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Monday, October 23, 2006

Freaks Dominating the Air Waves..

I'm getting so tired of the TV commercials that feature animals in a human capacity.

The Bigfoot/werewolf looking men, or the offices full of animals posing as employees and workers...

How much conditioning can one take...and the funny thing is most people probably don't even realize it.

"Oh the Gecko reptile is sooo cute" can you hear it now...

I've said it before that the last days would more than likely resemble a movie like the Star Wars bar scene that featured both humans and aliens cohabitating together inside a bar...and that's what they're doing..conditioning us to working alongside "different species than us."

I'm not amused.

American Express's commercials at the beginning were funny, but it wasn't long before the hideous agenda would keep playing out to where it has lost its novelty. Now they are featuring Ellen Degeneres working in an office with 'animals.' Many different types of 'animals.'

If I see an 'animal' on the street I'd shoot it or run it over. And I'm not talking about a domesticated animal. Better idea is just to saturate your area with orgone because they can't stand it. So what now, targeting office buildings with orgone? Guess so...

How asleep are people? Very...

When Satan is cast down to the earth, his armies will be as well. So you can be assured if all of a sudden we're 'embracing animals' that can participate in our society, that the falling has taken place.

As in the days of Noah..people were marrying and going about their daily lives before the flood hit...what exactly is the 'flood' in the last days, the beginning or the end of the tribulation period?

How much of it will we be in before people realize we're in it? Still waiting on that mystery rapture to happen that won't? So naturally the tribulation period hasn't started because the rapture hasn't happened (as most will think and continue on with their humanistic and materialistic lives)...see how good the deception is...thank your pastor for that one.

And the pastors who do know the truth are afraid to speak up and speak out against the falsehoods and lies being propagated by the 'brethren.' Why they think those who partake in falsehoods and lies are "brethren" I'll never know.

I've noticed an increase in pastors who support my ministry...pastors who are waking up and disgusted with what's going on and feel powerless to do anything about it and grateful that at least someone is standing up for the truth.

Change starts with one person. Be that person.

Yah bless His Warriors

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