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Monday, April 10, 2006

Is Blowing Up the Capitol The Next 911?

Or will it just be a victim of a multi-event that includes other strikes as well? Remember 911 was several events, the Penta-lawn and the third that was stopped in PA.

Will 3 strikes hit the USA again?

Depends on what our government has planned doesn't it? They plan alot of things, most of them are stopped or cancelled because of being exposed.

How hard is it for the government of a country to plan and conspire to blow up a few of its own buildings, prepare an illusion the buildings came down by airplanes hitting them, blame it on someone else, then go to war on the targeted victim(s) they've blamed it on.

It's already happened once with 911, clearly an inside/government black coops operation.

Now we hear again of yet another impending 911, this time against the capitol.

On the Saturday before 911 the electricity was shut off in the WTC for 24 hours. This allowed the blackop "technicians" to go in and set up the bombs and explosives that would bring down the WTC buildings in an implosion. Last Monday the electricity was shut off in the capitol for several hours, blocked by the news media. Public utility crews said strangers in overalls were all over inside the tunnels underneath the Capitol. Capitol police were forbidden from entering the tunnels.

For more information listen to the TruNews broadcast on Wednesday at Start with Wednesday's broadcast.

The Holland Tunnel that links NY to NJ, the San Francisco bridge, Texas City outside of Houston, Charleston, S.C., they have targeted these areas before to blow them up, will they be on the target list again?

President Bushwhacked wants us to believe the terrorists are foreigners from outside this country...the real terrorists are the ones who plan the attacks and fund them, it's long been proven that the CIA funded, trains, and owns Al Queda. So who exactly are the real terrorists? Our US government. Keeping you focused on looking outside is just a distraction to keep you from seeing the real truth, that those who have sabotaged the White House for their own Satanic agenda are committing treason against our Constitution and they ARE the REAL TERRORISTS.

They're the ones planning this stuff, not Bin Laden who was a CIA operative and the Al Queda that is a CIA organization. Wake up people! Bin Laden was and probably still is business partners with the Bush family.

They're all in it together!

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