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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Key Fits The Back Door....

The key fits the back door...


Still laughing.

Must be a huge selling point in trying to sell a home for some areas..LOL..

I don't even lock my back door. I got so sick of the gov spies ruining the door knobs and locks (at two different houses now over the last 10 years) trying to get in everytime I left the house that I just started leaving the door unlocked so they wouldn't break the lock trying to get in. Eventually they ruin the lock and the whole door knob gets wobbly and messed up...they're so sneaky...

Incompetent idiots are two other words that come to mind.

Will it snow today or will it be sunny and hot and tempting to turn on the AC for a bit..guess I could flip a quarter...more sanity in that then trying to figure out the weather.

HAARP, chemtrails, scaler weather's time to go on the offensive and stop being a victim to their high tech toys. And the thing is, if it's not America, the other countries have them to.

We need to stop America's from being effective in this country and then place a shield around America so the Satan freaks in other countries can't infiltrate ours.

And then we could show others around the world how to do the same for their own countries. What I love about Yah is His simplicity.

Something simple can break down multitudes of high priced tech weapons. And I know there's some way simple to do it, other than orgone that stops chemtrails, ELF and mind control, HAARP itself is a different weapon that manipulates and changes weather patterns. I haven't figured that one out yet and Yah hasn't revealed it to me yet. But I'm waiting and then I'll be on the offensive!

I need people who live in the Appalachian, Rockies and Ozarks to contact me. And any other mountain ranges I've missed. I know there's one in the NW but don't remember the name of it.
I need warriors who will step up and start covering these areas with orgone. The orgone Yah showed me how to make, good, positive, evil butt kicking orgone. You can learn how to make it at

If you live in the cities and you've thought ahead of where you're heading when the time comes when you must leave your home then make sure the place you're going is already covered with orgone. One orgone puck every 2 miles is good, make a grid around a whole area. I usually put more than just one every 2 miles but just do as Yah leads you to do. Box yourself in an entire area with orgone surrounding it. Once you get a small area good, then move out and make a larger circumference around that area with orgone.

And all those who are already in what would be considered safer areas than cities, they're not much safer if they're not covered with orgone either. The ELF and satellite weapons will just pound you, orgone will keep that from happening, so you need to do your areas as well.

Everyone needs to be doing orgone. Plain and simple. Make it and toss it. Drive through areas and rural areas and mountainous areas and throw it out your window into a ditch, or shrubs, someplace it won't be found.

If you live by lakes, rivers, streams, creaks, throw them in the water.

More and more people need to get involved and start taking the offensive against the evil plans and schemes of the wicked. We can't control their draconian legislations, and others are led to fight against those, but the majority of us can control what we're doing to help our country in other ways, and orgone makes a HUGE difference in combatting the NWO.

Gird up and fight warriors and believers in Yah!

Get busy with the orgone.

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