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Friday, April 21, 2006

The "One" Who's Coming..

The churches have been warning about him for 2000 years..the New Age praises and awaits his arrival, and the gullible sit in both.

I've been asked about this "One" to come and I've said all along it's the New Age false messiah to come posing as a Messiah, claiming he's God, and leading the world into deceptions that a heavenly kingdom is going to be built on earth and evil and corruption stopped and destroyed.

A "5th Dimension" they will proclaim, is what earth is going to evolve into.

Just for you to see for yourself, I posted at that even the New Age gullible channelers are calling this beast to come, "The One" and if you jump to the bottom of that posting you will see how it was signed, "In the Name of One."

Kind of sounds like a Pepsi commercial.

They're all into the oneness thing aren't they? At which point they'll have to realize we are all individuals despite their masked and subtle hive mind programming that we are all 'one.'

One thing these fallen angel aliens can't grasp, or the manufactured clones they create, is that humanity, each and every human, has the ability to think for themselves and make their own decisions. We can choose whom we will believe or follow, unlike themselves who are programmed to follow orders or have no choice out of the predicament they are in because they put themselves there by making the wrong choice to begin with. There is no redemption for them, so all they seek to do is take as many people to hell with them as possible and keep them from choosing, or receiving, or accepting redemption from the only person who can offer it to them, the Son of God, Yahushua. All they can do is throw out a mimmick, call this mimmick "the One" and hope mankind is fooled by it.

The biggest game of the Illuminati and their pawns has been to get people to believe there are only 2 sides to a situation. Thus people pick which side they agree with or support and choose to be on that particular side.

The problem is, the 2 sides presented are both evil. They don't want you to know that, they want you to think one side is good and one side is bad, although you get to choose for yourself which is which, like the Democratic form of government, 2 parties, Republicans and Democrats, both owned by the same handlers, the Illuminati, yet the people are fooled into thinking they are two distinct and separate parties with different agendas. Blindly the majority not seeing another alternative picks a party to support, the lesser of the evils.

And exactly who is it that decides there are no other alternatives? Or that there are? You have to decide for yourself that you're not going to follow the bouncing ball, to break out of the mind controlled box you've been in put in since you were born and think for yourself.

From the time you were born you've been told or conditioned how to think, what to accept, what is right, what to follow, and what to do. Have you ever stopped to question this hive mind mentality and question authority? Those who resist are labled as rebellious, or going to hell because they don't follow religious mind control programming. The Lord didn't tell us to follow religion, He told us to follow HIM. And if you're following HIM then you're not following "man" who is leading "religion" and billions of people into apostasy, errors, and hell with their apostate doctrines, cults, and beliefs that are not of God, yet all of it is done in His Name.

Ultimately the only choice mankind is going to have is to "follow or die."

If someone doesn't join the system they will be treated as an outcast from society with no rights or priveleges they once had to freely live and survive in society. If people don't worship the coming dictator "One" they will be killed. And if they don't receive his mark/number/name on or in their right hand or forehead they can't buy anything in the stores, cash a check, or sell anything.

The last days beast is a government led by a 'man.' This government will become a one world government with authority over every country in the world and the governments within them. This "One" will become what Hilter couldn't, a worldwide dictator and through his lies, miracles, and deceptions, deceive the world into thinking he's a messiah.

When someone does apparently good things it's hard for people to perceive of them as evil. When "The One" starts healing people of deformities, infirmities and anything else, people are going to flock to him by the millions because he's a 'healer'. The Bible forewarns he will do many supernatural miracles. He will gain the love and allegiance of the majority of the people of the world. Doesn't sound like an evil person does he?

One of the biggest successes Satan has had is to deceive people into thinking he doesn't exist or even the coming one that the Bible was written by aliens and not to be believed. The KJV has translation errors, but the original text of the early Christians did not. And the central message still remains the same that only one Messiah can redeem mankind and that was and is Yahushua, translated in the KJV as Jesus.

Satan will pose as Jesus through his follower Sananda, this coming "One."

He'll probably even have nail holes in his hands to fool the people into thinking he was the one crucified on the cross.

Don't believe him folks. Huge deceptions are coming, expect them, discern them, and don't follow "the One."

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