The Watcher Files

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Bible Codes. I get a lot of emails from people asking me if it's something they should get into, or what program they should use.

The only program I would recommend is Bible Codes Plus 2000. Should you get involved with codes? No. Not unless the Lord is really leading you into them. Most people think they're cool, would be fun, would tell them things in the future..I've heard it all.

They are anything but fun. Unless you consider going through 1000s of words one by one, then analyzing where and how they land in a code and relate to other words as being fun. You can spend days, even weeks on a code. Some you can go to back to months later and find more things the Lord is ready to reveal to you that He withheld from you earlier.

There's not another decoder online I would trust. Most use outdated programs and most aren't even born again, so they have no discernment whatsoever.

Those with outdated programs, run programs that only find words you specifically search for in a program. That in itself should tell you how useless the program is. There's too many factors to consider about a code to just try and wing it. There are those who find the words they want to see then tout their work as deciphering a code. It's ridiculous.

I can't count the number of "rapture" codes I've seen, and redone, to find the words falsehood, lie, deception, running right through the terms that the original decoder hadn't even bothered to look for. So they promote codes saying theres'a rapture on such a such a date, when in actuality the term falsehood and lie runs right beside the date or term itself and the decoder never bothered to look for it.

I wouldn't trust anyone's codes but my own. That's just how I am. And that's part of the reason I got into them. The Lord kept leading me into them and I kept ignoring the calling, then I'd see codes online from people that made my hair stand on end, so I decided it was time to fulfill my calling in them to expose the sharks online touting false codes.

It's been a long journey. Two years now of full time code work, daily, weekly, monthly. It gets to you after a while, but then again, it teaches you as well. I'm always learning something new, or able to see something new in the codes as the times change and I can pick up on them. I literally go through and analyze about 4000 words per code that I do. There's not much that gets by me.

Lately I've been seeing alot of the NESARA announcement stuff in the codes. In fact, it's in a lot of peoples codes. There's a lot of deception around this NESARA thing, no doubt considering who it's coming from.

So my best advice is, unless you plan on sleeping, eating, and breathing codes, and the Lord Himself is leading you into them, then save your money. Most of my friends have given up on them already because of all the factors involved. It's not easy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Everyone's at unease over the month of March. Lots of prophecies and visions warning of things to come.

I sent this letter to a friend recently so I'll just repost it here instead of having to say it all over again.

Ok so what's really going on?

Several weeks ago the World Court in Hague, Netherlands gave the Omegans and the NESARA team another announcement period to Proclaim NESARA. This NESARA is the political platform of the beast.

Every year they are give a leeway of time, lasting several weeks,to announce their program. If they don't get it announced during that time, they have to re-petition the court for yet another announcement period of time.

So far, the Illuminati has successfully fought against the Omegans and kept them from being able to announce NESARA during their designated time periods. The Illuminati (Factions 1 and 2) and Omegans (Faction 3) are bitter enemies.

On March 22, 2004, another NESARA announcement period begins. This is why so much turmoil is being seen for March. The Illuminati will do anything they have to do to keep NESARA from being announced, for the announcement of NESARA marks their own demise and destruction as a Faction fighting for control of the NWO.

NESARA is the Alien Agenda.

Several events could happen in March.

-The Nuking of Miami.

-The 'accidental' russian bombing of 3-4 of our cities and our nuclear retaliation in bombing 3 of theirs.

-The start of the N. Korea nuclear war.

My website will be up next week exposing the Omegans and NESARA. This is the political platform of the Antichrist that will commence with a spectacular global UFO invasion.

Half of our government is Illuminati, the other half is broken up between the Alien Agenda and the private Com 12 group opposed to any global agenda.

NESARA promises peace and prosperity for giving your country to the devil. The Illuminati doesn't try to hide it much, they are the devil. The devil plays both sides. Either group however, can't fully come to power with Christians and Patriots in the way, both groups have plans to get rid of resistors. So that leaves the sane people still at odds with the Omegan crowd and the Illuminati.

Yes, we're the sane people. Why don't we have a Faction to fight against the others? Because most of the 'sane' people dont' even know what's going on...through it all they're just sleeping and more in tune with their tv sets then what's happening in the world around them. They suffer through watching the news on tv and think that's what's really going on to their own demise.

The church crowd, led by some of the best in the Illumanti and Omegan crowds are kept in the dark as church doctrines are changed and formed to accept the global platform doctrines for whoever wins control. And they can't think for themselves to realize their being led down the wrong paths and away from the true teachings of Jesus. They'll be the ones promoting the elimination of the "unchurched." Sad but true.

The Antichrist's war on the saints. It's so subtle most won't see it coming it will just already be here.

Monday, February 23, 2004

I learned something new I can actually share with everyone. Pretty soon I'll be revealing quite a few things but for now I bet you always wondered what those weird faces in the clouds were. Ever sit outside and watch the clouds roll by and see demonic looking forms and faces in the clouds? Like animal looking things? Well, those are called Sylphs. I finally learned they had a name and that I wasn't just imagining this kind of stuff.

I posted the code I worked on them at

I'm always bugging Yahweh to teach me a truth or reveal His mysteries to me. So this one was pretty easy since I was already familiar with these cloud things. I guess I can stop rebuking them as they pass by my house..LOL.

The skies have been active lately. Think I counted about 7 UFOs just last night. If you don't know what to look for besides the tv facade where they're grey and round and in your face obvious, just go outside on any night and look for the low hanging stars, I mean lower than the others, and they just sit there, sometimes they're yellowish/orangish, usually the brightest thing around, and if they want you to know what they are, they'll start moving around and make it obvious.

I simply can't understand why no one else sees these things? They're all over the place at night. The lights they use mimmick stars, so they're blending in as best they can, but they hang so much lower than stars do it's ridiculous. And stars don't hover for a while and then leave. Sometimes they'll mimmick planes and have red lights. Again, planes don't hover either, they eventually move out of your area.

Once you know what to look for, I bet you'll be seeing them all the time as well. These UFO's are usually surveillance craft. Just sitting around taking pictures, watching, ordering Dominoes..who knows. They don't seem hostile but you never want to mistake all these alien crafts for non-hostile. Some are, and my best advice is if one starts getting to close to you to run...or call on the name of Jesus. The hostile ones really don't like to hear that Name.

As a child of God we have power over all the enemy. So just claim His name and rebuke them. If you're not a child of God's and you've never accepted Him as your Saviour...RUN. Without God you have no protection against them and if they choose to abduct and kidnap you you'll either end up being another breeding or physical exam experiment or food.

Over 300,000 people a year alone, just in the United States disappear without a trace. Where do you think they are? They end up as food or breeding for the aliens. That's 3 million people over just 10 years. And that's just in this country. Imagine worldwide what the real numbers are.

I know, not a pretty picture. But the truth isn't always pretty.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I'm going in so many directions I truly understand the meaning of 'multiplicative.'

I used to see it in the codes all the time, still do, and it has to be about describing most of Yahweh's army today. There's so much that needs done, and so few to do it, we're all having to take on various jobs.

I'm exhausted. The last few weeks have been brutal with long, long days. The time of rest will come. Hang in their soldiers and give Him 100%. He doesn't expect 100% of our time, but He does want 100% of our devotion to Him.

Some have more time than others to accomplish His will. It's not the time that's important, it's the desire and determination to seek Him and do His will.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Well I've been having alot of fun lately. I know these are the last days but just seems fun to me seeing Yahweh work in so many ways and using so many people to accomplish His purposes. Yes, us "little people" are making a difference for Him in these last days, while the high and heady minded keep following the rabbit down the wrong trails waiting for the great prosperity to hit. I wonder how many have actually realized the distraction agenda these wolves are running?

I've been talking to the guy over at a orgone site I like and he's going to create a 12 stone cube with all the stones of heaven. I'm so excited!! Having one of these in your house would feel like a permanent 24/7 annointing at all times. I don't know if you've ever annointed your home but you know the process it takes. With one of these orgone generators you never have to go through the process again. Orgone generators emit positive energy, so evil can't stand to be near it. Positive energy eats up negative energy.

No it's not New Age talk. We've been conditioned to believe it is so we'll stay away from some of the greatest and powerful blessings God gave us, in just little stones. Sure Satan has perverted it, so you can't trust it all, but He's showing us how to negate all the attacks in these last days and arming ourselves is just a small part of it. What He's been leading me to is simple things that have a poweful impact. Sure prayer works, but you're still under attack or you wouldn't be praying about it. These stones used in the right way prevent the attacks to begin with. He gave us natural herbs and remedies for all kinds of things and we still run out and spend $hundreds a year on poison RX's. No thanks. Or we spend our time suffering from attacks. Well I'm not going to anymore and you don't have to either.

Did you know that 2 stones together, Amethyst and Rose Quartz bring not only healing and repair but a closer awareness of God. The twelfth floor in heaven is Amethyst.

Someone's getting really mad I'm even talking about this stuff..yesterday morning I heard this huge bang on the side of the house. I thought a car ran into it. I walked to the window and looked out and everything was normal. So walked back to my desk and just a few minutes later there was another loud bang. I walked around to the side and front of the house and didn't see anything. You would think a loud bang like that hitting the house would cause some kind of denting in the siding.

Some kind of new electronic harrasment toys? I don't know...not sure what it was. But during the same night/morning my friend was also getting Tennesee. Someone was messing with her front door. Intimidation tactics? I have no doubt.

Monday, February 16, 2004

I updated my counter-attack and defensive weapons page at for those under ELF and weird attacks you can't explain, you might want to read it. I also put a link for childrens necklaces on it. Yes, they're getting attacked to but parents don't always recognize it for what it is.

Yahweh is arming His people to offset NWO attacks and their agenda to control and/or destroy us. The Orgone necklaces and the magnets are awesome. I"ve re-worded alot of the page as well so if you've already been there go back and re-read it.

I updated my Saul-PaulSatan information/code at I'll tell you what, that one was a struggle. Not necessarily this time, but when I first starting getting led into the whole Paul area I was floored. It took me almost a year before I would even take it seriously. Paul at the time was my favorite apostle. Boy did I have to come a long way. I just kept praying daily for the truth in all things and when you do that, you better be prepared for it. It's not always easy.

The code I stumbled on for him last year floored me. So I kept praying about it all the time, worried I might be deceived and attacking a brother, but there is just no doubt he's not a brother. When the Lord led me yet once again, back into Paul's codes just the other day I knew He was telling me in so many words, "stop the whining" and "Ok here's yet more info for you to confirm Paul is not of Me." In so many words anyway. He probably was getting tired of always having to tell me, "the Paul site stays." That site is at there were many times I just wanted to take it down but He'd say No.

It's not easy being a Watchman. Most people hate you or think you're completely flipped. They gossip about you on all their little boards and lie out the ying about you just to try and discredit you. Or they take something that's 5% truth and add 90% lies to it to make themselves feel good and useful for Satan. Course they think they're doing God a favor. They don't even know who He is.

I love the one where they say that since "I" dare attack Paul, I'm a lesbian. I don't say anything Yahweh doesn't tell me to so if they don't like it they could at least ask Him about it first before attacking His messengers. You would think they would just ask Him directly before making their attacks. Yeah right and bunnies have wings..they don't know how to hear His voice.

You're either in war or in sleep.

The line is being drawn.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

ok I did it. I put all the info for chip detecting and neutralizing products on one page.

The Lord was leading me to this last year but I got lost in the mire of all those websites and all that weird stuff, so I'd leave them. It was the walls I had built to reject certain things, mostly the effects of my childhood and early adulthood growing up in churchdumb and being told what to believe instead of asking Yahweh Himself.

Yahweh told me last year that no one has all the truth. We all have pieces of it. So there's many things we can learn from others. It's when you stop being open for Him to lead you that you'll just sit in ignorance or in error.

None of us have all the truth, so there's many things we can learn from each other as we seek to learn the truth in all things in Him.

Medicines, herbs, natural remedies, there's more healing in the things that are natural than the poison they're trying to kill you with in today's medicines, not to mention advanced technology.

I know most Christians think all attacks are from the devil and witches. And they're not to far off..but don't forget the military, security, and intelligence agencies have very sophisticated electronic and electromagnetic weapons to target you with. After all, if you love the Lord, then you're a threat to national security.

Use wisdom. If Yahweh keeps leading you to the same websites or products, then get them and use them. If I was a little wiser I would have had them last year myself.

Sometimes I am just so slow..

And no, I"m not making a penny for endorsing those products. Just things the Lord has led me to through other people.

There's various kinds of Technology they are using against you to try and cause you to develop cancer, or tumors, or their favorites..heart attacks and strokes. Some of the most notable symptoms are feeling pounding and thumping in your your heart just relocated, your heart speeding up and racing, dehydration, taste of sulfur in your mouth, headaches or migraines, feeling woozy like your drunk or on drugs, and it usually starts when you're in front of the computer or in bed.

There's also the microwave electromagnetic weapons that make you feel like you've just been fried more than a Kentucky chicken. The zapping just fries you, literally. Last year Yahweh had told me to eat eggs when I encountered these types of attacks. And they are a miracle healer. The Vitamin K in the egg yolk just heals you right up and takes that fried feeling away. Now there's a necklace available you can wear that will keep the zapping from hitting you for $44.

Most people have chips from vaccinations and flu shots and that's how they can specifically target you for these attacks. Get some of those magnets I have listed on that page..those will neutralize the chips and cause them to malfunction permanently and they're only .70 cents.

It's time for God's army to learn how to defend themselves against attacks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I got this threat was posted to my group at NWOvsChristians at Yahoo Groups:

I've been made privy to a plot against you and your yahoo group. It has something to do with dedicating your soul, as well as the top 10 posters of NWO, to satan secretly.

You may say this can't be done, but in some very esoteric jewish rituals from the time of Jesus, IT CAN BE.

So becareful dear one, I'll keep you aprized of what's going on. But be sure to watch out for the special signs of this kind of enhantment. Remember knowledge is the best defence against sort of deviltry.

There is something else brewing concerning the group it's self.......It's big too. I'll let you know about this next time. >>

My Prompt Response:

well you can forward this to whoever is behind it:

The Yahoo Board of NWOvsChristians has been dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha Maschiach from the day of its inception. The owner, Sherry Shriner, is covered by the blood of Jesus, Yahushuah. I, Sherry Shriner, rebuke all attacks or evil and demonic activities against me or this board, or it's members in the name of Yahushuah!

I command all attacks to cease and desist and curse them broken at the roots to be sent back to the senders null and void! I renounce any Satanic or Witchcraft activity towards this board or me and bind it and those involved in the name and blood of Yahushuah, Jesus Christ!

Through Yahushuah we have power over ALL the enemy, seen and unseen and I claim that power through His Name to bind and destroy all the works of darkness and bind those involved! I curse their works at the root and send them back to them useless, dead and void in the Name of Yahushuah, Jesus Christ!

Sherry Shriner,

When will these people learn I serve a Higher Most High God and I am Protected, Anointed, and Empowered by HIM to do His Work. I'm not afraid of the wussy wittle wolf.

Monday, February 09, 2004

The Omegans are spying on me. I'm so surprised. I'm shocked. I'm exasperated.

Actually, I could really care less.

But what does get annoying is the fact that between the gov/mil, and now aliens, all of my emails are invaded and read.

It's just an obvious and blatant invasion of privacy and for what? If you want to know what I'm up to read the Bible.

Everyone always wants to be the first to know what I'm doing. I used to have just one UFO that used to sit in the sky above my house keeping me under surveillance at all times. Now there are two sharing almost the same sky space. If all these people just shared info it would really be unnecessary to have all the details of my every move going in a zillion directions.

Check out this letter that was kicked back to me as undeliverable at Yahoo..Omegans

I never sent that letter, so obviously someone else did. They got into my Yahoo account and sent some kind of encrypted info to this Dave at NESARA

Is this encrypted info sent (which was a .zip file no less) all the contents of my inbox? Probably.

Who is Dave and what is NESARA? This is the organization run by the Omegans (another Alien group) that is trying to bring NESARA to the world, you can read about this garbage at their website at Although prosperity for mankind is a nice gesture, we don't need it run and controlled by the same people whose own planet was destroyed because of their own selfish greed and evil. Now they want to bring it here under the guise of good will.

They are the ones who send out the Dove Reports every week.

These are the ones who want Bush, Cheney, and all the NWO criminals arrested and tried for their crimes. Not that I disagree with that...

So what do they want with me..who knows but they've been exposed. Yahweh will always expose our enemies when we ask Him to. And His ways are always much better than ours. I know that returned email that was undeliverable was His way of letting me know what they were doing. Who knows how long they've been getting into my emails. Perhaps with all the visions, prophecies and dreams I get forwarded to me daily they'll get an idea of who the real God is.

Friday, February 06, 2004

I want to talk about Revelation 13.

I was outside preaching to the yard a few weeks ago and some realizations came to me.

I like to preach, even though no one is listening because it gives me time to air out my thoughts into words and to hear them. I could just see me as a pastor giving a sermon stopping half way through a sentence and declaring.."wait, that doesn't make sense!"


It's a self-teaching therapy to talk to yourself. Hearing your own words and thoughts puts things into perspective far more than just pondering on things. Get outside and preach!

I'll never forget one day last summer I was outside preaching and Yahweh spoke to me and asked, "Are you preaching again?" And I said, "Yes." And He said, "Good, you need the practice." I about died laughing. It was so funny..just one of those moments with Yahweh I'll never forget. He can be a lot of fun. A side to Him that so many people just don't know exists.

Anyway, one of the realizations I stumbled on a few weeks ago was in the book of Revelation chapter 13.

Now, the status quo in most protestant religions today is that the mark of the beast will be enforced upon all the world and by getting it you're showing your loyalty to the Antichrist, and worshipping him as god. Anyone who refuses, will be beheaded.

It doesn't all get lumped together into one easier sum than that. Yep, it's going to happen. But is it going to happen that way?

Let's look at verse 15:
And he (false prophet) had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and causeth that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Stop. So what does this say?

The image of the beast, whatever it is, a statue, a computer, or whatever, is going to have the power to kill you if you don't worship it. It's not the False Prophet that causes you to die, it's the image itself that has the power to kill you if you refuse to worship it.

So let's go theoretical. Let's say the image of the beast is a monument, or statue, and they're placed everywhere! I mean everywhere..every store, parking lot, building etc..has them. And let's say you walk by it without bowing to it, showing it you're loyalty and worship, for refusing to bow to it, it could command you to, and if you refuse to, it could kill you instantly by the words of its mouth. Let's not forget that the image has the ability to speak..verse 15 says so.

So if you are caught in the presence of this image, and it speaks to you, or picks you out of a crowd, it can speak and cause your death.

ok so what else does chapter 13 say..

verses 16 and 17: And he (false prophet) causeth (through legislation) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

This is a separate event.

First, the entire world is forced through global legislation (everytime you see the word 'causeth' just think legislation) to worship the image of the beast. If they're caught not doing so, anywhere in the world, the image can cause that person's death.

Now, to participate in the one world, New World Order global economy, you have to be chipped, or have a mark or tattoo of some kind on your right hand or forehead. So you're either chipped in your forehead or right hand, or you get a visible mark. It will be your choice. In or On.

If you dont' have the global "smart chip" or "smart stamp/mark/tattoo you can't buy anything anywhere. And you can't legally sell anything either without it. Having this chip/mark is your license to partcipate in the new economy. And the entire world is this new economy.

There's nothing in these verses that says you are worshipping the Antichrist as God by having this chip or mark. You just have to have it to survive. If you want food, clothes, gas, you have to have your chip/mark scanned, because money will be obsolete, or they won't take your money without first scanning your chip/mark.

It will be hailed as a new marvelous technology. Just like Pat Robertson is conditioning the masses it will be. But wolves like him aren't telling you it will damn your soul.

The wolves are confusing the issue, they're going to tell their flocks that this chip/mark isn't the one spoken of in Revelation because you can get it without pledging your worship or loyalty to anyone.

hahaha very slick.

The worship is associated with the image of the beast. The chip is associated with new smart technology.

In actuality if you do either, you are committing idolatry and damning your soul to hell. In this instance, there will be no forgiveness for you are worshipping Satan as god and you are agreeing to participate in Satan's global system where he is being worshipped as god. You will damn your soul.

"If any man/woman worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in/on his forehead, or in his hand. The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into one cup of His indignation; and he/she shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of thier torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name" Rev. 14:9b-11.

That's eternal torment in the lake of fire. That's eternity. There's no forgiveness, no second chance. If you worship the beast and you get his mark/chip, you are sealing your fate in hell for eternity.

It doesn't get any clearer than that. Don't let the wolves tell you there's grey areas and second chances.

This is what the New World Order is about. Welcome to the New World Order, coming to a town near you.

You are responsible for You. You can't blame someone else for what they did or didn't tell you. Read His Word. Read His Rules. Read about His Way of Salvation if you want to go to heaven.

The Kingdom of God

Salvation Prayer

You might not escape the NWO with your life or head, but at least you'll gain eternity in heaven with the Lord. Eternity is forever.

Eternity is forever in heaven or hell.

Your choice.
May 2004. Doesn't seem like a very good month. Last year, May 2003 didn't look good either but we got through the whole year without a major disaster here, like a nuke war, or comet hitting the Atlantic or Great Lakes.

All we can do is pray to get through this year. It sure doesn't look good. The codes, the Prophets, the Watchmen, everyone's sounding the alarms. Are you hearing them?

The Christian body is a mess today. I would say "church" but it seems everyone associates that with buildings. And God has left most of those. The building Christians are so asleep..they have no idea the day is over and the night is coming.

They believe everything they're told, and the Lord allows them to because they're not seeking HIM directly for the truth. Prosperity? Riches? Wealth? Do people really think they can try God for personal financial gain? And what if God decides to teach you humility and takes everything away from you? You did pray His will be done right? Or do you just practice the blab and grab?

Pretty soon disillusion sets in, and while the wolves are enjoying all the comforts you're money provides them, you're quickly losing your faith in religion. And you should. God isn't religion. Religion puts God in a box and dictates to you what you should or shouldn't believe.

Go to God yourself.

Surprise Him. Please Him.

The building Christians are being uninformed, disinformed, and led down the wrong paths.

Yes sin is still sin. It never changed. Holiness or Hell. Yes we have grace, but when we fall short of what we're supposed to do. It doesn't excuse us for all the things we do do, it's not a license to sin or give us room to accept sin, or excuse sin.

Holiness or Hell. Jesus was the greatest fire and brimstone preacher there ever was. Is your pastor preaching holiness or hell? If not, find another one, or stay home and get into His Word yourself.

Are you ready for the chip? It's coming.

Most people are yelling already..oh no it's not we have to go through the peace treaty, the temple building, the blah blah blah. I've been there and done that.

And most are waiting for a rapture to come before nuclear war hits America, or a returning planet causes the earth's poles to shift, or a comet hits one of our lakes or oceans, or a huge earthquake splits this country in half. Most are sleepwalking and expect nothing to happen to them. They're in for a rude awakening.

It's time to find Jesus and who you are in Him. To fulfill the calling He has for you. Every person was born with a calling. Most haven't even accepted Him as their Saviour so they can find out what that calling is. And a lot who have, still don't even know to break away from the system of dead religion and move into Him and find out who they are in Him on a personal level.

There's not much time left before martial law and nuclear war hit America. And yes, it will hit before a rapture. Are you spiritually prepared?

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

well if that isn't the icing on the cake...

I spend all night under ELF attacks trying to force me to have a heart attack and in severe pain for over 6 hours and the next day "Christians" are telling me the angel I saw a couple nights previous was demonic because angels dont' have wings!


No one could possibly realize how close I am to just letting God have His army and going it alone with Him. I don't want to deal with these so-called believers anymore.

I've just had it.

I should have known that something bad was around the corner because it seems like everytime I see or experience something good, then something bad happens shortly after.

And That's how God is. There's no mercy without judgment. When He pours His judgments out He pours His mercy and grace out as well.

The times of our greatest calamities are also the times of our greatest healings and restoration as a people in Him.

I was attacked all night last night with ELF technology. They were trying to force me to have a heart attack. I was in incredible pain for 5 hours until I just couldn't take it anymore and got out of bed. I had been talking to Yahweh most of the night, still don't know why their equipment just didn't break. Sometimes it takes longer. It's now been 6 and a half hours since it started, so either they're giving up or their equipment is down. I'm exhausted but at least now I can breathe.

What is it today with God's people, we either have foxes or bunnies. Ever notice that?

The foxes take off running, they're just always running to get the job done. Whatever they're called to do they're doing it. The bunnies, take little hops here and there but spend most their time just sitting and sniffing the air. Wouldn't want to be in any real danger, again..hop..

And then there's just those who won't move at all unless they have something to criticise someone else about. These are the parasites. The only thing they're ever moving is their mouths and instead of putting it to use for Yahweh they attack His army and their own brethren, they're so sure that Yah made a mistake with His people, so they're going to be the policemen of the army and let everyone know the mistakes Yahweh has made. They all walk in the flesh and wouldn't know how to walk in His Spirit if He was standing right in front of them.

I'm really not going to miss for these fools to be judged as lukewarm and cast into the lake of fire. They've caused so much harm to the body of Christ and to His workers, David prayed for the death of his enemies, was he so off the mark? These parasites are the enemies of Christ. They're fooling no one but themselves. Those who set themselves as judges of the watchmen and prophets when they don't know God at all and talk like they do.

Another thing, that really gets aggravating is the wimping out of God's people. A little heat in the kitchen and they run to hide. We need leadership now more than ever. Watchmen need the prophets to stand up and be leaders! And the Watchman shouldn't even have to be saying so! I see prophets wimping out constantly and I"m tired of it..they're suppose to be over the watchmen and be leaders! The Watchmen are kicking their butts!

God's army needs to pull together in these last days. As the days get closer, the army gets smaller. There are some out there, that are leaders and I"m proud to be associated with them. You always know God's people. They're just about doing the Father's business while everyone else just sits around yapping about them doing nothing for God themselves.

Those doing the Lord's work in these last days know who they are, and are known by the others. Stay strong, ignore the parasites, keep moving.

Just keep moving.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I had gone to bed last night and I was just going to start praying and I saw this white light and it was coming toward me and it turned into an angel. It had huge wings. It was pure white. It was beautiful. It flew towards me, stopped, stood for a second looking at me, then flew away.

The angel didn't say a word to me.

I often see a white light when I close my eyes. I had seen a white light a couple of times before I had that vision of the paratroopers and helicopter. I think the angel was just letting me know that he/she was the white light I was seeing.

the list is back up..

With everything I've seen so far this year, of one month and 2 days, it doesn't look like it's going to be a peaceful year for me. Then again, I didn't expect one.

But they could surprise me!

That whole superbowl halftime performance was just nasty. It wasn't just the Janet Jackson boob show that was nasty, it was the entire half time show. The superbowl is a family event, not an affair for all the depraved. Made me sick. And they couldn't even keep politics out of it, I was floored to see the NASA crap until someone said it was the anniversary of the shuttle going down. And they still haven't told the public that it was Russian space-based scaler weapons that took it down. Think they ever will?


The real space program is in Pine Gap, Australian. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) is just a front agency to bilk billions of dollars out of the public to launch shuttles acting like we're frontiers in space when we've been there for years. They mastered zero gravity a long time ago but gotta keep up the public charade to keep their noses out of their black technology.

I had a vision the other day, I posted it at

Keep the Lord first. There's nothing on this earth worth hanging onto more than your faith in Him.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

well if it's not one thing it's another.

Now my list is "temporarily unavailable."


As if that list is a viable threat to our national security.

I heard they had a search warrant out for God for making terrorist threats against the world.