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Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Did It - We Did It - We Did It!!!!!!!!!!!

I've just seen confirmation in the Bible Codes that Shema is Indeed ON FIRE. It is ruptured...

so it's imminent folks...they're arrival here on earth is IMMINENT.

They are scurrying now to prepare, expect them to have angelic and Biblical names, such as mimicking all of our Biblical Patriarchs names, names of known Archangels, etc..

it's any day folks...

We did it - We did it - We did it!!!!!!!

1. We destroyed the Capricorn - January-2008

2. We destroyed Shema - October-2009

3. In the process of destroying Nibiru.

Our next target is the fake "New Jerusalem" coming out of Orion...I think that's the same thing the New Agers refer to as the Blue Star.

I don't think there are 4 "Shema's" as stated by Benjamin Creme on C2C...I think all these different types of satellites/planets/star ships are what he was referring to....he was possibly trying to hide what their real 'arks' (home bases) are.

WHO can deny what we've accomplished!? All I keep seeing is desperate denials from the sleepwalkers!

March on folks...much work to still do.

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