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Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Did It - We Did It - We Did It!!!!!!!!!!!

I've just seen confirmation in the Bible Codes that Shema is Indeed ON FIRE. It is ruptured...

so it's imminent folks...they're arrival here on earth is IMMINENT.

They are scurrying now to prepare, expect them to have angelic and Biblical names, such as mimicking all of our Biblical Patriarchs names, names of known Archangels, etc..

it's any day folks...

We did it - We did it - We did it!!!!!!!

1. We destroyed the Capricorn - January-2008

2. We destroyed Shema - October-2009

3. In the process of destroying Nibiru.

Our next target is the fake "New Jerusalem" coming out of Orion...I think that's the same thing the New Agers refer to as the Blue Star.

I don't think there are 4 "Shema's" as stated by Benjamin Creme on C2C...I think all these different types of satellites/planets/star ships are what he was referring to....he was possibly trying to hide what their real 'arks' (home bases) are.

WHO can deny what we've accomplished!? All I keep seeing is desperate denials from the sleepwalkers!

March on folks...much work to still do.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Say NO to the Swine Flu Vaccine and ALL Vaccines and Shots

Say NO To the Swine Flu Vaccine and ALL Vaccines and Shots!

Sherry Talk Radio

September 28, 2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. It’s Monday night, September 28th, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I’ll be checking that later, during this newscast, broadcast. Whatever you want to call it. The Bible Codes calls it a “lecture”. I get on the radio once a week and lecture everybody, and that’s basically all that it is. (laughs)

It says I’m a mouthpiece; it doesn’t say what kind I have to be. It also describes it as informative and comical. It describes me as a prophet, a watchman, a comedian, a warrior, a horseman. Just so many things. It’s definitely getting interesting in the Bible Codes.

I was digging in to them this week to see what was going on in Pittsburgh. One of the interesting things about Pittsburgh is that we had Orgoned it a month ago to make sure it was gotten ready. Some other warriors out that way, and I showed up, and we just hammered that city. We just saturated it. They did their thing and I did mine. It combined to be very effective.

One of the things they’ve been talking about is Shema. And of course, that’s one of the things I’ve been talking about for the past several months. In how the Orgone has saturated the atmosphere. Now when you look at it, instead of it being a brilliant, white planet/spaceship in the sky, (that’s basically all it is…a spaceship) it’s turning yellow, because it’s on fire. They keep trying to bandage it, because they’re trying to hold on as long as possible. It’s not going to hold much longer. I know our efforts with warriors around the world getting out more and more Orgone so that the atmosphere becomes more and more saturated and kills these beings and trying to get it done so that it crashes before November, because that was their big date to arrive. So it’d be really funny if it crashed earlier than that and ruined their plans. Of course, I’m always out to ruin their plans. They’re definitely looking for a way out. I think eventually, soon enough you’re going to see Maitreya descend to earth in some kind of an escape pod because it’s just getting to be too much. Eventually that thing will be out of control. They won’t be able to keep bandaging it. A lot of activity is being seen at that thing in the mornings. Myself along with many others across the country are noticing the UFO craft around this star/planet in the mornings early about 5 AM and wondering what they’re trying to do besides bandage the thing and keep it up in the air. Probably rescuing Maitreya’s forces off of it as well.

Last year we took down their big Capricorn spaceship out of the sky. Of course NASA had a big to-do over that thing. They were worried about it re-entering the atmosphere and people seeing exactly how big and what this thing was. So they were going to shoot it down to land in the Pacific. Of course, they didn’t say anything about it. I think they called it a satellite. But it was the Capricorn. So we are two for two right now - the Capricorn and Shema; not to mention the avalanche of UFO pods we’ve been able to destroy the past several years, coming down in an avalanche. The Bible Codes describes it as an avalanche. It’s very many of them coming down. Of course the news is calling them meteorites. We know what they are.

So it’s just another day in the war; us against them. There are many warriors standing up in these last days to do something, instead of just sitting on their couches, waiting for all Hell to hit. To do something. To make a difference for the Most High on this planet. To say, “Hey, we’re your children and were not going to let your enemies run this planet over without resistance. We’re going to fight back in Your honor and Your Name and do the things You would have us to do.”

So many people say they love the Lord and do nothing. They do nothing to show that they do love Him. How about standing up against His enemies, whether in word or deed? Most of you can’t even do that. Most of you just think it’s your job to sit on the computer and run your mouths all day. Get off the computer! Get out and do something!

I posted a flyer on my website at, warning about the Swine Flu vaccine that’s coming. Say No to the Swine Flu Vaccine. It’s really hit my heart to do this, especially knowing that in my own area, they’re going to be holding meetings at the local high school in regards to the Swine Flu vaccine, and announcing where vaccination centers will be set up and things like that. So I plan on hitting every car there with this flyer that I’ve printed out and have made available on my website. You can download it as a Word doc. and print it out, or you can just print it from the website. Just get it out there. Put it on phone polls, grocery stores, anywhere where you are allowed to post advertising. Put them on people’s cars. That’s what I plan on doing. I’ve got a couple hundred printed out and I’m ready to go with this.

So many interesting things about the Swine Flu vaccine. I was talking to the Lord this morning. It seems to be my time with HIM is early in the mornings. When you start singing and listening to praise music and just praising His Name, it’s like Bible 101. It’s how to get the attention of the Lord 101. He is always there when you praise His Name. I started talking to Him. One of the interesting things; just confirming so many things I’d been feeling and going ahead and speaking about the last couple of weeks. You all know I live on the edge. I’ll start teaching something I feel really led to say and then the Lord will confirm it later. Just many of the things I’ve already been saying, that He was confirming this morning. Particularly about the Swine Flu vaccine. I asked Him, “What is it that you want me to know? What is it I need to know for right now? For right now, for the things coming up, what is it I need to know that I’m not getting?” He confirmed for me…not in His words, but sometimes I’m just a complete idiot with the Codes and miss things. He didn’t say it in those words. (laughs) Those are mine, but I’ll go ahead and say it, just because they’re so complex. There are always things you’re going miss because you don’t know how to always interpret things. So I don’t say anything that I’m in doubt about. I don’t say anything unless I know that I know that I know something. Sometimes dragging my feet, being slow in having to learn something. I’d rather be right than be in error. I’m always careful about the things that I say especially when I just want to His Mouthpiece on earth and be led by Him. I don’t want to be led by myself or my own insecurities of what I’m saying. Sometimes I just have to go out on a ledge and say something that’s been on my heart and mind for a while, because it’s usually Him. That’s one of the ways that He works.

This whole Swine Flu thing, folks…of course its poison. It is designed to kill you. It’s everything that I’ve said it is over the last couple of weeks. So He wanted me to reiterate that about the whole Swine Flu vaccine. Most of the people who take this vaccine will be dead within two years. They’ll be dead. This reiterates something I said a month or two ago on my show. Someone asked me about the 666 mark/chip/tattoo…whatever it is. And I said, “Most people in America are going to be dead by the time that’s enforced. By the time that comes about, most people will be dead, so why worry about it?”

It came to mind today; Swine Flu vaccine is one of the very reasons that most people are dead. Not only that, but I noticed there is a real hesitation about the vaccine, because this vaccine very well could be the chip itself. The 666 mark admonishment itself. If you’ve seen the bracelet that they make you get once you get this vaccine. It has like three chips on it, that look like batteries. And they make people get it, and they can’t take it off. There is no way to take this bracelet off.

One of the other things I found interesting that the Lord wanted me to know for now, other than the vaccine itself and how it’s going to debilitate and destroy most of those who take it within two years, is the fact that this whole chip implanting thing. Remember I talked about a couple of weeks ago, how Satan wants to be able to control everyone? He’s going to control your mind. There will be no free will. No free thought. We’re basically going to be zombies for Satan, because he wants control over everybody. And that’s exactly what these chips do.

This whole chipping thing is a numbering, so that they can control the population. Every chip has a number on it and that number is going to be unique to you. Like when you are in prison or jail, they give you a number. That’s basically what this whole chipping thing does. It numbers and eventually controls every person that has it. So almost the entire population will be numbered and controlled via the chip implants.

Also, the chip implant messes with your DNA. What He brought to mind; about 4 or 5 years ago during my first trip out west, I was driving through I think 70 East through Indiana and Illinois. Basically when you get to the outside of Indianapolis and you start hitting Illinois. And you’re in nothing but wheat fields, corn fields...whatever fields they are. You’ll see these ELF towers like every 100 feet, all the way through these fields, all the way to St. Louis. I was wondering, “what the heck do they have all these towers out here for?” The Lord spoke to me then and led me into the whole thing where they use low frequency sound waves. What they do is target our food supplies. Especially the plants that are growing in the fields because it then changes the DNA structure of these plants and destroys our food. So I bombarded the area with Orgone, all the way through there. A whole big chunk of our breadbasket through America, I’ve gone through to Orgone to try and protect from these ELF towers. In the same way, this chip implanting that they’re going to be giving people through the Swine Flu vaccine, is going to do the same way…some kind of effect where they will be changing and messing with your DNA.

Another thing that He mentioned to me and brought to my mind was that they are destroying the food supply. I’ve warned you; we’re being attacked from all areas. And I’ve warned you about the barely contamination that’s already here. I see barely in the codes all the time…and cereal and things like that. Their entire plan, other than destroying the food supply is because they want everyone dependent on them for food.

So their main focus is to weaken and kill the population through famines and plagues. If you look at plagues. If you look at the third and fourth horsemen of the apocalypse, plagues are just another term for diseases. The way that most people are going to be dying from diseases and plagues is through vaccinations and shots. If find it interesting that the Lord told me vaccinations AND shots. They are probably going to be getting away from the vaccination word after the H1N1 disaster and start talking about other kinds of shots or something in the future? I don’t know. But these are pure poisons. I’ve been warning how the Bible forbids vaccinations and how most people are just clueless about what the Bible has to say about it. That’s exactly how almost probably 1 billion people are going to die; because of vaccinations and shots just within the pale and black horsemen.

The famines, plagues. The canopy being lifted soon. We’re literally going to have Hell here on Earth. Maitreya arriving – working behind the scenes right now. I’ve told you that Obama is his puppet. Maitreya is just working through Obama. He has already aligned our country with his alliance the Ashtar Command. This ascended master crap where Maitreya is going to arise out of…he’s already aligned with them. He’s already aligned. This is what I’ve warned about years ago. Back in 2003 and 2004, looking ahead to 2009 and warning whoever was President of the United States at this time was basically going to hand the keys; the power of the United States over to the Antichrist. That is basically what Obama is going to be doing with this Maitreya. So it’s interesting that this is pretty much taking place. You can see that happening now.

Interesting that a lot of people want to know if this bracelet and the Swine Flu vaccine in particular, the 666 mark/chip/tattoo to look out for. You know what I have to say? It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you look at the correlation that you can’t buy or sell without the number 666, his name or number or image tattooed or implanted or whatever, in or on your right hand or forehead as instructed in Revelation chapter 13. They are doing the same thing with this vaccine. You can’t buy and you can’t bank without it. So how much more of a correlation do you need? And even if it is a precursor, the Lord has already forbidden His people from getting this vaccine. His admonishment is to say “No” to this vaccine and to stay away from it. So that should be enough. Better safe than sorry.

Like I’ve told you, they are going to do things in ways we don’t expect it. They’re going to surprise people. They're going to come at us in angles that we aren’t conditioned to believe in. We expect things to happen in a certain way. It’s supposed to happen, A, then B happens, then C.” The Lord has always said and admonished that things are going to happen in ways that we don’t expect them to. Get away from the KJV mindset; what your pastors have put in your heads (if they even talk about prophecy anymore) because things aren’t going to happen in the way we thought that they would. I don’t care what denomination you’re in or what religion you’re in; we have to be open-minded, because they are going to be changing things. Coming at us in different ways that we didn’t expect, but still accomplishing exactly what the Bible says they are going to accomplish. Everything is still being played out. Everything is still scripted. Everything is still prophesied. Basically just working on the A’s and B’s and how they get from A and trying to expose all the details and how they’re working. Basically it’s just a big ambush behind the scenes right now with Maitreya and Satan’s kingdom. Behind the scenes, working through the United States government to get the world ready for Maitreya’s arrival.

Interesting that someone posted something this week about Obama being sworn in as the new world president, or whatever and…blah, blah, blah. Like I’ve said; the Old Testament prophets have always warned that the leader of last day’s Babylon is the Antichrist. And who is Babylon? The United States. Is Obama the leader? Or is he going to hand the reigns over of the United States over to the Arabian, the Arab, the sheik who is the Antichrist? Is he going to hand this over to Maitreya and Maitreya is literally going to literally take over the United States, or is Obama just a puppet for Maitreya and becomes the Antichrist himself? I don’t know. These are just different routes to watch. The Old Testament prophets have always warned that the last day’s Babylon will be the Antichrist.

Watch for Obama to eventually escape Babylon, or whoever the Antichrist is. I do believe its Maitreya. The Bible Codes call him Cain. I’ve warned you; he’s just a clone of Cain, just as much as Obama is a clone of that Pharaoh Akhenaton. I have that video on my website at, how he’s just a clone of that Pharaoh. And Maitreya is just a clone of Cain. Interesting, because the Bible Codes always refers to him as Cain. Maitreya is just one of the names he calls himself. There are different versions. Maitreyais…and he probably has other names. The Bible Codes just refers to him as Cain. Interesting…Satan’s son, actually coming to destroy the world in the last days and rule as the Antichrist. Interesting…it all goes back to the serpent seedline. I have a website on that

I wanted to give you some biblical admonitions against the vaccine that’s on the flyer that I‘ve printed out. I’m just going to read it verbatim, because I lifted this off somebody else’s website. (laughs) I’m sure they won’t mind.

· The Bible teaches that there have been times in history when evil government and government employees have attempted, through force or color of law, to intimidate, harm or destroy the children of God. (Exodus 1 and 2/ Matthew 2). Therefore, if a parent feels that vaccines are not safe, it is their responsibility to defend our children from any individual or government who is attempting to subject our children to those vaccine risks.

· The Bible teaches that the body is “The temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own. For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) To inject known neurotoxins into our children, which have known health risks, would be a violation of these biblical teachings.

· The Bible teaches that there are clean and unclean animals and that God’s people are not to put the unclean into their bodies. Many vaccines are made from the blood of diseased animals, decomposed animal parts and are not sterile.

· The Bible teaches that when man’s law contradicts God’s law, His people must obey God over man. (Acts 5:29) Therefore, be it known, should any policy, edict or legislation of man decree our children must be vaccinated, we must obey God rather than man just as Moses’ parents of old, we will do so without fear. (Exodus 2)

· The Bible teaches us that we are not to harm or wrong our neighbor. (James 2:8) Our decisions to decline vaccines do not wrong or threaten our neighbor. If vaccines were truly effective, the neighbor would not be in danger from someone who is not vaccinated.

I find it interesting that so far, the ones who are dangerous are the ones who are vaccinated. They are the ones who are being given this live flu virus. They are the ones who are dangerous.. I wanted to talk about the fact that these vaccinations have 100% more Squaline in them than the vaccines did that caused Gulf War Syndrome. Everyone is familiar with the Gulf War Syndrome. Of over the 1 million troops that served in the first Gulf War, 600,000 are already dead (I believe it is) and 400,000 are still suffering with debilitating diseases caused by Squaline, and still being denied by the government that there is something wrong with our troops. Because they don’t want the lawsuits.

Microchips…that was exposed in Obama’s healthcare legislation. Type 2 implantable device would be involved with the vaccine; everybody being implanted with a Type 2 implantable device, which we all know is just covering for the word chip.

I’m going to reiterate something I posted earlier on the list. I sent this thing out this week from a Marine radio show. A Marine Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009, 4:38 PM

Data gleaned indirectly from anonymous testimony of Navy wives of the affected crew via the internet radio show A Marine Disquisition :

1. Unnamed US Navy vessel put to sea in April with 347 man crew.

2. Entire crew was vaccinated with H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine shortly after they put to sea.

3. Crew sickened so severely that other ships had to respond to render aid. 16 Medical
Dr.’s put aboard from an unnamed aircraft carrier and other responding vessels.
Total of 50 Navy personnel sent aboard to respond to crisis.

4. Two of the crew of 347 died including the Captain of the ship (a Lieutenant Commander) and a Chief Petty Officer.

5. 50 personnel sent aboard to help are quarantined in Navy hospital in Balboa, Spain after 10 of them caught the flu from the ship’s crew. Two of the 50 quarantined are in serious condition at last report.

6. Of the 347 man crew that were vaccinated, 333 contracted the H1N1 flu FROM THE VACCINE. Two died, as mentioned above, and 331 survived. Only 14 of the 347 vaccinated sailors did not show any ill effects from the vaccine.

7. Navy has threatened all the spouses of the ship’s crew to remain silent claiming all this information is classified. Some are whistle-blowing and that is where this information is coming from.

8. On the unnamed aircraft carrier that provided assistance, 415 sailors contracted the swine flu and are currently quarantined onboard.

Again, all this is being created by those with the vaccine. They were healthy. They were fine before they got the vaccine. The military pretty much says “get the vaccine or go to the naval brig.” They get the vaccine. The Captain of the ship (sorry to say, but it serves him right) and all these other soldiers are now effected because they followed orders and got the vaccines. Just because the 347 are not dead, they will be within two years. 100% more Squaline used now in the H1N1 vaccine than in the Gulf War. The Gulf War was a testing ground, taking as little as 2 to 15 years (I’ll say 15 because some are alive and just barely hanging on) to kill off these soldiers. Of course, they want a faster response rate with the H1N1 virus.

Other things they are putting in it:

You know the danger of Thimerosol and Mercury

* Dog kidney, monkey kidney, tissues

Some real nasty stuff…

* Formaldehyde

* washed sheep red blood

C’mon folks. In Leviticus when the Lord is giving us the Food Laws, one of His admonitions was we were not to put any live thing or drink any live blood or put any live viruses in our bodies. That’s exactly what vaccines and flu shots are. They are live viruses. So much of churchdom today states, “Oh we’re not under Old Testament Law; we’re under New Testament law.” What is New Testament Law? He wasn’t here to negate the Old Testament. There is no New Testament law. The New Covenant that He made with man from the Old Testament meant that all who follow Yahushua are considered His. And that His Covenant, His Redemption and His Salvation was no longer tied to just the bloodlines of Israel. That it was available to all. That was the New Covenant. We don’t have a new Law. Quit listening to the stupid people teaching in the churches today. They don’t know anything. So yes, we are bound; we are still under, because He doesn’t change. His Word is forever.

I find it fascinating that all these churches today teach that the old Law is dead, and the Old Testament is dead and we’re under the New Testament. That’s nothing but apostcy. Paul’s books leading away from what Yahushua and His apostles taught. Why is it that during the 1000 year Millennial Reign, we are still going up to Israel (or however they are going to do it in the Millennium) to observe the Feasts? Think about it. So why during the 2000 year apostate church age that we’ve been under, we ignore His Feasts, we ignore everything He set by example and Word with His apostles while He was here on earth, but during the Millennial Reign, we go back to it. Think about it. It never stopped. It never stopped. We are still under the Law, in that we are to celebrate the Feast and His appointed times that He has set with mankind. Not Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses. What’s that have to do with anything? People call it the “church age”; it’s been nothing but an apostasy age. For 2000 years we’ve strayed away from what the Lord originally taught with His Apostles, and they (the church) has put their own Masonic ranked Paul who wrote letters that the Apostles rejected. and people have been following Paul. They don’t follow Yahushua; they follow Paul. Ask the Lord. Go on a serious inquiry and pray. Ask the Lord to reveal Paul to you. Everything I’ve been saying about him for the last ten years. You can go to my website So interesting that we are in the last days.

Interesting that in the Codes, I’ve been seeing going from birth pangs to born. We’re kindof jumping. We’ve been in the birth pangs. And Matthew 24 talks about. How the Tribulation period is going to be. We start with the birth pangs. Interesting that the Bible Codes are now referring to his arrival and things more and more. Maitreya’s arrival - Cain’s arrival; referring to it as born. So now we are past the birth pangs. It’s born and now the Tribulation Period is fully here and going to start. And don’t think he’s not the one working behind the scenes. His war on the Saints has already begun. What’s the first thing he does when he arrives on earth? He begins his war on the Saints as described in Revelation chapter 13. The first beast. The first thing he does is begin his war on the saints. That’s exactly what this vaccine is. He’s working behind the scenes, folks.

So if most people are dead within two years of taking the vaccination, and let’s say…October thru January, we have enforced inoculations. By January and February of 2012, most people will be dead. Think about it. Right now, it’s 2010; if you’re paying attention, tomorrow is Yom Kippur, one of the Feasts we are to be celebrating. The Day of Atonement. The Jewish New Year actually begins 2010 in September. If you’re looking, it would be September or October of 2012, (two years from now). Interesting that everybody talks about December 23, 2012 as the last date on the Mayan calendar. Probably because most people in the world will be dead by then. That’s probably their targeted countdown date. I don’t know why people give them so much….reverence, I guess you could say. They are Mayans. Hybrids. Satan’s seed. Serpent seed. Look at the gods they worship. They worship snakes and lizards. They worship Satan! So why do people give them so much reverence? And what do you think Satan knows? Do you think he actually knows anything? I think by the very fact that he would go on the wrong side and serve as the Lord’s enemy, should show his plain stupidly for what it is. Why would you listen to him? He’s a loser. And he’s going to lose this war. He’s going to win some battles, because the Lord allows him to. The Lord uses him to fulfill HIS Purposes on earth. HE uses him as the sifter. “Okay, go through mankind and sift those who don’t love Me. You can have them. Sift those who don’t want to serve or follow Me or listen to Me or the prophets I send. You can have them. And the others that do love Me, will come to Me. They won’t listen to you.”

They won’t be swayed by Satan. They won’t be influenced by them, because they’ll be sold out to the Most High because they love HIM. That’s basically all Satan is. A sifter. The Lord uses him to go through and sift people. If you really love the Lord, you’d be sold out to HIM 100%. I think one of the biggest kicks I’ve ever gotten out of the Bible Codes is being mentioned as one of Satan’s main adversary’s on earth. He hates me. And trust me, the feeling is mutual. And everybody here who claims to love the Lord should be working on; to become one of Satan’s main adversary’s on earth. That’s not just something set aside for one person. A title or attribute, adjective or attribute describing one person. That should be describing every person who loves the Lord. But the truth is, most people that say they love the Lord are not a threat to Satan. They’re not a threat to him as they sit in his churches! The pastors graduated from seminaries to run these churches. These are Satan approved seminaries. He runs them all. Dallas Theological Seminary…give me a break! It’s run by the highest ranking person in the New Age movement. And what’s even sillier is these Christians will say, “Oh, he was forgiven. He came to the Lord.” Oh, really?

Satan owns most of the churches today. The Lord doesn’t even claim them. They honor Satan. They honor his ways, his feasts, his holidays, his people. Most of them talk about Paul more than they do Yahushua. They can’t even say the Name of the Son of God right. They still call him Jesus, which is the name of one of Satan’s generals, instead of Yahushua, which is His Real Name. How hard is it to say Yahushua? How hard is it? It took me about two seconds here. Yahushua. How hard is it to it to say instead of Jesus, which wasn’t even His Real Name?

Sometimes you just want to bang your head on the wall, because you don’t get anywhere with people. Some people you will; the majority won’t. I could sit here and bang the drums against this H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine. I can go and hoof my butt, by myself, and put this flyer on hundreds of cars all over town and maybe go to the next town over, and do it all by myself…and you know what? The majority of people are still going to get it! They’ll still get it. The majority! You know what we have to fight for? For that one person that won’t. We’re fighting for the minority here, folks. That’s what I’ve warned about that we’re in. We’re in a fight for just a minority…a handful of people, compared to the majority that is out there that will number one: get the vaccine. Number two: are going to worship Maitreya as the messiah. That are going to fall for all of these charades. When Benny Hinn and the Joel Osteen’s and the Jack van Impe’s and Hal Lindsey’s start praising the Maitreya and the Jesus/Sananda that’s coming, and the whole Ashtar Command. This whole New Age fifth dimension bullcrap that’s coming and they start telling the people that’s really god. And they’re going to lead people into the worship of these beings. It’s all been a set-up. You’ve been set up by the Masons! Every one of these that I’ve mentioned are Masons. They are high ranking beings in the satanic kingdom. They get a lot of points to join the religious realm (like Billy Graham) and lead people astray. Oh sure, they can try and lead people to Christ and seem like they are men of God. They know that the majority will never get fed and will turn their backs on their salvation within a year or two when things get tough, because they never give you meat to keep you fed and going and growing in the knowledge of the Most High. They don’t keep you growing. They don’t keep you fed. So it doesn’t hurt them to see people come down in the thousands and say a salvation prayer, because most of those people are going to turn their backs on the Lord in a year or two’s time. Things get tough; they walk away. To them, it’s trying religion. You just “try” religion. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt them,. In the meantime, they’re leading thousands and millions astray with their false doctrines, false teachings and are getting your money and living high on the hog! Yeah, so religion is not too bad of a department of Satan’s, if you go into the religion business for Satan. His followers have many, many different departments. Religion. Politics. Arts and Entertainment. They pick and chose their profession on how they’re going to serve Satan. These people don’t get how this world is run and how Satan runs his kingdom. They are just too blinded. They don’t want to believe it and they don’t want to hear it. So most of the time you are just talking to the wall. That’s what it feels like… you’re just talking to the wall. For the handful that do, it becomes preaching to the choir all the time. They’re the only ones who get it. But it’s the minority.

In Satan’s first rebellion against the Lord…I’ve talked about this several times and written articles on it; he only deceived one-third of the angels. Two-thirds didn’t fall for his charades, fled and didn’t believe him. And fled the earth before the Lord’s judgment came upon it. But he deceived one-third of the angels at that time. Now, the tables have turned. In his second rebellion, he’s going to deceived two-thirds. We have to really fight for that one-third. That minority. That fraction of mankind out of almost 7 billion people that won’t be deceived by him. So it’s a fight, folks. So you are not going to be liked by the majority; you are going to be hated! It’s a little bit of encouragement and some eye-opening; we’re not here to win the majority, because we won’t. But we will get a third. We do have that minority to fight for. And someone’s been doing their jobs.

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Question from a listener: Hello Sherry, I was wondering if the Swine Flu is still plaguing the tares.

Sherry: Yes, the Orgone is destroying the tares. Right now I’m seeing how its effecting them in the abyss. It destroyed the Capricorn last year. It destroyed their pods and UFOs. And now destroying the Shema, their main palace in the skies, I guess you could say. Also, Orgone is effecting them; the tare races. They are fighting back. They’re reciprocating with this vaccination. They are being affected by the Orgone simply because of who and what they are, so they are coming against the Lord’s people with vaccines to poison and kill them. It’s like a retaliation and reciprocal thing. I see that in the Codes. That’s another warning to stay away from the vaccines. It’s just a retaliation. They’re angry. They want revenge. And that’s how they are going to do it, coming up against the Lords people. The war of the Saints is on. The war is on. Just because he’s not here to where you can see him with your eyes; he is working in the background. They are ambushing the Lord’s people from behind the scenes. And every nation is dealing with this now. Not just America. We’ve got the European nations, which are other Israelite tribes, all dealing with the same thing. They have Satanists running their government, pushing this vaccine against the citizens of these countries. They know who they are. They’re the ancient Israelites. They know who they are and are trying to completely destroy the white race, because they know who they are. Interesting that in the process, they’ll destroy their own races as well. If you look at Agenda 21, Satan has no loyalties to his own people. Their whole thing is to limit the population. The depopulation plans of the United Nations. Everything is just fully underway. Once things do hit, folks…like I’ve always said, a whirlwind, bathtub effect. Just everything going down the drain quickly. Everything happening at once. That’s what’s going to happen. We’ve got food contaminations still coming up.

I found it interesting that the Bible Code was referring to my alerting my audience about it, that I was being obedient in doing so, because I was very hesitant about that. What is this? Sometimes I do get very hesitant, and that’s when I just have to go out on the edge and warn you guys about it. Sometimes, just living life on the edge…out on a ledge. That’s what I do. I like seeing that in the Codes. It confirms to me that I’m going in the right way…direction.

Another thing about the correlations between the bracelet and the admonition of Revelation 13 about not being able to bank. I’ve seen that in the Codes, that made the correlation with that. So I know I’m heading in the right direction in the things I should be warning you guys about. Just an admonishment to get busy. You can print these flyers out at on website. You can make your own up. You can take stuff off of mine. I took the information on my flyer, I just kindof chewed and cut out of emails and websites and put it together. I don’t think anybody cares. You can do it to mine. Come out with your own stuff. Just do something! Try to warn people. So many people are just asleep at the wheel and think our government really wants to take care of us. Yeah, they want to kill you, folks. That’s how much they want to take care of you.

I got a question earlier in the week. Somebody in North Dakota was giving me a heads up. They're putting targets in people’s fields out there. And it’s the government, of course. And on the roadways, white arrows are heading to these targets. So if anybody knows what that’s about, give me a heads up.

Question from a listener: What does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit? Is this the unforgiveable sin?

Sherry: Yes, blaspheme against the Holy Spirit is unforgiveable. People want to know how you blaspheme the Holy Spirit…well, by allowing Satan to indwell you would be blasphemous. If you get the chip/mark/tattoo in Revelation chapter 13, in or on your right hand or forehead where you are showing your allegiance to Satan and his new world order, that would be blaspheme and there is no forgiveness for that. There is no redemption from that. Once you do that, you are his. He owns you. I’ve known people that will say things in anger and be paranoid that they blasphemed the Holy Spirit. You can’t do it with words, folks. It’s gotta be with deeds. Your body is the temple of the Lord. By identifying with Satan through a beast chip implant or whatever, that would be unforgiveable. The Bible talks about in Revelation 20 how all those who worship the beast and all those who had taken his name, number or image…are cast into the Lake of Fire. There is no redemption from that. That’s what I’m saying; even if this Swine Flu vaccination bracelet thing is a precursor to the one that is coming, don’t get it. Don’t get it. Better to be safe than sorry. Like I’ve said, within two years most of the people who get this vaccine will be dead. They will be dead, or they will have such debilitating weaknesses that they can’t function in society like they once did.

Another interesting thing is that after having talked to the Lord this morning about a few of these things, I read this email put out by The Cutting Edge. In his article he was talking about people who have this vaccine (that carry chip implants according to Obama’s own legislation) This chip they are putting inside of you; they can track you to see how well you are doing, or how sick you are. Interesting that I read that about one-half an hour before the show tonight as I was skimming through emails. The Lord had said something to me this morning about this. He said, people that are sick are going to get…the whole thing is coming down to food and the control of food. They are destroying our food supply so that everyone around the world is dependent on their governments for food, and they’re the ones controlling it. Here’s the irony: they can detect through your chip implants, how well or how sick you are. And if you are sick, you are going to get less food from them. In other words, instead of taking care of you and giving you more food and maybe vitamins and things to help you get well, they’re going to give you less. They want you to die. If you’re sick, they want you to die. That’s pretty much going to be the entire population. They don’t want you getting better, because if you are sickened, and weakened you can be controlled. And again, control is Satan’s number one word. Control. He wants to control everybody. Everything. He does it in his kingdom now with the demons and the aliens and all these freaks that he’s boss over. He does it to them. Do you think he’s going to do anything less to mankind on earth? He wants to control every single person on earth. That’s why you’re getting an introduction to Satan’s kingdom. 101 is chip implanting. They’re all chip implanted too, folks. So every person on earth will be chip implanted as well. That’s always been his game plan. It’s the only way that he can control. He’s not omniscient. He’s not omnipresent. He’s none of the thing that God is. So he has to run his kingdom by technology. By technology. That’s exactly what he’s going to be doing so he can control them. They can run a diagnostic on you from a computer somewhere in Tacoma, Washington, Washington D.C. or Tampa, Florida. Some 20 year old who just graduated college can sit at his computer and say, “Oh look at all these people in Ohio. They're sick. I’m going to mark on this that they’re only allowed a certain ration of food this week or month.” And they're going to give you less because you’re sick. They can run diagnostics…you’re like a car to them, a vehicle, cattle. They’re going to run diagnostics on you through these chip implants. That’s why the Lord is admonishing and warning His people, DO NOT GET THESE CHIP IMPLANTS. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost. Who’s control do you want to be under? The Lord’s or Satan’s? Just an admonition and a warning for that, folks.

Things are coming to a head. You knew it was coming. I know a lot of you still want to buy time all the time. “Oh not now! I can’t believe it’s happening so quickly!” I know so many in churchdom are freaking out because they thought the rapture would come first before anything bad would happen to America. And where is the proof of that? Where is the biblical proof that says a rapture would come before America was ever at war or there was ever a war on the Saints, or martial law ever hit? Where does it say these things? You know who does this? It’s the Masons who feed their followers and believers and those who listen to them. Hal Lindsey and Jack van Impe and all these Masons who just lull Christians to sleep so they are not prepared for this coming time. And they're not. They’re freaking out. So many people are just freaking out. They can’t believe this stuff is happening already and the rapture hasn’t come yet.

And what does the Lord say? Most of His people are going to be tested in the times that are coming. That’s why we have the fifth seal, where all the souls are under the altar. Of course, the churches teach that away and say, “Well that’s the Christians that get saved after we’re gone.” What does the Lord say? It’s the churches today that are going to be the souls under the altar, because they are unprepared and unready for the things that are coming. They have been listening to wolves instead of seeking Him for the truth.

What have I been saying for 10 years? Pray every day and ask the Lord Himself for the truth in all things. Don’t let mankind lead you astray. That’s what they do. That’s what they are trained to do. That’s what they are paid to do. That’s what they make their living doing. Some of them don’t do it on purpose. It’s just what they’ve been doing their entire lives. They thought they did everything right. They went to the seminaries. They were all gung ho. They wanted to teach the Lords people and become pastors and serve. Unbeknownst to them, but what they were doing wasn’t of the Lord to begin with. The Satanists run the seminaries, keeping truths away from them. The list just goes on and on, folks. They didn’t do it either. They didn’t pray every day and ask the Lord for the truth in all things. They just took it upon themselves and said, “The Lord is calling me to the ministry.” Do you think the Lord would call someone into the ministry to start another sun god church day church, instead of worshiping Him on the true day, which is the Sabbath? No He wouldn’t. They are liars. So many people channel Maitreya and say “It’s the Lord speaking to me.” The Lord doesn’t speak to your head, folks. He doesn’t contradict himself. He doesn’t speak to your head. And He wouldn’t lead you into doing something that was wrong to begin with. Or lead you into committing a sin, such as the holding services on the first day of the week and ignoring the seventh day Sabbath. And that day was the one admonished by Him that we celebrate. It just goes in circles.

We’re getting to crunch time folks. You have to realize that so much of what we have been taught and believed has been wrong, and to start doing it right. It’s never too late to start doing it right. Even if you had one day left in your entire life, at least you lived that one right. So just start seeking the Lord and asking Him for the truth in all things. Start doing things that are right and quit wasting your time; the precious time we have left, in doing things wrong. At least do something…

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shema Star is GOING to Crash!

While CNN is back to promoting the Shema Star and Maitreya the "world teacher" and his soon arrival...we can celebrate in his soon CRASHING to the earth.

What is Shema? An alien star-ship they're trying to prop up as a 'great sign, i.e. star' of Maitreya's arrival....

Don't fall for it folks he's not a world teacher he's the exact opposite, he's going to destroy the world as an ANTICHRIST, a beast, a hater of good and righteousness and a promoter of one world tyranny and slavery.
Sherry Talk Radio
July 20, 2009

Hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night. I’m having a few technical difficulties here so just hang in with my on that. It’s Monday July 20, 2009.

There are a few things I want to get into on the show tonight. Some interesting things that the Lord revealed to me this week that I wanted to pass on to you guys…one of these revelations that He gave me. It’s been a while since the last one HE has given me. I tend to approach these very slowly. I wait until I know it’s HIM. And I wait for confirmation. I just wait until I know there is no doubt that it’s from HIM. That’s why it’s pretty exciting, because I’ve had plenty of confirmations from HIM direct. So it gives an eye-opener more into last day’s prophecies and exactly where we are in last day’s prophecies.

I want to read Revelation chapter 12 because this describes perfectly exactly where we are right now in Bible prophecy and what I’ve been talking about. It kindof meshes with everything I’ve been talking about over the last several months. It describes a war in heaven with Michael and his archangels.
Revelation 12:7-17
And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.
And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keepeth the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

What HE told me about this, and specifically, was that this whole beginning part of Michael and his archangels is actually symbolism. It’s the story to hide the real meaning, a hidden truth until now. The way it should read:

One of Yah’s appointed and anointed leaders on Earth will stand up to make war against Satan and his kingdom in the air, in the heavens. As a result, Satan will be cast down to the Earth.

We know the only thing affecting them in the heavens is the Orgone. It is burning them. It is causing the starships and UFOs to crash. And soon Satan himself will come crashing to Earth. YAH hid the real meaning of that until now, so that we could complete and accomplish our mission. They like the church age apostate are really expecting a literal war in the skies with Michael and the archangels.

Remember folks, YAH always works through people to accomplish HIS will on Earth. He also admonished us to watch for signs in the sky during the last days. What greater signs do we have then to watch a huge, gigantic, brilliantly lit, white star turn yellow and crash to Earth? What more evidence do you need, folks?

Considering that there are over 6 billion people in the world today, only a handful of Yah’s faithful warriors pulled this off. Yah told me last week that many would be ashamed of their cruelty towards me and those who have supported my ministry and stepped up as warriors to help accomplish HIS will on Earth.

I’ve always told you who I am. King David’s grand-daughter, sent here to battle the giants in the last days. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve battled the political giants, the self-righteous guru legends in their own mind giants and the alien giants. I have battled Satan’s kingdom on Earth and over all of them.

What most people don’t realize is that we are the ones fulfilling Revelation chapter 12 with the war in heaven; Lucifer’s realm. The Lord always works through HIS people, folks. We are the ones that HE stood up five years ago to start HIS Orgone war, not even realizing at the time that the Orgone could cause UFO ships to crash.

We used it in defense against ELF weapons. Against remote neuro-monitoring weapons. We saw that it could keep chemtrails out of our skies and started using it as a defense against chemtrails. And ever so increasing since last year and this year, the constant crashing of UFOs out of the sky. The media is calling them meteorites and recently classifying exactly what these meteorites are falling out of the sky. I’ve told you what they are. They are UFO ships. Significantly the last several months….I’ve warned about just going outside and looking up in the sky at night and counting the yellow stars. These white, starships that are up in the sky mimic stars, but aren’t real stars. They just mimic them. They’ll sit where constellations sit amongst them so you don’t notice them. The thing that’s noticeable abut them now is that they are turning yellow. You look up in the sky at night and see amongst brilliantly lit white stars, you’ll see yellow stars. You take a telescope or a pair of…I have a pair of 10 x 50 binoculars and you’ll see red, green and blue lights shining in them. So it’s very interesting. These are the ones that are crashing. These are the ones that are being misconstrued as meteorites crashing to the Earth.

So what I admonished on my list to do is to go outside, notice where the yellow stars are and very night look in that same spot and see if it’s still there. I’ve been getting emails from people…especially Michigan and other places around and even California where these stars are falling. They’re crashing. People are talking about the flashes of lights. Sometimes you’ll hear a boom, and you’ll see stars falling.

Last week during the show, I mentioned that I had a hunch that Shema would crash. True enough, typical of how the Lord leads me into things, gave me a lot of confirmations this week, especially in the Bible Codes that the Shema star is going to crash. It wasn’t just a hunch; it was HIM leading me into it. I’m just slow, but that’s alright. It is the Shema star that’s going to crash.

This one is the easiest to go out and find at night. It’s so low to the horizon. It’s much lower than the constellations. It’s much lower than the planets like Jupiter. Some people mistake it for Jupiter that hangs out by the Moon. Depending on where you are, north, south, east…depending what state you are in or what location, just look for a brilliantly lit white star. Brilliantly lit. It looks like…I’ve been calling it the GE 10,000 light bulbs hanging in the sky at night, very low to the Earth. That’s the Shema star.

That was Maitreya’s plan to announce to the world that this star heralds their messiah’s arrival. Of course, their messiah is this Maitreya; this Mahdi. Iran is expecting him as their 10 Imam or 12th Imam…whatever it is; the last Imam that’s coming. The New Age heralds him as a world teacher. This is one of his habitations. This is actually one of the habitations of the entire Ashtar Command. They do have other places that they live, but the Shema star being one of them. It’s interesting that instead of being able to pull off this whole charade mimicking the Bethlehem star in the east when the Lord was born, the Lord is going to crash the thing. This Shema star heralded for years in the New Age…this coming star and the arrival of Maitreya and how they are all linked together. Now you can link the crashing of the Shema star to the arrival of Maitreya. If you read in Revelation chapter 12, it talks about Satan being cast to the Earth. It’s all tied in to this Shema star that’s going to be coming crashing. I go out at night and I look at it. It’s not typically too hard to find it’s so low. But I look around and see if it’s turning yellow yet. That will be the sure sign. The Lord admonishes us in the last days to look for signs in the skies. And what bigger sign…what better sign is there? Something more obvious. Most of you have been able to recognize and pinpoint this Shema star that if that thing comes crashing out of the sky.

I’ve always said that when Maitreya arrives as this great world teacher, that the first thing he’s going to do is retaliate against the Lords people and come after the Lords people. That’s exactly what Revelation chapter 12 says; Satan is angry and he’s wroth against the remnant and he comes after the Lords people. The persecution of the Saints, starting almost immediately. I imagine that once he does crash to Earth, he’s not going to die. The Lord allows him to live. He has a purpose to fulfill. It doesn’t say what kind of body he’s going to have to fulfill that in. Maybe I’ll get into that next week. I won’t reveal it this week. But he’s going to blow credibility out the window I guarantee that for anyone who has eyes to see that he’s not a god. This is coming up. This is what’s next on the horizon, folks.

Everybody wants to know “what’s next…what’s next? Are we going to war with Iran or Russia?” The Lord doesn’t give me that info simply because it’s just a distraction. And he’s always kept me in the behind the scenes kind of thing. What HE pays attention to the most. A lot of this stuff on the internet today is just rabbit trails and distractions.

Of course they are denying. They are going to deny everything I’ve said. They’re going to deny that aliens are eating people. They are going to deny that Orgone is killing them. That Orgone is downing their ships. You can even read Wilhelm Reich’s Wikipedia page where he talks about how the Orgone is perfectly capable and would crash UFOs. I hadn’t even read his material until several months ago. I had been talking myself for years about what this Orgone can do and is doing, and it dawned on me that Wilhelm Reich had been saying the same thing. Of course, they killed him years ago. They wanted him to stop and they didn’t want his message about Orgone getting out. So they made it sound like he was some kind of sex pervert with it, making some kind of…I don’t know…toys or whatever with it. They really tried to smear his name and discredit it. If you keep reading his info, you’ll see some of the things that he was saying and what I’ve been saying about Orgone. It’s an ancient energy. He didn’t create it; he rediscovered it.

What I see in the Bible codes all the time is that it’s an ancient energy. It’s a living energy. The same energy the New World Order is trying to drown and kill out with their negative energy. So you ask, how are they doing it with the negative energy? They do it by creating dead Orgone energy and putting that in the air. They do it with chemtrails. Chemtrails have 101 reasons why they are putting chemtrails in the skies. Creating dead Orgone energy is one of them. Others are fires, wars and anything dead. Death and suffering puts dead Orgone energy in the air. So what we’ve been doing the last five years (those with eyes to hear and those with the ability to be stood up by the Lord) have been balancing the energy in our atmosphere again by putting the Orgone out there. It’s very Orgone.

I find it interesting that we overcome him by the blood of the Lamb. People often ask me, “Where is Orgone in the Bible?” It’s the same thing that the Lord leads me to. If you look at Exodus when the children of Israel put blood on their doorposts so that the angel of death passed them over and it went to the Egyptians and killed their first offspring. The Israelites were protected because they put blood on the doorpost. This is the same kind of protection we have from the Lord today. HE’s not telling us to put blood on the doorposts, HE’s telling us to arm ourselves and saturate our areas with the Orgone. That will protect us.

I’ve always talked about how the Orgone creates protection areas for the Lords people. If you have it in your area, your homes, outside your homes and in the atmosphere, those create protection areas for the Lords people. I’ve gone on several trips across this country, orgoning deserts, orgoning forests, rivers and lakes. Not only to combat Satan and his kingdom that are here on Earth and get it into our atmosphere to saturate the heavens with it, but to create protection zones for the Lords people. When Satan comes after them ( and he’ll do this when they start targeting the Lords people through martial law and the FEMA camps), they’ll be able to run to these areas that we’ve orgoned and be safe from the fallen angels and aliens that will be chasing them. They won’t go into those areas because the Orgone burns them. It burns them. It kills them.

So it meshes and brings together everything. Putting the pieces to the puzzle together that we’ve been doing, it says Michael and his angels standing up, folks, HE stood me up as a leader five years ago to do many things. HE said I would fulfill many roles on Earth while I was here, this just being one of them. I know very full well who the angels are being spoken of here. The fellow Orgone warriors who are standing up every day; who have stood up years ago and who are waking up and starting to get their areas, counties and cities with this Orgone.

This isn’t just for America, folks; this is all over the world. We’ve been working with warriors all over the world. I often see Arabia in the Codes. And Africa and Greece, besides America. And Canada. We have warriors in these nations, all around the world. There are probably many more. I just don’t understand their Hebrew names so I overlook them. If it’s a name I recognize, like Greece, I recognize that. I’m sure there are areas…cities that I don’t recognize, but that doesn’t minimize it either. We have warriors everywhere around the world that have gotten involved with this Orgone war. It’s just this handful of people. I’m talking literally a handful of people that have gotten involved. Maybe 100…200…300. Certainly not in the thousands. Certainly not in the tens of thousands. So it’s interesting. When I think about it, I’m thinking “where do the other 144,000 come from?” I know there are not 144,000 Orgone warriors out there. That’s going to be coming up. And we’ll talk about where they come from, maybe in a later show. But there are only a remnant of the actually 144,000 that are Orgone warriors. Very interesting. These are the ones HE is going to redeem. If you look in Revelation chapter 12, it talks about how he comes after the Lords people. HE moves them into the wilderness. In other words, HE hides and protects them from Satan’s coming onslaught against them. And when he can’t get to them, because they are protected, he goes after the remnant.

So who is the remnant? The remnant is the church. They all teach that they’re not going to be here. They teach they are going to be raptured. You can clearly read in the Bible at the fifth seal and Revelation chapter 7, 9 and even 12, there is a huge remnant here left on earth that’s going to be persecuted and a very small part of the remnant, taken up into heaven and protected during it. And even a larger remnant being persecuted for their faith. The souls under the altar in the fifth seal. It all just puts the pieces in the puzzle together. I’m always asking the Lord, “If the 144,000 are taken up, where do they all come from? Who all is that?” The way we look at it. There are only possibly a few thousand at all that are Orgone warriors, and I know for sure that they’re gone…very interesting.

While the rest of the church is here to go through martial law, internment camps and all the stuff that you read online that people label as conspiracy theories; that’s exactly how Satan is going to accomplish his persecution of the Saints. Just as Lucifer has to work through people on Earth…and he works through the governments, banks and armies to accomplish his will, especially when he is cast to the earth and can’t leave. That’s exactly how the Lord works. I could just see parts of the Bible…passages where it talks about where an angel flies through heaven warning the people not to accept the mark of the beast. I bet that 99% of churchdom believes there is going to be a literal angel. So they’re going to wait until they see an angel. Yeah, they will because they don’t’ recognize that things are happening. They are very funny on when they accept something as symbolic and when they take something as literal. If it goes along with their teachings and dogma, it determines how they view things in the scriptures.

I threw that stuff away a long time ago and just go to the Lord direct. I ask HIM to teach me the truth in all things every day. That’s what I encourage HIS people to do. HE is the one who knows exactly what’s going to happen and how things are going to happen and will give you an understanding about how things come to happen. That’s where I’ve been the last several years; learning how things come about…learning how things happen. It’s by the Lord working through people. A lot of people just don’t realize that a lot of them are the exact same angels that HE speaks of. Angels that were sent here, born as humans to serve HIS purpose in the last days. You can read my article Angels in the Flesh parts 1 & 2. It will give you some understanding of exactly who a lot of people are today that are born. You want to know why you are different; you don’t fit in with everybody else. It’s a good explanation of why you are so different. So just a heads up on that. You can read those articles on my website Go to my articles section at Very interesting.

I know that the last two weeks of July…I think they’re there already. This whole meeting at Bohemian Grove is nothing but a sin fest for the political, world and media leaders of the world. They go there every year for the last two weeks of July. It’s interesting that Walter Cronkite died. He was the voice of the owl during their ceremonies. You can see a lot more about Bohemian Grove at Alex Jones website or He has some videos of Bohemian Grove and what the rituals are. It was always Walter Cronkite that was the voice of the owl. It’s interesting that he’s dead this week.

This is the first year that we’ve been able to successfully Orgone the entire area of Bohemian Grove. So interesting. Already having results from effects. I hope they’re all out there burning out of their skins. It would be funny if YAH really cranks up the Orgone out there and I know a lot of warriors have been praying for total misery and destruction of their whole vacation time this year. Anything that can go wrong, going wrong. If you have a chip implants or you’re a lizard in a human body, the Orgone burns you. It doesn’t bother regular typical people. It burns the chip implanted. Those who are controlled by chip implants. It burns them. I’ve seen in the Codes where even the aliens there in space, because this Orgone saturates the heavens and the atmosphere, not only defeats chemtrails, it keeps going. It literally saturates both dimensions; the spiritual realm and our earthly realm. One of the effects is that they get boils. I was seeing that when Satan comes to Earth, it says he falls to earth with his angels…with his alien armies, folks. We call them aliens; they are fallen angels. The Bible Codes refer to them as Philistines. One of the characteristics of them is being “pockmarked.” That’s from all the boils that they’ve been suffering with from this Orgone. So it’s hard to come as heavenly host and fool the world that they’re some angelic heavenly host when they have a bunch of pockmarks all over their skin or being in boils, burned or having broken parts of their bodies from crashing to Earth.

Many of them die, and many of them will survive. The Lord will allow a certain number of them to survive. Satan has been allotted 42 months to rule the world. So the Lord will allow that to happen. Either way, we don’t know what the numbers are, but we do know that by the time that Satan is cast out of heaven; the Shema star comes falling out of heaven; he has already lost a majority of his forces. He’s probably going to have one-third of what he started out with thousands of years ago….maybe even ten years ago.

Over the years we started this Orgone war against them (what I call an Orgone war) the Lord’s been cranking up the power of this Orgone and really just been taking to them and they’ve been falling out of the skies…even dying in underground bases. If you can get Orgone in the water it poisons them. It contaminates it for them. It becomes contaminated and unlivable for them in these underground basses. A lot of them have been destroyed living in these underground bases. So it’s not only getting them above the earth, but inside the earth. It’s a very visible war to us, but invisible to them. In the middle of it all, you see the wicked ones; the Illuminists in Congress and all these political leaders, in total denial over everything. They’ll deny it publically because Maitreya denies it to them, but they are living the nightmare daily. I know it’s a real war. It’s affecting them.

I think we’re going to see….we could see a lot of things coming to a head the next several weeks. Wednesday the 22nd with the FEMA drills that are starting. I don’t know what setups people are paying attention to. I know a lot of people are keeping their eyes on the FEMA drills. I’m waiting for the star to crash. So my eyes are going to be on this Shema star because this Shema star that I’ve been talking about for months and months and months, is going to crash to the Earth. When that crashes to the Earth, that is Satan’s ride to the Earth. He is going to crash to the Earth.

It’s interesting that people are asking me where it could crash. I’ve got two choices…two thoughts on where it could crash; one being in the Negev Desert over by Israel and Saudi Arabia. Or even in Lake Erie and Lake Michigan; somewhere in the Great Lakes. And if it did crash in the Great Lakes, it could be the event that causes Chicago to slide underwater. I’ve seen it sliding underwater. I don’t know what causes it. There was no nuke bomb. No fire. No explosions. It just slides under the water. The waves are so big, it just overtakes Chicago. That could definitely cause that. Or it could simply crash over in Arabia somewhere. So two or three different routes on exactly what could happen to the Shema ship when it crashes to the Earth. We know that once he does arrive; once this thing does crash, the war is going to be on. He is going to be coming after the Lords people. And he’s not going to find the ones who caused his demise. He’s going to come looking for retaliation and he can’t find us. What he does is go after the church remnant; the church crowd that’s been left here. The same people that have been belittling and talking bad things about us for years…mocking us, calling us every name they could think of, showing no love at all as brethren and just being complete jerks. They’re the ones he’s going to go after. We won’t be here. Some of these people you would just love to see the wakeup call coming towards. Some of our biggest enemies on the internet; they’re going to be eating their words. The Lord Himself is talking about how ashamed they’re going to be at how cruel they were towards us. That is going to be amusing in itself. That’s the ones he’s going to find, because he’s not going to find us.

Anyway, I’m going to get to some questions from listeners. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to

Question from a listener: My family and friends have all been soul-scalped and I am being monitored 24/7 by reptilian spies. I am all alone. I am trying everything I can think of to escape this impossible situation. Is there anyone in Canada you can put me in contact with?

Sherry: You know what? I’m not going to get into that. You don’t always know what you’re dealing with when someone says their family has been soul-scalped. I would need more info than that. If you want to look at the soul-scalped, look around Hollywood…Hollyweird. I could go on and on about the soul-scalping of Hollywierd. Just the general Satan worship and how it effects. How it starts so young and they take over. They allow people to rise to stardom and take over their bodies. That’s a whole different show.

Question from a listener: Sherry, I am watching the night skies. I see shooting stars every night. Do you think these shooting stars are indeed all the effects of Orgone on alien ships?

Sherry: Yeah. That’s what I’ve been saying for years.

Question continues: My neighbor suggests that it is the ships entering and exiting the fourth dimension. Thoughts on that?

Sherry: Well, they aren’t going back. When they enter our dimension, they are burning up. So they are never going back to theirs. When they leave the fourth dimension (which is the spiritual dimension) and try to come into our dimension, (which is the third dimension) they run into like a brick Orgone wall and it crashes them. Then you look up at night at the yellow stars. These are the mother ships, and they are crashing. Two different types. The mother ships contain all these little UFO pods; I guess you could call them, so they can come to earth to spy or whatever else they do. Almost like a Star Trek type thing where you have the mother ship and all the other ships go to that. That’s basically what’s been going on. But all of them are crashing. It’s not just these UFOs; it’s also the mother ships…the New Agers call them starships. They are turning yellow and crashing. One night I sit outside, I can count 12 or 13 and the next night there’s like 4 or 6. They're just crashing every day.

It’s been an ongoing thing. The Lord has been cranking up the power of Orgone. HE moves it around the world where HE wants to with the wind. HE also cranks up the power. People are getting stronger things like the pipe blasters and the bucket blasters. They really saturate the atmosphere. They really pound the atmosphere with Orgone. It’s really been getting up into our atmosphere very effectively. It’s very interesting folks, just watching the “Its Raining UFOs” saga. And it’s going to keep going on.

Question from a listener: When it speaks about how mans oil lamp is dried out when the Lord returns back. Could that mean that when the Holy Spirit of man is dry? Thank you Sherry.

Sherry: HE says to keep your lamp filled. Don’t let it run out of oil. Be led by HIS Holy Spirit and seeking His righteous. If you’re being led by HIS Holy Spirit and seeking HIS righteousness. Then HE can lead you into especially doing heroics for HIM in these last days. David talks about the last day’s believers and the heroics they’ll be doing.

Question from a listener: The other day I could almost see a thick, flake, white powder falling to the ground. What do you think this could be?

Sherry: Probably poison from the chemtrails. Anthrax comes to mind. When they really pull that one off, that will kill millions in one shot. It’s probably just part of their poisons of the chemtrails. You need to get a lot of Orgone in your areas. That way the chemtrails can’t even stick in the sky above your areas. As soon as the planes come to spray, the Orgone dissolves it immediately and the trails won’t even stick. Definitely what you need to be doing is getting your areas with the Orgone. I haven’t seen a chemtrail stick here in ages. And when they do, it’s gone in like 30 seconds. You have to watch you area. If you see a chemtrail plane in your area and see any chemtrails sticking anywhere, go and hit that area with more Orgone. You just need to get more Orgone in it. The next time the planes comes they’ll dissolve and disappear a lot quicker. That’s all it is.

Again, if you have a question for the show, contact me at I’m only going to answer a few more questions. I’m having some difficulties even getting onto the Yahoo main page.

Email from a listener: Cheney knows all about E.T.s in America.

Sherry: Yeah, he’s knee deep in it. I find it amusing that they are coming out now about Dick Cheney’s assignation squad. I’ve been talking about it for years because I’ve been the target of it. But now that somebody else comes out talking about it, it becomes more believable. People are pretty funny. I’ve already been talking about it for years.

Question from a listener: Is the Hate Bill officially here?

Sherry: They can use it if they want to. They’ve got all kinds of bills in their arsenal they can pull out when they want to. If they use it or not depends on who is really pissing them off at the moment. It’s in their arsenal.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, what should people do if they can’t get a gun?

Sherry: You know what you should do? Orgone water. If you take a bucket of water and put an Orgone puck or two in that water and let it sit there for a while, it’s going to permeate that water. Take a water gun and fill it up with that water. It’s almost like holy water at that point. When you spray aliens and these chip-implanted beings, it’s going to burn them. So if you can’t get a gun, get holy water. Just make your own Orgone water (another name for it) and just use that against the alien giants and wicked beings. If it’s a normal human, it’s not going to bother them. If it’s a soul-scalped, alien, demon possessed or chip implanted, alien walk-in or alien itself, it’s going to burn. Good weapon. It’s probably the best weapon and a lot easier than gun or bullets.

Hello Sherry, thanks for another great show. Have you heard of Phil Schneider, another whistle blower like William Cooper? And if you have, would you put him with William Cooper as being as credible?

Sherry: Yeah, I have a lot of respect for Phil and Bill Cooper and remembering the work they did before they died. You’ll always see their work on my websites because the Lord remembers who does what for HIM. I’ve always said, nothing goes unnoticed. HE uses people like me to keep their material alive. There are people on You Tube and those who pass around their info. They didn’t die in vain. They died trying to protect mankind trying to get information out to mankind that was correct.

Question continues: He was involved in a fight with some tall greys in an underground base which lead to him getting shot by an alien and almost dying of cancer from being shot.

Sherry: Yeah, Phil was the one involved in the fire fight. I think that was Dulce Base. It might have been another one. He was an engineer. He would go in and do the initial digging out for these bases…tell them which areas they could bomb and clear out. His story is very interesting. I have his information at Type in William Cooper or Phil Schneider. I have stuff on my websites about those guys.

Question from a listener: Sherry, there is news on the internet that on the 22nd of this month there will be a major earthquake in the Pacific that will affect our West Coast. And there will be a major one coming with a big wave like the one in 2004. Have you seen any of this news in the Codes?

Sherry: The only thing I find interesting in the Codes; Seattle comes up. Seattle has been a haven for these fallen angels. These illuminists that are here on Earth, but are really aliens. It’s probably one of Maitreya’s hangouts. Seattle comes up. It could be ripe for destruction. What I thought was really funny was Tampa. There’s a government facility in Tampa. I can’t think of the name right now, but I have the info on one of my websites. They are directing the war in Iraq from this underground base; this second NORAD in Tampa. I found it amusing that even during the show tonight they are pinpointing and locating exactly where I am through my window because they can hear the volume of my talking through the microphone. They’re going to be using tonight to locate me and try to figure out where I am. Very amusing.

Other than those two cities, nothing else has come up that the Lord has shown me in particular. I’ve just been doing a lot of work in Obama’s codes lately. Of course, he’s in the panic over all this Orgone stuff. Congress is in secret denial over it. Obama is just panicking. The next thing on the horizon is the Shema star crashes. When the Shema star crashes, a lot of things are happening immediately after. He’s going to come looking for the church. You’re going to see martial law and things like that happening very quickly after that.

That’s a huge sign to watch for, folks; the Shema to crash.

Comment from a listener: The book of Ezekiel is said to be a parallel book to the book of Revelation.

Sherry: Ezekiel can be really hard to understand. I find John a lot easier to understand than Ezekiel half the time. Even Daniel. Daniel is easier than Ezekiel. Isaiah can be particularly hard as well.

Question from a listener: Hello Sherry. Two questions for you. Is it true that the more crystals I put in my Orgone the more powerful it becomes?

It has to be a combination. You want the crystals, coil, and aluminum shavings. I use one large crystal or if they are smaller, I use two or three. I try to fill up the coil with crystals. I wouldn’t make a huge Orgone thing and just use tiny crystals. That wouldn’t make any sense and would be a lot lower in energy.

Second question: What is a good pair of binoculars to get in order to see the UFOs and starships more clearly and up close?

Sherry: I got a pair of 10 x 50 off of I think I paid about $100. I can’t remember who makes them. I remember the first night I got them. I was out looking up in the sky at the yellow stars. ..I was all excited. I could see the yellow and green lights exposing that they really weren’t stars to begin with. Then after that I didn’t have to use them. I just went out and looked at the yellow stars and counted them. Those are the very ones that are crashing that everyone else is calling a meteor. It’s just these UFO ships. You can mark the starships by the lights they have. Red, green, yellow lights.

Just a heads up, folks. Read Revelation chapter 12 verse 7 on. You’ll find your place in it. Especially for the Orgone warriors who have been faithfully doing this and staying involved with the Orgone. You’re exactly who the Lord is talking about who is going to war against Satan and his kingdom in the heavens and casting him down to earth. It’s this Orgone. We’re all working together. And we’re all the reason that he’s cast to the Earth. When you see Shema crash, that will be a fulfillment of that.

Hey, exciting times. It might scare some people; it excites the crap out of me. It’s exciting to me. I love watching Satan and his scumbags dying or crashing; one or the other.

‘Til next week everybody, Yah bless.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The "Yellow Stars" Are Crashing! It's Raining UFOs!!
Sherry Talk Radio
July 13, 2009

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night. This is Sherry Shriner Talk Radio. I’ve had some tech difficulties. If you can’t hear me, give me a shout. It’s Monday, July 13th. It should be Friday the 13 as much trouble as I’ve been having the last hour.

If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I’ll be looking at those. Some people are having problems with the entire web, and that certainly describes what I’ve been having the last hour or so.

A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. I want to thank all of you who have stepped up to support this ministry. Any amount of donation helps, so I want to thank all those who support this ministry on a continual basis. A lot of people I am hearing from for the first time. I still have a lot of work to do here; trying to get a basement built-in here. So I still need funds and support for that. I need some huge supporters to stand up for that. Its going to cost quite a bit to do that here.

You can send donations to:
Sherry Shriner
PO Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

If you are international, please just send an international Western Union money order. Those seem to work the best with the banks. I’m having a hard time getting anything else cashed by the banks but the Western Union money orders. That would be a big help if you went that route. Or just send cash. It does get here if you wrap it up in a lot of paper or foil or whatever.

A lot of things are coming up in the codes. One of the things that I’ve been seeing a lot of is that Obama is in a complete panic. I’ve talked about that on the show before; how he’s the friendliest President that we’ve ever had because he’s just traveling all over the world. He’s getting out of D.C. on taxpayer expense because he’s burning up in D.C.

One thing that I’ve learned about this Orgone is that it will heat people up. Even just demon possessed, soul scalped, chip implanted – it will heat them up and make them burn. That’s exactly what’s going on with Obama and many others. They are also freaking out about all the downed aircraft. Of course, we’ve been laughing about it on the show for the past several months. I’ve talked about how the Orgone is making the UFOs crash. I’ve seen several different reasons for that in the codes; one of them being that these are inter-dimensional crafts. As they enter our atmosphere, the Orgone simply melts what they are made of.

Another thing; the yellow stars….I’ve talked about before too as well. If you look up in the sky, you’ll see yellow stars. Pinpoint where it is in the sky and just watch it every night. They tend to go from a pale yellow to a very bright yellow. And eventually that star is going to crash to the Earth. And what you are going to hear from the media is “another meteor” is crashing to the earth when it’s one of these UFO ships. What happens is they catch on fire. The metal on them starts to melt and turn yellow. They’ll turn a darkish yellow color before they crash to the Earth. I’ve gone outside and been able to count 10, 12, 15 dark yellow stars up in the skies at night. Some nights you’ll see a lot of them; then the next night you won’t see hardly any. That’s because they're crashing, folks. They crash all over the world when they come down.
It was in the media last week about one in….I believe it was the East Coast, over by Boston somewhere. I also heard from a listener, of a huge one coming down in Michigan and Indiana areas. Another listener in Michigan who had seen three crashing.

This is what I’ve been talking about in the one code. The term you will see in the codes at my websites in regards to Bible Codes and Orgone is “avalanche.” This Orgone is causing an avalanche. What it’s doing is causing a bunch of their ships to crash. And not just their starships, but their little UFO aerodromes as well. So we’re really making a lot of progress with that.
This is what has a lot of these Illuminati freaks in a total panic right now. They’re realizing that what I’ve been saying is true. That everything I’ve been saying is backed up by evidence. I’m seeing conferences taking place….will be in the future…have been in the past, discussing this whole phenomena. And you’ll see them try to classify everything that’s happening. In fact the military….someone had sent out an email a couple of weeks ago, how they’re classifying meteors. They’re not talking about what it is that’s falling. So if these really were meteors, why would they have to classify that? They wouldn’t.

So just a heads up, folks. A lot of things are happening that I said would happen. We are seeing an avalanche from the skies. We very well could see Revelation chapter 12 taking place very soon. It’s just a matter of timing with that. And all of them being in a panic about that. They’re using a lot of distraction techniques as they are being distracted by the many, many alien forces that are dying as a result of the starships crashing and the UFOs crashing and trying to move on with their agenda. Part of their agenda was Maitreya arriving in a UFO spaceship, or however he was going to arrive with the Shema star.

I’ve talked about the Shema star. It’s very low in the atmosphere. About 30 degrees above horizon and looks like a 10,000 watt GE light bulb in the sky. It’s very, very bright and very low to the Earth. Lower than the other stars and constellations. This is the Shema star. This is the ship that Maitreya inhabits. What they were going to do was use this starship as a mimicry of the Star of Bethlehem; so when we saw his star in the sky in the east…and that’s practically where it is now. It’s moved from the north to the east. You’ll see it out in the eastern sky. It’s not visible in the same spot around the entire world because it’s so low. It’ll appear in some areas one night and other areas another night. I’m not sure if there’s just one of them or if Capricorn mimics the Shema.

Capricorn is the starship that Sananda resides in. I’ve talked about him. He’s going to come playing Jesus Christ of the churches. He also has a starship called the Capricorn. This is his second one; the one he had last year crashed. A big to-do with NASA going out into the Pacific Ocean going to shoot down a satellite. It was actually the starship Capricorn because it malfunctioned and it was too large….they didn’t want anyone on Earth seeing it. They have safeguards in place to keep people from knowing what’s going on. So he’s back with another Capricorn.

Keep your eyes on Shema. I have a feeling, if I’m right…I don’t know if I am or not. It’s kindof a hunch that this thing is going to crash to the Earth very soon. So watch and see if it turns colors from white to a dark yellow. You know how brilliantly white it is now…just sit and watch it and see if it turns yellow. If it starts turning yellow, there will be celebrations all around the world. Trust me; it’s just a matter of time before it too crashes to the Earth. And that is the one that Maitreya resides in. All this is very fascinating I’m sure, if you’re a first time listener…if you’re not; it’s like preaching to the choir. You guys have heard me talk about this stuff for a long time.
Some things I wanted to address about their agenda, because so many people are getting fooled by this New Jerusalem the New Age is touting is coming. I’ve heard several different renditions of this New Jerusalem. The Capricorn starship actually just dressing up as a huge UFO with jewels and colors on it. You can look at my website where I talk about the different routes that this New Jerusalem can take and hover over Jerusalem and everybody thinking it’s the city itself.

Another thing is the blue star from Orion. Look at the Orion Constellation. You can go to Look up the location in your country and you can get a picture of what the largest constellation in the sky looks like. When you see the belt of the constellation…coming out of the belt will be the blue star. This blue star has also been touted as a ways and means of posing as the New Jerusalem and coming down towards the Earth.

Folks, you’ve got to remember, Satan is very technological. We’ve gotten a lot of our technology from his dominion. They can pull this stuff up and make it very jeweled and blissful and very beautiful.

They do have a city up in space. They’ve been trying to build this fake heaven. Some call it a rainbow city. That’s what they claim will come down from heaven as New Jerusalem. It really is what they’re going to try and pull of and say that’s the New Jerusalem. The reason being….the rainbow city exists because a lot of these children who have been involved with the Illuminati their entire lives; were born into it and terribly abused as children. When your mind fragments, at that point of fragmentation, you go off into a different dimension within your mind. Some people have talked about actually seeing this rainbow city. Perhaps it was this rainbow city….some relegated it to heaven and some have seen it. We know it exists. People who astral project and get into remote viewing will talk about it. So there is something out there. The New Agers call it Rainbow City. It’s just a brilliant city that Satan’s been building all these years to mimic heaven and mimic the New Jerusalem.

All of these things are coming into play soon. That’s why you really have to know….you really have to become doubter’s folks because there are so many deceptions that are coming. All somebody has to do is post a You Tube video online; millions of people see it and they are deceived by it. They see a purple flame, a nice prayer. “Oh, it sounds religious.” The Rainbow City is the New Jerusalem. Or a starship or a UFO dressing up as a multi-jeweled, multi-colored thing in the sky and people think it’s the New Jerusalem. It’s going to be very deceiving. There are going to be a lot of deceptions.

You’ve got to realize these deceptions ARE COMING FIRST. All of these deceptions are coming FIRST, before we will ever actually see the second coming of Yahushua to Earth.

The Ark of the Covenant…pulling out the fake Ark of the Covenant. Pulling down the fake New Jerusalem. The arrival of these fake ascended masters, these world teachers, these guru’s, these false messiahs that are coming. All of these things are coming first. So we are going to go through a lot of things yet. People need to understand the order of Bible prophecy so they can realize that all these deceptions come first. The sad part is that no matter how much I talk about it; no matter how much I warn about it, the majority of the world is going to be deceived by it. The Bible already talks about that. But you don’t have to be one of them. Your families don’t have to be one of them; especially if you are listening to this show.

The Lord has been leading people to this show for years. Usually it’s the people who have ears to hear. I know a lot of people will listen and think I’m wacked and several years later they’re brought back by the Lord Himself. This is a tool for Him to use to bring His People to hear the truth. I don’t have all this knowledge on my own. Everything I have was given to me by the Most High. There are just things that I know that I know that I know. And there are other things I just spend time researching and learning over time. The things that I know that I know that I know are obviously things that He has told me Himself or things that I’ve seen pop up in the Bible Codes. So that’s just a tool for Him to use to speak to me directly. He can show me what He wants me to see in the codes for coming events and things that are also happening now….so very interesting. So very much in real time (the Codes) to tell me exactly what’s happening now and what’s going to happen next.

Some of the next things are all relating to the crashing of Maitreya’s ship, and that would be Shema. Right now we’re seeing an avalanche of crashing starships and UFOs. A majority of his forces are being burned by the Orgone saturated air. Orgone is a positive energy. When it comes into contact with anything negative, it just heats them up and burns them. So that’s what’s going on between the dimensions right now. And also coming to light in our dimension; we actually see them crashing. If you see a “meteor” crashing, that means it’s broke into our dimension and its crashing.

We’ve been doing our jobs. It’s been taking us a long time to get Orgone around the world and do what the Lord has asked us to do. And we are still doing that. I would still very much like to be able to help people go out on their own missions. I can only do what I am financially able to do. My hands are almost always tied. Not being able to help others as much. I’d like to change that.

If we just had constant support for this ministry. If people would just stop supporting the wolves; pastors that are lying to them and just telling them “good” things they want to hear, we would have more money than what we would know what to do with. We could go on constant missions. We could fund peoples mission for them. We could go on a greater level than what we’ve been. It all just comes down to support. I can only do as much as finances allow me to do folks. So I need your continued support. The few warriors that there are, are always willing to stand up and do something the Lord asks them to do; and they need supported too. We could just get so much done, so much quicker.

I’m excited about hearing about trips people have been going on. I did not go on a road trip this summer myself. I’ve been busy changing locations. The Lord has put me in a more isolated area; something that can be secured a lot more easily. So I’ve been really busy and focused on that the last couple of months. Of course, I do need some kind of underground bunker and basement here to get away from the tech attacks. You know what folks? If it doesn’t happen, then so be it. If I end up being killed by tech attacks, then so be it. I don’t really care. I would just as soon go home. I would rather go home and be with the Most High. I don’t want to be sticking around here. But that’s up to Him. And that’s up to His People. I just wait and do as He leads.

If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I got a late start tonight; I’ve had a lot of difficulties with the equipment tonight. Put “question for the show” in the header…the subject area, so that I can weed through all these emails that I have and recognize it as a question for the show specifically. I get tons of emails here, folks.

Important questions for your show: I never hear you talk about how these reptiles are able to hear our thoughts and levitate objects and that many of them are trained Ninjas.

Sherry: Why would a reptile need to be a trained Ninja? The Ninjas would get their power from them.

Question continues: Do you think it’s possible in the part of the Bible about how Satan will reign for a time before the Lord arrives is conditioning us to expect to be initially defeated and thus do more to keep us from being prepared or to fight back?

Sherry: Satan does get 42 months to reign on Earth. That’s decreed. You can’t change that. That’s been in the pre-script forever in Bible prophecy. He is going to get 42 months. The Lord allows it to test His People, folks; to test you. Will you stay loyal to Him or will you be initiated into Satan’s new world order here on Earth. The people of this earth are going to be tested.

Question continues: Why would they go to such elaborate lengths to train and physically domesticate society if they know they are going to lose in the long run? Or do you fully expect to have to go toe to toe with these reptilians in a visceral fight to the death?

Sherry: They don’t believe they’re going to lose. They have one hope in mind - that’s that Lucifer is telling them the truth and that they will win. They don’t believe they’re going to lose. They think they’re going to win. That’s all they’ve got. The only reason they exist is for their own judgment. A lot of them have already been pre-judged. Their judgment is set. So a lot of them just want to take as many humans to Hell with them as possible because their judgment is set. They can’t change it. So they just want to take stupid humans to Hell with them. They hate humans. If you ever run into a reptile saying he’s your friend…Folks, THEY HATE HUMANS. So don’t be fooled by this New Age garbage where they say that aliens are our friends, they are allies of humanity and want to come and help mankind. They want to destroy mankind. They want to feed off of mankind. You can look in their own literature where they talk about cleansing mankind. What do you think that is? They’re going to depopulate the Earth. They’re going to have the same agenda that the New World Order Illuminati has. Now there are different factions of aliens, but they all have the same boss, folks. There are different routes, different bridges that Satan can use to come to power on Earth as what we know as the Antichrist. He wants everybody to acknowledge him as God. He probably won’t call himself God, but wants everybody else to call him that. He’s going to try and use humility like Yahushua used when He was on Earth. Yahushua didn’t walk around and blab to everyone that He was from heaven and the Son of God and blah, blah. He walked in humility, and that’s exactly what Satan wants to use when he comes to Earth in the role as the Antichrist. So it’s going to be very interesting.

I did not have a show last week. I took some personal time off. It’s just a really busy summer around here. I’m sure a lot of you have been quite busy. I don’t want to get into everything I’ve been up to. If the expression “doing 100 things at once” comes to mind, that’s exactly what my summer has been like. It’s just been very stressing and very busy. Hopefully when school starts up pretty soon, I can get back to a normal routine. And a lot of things going on getting set up here with changing locations. So just a lot of things going on.

Question from a listener: Sherry, when I send my donation this week, can you use cash or a postal money order?

Sherry: Postal money orders are fine. Those are just fine. International if you can use postal money orders. I don’t know if your countries have those or the Western Union money orders. Those work fine. Cashier’s checks, personal checks, those kinds of things usually take a lot of holdup from the banks to clear. They just assume that they are fraudulent and take weeks and weeks and weeks to clear. Just a heads up on those.

Question from a listener: Where does Sarah Palin fit into all of this?

Sherry: Sarah Palin is just another one of them, folks. In viewing pictures where she was holding up the devil sign…a lot along the same lines as Ron Paul. I was warning about him years ago when everybody thought that Ron Paul was the answer for the Patriot movement and save everybody from the New World Order agendas. Nothing happened either. You see both of them signaling the other Illuminists that they’re part of the agenda. When you see that devil sign, which is not an I love you sign, it’s a devil sign, they are signaling each other. They’re just different parts of the agenda. Different players, different roles.

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It’s just been a rattling day…a rattling night.

Question from a listener: Sherry, I was reading on a website from Russia saying that we are going to get hit with a nuclear bomb this summer. Have you seen something like that in the codes? He said a major city will disappear. Most likely New York or Chicago.

Sherry: Most likely Chicago before New York. So I wouldn’t whine too much over that one, except for the Lord’s people who are there in Chicago would need to get out of there. I’ve seen that city going under by and earthquake. I don’t know about any nuke bombs going off this summer. October…10-10 has always been a possible date the US will be struck by missiles. You get into the conspiracy/farfetched to think that it’s Russia or Iran striking us, when I’ve seen our own missiles being unleashed in the Midwest heading to the West Coast. Our own missiles destroying our cities and our government claiming they are Russian or Iranian missiles. You can get into a lot of different ways of how they’re going to do it, but trust me; they do have plans to nuke our own cities….nothing new to them. So yeah, it’s a possibility. I don’t see any nuking here until October. It doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen any earlier. I see a continuing of economic annihilation here. At the same time they are totally freaking out about all the downed and crashed UFOs and the majority of Satan’s forces in our atmosphere that are burning alive and the ships crashing and the majority of them dying. There will always be a huge enough number of them left to accomplish what it is the Lord is going to allow to them to….for 42 months. He is using them to test the people on the Earth. So he’s not going to prevent Satan from arriving and being able to fulfill everything that he has planned to do, because it’s part of the Lords overall plans.

Question from a listener: Has Nibiru been in the Codes? Please spend some time explaining.

Sherry: Nibiru comes up every once in a while. I expect to see more of Nibiru in 2011 and 2012. It’s out there. Whenever it comes towards the Earth, you’ll start seeing a greater amount of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and volcano’s going off because it’s going to pull on the Earth. I don’t see that type of massive destruction any time soon. So I would suspect that if it’s going to make its move inland toward Earth more, that it would be next year or the year after.
Question from a listener: What are your thoughts about the one world currency that the President of Russia apparently showed at the G-8 meeting?

Sherry: They’ve had one world currencies planned since the 1980’s. They actually had the new currency…the Monopoly paper money that we have now with all the different colors in it; that was even designed and being printed in the 1980’s. They keep searching for the one that everyone is going to accept and go to. The only way that Satan can control the Earth is by controlling the money. That’s why you’re seeing our own government going from more of a capitalistic to a socialistic approach and bringing in this New World Order which is socialism. The slavery of mankind. The death and destruction of mankind. The other way they can assure of doing that is by controlling the money. Because then you have to become initiated into their new world order. Their system of Lucifer worship on Earth. We see it every day in America. You watch the media and all these celebrities, all these stars and the politicians, all giving homage to Lucifer with their hand signals. You see it all the time, folks. And that’s exactly what they’re going to do when they bring in this new world order which the New Ager’s call the fifth dimension. It’s all the same thing.

The Bible talks about how every person will have to receive the mark, the name or the number of what we call the beast, on or in their right hand or forehead. That’s a way of assuring that they do that, by withholding their access to money until they do it. So if you’ve got a paycheck or a bank account, they can hold that hostage until you get that number, name or chip or whatever it is IN OR ON YOUR RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD and show proof that you got it, then they’ll let you access your money.

That’s why I’ve been advocating for years that you start stocking up on anything that you think you would need for at least 3 – 6 months. The Lord is going to allow His people to go through maybe a time of testing through that. He does talk about removing His People before the hour of testing. That’s always certainly been the hour of testing when Satan enforces his mark upon the world.

Even before that happens, there is so much death and destruction. Most people are so worried about Satan’s mark, number or name being enforced, they don’t realize that most of America will be destroyed and dead by the time that even comes about. We need to plan ahead and try to survive the first part. So many of you are still living on the coastlines that are going to sink into the water or be rounded up in martial law roundups. You need to get to someplace where you can just hide and stay away from society. Get out the cities. Especially cities like New York, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago and any kind of cities that are based on the coastlines; and most of our major cities are. You need to get away from the cities.

We’ve got an uproar with forced vaccinations coming. They want to force people to get this Swine Flu vaccination. DO NOT get the vaccination. It’s nothing but the Swine Flu itself. It’s poison. It will kill you. What they wanted to do was create an aura of fear around the country and around the world and then force people to get this vaccination which is nothing but Jim Jones all over again where everybody drinks the Kool-Aid and dies. This is the Kool-Aid. This is the government’s brand of Jim Jones Kool-Aid. They’re going to force everybody to get this vaccination because they know this vaccine will kill the people. When have they ever put a gun to your head and threatened to imprison you or kill you to keep you healthy? Because they really care about you and want you to stay healthy so you’re going to take this vaccine? They don’t care about you; they want to kill about 5 billion people on this planet and it’s exactly one of the ways they’ve been trying to do it.

Stay away from the vaccines. We need groups that will stand up and fight because if they enforce this kind of thing, there will be a lot of anarchy in this country. People refusing. People standing up to fight. And there won’t be time anymore to rally groups and sign up and protest against this thing to stop it from happening to begin with. It’ll be too late by then. So definitely a heads up on that. Stay away from any vaccines and any kind of flu shots.

If you just look at the television commercials day after day of all the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies are pushing and promoting. When you see a certain brand of drug being promoted, mark it down and stay away from it. Do not buy that drug. They only promote the ones that will really hurt you and ultimately destroy you. That’s one way of knowing exactly what to stay away from; the stuff they are promoting.

Question from a listener: What are your thoughts on reverse speech? I’ve been looking at Peggy Kane’s website.

Sherry: The problem with reverse speech is whoever is doing the interpreting of what they’re hearing is going to hear it and interpret it in the way their views would have them interpret it. Some words, terms and phrases that are found in reverse speech are interpreted this is what he said…this is what he meant. I interpret everything….my world view comes from Yahushua. Everything I do is Bible based. Anything is from Him. When I hear New Age garbage being spoken of in reverse speech, that’s exactly what it is to me; New Age garbage. Somebody else might be, “Oh they’re talking about the One. They are talking about God!” Or “Oh, he’s a friendly alien!” Reverse speech is there, but it’s all in the interpretation, folks. It’s all in the interpreting. And different people are going to interpret what they hear in different ways. If you’re hearing from somebody who is on a New Age slant themselves in their beliefs, then everything they interpret is going to lean towards their New Age beliefs. That’s what you get stuck with.

Question from a listener: I feel like time is speeding up but it’s like no events are being allowed to happen.

Sherry: They are going to be. I’ve talked about how interesting July has been in the codes…the last several weeks of July. It’s still showing the same thing. They’re in a delay. They’re in shock. They’re in panic. They’re trying to get a handle of what’s going on around them right now because so many of their forces are dying.

The last two weeks of July is when all the Satan freaks of the world meet at Bohemian Grove by Bodega Bay in California. They're all getting ready to go out and have a boy’s club time of pedophilia and drugs. I imagine all the world leaders and governments might be pretty quiet the last two weeks, unless they bring out their clones and act like they are busy doing something when they are all at Bohemian Grove.

Question from a listener: Sherry, do you expect the North and South Poles will be revealed to the masses when an alien invasion occurs?

Sherry: I really don’t know. If people can’t see that for what it is now…I mean, they’ve got their heads stuck in the sand now, by the time a hostile invasion occurs, there’s not going to be a whole lot of time sitting around gabbing on computers or having time for a lot of research and arguing with everybody else that they are wrong when people can’t even admit they are wrong. So I don’t know.

Question from a listener: Is the north side of the third level of heaven the abyss where all commit earthly sins as Enoch was shown the actual Hell?

Sherry: I really don’t know, but I find it interesting the Lord always tells me to keep my eyes on the north. If you read in Joel chapter 2, the invasion itself is from the extreme north. Over the years naturally self professed gurus in the Christian churches have said that the north is Russia and that it’s going to be a Russian attack, when the actual words used were extreme north meaning extreme space. Our attack will come from the north in space. That usually tends to be the most active area in the sky as far as UFOs going. The northern skies. That is a lot of habitations and havens of Satan’s forces now…what we call aliens. Demons are pretty much imprisoned on Earth already. It’s the fallen angels that inhabit the stars and the moons and the planets in space that will be aligning as angelic hosts. Coming with him as ascended masters. I can’t verify or anything what Enoch has talked about.

I love Enoch. Everybody should read Enoch. I’ve read it 100 times. Every time you read it you pull new stuff out of it. He really does a great job explaining who and what fallen angels are and exactly what their roles have been in our past. If you haven’t read the book of Enoch, you can go to On the left side of my page there is a link to where you can read Enoch. Definitely, everybody should read Enoch. One of the reasons they left it out of the KJV was they wanted people in the dark about the last days. The Lord has always said, if you want to understand the end then you need to understand the beginning. How many people actually really understand our beginning?

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, can you comment on Mylar blankets? What kind to get and where to get them? I was wondering if they will hide your body signature (like the heat that your body gives off).

Sherry: Yeah, they will. You can get the Mylar sleeping bags. You can get the Mylar blankets. If you want to hide body heat signature, then I would suggest getting the sleeping bag. That way you can jump in the thing and pull the flap over your head. You can get Mylar blankets at They’re like $4 for a dozen. Just put “Mylar blankets” in the search box at They're good to put up on windows when you’re under tech attack. Orgone will stop ELF attacks. Mylar will stop a lot of these satellite beam attacks; Tesla beams coming at you and frying you. If you’re waking up and feeling like you’re a fried egg, you’re most likely being attacked while you sleep because they can pinpoint exactly where you are in your house at any given time. At night when you’re not paying attention they start zapping you with their microwave weapons. If you want to stop that, you need to put up Mylar blankets on your windows. And make sure that there are no pinhole spaces they can use to squeeze a beam through at you.

Question from a listener: What do you know about the coming FEMA drills at the end of this month, July 26 – 30th?

Sherry: If anything was going to go live…we’ve all heard about these drills and then they go live. Like what happened on 9-11 and in London with the subway bombings. They said there were drills going on at the same time, so when they went live nobody understood that it wasn’t part of the drills; that it was really happening. So they use that as an excuse. I find it interesting that they have these FEMA drills set up for the end of July and all this time in the Bible Codes the end of July has always been the most active part of the month for things really happening. So interesting…keeping my eye on it. Like I said, when we start to see things actually starting to happen, then we can interpret and analyze what we are seeing compared to what we’ve been seeing and warning about. A lot of things happening…they’ve got to arrive already. Maitreya has really got to hit the Middle East and gear up his following over there. Like I’ve always said, when you see Maitreya in the Middle East, head to the mountains.

Question from a listener: I live in Michigan too. Do you or your listeners know where all these crashes were recently?

Sherry: There have been quite a few in Michigan, Indiana and over the East Coast. I don’t sit out at night to watch them. People have them on You Tube videos. You hear about them in the news headlines that a meteor has crashed. Most people will misconstrue a crashing UFO for a falling star. A white flash is just a crashing UFO. Most of the time they’re just silent white lights streaking across the sky. Sometimes you’ll see it erupt in a fireball. Sometimes you’ll see green and blue lights or red lights with it. Very different types of crashes. I think the stars falling make the most impact; when one of the stars actually comes out of the sky. That’s pretty much the ones they call meteors. The UFOs crashing can be misconstrued as anything else.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening. Giving you a heads up. I’ve already seen next week’s show in the Bible Codes, so it’ll be interesting to see what I speak about because I don’t even know what I’m talking about next week.

Again, just a reminder. If you haven’t been to my website – read the first 10 chapters of Enoch so you can get a handle on who and what these fallen angels are and what they’re different jobs and responsibilities are. Keep in mind, all these angels have legions of angels underneath them….forces I should say because they’re all fallen.

‘Til next week everybody, Yah bless.