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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Living Off The Grid..

This is something Yah has been leading me to over the past 2 years and I've been accumulating things slowly to get to the point where I could live off the grid should the electric go out for days, weeks, maybe even months at a time.

Lately it's been a push again to continue preparations to live off the grid. One of my favorite sites is and I have some of their products listed at

Another interesting alternative to living in tents or 'roughing it' shelters is if you can afford it. Those look great. Just thought I'd mention it. No, I don't have one but they look great.

Another great site is and they have a little bit of everything. The water pouches are great if you don't have a lot of room to store bulky gallons of water or you have kids who will just waste half the water if you plan on stocking up on water bottles.

There's talk about fragments of the comet they hit last year hitting the Atlantic this May. It's possible folks. I talked about last year how I'd seen in the codes where they hit a comet and broke it in half and a piece of it would hit the earth. And they've been waiting for the "comet to hit the Atlantic" every year for years. They don't know when it's going to happen, but every year they prepare for it because they must believe it's inevitable. So it very well could be.

Will it hit this year? I don't know. Is this the year in the month of May that PX causes so much destruction? It could be. So prepare.

If a comet hit the Atlantic it would probably take out the entire east coast grid, not to mention they had a practice run last year of taking out the grid themselves and if they do you can bet they'll blame boogey 'terrorists' for it. The only terrorists are our own government.

So either way, natural caused or government caused, our electric grid is being targeted for destruction.

They have many plans to put an end to things or start other things rolling, so who knows which one(s) they will go with.

If you feel the Lord is urging you to buy things or stock up on things then listen. I know He's been stocking me up slowly for the past few years. If this is the year we go without heat for the winter then I'm prepared because I got the electric space heaters last year when He told me to get them that I can run off solar-battery-generators. Stay away from fuel oriented generators etc.. Yah led me to the ones at that you can charge up via solar and I even got one of those Air-Wind Generators as well.

I don't know if you've noticed in your areas but I've noticed in Canton, Ohio that they've installed solar-based lights on the highways.

Is our gov't preparing for the grid to go down and yet not telling anyone else? Imagine that.

Think ahead folks. The government does not have your best interest or personal survival in mind. So be prepared to take care of yourselves. Besides, do you really think they WANT people to survive when they have DEPOPULATION agendas in place? They want to kill people, not save them. Natural disasters just play into their plans, so be prepared.

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, eventually things are going to get rolling folks and when they do most people will be caught unprepared either way whether it starts in 2006 or waited until 2009. I know in 2004, 2005 is when I started feeling the urge to stock on certain things and so at least the things I have done, I don't have to do now, I can keep going with other things we'd need.

Can you survive 3 months with no electric or stores open? In the blistering heat or the freezing cold?

I know at first it sounds overbearing, but if you let Yah lead you you'll find yourself able to gather things here and there that will help you get prepared.

And for the pre-tribulation rapturists...there's nothing even in the KJV that states you'll have all the comforts of life you enjoy now until the rapture.

Think ahead, prepare, because eventually the 'ahead' will be 'now' and it will be too late.

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