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Friday, October 06, 2006

Thinking Outside the Box

I was in the post office mailing out some orgone and this older gentleman who appeared to be in his late 60s came walking in and as I stood there at the counter talking to the postal clerk who has become a good friend over the years (I'm up there so much) this man began talking about Jesus and how everyone celebrates Christmas as if it was His birthday. I was shocked. Not because it wasn't exactly December already but because he was even talking about it. I looked at him and said, "Now there's a thinking man" and he grinned and went on to talk about the real birthdate of Jesus Sept. 29, and the creation of Adam and Eve at 4004 B.C. The postal clerk looked at him like he was crazy, I was enjoying the conversation, I loved the guy.

Not to many people will just say it like it is. Most people are afraid to make waves, it's more comfy staying in the status quo and going along with the errors and apostasies that surround us rather than speaking out against them. What's worse is the majority don't even realize most of American churches are drowning in errors and apostasies.

Most of Christianity today is a hoax. It is NOT what Jesus-Yahushuah and His original 12 apostles established, but is what the 13th Antichrist apostle Saul-Paul began and founded through the Roman government and the Satanic RCC. How many Christians speak of Constantine as the one who formalized the church back in 325A.D. and yet are completely clueless that Constantine was a Knights Templar who founded what most recognize as Christianity today putting fellow mason Saul-Paul's writings at the forefront for the creation of the "King James" Bible.

Satan loving freaks molded what we know as Christianity today and it's nothing what the original church founded. In fact most of those believers had to be killed off in persecutions and murdered over 200 years after the Lord's death so the Satan loving devil houses we have today could be instituted and established and the truth stomped out.

How many are preaching the real Gospel? What is Gospel? The Word Gospel means "message" not the KJV! The KJV didn't even exist back in the day when Jesus/Yahushuah and the apostles walked on earth. We were admonished to preach, teach and learn His Message, and if you don't know what that is read the words in red in a red letter edition Bible because nothing else matters as much. A lot of it has been mistranslated and messed with by the Satan freaks who started this whole mess we call Christianity and Churchianity.

They preach and teach Paul, mix it in with "Jesus" to make it sound legit while they hang pictures of Satan behind their pulpits. It makes me sick. Those aren't the Lord's houses those are the devil's houses and umpteen thousands of preachers around this country have never stopped to ask or wonder if what they're blabbing from the pulpit is actually the truth or just mind controlled garbage they were taught in the cemetaries.

"I've taught this my whole life" or "I've believed this my whole life" doesn't mean it's RIGHT. We've been lied to our entire lives and told what to believe is real or what isn't, what is truth and what isn't, we're molded and put in a box and told what to believe.

Step out of the box. Start asking questions...listen to your gut even if you don't understand where it's leading...that's how Yah gets our attention....

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