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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is It Getting Crazy..or Crazier..

There's so many things going on right now it's hard to figure out which one to tackle first, or focus on, and yet they all work together in their own ways anyway. So no matter which direction you go in you always see the same result, destruction and death.

I think the thing that amuses me the most is how if you follow reverse speech and the possessed politicians who reveal true intent through it, the aliens who control them are scared to death of losing their cloaking ability. The time is coming when what they call the 'net' is shattered and they will no longer be able to cloak inside human bodies and hide. The Bible refers to it as the veil, the veil will be lifted and we will be able to see those of the 4th dimension in ours.

I mentioned this last year before I had even heard of Reverse Speech and how in the last days the dimensions would merge and the veil would be lifted, and we would see alien and demonic beings as they were, in plain site.

If you watched the older movie, "They Live" such a scenario is played out. People everywhere are all of a sudden seen for the imposters that they are..aliens in human bodies. Are we going to have a "They Live" moment in May?

It's a possibility, that's all I can say.

As we begin to see earth self-destruct it's not because of aging, it's because of the evil that's here and coming to earth. The Bible says the earth will moan and groan at the presence of the 'Antichrist'. I can't remember where in the Bible I read that but I"ve never forgotten it. In other words, the earth itself will rebel when Satan takes power here on earth through his comrades and minions..i.e. alien/omegan armies.

Perhaps that is why a pole shift takes place. Other than the obvious destruction caused because it's pulling on the earth it's masked in terminology such as the earth rebelling, moaning, groaning, rocking to and fro. We know Planet X is coming into our solar system and I've written how Planet X is carrying even more armies for Lucifer to use to conquer and control earth. He's waited for thousands of years to begin his last days assault and charades on earth, and yet his mere presence and the armies he needs to accomplish that task is what ends up destroying the earth and causing much destruction. He comes to try and 'save' what it is he's destroying to begin with.

As his forces move into position they are destroying the earth. The Lord has forewarned us about events of the last days and this is all just part of it. We're just getting to see a glimpse of how those events are going to take place.

All of the factions are focused on the month of May, and that's why Yah's people need to be aware of what's going on. He says to be watchful and be alert. If He leads you to get away from the coastlines then leave them..or wherever you are, if He leads you to get off an island, or get out of an area then go.

There's just to many coincidences amongst all the factions at this point to ignore everything and go to sleep. Should we worry? No. Find your strength and peace in Yah and depend on Him to lead and guide you. Listen for Him and recognize the ways He works. The wicked and evil will always have their plans. Yah is bigger than they are and can protect His own from their wicked schemes. Just listen for Him and seek Him.

The New Age faction is telling their people if they see a UFO beam of light to head into it. That's crazy, they're going to be taken straight to hell if they do. And the NWO faction wants to heat up some action in Iran so a war and any other disasters just commence at the same time so people don't know what's going on and these NWO clones can make their escape from earth. Most of our politicians around the world are no longer even human. The humans have been killed and replaced by clones. And do you think they expected that? NO! They were groomed all their lives to believe they would be rich and powerful in Satan's kingdom to come, the same thing the New Agers and the 'lightworkers' are led to believe, and they will all have the same fate...backstabbed and destroyed.

The Bible says Satan is the Father of Lies because that's all he does! Lie! And all his minions posing as Ascended Masters and anything else are all of the same ilk because they all work for Satan! Wake up people. They all work together to play mankind as pawns. They run and control all the factions under Lucifer who is Satan. The name Satan merely means "the adversary." Just another name for Lucifer. He has many names.

Stay away from UFOs..they only want to hurt people and take them to their deaths. For those reading this that consider themselves 'lightworkers' you are being lied to..snap out of the pipe dreams and lies those wicked beings have fed and are feeding you.

Just say NO to UFOs.

Lock and load.

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