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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Have They All Lost Their Minds....

It's kind of ironic that I get so many emails from people who think I've lost my mind in regards to aliens, UFOs, and everything else on my websites. From where I sit all I can think and say is, have they all lost THEIR minds?

How can anyone alive today not see that things aren't what they appear to be? We have clones and hybrids parading across our tv screens as politicians, actors, and musicians. We have commercials normalizing lizards working amongst humans, it used to be called cartoons, now it's just reality as they try to condition humans with working amongst lizards in a cartoon setting. But their agenda goes much further than that.

We have a clone president who decidely doesn't care what anyone thinks of what he says or does, he's going to do it anyway, and a Congress of criminals who apparently agree with him.

Our religious networks are blasphemous BAAL worshippers and lead everyone into the seeking of greed and BAAL rather than true worship with the Lord.

Our U.S.A.F. has been bombarding our skies with poison and toxics to hurt and kill people for over 10 years and people are just now getting a clue there's a difference between contrails and chemtrails.

You could produce a list of 100s of pastors, clergy and sunday school teachers involved in Satanism and very few would actually believe it or say much about it. "Not my pastor" they would proclaim.

And heaven help us all who are in the know and try to wake up those who aren't. They don't want to hear it. What's it going to take? Getting a gun put to your head by an illegal Mexican or ending up as food on an alien's plate? There's 300,000 missing people a year from this country alone, where are they? In this day and electronic age no one can seriously think they can hide for very long. Especially not 300,000 people. Yet there's never a word about them, just statistics at the end of the year for 'missing people.'

That's because the government knows where the majority end up and they aren't about to tell the American public, or any public for that matter. There's underground alien bases from one end of the world to the other. Probably 200-300 in the USA alone. If you could look through the earth like a x-ray you would be able to see the bases and tunnels that connect them all. And thousands of people are being held as prisoners in them. Who's fighting for them? Who's demanding their release?

We have civil rights and peace groups for everything, who's standing up for all these people being held in underground bases?

Perhaps the politicians should start losing their families to mysterious disappearances and then maybe they'll have an opinion on something that matters for once. Here's a novel idea, send their kids to the wars they stand by and let happen.

Are the Bush twins in uniform yet? Why aren't they? They should be the biggest supporters of their father's lies don't you think?

Perhaps they're abstaining because even they know he's an idiot?

Cards on the table. Pieces on the board. Mostly everyone's a pawn for someone else's game.

Step out of the box.

The Resistance wears black.


It's time to do something that really matters don't you think? Like destroying their strongholds and fumbling up their plans!

So many people just live their lives daily obvlivious to everything that's really going on. I don't know how they do it. To me everyday life is superficial, it's like going through the motions knowing none of it means anything, the real war is behind the scenes and We need warriors.

A remnant of a remnant of a remnant is not enough. I need 14,000 people who will stand up and get busy for Yah. I need a larger network of people from one end of this country to the other that can take care of things when asked. Most people don't see the dire mess they're in and the plans being laid to conquer them and enslave them.

God's people need to Wake Up.

I know many of them are but we need a rabbit's pace here not the turtle it's been. So many get distracted by every new thing that rises only to waste time following it before they realize what a crock it is. One of the biggest crowds of those deceived are those who speak in tongues and get embroiled in delusion after delusion and lead hundreds and thousands after their delusions. They dominant the internet and therefore dominant most of the "Christian" crowd that follows the witchcraft and apostasy of those leading them.

Every time you turn around the tongue speakers have something new going, or some new grandiose thing to appeal to the gullible.

Meanwhile the warriors for Yah are exhausted and tired from working double and triple time and the people who should be helping and taking their places on the front lines for Yah are in dreamlands of illusion instead!

Our enemies are at the gates. Soon they'll be at our back doors.

Houston we have a problem...

haha Houston IS part of our problem!

The Lord works in many ways. He is not limited to man's logic and wisdom. He is the giver of wisdom. So until He gives it, those who think they know everything, know nothing.

Onward soldiers, the battle rages on.

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