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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sherry Talk Radio 7-21-08

Sherry Talk Radio
Aired on 7-21-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

Hello everybody. You’re live, its Monday July 21st. Having a few technical problems tonight, so hopefully we’ll get through the night. A couple of minutes before I was getting ready to go on the air, the computer went bonkers. They could at least wait until they’re going to hear what I’m going to say tonight. They’re like “eeehhh, she’s on!!” But that’s alright.

If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I think tonight I’m just going to answer questions from listeners. I feel led to just do that, so that’s what I’m going to do. Just answer your questions and comments or whatever. The Lord didn’t really give me anything in particular, it just felt like let them ask questions. Spend some time with the people that are listening. That’s what I’m going to do tonight.

If you have a question for the show, send it to

I’m going to answer an email that someone had sent me earlier about orgone. He sent it to me personally and I went ahead and I told him I would answer it on the show tonight, and it would probably help everybody else too. He wanted to know if I had more comprehensive information on the blasters as related to coverage for each device for an average home, room or business. You can go to my website And if you’re new to the show, we spend a lot of time off and on (about orgone) because this show is about doing; We’re not just talkers for the Most High, we’re doers.

A lot of us have been led with the positive orgone energy blasters to get them out in these last days. It’s one of the devices and defenses that the Lord has given us to protect ourselves against different tech weapons and chip implants that people are suffering today.

For an average home; I have a blaster on every TV or near it (if you have one of those flat screens put one in front of it. ) I also like to anoint TV’s because that’s one of the main ways that they travel. It kind of reminds you of that show, what was that called? Phantasm? or something where the demonic beings were coming through the TV. They travel through electrical lines. That’s basically true.

One of the reasons why at night you’ll hear or see the most demonic activity coming out of your kitchen is because it’s the most single room in the house that has the most appliances plugged in. So, I always keep blasters in my kitchen, on any TV, if you have a computer monitor; put it in front of your computer monitor.

My whole journey with orgone started because I would sit in front of my computer and all of a sudden start getting really bad chest attacks or I would feel like I would be just getting really woozy, really dizzy….like I was drunk or on drugs or something. I don’t know how to explain it. You get a sulfur taste in your mouth. You get migraine headaches. I didn’t know what was going on, so I prayed and asked the Lord how I could make this stop. He led me to orgone.
The first thing he did was show me what was out there and what the pagans were doing at the New Age sites. Then He showed me what was wrong with the orgone that they were making and then He showed me how to make the right orgone. I had no background in that at all folks. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was totally in the dark. The first batch that I ever made, I was like okay Lord, “Show me how to do this. I would listen to His small voice in my spirit. When the Lord talks to you, He talks to you in your spirit. It’s like a small voice talking to you in your heart. He does not speak to your head. If you hear voices speaking to your head, rebuke it, it’s Satan.

That began my whole journey. 5 or 6 years later now, we’ve got this stuff across the country, across the world. We’re watching it demolish alien bases, chemtrails, and all kinds of different uses. You can read about it at You can read about my road trips that I’ve taken across the USA . This isn’t something that I make a lot of money on. If the Lord's people and one person in particular hadn’t even financed the trips, I wouldn’t have even made it. There is no money making in this. I have the directions on my site where you can make it yourself. We’re just trying to do the Lords work in the last days.

We don’t have much time. With these coming alien invasions I really believe that these orgoned areas will become protection areas from the aliens because they hate the orgone. That’s another reason why we’re doing it and getting it out there. I have a blaster in every room of my house basically. I also have it under my bed and my children’s beds. You’ll notice if you put it under your bed, you’ll sleep a lot better; it keeps the demonic beings away for the night. They hate it.
They don’t want to be around orgoned areas. Keep it in your bedrooms.

How many would you need? Probably one per room. Depending on the room itself…sometimes I go to overkill….you can’t really overkill because orgone is just a positive good energy. I know people that have put them in their little business cubicles and their evil bosses won’t even go near their cubicles. They don’t like the orgone that’s there and don’t even know its there. I’ve heard from quite a few different people that have put it in their cubicles at work. Some get reactions from the employees and others are oblivious. People that are possessed, that are evil, that are actual reptilians in human bodies; it will affect them. It will burn them. A lot of people have talked about seeing them start to shape-shift in anger just being around orgone. Very interesting thing to do at work.

If you have property, what you want to do is put it at the four corners of your property if possible. If you have a small lot like I do, I just put it in the gutters of the house and garage. You can put it in flowerbeds around your house. Just ask the Lord to show you where to put it.
If you have any water sources on your property; a lake, pond or river nearby, put orgone in the water supplies because the clouds will draw up that moisture with orgone and rain it back down on the earth. It’s an excellence source; raining orgone. That’s very effective. It depends on what the Lord leads you to do with it.

Do they help with EMS , microwave cell phone radiation, dirty electricity?

Yeah, that’s why I put it anywhere where there are appliances and electricity coming into the home, cable TV’s, computers and even simple things such as the refrigerator and toaster. All of these things are demon magnets. They travel through any kind of electric lines that come into your house. Just having it in your room, some people notice a huge difference right away; some, it takes a few days because the demons are angry that there is orgone in the home or the business and will take a day or two for them to leave. Just wait it out. Some people who get the pendant; I don’t make the pendants. My friend Anne in Texas makes those. I noticed myself….I’d given it to an older lady friend of mine; she put the pendant on and a few days later she was breaking out in boils. She was a real nice lady, but I knew that she had a wicked temper. I thought it would calm her down a little bit.

It can also be a trigger for those who are possessed. I was going to tell her to keep it on, that it would chase the demons out of her and go somewhere else, but she had to take it off. You’ll see it have a negative affect on people that are demon possessed; they don’t like the orgone. She was able to keep it in her house and she was fine. I haven’t talked to her in a long time; hopefully they left her. She is living in an orgoned area now. Eventually they’ll just find somewhere else to go and someone else to harass.

Demons do hang around people. They travel around people. You can go to a grocery store and come home with a demon. They travel along side people; you don’t realize this. If they get to your door and they sense orgone, they’re not going to come into your house. They’ll stay outside and go find someone else to harass, because they don’t like orgoned areas. We just have a lot of different protections through orgone.

Question: My daughter has a memory as an abduction as a small grey as a child; now she is grown. She wants to deactivate whatever chip they put into her. Do they usually put it in a certain place in children? Do you have any idea where the implant would be?
Answer: Usually with children, they put it in their noses. These magnets that I have at (on the left hand side, I just put up a link how to deactivate chips.)
Neodymium magnets are very powerful. I don’t think you want to put something like that on your brain. It would probably just suck it right out of your head. I don’t know. Pregnant people, people with pacemakers and heart conditions wouldn’t want to put magnets on them. I would just ask the Lord about where….maybe the side of her nose. Use a band-aid and tape it. This is a thought coming to me right now. Just tape it with a band-aid on the side of her nose and leave it there for a day. Maybe do it when you go to sleep. Give it about 8 – 10 hours.

Some of these chips that have been in us forever will take a while. When I did my tetanus shot (they pre-load medicines with chips). If you’ve had a tetanus shot and were born after 1960…I put a neodymium magnet where they shot was and left it there for 2 or 3 days because it had been there since I was a child.

Just ask the Lord if and where you have chips implanted and you can use these neodymium magnets to deactivate them. They usually target children. You hear about children with bloody noses and they brush it under the rug and try to make it sound normal. It is usually the result of chip implants. Most children have no recollection or memory at all of seeing aliens; they just wake up with a bloody nose. Some children who are more in tune with the spiritual realm will retain memory of being abducted or seeing these aliens putting something up their noses or whatever. Or see them standing beside them.
Usually it’s something that children grow out of. Some are just in tune with the spirit world. I’ve always been. I was told by a pastor that I was born with my spiritual ears and eyes open. That’s not uncommon, I don’t think. You just see things and hear things that most people don’t.

Of course, most people think you’re crazy, especially if you’re in the churches. They think you can’t be a Christian if that is happening to you. That’s how they deal with it. They prefer to keep their heads in the sand then to deal with problems effecting people in the churches.
Just ask the Lord where the chips are. Electricians and auto mechanics have this energy reader tool that tells you if a wire is hot or active. You can also run them over your skin and watch the needle to see it jump. That might be an indication that you have a chip implant. I just find it a lot simpler and cheaper to ask the Lord to guide your thoughts.

I’m just answering questions. I’m here for you guys tonight. It’s your night. I don’t get to questions all the time, that’s all I’m going to do tonight.

Question from a listener: I doubt that this economy will hold up for too much longer.

Answer: They’ve been propping it up for years. I remember last year in September or October seeing in the codes that there was no more gold in the vaults; they were empty. I didn’t even announce it then because it would have crashed much sooner. I didn’t announce it, but just said there was something up, because I knew that there were too many Christians not ready to face a failing economy. Even when it does happen, no one will be quite ready for it.

It is going to happen eventually folks. I think September will be a target date. September is always a target date for a lot of things. Eventually the economy itself is just going to fall the along the lines with the result of all the other things that are happening. Yeah it is going to fail. The one thing I see a lot if stores just disappearing and closing overnight. Just watch for that. Stores closing, banks closing. We’re seeing that now.

Get what you need. You should have food, water and medicine stocked up now. If you’ve been listening to my show, then you’ve been preparing for the last several years. The famine is unavoidable; completely unavoidable. It is going to happen. It’s the rider of the black horse. Then we’ve got the rider of the pale horse which signifies that we’re going to have some massive bio-warfare; not just against this the citizens of this country, but the citizens of the world. Bio-warfare attacks, plagues, famines and wars are going to kill 2.6 billion people. You are looking at approximately 1/3 of the world’s population. That’s a lot of people to die in a short amount of time. This kind of thing is going to happen.

Sometimes I get the distinct feeling that a lot of us…the Lord is just going to shut us up in our homes. He’s not going to want us to leave. If you have kids, now is the time to get out and get some board games and some stuff that will keep them occupied so they don’t drive you completely ballistic. Be able to entertain yourselves. I’ve gotten some chess games; I love to play chess. Other people are getting guitars and learn how to play the guitar books to keep them occupied. I do have a feeling there’s going to come a time where the Lord just locks us up in our homes and doesn’t want us to leave. We are looking at a lot of chaos in this country if that happens; for it to get bad enough that He tells us to stay in our homes.

Question from a listener: What is Heaven like? Is there a Heaven?

Answer: I would love to tell you from personal experience, but can’t do that. I’ve never been there, but did have a vision of it once. It was more of what I didn’t see than what I did see. I’ve read a bunch of near death experiences and type things where it pretty much sounded like a person was taken to one of their Disneyland type places on Venus and given a false view of Heaven. It’s a prepared place for a prepared people. Sinners wouldn’t like it there. You can read descriptions of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 22. There are various descriptions of it throughout the Bible; a reference here or there about it. There is no evil there; no crime and no sin.

Some people think we’re going to be sitting on clouds playing harps. That’s not the view I have at all. In fact, I have a very distinct view of Heaven. I can remember having thoughts…I don’t know if it is future or the past…being in fighter planes fighting these…I don’t know what you want to call them…not round UFO’s, but fighter jets, pods or something and working as the Lords warriors. Doing things for Him out in space and going on missions and things like that. Very much different…I guess it just depends on the person; what kind of rank you receive for your service here on Earth. I know that determines exactly what you’ll be doing during the millennial reign as well.

Your service here on Earth, the rewards that you receive at the judgment seat of Christ will determine what you’ll do in the millennial reign of Christ. The things you are doing now on Earth…I stress it all the time to people. Build fruit for the Lord. Do things now that count for Him, because you are building your own rewards for eternity. You might not be rewarded here on earth. We know how things are here; you’re under appreciated, under supported and everything else. Most people would rather hate you than like you. You might not have the things you want or need, but His blessings will come through eternity. You just adopt a mindset that what goes on, on this earth you are doing for the Lord; doing this for eternity. You just get the things done that need to be done here on earth.

If the Lord blessed everyone for everything they did; everyone had fancy homes and cars. I think it’s been proven statistically that rich people don’t need God. They quickly forget God because at that point their whole life centers around greed and materialism. Their focus becomes elsewhere; this earth becomes their home. If you’ll notice, even the rich apostles sold their possessions and lived simple lives. It’s the whole mindset that the earth is not my home. We are here to fulfill a job; a role for the Lord while we are here. I’m just throwing that out there. We’re going to see what Heavens like sooner or later. A lot sooner than most people think.

Question from a listener: Sherry, when do you think they will implement martial law? How can I stay immune to these plagues that are already popping up here in Youngstown ? These horrible rashes; somebody has to say something.

Answer: I don’t live too far from Youngstown . I haven’t heard anything about rashes, but I would be the last one to watch a lot of local news either. As far as the plagues go, I’m not saying that an orgone pendant or keeping orgone around would prevent it, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt. It wouldn’t hurt to keep it in your car so that when you’re traveling you have one. Have one in your pocket. Have one in your purse. Get a pendant; wear that at all times.
Christians alike; believers alike; innocent people; guilty people; a lot of people in general who don’t have the Lords protection are going to be coming down with these plagues and diseases. What I mean by the Lords protection is that He specifically says, No, this one is going to stay healthy. I need this one for something else later or whatever. He decides who lives and who dies on this earth.
It’s going to be so random. It’s going to affect everybody across the board.
A lot of plagues coming; 1/3 of mankind will die. Something I saw in the codes yesterday as I was looking through them. I wish I had seen it weeks ago, but I didn’t. The Lord hides things from me so I don’t see things sometimes until after they happen. I don’t know why He does that. His sense of humor I guess. I’d seen where they are infecting organic produce. This latest salmonella scare; the latest thing with peppers. It’s not tomatoes …its peppers now. You don’t know where it is or where it’s coming from. They are doing it on purpose. I know you’re all shocked. I can hear the gasp going across Internetland.
They are infecting organic produce; they are poisoning it. I saw the term peppering. I don’t know what that means. We would think of something as peppering, but this is Hebrew here. Often times they will use terms in ways we wouldn’t’ use them. I think peppering maybe is some kind of poison powder. I can guarantee you that it wouldn’t be normal pepper. Its not pepper in the way we would think of putting pepper on food.

I do know without a doubt that they are targeting the organic produce. I’ve already talked about their targeting the bread baskets of the world. The destructions here in America this spring so that people couldn’t even plant gardens. Floods everywhere. In other country’s it’s the rice production. They’re not just targeting America , but around the world. People won’t be able to import or export food because nobody has any.

The farming is gone to the floods. I would just keep orgone on you all the time; it’s a healer and it may keep you from getting these plagues. Another thing is these chemtrails are being used to spread plagues around the world. If you saturate your area, not just your home and property but get out there and do your towns, it will knock the chemtrails out of the skies. They won’t stick and they will stop chemtrailing your areas. If you don’t believe me, just get some in your neighborhood. When you see a big hole above your head that is clear in the sky and every place else has chemtrails, then you will know and you can get out and get the other areas.

Question from a listener: What about specific sizes. Do they have different uses?

Answer: A blaster is the same thing as a 5 oz orgone generator or a 10 oz. The 5 and 10 oz. just have more coil in them and bigger crystals. Bigger crystals, more power. I love the little muffins because that’s what I started out on years ago. I just did my yard, my house, my town. I’d see towers and throw them at them. I had done my whole neighborhood and noticed there was this big hole in the sky; it was clear. Every place else had chemtrails in the area. I went out and I did the rest of the area with orgone blasters. I did a grid. I got a map and put a big circle around my area; chemtrails won’t stick anymore. I just used the little muffins, so I love those little things to death.

The bigger ones like a 5 oz just have more crystal and more coil in them. The 10oz are great for water. If you’re going to do your property, put a 10oz in the middle of it. It will cover about 10 atmosphere miles where a 5oz will cover about 5 miles. The little ones, 3oz will cover a 3 mile radius. Its pretty much 3oz – 3 miles, 5oz – 5 miles, 10oz – 10 miles. These are atmosphere miles. I live in a two horse town. I put the 10oz or 5oz in cow fields.

You have to watch it because cows will eat them. Get them where the cows won’t get them. Put them in bushes, ditches, outside fences…whatever. Cows will eat anything; you don’t want them getting your orgone. If you see towers, get them in areas around towers. I was driving down the road going to the lake last week, dropped my son off at a birthday party. There was this vicious tower there that I had never seen before. It was low enough that nobody would have seen it unless they were driving down that particular road. I went home, got some orgone and got that particular area pretty good.
You don’t have to get right up to the tower; you don’t want to because if they service the tower they’ll find your orgone. Just get around the area.
Put the orgone in trees, bushes. That’s basically just the difference. They’re all orgone generators. I just like to call the little ones blasters. Small for TV, large for water. The 3 and 5 oz either one will work. The 10oz….like I’ve said, you can’t overkill; you can’t put too much because it’s not going to hurt you. It’s a lot cheaper to stick with the muffins, the little blasters; the 3oz. You can make more pans of that. Money will go a little bit further. The 10oz are great for the water. If you don’t have any bigger molds to make larger orgone, just use the blasters. Throw them in rivers and lakes; just use more. I have on my make your own page at, links to the very molds that I use for 5 and 10oz glasses. They are ice cream sundae glasses.

Question from a listener: Other than orgone, because I’m on top of that; these neo-Nazi jarhead police. They’re going to try and take all of our weapons when the time comes. Should we fight or just surrender our lives?

Answer: I’m not laying down my weapons and walking to a train. They can kiss my big white butt. I’m not going to roll over to the New World Order and say I’m going. I would defend myself and my kids. Do as the Lord leads. We have every God given right to defend ourselves and our families, our loved ones and our property whether they say we do or don’t the Lord has given that to us.

Think about the holocaust. What was the one thing that you thought when you learned about the holocaust and all these Jews marched to the trains and to their deaths? Why didn’t they do something? That’s gotta be on everybody’s mind when they are first learning about this at school. Why didn’t the men fight? Why didn’t the women kick? Why didn’t somebody do something?

Why would they just get on these trains and march to their deaths. They were deceived and didn’t know what was going on. For years I’ve said, “Don’t go to relocation centers.” Don’t believe the government when they say they are going to relocate you. Don’t believe them. I have yet to hear back from anybody that got on a FEMA bus to be relocated from New Orleans . There are still over 2000 adults missing. I’ve never heard anybody talk about the bus ride and where they went, because they never came back. So don’t do it. Fight for yourselves. Load up on guns and ammo. They may not make guns illegal, but they’ll stop selling ammo. Don’t underestimate the idiots from being idiots. Just prepare now while you can.

Question from a listener: Do you think Yah would leave people away from jobs in the cities even though you still need money to operate in the physical fallen world? What is your advice on the matter?

Answer: That aggravates me to death because no matter how much we detach ourselves from earth, we still need money to survive on it. Just follow what the Lord leads you to do. I know for a fact that He is leading people away from the coastlines and urging people to get away from the cities. What they are doing to a lot of these cities, especially if you live down in Ft. Worth Texas and some of these other areas; they are encircling them with towers. They are gridding them in. These bigger cities – New York City and Ft. Worth . They are gridding them in.

The people that live in these areas are being pounded and inundated with these mind control towers; dumbing the populations down. You want to get away from the big cities and away from their tech weapons and mind control weapons. You’ll be amazed when you get out in the country how freer you’ll feel. You’re not like imprisoned; tied down and dumbed down with mind control weapons. It’s liberating.

Especially getting away from the coastlines, and getting out of the large cities. They are going to be attacking them. This whole thing with rising gas prices. They want people to relocate to the cities so they can rely on public transportation. They want people to give up their right of having their own vehicles and transportation and rely on public transportation. It was always part of the Illuminati’s plan to get people more geared and focused to public transportation. The way you do this, is get them into the cities. Once you’re in the city, you’re like a mouse in a box; they’ve got you. Don’t do it. Get out of the cities. Ask the Lord to guide your thoughts on where to go and how to support yourself. Just count on Him for that.

Question from a listener: How come so many UFO’s are being seen in the UK and the US and not so much in other places?

Answer: They’re being seen everywhere. They’re losing their cloaking. More and more of them will be crashing because the positive orgone is warring against them. That’s why I have the song, Another One Bites the Dust that comes on before the show and It’s Raining UFOs. If you live in South America , Brazil and Mexico ; they’re a huge part of their culture. They see them all the time. I think America and the UK are just the two countries that are behind everybody else.
There are so many, still yet in America that don’t believe that UFOs exist. They have a lot more conditioning to do here in America and the UK yet. They’re going to have their invasions. You have to watch for people to say that there are UFOs and they are just a hoax; that its just the military. This is true in a lot of instances.

A lot of what I’ve read from people seeing UFO accounts; I could tell they were American or Russian. Somebody’s plane and not a UFO. I’ve always said that our NSA has their own fleet of UFOs. Our government has them and NSA pilots fly them. You have to be very careful whether it’s a government military UFO that’s legit or an alien UFO. I think they want people to think it is a hoax, that its just the military just to shake the box up so people don’t know what to belive. There are so many different things out that people don’t know what to believe; but where do you think they got the technology? They got it from the aliens. Obviously, the aliens exist.
Somebody wanted me to go over Revelation 9 in regards to the UFO invasion. Maybe I’ll get to that in a little bit; I’m going to get to some other emails first.

Connection problems for some people. Tonight I had some problems with my websites a couple of minutes before the show. Some people in different countries are having a hard time accessing my sites; some people in America having problems getting on my sites. It’s usually just either one or the other. If you can’t access my show on my main site, just go to or or the I have listen buttons on a lot of these sites.

Question from a listener: Are there any beings that have ant like antennae hanging from the tops of their heads?
Answer: I wouldn’t doubt it.

What about brown faced beings that have similar skin texture to ET, but don’t look like ET, but have a cloak type of cape they are wearing. I’ve been a Christian for several years, but think I’ve been visited. I feel closer to God then ever and been living the will of these days and stopping much and many of my sins.

Answer: That’s good to hear. There are so many different types of aliens; over 200 different varieties. There are many different groups and types of aliens. Some of them are manufactured like the greys. Some of them are manufactured in underground bases and just clones of a master blueprint that they have. Demons don’t have bodies so if they want to operate in this realm, they need a body. What they can do is clone these grey bodies. A demon can actually have that body and just control its mind with chip implants. That’s why they call it the hive mind mentality. You get all these cloned beings, chip implant all of them and the puppet handlers; the alien handlers aren’t far away, watching what they’re doing and telling them what to do. His kingdom is huge; a lot bigger than people realize. There are over 200 different species of aliens.

Question: How can I get an orgone pendant to wear as a necklace?

Answer: You can go to my site Scroll down my page. Anne in Texas sells them. You can order a pendant through her, she takes Pay Pal or you if you don’t have Pay Pal, you can just mail it to her.

Comment: This is from Trumball County . They are flying lower and lower everyday. Some people are popping up with rashes. They were practicing locking down the city with UN marked cars in Farrell , PA. They are trying to cut us off from the rest of the nation.

Sherry: You’ve got to get some orgone down there. There’s another warrior down there in Youngtown that I’ve talked to before. Saturate the area; make it miserable for them. I’ve always been dying to hear from these martial law exercises that they had in Indianapolis . I heard they were going to use over 200 locations they were going to use in the city, and then they ended up going to one area and one location where they had their main exercises. I’ve orgoned Indianapolis . I’ve driven through there and I’ve orgoned certain areas, but not all of it. It needs a lot more work to be done, but I got some in there. I’m dying to hear how it would have affected a lot of these soldiers. A lot of these soldiers are puppets; they’re just kids. A lot of people in the military are just demon possessed and alien hybrids and I’m interested in hearing if the orgone affected them in any different way.

Question: If we are by any chance chip-implanted, then is it possible that humans can follow us anyplace we go. It seems that if I go somewhere, all of a sudden bunches of people arrive. Does this mean anything to you?

Answer: That’s just the way it is. First of all, their technology is so above board, they can follow you around the world. This isn’t Hollywood where they have to follow you into stores, with cars.
The only reason they do that is so you will see them following you or intimidating you. Otherwise they just follow you by satellite. They have your number. They’ve got you homed in and can just follow you from satellites. They don’t need the Hollywood lets spy on them, give them a tail stuff. They don’t need it. The only reason you’ll see them is that they want you to know that they’re there. That’s just the way it is.

A lot of us from the time we were born, getting chip implanted through vaccinations and stuff. Sometimes you can’t even get them all out. Just ask the Lord where you need magnets. They’ve followed me around this country with UFO’s; they didn’t need to put somebody in a car 5 or 10 feet behind me and follow me. Another thing they use is holographs. I remember the first time that I ever saw a holograph. I was at the bank; I looked in the rear view mirror, there was a blue car behind me with 2 girls in it. I didn’t think anything of it.

I pulled out around and something just made me stop my car and look back at the bank window because something just seemed very odd. It was just a hunch; llo0k back at the bank window. I looked back and there was no blue car with girls in it, it was actually a red car with one person in the car. The first thing I thought was, “That was good. How’d they do that?” They used some kind of holograph to make it appear and make me believe that there was a car with 2 girls behind me.

How they do that stuff is really good. They have technology you can’t even imagine. I’ve warned about the rabbits; when you’re driving, they’ll shoot these rabbits towards your car like its going under your car, you’ll swerved and run off the road. I encourage you to just run over them. Keep going, don’t brake; they’re just holographs, trying to get you to wreck your car. I experienced that a lot when I was out at the Four Corners area. Rabbits shooting under the car. I never stopped; never missed a beat. You just get on to their games.

Question from a listener: Why hasn’t more been disclosed about the burnable coffins in the South? I think this is the thing that should wake the resistance. It’s already in the air in key states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Answer: I don’t cough until I get on the air. What happens is I can’t breathe; like they are chocking me. Or I’m just so not used to talking that my lungs can’t handle it. I don’t know. I don’t too much talk unless I’m on the air. That’s always been a problem. I remember doing Jeff Rense’s show a couple of years ago. I couldn’t talk at all. It was like hands around my neck choking me. I’ve just gotten used to it. I deal with it. They’ll have to do more than that to shut me up. Ooooooo! What are they going to do now? Make me cough? They’re so bad. I’m so scared…whatever.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry. I listened to everyone and went to college. Now like everyone else I have student loan debt.

Sherry: I know that one.

Question continues: I was planning on cracking down and busting my butt to try to pay it off this year. Since the end is near, should I just pay the minimum and not worry about paying it off? Since it’s all going to crash anyway and all my hard work and no fun would have been wasted. What do you think I should do?

Answer: Just make the minimum payment a month. Use what money you can to stock up. I know some people would say to not even pay it off, use the money or whatever. Do as the Lord leads you to do. I tried to get all my debts paid off and out of my hair. I don’t have credit cards. I haven’t had one in 30 years; I just don’t deal with credit cards. I have student loans to deal with and make the minimum payments. Just do as the Lord leads you to do. When things are going to hell, do you worry about paying the government back or survival?

Question from a listener: For some reason the country government here owns a Chinook Army helicopter. Do you think this is strange and what do they need this for?

Answer: I have them here too. My kids love them. Like I’ve said, I live in a 2 horse town. This big, loud obnoxious Chinook thing would circle the town all day long. My kids would go outside and look. You know how boys are into that stuff. I asked somebody that knew; they’ve got them loaded with surveillance equipment inside them and are mapping out your areas. I think they’ve just upgraded from regular black helicopters to the Chinooks because they can map your entire area, get it recoded…get where you are recorded. Inside them are computers and electronic surveillance equipment. That’s what I’ve heard. That makes the most sense, because why would they have one out in my area.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, great to hear your voice. Glad we’re able to have another Monday night. I recently read an article on your site. that linked to another article. It went into detail about how Satan made instruments and had the sons of Cain use them to play beautiful music to induce sinful actions in people. I like to listen to music a lot and was wondering if its looked down by Yahuah. I wanted your view. I’m trying hard to eliminate the sin in my life.
Answer: Music is used for many things. If someone knows how to manipulate music and Satan. He was in charge of music. Music can be used for good or bad. There are certain notes; you’ll feel it if you’re really in tune with your own spirit and how things affect you. You’ll hear certain chords being played. Their used to entice demonic activity and draw demons into an area. It can be used for a lot of things. The angels sing and praise the Lord. It’s uplifting. Good heavenly music.

I’m not saying that all Christian music that’s heavenly; its not. Frankly, some Christian music is no different than rock and roll. Just listen to the tone, the pitch of the music. If it hits your spirit in the wrong way, don’t listen to it. Just become in tune with how you feel and how your spirit reacts to things. There was somebody….Tom Mack at I believe it is. He had made some tapes of music that he had gotten out of the Bible codes. That was some really cool music. I really liked it. He found notes and stuff like that from the Bible codes and recorded what he found. So you have this Bible code music; it’s really cool. There are millions of ways for music other than the obvious inciting people to beat people up and do sinful things. Stay away from that kind.

I’m here tonight just to answer your questions. If you have any questions send them to

Question/Comment: Hi Sherry. In talking about martial law, they’re starting to reenact emergency announcements on TV.

Sherry: Isn’t that annoying, especially when there’s only a few minutes left of something that you’re watching?

Question continues: Do you think this is how they will alert huge amounts of people that are watching, maybe according to their zip code?

Also Larry King Live has been talking about aliens and UFOs for the last several weeks.
I don’t watch him, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Yeah, they used to do it once a week; they do it every night now. It’s annoying. I find it amusing. I watch those shows late night on MSNBC; some of those talk shows like at 2 and 3 in the morning. I get a big kick out of those sometimes. I like watching Lou Dobbs and some other people…I don’t know their names. I think the one faction and the other they hate will become so dominant.
It’s like I’ve said, when Maitreya comes, its over anyway at that point. Its like a watch, see and wait for exactly what they’re going to do. There are reports that up 3 to 20 suitcase nukes are floating around the country. They could actually make it look like we’re being attacked by Iran when it’s really just our own government setting off suitcase nukes in cities in case Iran can’t get the nukes here for some reason. It doesn’t matter who is doing the destroying at this point; its going to be allowed.

If our government isn’t doing it themselves, they’re going to sit back and let somebody else do it. They’re all working tighter. They all worship the same Satan. It’s not if it’s going to happen, but when and how many cities at one time are going to be destroyed. Atlanta Georgia was supposed to be the east coast capital of the New World Order and Denver Colorado , the west coast capital. They’ve always planned for some reason to bomb 3 southern cities. I don’t know why. Charleston, South Carolina has always been one of them. Houston has been another and I think Birmingham, Alabama . That could be why so many coffins are heading south. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

They just keep trying. Columbia and Charleston South Carolina , Houston Texas ; those have been their false flag targets for umpteen years. Big mouths on the internet have always exposed it. So they would cancel or delay their plans. I was exposing their Miami attack years ago; they were going to take out Miami, hit that nuclear reactor that they have in Miami and say the Syrians did it so they could be justified in bombing Syria. Eventually they’re just going to have to shut up the big mouths on the internet if they want to do anything, because too many people exposing their plans before they can get them off.

Then they have to delay, cancel and come up with something new. They really don’t come up with anything new; they just wait a couple of years, hope it dies and come up with the same thing again. I really think they’re going to go after the Empire State Building . I’ve been seeing that term empire a lot in news stories and stuff. It’s like a trigger. Like why do they keep mentioning empire this, and empire that? I think they’re going to hit the Empire State Building , almost like it’s a code word they are telling everybody. I know for a while after the WTC was destroyed, the next target was going to be the Sears Tower in Chicago . That got foiled because the truck with the explosives that was heading towards Chicago was pulled over on the highway and there was a big shaboo thing there; so the Sears Tower thing never happened.

You really gotta wonder. If the Lord is telling you to leave a particular area and a particular state, leave it. I’ve always been a big fan of the Midwestern areas; eastern Colorado , eastern Oklahoma , north-central Arkansas , Southern Missouri . Look at a map and draw a circle using the western part of Colorado as your border and just draw a circle around those states that are there and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Those will probably be the safest areas to be in. I tend to think I’m pretty safe where I’m at and there’s probably other places as well. You want to get away from the coastlines.

I was worried that I wasn’t far enough away from Lake Erie . I could see Lake Erie coming in 30, 50, 100 miles. I think I’m far enough from Lake Erie to be hit by that when it spills over and spreads everywhere. If you’re up in Toledo or Sandusky areas of Ohio , in Michigan the bordering area of the lakes there, just ask the Lord if you should get out of there. The Great Lakes are going to spill over; I’ve seen that for years. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had dreams of that for years just seeing Lake Erie come in 30-50 miles. In Ohio , a huge bulk of the population is within 30 miles of the lake all the way across the state. The suburbs, the cities….it would be a huge loss. Just ask the Lord to guide your thoughts on where to go, what to do.
Hey Sherry, with the government making us go digital by February 2009, do you think this is a good target date for Maitreya to come or something else big? I just don’t see the government doing anything for our advantage.

Answer: Yeah, 2009 is the year from Hell. I’ve been seeing that since 2001. It hasn’t changed. I believe if Maitreya didn’t come this February or March, it would be the next one (2009). Definitely. He’s going to have to make his entrance because they’re running out of time.
The clock starts ticking here. He’s already here; what they are hesitant….because they’ve lost so many of their forces…there is so much going on in the background. I try to tell you guys this, but you’ll never realize it because you can’t see it for yourselves. It’s one of these things if you could see it with your own eyes, you could believe a little bit better I think. We have done so much actual destruction with our orgone already. The orgone warriors; people getting orgone out; it’s killed so many of their alien forces already.

He is afraid to bring his forces and make his presence known. I think its really funny. We’re delaying it. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. Most of us just want to go home. You get exhausted and tired and want to go home? But at the same time you’re delaying everything because they’re delaying their plans because of what you are doing. Eventually the Lord is going to put his foot down and say, that’s it. Let’s get going.

There’s always derision in their kingdom and one of the things we pray for all the time. The Lord answers our prayers. You can’t always win. They’re in derision and can’t get things going. I see it all the time; they’re fearful, they’re in derision. Satan himself is ashamed and humiliated. I don’t know if that’s present or future. I think it’s a little of both, because they’re hesitant in coming. I know without a doubt that we took their Capricorn out of the sky last March. It’s just a war. You don’t always see it with your eyes. Ask the Lord to reveal it to you. I can see it in the Bible codes.
As I’m looking in the Bible codes the Lord will reveal things to me and let me see things. Its things I don’t explain very well. It’s hard to explain some of this stuff so you guys can understand it. I try. There’s nothing I won’t say unless its g0ing to hurt the Lords people themselves like maybe not revealing too much info at once, so it buys the Lords people time or whatever. Like when all the gold was gone, I didn’t release that because I knew we just weren’t ready then.

Everything happening now with the housing market, everything would have been happening last year. People have had a little bit more time over the year. I’m not finding that having more time does a lot of good. Giving people more time instead of just having things happen. I don’t know. I see where eventually things are just going to go from warriors to being evangelists and just preaching Yahuah’s salvation because they’re going to be barely living and a lot dying. Our tactics are going to change; we’ll go from outright warriors to evangelists. I can see that happening at a certain time.

Question from a listener: Have you heard of Eugene Colson, an MKULTRA victim and area 51 witness who was on Daniel Ott this past Saturday night. He saw the greys were made from 15 year old girls used for hosts and killed off when they are done with them. I’m really scared of stuff from Area 51. Do clones made in this manner have souls?

Answer: I wouldn’t doubt it. Clones are soulless beings. Anybody could probably tell me anything and I wouldn’t doubt it. Area 51 was at one time a secret military base and the aliens pretty much took it over. The humans don’t really run it now. Almost like Area 52 and 53. I found it amusing years ago when I was doing research and stumbled on Area 52 or 53; the place where they paint the UFOs that they have. Why would they need a place to paint UFOs if they don’t have their own UFOs? I thought it was funny.

A lot of the military and government will paint their UFOs black. When you see these black UFOs, that’s a huge tip off that its Boeing or GE behind it. Another reason they cordon areas off so people can’t get near crashed UFOs is so they can’t see Made by GE. Also when the real ones crash, they’re full of radiation, can kill you and make people sick. They don’t want people believing in extraterrestrials. The government had an agreement to hide their existence. It goes back. There are so many different routes, you don’t know what to believe. Don’t fall for everything that you hear. Sift everything through what you already know and put it all tighter like pieces of a puzzle.

Question from a listener: Can I use Pay Pal to make the order?

Answer: I don’t use Pay Pal. I go through Google checkout. If you want to order through Pay Pal, Anne who does the pendants will also do your order. I was banned from Pay Pal. I was called a terrorist because of my website Who hates me? The aliens? It was one of their feeble attempts to get me to take down my website and take down my articles on the Talmud.

They told me I had hate speech on my site. I was like, I’m not promoting the Talmud; I’m exposing what it says. If that’s hate speech, that’s because that is what it is – that’s why I’m exposing what it says. Went back and forth with Pay Pal over that and refused to buckle. I was banned from Pay pal. I don’t use Pay pal. Just use Google checkout. If Pay Pal is the only way you can order, just go through Anne or send an international money order. I try to make it as easy as possible for people.

Question: Are dreams the same thing as visions? I keep having a dream of me trying to wake up my mom to the truth that’s in the world today. Yah bless.

Answer: With visions you can open up your eyes and its still there. I used to practice that one all the time because sometimes it can be ELF Voice to Skull technology to where they can mess with you to give you a vision. You’ll see this on Pentecostal boards all the time. They’ve been practicing on them for years.

I call it the church of NORAD . They all have these visions and stuff and its nothing but tech being beamed at them from NORAD. If you’re having a vision from the Lord, you would have it with your eyes open or closed. It would just be there and pretty much repeating itself in succession 2 or 3 times. They can’t do that with technology, they would have to rewind the thing and start over. It takes them longer because they’re idiots. I’ve had dreams of being surrounded by water and I’m hanging on to a life raft and everything around me is under water.
Dreams can have meaning. Just seek the Lord on what the meaning is. Especially when you have the same one over and over again. They can be subconscious things, things from Yah. I have found the best thing to do, when you wake up in the morning and are really bothered by something; ask the Lord immediately what it means. Ask Him to guide your thoughts on what the meaning is. If you wait, you’re not going to get an answer. You’re better off to ask Him as soon as you can what the meaning was. He’ll let you know.

People say they don’t hear from God like I do. I hear that all the time. That’s hogwash. He does talk to you; you’re just not paying attention. People don’t recognize to hear Him in their spirits. You need to focus on Him.

Question from a listener: Do you need a computer? I have one that I need to reformat.
Answer: I just go a brand new computer to run the archives on and now it’s doing weird stuff. I gotta call computer tech out here. I think I had it running 2 days. It’s a brand new computer. A supporter of the ministry sent me the money and said to buy a new computer. I bought one, went on a road trip and vacation. It took me a while to get it set up and running. I actually had it fully operational for 2 days and now it’s doing weird stuff. When I open up a program or file, in the little search box or the open box, my computer automatically starts putting hundreds of zeros through it and I can’t open anything because all those zeros won’t disappear. Some kind of weird virus.

If anybody has any suggestions; if anybody is a tech out there and know what’s going on, let me know. Like the attack of the zeroes. I had just put anti-virus software on it. Some of the best on the market, so I don’t know what’s going on with that computer.

I’m going to wrap it up tonight. I just wanted to touch base with you guys tonight and let it be your night and answer questions. Things are going to be coming up and happening. I just don’t want you guys to live your lives in fear; I’m certainly not fearful of any of this crap that’s coming up. We know what’s coming…and who’s bigger? Who is bigger? Who is better? The Most High. Yahuah.

When we have Him, we don’t have to fear man, martial law and the plagues. We’re never going to get home if it doesn’t start. As bad as that sounds, I just want to go home. I know all the destructions and death are coming. That’s why I said we’ll probably switch tactics to where orgone will be like gold. We won’t be able to buy the supplies anymore because the stores will be closed.

They’re going to outlaw it as soon as Maitreya arrives, so get it out there while you can. We’ll probably just be evangelizing and helping save people’s souls. So many will be facing death from all the things that are coming. Don’t fear it. We’ve got the Most High. Until you’ve walked practically through Hell itself and back, you just build this incredible confidence that comes from the walk you’ve already built with the Lord. I know plenty of us have been refined by fire and we’ve made it through. Our faith and confidence has been built so much because of what we’ve already seen Him do. Now is not a time to weak kneed.

There is nothing to be afraid about. The Lord can hide us. He can provide for us. His ways are always the best ways. I get into the same boat with a lot of you, “Should I stay in this area? Should I go?” I really don’t need to be in the ghetto in the center of town when all this hits the fan. But you’d be amazed at what the Lord will do.

He can just hide you so they can’t see you. You can become invisible. A lot of can happen. Just leave it in His Hands. Also be mindful of listening to Him get a hold of you and wake you up and lead you somewhere. If something happens and you say, well, I was waiting for you to do something.

He’ll say, I tried to wake you up and you wouldn’t listen. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. Ask Him to continually guide your thoughts so that you know that you know that you know that something is from Him. He will do that; He will pester you with the thought and just nail it at you until you do it. That one definitely works. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. That’s usually the safest thing for people to do that will know it’s Him. It will connect with you that it is Him. Yes, that is of Him.

I’m gonna end the show for tonight.

Yah bless everybody. Until next week. Have a good night.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Transcribe 7-14-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 7-14-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And another one bites the dust! Hello folks. You’re live its Monday night July 14th. If you have any questions for the show, you can send it to

This summer has been pretty quiet. My emails have only doubled instead of the usual quadrupled during the school year. That’s alright. A lot of people are picking up the show on archives. Everything is for free, so I need your donations to keep that going.

A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. I absolutely had no idea coming into tonight what it was I would talk about. I just had no idea. Something caught my attention. That’s usually how the Lord works. Something that I’d had seen a couple of weeks ago; didn’t really do anything about it; kind of set it aside. You’ve all heard about the Super Hadron Collider. I was looking at this article, “Scientists: Nothing to fear from atom-smasher.” It’s this Super Hadron Collider. I’ve had a lot of people asking me about this.

The collider basically consists of a ring of super-cooled magnets 17 miles in circumference attached to huge barrel-shaped detectors. The ring, which straddles the French and Swiss border, is buried 330 feet underground. The machine, which has been called the largest scientific experiment in history, isn't expected to begin test runs until August, and ramping up to full power could take months. But once it is working, it is expected to produce some startling findings. Scientists plan to hunt for signs of the invisible "dark matter" and "dark energy" that make up more than 96 percent of the universe, and hope to glimpse the elusive Higgs boson, a so-far undiscovered particle thought to give matter its mass.

When you think about this huge undertaking that they are doing and the timeline that is coming about; they want to power this thing up in August. They want to be able to search the hidden things of the universe and break down particles and search for wormholes. This says they can even create black holes.

They have no idea what this thing can cause. They try to assure you that “the scientists are sleeping at night and there’s only a 1 in 50 million chance of something going wrong with this thing. It’s almost akin to winning the lottery.” You know, every week someone still wins the lottery. It’s an event that happens; it’s not something that can’t happen. It’s an event that does happen every week. This thing does create a lot of concern for people that have a brain. You can pretty much minus out everybody in the scientific community; because they obviously don’t, and leave it to the little people on earth that think something like this could be pretty dangerous to our earth and universe.

From what I’ve seen coming, I would venture to say that this has something to do with all the disasters that are coming. Look at the timeline; this thing gets powered up in August and we know that in our near future we’re going to be seeing catastrophes the earth has never experienced before. This kind of machine isn’t out to protect and stop these things from happening. It’s either the cause….and that’s what I think when looking at the timeline that this thing will be the cause of a lot of these things.

I said last week on the show that the Lord will use man to fulfill prophecy. We know that the earth is going to shift on its axis. We’re going to have massive weather warfare here on this planet. Its not always the governments doing, sometimes it’s just the Lord's outright anger that can cause things to happen, but a lot of times He does use man to fulfill His wishes. You look at the Super Hadron Collider and the timelines that coming and all the things coming in the future, it very well could be the cause of the earth shifting on its axis and practically flipping upside down. All these things coming to pass that the Bible has talked about.

Another thing that interested me is they claim that 96% of the universe is consisted of invisible dark matter and dark energy. That’s because we are surrounded and inundated every day by the 4th dimension. They haven’t figured this one out yet, although some of them have.

They won’t talk about it. The 4th dimension is the spirit realm. It is Satan’s kingdom. You look at how much of it is involved around the earth. I’ve talked about how there is a council above the earth that rules over the Illuminati and that the Illuminati are just children of these aliens that rule over the earth. They are hybrid creations.

These beings are from the 4th dimension. There is nothing good in the 4th dimension. Try and tell that to these New Ager’s who think they are ascended masters, gods and light beings. They use religious terminology to refer to them. They’re all from the 4th dimension; the spirit realm. That is where this dark, invisible matter is.

Everything in creation is balanced as well; almost has that ying-yang effect; the positive and the negative. What I really think is going on; one of the other aspects of this Hadron Collider – they aren’t seeking the negative and the dark energies; they are going to try and suppress the living force energies of the earth. That’s my concern. So, I asked a friend of mine who’s a physicist; one of these brains, one of these brainos. He’s probably listening to my show; don’t take offense. He knows all this science and physics stuff so I asked him about this Super Hadron Collider and what his thoughts on it were.

I made my own statement that I thought the whole thing that they were bringing it out now is to try and suppress the life force; the living energies of the earth. One of their ways of combating our orgone energy; the natural living energy of the earth; the same thing that the earth produces. They work together; we’re helping the earth to keep pumping living energy into the atmosphere.

Of course this living energy is what embattles against these dark energies of the universe which is the 4th dimension. It’s a constant battle. We’ve been very successful with getting this orgone around the world and across the country. I know we’ve knocked out many of these dark 4th dimension bases that were under the earth where the aliens (fallen angels) reside. People want to think of them as extraterrestrial beings from galaxies millions of miles away; it’s all a bunch of hogwash. They are in our planets, our moons and our star systems. They’re held here and can’t go off anywhere else.

We’re surrounded daily by these 4th dimension beings. I asked my friend what his thoughts were on it. He had personally seen more than one purpose for this thing that they could be accomplishing, other than the production of Higgs boson, finding that; which he described as a scalar form of energy.

He considered it as an excessive energy production for quantum mapping and controlling of time and Yah’s people and humanity. So it’s a way to control time; to perhaps even stop time. This is the energy that binds the energies of the matrix and feeds and displays the energy forms of the energies of the quantum fields’ matrix. It would be like giving their weather control, mind control program, energy and chemical program a big shot in the arm; enough to take it to the next level. They will keep loading these energies to overcome and control earth’s life forces to the point that they will create a situation that has not been mapped out in their science manuals.
As I was reading, it would be a bigger and better weapon for them to use in mind control technology. It would also be some kind of tool that allows them to read peoples minds; to be able to hear what they are thinking. You’ve seen Hollywood hint at this kind of stuff coming; where you would be guilty of your own thoughts. This is the kind of technology that will give them access to your mind and hear what you are thinking and saying.

What I thought was really interesting was this whole concept of being able to mess with time. I happened to get something in my email that was quite interesting. The usual “what’s up in the new age garbage department?” They have a timeline for their own agenda going. What I’m talking about with the new age department is actually those beings in the 4th dimension that are surrounding and controlling our earth.

There are different groups of them; you have the beings claiming to be “ascended masters” who will come as Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya and Sananda, and then you have the outright evil ones; the greys and reptilians. You see them in the White House with George Bush. There’s a You Tube video at site where you see Bush giving a press conference at the White House and there is a grey in the background in the window. They work outwardly with our government; the greys, the lizards, the reptilian and even the tall greys. You have like 2 different groups of these 4th dimension beings in the 4th dimension working with the factions here on Earth. I’ve told you before, they are all fighting for control for who gets to establish and run the New World Order. Who gets to be the Fourth Reich? It just goes on and on.

The reason that the Lord led me into the New Age area of it years ago was dealing with the alien aspect of it. The whole fallen angel aspect and control of the Earth, because that is more so Satan’s realm. That’s the one that I believe he is coming in on. I know that some people believe that Satan will come himself. He can’t do that according to the Bible; it contradicts what Revelation says. He can’t come as his own person, his own self; he has to work through either one of these new age 4th dimension beings or someone human like Bush. Somebody who they would soul scalp, kill the person and take over their body. Pretty much like Dick Cheney. He was soul scalped a long time ago. This is pretty much how they operate.

What I thought interesting was still in this new age, 4th dimension agenda is that they plan on having this D-day. I’ve told you about the D-Day, when Maitreya will arrive on earth, take over the media and declare that he is god and has come to help mankind. I don’t think he’s going to outright claim he is god, but just wants everybody to worship him as god.

Some of the things happening before then; William Cooper had also warned about it; that there would be an event in our skies where Jupiter would become our second sun. This was not only an Illuminati plan, but also one of these new age 4th dimension plans. One of their plans is to have Jupiter become the second sun in our skies. What this is supposed to do is mimic the star of Bethlehem. (Right before Christ was born; there was a star in the sky that lured the wise men. You guys all know the story.) Right after this happens, the antichrist will arrive here on Earth. So they are going to signal his arrival with a second sun…blowing up Jupiter; however they do it. I know they’ve tried before, doing practice runs by shooting nuclear bombs into it to see what it would do. That’s still an active part of their plans.

Another thing about it is they call something coming up as the “big sleep”. I thought this was amusing. I have these notes from their website. They had a meeting in Vancouver Canada in April of 2007. These events were supposed to happen last year, but were delayed and supposed to happen this year. I found it funny because I know full well that in March of 2007 we destroyed a huge part of their troops.

You guys remember the falling satellite (Temple 1) bit from NASA from March earlier this year that was quite amusing. We brought the Capricorn down then. It’s a ship that holds all these 4th dimensional beings on it; all these New Age beings – Sananda, Captain Helena, Soul Tec. I have the pictures of this group the Ashtar Command at The Ashtar Command inhabits this ship Capricorn. That’s what fell out of the sky. A lot of them had died in it and a few of these beings had escaped with their lives.

The main ones were allowed to escape alive because they have a purpose; the Lord will allow them to implement their strategies and agendas here on earth. He is using them for His own purposes just like He does with Satan. They were allowed to live, but many of them did not. They were planning to shoot this thing out of the sky if they had to because it had malfunctioned, it was falling out of space and they didn’t want people on Earth to see it. So they were fully prepared to blast this thing to smithereens if they had to, to keep anyone on Earth from seeing this thing coming out of space.

It's pretty much the same thing we’re seeing now will all these UFOs crashing out of the skies. They’re calling them, “Oh I saw light meteors shooting past the earth!” Lots of people describing them as meteors, and frankly they are UFOs crashing out of the skies. We’re doing that because of the orgone energy we’ve been blasting into the atmosphere for the last 5 to 6 years. Of course they aren’t going to give us credit for our own part of the war, but that’s alright. There are always wars in the background, this is one of them. Us fighting just to keep them out of here and destroy them as much as possible. We’re taking out as many of their troops as possible.

I found it interesting that they have this whole thing called, “the big sleep” as part of their agenda. It pretty much mimics a rapture or a resurrection. I’m going to read what they state about it from their website:

"It’s a period when humanity and mother earth will go into stasis; a period of involuntary hibernation so that the celestials can clean up." They call themselves celestials. I’ve told you on this show before that there are only two types of beings in our atmosphere; terrestrial and celestial. If they were celestial, they would be in Heaven with the Most High. Terrestrial beings live in the outer planet areas and stars. Those are fallen angels; the evil scumbags that reside with Satan and try to rule over the Earth with Satan. They want mankind to think they’re celestial, ascended beings. Its all part of the 4th dimension beings I’ve been talking about.
This is what they plan to do: the earth is going to go into an involuntary hibernation which means it’s something they are going to force on Earth, so that the celestials can clean it up. It will affect fauna and flora as well as humans and the electrons will also cease to move; meaning that electricity and electronics will be put on hold. This effect has been brought forward as the removal of the Illuminati had to be carried out as a priority before the announcement they will be taken off the planet to the many destinations and experience the void or relive stone age conditions.

Some will be re-created and some will finally decide to join the light. What I find amusing is that their whole plan is to come in and supposedly put the earth into a 3 -6 week hibernation. Everybody freezes, time stops. The only thing that would change is the weather. If its summer, we’ll go on to fall, or whatever. The weather won’t change, but time itself stops. This is where they’re telling their followers that they will remove all the evil Illuminati off the earth.

I talked about this last week; when the Lord comes; one of the first things He does is remove all the evil and wicked off the earth. Their whole thing is a mimic of that. What I find amusing is they are actually going to go after the new world order crowd. This is the justice that I’ve been talking about. The first thing Satan does when he comes to earth is remove (kill) all those who helped him get to power. So all these people that work in the new world order agenda, what fools they are.

First of all because they reject the Most High and second of all because they believe Satan and think they will rule on Earth with him. He’s going to kill them all off. I’ve been saying this for 8-10 years, since I started on the internet. He’s going to go after the people that are loyal to him and be the first ones hauled off and killed. They have the same plan; these ascended beings, ascended masters are going to come to earth and haul off the Illuminati.

At first I thought they would come after the Christians, but they do that later. Right now Christians are kind of serving their agenda. These beings are trying to get everybody to think they are religious beings themselves; they just want to light and love mankind to death. They just ignore Christians and play along with their agenda for now. They’ll go after them later.
Like I’ve said, with either agenda whoever wins; the 4th dimension new age or the 4th dimension new world order, both groups are going to come after the Christians. It doesn’t matter which group wins. I thought I’d tell you what’s going on and keep you in the know. FYI. For your information type thing.

What they plan on doing is killing off all the Illuminati. Can they pull this off? Can they actually stop time for 3 -6 weeks and blah, blah? No, I don’t think there is any way in this creation or that God would allow that. They’re just a bunch of huff and steam, but they give you their intentions; what they would like to do. Now, do they do it? I think they will eventually. They’ll go after the new world order crowd if they were going to come to power. They’d haul Bush and Cheney off in a light year and many of the whole new world order faction they’ve been fighting against. It’s just the way…I’ve been warning about it for years that Satan will kill off these people. He would do so through his own faction.

Satan runs both factions; the New World Order and the new age. He runs the entire 4th dimension; anything that happens, happens under his nose. He has no certain loyalties to anybody. What he certainly doesn’t have loyalty to is human beings. He hates them all, whether they are his hybrid children (serpent seed) on earth or not. They are humans and were created in the image of God and he hates God, so he wants to kill all humans. Any type of human would be the first to go, certainly.

I find it interesting that they are still hog-washing the new age crowd with “we’re going to get rid of all the evil….going to have an earth stasis so everything will stop…we’re going to clean the earth of everything with negative energy.” How would they know what is negative energy? It’s what they are. They have to have electronics to produce the fake angelic glow. People have had visions and seen the angels. They said they’ve seen Gabriel. It’s all electronics and manufactured by them because they don’t have a real glow about them; they’re dead evil beings. To mimic Gods angels so they have to have technological help to do that.

I think this whole super hadron collider thing that they’ve built is going to be one of the aspects of technology that helps them in more ways than one. Not only just helping them target the positive and living force energies of the earth, but also the Lord’s people; anybody with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them. I guess you could look at it that way, because evil people and evil energies don’t. Somehow they can detect people that do have the Holy Spirit residing in them and that they are the children of God. Using technology to be able to pick these people out of a crowd, pick these people out of countries. They know exactly who they are because they will use this technology that can practically split atoms to find who the Lord’s people are. We’re getting up there. We are getting into the end times. Especially if this starts running in August of this year. We know there is going to be earthquakes and economic collapse coming. The only thing that’s going to be is a huge fight between the new world order human faction (the serpent seed) and these ascended beings (fallen angels) faction; these idiots claiming to be ascended masters and gods.

Last month I warned there would be a flyover in July. They want to make themselves known. Sure enough there was a flyover in June by the Crawford Ranch, Bush’s Ranch. They’re going to start to make their presence known as mans time clock runs down. Actually it’s their own timeclock that’s running down and they can’t seem to get their own agendas off the ground. Basically what we are looking at now is they’re still positioning and getting their agendas off and we’re still looking at an increased famine here on earth.

We’re not only going to have coming catastrophes; hurricanes and tsunamis hitting both coasts, earthquakes, volcanoes. Still working relentlessly on the famine and the plagues. We still have those things going on. Every time you turn around, there are more disasters and a new one coming. Already this year there have been record numbers of disasters here in America have lost a huge chunk; pretty much all of our bread basket. If you kill the bread basket and the largest importers of food can’t import the other nations starve. They can’t import because we can’t export. They’ve destroyed our cornfields and wheat fields and taken out rice fields in a couple of nations. They are just targeting bread baskets all over the world to implement this famine; to get it going. People need to be preparing.

I guess that’s all I really wanted to talk about tonight; this Hadron Collider because so many people asked me about it. Not something that I feel anything good is going to come out of. I think its going to be a huge target. Too much control and power into the wrong hands for the people that are operating it. The people behind it are going to use it for technology in ways that we can’t even imagine. I’ve already said that we have technology that we can’t imagine.

Can you imagine what more you can get out of this thing? I think they’re going to use it to target the Lords people. It’s going to be a way to target living energy and they’re going to see it. If you look at people today; some people that you look at have dead eyes.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. You pretty much have dead in a live human; somehow they’ll be able to target who has the Holy Spirit in them. They’re going to try and suppress the living and life force energies of the earth to try and destroy the earth. I just don’t see how they can do that. As long as we keep the orgone out there, even if they destroy every plant on this planet, everything green, everything pretty and everything alive, we still have that orgone out there that will keep churning and churning and churning. Its automated orgone; it’s an endless energy. They can’t find it, they cannot destroy it.

As long as we do our part and get that orgone out there, they can’t successfully ever pull off their plans of destroying all living energy off of the earth. They can’t do it. Just another, “Haha Satan. You can’t win.” The Lord has made sure of that through His people; His warriors out there. Very few.

There are just a handful of warriors across the world. You would expect the numbers to be in the tens of thousands who are actually saving the earth, but maybe in the hundreds, a few thousand.

There’s just very, very low number of the Lords people that can hear, that have listened to His calling to get orgone out and getting involved with the battle that’s going on. Waking up and getting involved with the battle. It’s going to come to an end sooner or later for us, not the Lord.
A lot of us, we’re looking at martial law and persecutions and things like that. I do believe the 144,000 will be raptured off of the earth shortly before Sananda arrives. So when we’re gone there’s nothing left for the warriors here to at that point to do except survive. Survive and hide. There will be plenty of people left here; the church will be here. 144,000 is a minute number of the actual number of people who claim the Lord as their Savior and love the Lord.

The problem is that so many of them are drowning in apostasies and errors today, sitting in the churches and being led astray. The Lord will allow them to be tested in the hour of martial law and persecution. He allows them to be tested. That’s why He doesn’t do much about Satan and the acceded masters and the new age garbage and the illusions and facades they will be bringing. He allows all that to happen to test His people. Their judgment’s coming, but for now they suit His purposes.

Like I said, until then once the 144,000 is gone, who is going to be left here to fight on the earth for the Most High? We’re the only ones doing it now. There is barley a fraction of this 144,000 who are doing what they are supposed to be doing now. When you look at the numbers you think its not that many people.

Well, I wish I had 144,000 working with me right now getting this stuff out. I don’t even have that, so it seems like a really large number. But that’s alright; one man Noah listened to the Lord, did what he was supposed to do and saved his family and mankind got a second start. That’s all it takes, folks, one person to listen to the Lord.

You could be that one person or be waiting for somebody else to be that one person. It’ll be one of the two. I encourage everybody to stand up and do what the Lord leads you to do despite how crazy you think it is. I’ve been hearing that for years…they think I’m crazy… she believes this…..she believes that. They want to nitpick on you on doctrinal differences and waste their time on that. I get busy, I’m a doer. I get out there and do the things that the Lord needs me to do.

Questions for the show. You can email me at I probably won’t answer a ton of questions tonight. I usually get a lot of questions that come after the show for some reason. I’ll end a show and 10 or 15 questions will trickle in. I never get to them if I get them after the show. Some of you who send emails asking why I never answer, I get them after the show. Just resend them for the next week. That’s all it is.

Question from a listener: Sister Sherry, in reading your article on the coming alien invasion you mention that Satan is allowed to release the captives in the pit. Does Satan think this would benefit his purpose?

Answer: Yes. This is kindof confusing. I would have to read this three times to understand what it is you’re asking. If you’re going to ask me a question, ask it and don’t answer it yourself. That throws me off. I’ll just try and pick something out of here.

The captives that are released from space; the ones coming in from Niburu and other areas in space are cast down on Earth as talked about in Revelation chapter 12. They become part of Satan’s forces here on Earth. They’ll be taking over governments and militaries, securities, things like that, because mankind will be replaced. I’ve always said that Satan will have no need for mankind once he gets his foot on the earth. He will destroy all those who helped him get here.
Comment from a listener: FEMA has thousands of burnable plastic coffins. Just google “FEMA coffins”. You Tube has videos.

Sherry: I wouldn’t doubt it. I know we’ve heard stories for years about FEMA stockpiling body bags outside of certain cities. They do plan on having massive plague attacks where millions of people will be killed when exposed to plagues. Nothing is going to kill people quite as fast as just outright chaos and hunger that the famine would cause. The Bible says one third of mankind will be killed by wars, famine and disease. All three of them working together to kill off mankind. At the rate this is going, if only 10 thousand or 100 thousand in 5 -6 years of war in Iraq, I would skip the war and just go to hunger and diseases. It doesn’t seem to me that war kills as much as a plague would. I don’t say that to be slight, but actually just mocking their own statistics and their own lies about how many are killed in war. I think they only advertise about 10% of the true numbers of people that are killed or maimed in wars. I know if you’re living in America, this war has been going on it Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003 and they claim that only 10,000 have died. We know it’s a lot more than that. We don’t’ really get the truth from them.

I’m going to wrap it up tonight folks. If anybody else has anything on the super hadron collider, go ahead and send it to me. I feel in my spirit that this huge collider that they have built over on the border of France and Switzerland is more or less just going to be the destruction of mankind.

They're just taking all of these weapons that they have now for mind control and electromagnetic harassment. Unless you’ve been personally harassed by their weapons then you have no idea what I’m talking about, but there are plenty of us that have been experienced these microwave weapons where they just blast you inside your home with microwave beams and burn you. They can find you anywhere and they can target you anywhere. You’re just burning from the inside out.

Their technology to where they can read your mind. This super collider is what I think they will use to find and target people around the world that have the Holy Spirit residing within them.

I think that is a huge possibility; I just know that it has a lot more to do with spiritual things than any kind of science or physics things they are telling the public.

That’s it, folks. That’s my thoughts on it. I’m going to wrap up the show for tonight. Be back next week.

Until then everybody, Yah bless.

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