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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Horsemen Ride

Morgellons plague, Lyme plague, Bird flu plague, AIDS, Mad Cow disease, all of these are joint man/alien plagues that have been cast onto mankind and will get larger as the days roll by.

The 4 horsemen, the 6 Seals, all of these are Satan's wrath on mankind being implemented and played out on an unsuspecting world. Famine will hit the east and spread to the west.

Outright chemical bio attacks will hit the populations of the world as well. People will die instantly as they breathe and inhale the deadly poisons that will be spewed onto the earth by planes and those who will break vials of these poisons in large public gatherings to infect them all.

Some of these plagues are slow and tortuous, while others are instant death.

For Morgellons and Lyme diseases some of the more noticeable symptoms are the open sores/lesions on the skin and small black "dots" on a person's skin.

Chemtrails, vaccinations, tainted food supplies, contaminated needles, these plagues and diseases are being spread in various ways.

There will be much death, famine, and destruction before the last days Antichrist will arrive.

Do something or die.

Protect yourselves and prepare for the times that are coming. Stock up on guns and ammo while you can to protect yourself and families from robbers, thieves, and murderers. And it won't be just civilians causing civil war and anarchy in the streets, but our own government as well who will come after all those who fight against or won't go along with the New World Order. The United Nations has been settling foreign troops in our country for years on secret military bases and underground bases so that when martial law is declared it can and will be enforced by these foreign troops.

Our government is not supporting and upholding the Constitution of America, it is destroying and eliminating it to establish a Fascist police state here in America to be controlled by the UN. It doesn't matter if a democrat or republican is in office, they are working together to bring America under the control of the UN's New World Order.

Satan's wrath on mankind.

What can we do to protect ourselves as the Lord's people?

If you look at Israel's past they were enslaved and conquered as a people every time they unarmed themselves and went to sleep! They couldn't defend themselves! So why does the Bible mention it? Because they were foolish for being unarmed! Read my article on A Call to Arms at

The Lord has given us a weapon to use against the Giants of these last days. When David sought the Lord to take down Goliath the Lord led him to pick up 3 stones/pebbles. David took down the Giant Goliath with a slingshot and a stone! With the other 2 stones he took down both of Goliath's brothers! One shot one kill! When I sought the Lord on how to take down the giants of our day He led me to orgone!

This is an excerpt from an email I received yesterday:

".....You're right though, about bad orgonite vendors. I am one of them, in fact, and have sold thousands of dollars of (rather cheap,) orgonite. what you are wrong about, though, is that while I am happy to disperse bad orgonite amongst the human population, I do keep mass amounts of good orgonite for myself and my comrades. "

Do NOT buy orgone from Ebay! Do NOT buy orgone from anyone associated with Don Croft! Make your own! I have the directions on my website and some pictures at

Don Croft is pure evil! His entire group makes orgone that will destroy the health of those who buy it or make it as he instructs them to. It not only destroys the health of the people who follow or listen to him, it will kill their pets! He sabotages and makes BAD orgone. Just as there is good orgone, there is bad orgone. The orgone Don Croft makes and promotes benefits and helps the New World Order!!

Orgone can destroy the NWO and combats their evil plans against us! It prevents high tech weapons from being effective against you and tormenting/harming you, it will keep alien and demonic beings away from you, they can't stand it! And in the last days when Satan comes to earth with his forces, orgone will DESTROY them!!

The Lord Himself will win the war agains the NWO, but we can and are winning battles against it and nowhere did the Lord ever say to sit down and allow Satan to walk all over your head! Stand up and do something about it!

The Lord said His people would do exploits in the last days, and this includes the two groups of 144,000 it is not just them alone!! The Lord's real people aren't sitting on their butts whining and declaring typical church brainwash, "we don't have to do anything"! Hogwash! Do nothing you will die! Plain and simple. Because you are NOT doing as the Lord says to do! He will allow your death(s)!

So many are going to follow their pastors to the pits of hell and to death! They think they are Christians but don't even know who HE is. God said to follow HIM not man! Your pastors have become your idols!

Stock up on food and water, when you lose your job, when the economy crashes, when the plagues hit, will you be ready? Stock up on camping supplies so if you have to flee your area you're already ready!

NEVER allow the government to 'relocate' you! They can't wait to send you to your death in a FEMA camp!

Whatever happened to the thousands of Katrina victims who were sent to FEMA centers and camps? Has any ONE of them ever resurfaced again???? How come we haven't heard from any of them?? I'm not talking about those shipped to the Astro Dome for PR purposes, but the ones shipped across the country to FEMA centers.

Those implementing the NWO sit day and night and plan for your death and destruction.

Do something or die!

Do "Christians" get sick today? Die of Cancer? Go hungry? Lose their homes? Lose their jobs? If God allows these things to happen to them now, what makes you think He'll protect them from it later?

Quit drowning in dogma and theology and get off your butts to prepare for what's coming ahead!

Yah bless His Warriors

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tid Bits and Tad Bits

Just some tid bits and tad bits about different things...

The Book "Blueprint for Bondage" is ready for sale and you can get it at

I'm not making one dime promoting this book. The reason I love this book is because everything in it is true! It's not one of those books that you have to chew the grass and spit out the hay, it's just an incredible expose of the Garden of Eden and what really happened and reveals passages from the Song of Solomon that explain it as well. He also, in his journey for truth, reveals the same things about the False Apostle Paul that many others have been led to, only he reveals more and interesting things about Paul I haven't read anywhere else! His comparisons of the Garden and Eden with the Last Days are also compelling and in touch with what's really going on! I just found this entire book incredible.

I often get asked "What books out there are good to buy" and well folks, this is one of them. A real keeper.

Some of you who have ordered 5 oz orgone products aren't getting them. I've had problems mailing them before using Priority bubble envelope mailers, for some reason those are easier to sabotage then just buying boxes to put them in, which I really hate to do since buying a box is $1-$2 extra just for shipping. Perhaps I'll have to put a minimum order on the 5 oz. orgones.

I got an order returned 2 weeks ago from someone who didn't claim their package from the post office...and I don't have an email address to contact this person.

Some of you who have bought orgone and then decide to return it without opening it, the PO stamps over your address so I have no way of contacting you. Every once in a while I"ll get a "return to sender" and they stamp it right over the person's address.

I know there's a teenager who bought the orgone a while ago and then his father forced him to send it back for a refund, and I don't have his address to send his refund. Please contact me if you're reading this.

For the most part I haven't had much problems getting the orgone out. It's going all over the world and even mailing to Australia seems to be better now. They still seem to sabotage orders every once in a while but I can resend those out when I'm aware of it.


A lot of people asking when I'll begin to post recordings again. I still don't have my main computer ready to go, so whenever I can get a regular phone line in this house and DSL then I can begin recording again. I'm so swamped and behind in bills right now I don't see that happening any time to soon.


I would like to thank the few who do financially support my ministry. Your contributions keep the websites up and so I thank you very much for that. Some of you are long time supporters and feel like family! May you be blessed by The Most High God.


Interesting there's a movie out now about Bush being assassinated. I remember several years ago posting about a Bible Code revealing that in that November Bush would be assassinated, and that by exposing their plans it would be averted and how angry and exasperated they were that I revealed that code. And now there's a movie about a "Bush assassination in November." Coincidence?


Chemtrails are responsible for Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, Fibromalagia (however you spell it), Morgellons, and many other odd and weird diseases popping up. Saturate your areas with orgone and it will keep the chemtrails out of your area. There are chemtrails and there are HAARP clouds. The HAARP clouds are more vicious looking and used for weather control. I don't think orgone affects the HAARP clouds as much as the chemtrails. It does do something against them though, I mean what happened to the vicious hurricane season we were suppose to have this year?? HAHAHHA Sherry Shriner and orgone is what happened! HA! Orgone destroyed and prevented their hurricane season....that's exactly what happened. I can't take the credit though (although I do get a good laugh), Yah's people in the southern states have stood up and protected their areas and by doing that the government can't create the conditions with their weather weapons to create and force hurricanes to hit certain areas. My trip to Texas and other areas has proven to be very fruitful and effective.

I will be driving from one end of the country to the other next year and I need your support and donations to prepare for that. I need to make about 5,000 orgone blasters for the trip and much $$ is needed to be able to do that.

I know, I know, I need to get to NY. Hang on Brooklyn and I'll be there sooner or later. I need warriors to get busy in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Just throw it in the Hudson around those burroughs!! Saturate the areas.

hehe...Satan has nooo idea the welcome party he's going to have. I die laughing thinking about it.



Every day Yah's real people are waking up. I hear from many people just discovering who and what they are in Yahweh and that they have a calling to fulfill for Him in these last days and they're getting busy with it. While those in the churches sleep, those in the mountains, hills, wilderness and wherever and all over are getting busy.

I think one of the biggest differences being is that most in the churches have the attitude toward God of "This is what you need to do for me" while those who aren't drowning in the apostate churches have the attitude, "What can I do for you." Most churches are death zones...they put more people to sleep than animal shelters.

Yah bless His Warriors

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Elect vs. The Church

I hate it when people take it upon themselves to add me to their apostate mailing lists and start sending me emails of "Words from the Lord" that are nothing more than channelled garbage messages from Sananda and St. Germaine. It's almost amazing how many "Christians" have no discernment at all. But we were warned that in the last days deception would abound. And it's rampant in the churches today. A majority can't and don't recognize the voice of the Lord' they think it's their duty to embrace and send around messages channelled by Satan's generals because they have no discernment to know otherwise!

It's nauseating. I don't know how many times I've had to tell people "You have absolutely no discernment, please take me off your mailing list" when I never asked to be on it to begin with!

I don't mind if someone sends me something and asks my opinion on it, for them it's better to be corrected and learn something than fall in the mire of channelled garbage that most in the churches have sunk into.

Pentecostals are the worst. The entire denomination is channelled and run by Sananda, St. Germaine, and the demonic realm as are most/all of the denominations, but the Pentecostals are WIDE OPEN to deception because they channel demons in their tongue speaking! Their visions are from the demonic realm and so are their messages. And you can't tell them otherwise. In the past I held out hope that maybe only a majority of them were deceived but now I know ALL OF THEM ARE! Now I'll get feedback..."you can't say all of them are" because they'll claim they're in the 1% that isn't. I'll tell you what, I've known hundreds of them over the years and they were ALL drowning in deceptions and the false light and illumination of Lucifer, so how's that for an average? 100% of the ones I've met or talked to!

The Lord told me that speaking in tongues is a manifestation of the Spirit of the FLESH. Not HIS Spirit, the Spirit of the FLESH! And if you don't believe me ask HIM yourself! Here's how the deception works...the believer/person begins to praise God in song or worship and begins to feel His presence..well that's "Christianity 101" folks, if you want to feel His presence start praising Him. Then, they allow the flesh of the Spirit to take over and begin to speak in tongues, replacing His Spirit with their own spirit of the flesh, which welcomes demonic oppression/possession at this point and they begin to have visions, or "words from the Lord" which are in reality channelled messages from the demons who are oppressing/possessing them. It's the false light of Lucifer that illuminates them and they think they are feeling the Spirit of the Lord..a clever deception by Lucifer and his angels of false light! And most won't abandon the deception because they love the feeling they get from it because they think it's the presence of the Lord! If they can be that deceived now..wait till the Antichrist rises to power! He'll give them all the 'feeling' they want! Not ONE APOSTLE EVER spoke in tongues! Paul was not an apostle! ( These are not spirit-filled believers they are demonically possesed!

The ELECT aren't deceived. They may have been at one time, or for a while, as many were raised up in the Spiritual Whores of Babylon, the churches of today, but they left them, and aren't in them, and every day more are being added to the list as they understand exactly WHY they hate religion and the churches today and start waking up to the truth about them! The fact is there are many believers who KNOW there's something wrong in the churches today but they feel they are abandoning "God Himself" if they leave! Wrong! Go with your instinct! It's the Lord trying to reach you!

There are so few that are actually the Lord's churches. I heard from a pastor the other day who has been teaching his congregation about the Illuminati, chemtrails, and everything else about the evil agenda of the NWO and who the players are in it and I was amazed!! Now there's a church with a heart for the Lord! So unusual for today...a church that preaches the truth and is preparing their flock for what is coming!

Several years ago the Lord told me I would teach His prophets/pastors/shepherds and to see them abandon Babylon and turn away from the apostasies and learn the truth is just incredible. You can't learn the truth if you think you already know it..because those who are deceived don't think they are! That's why it's called DECEPTION. The only way out of it is to start asking the Lord Himself to teach you the truth in all things. And keep asking Him every day, be persistent and consistent and you'll be amazed at what you learn and what He reveals to you!

The Lord will honor those with a love for the truth. It clearly shows they are HIS.

I encourage all pastors to put aside the conditioning and mind control shoved down you from the seminaries/cemetaries and start asking the Lord Himself what the truth is! Most have been ordained from man and not God! It's time to turn your back on man and start seeking God! You are responsible for your congregations and that's a HUGE responsibility. Learn the truth and start preaching the truth! That's all you have to do! Preach the TRUTH. And you can't do that if you don't know it, and you don't know it if you're preaching seminary dogmas and doctrines you were told were the truth and that's all there is! There's much more! There's alot of deception coming, if your congregations are ignorant of them now, how will they be prepared for what's coming?

The Elect have been busy...they're not once a week Christians they seek Yah every day and they are doing the things He leads them to do to prepare for what's ahead.

Next year the timeclock starts to roll and millions of people are going to die...

Are you ready?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Covenant Communities...

Lately I was giving a review for a soon to be published book called "Blueprint to Bondage" an excellent book that I'll be offering for sale on my websites when it's published...anyway it mentioned "Covenant Communities" and that caught my eye. For years I've been warning to prepare ahead for the coming times and align yourselves with others. I wanted to build my own camp for Yah's people and even sought donations to do so, but it never added up to even being able to buy five acres of land let alone the many acres that would be needed to house alot of people...

I referred to it as an encampment, or camp, and in this book the author gives it the name "Covenant Community". I wasn't real sure what that would be about so I asked the Lord Himself what a Covenant Community is.

The Lord said (in so many words) a Covenant Community would be one in which a person enters into a covenant with Him and agrees that if he/she does all He commands and follows all His commands that He will take care of that person (people) and provide for their needs, such as water, food, warmth, staying dry, etc..(basically shelter from the elements).

At this point I almost expected Him to start quoting Leviticus and all the relevant laws of today that we are to follow, and I'm sure at some point that would/will come about, but what He did tell me in regards to a few of His commands were these:

If you are establishing a Covenant Community with the Lord then:
1. There can be no TV's in the community. At first glance you might think, "Wow, how am I going to live without a TV!" Well after living without access to one for almost 3 months this summer I can tell you it's completely possible. I never missed it. The reason there are to be no TV's? Because in the last days the TV set will be a vehicle of mass destruction. The TV's will be used to emit electromagnetic and other high tech ELF waves and weapons that will be used to literally enslave, destroy, and kill the person watching it. Think of HDTV as "Hasten Death TV" and you'll get the picture.

If you're watching TV, then you're "still alive" and their plans are to kill you, they want you dead! Stay away from the TV's when their agenda begins to play on the world scene, watching the news will not be good for your health...literally. Or watching anything for that matter. And the Lord forbids them from even being in Covenant Communities. Don't expect some kind of special protection from Him if you directly disobey His order to not watch it. Annointing it won't do you a bit of good, He says to stay away from it...period. Radios and shortwave radios are fine. In fact you can assign a person or people to listen to them so they can update the people in the community about what's going on in the "outside world."

2. No cursed objects are allowed in the Community. And as a matter of fact, printed/paper money is not allowed to be in the community at all. I was a bit surprised when He said this but it makes perfect sense. Our printed money is an abomination to Him. There are Satanic symbollisms and pictures all over our printed money that are seen and unseen. Gold and silver are His, not this fabricated printed money we have today. It is a cursed object. Also, CD's and video covers etc..especially from mainstream recording studios and production companies have Satanic symbollism and graphics on them as well. I don't know what you'd do with videos anyway, but for those who have CD players etc..the covers to these are not allowed. Get plain covers or cases for your "Christian music" CD's.

3. A council should be established to hear the grievances of those living in the community. You would think at this point, people would be happy to just be alive or cared for, but people are never satisified, there's always someone with a gripe or complaint about something or someone else. Having to live with other people in a confined community no matter how large or small won't always be nice or easy. So expect problems to pop up and be prepared to deal with them via a council of people appointed ahead of time to deal with problems and keep peace within the community.

4. The 10 Commandments are to be followed at all times. Anyone in the community found guilty of breaking a commandment will be sent before the council for possible removal from the camp. It will be up to the council's discernment when dealing with commandment breakers.

5. There should be one person above the council to whom all appeals of council decisions will go to. If someone doesn't like a verdict or degree handed down to them by the council, they can appeal to the highest member of the camp, or one put in that position of authority to hear appeals, what one could refer to as "the appellate judge."

Anyway these are a few things the Lord has shown/told me about establishing a Covenant Community.

We need people around the world establishing these Covenant Communities for the Lord's people. The last days are approaching quickly and the time to build and prepare is now.

Covenant Communities can be large or small. Just enter into a covenant with Him to provide your needs and in exchange you will do all He commands. He may use you to establish a community to include others or just lead you to one that already exists.

But He can't lead you to one that already exists if none exist! Get busy people...this world is fading away.

Yah bless His Warriors

Monday, October 23, 2006

Freaks Dominating the Air Waves..

I'm getting so tired of the TV commercials that feature animals in a human capacity.

The Bigfoot/werewolf looking men, or the offices full of animals posing as employees and workers...

How much conditioning can one take...and the funny thing is most people probably don't even realize it.

"Oh the Gecko reptile is sooo cute" can you hear it now...

I've said it before that the last days would more than likely resemble a movie like the Star Wars bar scene that featured both humans and aliens cohabitating together inside a bar...and that's what they're doing..conditioning us to working alongside "different species than us."

I'm not amused.

American Express's commercials at the beginning were funny, but it wasn't long before the hideous agenda would keep playing out to where it has lost its novelty. Now they are featuring Ellen Degeneres working in an office with 'animals.' Many different types of 'animals.'

If I see an 'animal' on the street I'd shoot it or run it over. And I'm not talking about a domesticated animal. Better idea is just to saturate your area with orgone because they can't stand it. So what now, targeting office buildings with orgone? Guess so...

How asleep are people? Very...

When Satan is cast down to the earth, his armies will be as well. So you can be assured if all of a sudden we're 'embracing animals' that can participate in our society, that the falling has taken place.

As in the days of Noah..people were marrying and going about their daily lives before the flood hit...what exactly is the 'flood' in the last days, the beginning or the end of the tribulation period?

How much of it will we be in before people realize we're in it? Still waiting on that mystery rapture to happen that won't? So naturally the tribulation period hasn't started because the rapture hasn't happened (as most will think and continue on with their humanistic and materialistic lives)...see how good the deception is...thank your pastor for that one.

And the pastors who do know the truth are afraid to speak up and speak out against the falsehoods and lies being propagated by the 'brethren.' Why they think those who partake in falsehoods and lies are "brethren" I'll never know.

I've noticed an increase in pastors who support my ministry...pastors who are waking up and disgusted with what's going on and feel powerless to do anything about it and grateful that at least someone is standing up for the truth.

Change starts with one person. Be that person.

Yah bless His Warriors

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Things I Know...

Things I Know...

I know Al Gore runs the Shadow Government...

I know since he wasn't appointed president of the USA he was appointed head of the Shadow...

I know the Homeland Security facade and many federal and intel agencies are run by Al Gore...

I know it is Al Gore who has ordered the surveillance of perhaps thousands of Patriotic and God-fearing Americans who have been deemed as "enemy combatants" and "terrorists" because they stand against the New World Order and everything it stands for.

I know it is Al Gore who has ordered the assassinations of those he fears...those who dare to expose the real agendas behind the New World Order.

George Bush is a puppet of his father and Dick Cheney.

I know Dick Cheney is a double agent for the New World Order faction and the Alien Agenda faction.

I know Hillary Clinton is behind the planning of putting America under Martial Law.

I know it doesn't matter who is president of the USA, whoever it is will give this country over to the Antichrist when he rises to power.

I know it is the "Aliens" and the Alien Agenda that is behind the plagues hitting earth, and the gruesome ones to come that will decimate the USA and the rest of the world.

I know when the rampant plague comes that begins in several cities killing millions and then starts to spread the economy will completely crash.

I know stocking up on gold and silver is a good thing for now, but not all the gold and silver in the world will buy you a loaf of bread that doesn't exist. Hoarding your money could cause your own death. Don't horde it, spend it and stock up on food and water. I know the Apostle John said that people in the last days "would be throwing their gold and silver in the streets."

I know Yahushuah said, "even an ant prepares for winter." Stock up on guns, ammo, food and water and be prepared to be able to stay warm with no electricity or gas. Provisions folks...stock up on provisions.

I know living in groups is the one way to survive the coming disasters for safety and survival. Form alliances with other believers and start to prepare and plan for what's coming ahead.

I know time is running out and 2007 could be the year for an economic crash, famine, death in the millions, pestilences, earthquakes and natural disasters like we've never seen in this country.

I know when the massive plagues/pestilences start that it's time to go into hiding. You'll have a short time to get what you can from the stores before they close for good...if you wait till then to stock up and prepare it will be to late to do an effective job.

I know a big part of the NWO and Alien agendas are to kill and murder as many Americans and as many people as possible around the world through starvation, famine, harsh weather conditions with lack of electricity, and economic collapses causing anarchy, panic, murder and chaos everywhere. Stores will be closed, transportation will be shut down, there will be no protection in the cities or countrysides from our police or military. If you are going to survive you are going to have to be hidden and able to defend yourselves.

I know that the majority of pre-tribbers and those in the churches today will walk like sheep to the slaughter to "protection" which is internment camps, never suspecting their own GOP government and churches have set them up for assured death and destruction with lies, false hope, blasphemies and apostasies.

The deceived never believe they are deceived and never realize they are until it's too late.

I know that because of disobedience to Yahushuah, His Word and His Laws America is going to suffer every curse of Deuteronomy 29. Grace did NOT replace the Law. Only Satan thinks so and those who listen to and follow him and his interpretations via the seminaries. Only the sacrificial aspects of the law were fulfilled, the rest still stand.

I know most of this will fall on deaf ears, I'm not here to save or help the world, or even all those in the churches today, just the small remnant that can hear His voice.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

That's Just How The Story Goes...

As I analyze them...they analyze me. Sounds amusing but that's how the story goes.

I think having these emails with Sananda over the past week has made me realize just how divided Lucifer's kingdom is...I mean I knew it was...but this takes the cake. He creates chaos and division and then sits atop of it all.

Northern Orion must be a busy place.

How many councils does Lucifer have running his mess he calls a kingdom, or is it just the one Illuminati Council referred to by many names. I don't think it really matters to know all the details of how he does things, just important to recognize when his footprints are into something. And that's mostly everything.

I wonder if they all know how much they are all just pawns being set up and put on a race coarse against each other. There are so many camps, factions, groups, that have been created by Lucifer himself to bring his agenda on earth that each one thinks 'they' are the 'one' that will win and rule alongside of, or instead of, Lucifer himself.

He runs them all.

He keeps them divided and in the dark on what the others are doing. Our government refers to it as decompartmentalization. When they have a project they break it down into pieces and fragments and subcontract them out to others to be fulfilled, whatever the task is, then all the pieces are gathered and the puzzle/project is completed by a select few who actually know what is going on, or think they do.

Lucifer's mastered decompartmentalizing his agenda. His overall plan is broken up into various pieces and factions while the 'subcontractors' the Satanists, secret societies, and various military and governmental groups aligned with him fulfill their role in what they believe the project to be. Each only getting a piece of it and yet each led into thinking they have it all. But only Lucifer himself really knows what it is. Those who think they are in the know, know nothing. These people are completely clueless.

As far as the outcome, we know what that will be. Satan loves to quote Paul but completely ignores the Book of Revelation. He takes what he can manipulate and use and ignores the rest, if not rewrites it.

I knew Paul was their man. I've known it for a long time but they certainly hammer the nail home when the first words out of their mouths are Paul's, or twisting the words of Yahushuah himself. And I'll show you how he does it in the next post.

Do you need any more evidence, proof, whatever it is to see for yourself who I am or why I do the things I do? I'm a THREAT to them and they (aliens) know it. The humans sit back and watch what's going on but they can't figure anything out and the gov't agencies are even worse on that one. It's amusing.

They walk in darkness trying to figure out the light. And they'll still never see what's right in front of them.

I don't hide anything.

In all their power, numbers, and arrogance they'll never truly understand an army of one and every believer in Yah is an army of One. Those who have awakened and know who they are in Him or can be led by Him are being led into the battles of these last days to expose, destroy, and tear down Satan's kingdom on earth. Many work together, many work alone. Yah Himself will have the final victory but He is leading His warriors to battle every day...are you part of the army or part of the problem...

I thoroughly enjoy being a pain in Satan's collective ass.

I'm not here to build an army I'm here to wake one up. Let's get busy folks we got time, let's use it...there's much to be done before he arrives on earth.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Monday, October 09, 2006

And The War Goes On...

Since my last post I've had several email exchanges with the one who calls himself Sananda.

I do think it's the same one playing the New Age camp, he speaks all the same dribble and has all the same characteristics of the one who calls himself Sananda-Immanuel, amongst all his other Sananda-names. Of course when it suits him he'll claim I was talking to an imposter and not the "real" Sananda. But I'm so ahead of him on that one and I really could care less.

He's a master manipulator, which is why I've had second thoughts of reposting any of his emails to me since it could perhaps play a part in someone weaker's downward spiral into buying into his lies and deceptions. He twists everything Yah says and puts his own spin on everything. As you would expect.

One would have to be grounded in the Word and in the Lord Himself to know when the squirrel is lying and how he's doing it and so pointing out his discrepencies, twistings, and manipulations isn't hard for me, but apparently starting to exasperate him. I'm not a pawn he can manipulate, deceive or confuse. I know who the Most High is and who I am in Him and Sananda knows I'm a worthy opponent of his or he wouldn't be bothering with the emails to begin with.

In one exchange with him I stated:

You masterfully twist the words of the Lord and the Most High to fit your own humanistic "I" "I" "I" agenda. Where did it get you last time? Kicked out of heaven with no hope for redemption.

Round two is clearly here and your second attempt to usurp the authority of the Most High and claim to be gods yourselves is almost laughable if it wasn't deceiving so many people.

You underestimate the Lord's people however. Many of your own that have been deceived by your whit and charm are learning the real truth of who and what you are and are turning their backs on your New Age agenda, you merely solidifiy your own serpent seed to your sidelines.

We are few in number but through the Son and the Most High God more powerful than you can imagine. We will expose all your works and hidden agendas and all will be brought to the light for the deceived to see. You will deceive many but we will win many for the Most High.

The war goes on, always has, and I will fight you with my last breath and lead the Lord's people against you and all your deceptions with His might and strength.

Every day you are allowed to live revolves around how great you think you are, every day I live revolves around how great the Most High is and what I can do for Him. We have nothing in common and you cannot persuade me to adopt your dung from the pit of hell.If you are 'the' Sananda then why don't you give me a green flash from the UFO you are in so I know which one is yours at night time. You know if I had a missile launcher I'd shoot it out of the sky myself. But no worries, your time is allotted by the Most High and there's nothing I can do about it but expose you and lead His people to fight against you.

And that, is what I do.


I know that this "Jesus" we see hanging in the churches is noone but Satan himself. It is NOT the real Jesus, just a clever deception by the RCC to hang a portrait of Lucifer in the churches claiming to worship the real son of God, Yahushuah.

A clever deception...but what did we expect..Lucifer IS clever, a master deceiver and manipulator folks and you just have to shut him off and shut him down and not listen to him. Stand in your faith of the Most High and just stand there while Satan takes his swings because there's nothing he can do to a believer who is stedfast in their love for the Lord. He loses, plain and simple. He is NOT your friend, he is your enemy who is trying to destroy your soul and you do not have to take anything from him, tell him to shut up and rebuke him in the name of Yahushuah.

He plays with people every day, and through people every day. He's been sidetracking and belittling me for months and that's really the only reason I'm having at it with him right now and Yah hasn't told me not to.

I'll give more blurbs later,

Until then,

Yah bless His Warriors

Friday, October 06, 2006

Thinking Outside the Box

I was in the post office mailing out some orgone and this older gentleman who appeared to be in his late 60s came walking in and as I stood there at the counter talking to the postal clerk who has become a good friend over the years (I'm up there so much) this man began talking about Jesus and how everyone celebrates Christmas as if it was His birthday. I was shocked. Not because it wasn't exactly December already but because he was even talking about it. I looked at him and said, "Now there's a thinking man" and he grinned and went on to talk about the real birthdate of Jesus Sept. 29, and the creation of Adam and Eve at 4004 B.C. The postal clerk looked at him like he was crazy, I was enjoying the conversation, I loved the guy.

Not to many people will just say it like it is. Most people are afraid to make waves, it's more comfy staying in the status quo and going along with the errors and apostasies that surround us rather than speaking out against them. What's worse is the majority don't even realize most of American churches are drowning in errors and apostasies.

Most of Christianity today is a hoax. It is NOT what Jesus-Yahushuah and His original 12 apostles established, but is what the 13th Antichrist apostle Saul-Paul began and founded through the Roman government and the Satanic RCC. How many Christians speak of Constantine as the one who formalized the church back in 325A.D. and yet are completely clueless that Constantine was a Knights Templar who founded what most recognize as Christianity today putting fellow mason Saul-Paul's writings at the forefront for the creation of the "King James" Bible.

Satan loving freaks molded what we know as Christianity today and it's nothing what the original church founded. In fact most of those believers had to be killed off in persecutions and murdered over 200 years after the Lord's death so the Satan loving devil houses we have today could be instituted and established and the truth stomped out.

How many are preaching the real Gospel? What is Gospel? The Word Gospel means "message" not the KJV! The KJV didn't even exist back in the day when Jesus/Yahushuah and the apostles walked on earth. We were admonished to preach, teach and learn His Message, and if you don't know what that is read the words in red in a red letter edition Bible because nothing else matters as much. A lot of it has been mistranslated and messed with by the Satan freaks who started this whole mess we call Christianity and Churchianity.

They preach and teach Paul, mix it in with "Jesus" to make it sound legit while they hang pictures of Satan behind their pulpits. It makes me sick. Those aren't the Lord's houses those are the devil's houses and umpteen thousands of preachers around this country have never stopped to ask or wonder if what they're blabbing from the pulpit is actually the truth or just mind controlled garbage they were taught in the cemetaries.

"I've taught this my whole life" or "I've believed this my whole life" doesn't mean it's RIGHT. We've been lied to our entire lives and told what to believe is real or what isn't, what is truth and what isn't, we're molded and put in a box and told what to believe.

Step out of the box. Start asking questions...listen to your gut even if you don't understand where it's leading...that's how Yah gets our attention....