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Monday, October 09, 2006

And The War Goes On...

Since my last post I've had several email exchanges with the one who calls himself Sananda.

I do think it's the same one playing the New Age camp, he speaks all the same dribble and has all the same characteristics of the one who calls himself Sananda-Immanuel, amongst all his other Sananda-names. Of course when it suits him he'll claim I was talking to an imposter and not the "real" Sananda. But I'm so ahead of him on that one and I really could care less.

He's a master manipulator, which is why I've had second thoughts of reposting any of his emails to me since it could perhaps play a part in someone weaker's downward spiral into buying into his lies and deceptions. He twists everything Yah says and puts his own spin on everything. As you would expect.

One would have to be grounded in the Word and in the Lord Himself to know when the squirrel is lying and how he's doing it and so pointing out his discrepencies, twistings, and manipulations isn't hard for me, but apparently starting to exasperate him. I'm not a pawn he can manipulate, deceive or confuse. I know who the Most High is and who I am in Him and Sananda knows I'm a worthy opponent of his or he wouldn't be bothering with the emails to begin with.

In one exchange with him I stated:

You masterfully twist the words of the Lord and the Most High to fit your own humanistic "I" "I" "I" agenda. Where did it get you last time? Kicked out of heaven with no hope for redemption.

Round two is clearly here and your second attempt to usurp the authority of the Most High and claim to be gods yourselves is almost laughable if it wasn't deceiving so many people.

You underestimate the Lord's people however. Many of your own that have been deceived by your whit and charm are learning the real truth of who and what you are and are turning their backs on your New Age agenda, you merely solidifiy your own serpent seed to your sidelines.

We are few in number but through the Son and the Most High God more powerful than you can imagine. We will expose all your works and hidden agendas and all will be brought to the light for the deceived to see. You will deceive many but we will win many for the Most High.

The war goes on, always has, and I will fight you with my last breath and lead the Lord's people against you and all your deceptions with His might and strength.

Every day you are allowed to live revolves around how great you think you are, every day I live revolves around how great the Most High is and what I can do for Him. We have nothing in common and you cannot persuade me to adopt your dung from the pit of hell.If you are 'the' Sananda then why don't you give me a green flash from the UFO you are in so I know which one is yours at night time. You know if I had a missile launcher I'd shoot it out of the sky myself. But no worries, your time is allotted by the Most High and there's nothing I can do about it but expose you and lead His people to fight against you.

And that, is what I do.


I know that this "Jesus" we see hanging in the churches is noone but Satan himself. It is NOT the real Jesus, just a clever deception by the RCC to hang a portrait of Lucifer in the churches claiming to worship the real son of God, Yahushuah.

A clever deception...but what did we expect..Lucifer IS clever, a master deceiver and manipulator folks and you just have to shut him off and shut him down and not listen to him. Stand in your faith of the Most High and just stand there while Satan takes his swings because there's nothing he can do to a believer who is stedfast in their love for the Lord. He loses, plain and simple. He is NOT your friend, he is your enemy who is trying to destroy your soul and you do not have to take anything from him, tell him to shut up and rebuke him in the name of Yahushuah.

He plays with people every day, and through people every day. He's been sidetracking and belittling me for months and that's really the only reason I'm having at it with him right now and Yah hasn't told me not to.

I'll give more blurbs later,

Until then,

Yah bless His Warriors

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