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Friday, October 27, 2006

Tid Bits and Tad Bits

Just some tid bits and tad bits about different things...

The Book "Blueprint for Bondage" is ready for sale and you can get it at

I'm not making one dime promoting this book. The reason I love this book is because everything in it is true! It's not one of those books that you have to chew the grass and spit out the hay, it's just an incredible expose of the Garden of Eden and what really happened and reveals passages from the Song of Solomon that explain it as well. He also, in his journey for truth, reveals the same things about the False Apostle Paul that many others have been led to, only he reveals more and interesting things about Paul I haven't read anywhere else! His comparisons of the Garden and Eden with the Last Days are also compelling and in touch with what's really going on! I just found this entire book incredible.

I often get asked "What books out there are good to buy" and well folks, this is one of them. A real keeper.

Some of you who have ordered 5 oz orgone products aren't getting them. I've had problems mailing them before using Priority bubble envelope mailers, for some reason those are easier to sabotage then just buying boxes to put them in, which I really hate to do since buying a box is $1-$2 extra just for shipping. Perhaps I'll have to put a minimum order on the 5 oz. orgones.

I got an order returned 2 weeks ago from someone who didn't claim their package from the post office...and I don't have an email address to contact this person.

Some of you who have bought orgone and then decide to return it without opening it, the PO stamps over your address so I have no way of contacting you. Every once in a while I"ll get a "return to sender" and they stamp it right over the person's address.

I know there's a teenager who bought the orgone a while ago and then his father forced him to send it back for a refund, and I don't have his address to send his refund. Please contact me if you're reading this.

For the most part I haven't had much problems getting the orgone out. It's going all over the world and even mailing to Australia seems to be better now. They still seem to sabotage orders every once in a while but I can resend those out when I'm aware of it.


A lot of people asking when I'll begin to post recordings again. I still don't have my main computer ready to go, so whenever I can get a regular phone line in this house and DSL then I can begin recording again. I'm so swamped and behind in bills right now I don't see that happening any time to soon.


I would like to thank the few who do financially support my ministry. Your contributions keep the websites up and so I thank you very much for that. Some of you are long time supporters and feel like family! May you be blessed by The Most High God.


Interesting there's a movie out now about Bush being assassinated. I remember several years ago posting about a Bible Code revealing that in that November Bush would be assassinated, and that by exposing their plans it would be averted and how angry and exasperated they were that I revealed that code. And now there's a movie about a "Bush assassination in November." Coincidence?


Chemtrails are responsible for Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, Fibromalagia (however you spell it), Morgellons, and many other odd and weird diseases popping up. Saturate your areas with orgone and it will keep the chemtrails out of your area. There are chemtrails and there are HAARP clouds. The HAARP clouds are more vicious looking and used for weather control. I don't think orgone affects the HAARP clouds as much as the chemtrails. It does do something against them though, I mean what happened to the vicious hurricane season we were suppose to have this year?? HAHAHHA Sherry Shriner and orgone is what happened! HA! Orgone destroyed and prevented their hurricane season....that's exactly what happened. I can't take the credit though (although I do get a good laugh), Yah's people in the southern states have stood up and protected their areas and by doing that the government can't create the conditions with their weather weapons to create and force hurricanes to hit certain areas. My trip to Texas and other areas has proven to be very fruitful and effective.

I will be driving from one end of the country to the other next year and I need your support and donations to prepare for that. I need to make about 5,000 orgone blasters for the trip and much $$ is needed to be able to do that.

I know, I know, I need to get to NY. Hang on Brooklyn and I'll be there sooner or later. I need warriors to get busy in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Just throw it in the Hudson around those burroughs!! Saturate the areas.

hehe...Satan has nooo idea the welcome party he's going to have. I die laughing thinking about it.



Every day Yah's real people are waking up. I hear from many people just discovering who and what they are in Yahweh and that they have a calling to fulfill for Him in these last days and they're getting busy with it. While those in the churches sleep, those in the mountains, hills, wilderness and wherever and all over are getting busy.

I think one of the biggest differences being is that most in the churches have the attitude toward God of "This is what you need to do for me" while those who aren't drowning in the apostate churches have the attitude, "What can I do for you." Most churches are death zones...they put more people to sleep than animal shelters.

Yah bless His Warriors

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