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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Lost My Necklace..

And I'm very annoyed...I bought an indian arrow head pendant and put it on a beaded chain to match it last week. It was on my desk when I went to take a shower yesterday and now it's gone, vanished, nowhere to be found and no one else was here at the time. Almost as bad as when my cans of cream of chicken disappeared last year...

I hate it when stuff disappears just so idiots can get a point across. Ok I know you were return my necklace.

They act like 2 year olds starving for attention. Who in particular? At this point I don't know, I don't really care, I just want my necklace back.

The wicked can be such retards.

Trouble in the month of May?

Be prepared for some action.

I find it interesting that they are planning on a nuke detonation, not that they are, but that they're making such a big deal about it for the Nevada desert. They've been doing it for years and never so much gave it a notice in any paper, now it's a public notice all over the internet, why the attention? One would think they had a UFO escape plan in the Nevada desert instead of in Iraq.

Perhaps they do.

Cause a distraction, leave the earth. If you've been following reverse speech almost all of the clones and possessed people in our government and media have been talking about leaving the earth in the month of May via a huge ship, UFO, they have buried in the desert. It's allegedly located in Iraq, thus the planned and conditioned and set up air strikes for Iran, cause smoke and leave with a smoke cover. Or perhaps, cause a volacano to go off, anything to hide the fact a huge UFO is about to leave earth and they don't want anyone to see it. Why not just leave at night??? There's a brilliant idea.

So let's see, all the major politicians and their pawns in the media and elsewhere plan to all head to Iraq and board a UFO and leave earth to escape what's coming in May/June. So whatever they're afraid of has to be happening at the end of the month in May or in June.

Hmm, what else is there...the incoming Planet X? Ah..they all seem to be very afraid of Planet X, not to mention the comets it can hurl towards earth as it gets ever so closer this May.

Down goes one faction, in comes another.

I've warned about the card the Venutians and Pleidians will play in my article The Venus Alien Trap at

In Reverse Speech they refer to the owl, Satan, and "the One." This "One" could be anyone, including Satan himself. They're all afraid of the "One" coming and want to leave earth. The angels of God would never refer to God as "the One" they know He is the Most High God and refer to Him as such, never as "the One." I believe the "One" they are referring to is the coming Antichrist, Satan himself. Why would they be afraid of him and want to leave earth? The Reptilians vs. the Annunaki. The Annunaki are returning to take over the earth, perhaps they like reptile stew, I don't know, but this PX is not God as believed to be by some, and the reptilians fear it.

There are many factions within Satan's kingdom and they fight against each other and hate each other. There's no love around Satan.

Good cop vs. bad cop.

The "good" Annunaki are coming to earth to get rid of the "bad" reptilians and restore earth and help mankind...blah the people of the earth will like them, accept them, and then get eaten by them when they take over the earth. The Annunaki will be worse than the reptilians ever were. We're not getting rid of anything at this point, just a changing of the evil guard and who gets to run the show on earth. The reptilians possess humans. The Annunaki will come as themselves...giants.

Satan's plan is to build his own kingdom on earth. And we know Satan comes to earth and rises to power for 42 months before the real Son of God arrives to destroy this kingdom Satan tries to create.

So for 42 months Satan "the One" is roaming the earth trying to build a 5th dimension heavenly kingdom here to mimmick heaven. For people to believe Satan is "God" he will have to do something to try and prove that he is, so he will gain the trust of the people of the earth by healing them, lying to them, and 'getting rid of evil' such as the reptilians and other aliens on the planet that aren't the Annunaki. The Annunaki will be posing as angels, heavenly hosts, and everything else to portray the "we're from heaven" facade that they're going to.

Yahushuah Jesus said to watch for signs in the skies in the last days. Our sun is getting crowded with "signs" such as the Dark Star and Planet X coming in that are both getting noticeable. They say by May they will no longer be able to hide PX. They've been spraying the skies and creating clouds to hide it over the past year. As it gets closer, like in May, it will just be too big and noticeable for them to hide it I guess.

With PX coming in the oceans will roar, the winds will destroy, and earthquakes and tsunamis could follow.

Be prepared to live off the grid. In other words, be prepared to have no electric should we lose our electric grid from the coming chaos and weather destructions.

As Yah said, eventually the warnings will just stop and the events will start happening. And I've been warning of these various events for the past few years.

Yah Bless His Warriors.

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