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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can A Christian Serve In Our Military?

I guess the real question is, should Christians be serving in our military? And the answer is NO.

With d'furer Bush publicly supporting and implenting a Luciferian and Satanic New World Order there shouldn't be one Christian in support of him either via the military or in any capacity whatsoever.

As Commander-in-Chief President Bush is using our military to conquer the world for Satanic and global tyranny. Trouncing our Constitution and eliminating our Bill of Rights with unconstitutional Presidential Directives he is paving the way for martial law, dictatorship, and the rule of the Antichrist over America. He knows full well what he is doing, as an avowed Luciferian (member of the Skull and Bones Society, Trilateral Commission and CFR) he has lulled many Christians to sleep with religious jargon to keep them "in line" and when it's time, he will command and lead them to their deaths.

The military is thus an arm of the Beast, global government, and Satan himself.

No Christian who truly loves the Lord could support President Bush and his initiatives and plans to destroy the America our founding fathers built and turn it into a fascist police state where government rules over the people instead of a government of and by the people.

President Bush's alcoholism is a danger to not just America, but the entire world. An alcoholic can't control himself, let alone a nation. He is a man without character or integrity and is devoid of any moral fortitude to stand in the highest office of the land representing this country.

Bush must be stopped and taken out of office. Congress isn't going to do it because they're all members of the same Satanic secret societies, in effect they are all guilty of treason against America and failing to uphold the Constitution because they are blatantly working to eliminate it.

By serving in the military these soldiers are ENDORSING Bush's actions and plans of implementing a Luciferian New World Order and eliminating the Constitution of America.

Bush is an enemy of the Most High God and God's people have no business supporting him!

It is time for the real Christians of America to unite and take a stand against the Satanic regime in control of Washington DC. It will soon be too late to do so.

As a Christian you can choose to live and die for the Most High and die with integrity and honor serving Him, or be led to the slaughter for putting your faith in a wolf who uses your taxes to plan your deaths.

It's time to wake up and stand up folks!

Enough is Enough.

Yah bless His Warriors

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