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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Lord Is My Shepherd...

I was browsing through some home listings in a precarious mountainous region in the southern half of America and I was looking at the description of this one particular house and it read, "key fits back door." What am I getting into??

I just started to laugh and said, "Lord, what am I getting into?"

I have to move out of the house I currently live in and I don't know where I'm specifically going or even have the funds to do so. So I'm in a crunch, a time crunch, a financial crunch, and it seems hopeless. Yah has said not to worry so as pessimistic as things appear for me, I'm not worried.

I've known for 2 years now I would have to leave the area I am in. Now that He has my full attention I'm just trying to do as He wants.

I have received some wonderful invitations to celebrate Passover with Yah's believers in a couple of different states. I appreciated those. It made me smile. I really love you guys and girls.

The Lord has given me a really big job to do as per warfare against our enemies and those who seek to harm and exterminate us, and it's actually one away from the computer, so I'll be busy with that as well in the months to come.

I think ideally I'd like to find a cave to live in, a cave-home. I don't like being outside in the sun anyway, it's too hot, I never go outside until it's cooler or there's shade, unless I have to of course and with 4 kids it seems all I'm ever doing in the summer is firing up the taxi and running them somewhere.

It's not easy being me.

I just do it.

If the Lord is speaking to you and calling you to do it. Are you dependable? Can He depend on you to do anything He asks? Or are you all talk and no walk? Something to think about.

He needs His people to listen to Him and stand up for Him in these last days. Many of His people need to quit focusing on the piddly stuff and get real with Him for once.

The tares....always posing as Christians to keep them distracted, in sin, or unfruitful. Learn and recognize the game and don't play it.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Is He yours?

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