seen or spoken to Germans and Russians here in America with black uniforms on and wondered if they were part of a UN force making their presence in this country ever more known with the coming martial law plans here in our country for citizens who oppose and resist the establishment of a New World Order. A NWO that calls for the suspension and eratication of our Constitution in favor of a New World of police states and Fascism.

They may be part of the UN, but more particularly they are Satan's army on earth. Our own NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, and many other federal agencies that have over the past decade given room to these 'black op' departments within them who work to secure our future into slavery and domination of Satan and his NWO.

Several years ago I warned of FEMA and how Satan would use it to fill it with his own minions (Anuk's) to transport and murder thousands and even millions of Americans to internment-death camps.

But FEMA isn't the only agency he's going to utilize. In fact he's using many of our federal agencies to fill the ranks of those loyal to him.

In the Bible Codes there are 3 separate armies that I've seen, Satan's own "angelic" armies that are coming to deceive the world that they are angels from heaven and even mankind's original creators. Then there is the 'black army' and the 'orange-colored' army.

The colors of the UN are blue and orange and they contain factions of armies from every country in the world masked as 'peace keepers.'

Yet they are different and distinct from the black army. I believe it's because the black army are not all humans but also contains inhuman "universal type" soldiers, cloned and even brain-chip implanted creations of black op experiments within our military bases.

Robotoids...Automatons..Clones...beings without souls.

The human aspect of this army would be those who are chip implanted and can be controlled by their handlers-officers if needed. They are sold out to the NWO and here to implement martial law in America and wouldn't think twice about murdering women and children. The soulless beings would do whatever they are commanded to do and have no consciousness of their actions...a much better feature for Satan in the last days. He fully intends to use this 'black army' as his frontline men in establishing his rule of tyranny around the world.

Human armies are too much of a risk, humans have a conscious and can even try to mutiny against him. With chip implanted pawns and even soulless beings, they can be completely controlled by him.

Even those who have taken part in the Luciferian Initiation of establishing a NWO here on earth can be then soul-scalped and replaced by demons who can then operate through that soldier using his body as their own.

A Luciferian Initiation is taking a vow to worship and serve Lucifer and proclaiming one's loyalty to his NWO. At that point, once a person vows (their soul) to Lucifer he has every legal right (in spiritual and physical terms) to then possess that person. And these people don't realize that...when you take vows to Lucifer you are giving him complete access to soul-scalp you. This Luciferian Initiation gives Satan your soul. That means he can kill you (take your soul to hell) while your body is still 'alive' here on earth but taken over and possessed by a demonic or alien being to use as they want. It's a complete possession by Satan.

A person is a spirit (soul) who lives in a body. Our bodies are just shells, containers for our soul. If the spirit is separated from the body the body can continue to live in the state it's in. When you hear of people who astral project they have left their physical body and are roaming around the world in their spirit bodies. If they are cut off and can't get back to their physical bodies for whatever reason then their physical body will eventually die. In this case Satan can keep the physical body alive by taking it over and inhabiting it, also known as 'animating' a body. Even if the body itself dies, it can be 'animated' to make it appear it is still alive.

A fair warning to those who might otherwise get suckered into proclaiming and taking the Luciferian Initiation when it comes. It's eternal death to your soul.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fighting NWO Weapons

I decided to just write a blog on ways you can defend yourself against the high tech weapon attacks of the NWO.

I hear from many people who, like myself, are under constant attack in one way or another by those in the NWO who are desperately trying to intimidate, harass, stalk, hurt, injure and even kill those they deem a threat to them and their agenda.

America the free? Hardly. Free speech? Hardly. On the legal books and TV it may appear that way but ask the thousands across the internet who dare speak out against this Satanic and Luciferian freemasonry regime implementing the NWO in America and they will tell you how it really is, how 'free' speech really is.

And then there's the few who make no difference at all for Yah and who aren't being harassed and so think everyone else is crazy. If you're standing up as a patriot or a Christian in this country the backlash is incredible. All I can do is pray that these couch potatoes experience everything the patriots and warriors are so they will see for themselves how free this country is. That would shut them up.

These are various ways most are being attacked on a daily basis:

Phone conversations being recorded - when you hear a click or echo on your line you're most likely having your phone conversation recorded. Or when the line sounds like it's being forwarded to somewhere else before it actually begins to ring to the person you are actually calling. This goes for landlines or cell phones. Not all of my conversations are recorded but for the most part, most are. Or they block you from receiving phone calls from particular people. They will show up on your caller ID 2 days after they had originally tried to call.

Unemployment - Many of those who find themselves speaking out against the NWO will in one way or another end up losing their job and unable to find employment, some for long periods of time and some will just never work again. I have heard from several having to resort from white collar jobs to becoming taxi drivers to survive. Some couldn't get hired if they paid someone to hire them. They are blackballed.

Disability - Many end up on disability because of health issues stemming from the constant ELF attacks against them. Sudden brain tumors, or illnesses that kill them quickly are another route 'they' like to use to assassinate "big mouths".

ELF Monitor Attacks - ELF (extreme low frequency) is an attack by electromagnetic weapons they can use and target you through your computer monitor. Sudden heart pains, headaches, light headedness, a sulphur taste in your mouth...these are characteristics of being ELF attacked. I put POE (positive orgone energy) orgone on the top of my monitor and it stopped the attacks. If you don't have POE orgone then turn your computer off and get away from it for a while.

RNM Attacks - Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). These are the attacks of the twilight zone kind. They hit you with EW's (eletromagnetic waves) and you begin to hear sounds and noises that seemingly are coming out of the thin air. If you have hard wood floors you might hear what sounds like bowling balls rolling down them. You might hear music being played and people talking (this one can also be a result of a chip implant and chips are like 2-way transistors to where at times you can hear what's on the 'other end.'). I think part of this RNM also has something to do with Dreamscape Manipulation where they can beam false visions and dreams into peoples minds as they sleep.

Beings Appear in Your Room as You Are Sleeping - sometimes you can see them, standing inside your bedroom as shadowy figures and other times you can see clearly see that they are military or normal 'people' staring at you. Other times you can hear them walking around inside your house or bedroom but you can't see them. Or you can hear them walking around and even talking outside your house on your property but you can't see them. This is what I've referred to as the "cloaked military."

Black or Huey helicopters - seem to have a constant presence of helicopters of one kind or another over your house or neighborhood? They use this for intimidation but it's largely just more amusing than anything else.

Sabotaging Computer Broadcast Streams - trying to listen to or record a broadcast on the internet and all of a sudden it starts to do weird things like echo, skip, cut off completely....these are some of the tactics they use to keep people from listening to internet broadcasts. It's the CIA that owns the servers of the internet. All web hosting companies and websites on the internet are on CIA servers. They can sabotage websites and broadcast streams from their end of the servers whenever they want to.

Directed Energy Weapons - these are the most intense forms of outright assassination attempts. They blast you with Tesla Energy Beams to burn you from the inside out as they're trying to kill you. You may experience redness that resembles a sunburn or you may feel like your skin is on fire and there's no redness at all. If you're in a car when it hits there's not much protection. If you leave your car and get into a crowded place they will have a hard time tracking you. If you're at home and getting blasted as you're sleeping put mirrors in your windows it will reflect the DEW's away from you and back to them. If you see beams of light entering your home cover your windows with dark blinds or dark curtains. If there are any openings in the blinds or curtains they can use those to blast the beams through. Make sure the windows are covered completely.

Food Poisoning - they can cloak themselves (become invisible) and enter your home (or workplace for that matter if you have a job) to poison food or even coffee that they know you will be eating or drinking. It's very important to ask the Lord to bless your food before you eat it.

Street Theater - ever see cars or even semi trucks just vanish into thin air? They will use the element of surprise to startle you hoping to cause you to have a car accident. Or they will will blind your car from others being able to see it who then run right into you at high rates of speed. They will also use small animals to run out in front of you to startle you to cause an accident. Learn to just run them over. Most of these kinds are just holographics the "at the last second" kinds usually are..they want the element of surprise to cause you to react quickly and end up wrecking your car and possibly hurting yourself in the process.

Email Vacations - ever send an email and it takes hours or even a day to get to it's destination? You can track your emails to see where all they go before they get to their destination. I don't know how it's done but a friend of mine tracked some of my emails a few years ago when I was using Outlook Express and told me they were being routed into the White House. I don't think they still are since I stopped using OE but I don't really know either. The CIA can put tags on your emails so when they leave your email box you won't know where they are being forwarded to unless you understand tech and can trace route things.

Bedroom Theater - It always seems to start with this one. Night time harassments are their play time. I put POE orgone in my room and under my bed and it stopped it. If you have the eyes to see you might see humans, demons, or alien type beings in your room staring at you, shaking your bed, or making noises to let you know they are there. Sometimes you can hear loud doors slamming indicating a portal opening or closing in your immediate vicinity that they are using to get access to you. They can be around whether you realize it or not which is why I like the orgone because they can't stand to be around it and will quickly leave and eventually stop coming. My favorite is to just outright catch them in my room and ask Yah to send His Warrior angels and bind them and cast them into the abyss. I've sent eons of demonic and possibly alien beings to the abyss in the name of Yahushua. And when the humans don't get the message I ask Yah to do with them as He will. Humans (these particular ones) can only leave their bodies as spirit beings to operate in the spiritual realm via demonic power. If you bind the demonic beings enabling them to do that and cast them into the abyss then the humans can't get back to their body. Their physical body dies and they are stuck in the astral realm. When you start to take action against this kind of theater they'll stop messing with you. They learn who they can mess with (because the person won't do anything to stop them because they probably don't know how) and who they can't. Calling on the name of Yahushua will also cause them to flee your area if you're awake when it happens and you conscious enough to take action against them. Sleep paralysis is getting common, if you have control of your mind call on Yahushua or the first chance you can and then bind and cast those beings causing it into the abyss in His Name even if you don't see them.

There are spiritual warfare prayers listed at my website just look for them in the search box.

You don't always know what you're dealing with...they could be alien, demonic, or human beings. Once you learn to defend yourself against all or any of them they'll stop messing with you. But you have to take action. Being passive in a spiritual war just means you're going to get run over. That's why it's called warfare.

If you can't recognize what you're being attacked with and you're pretty sure it's a 'human' weapon of some kind ask the Most High to break their equipment in Yahushua's name.

If you're on the phone and you know they're listening ask the Lord to scramble their lines so they can't hear a word of what you're saying.

So here's a few pointers, use what you can.

Yah bless His Warriors

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ice Age...Fires..Fierce Winds...

As much as I complain about the insane weather Ohio seems to always have it amazed me that I would travel across the country and actually have to come back to Ohio to experience temperature in the 80s.

Wyoming was cold and a week earlier had been snowing when we drove through there. Northern New Mexico was cold, and what we thought was rain was actually snow.

Northern Arizona wasn't as unbearable as I thought it would be. Las Vegas was humid.

As they continue to lose their grip on controlling and suppressing the living energy of the earth several of the cause/effects of their madness is colder temperatures, fierce windstorms that can create tornadoes, and they will even create forest fires to pump DOE in the air to suppress the living and healing energy of the earth.

I expect a backlash real soon as a result of our combatting them with POE (positive orgone energy) vs. DOE (dead orgone energy).

Their entire system is built to run off of DOE and when they can't get enough they'll create havoc weather conditions.

All I can say is, be prepared.

Be prepared for fierce weather, unexpected bad weather, and power outtages as a result.

There's a lot of stuff coming out about enhancing and changing DNA. You DON'T want to do this. Tinkering with human DNA is Satan's agenda and allows for easier demonic/possession and soul scalping by them to take over your body.

Vitamins, herbs, they make it sound like it's a healthy thing to do...don't listen to their rhetoric and garbage. If the Most High wanted you to change your DNA or wanted to change your DNA He would do it Himself!

Remember that all things come from 2 sources, God or Satan, and it's your free will choice to decide whom you will serve. But don't be stupid and think something is of God when it isn't!

The New Age Alien Agenda is crawling everywhere into our science, medical, religion, and even technological areas.

They don't want to help you they want to control you and dominate you. They want to take over your body (soul scalp) and kill you.

In the guise of being "helpful" they will destroy you, just as when Satan comes in the guise of "peace and safety" and then destruction comes.

There are no "good aliens." The biggest lie of the day is that "not all aliens are bad." And that's going to come from the Alien-UFO Disclosure camps and many others.

As more and more people wake up to their presence and the reality that they exist they are being led and deceived into believing the lies that hide who and what they really are.

If God Himself was coming to earth do you really think He would need to change our atmosphere so He could breathe or survive here? Do you really think He would establish His Kingdom on earth via man's ways and revamp our economies and create a global world order to rule from? Ha!

Yahushua isn't returning to earth to restore it, He's coming to destroy it!

As the Satan freaks know their time is coming to crap or get off the pot they are going to become more known and visible and attempt to condition mankind into believing they are spiritual beings as they quote Scriptures a mile a minute so most won't recognize the twisting and manipulation of them as they're doing it. And of course it will work, pastors have been doing it for almost 2000 years and the masses can't discern truth from error for themselves. That's why religion is such a big business...because people won't search the truth for themselves or ask the Lord Himself what the truth is in all things.

Like sheep to the slaughter millions will die in the coming onslaught or through their choices be deceived into allowing their own soul scalping to take place by the ones who claim they are helping them.

By DECEPTION Satan will rule the world.

That means the majority won't believe they are being deceived!

Yah bless His Warriors,

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Seven....Annihilating Strongholds

This is the last of my reports on Roadtrip 2007 - Annihilating Strongholds

scroll down to read Part One

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Seven

I had one more state to conquer for Yah and I knew it was going to take me all the way almost home. But I had a stop to make first. I wanted to take another trip to Cheyenne Mountain and in doing so would come down from the North traveling through Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver to get to Colorado Springs. Denver was a lot different than I thought it would be. I imagined it on top of a mountain peak or something. They always refer to it as 'mile high' so I always imagined it to be a mile high on top of a mountain.

I'm sure the elevation itself was but other than that it was a huge metropolitan area we got through pretty quickly. I had more things to do in Colorado Springs and wanted to make sure I had done everything I had set out to do. Our second time through Colorado Springs went pretty easily and it was a long hike through Kansas to go through Kansas City and on to St. Louis.

I knew St. Louis had some meaning within the wicked circles and that Kansas City has a huge underground city underneath it that the UN owns. When I got across the border into Missouri I heard a resounding "*itch" in my head. Haha I knew Satan was madder and hotter than hell that I had already conquered most of his strongholds in this country and I was about to claim another stronghold of his...St. Louis itself.
It was even getting to St. Louis that became half the battle. I know it was Satan behind trying to make me wreck two different times on the highway. He's such a sore loser. Yah had my back and He's all I needed. He kept me awake and alert to see what was going on around me.

We accomplished what we set out to do in St. Louis and I would pay for it in Ohio. About 40 miles from home I came under severe DEW attack once again. Blasting the air conditioner in my car I could still feel the heat wave attacks. My legs and face were burning and I ended up getting lost for 2 hours because Yah didn't want me to take my regular route home, "they were waiting for me." I eventually got home after much confusion and laughter. I drove clear across the country and couldn't get home from Akron, Ohio. LOL. What I was even doing in Akron is beyond me since it's quite a bit out of the way. I sure didn't know where I was or what I was doing so anyone following me would have long been lost along the madness of all my erratic driving at that point. I thought I would never get home. I was in pain, tired, and completely exhausted from driving 24 hours straight.

I don't know what else the Most High will lead me to do while there is still time, but I also know He will stand up others to cover even more strongholds of Satan's. I remember as I was driving through Denver and seen a sign for Denver International Airport. I wanted to take a detour and go attack that stronghold but Yah told me He had other people for that.

He has had servants and warriors throughout the country securing their areas from the coming and even present wickedness and evil that is inhabiting and has been inhabiting and will be inhabiting this country. There have been many who have ignored His call but there have been many who have answered Him as well. The Lord doesn't need the strength of numbers to accomplish His will on earth, just the obedience of a few or even one person that will listen and obey Him. And that's what has always amazed me, it only takes one person to make a difference and today they are everywhere.

Now that many of Satan's strongholds have been conquered and jeopardized he is going to be on the attack. Yah has told me to prepare for harsh weather as Satan attempts to gain control of the creation of dead orgone energy (DOE). If he can't do so through weather weapons and HAARP he will have his followers via the black ops of our government and military start fires and whatever else he needs to create this DOE.

Positive Orgone Energy (POE) doesn't affect humans, it's a positive healing energy. It only affects the evil and wicked fallen angels (aliens) of Satan and inhibits and torments them in many ways. If you orgone an area with POE then claim that entire area for the Most High and rebuke Satan in Yahushua's name and give that area's ownership to the Most High to do with as He pleases. Ask Him to fill these orgoned areas with His Holy Angels and command Satan to leave them in Yahushua's name. That will leave Satan's minions homeless. And that's quite a task. Not to mention comical.

I wish I could see into the spiritual realm and see all that His people have accomplished but from the backlash I've received from even implementing this war between POE and DOE several years ago I can see it coming to a head in the near future. As they desperately try to regain control of their strongholds and this country it will be a battle that I simply leave in the hands of the Most High.
Remember Satan will win battles as Yahuah allows him to to fulfill His own purposes but Satan has already lost the war.

The Bible says that in the last days His people will stand up and do exploits.

Many already are.

Yah Bless His Warriors!

Part Six...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Six

Now that I've traveled across the country I have to say that driving in the midwest is easier than anywhere else. In states like Ohio, Indiana, Illinois they are clearly marked with signs and even directional signs so you know how far the next city is even in a different state. I always took it for granted and didn't realize how good we have it until I headed out west. It almost seems like everything is a mystery. If you don't have a map or know where something in particular is you'd never find it.

It takes about 10 hours to drive through Kansas and during that time I never once saw a sign for Colorado as I headed west. In New Mexico there are very few signs for anything except the town directly ahead unless you're in Santa Fe.

I never expected the nightmare we would get heading into Utah. Utah is a beautiful state and Provo and Salt Lake City were both huge metropolises situated next to each other much like Dallas and Ft. Worth.

On one side is the moutains and off in the distance on the other side is Salt Lake. I was amazed at how secluded they keep Salt Lake from the residents there. There are no neighborhoods that directly border the lake, they keep it at a distance from the general public area although there are many residential areas "as close as they can get" to the lake. There are only 2 ways to even get close to the lake and that is by the state park entrances at the north and the south sides.

Other than those two entrances the lake is restricted from public access. I thought that was very odd. What was even crazier was trying to drive in the entire metropolitan area of Salt Lake City. The lake itself was as the others throughout the country, way below it's normal water level and driving across the state park access road to the visitor's center was about a 5 mile hike with nothing but the lake on each side of the road. It was beautiful scenery but through the first mile or two there was a sickening stench of dead fish.

The streets in Salt Lake City are named as numbers. They don't have exits with street names, but street numbers...and the entire city is like this. They should consider that maps of their city contain the names of the streets themselves and not the numbers. It was explained to me that the city is laid out in a grid system starting at 00 from the Mormon Tabernacle and then everything goes by a number and direction such as 4700 S, or 4700 N. It looked like a military mess to me. I spent the night at 273000. I certainly couldn't tell you what the name of the town, street, or area was other than some place in Salt Lake City.

We stayed for a couple of days in Salt Lake City. Despite the problems of actually finding the places we needed to go to we were having fun tearing up Satan's seat in America. We went down to the Mormon tabernacle at night to have some fun and it completely floored me to see the 'new' Mormon temple. Within the city there is a "temple square" and it contains both the old and new Mormon temples completely surrounded by a concrete wall that is closed off to the public other than during visiting hours.

What shocked me was that just before I had left on the trip I had been looking at anomalies on the moon that had been leaked on the internet and on various websites throughout it that NASA had not itself made public. Perhaps at one time and then they took them off of their website so they were grabbed by others interested in the 'dark side of the moon.' I remember seeing one structure that was huge and it looked like a palace and it's located on the dark side of the moon. And as I stood there at temple square in Salt Lake City there sat a replica of that same picture I had seen from the moon! I don't know how anyone else hasn't put this together already. The new Mormon temple and the object/palace on the moon are the same exact structures!

I took pictures of this so I will post these pictures on my website at here in a few days. I still need to sit down and figure out how to upload pictures from my camera to the computer.

Anyway, I was shocked. I don't know why, after all Mormonism is just another branch of Satanism and in the Satanic Bible they claim Mormons as their own. The demon Moroni runs Mormonism and I've heard from others who were once high ranking Mormons that in the deep basement underground level of the temple that is restricted to public access they have a gold plaited throne room with an actual throne for Moroni.

I did enough work there to completely annoy and tick off the wickedness of that entire area for a very long time. Our war against evil is not just a physical war but a spiritual one as well. I took them on at both levels and Yah said to me as I left, "That was perfect!" and that's good enough for me.

Part Five...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Five

We left Taos and headed toward the 4 Corners area. I had always wanted to see it for some reason. It's the point where 4 states meet, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. They have a monument there honoring veterans so I thought that should be interesting already knowing there's a huge underground alien base at the 4 Corners area.

As we headed out of New Mexico we stopped to eat at a Chinese restaurant. As we were eating I was feeling heat waves hitting my body and started to become dizzy. I had to leave the restaurant and go sit in the car. As we drove the assaults continued from their DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons) and it was a pretty good drive to the 4 Corners area. While driving down a deserted state route I vaguely caught a white flash run from the top area of my car straight underneath it toward the other side. We figured it was a rabbit but it was so fast all you could see was a flash of white illuminated by the headlights of my vehicle. It wasn't the first time during this trip rabbits out of nowhere would shoot under the car. When we were heading to Los Alamos a skunk sitting in the
middle of the road took us by surprise and I had to quickly react and swerve to miss it. I thought it was odd that these minor little things kept happening but then the thought came that perhaps there was something more to it. Were they trying to get me to wreck my car? I never thought much of it after that until heading home I was driving toward St. Louis and a semi truck disappeared right before my eyes and yet another semi truck a bit further up the highway seemingly stopped in the middle of the highway and I about rammed it from the back going about 70mph. Were they using holographics and/or real objects to cause me to have an accident and/or injure me and my passengers? I don't know but I wouldn't have put it passed them.

Getting into Arizona was a different type of scenery and I enjoyed it. Each state has it's own personality and we stopped by Page, Arizona on our way to Las Vegas. Some of those within the group went jet skiing in Lake Powell. It was almost 90 feet under it's normal water level. Lake Powell feeds into many other streams and rivers. It seems most of these lakes and rivers across the west are devoid of the normal water amount. Last year when we went canoeing down the Buffalo National River it was more like a creek and our canoe would hit the rocky bottom tossing us all out of it. We spent a day in Vegas. That's all I could take and I was ready to go.

While we were there we went to see the dolphins and the white tigers and
lions at the Mirage. While we were standing in line to buy tickets a black
helicopter flew really low right over the whole area. When we got past the gate they made everyone assembly in this little auditorium area where they speak for about 5 minutes on the animals etc.. that are there. I didn't hear a word of it. While we were standing there my friend points up at the sky and an airplane of some time had put a huge S and a picture of a heart in the sky. We had no idea what that was about but we thought it was both amusing and interesting.

It was the first time I had ever seen Las Vegas and we did no work for Yah there. I was hugely surprised by the sheer size of the city itself. Coming in by the north side at night time you can see the entire city laid out in lights below you as you drive down toward Vegas. It was an awesome site and a much larger metropolis
than I would have thought from seeing pictures of it on TV all these years. The main strip in Las Vegas is almost 6 miles long. There are 2 million people living in Las Vegas now and there was construction and tourists everywhere.

I felt no leading from the Most High to do anything there and as we left He said, "They can have it. I'm going to destroy Las Vegas." It certainly is sin city as pornographic cards litter the sidewalks of naked girls and their phone numbers. I was more interested in heading back north of Vegas and finding the 'alien cafe' I had seen featured on TV somewhere around Area 51. But we never did find it. There certainly weren't any road signs indicating where Area 51 or this cafe were and so we went off of a few exits hoping to stumble upon it but we never did. You would have to know exactly where it's at to find it.

The whole time we were there you could see black helicopters flying over the area. In fact what I noticed driving out west was how all of the taller
structures like pipes from factories etc...were all covered in what resembles Christmas lights at night so the helicopters won't crash into them. They should take the lights off and let the things crash. I thought we had laws restricting planes and helicopters from flying so low to the ground on a constant basis. But as usual, our laws pertain to everyone but the government and military itself who seemingly think they can operate above the law. I wasn't harassed while I was in Las Vegas. Perhaps the fact because I was among so many people in various
different places they couldn't zero me in and target me.

I have to agree with Yah on that one, "let them have it." Knowing
Yahuah fully intends on destroying Las Vegas any believers in the area should take heed and leave that state.

Part Four...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Four

Dulce is a busy little town booming with growth and locally owned businesses. It features 4-5 restaurants, a health and fitness complex for the residents and modern state of the art schools with a sports complex. I was impressed with the schools as they were not what I was expecting. In fact I didn't expect Dulce to be anything more than a sleepy little town as stated in various places on the internet in reports from others. I found it much different than that and the state route that runs through it is being widened into 4 lanes so there is much road construction through Dulce to accommodate the growth and traffic in the area.

The Dulce Base is widely known to those who have studied underground bases and joint human and alien bases. It is anywhere from 7-15 levels deep and located inside the Archuleta Mesa of Dulce which itself is located on an Apache Indian Reservation. The Mesa overlooks the town and can be seen at a distance even before you enter the town itself.

I have an online ebook about Dulce at
that describes from first hand accounts what actually goes on at Dulce. It's a joint human and alien base and those who work at Dulce ride the super-shuttle there each day then return from where they came. I suspect most of the people that work at Dulce probably live in Durango, Colorado. During my trip throughout northern and central New Mexico I made it a point to go see Durango, Colorado. I had for some reason stumbled on an Oprah Winfrey show some weeks earlier before I left for my trip and she was traveling across the country from California to Chicago. One of the
places she stopped and visited and featured on her show was Durango, Colorado.

She featured Durango as a sleepy little guppy town with a historical aspect (she went to the historical district and showed that small part of Durango like it was the main feature of the town). She asked people "what do you do here" and showed bikers heading to the mountains for a day of biking. From watching Oprah's feature of Durango it was a small old town with not much going on except for those interested in outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. So I wanted to see Durango. I was drawn there for some reason.

What I saw in Durango was nothing that Oprah had featured on her show. Or the comparison of reality to what she showed was as night and day. Durango was a huge metropolis. I was shocked at the actual size. There was a sign pointing toward the historical district so I knew that was where Oprah had gone to shoot her footage of Durango. But the historical district was a mere blurb of what Durango is really like. With mountains in the background and a river running through it there were strip malls everywhere, elite hotels such as the Hilton and many others. The Hilton Hotel sat back off the road and looked like a palace or huge mansion. It was the only time in my travel that I had seen such a display of wealth. For a town to feature the hotels and booming commercialism
that Durango does, it obviously caters to a wealthy crowd of people.

So who are these wealthy people and where are they coming from? The residents on the streets of Durango were majority Mexican from what I could see just from the main traffic. There were many, many Mexicans there. I even saw cars with Mexican license plates. I got the distinct feeling in my spirit as I drove through there that Durango is the residence for many of those who work at Dulce. Durango was far from a sleepy little town nestled against the Rocky Mountains. I also had the feeling that Durango was being established as a haven for the elite to run
to when crap hits in the fan here in America.

With so much commercial activity it would take many, many people to keep those businesses open. It appeared to me that there was much more business and strip malls there than actually needed by the residents. It's a booming place alright...but not for the right reasons. At the Dulce Base they torture, torment, and experiment on humans. In fact eyewitness testimony from those who worked at Dulce reveal that thousands of humans who were abducted and kidnapped "never to be seen again" were being held in cages and used as food for the aliens. Level 5 of Dulce base is referred to as "Nightmare Hall" where they crossbreed humans with animals. It is also at the Dulce Base where they have perfected Dreamscape Manipulation and other mind control techniques they use via the black ops of our government and military.

As you drive through the town of Dulce itself it makes you wonder if the
Indians that inhabit the town have any idea what is going on under their noses, in a place they call home. As we drove around Dulce we stumbled on the backside where one map referred to the State Route as 666 and on another map it was called SR 491 (if I remember it right, it was something like that). But even driving closer around the mesa itself we managed to stumble on a road that branched off and one of those roads off the fork of the main road we were on was most likely one that led to an entrance into the mesa and Dulce base itself. It hit my spirit at that time that it was an access route into the mesa itself.

This Dulce base is carved right out of the mountain itself just as NORAD is with Cheyenne, Mountain. We had stumbled onto the direct road that led to NORAD across from Fort Carson. We had a habit of being able to do that. Another "Yah thing" or just His way of making these places accessible for us. And never were we ever stopped by anyone asking us what we were doing.

As you leave Dulce there are oil drilling apparatuses sprinkled throughout the land. It didn't take but about 30 miles to see who was maintaining and behind the extensive oil drilling in the area. As you enter Bloomfield, NM there is a building for Haliburton. I can't say I was surprised.

As we drove through Durango and Dulce we were busy with implementing enough of our devices to completely annoy the evil and wickedness that inhabits those places. I wasn't securing them for the Lord's people, I was chasing the evil out of them by just annoying them and making it impossible or just plain miserable for them to reside there. It was a huge accomplishment. In fact what we did to that entire state was. We annihilated Satan's strongholds in New Mexico. I got
the biggest surprise in Los Alamos.

Los Alamos itself has been in the news over the past few years. A place where President Clinton had allowed the Chinese to enter and steal American secrets with his approval. A place where a laptop computer had disappeared with classified and secret information on it, and it goes on. I never expected to get very close to the labs themselves. After all, with such important and classified research and black op projects being implemented at groomed at Los Alamos you would think it had security tighter than the White House itself. But I kid you not, we waltzed right onto the main base of labs at Los Alamos and if you think I was shocked you should have seen the look on the security guards at the main entrance security building. If I could waltz around that base unhindered and unstopped who else has done it and can't?

I'm not the smartest crayon in the box. Most of the time I'm just grateful to be one of the crayons in the box itself. With our old trusty map we had used to get us around in New Mexico we followed the directions to Los Alamos. We thought we were heading to the town itself. As we winded down a mountain we entered an unusual area where it looked like a college campus. There were signs for buildings everywhere. I saw one sign that was pointing to "Tech Buildings #16, 17, 18, 19 etc.. and then another one for the explosives building. It was at this point the realization hit "We're right smack in the middle of Los Alamos!" THE LOS ALAMOS base itself. I was shocked. I was expecting to be pulled over by security at any minute and drilled by them. But we didn't see anyone.

It was late at night and there was no sign of life anywhere in that place. We continued to drive and right smack in front of us the road ended at the Security checkpoint main gates. We realized it was the entrance to the base and that we had just driven through from the back side. So we drove up and there were two security guards inside one of the gate buildings that resembled something like what you would see at a toll booth on the highway and they were as shocked to see us as we were to see them. I pointed to our map and we asked if this was the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, they said "yes" and we continued on our way. They never asked how we got onto the base or where we came from or what we were doing
there, we just drove right on out of that base and headed toward Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It had to have been the Most High directing all of that and making it possible for us to have just stumbled on that base. And then not to have not been accosted by the security at the main gates...that had to have been from the Lord as well. We were laughing, it was too amazing. Every time we ever appeared lost we always ended up right where we needed to be. It was a Yah thing. At this point we were starting to enjoy it. It happened almost everywhere we went. It's almost like we were invisible when we needed to be and we just got our work done
for the Most High.

We made our way back to Taos, NM and rested for a day, well I tried to. At this point the hotel was a charade of commercial vehicles with access to microwave beam energy weapons and I was being fried and boiled like a chicken. I knew we had to leave that place and it was confirmed by Yah Himself who told us we had to leave Taos the next day. We had accomplished everything we had set out to do in New Mexico and had attacked and accosted the main strongholds of Satan there in Taos, Durango, Dulce, and Los Alamos. It was a good feeling knowing we
had just messed Satan up pretty bad.

It was our desire to destroy his little kingdom he had set up here in America and by the time we finished our trip we had done exactly that. Yahuah said to me, "you (and the others with me) have executed everything perfectly." We did our job in New Mexico and now it was time to move on to the other strongholds of Satan's in the country.

Part Three....Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Three

By the time I was on the road and headed out west I thought I had been pretty discreet. I didn't publicly announce when I was leaving and tried to mask as much as possible the time I would actually be gone. Not because I didn't want the Lord's people to know I was gone but because I didn't want Satan's people bothering me when I was on the road. I thought it best to just be discreet about it. And so I was very discreet. I paid cash for gas and hotels. I didn't use credit cards (I don't have any anyway) or debit cards as any kind of electronic cards leave a paper trail.

I think the first thing that surprised me was heading into Colorado Springs and one of the first things I recognized was Cheyenne Mountain. Colorado Springs is a beautiful place as it sets at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It's a huge metropolis and I had for some reason imagined NORAD and Cheyenne Mountain as being a private and hidden place. But there it was, out there in the open. There was Cheyenne Mountain boulevard, Cheyenne Mountain state park, and the Cheyenne
Mountain Zoo. And right in the same area out in the open was Fort Carson. There was also just a few miles away Peterson and Schreiver Air Force bases. So I drove around the area tearing down Satan's strongholds with the things the Lord had led me to use and the way He led me to do things. It was interesting to see all this stuff first hand instead of just reading about it on the Internet or from others.

I eventually got back on the road to head to Taos, New Mexico where I would be meeting two of my friends, who I will call Lisa and Tom, who are also great Warriors for the Most High. I was still being discreet about using cash for everything to hide where I was. In fact, I got all the way to 20 miles outside of Taos, New Mexico and lo and behold I got a speeding ticket! So much for being discreet. I had to laugh. It was, after all, nothing but a speed trap. I was driving down a state route in the middle of nowhere and the speed limit was 55mph, the police officer got me going 71mph but knocked it down so it would look like I was only going 65mph, 10 miles over the speed limit instead of 21 which made the fine a considerable amount of money less than I would have otherwise had to pay. Just us (the two people I had with me) and the desert and
a speed limit of 55mph. I thought it was insane. Especially coming out of
Colorado where everything 10 miles out of a major metropolis is 75mph.

I knew at this point my solitude was over. Once my name was in the database for a speeding ticket I knew everyone (government black ops in particular and those who work in them via various federal agencies) would know where I was. And they did. They descended on Taos like flies on horse poop.

I met Lisa and Tom at a hotel in Taos. It had been a long drive from Ohio to Taos, NM and I was glad to finally be at our meeting destination point. We had a lot of work to do. There is a huge underground Reptilian base in Taos. And underneath Taos is the central hub for the underground super-shuttle system that connects all of the underground bases from the east and west. You wouldn't know it from looking at Taos, but you could feel the evil energy there as you come through the mountains to get there. The town itself isn't that large. Not as large as I expected it to be seeing it's so popular with the underground civilization of both human and alien bases that it's the central hub for the shuttle system that encompasses not only America, but criss- crosses around the entire world. It's basically a tourist area. They say it's an area for artists etc..but from when I could see it's mostly Indian, Hispanic, and tourists there going hiking in the mountains or on rafting trips. I felt sorry for those who had spent all their time and money to go to Taos on a rafting trip. The Rio Grand River was a creek, not very much fun for rafting because there simply wasn't much water in the river. And not only that, it was so cold on one day we thought it was just drizzling rain when it actually turned out to be snow. It was cold almost the whole time we were there. That was something I
didn't expect. I had also expected to be knee deep in sand and cactuses just driving there and instead it was beautiful...the desert was green with various bushes etc..and the mountains in the background made the entire northern part of the state very beautiful to be in.

The second day I was in Taos it became noticeable that more and more
commercial vehicles were loading the parking lot at the hotel we were staying in. It actually became amusing. At one point there was a postal service van complete with ladders and extension cords and various equipment in the back of it that you could see through the window. What does the postal service need with ladders and equipment? I didn't see any mailboxes that needed climbing in Taos. There was also a forestry service truck (since when do they need a hotel), and various others with even government license plates. The first night we were there we had dinner at a restaurant near the hotel and I had gotten sick from eating there. I didn't think anything of it until the second night when we ate at the same restaurant again and I about died from food poisoning. It was then I
knew without a doubt that something weird was going on. It didn't stop us from getting our work done. I can't go into details about the work we did but we got it done regardless of their attempts to stop us.

We were in Taos about 4 days. On about the 3rd day I was in the hotel room and just as I was bending down to get something out of my bag a beam of light came through the room and hit the wall just where I had been standing before bending down. Those with me in the room saw it as well. We weren't quite sure what it was but it had come through the window so we thought it might be a car driving by. A few seconds later the same thing happened again. I decided to get something else out of my bag and as soon as I bent over the same beam of light hit the wall where I had been standing. I talked about it to one of the people I was with and we then realized it was a DEW (directed energy weapon) and what I
had seen was a Tesla beam from one of their Microwave Energy Weapons. The next morning when I woke up my face was sun burned red and hurt like I'd been severely sunburned. The problem was, I hadn't been in the sun. I stay out of the sun and it had been cold in Taos anyway. I couldn't figure out where I got 'sunburned' from since I hadn't been in the sun. The following night as I was sleeping I noticed I was getting hit with heat waves. All of a sudden a flash of heat would hit my legs and then my entire body. I knew then exactly why there was so many feds interested in our stay at the hotel and what exactly they were
doing. This weapon they were using was definately satellite oriented or coming from the hotel somewhat adjacent to ours. When I got up and looked outside I saw nothing unusual in the parking lot outside our window. By the fourth day Yah told me we had to leave the hotel, that 'they' had it surrounded. We were ready to go by then anyway, we had accomplished everything we went there to do. In fact while they were sitting at the hotel waiting and planning for my demise we had traveled 18 hours around the central/northern part of the state in one day,
returning to Taos just to sleep as our central base area.

It wasn't just Taos, New Mexico that the Lord had us take care of, but Dulce and Los Alamos as well.

Part Two...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Two

Two years ago I went on a road trip to Arkansas. Yah led me there to orgone certain areas and to tear down particular strongholds of Satan's. At the time I felt I was also there to secure areas of safety for people to flee to when needed. Not to mention ridding the areas of Satan's dominance and influence and proclaiming them as areas secured for the Most High.

Other than being followed around by a UFO it was just a time of hiking, canoeing, sight seeing and getting some work done.

I knew at the time there would be a larger area that would need to be covered. In particular, many of Satan's strongholds across the country. In fact, I knew a trip would have to be taken across the country to get all of the areas needed. At the time I told Yah, "I will go, just prepare the way." He said (in so many words) that He would not send me, that He was going to offer others the chance to stand up and be warriors for Him so they could have the opportunity to build rewards for eternity through their obedience in answering His call to them. I wasn't to particularly happy. Not because He was going to call and lead others to do it, but because I knew they wouldn't. I was way more pessimistic and I said to Him, "They won't do it, I know these people and I deal with many every day and even if they hear your call and feel your leading for them to do it they won't. They won't do it Yah, and you know I will, I'm still here and willing to go and do what needs done if you change your mind."

A year later I began to feel His leading to go and cover these areas out west and sure enough He prepared the way for me to go. What He has told me is that there have been many called to stand up to do things for Him that have refused to do what He has led them to do. And at Judgment when we are rewarded for the things we have done for Him they will be without excuse as they are shown what they could have received for eternity if they had obeyed Him and done what He had asked them to do.

I don't know who these people are that He gave this opportunity to but I see it a lot. People pray for the Lord to lead them and then when He does they don't do what He asks and leads them to do. They have tons of reasons why they can't do it and instead of asking Him to prepare the way they refuse to do what He wants and so He leaves them and gives someone else the opportunity. They simply don't want to go out of their comfort zones. Yahuah told me that when He leads people to do things they will have no excuse at the Judgment Seat as to why they have no fruit to show Him and they will see from Him Himself why they have no or little rewards compared to what they could have had from Him if they had done what He had asked them to do. They will see in heaven when it is too late to go back and change anything the impact they would or could have had if they had just done what He asked them to do. And this alone is going to upset a lot of people when they see what they threw away because they wouldn't obey the Lord.

One thing I have learned from doing the Bible Codes other than the various paths that can be taken in our lives either as individuals or as a country based on free will and the actions we take is that there is a council in heaven, very much like the one Satan imitates in his kingdom where he has a council of leaders that plan and implement his plans on earth.

This heavenly council is the one that chooses whom they will use and lead to implement Yahuah's plans on earth. He works through His people. When something needs done they will decide who is the most likely to get it done, or who is available to do it, or who they can depend on to do it, or simply who they will give the chance to so they can build fruit on earth for Yah and rewards for eternity. They gather a list of people and then choose whom they will call to do it and it is then the Lord who leads and calls that person.

I used to always see the term "lottery" in the codes and instantly thought of it as the literal lottery many states have where you can spend money to win money. But this was a far more different type of lottery and Yah revealed to me what it was it opened my eyes to how things work in heaven and on earth.

So I prepared. I didn't have the attitude of "I told you so" with Yah, but one of "thank you for giving me the opportunity." It took many months of preparation and I had even thought at one time I would never be ready by the date I had established to leave. I had considered delaying but Yah said, "You must go now, do not delay" and so I headed onto the road, on a journey that would take me across the country and tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Annihilating Strongholds...Part 1

(this is the first of a series of reports I'll be writing)

Well I'm finally home. It's been a long two weeks as I traveled across the country putting over 6,000 miles on my car but after all is said and done the only two words that mean the most to me are Mission Accomplished!

I know there are many who are fighting me tooth and nail about the war I have implemented, instigated, and fight daily against Satan and his strongholds over this country and even world. Because they understand the truth about it and how it is destroying them and their plans for a NWO their way. And yet there are many who simply don't grasp the picture either although they feel it's something the Lord has called them to get involved with as well.

First let me explain things a bit. The entire Alien Agenda of the NWO is based on surviving off of and feeding off of Dead Orgone Energy, or DOE. This DOE is an energy that keeps them (alien-fallen angels, think of Satan and his kingdom) alive on this earth and allows them to live here, manifest, and even implement their agenda on earth with their famines, wars, death, and weather control weapons. That is why we see so much of their chemtrails and HAARP weapons in action today. They know their time is coming when they will have a short space of time to overtake and conquer the earth and implement their agenda on earth to produce a false Christ and force the world to worship this false Christ or die. The Bible speaks of it in the book of Revelation and throughout other various books within it through various prophets.

Knowing what is coming is one thing, knowing HOW they are going to do it is another. And that is what Yahuah has led me to over the past several years, HOW they are going to implement their plans on earth to accomplish the coming prophesied events. We can't stop the coming events completely but we can diminish the power of them and ruin their plans of how they think it will be as to how it will actually be. And that's been the most fun of it for me. Just taking their "big plans" and destroying them into going into just little plans of survival mode on their own behalf.

To create DOE in America their biggest weapon has been the weather and chemtrails. If you'll notice, they are destroying the creation of clouds. I just traveled through 4 states and didn't see one cloud until I got 50 miles from home. When clouds appear they send out planes to spray thinners over the clouds that dissipates them. The earth creates on its own a living energy, also referred to as orgone energy, or lifeforce. Another term is "loosh" and I've written an article on how they create and feed off of loosh at
I know it sounds "New Age" but this is how things actually work and it's through mind control and religion that much information has been suppressed to keep people in the dark of how things work so the evil ones can work in the background unnoticed and unhindered as they set out to destroy and work against anything that is positive and turn it into negative to benefit themselves and no one (or very few people) has any clue of how they're doing what they're doing or why they're even doing it.

Because they are trying to destroy the living life force and energy that the earth naturally creates, in the process they are going to destroy our atmosphere, earth and most life on it. For every cause their is an effect.

They have been using HAARP to control the weather to create DOE, in the process as an effect this HAARP is eventually going to blow up our atmosphere. It is the government black ops who are heating up our atmosphere and destroying our ozone layer. Because it is the governments of the world who are working in cohoots with Satan to prepare the earth for his arrival with his aliens-fallen angels entourage.

Living and healing energy is like a fire that burns them. DOE is like Kryptonite that empowers them. So they need, have to have and want lots of DOE.

Don't let them fool you, their "healing" powers are not actually "healing" they are allusions and the use of magic from DOE, not Living Energy.

Living energy is what we receive from the Lord Himself. All of His people have His Holy Spirit, and His Holy Spirit is also manifest via Living Energy in His people. The earth also contains this energy as He created it. That is why the Bible says the earth moans and groans at the coming and arrival of Satan on earth...the pagans call this energy "mother earth" the Indians referred to earth as a 'great spirit' because the earth itself is a living force that contains living energy and Satan is working to suppress this living energy and turn it into dead energy suppressing the life force out of it.

It might be easier to understand it as taking a live being or thing like a animal or human and squeezing the life out of it to where it's just a limp, dead object. That is what they are doing to the earth because in their attempts to keep a constant supply of DOE they are squeezing the life out of everything they are messing with.

And that's why the Lord led me to Orgone Energy... To Positive Orgone Energy which is this Living Energy that the earth already creates that they are trying to suppress. By combatting their DOE and making our own POE orgone we are putting and keeping POE in the air and atmosphere and helping the earth heal itself from their attempts to destroy it with their DOE.

So as you can see, as in everything, it's a war. It's a war of DOE against POE. And this one is one Satan takes personally, because when you attack or try to limit his DOE you are attacking literally the very air he breathes and how he will survive to manifest on earth.

DOE creates "loosh." This loosh is their gasoline, it's their energy, it's what they use to feed off of and run off of so they can operate on earth.

Not only can we combat their DOE with our POE, but I have listed the effects POE has on them before and I'll list them again how POE effects these evil beings. Positive vs. Negative, living vs. dead, good vs. evil everything has an opposite and every cause has an affect. You have to figure out which side you fit on and what kind of effect you are causing, because even we as mankind fit into this same power structure of either good or evil, of either positive or negative. Each human being creates energy either good or bad, living (positive) or evil (dead).

excerpt from

Orgone in the Bible Codes:

Orgone is an energy. It can be made as a good energy or sabotaged and used as an evil, negative energy. Like everything, Satan always perverts and mimicks what God creates, has, or does.

I see what this positive orgone energy does to Satan and his Annunaki giants all the time in the Bible Codes. In fact I've kept quiet about a lot of it until now.

If I reveal to 'you' what it will do and does, then 'they' know because they read everything I write. But if I don't inform Yah's people, they won't get busy and do the exploits that are needed worldwide.

We are literally going to fulfill prophecy and that is why I can't keep silent anymore. Time is running out. Terms I see all the time in the Bible Codes in relation to Orgone and what it does and is going to do to the Anuk/Nephilim fallen angels:

These terms describe Satan and the "aliens' reaction when they arrive here:

These terms describe what it will do and the results of what this orgone causes to and against them:


Terms relating to the faction (Faction 4) of the 144,000:

Can you imagine the shock and horror of the Man of Sin to arrive as a "God" or "Messiah" and he's covered in boils? LOL! And the laughter of God's people!!

Satan won't be able to heal himself yet he can "heal" others to try and persuade them of who or what he is? The Bible Codes says it's COMICAL and an "Embarrassing Defeat" of Satan's forces who fully intend on arriving as "angelic hosts."

The air will be saturated with orgone and it burns them, it causes them to have boils on their skin, and they can't breathe, the 'contaminated' air asphyxiates them. It's like a horrible plague that destroys them and causes their deaths.

There are so many "Christians" today who think it's their job to just sit on their butts and do nothing about the NWO but argue and rail against those who are doing something to battle against it for the Most High here on earth.

It's not our duty as HIS people to EVER sit on our butts and just wait on Him, HE uses HIS PEOPLE to implement HIS PLANS. Even if it's just one person, or a band of 50, or 500, HE will accomplish His purposes through them.

It's easy to see how one of Satan's coming biggest defeats on earth is handed to him by just a handfull of people who love the Lord in WALK and talk. Why? Because the majority of believers today are sleeping, lazy, fearful, and kidding themselves of who and what they think they are in the Lord.

In reality a fragment, a group of people out of the 144,000 who are already awake and know who they are in Him are the first ones to toss the NWO it's first major defeat and victory for Yehovah!

Many people today are in denial of who they are. Inwardly they know they were born for a reason to be here in the last days because I hear from MANY of them.

They just fight it, and in reality are fighting HIM and losing reward for being cowards and fearmongers and who will lose their position and rewards in Him if they don't get off their butts and start fulfilling His calling He has for them. If you feel led to do something then do it! Your instinct is usually HIM trying to get your attention!


So in essence this is what my trip was about as I travelled the country not just destroying the strongholds of Satan's with POE, but according to Yahuah Himself, we annihilated them!

And as I've said every cause has an effect. Because I have listened to Yah and have implemented this war against Satan himself I am now the target of their Tesla Microwave not only were we very successful in our mission for Yah, I am now the targets of Satan's wrath because of it! And I'll write more about that in my next report.

Yah bless His Warriors!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

If It's Too Good To Be True....

Well Big Surprise....Ron Paul is a "White Knight" which means he's working the same "Alien Agenda" that many others on the internet such as Stew Webb is...the Alien Agenda is the New Age agenda (Led by Hatonn the Tall Grey) see

They want to eliminate our government in the current form and bring in NESARA...from their own website they list as their own "key players" in Congress....."Among the 45 are U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Representative Ron Paul, and former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney."

I knew when I heard Ron Paul was pro-gay marriage I smelled a rat..

Well you know the saying "If it's too good to be true it probably is" and it's usually right. So where does that leave the millions of patriots and Christians who thought they had a leader in Ron Paul? Stuck in agendas, factions, quagmire, sludge, watching America sink to NWO Hell in a hand basket...that's where.

There is NO candidate FOR the American people. And this is exactly why the Lord has been leading His people to sell off possessions and become more mobile in case they have to leave their homes and go into hiding from the coming persecution and onslaught against His people. Martial law and destruction is coming whether it's Paul or Clinton or whoever or whatever at the helm of this country.

The amusing and deluding facade of the New Age is that they actually believe everyone else is deceived but them. They channel entities such as Sananda, St. Germaine and other beings as they masquerade as Ascended Masters. These beings are nothing but the ilk that followed Lucifer in his rebellion against the Most High and were kicked out of heaven. Now they play Gods behind the scenes waiting for the fulfillment of Revelation 12 when they, among with Lucifer, are cast to the earth.

They know it's coming. So they are preparing people for their eventual arrival to earth by masquerading they are coming to earth to help mankind. Wake up people..they're getting kicked out of the skies where they will be stranded on earth! They've been so meticulous in preparing the gullible they haven't overlooked a thing in how well they can deceive and manipulate the gullible all over the world.

And they love to quote Scripture and sound righteous. The problem is they misquote it, ignore passages they need to to sell their lies and manipulations to the gullible, and they're leading thousands, perhaps millions to the pit of hell with their 'righteous' rhetoric.

Don't let someone quote the Bible to you, read it yourself. Pray for the truth in all things so that your eyes can be opened to all the lies and deceptions that are here and the even more that are coming.

As usual, the New Age camp has declared an end to the Bush camp NWO and that they will be taking over our earth soon. At what point does any of these people realize the difference between a hostile invasion and a hostile invasion? All I see is one hostile faction taking over control of earth from another hostile faction. We don't need 'aliens' to restore our constitution and bring in death to millions from their 'friendly takeover.'

Did you know they are the ones behind removing our ozone layer? Unfortunately, "some will die as a result" they claim...but they try to minimize the actual numbers of people that will and actually glorify the entire thing.

Spin control.

Every time they speak they're lying. So what's so different between them and Bush's NWO? Not a thing. In fact they're worse. Everyone knows Bush is lying...the gullible won't even conceive of the fact their channelled Ascended Masters are even bigger liars.

So where does all of this leave the sane people on this planet? Be prepared for death and destruction. The Bible forewarns of times coming that are so horrendous they are things the world has never seen or experienced before.

The Bible clearly warns of the coming 'last days' and we are diving into them, if not already in the beginning stages.

Don't look for man to save this country or world, and Satan comes in 'peace' folks..he comes masquerading as a righteous being offering peace and safety to the world..

We already know who wins the war for earth, you can jump to the back of the book of Revelation...until then it's going to be a time of death and destruction. the Lord for what He needs or wants you to do to prepare for the coming times.

America is going to hell in a hand basket...get out of denial. There is no hope left..our only hope is in the Most High who can protect and keep you from going along in the ride.

Yah bless His Warriors.