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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Have They All Lost Their Minds....

It's kind of ironic that I get so many emails from people who think I've lost my mind in regards to aliens, UFOs, and everything else on my websites. From where I sit all I can think and say is, have they all lost THEIR minds?

How can anyone alive today not see that things aren't what they appear to be? We have clones and hybrids parading across our tv screens as politicians, actors, and musicians. We have commercials normalizing lizards working amongst humans, it used to be called cartoons, now it's just reality as they try to condition humans with working amongst lizards in a cartoon setting. But their agenda goes much further than that.

We have a clone president who decidely doesn't care what anyone thinks of what he says or does, he's going to do it anyway, and a Congress of criminals who apparently agree with him.

Our religious networks are blasphemous BAAL worshippers and lead everyone into the seeking of greed and BAAL rather than true worship with the Lord.

Our U.S.A.F. has been bombarding our skies with poison and toxics to hurt and kill people for over 10 years and people are just now getting a clue there's a difference between contrails and chemtrails.

You could produce a list of 100s of pastors, clergy and sunday school teachers involved in Satanism and very few would actually believe it or say much about it. "Not my pastor" they would proclaim.

And heaven help us all who are in the know and try to wake up those who aren't. They don't want to hear it. What's it going to take? Getting a gun put to your head by an illegal Mexican or ending up as food on an alien's plate? There's 300,000 missing people a year from this country alone, where are they? In this day and electronic age no one can seriously think they can hide for very long. Especially not 300,000 people. Yet there's never a word about them, just statistics at the end of the year for 'missing people.'

That's because the government knows where the majority end up and they aren't about to tell the American public, or any public for that matter. There's underground alien bases from one end of the world to the other. Probably 200-300 in the USA alone. If you could look through the earth like a x-ray you would be able to see the bases and tunnels that connect them all. And thousands of people are being held as prisoners in them. Who's fighting for them? Who's demanding their release?

We have civil rights and peace groups for everything, who's standing up for all these people being held in underground bases?

Perhaps the politicians should start losing their families to mysterious disappearances and then maybe they'll have an opinion on something that matters for once. Here's a novel idea, send their kids to the wars they stand by and let happen.

Are the Bush twins in uniform yet? Why aren't they? They should be the biggest supporters of their father's lies don't you think?

Perhaps they're abstaining because even they know he's an idiot?

Cards on the table. Pieces on the board. Mostly everyone's a pawn for someone else's game.

Step out of the box.

The Resistance wears black.


It's time to do something that really matters don't you think? Like destroying their strongholds and fumbling up their plans!

So many people just live their lives daily obvlivious to everything that's really going on. I don't know how they do it. To me everyday life is superficial, it's like going through the motions knowing none of it means anything, the real war is behind the scenes and We need warriors.

A remnant of a remnant of a remnant is not enough. I need 14,000 people who will stand up and get busy for Yah. I need a larger network of people from one end of this country to the other that can take care of things when asked. Most people don't see the dire mess they're in and the plans being laid to conquer them and enslave them.

God's people need to Wake Up.

I know many of them are but we need a rabbit's pace here not the turtle it's been. So many get distracted by every new thing that rises only to waste time following it before they realize what a crock it is. One of the biggest crowds of those deceived are those who speak in tongues and get embroiled in delusion after delusion and lead hundreds and thousands after their delusions. They dominant the internet and therefore dominant most of the "Christian" crowd that follows the witchcraft and apostasy of those leading them.

Every time you turn around the tongue speakers have something new going, or some new grandiose thing to appeal to the gullible.

Meanwhile the warriors for Yah are exhausted and tired from working double and triple time and the people who should be helping and taking their places on the front lines for Yah are in dreamlands of illusion instead!

Our enemies are at the gates. Soon they'll be at our back doors.

Houston we have a problem...

haha Houston IS part of our problem!

The Lord works in many ways. He is not limited to man's logic and wisdom. He is the giver of wisdom. So until He gives it, those who think they know everything, know nothing.

Onward soldiers, the battle rages on.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is It Getting Crazy..or Crazier..

There's so many things going on right now it's hard to figure out which one to tackle first, or focus on, and yet they all work together in their own ways anyway. So no matter which direction you go in you always see the same result, destruction and death.

I think the thing that amuses me the most is how if you follow reverse speech and the possessed politicians who reveal true intent through it, the aliens who control them are scared to death of losing their cloaking ability. The time is coming when what they call the 'net' is shattered and they will no longer be able to cloak inside human bodies and hide. The Bible refers to it as the veil, the veil will be lifted and we will be able to see those of the 4th dimension in ours.

I mentioned this last year before I had even heard of Reverse Speech and how in the last days the dimensions would merge and the veil would be lifted, and we would see alien and demonic beings as they were, in plain site.

If you watched the older movie, "They Live" such a scenario is played out. People everywhere are all of a sudden seen for the imposters that they are..aliens in human bodies. Are we going to have a "They Live" moment in May?

It's a possibility, that's all I can say.

As we begin to see earth self-destruct it's not because of aging, it's because of the evil that's here and coming to earth. The Bible says the earth will moan and groan at the presence of the 'Antichrist'. I can't remember where in the Bible I read that but I"ve never forgotten it. In other words, the earth itself will rebel when Satan takes power here on earth through his comrades and minions..i.e. alien/omegan armies.

Perhaps that is why a pole shift takes place. Other than the obvious destruction caused because it's pulling on the earth it's masked in terminology such as the earth rebelling, moaning, groaning, rocking to and fro. We know Planet X is coming into our solar system and I've written how Planet X is carrying even more armies for Lucifer to use to conquer and control earth. He's waited for thousands of years to begin his last days assault and charades on earth, and yet his mere presence and the armies he needs to accomplish that task is what ends up destroying the earth and causing much destruction. He comes to try and 'save' what it is he's destroying to begin with.

As his forces move into position they are destroying the earth. The Lord has forewarned us about events of the last days and this is all just part of it. We're just getting to see a glimpse of how those events are going to take place.

All of the factions are focused on the month of May, and that's why Yah's people need to be aware of what's going on. He says to be watchful and be alert. If He leads you to get away from the coastlines then leave them..or wherever you are, if He leads you to get off an island, or get out of an area then go.

There's just to many coincidences amongst all the factions at this point to ignore everything and go to sleep. Should we worry? No. Find your strength and peace in Yah and depend on Him to lead and guide you. Listen for Him and recognize the ways He works. The wicked and evil will always have their plans. Yah is bigger than they are and can protect His own from their wicked schemes. Just listen for Him and seek Him.

The New Age faction is telling their people if they see a UFO beam of light to head into it. That's crazy, they're going to be taken straight to hell if they do. And the NWO faction wants to heat up some action in Iran so a war and any other disasters just commence at the same time so people don't know what's going on and these NWO clones can make their escape from earth. Most of our politicians around the world are no longer even human. The humans have been killed and replaced by clones. And do you think they expected that? NO! They were groomed all their lives to believe they would be rich and powerful in Satan's kingdom to come, the same thing the New Agers and the 'lightworkers' are led to believe, and they will all have the same fate...backstabbed and destroyed.

The Bible says Satan is the Father of Lies because that's all he does! Lie! And all his minions posing as Ascended Masters and anything else are all of the same ilk because they all work for Satan! Wake up people. They all work together to play mankind as pawns. They run and control all the factions under Lucifer who is Satan. The name Satan merely means "the adversary." Just another name for Lucifer. He has many names.

Stay away from UFOs..they only want to hurt people and take them to their deaths. For those reading this that consider themselves 'lightworkers' you are being lied to..snap out of the pipe dreams and lies those wicked beings have fed and are feeding you.

Just say NO to UFOs.

Lock and load.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Is a Pole Shift Coming?

Is a pole shift coming? And exactly what would happen in such an event? Would we know what was going on?

Depends how it happens...if it's 'sudden' or if it takes place over a few hours, or days, or weeks. We've been watching the earth's axis tilting for over a year to a somewhat minor degree, but it's getting more noticeable to the people who live on this planet.

I can remember reading last year how every day pilots had to readjust their compass settings to be sure they were correct in regards to the north/south pole...and where the poles were exactly, for that day or week. There were minor changes starting to take effect indicating that the earth was tilting by small, varying degrees, and knocking off compasses creating problems for pilots of airliners.

Now people who live farther north and away from the equator are noticing the sun is rising in the northeast and setting in the northwest. Not rising and setting in the East and West, but Northeast and Northwest.

Earth is being pulled toward the sun, slowly for now, but eventually real havoc is going to hit this earth.

What strikes me is that a few years ago I asked the Lord "what happens that's so bad, or scary, that it scares some people literally to death? (I'm assuming it causes heart attacks or heart failures). And I got a spiritual vision of the earth moving toward the sun and no one could stop it. We were on a collision course with the sun.

Another thing I saw at a separate time, several times, was one of our planets being broken up into huge chunks in orbit too close to earth. In other words, if you looked up in the sky you could see a huge chunk of this planet just floating overhead, not from a vast distance away, but definately too close to earth for comfort. Perhaps like another moon, same distance, just sitting there. At the time, I wasn't told anything about it but I thought of it as being Mars having been blown up into huge chunks from the result of Jupiter blowing up. Jupiter is a 90% gaseous planet, it could blow up, and if it does, it's going to adversely affect Mars sitting next to it. And that's what I saw.

People all over are mentioning how the sun seems so much bigger, or the moon. And yet our government says nothing...reveals nothing.

Our entire solar system is in for some major changes. Planets are going to be knocked out of alignment and suffer destruction because of Planet X coming in, the planet that for so long "didn't exist" if you wasted your time listening to NASA. They have absolutely no credibility, they get paid to spread disinfo and lie, and cover up any real truth they find. And yet it's funded by taxpayers? It should be disbanded as any type of government paid-for-by-taxpayers agency.

Ice age's indicate a 'sudden' change in the atmosphere. Not a gradual, but sudden. They've dug up people out of the snow in the northern hempishere along with animals who were and had been instantly frozen to death.

What would a sudden pole shift do today? The same thing to the victims of our 'new north pole.'

It would cause great upheaval of the earth's faultlines and plates. Huge earthquakes would rumble everywhere...the oceans would roar, coastlines would disappear and entire cities would be overtaken by water. Destructive winds would create hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, and damage from one end of the world to the other. Volcanos would be set off by the shifting plates and faultlines and possibly go off.

It would be complete mayhem, all over the world. And it could last for hours, or even days. I'm sure the effects could prolong itself into weeks and months before the earth was 'settled' once again.

I'm no scientist, but I have long seen in the Bible Codes that a pole shift was coming, that our government could even implement a fake one with weather weapons to further along their own agenda for world depopulation and conquest and control of it for their master Lucifer if they wanted to or had to. Seems like they won't have to, the incoming PX and the disturbance it's causing by coming into our solar system will do it itself.

If the NWO stays in charge, martial law will be declared everywhere and they will seek to relocate people out of destroyed areas to safer ones. Don't be a victim of their "help." Their trains run one the death and concentration camps they have waiting for such an event as this to start opening and using them.

If the Alien-New Age faction/fraud/facade takes over, then they will use earth's destruction as a time to come in as our 'saviours' and 'help mankind.'

In fact this May 25 or even 6/6/06 could very well be in their minds to begin their assault on mankind with their Day of Declaration and you can read it at the bottom of my site at where I lay out their plans for Maitreya's 'grand' entrance.

May is a dominant month for martial law caused by weather havoc, via a sudden pole shift or just outrageous weather caused by the shifting earth is doing already.

Perhaps that is why in Reverse Speech all the 'elite' are so adamant about getting off earth soon. You'll start to see them quietly disappear as they all secretly head to Iraq to board their UFO waiting in the desert, or even underwater in the Euphrates canal somewhere. They've been building that thing for years and stocking it for their escape off earth while all the devestation takes place. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, they'll all quietly disapper as will at least allegedly one million of their ilk from around the world descend to Iraq.

All I can do is try and figure out exactly which devestation they're talking about and running from. It all sounds disastrous to me. Not them leaving the planet, but "why" they are.

Stock up on canned foods and water folks. We could be in for a ride of bad weather. Isaiah said in the last days the earth would rock 'to and fro like a drunkard.' Is that going to happen this year? In May? I don't know. But I'm preparing you for it. I would be sleeping at the wheel if I didn't.

The other scenario of the Reptilians running to get away from the incoming Anuk's at least leaves the earth intact. All of the Illuminati families and high ranking Satanists on earth are Reptilian shapeshifters and/or possessed by them. Over the past few years I've had run ins with people who claim to be from Illuminati families who broke away from them and now serve the Lord. But my experience has been with all of them that they are still controlled by the aliens and demons that control their families. Any person, child, born into an illuminati family has their mind splits before they even start kindergarten. They're MPD's or what they call DID's today, Multiple Personality Disorder AKA Dissassociative Identity Disorder. And they are allowed to think they have broken away from their 'families' but what happens is that they are used as pawns and just allowed to work in the 'religion' aspects of their deceit and infiltration of the earth. They will become ministers, or pastors, or evangelists, or start up their own ministries for the "Lord" yet they will be controlled behind the scenes by the aliens and demons that they think they have run from.

It's all a game. Their freedom is an illusion. You can tell because they're all unstable. Get them mad and their true colors will show. Or they change things constantly because they don't know what the other "personalities" have done (they're MPD). Or their covering the tracks of their MPD personalities and seem incapable of being able to maintain constant order or a train of thought that lasts for very long. They're always changing things. Or they get sucked into the apostasy agenda and are used to spread apostasy to the believers of the Lord and keep them in errors. Satanists are some of the most religious people I know.

But anyway, back to May.

If we have a quiet month then great, I'll save these warnings for next year. But don't fall asleep for June-July either because if May comes and goes we still have those two months and September to watch for.

I'm not trying to predict anything. I'm just trying to prepare you for the things that could happen.

The months May-June-July and September never look good for any year until this stuff just happens and there's no more warnings, just disasters.

No one knows exact times.

Even the New Agers go nuts because Satan and all his beast apostles can't give them exact times as to when they are going to come as our 'saviours.' All they do is estimate and watch their estimations come and go.

There is something I feel compelled to mention before I end this posting, for May, 2006 there is a possible fake rapture, where thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people disappear as Lucifer plays out a rapture onto the world. If he's coming as "god" then most of the Christianity he's deceived is expecting a rapture first, and so he'll play that out, albeit it's a fake one, it's not a rapture, it's a volunteering for abduction.

New Agers around the world who have sided with these aliens, who call themselves Ascended masters and gods, and whatever else these wicked fallen angels could throw at them to get them to believe, are promised to be evacuated before the coming pole shift or destructions on earth. The New Age calls it cleansing. Science calls it a pole shift. They are all being conditioned to believe that the UFOs will take them to safety and then return them later to help rebuild the earth. I can remember in Kathleen Baxter's book, "Divine Revelation of Hell" where she went on a 40 day tour of Hell and recounts her experiences being taken there. While there, she was shown a glimpse of the future, and in it she saw UFO's coming into hell, one after the other, they would land and shuttle thousands of people off of them and into hell.

These New Agers, or lightworkers as they like to be called, are told they are going to be taken to beautiful cities in the inner earth where all of their needs will be met and they'll be with their families and loved ones, and blah blah blah. They'll be taken to inner earth alright, straight to hell.

And what gets me is these people never pick up on common sense. They throw common sense out the window to get that "it sounds to good to be true, but it is" feeling. They're hoping it's all actually true, because that's all they've got, hope...and they're putting their trust in their 'friendly good little aliens" to be telling the truth. "They have to be telling the truth, they're so nice and sincere." Wake up people.

One of the things they so adamantly preach to their flock is that they have to willingly go when they see the UFOs and be at peace, or the evacuation or abduction up the beam of light into the UFO will kill them. But don't worry, there's medical staff on hand to resuscitate you if you die on the trip up to the UFO. Are they for real? Do they not think that if these beings were "gods" they couldn't transport them safely? Or abduct them for that matter safely. It would be completely laughable if it weren't going to deceive so many people.

They need all these sheeples' free will to take them to hell. These people are going to willingly allow them to take them. Of course they're being lied to, but that's what Satan does best, lie. He DECEIVED (lied to) 1/3 of the angels in heaven during the first rebellion to get them to join his rebellion. And now he's doing it again through his comrades to deceive these New Age sheeple into joining his side...and what do they get? HELL. They're going to be taken straight to hell.

And so I want to reach out to all those in the New Age who are reading this, don't be deceived folks. "If it sounds to good to be true, because it is" Holds up here...don't think it changes and that for once that phrase will be changed for your benefit. You're being lied to. And for those of you who don't even know who/what this Atonn looks like, I have his picture at my website at He uses the names Hatonn, Atonn, and Christ Michael.

In the Bible code for May 2006 I saw unholy-caught up. So imagine my surprise to see the New Age campers hyping about being evacuated this month.

I even wrote an article about this years ago you can read it at

The New Age plays into Satan's hands to help him fulfill aspects of his coming dictatorship on earth.

Wake up people.

Lucifer is this god of light they speak of. In secret societies members pledge their oath and loyalty to the God of light because that is Lucifer, AKA the angel of light. He masquerades as a God, the God. He is NOT the Most High God, Yehovah. He's a pretender, a deceiver, and a liar and uses his comrades such as Atonn, or Christ Michael, or Maitreya, or St. Germain, or Sananda Immanuel to deceive people.

Lucifer IS Satan.

He has many deceptions coming onto the world. There is only one way to make it to heaven and receive eternal life with the Most High God, Yehovah. Accept His redemption that He offers and follow HIM. Not Atonn, Maitreya, Sananda or whoever else Satan throws out to distract people from the truth.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Really Hard To Tell...

It's really hard to tell at this point if May, 2006 will be the year that the aliens arrive physically on earth or continue their battles and games behind the scenes and work through "man" to do their physical work on earth to further Lucifer's agenda.

I was amazed to see my recent mission for Yah listed in the codes...I've only been back 2 weeks, He knew I'd go, He already knows the end from the beginning. Sometimes the Bible codes can be truly amazing. Well ..most of the time. It gets annoying when so many people are sending me links to Rastafarian or atheistic websites to look at someone elses codes that are pure amateur and garbage for the most part. A huge part of doing codes is discerning them, analyzing them, interpreting them, and doing them right to begin with. How can someone not led by the Spirit of God understand the Spirit of God and have His discernment? They can't. And that accounts for about 98% of those who do Bible Codes. They aren't even HIS people.

I battle in both spiritual and physical realms so it's very hard to know when all of the things will move out into the physical realm and Satan's apostles will roam the earth. They already control a lot of things behind the scenes. So when I see them listed in the codes it can be difficult to interpret if we're going at it literally and in person in the physical realm because otherwise, WE'RE ALWAYS GOING AT IT. LOL..!

I'm always warring against them. Another day another battle and in both realms and it's always dominate in the codes. When the fourth dimension merges with ours then everything will be out in the open and their time on earth will begin to play their facades that they are from 'heaven.' And I'll be here when they arrive to expose them for what they are.

Some of the terms associated with Lucifer's apostles...are..
angelic in appearance but goulish and demonic animals
Arab (Maitreya)
Ethiopia (Maitreya)
Mecca (Maitreya)
hemlock (poison)
messianic-rabbi-priest (roles they play)
commandment (law, legislation)

When they arrive they'll have things to do...I'm not sure of the time between when they arrive and when things really start rolling as per the prophetic timeclock and the last half of the tribulation period starts.

I'm sure it will take some time for them to charm the world so they can deceive mostly everyone in it before they start implementing a forced global economy and the worship of the Antichrist as God. Of course they won't call him that, but that's who he is. He'll claim to be Christ, but he's the Antichrist.

May-June-July and September are dominant months for them to arrive and start thier charades on earth.

Those are also dominant months for martial law and complete weather chaos on earth.

This year, June is a war month. We have two war months in 2006, March and June.

Will they start air raids against Iran in May and then escalate the war against them in June? It's possible.

Or it's all masked talk and what they really plan on doing is attacking space and the incoming UFO(s) of Lucifer's armies. A literal star wars. They keep mentioning in RS about the net that surrounds earth catching on fire or being destroyed and that's a possible way of how they do it.

I don't see any countries being attacked in May, it's all space related material and the arrival of Maitreya and that's dominant at this time of year, it was also dominant last year at this same time.

Is a comet going to hit earth or a 'string of pearls'? I don't think so. I think it's all gov disinfo. This "ex-French" whatever..and who's propping him up? Gov disinfo agents.. Dr. Salla..the king pawn, and the other sites and shows he's been featured on that I've noticed 98% of them are all either omegan or gov pawns.

I refuse to take anything either of those groups say or do seriously. They love the element of surprise when they do something, so for some reason they want everyone focused on an incoming comet strike.

Bush's days are numbered. Impeachment is on the way. Perhaps that's the game plan, get all the 'conspirators' and/or patriots focused on a comet so they get off the bandwagons for impeaching him for a while.

But I don't know. Other than what I've seen in the codes I haven't gotten a word from the Lord on next month other than in regard to some personal things... but I will seek Him more on it. He's been pointing things out to me in the codes but I worry even yet after that if I'm ever getting it all right. It's hard to differentiate between the realms at times, what is going to happen in the physical vs. what is going to happen in the spiritual realm.

But take notice folks, Bush's ratings are at an all time low, they claim what, an approval rating of 38% when AOL polls are showing 20%... but hey look, a string of pearls is arriving next month...

It's either an outright smoke screen or a clever way of saying "a string of UFOs are coming" and that one, I could believe.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Out With The Old...So Soon..?

A lot of people seem to be sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for May and worrying if something will happen to earth.

Is a 'string of pearls' comet fragments, going to hit? It could.

But what I'm finding the most dominant in the codes is not the fact we're being hit or could be hit by objects from space, but that we could be invaded by the Anunnaki.

Granted, I've warned for years that May-June-July are the dominant months for their arrival when they come, so I'm not surprised to see it dominant in the Bible Codes for May, 2006. But at this point, I'm just not seeing anything else...and that will probably be the same for June and July as well.

No string of pearls, no comets, just their arrival. In particular, Maitreya and "Jesus." I'm convinced they are coming separately. Maitreya is Arab, "Jesus" is Israelite.

Maybe we'll have a Freddie vs. Jason scenario. With the Arabs screaming Maitreya is Allah the moon god and the Satan-led apostate Jews and Christians claiming this "Jesus" is their long awaited Messiah, perhaps that is what ignites WW 3.

I don't think Maitreya is going to be around for the long haul. This "Jesus" coming is Satan, not Maitreya. Perhaps Maitreya will just be the pawn to get the Arabs to get Satan's chip and worship "Jesus" as God.

Maitreya is a savidge. He fits in perfectly with the animalistic and completely barbaric Islam religion.

Whatever happens, Islam isn't going to stand, Satan already owns most of them in it. What's the thrill of deceiving people you already own into worshipping you as God? They already do. Satan's been running that religion forever in the name of Muhammad and the Quran.

And the New Age crowds dominating America and Canada will have to face the realization that they were lied to and led along like puppets. They don't intend on establishing NESARA, it will never come to fulfillment. It was a pipe dream to sell the gullible on to invite them here. A bribe. "We'll make you rich, just invite us here" along with their other lies, the Bible Codes say it will be negated. In other words, they'll be here but they won't implement NESARA the way people expect it.

The arrival of Maitreya always signals the demise and death of G. W. Bush Jr. in fact it usually indicates my own death as well...guess we'll see won't we. I'm not shaking in my boots here. If Yah allows it then so be it. Until then we have work to do. And that's what seems to tick them all off the most, the work we are doing. Which means we're effective against them. Very.

They hate being exposed. It flabbergasts them. That's why I have so much fun exposing them. I'm not afraid of them and I refuse to be bullied or intimidated by a bunch of Satan freaks or even Satan himself. They're fallen scumbags who are fuel for the lake of fire that Yah is going to put them in when their allotted time is up.

Yes they have allotted time. They will be allowed to play their charades on earth for 42 months. That's three and a half years for the world to see for themselves that they wont' be able to accomplish most of what they claim they will. They must be politicians. And people will believe their lies that their gods and hosts from heaven. Nothing could be more laughable. But the fact is that those who do believe them and follow them will end up giving their souls to Satan for eternity. And that, is no laughing matter. Don't be deceived by them!

This May could come and go in relative silence and peace. And then again, we could experience some destruction from objects in space or even the entrance of Maitreya and Jesus this year. We're never going to know exactly what's going to happen until it does.

I'll tell you what I do expect since the gov is sending out their pawns to scare everyone into thinking comet fragmets are hitting in May, I expect to see the ELF-NORAD god pumping prophecies and visions to the apostate with impending gloom-date warnings that always seems to follow the heels of gov disinfo pawn warnings.

They're equally annoying.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

For Those With Ears to Hear...

We are kicking butt! The orgone we are making is going to make this country almost uninhabitable and completely unbearable for the alien-fallen angels who are planning on coming here and making America their home base.

I have been looking at a Bible Code for the month of May and the only real thing that stands out is that with the coming of Maitreya/Jesus they are going to be shocked and angry at the effect our orgone is going to have on them! Are they coming this May? I don't know, but it's the only thing dominant in the code and I've looked at 3 of them!

We must continue getting orgone out as much as possible! Especially if you don't want these freaks and their armies in your town!!

Orgone assimilates into the air and destroys the chemtrails THEY are spraying to make our atmosphere more conducive to them. They need the iodine in chemtrails for some reason...and our orgone is destroying their strongholds with those!

We are crippling their plans for their coming empire! Amen!! But we must continue on, the battle is not over!!

It's going to be hard to convince the world they are hosts from heaven with ugly boils all over themselves...LOL...and that's exactly what the orgone we make is going to give them! Boils! They won't be able to breathe or stand being around any area that contains orgone! It literally burns them!


Who are we? We are those who fear and love the Lord, the Most High God. We are His people and His warriors called out in these last days to take a stand against His enemies!

We are 'contaminating' the air and earth for them which will cripple their plans to waltz in here as charming "heavenly hosts" and Ascended Masters! HA!!!!!

They will be revealed for what they are and that is why Satan's war against the saints will move from behind the scenes to an outright physical war because of his anger that he can't beat us otherwise!

And how many will like sheep be led to the slaughter and led away to these concentration camps without a fight? Resist them folks! Don't let THEM murder you and your families! Protect and defend yourselves! The Lord will lead you in what to do.

Israel of the past never disarmed and laid over in war like defenseless wimps to be led to the slaughter and neither will His people of today that can hear!

We are in a battle of spiritual war proportions that is going to move out into the physical realm soon enough!

Many things are going on behind the scenes folks...we are at war with Satan and his armies!

Don't back down! Take a stand against the enemies of our beloved Most High God!

We are winning a major battle against them! The war is the Lord's to win, but He is leading us to fight battles until the final showdown He will have with them Himself. So let's not let Him down! We can fight and win the battles He asks of us!

Some of you are timid wimps, others still have their heads in the sand, I'm speaking straight to the warriors who know who they are in Him and have ears to hear.

Continue on folks! The battle is ours!

They can't be very impressive and deceive the way they want to if they can't breathe in the open air and they're covered in boils! Ha!

Ultimately it's a battle for souls and keeping people out of their grip and being deceived by them!

We are the frontline of attack and they don't even see it coming!

Carry on warriors!

Friday, April 21, 2006

The "One" Who's Coming..

The churches have been warning about him for 2000 years..the New Age praises and awaits his arrival, and the gullible sit in both.

I've been asked about this "One" to come and I've said all along it's the New Age false messiah to come posing as a Messiah, claiming he's God, and leading the world into deceptions that a heavenly kingdom is going to be built on earth and evil and corruption stopped and destroyed.

A "5th Dimension" they will proclaim, is what earth is going to evolve into.

Just for you to see for yourself, I posted at that even the New Age gullible channelers are calling this beast to come, "The One" and if you jump to the bottom of that posting you will see how it was signed, "In the Name of One."

Kind of sounds like a Pepsi commercial.

They're all into the oneness thing aren't they? At which point they'll have to realize we are all individuals despite their masked and subtle hive mind programming that we are all 'one.'

One thing these fallen angel aliens can't grasp, or the manufactured clones they create, is that humanity, each and every human, has the ability to think for themselves and make their own decisions. We can choose whom we will believe or follow, unlike themselves who are programmed to follow orders or have no choice out of the predicament they are in because they put themselves there by making the wrong choice to begin with. There is no redemption for them, so all they seek to do is take as many people to hell with them as possible and keep them from choosing, or receiving, or accepting redemption from the only person who can offer it to them, the Son of God, Yahushua. All they can do is throw out a mimmick, call this mimmick "the One" and hope mankind is fooled by it.

The biggest game of the Illuminati and their pawns has been to get people to believe there are only 2 sides to a situation. Thus people pick which side they agree with or support and choose to be on that particular side.

The problem is, the 2 sides presented are both evil. They don't want you to know that, they want you to think one side is good and one side is bad, although you get to choose for yourself which is which, like the Democratic form of government, 2 parties, Republicans and Democrats, both owned by the same handlers, the Illuminati, yet the people are fooled into thinking they are two distinct and separate parties with different agendas. Blindly the majority not seeing another alternative picks a party to support, the lesser of the evils.

And exactly who is it that decides there are no other alternatives? Or that there are? You have to decide for yourself that you're not going to follow the bouncing ball, to break out of the mind controlled box you've been in put in since you were born and think for yourself.

From the time you were born you've been told or conditioned how to think, what to accept, what is right, what to follow, and what to do. Have you ever stopped to question this hive mind mentality and question authority? Those who resist are labled as rebellious, or going to hell because they don't follow religious mind control programming. The Lord didn't tell us to follow religion, He told us to follow HIM. And if you're following HIM then you're not following "man" who is leading "religion" and billions of people into apostasy, errors, and hell with their apostate doctrines, cults, and beliefs that are not of God, yet all of it is done in His Name.

Ultimately the only choice mankind is going to have is to "follow or die."

If someone doesn't join the system they will be treated as an outcast from society with no rights or priveleges they once had to freely live and survive in society. If people don't worship the coming dictator "One" they will be killed. And if they don't receive his mark/number/name on or in their right hand or forehead they can't buy anything in the stores, cash a check, or sell anything.

The last days beast is a government led by a 'man.' This government will become a one world government with authority over every country in the world and the governments within them. This "One" will become what Hilter couldn't, a worldwide dictator and through his lies, miracles, and deceptions, deceive the world into thinking he's a messiah.

When someone does apparently good things it's hard for people to perceive of them as evil. When "The One" starts healing people of deformities, infirmities and anything else, people are going to flock to him by the millions because he's a 'healer'. The Bible forewarns he will do many supernatural miracles. He will gain the love and allegiance of the majority of the people of the world. Doesn't sound like an evil person does he?

One of the biggest successes Satan has had is to deceive people into thinking he doesn't exist or even the coming one that the Bible was written by aliens and not to be believed. The KJV has translation errors, but the original text of the early Christians did not. And the central message still remains the same that only one Messiah can redeem mankind and that was and is Yahushua, translated in the KJV as Jesus.

Satan will pose as Jesus through his follower Sananda, this coming "One."

He'll probably even have nail holes in his hands to fool the people into thinking he was the one crucified on the cross.

Don't believe him folks. Huge deceptions are coming, expect them, discern them, and don't follow "the One."

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Living Off The Grid..

This is something Yah has been leading me to over the past 2 years and I've been accumulating things slowly to get to the point where I could live off the grid should the electric go out for days, weeks, maybe even months at a time.

Lately it's been a push again to continue preparations to live off the grid. One of my favorite sites is and I have some of their products listed at

Another interesting alternative to living in tents or 'roughing it' shelters is if you can afford it. Those look great. Just thought I'd mention it. No, I don't have one but they look great.

Another great site is and they have a little bit of everything. The water pouches are great if you don't have a lot of room to store bulky gallons of water or you have kids who will just waste half the water if you plan on stocking up on water bottles.

There's talk about fragments of the comet they hit last year hitting the Atlantic this May. It's possible folks. I talked about last year how I'd seen in the codes where they hit a comet and broke it in half and a piece of it would hit the earth. And they've been waiting for the "comet to hit the Atlantic" every year for years. They don't know when it's going to happen, but every year they prepare for it because they must believe it's inevitable. So it very well could be.

Will it hit this year? I don't know. Is this the year in the month of May that PX causes so much destruction? It could be. So prepare.

If a comet hit the Atlantic it would probably take out the entire east coast grid, not to mention they had a practice run last year of taking out the grid themselves and if they do you can bet they'll blame boogey 'terrorists' for it. The only terrorists are our own government.

So either way, natural caused or government caused, our electric grid is being targeted for destruction.

They have many plans to put an end to things or start other things rolling, so who knows which one(s) they will go with.

If you feel the Lord is urging you to buy things or stock up on things then listen. I know He's been stocking me up slowly for the past few years. If this is the year we go without heat for the winter then I'm prepared because I got the electric space heaters last year when He told me to get them that I can run off solar-battery-generators. Stay away from fuel oriented generators etc.. Yah led me to the ones at that you can charge up via solar and I even got one of those Air-Wind Generators as well.

I don't know if you've noticed in your areas but I've noticed in Canton, Ohio that they've installed solar-based lights on the highways.

Is our gov't preparing for the grid to go down and yet not telling anyone else? Imagine that.

Think ahead folks. The government does not have your best interest or personal survival in mind. So be prepared to take care of yourselves. Besides, do you really think they WANT people to survive when they have DEPOPULATION agendas in place? They want to kill people, not save them. Natural disasters just play into their plans, so be prepared.

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, eventually things are going to get rolling folks and when they do most people will be caught unprepared either way whether it starts in 2006 or waited until 2009. I know in 2004, 2005 is when I started feeling the urge to stock on certain things and so at least the things I have done, I don't have to do now, I can keep going with other things we'd need.

Can you survive 3 months with no electric or stores open? In the blistering heat or the freezing cold?

I know at first it sounds overbearing, but if you let Yah lead you you'll find yourself able to gather things here and there that will help you get prepared.

And for the pre-tribulation rapturists...there's nothing even in the KJV that states you'll have all the comforts of life you enjoy now until the rapture.

Think ahead, prepare, because eventually the 'ahead' will be 'now' and it will be too late.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Lost My Necklace..

And I'm very annoyed...I bought an indian arrow head pendant and put it on a beaded chain to match it last week. It was on my desk when I went to take a shower yesterday and now it's gone, vanished, nowhere to be found and no one else was here at the time. Almost as bad as when my cans of cream of chicken disappeared last year...

I hate it when stuff disappears just so idiots can get a point across. Ok I know you were return my necklace.

They act like 2 year olds starving for attention. Who in particular? At this point I don't know, I don't really care, I just want my necklace back.

The wicked can be such retards.

Trouble in the month of May?

Be prepared for some action.

I find it interesting that they are planning on a nuke detonation, not that they are, but that they're making such a big deal about it for the Nevada desert. They've been doing it for years and never so much gave it a notice in any paper, now it's a public notice all over the internet, why the attention? One would think they had a UFO escape plan in the Nevada desert instead of in Iraq.

Perhaps they do.

Cause a distraction, leave the earth. If you've been following reverse speech almost all of the clones and possessed people in our government and media have been talking about leaving the earth in the month of May via a huge ship, UFO, they have buried in the desert. It's allegedly located in Iraq, thus the planned and conditioned and set up air strikes for Iran, cause smoke and leave with a smoke cover. Or perhaps, cause a volacano to go off, anything to hide the fact a huge UFO is about to leave earth and they don't want anyone to see it. Why not just leave at night??? There's a brilliant idea.

So let's see, all the major politicians and their pawns in the media and elsewhere plan to all head to Iraq and board a UFO and leave earth to escape what's coming in May/June. So whatever they're afraid of has to be happening at the end of the month in May or in June.

Hmm, what else is there...the incoming Planet X? Ah..they all seem to be very afraid of Planet X, not to mention the comets it can hurl towards earth as it gets ever so closer this May.

Down goes one faction, in comes another.

I've warned about the card the Venutians and Pleidians will play in my article The Venus Alien Trap at

In Reverse Speech they refer to the owl, Satan, and "the One." This "One" could be anyone, including Satan himself. They're all afraid of the "One" coming and want to leave earth. The angels of God would never refer to God as "the One" they know He is the Most High God and refer to Him as such, never as "the One." I believe the "One" they are referring to is the coming Antichrist, Satan himself. Why would they be afraid of him and want to leave earth? The Reptilians vs. the Annunaki. The Annunaki are returning to take over the earth, perhaps they like reptile stew, I don't know, but this PX is not God as believed to be by some, and the reptilians fear it.

There are many factions within Satan's kingdom and they fight against each other and hate each other. There's no love around Satan.

Good cop vs. bad cop.

The "good" Annunaki are coming to earth to get rid of the "bad" reptilians and restore earth and help mankind...blah the people of the earth will like them, accept them, and then get eaten by them when they take over the earth. The Annunaki will be worse than the reptilians ever were. We're not getting rid of anything at this point, just a changing of the evil guard and who gets to run the show on earth. The reptilians possess humans. The Annunaki will come as themselves...giants.

Satan's plan is to build his own kingdom on earth. And we know Satan comes to earth and rises to power for 42 months before the real Son of God arrives to destroy this kingdom Satan tries to create.

So for 42 months Satan "the One" is roaming the earth trying to build a 5th dimension heavenly kingdom here to mimmick heaven. For people to believe Satan is "God" he will have to do something to try and prove that he is, so he will gain the trust of the people of the earth by healing them, lying to them, and 'getting rid of evil' such as the reptilians and other aliens on the planet that aren't the Annunaki. The Annunaki will be posing as angels, heavenly hosts, and everything else to portray the "we're from heaven" facade that they're going to.

Yahushuah Jesus said to watch for signs in the skies in the last days. Our sun is getting crowded with "signs" such as the Dark Star and Planet X coming in that are both getting noticeable. They say by May they will no longer be able to hide PX. They've been spraying the skies and creating clouds to hide it over the past year. As it gets closer, like in May, it will just be too big and noticeable for them to hide it I guess.

With PX coming in the oceans will roar, the winds will destroy, and earthquakes and tsunamis could follow.

Be prepared to live off the grid. In other words, be prepared to have no electric should we lose our electric grid from the coming chaos and weather destructions.

As Yah said, eventually the warnings will just stop and the events will start happening. And I've been warning of these various events for the past few years.

Yah Bless His Warriors.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tearing Down Strongholds

I've been busy over the past week tearing down strongholds...

Walk the talk...

Put your faith into action...

If you're a Warrior...fight...go to battle...

Isn't this what it's about? Being willing and available for the Lord to use us how He wants to and when He needs to? Yes indeed.

I've been exposing the tactics of the devil for years...and I've been combatting him with going into action and tearing down his strongholds not just across this country, but around the world.

This past week I was in Arkansas, Indiana, and Illinoise doing what the Lord led me to do. And He provided the way through another Warrior, whom without this person's help it wouldn't have been financially possible for me to fulfill what the Lord wanted us to do. So I praise God for her strength in Him and for the love she has for Him and willingness to do what He asks of her. Together as a team we accomplished much and many strongholds of Satan were destroyed.

I don't think it has quite sunk in yet the magnitude of everything we were able to accomplish but it doesn't matter, the glory and victory is Yahweh's! To Him all glory, honor, and praise!

I know there's alot of wicked pests who can't figure out why I went to Arkansas but they will soon enough...LOL...not to mention their plans for Indiana, Indianapolis, the bread basket of Illinoise all taken out of their grips and strongholds! Yah has the victory!! May the plans of the wicked be reduced to rubbish!

I don't care what they think their billion dollar technologies can accomplish, the simplicity of Yahweh has and can destroy it!

The Lord is calling up many of His people to go and do exploits for Him, listen to Him, let Him guide you and lead the way.

I know my hands are tied, I'm under so much surveillance I don't want to give them to much information, but that's why I encourage each and every one of you to be willing and allow the Lord to use you so as a team, army, and family in Yahweh we can accomplish much while there's still time.

I'm only one person, and there's a whole army out there and you're waiting for some kind of confirmation or loud voice from heaven to tell you what to do. Just seek Him, not me, HIM and He will guide you and urge you on what to do.

I know this is just the beginning. I know He's going to have me out doing more and more, but it was certainly a wake up call to get in shape and lose some weight! LOL...sitting behind the computer for years has taken it's toll! So to the gym I go...

I don't know how much time we have, I don't know how much time I have, I just know I have one life to serve the King and that's what I want to do!

May you be blessed in the Most High and encouraged to be all that you can be in Him.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Is Blowing Up the Capitol The Next 911?

Or will it just be a victim of a multi-event that includes other strikes as well? Remember 911 was several events, the Penta-lawn and the third that was stopped in PA.

Will 3 strikes hit the USA again?

Depends on what our government has planned doesn't it? They plan alot of things, most of them are stopped or cancelled because of being exposed.

How hard is it for the government of a country to plan and conspire to blow up a few of its own buildings, prepare an illusion the buildings came down by airplanes hitting them, blame it on someone else, then go to war on the targeted victim(s) they've blamed it on.

It's already happened once with 911, clearly an inside/government black coops operation.

Now we hear again of yet another impending 911, this time against the capitol.

On the Saturday before 911 the electricity was shut off in the WTC for 24 hours. This allowed the blackop "technicians" to go in and set up the bombs and explosives that would bring down the WTC buildings in an implosion. Last Monday the electricity was shut off in the capitol for several hours, blocked by the news media. Public utility crews said strangers in overalls were all over inside the tunnels underneath the Capitol. Capitol police were forbidden from entering the tunnels.

For more information listen to the TruNews broadcast on Wednesday at Start with Wednesday's broadcast.

The Holland Tunnel that links NY to NJ, the San Francisco bridge, Texas City outside of Houston, Charleston, S.C., they have targeted these areas before to blow them up, will they be on the target list again?

President Bushwhacked wants us to believe the terrorists are foreigners from outside this country...the real terrorists are the ones who plan the attacks and fund them, it's long been proven that the CIA funded, trains, and owns Al Queda. So who exactly are the real terrorists? Our US government. Keeping you focused on looking outside is just a distraction to keep you from seeing the real truth, that those who have sabotaged the White House for their own Satanic agenda are committing treason against our Constitution and they ARE the REAL TERRORISTS.

They're the ones planning this stuff, not Bin Laden who was a CIA operative and the Al Queda that is a CIA organization. Wake up people! Bin Laden was and probably still is business partners with the Bush family.

They're all in it together!

Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Raining and Pouring...

It's a dismal day, a good day to stay in bed and sleep!

I've been hearing from quite a few about when Passover is, the 12,13, and 14. I think the 13th is the correct day, but it seems odd to celebrate a Holy Day on an occult number such as 13, I didn't like it, so I asked Yah about it and He said, "celebrate on the 14th." So that, I will do.

I've been hearing from quite a few that they've felt led to buy camping equipment and prepare to leave their areas whenever they have to. Some are even packing their cars just to be prepared.

There's a nifty site at they have all kinds of stuff..

I also have a page at

This is the year to prepare.

Yah bless His Saints

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Key Fits The Back Door....

The key fits the back door...


Still laughing.

Must be a huge selling point in trying to sell a home for some areas..LOL..

I don't even lock my back door. I got so sick of the gov spies ruining the door knobs and locks (at two different houses now over the last 10 years) trying to get in everytime I left the house that I just started leaving the door unlocked so they wouldn't break the lock trying to get in. Eventually they ruin the lock and the whole door knob gets wobbly and messed up...they're so sneaky...

Incompetent idiots are two other words that come to mind.

Will it snow today or will it be sunny and hot and tempting to turn on the AC for a bit..guess I could flip a quarter...more sanity in that then trying to figure out the weather.

HAARP, chemtrails, scaler weather's time to go on the offensive and stop being a victim to their high tech toys. And the thing is, if it's not America, the other countries have them to.

We need to stop America's from being effective in this country and then place a shield around America so the Satan freaks in other countries can't infiltrate ours.

And then we could show others around the world how to do the same for their own countries. What I love about Yah is His simplicity.

Something simple can break down multitudes of high priced tech weapons. And I know there's some way simple to do it, other than orgone that stops chemtrails, ELF and mind control, HAARP itself is a different weapon that manipulates and changes weather patterns. I haven't figured that one out yet and Yah hasn't revealed it to me yet. But I'm waiting and then I'll be on the offensive!

I need people who live in the Appalachian, Rockies and Ozarks to contact me. And any other mountain ranges I've missed. I know there's one in the NW but don't remember the name of it.
I need warriors who will step up and start covering these areas with orgone. The orgone Yah showed me how to make, good, positive, evil butt kicking orgone. You can learn how to make it at

If you live in the cities and you've thought ahead of where you're heading when the time comes when you must leave your home then make sure the place you're going is already covered with orgone. One orgone puck every 2 miles is good, make a grid around a whole area. I usually put more than just one every 2 miles but just do as Yah leads you to do. Box yourself in an entire area with orgone surrounding it. Once you get a small area good, then move out and make a larger circumference around that area with orgone.

And all those who are already in what would be considered safer areas than cities, they're not much safer if they're not covered with orgone either. The ELF and satellite weapons will just pound you, orgone will keep that from happening, so you need to do your areas as well.

Everyone needs to be doing orgone. Plain and simple. Make it and toss it. Drive through areas and rural areas and mountainous areas and throw it out your window into a ditch, or shrubs, someplace it won't be found.

If you live by lakes, rivers, streams, creaks, throw them in the water.

More and more people need to get involved and start taking the offensive against the evil plans and schemes of the wicked. We can't control their draconian legislations, and others are led to fight against those, but the majority of us can control what we're doing to help our country in other ways, and orgone makes a HUGE difference in combatting the NWO.

Gird up and fight warriors and believers in Yah!

Get busy with the orgone.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Lord Is My Shepherd...

I was browsing through some home listings in a precarious mountainous region in the southern half of America and I was looking at the description of this one particular house and it read, "key fits back door." What am I getting into??

I just started to laugh and said, "Lord, what am I getting into?"

I have to move out of the house I currently live in and I don't know where I'm specifically going or even have the funds to do so. So I'm in a crunch, a time crunch, a financial crunch, and it seems hopeless. Yah has said not to worry so as pessimistic as things appear for me, I'm not worried.

I've known for 2 years now I would have to leave the area I am in. Now that He has my full attention I'm just trying to do as He wants.

I have received some wonderful invitations to celebrate Passover with Yah's believers in a couple of different states. I appreciated those. It made me smile. I really love you guys and girls.

The Lord has given me a really big job to do as per warfare against our enemies and those who seek to harm and exterminate us, and it's actually one away from the computer, so I'll be busy with that as well in the months to come.

I think ideally I'd like to find a cave to live in, a cave-home. I don't like being outside in the sun anyway, it's too hot, I never go outside until it's cooler or there's shade, unless I have to of course and with 4 kids it seems all I'm ever doing in the summer is firing up the taxi and running them somewhere.

It's not easy being me.

I just do it.

If the Lord is speaking to you and calling you to do it. Are you dependable? Can He depend on you to do anything He asks? Or are you all talk and no walk? Something to think about.

He needs His people to listen to Him and stand up for Him in these last days. Many of His people need to quit focusing on the piddly stuff and get real with Him for once.

The tares....always posing as Christians to keep them distracted, in sin, or unfruitful. Learn and recognize the game and don't play it.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Is He yours?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Sons of Darkness Will All Be Destroyed..

We're surrounded by vipers, snakes, wolves, alien-human hybrids, aliens, tares, fake Jews, and they will all band together in an alliance as the Sons of Darkness to make war against God's people, the Sons of Light.

In the War Scroll, found among the Dead Sea Scrolls the Sons of Light battle against and destroy every one of the Sons of Darkness. That doesn't sound like being led like sheep to the slaughter to concentration camps and just rolling over and dying does it?

Jesus said He would make our enemies our footstool. So why is it we allow such evil to dominate the world and us in particular? It is we who have the Spirit of God in us to conquer and defeat evil. Jesus said He came to bring a sword, not peace.

If Israel's neighbors didn't want to live peaceably around them as neighbors then they would go to war against them.

The problem with "Israel" today is they've abandoned the community concept and no longer live together as a group. They're scattered everywhere, in every community across America, and the world. And this allows many to be picked off as easy prey by enemies and wolves.

Many might think it's ok because "we're a Christian nation." Look around you, at what point do you refer to America as a Christian nation? Satan and Satanism dominate America today. Occultic secret groups and societies such as Skull & Bones and Freemasonry dominate our politics and religion. Our government and churches. Over 53,000 members of the Southern Baptists alone are avowed Masons who worship Lucifer as the God of light.

The Pentecostal leadership is dominated by the Masons. TBN is owned by the Masons. At what point do you finally decide to pull your head out of the sand and see things for the way they are? It's not the way I am telling you they are, it's the way THEY ARE.

The true Isreal of today is not a nation of Jews who reject Jesus. It is all those who have accepted Yahushuah/Jesus as their Messiah and seek, follow and worship the Most High through Him.

The New Israel of those who follow Yahushuah replaced the old bloodline/genealogy based Israel of the past. Who is a "Jew" today? Those who seek and accept Yahushuah as their messiah.

It is these people that make up Israel today through the New Covenant that was established between God and man.

Yet so many revert back to the Old Testament mentality of an ancient bloodline/genealogical Israel. They attempt to track down and establish who or where the tribes of Israel are today. That might be nice for some historical reason, but it has no significant value. It's like tracking down all the races of any nation over time.

God established a New Covenant with man when He sent His Son, Yahushuah/Jesus to die on the cross in that all who accepted Him as their Messiah and followed His ways would become the new "Israel." Most of those who call themselves Christians today probably could trace their roots back to one of the original 12 tribes because that is where our history began as a "church". And those who can't are grafted into the branch, their accepted by the Most High as one of His regardless where they came from.

Most Christians today don't realize they ARE Israel. The church didn't replace Israel, the church is inhabited by Israelites.

Sure there are some who take it to far with the Replacement Israel Theology theory. America didn't replace the land of Israel. There are believers in Israel today just as there are in every country, nation, and island of this world.

It is ALL of these believers who are the New Covenant Israel whether they're in a literal church or not. No matter where they live. And most of these churches in America and around the world are so apostate most of His people who have obeyed Him and seek Him for the truth were led out of them already.

Being an Israelite today, or Jew spoken of in the KJV is a condition of the heart, not color or race. Whether one follows Yahushuah or not makes him or her an Israelite or not.

And that's who or what Biblical Israel is today, those who follow HIM.

Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Pure Suicide to Reveal Info..

"It's pure suicide to reveal information on Hepsebah" I have been told.

The information I had on her I've had for a while. It had nothing to do with a convo with Anton Lavey's son I had a couple of days ago, in fact, he didn't even mention her. Most people who know her or know of her, won't even mention her so you have no idea they even know about her.

And when you ask about her to people who should know or probably know they get strangely silent and ignore the question altogether.

The Lord told me, "I am going to reveal new information to you and I want you to expose it and bring the darkness to light."

So does it look like I fear man? The Lord doesn't lead you where He doesn't light the way. Or protect you for doing what you're asked to do.

It probably isn't information for others to expose to the public if they're not led by Him to do so, but all they have to do is tell me so I can..LOL..

I live for exposing the works of darkness and revealing everything about them and their plans. To me it's fun. Their entire realm goes into a shambles and an uproar and I sit here and laugh. I'm not afraid of them. My Father is bigger than their's.

Besides, I've been called to do this sort of thing. So what fun would it be if I got scared or ran to hide? Or refused to do my job?

You know who this Hepsebah reminds me of? In that movie The Ring, the woman who climbs out of the tv set..that's her I bet..LOL

Her last known residence was in Ohio somewhere, guess I better be looking over my shoulder in case she shows up at my house..LOL..

People who have been in the illuminati or have connections inside it all fear for their lives for even knowing anything they know. So I am not belittling their fears. I've never been involved in any way to it so I don't harbor the same fears as they do. I also simply don't care what the Illuminati thinks because when the Lord tells me to do something I do it. He doesn't tell everyone to do the same things. He keeps many of His people hidden for that very reason, to do work and gather information behind the scenes so He can use others to reveal it. And that's where I come in.

I just had to laugh as I sat here thinking about this woman beast and all her occultic connections and serpent seed and the thought of that woman crawling out of the tv set in that movie came to mind. She was wicked looking wasn't she?

What else could we expect from a bloodline grandaughter of Lucifer's? That's about what I would expect...not an Avon lady.

Her stomping grounds are SW Missouri at a powerful Satanic location they have there and a Metaphysical school they run there, also there's an underground base/hill side they use for a UFO garage in Windyville, not to far away near Lebanon, Missouri. She also has been in Oklahoma, Ohio and likes to hang out on Indian reservations and has a flare for expensive jewelry.

Sounds to me we need some orgone planters to hit SW Missouri, especially the areas of Springfield, Windyville and Lebanon. Are there warriors out there reading this?

"On earth as it is in heaven." Everything to take place in the physical realm, such as earth, takes place in the spiritual realm as well. That's why you'll hear of Lilith in the spiritual realm, and the physical form of her probably being this Hepsebah, but I can only guess.

There is a Lady Magda, who has been seen with Sananda, I have her pic at my site Is she the spiritual female beast that will manifest in our physical realm with Sananda? Hard to say.

It just gives new meaning to the "whore of Babylon" when you realize there is also a female masquerading as the physical form of her. And you thought it was Hillary...tsk tsk. So did I, until I started seeing them separate in the Bible codes, so then I knew this female beast was someone else that was going to arise to power in the last days. I'm not talking about political power, like Hillary would do, but supernatural ghastly power to deceive the world and oversee the death and destruction of Christians around the world, particular America.

Obviously she's not much of a soccer mom.

Passover this year is on the 14th. I was mistaken earlier and declared it was April 12. It starts on the 14th and I have updated my information on it at It could be the last one we ever get to celebrate. If you've never celebrated it this could be your last chance to do what's right and give up the Easter bunny.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Hepa Counterfeit..

The lady posing here named Hehpsehboah, is NOT the Hepsabah of the Illuminati. I'm sure she's part of the group itself since she's alien and New Age fringe, but she's not the one I spoke of in my article The Biggest Secret of All at or posting here. The names aren't even spelled the same, just similar.

Planet X..coming in 2 parts?

It appears that Planet X, known as a brown dwarf or dark star (despite the fact it's red) is followed closely by a comet, known as the Blue Star. I've heard reports before that PX had a tail..and that's why, because the comet follows closely behind it.

To give you an idea of their sizes, PX is about 10 times the size of Earth and the Comet Blue Star is about 4 times the size of earth.

I've heard people call PX or Blue Star "Wormwood" and that's not the case. According to the book of Revelation the comet Wormwood falls into the oceans and poisons 1/3 of the water. IF PX or Blue Star fell into our oceans earth would be completely history.

Neither one of these objects will hit the earth directly, but they will bring in all kinds of unwanted solar disturbances that could cause other comets to hit the earth. And they will.

It will allegedly knock our planets out of alignment as well.

And don't forget about Jupiter blowing up and in the process blowing Mars to chunks. I haven't even mentioned that one in a while. Yes, it's a plan of the wicked illuminati who are planning to blow up Jupiter to mimmick the star of Bethlehem. In the process Mars will be affected and blow up itself into huge chunks. Serves them right.

I'm not sure how it will affect earth, but at this point, how much of earth is there left?

When Lucifer rises to power there won't be one day of peace. It will be literally earth shattering and solar shattering events one after the other. Billions of people will die within a short span of a few years. 2/3 of the earth's population will die, only 1/3 of the earth's population will be left when Yahushuah returns with His Saints at the Battle of Armageddon.

The numbers sound familiar don't they? In Lucifer's first rebellion against the Lord 1/3 followed him and were deceived. In his second rebellion against the Lord only 1/3 of the earth's population will be left, and the majority of them deceived and following him.

It's the arrival of the dark star, PX that signals Lucifer's rise to power.

As Yah said, eventually the warnings will stop, and the events will just start.

Are you ready? If you're on the fence get off of it. If you haven't given your heart and life to Yahushuah do it now while you still have time to learn how to follow Him and do something for Him with the time you have left on earth

Only what we do for Him will last ... for eternity...our rewards are in heaven with Him to be enjoyed for ETERNITY. That's a long time compared to an average life span of 70 years on earth don't you think? Eternity never ends. And the way it's looking, most people aren't going to be hitting retirement age by the time Lucifer rises to power.

The first thing he does is make war against the Saints.

Put your trust in the Lord and listen to Him and seek Him.