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Friday, July 18, 2008

Transcribe 7-14-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 7-14-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And another one bites the dust! Hello folks. You’re live its Monday night July 14th. If you have any questions for the show, you can send it to

This summer has been pretty quiet. My emails have only doubled instead of the usual quadrupled during the school year. That’s alright. A lot of people are picking up the show on archives. Everything is for free, so I need your donations to keep that going.

A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. I absolutely had no idea coming into tonight what it was I would talk about. I just had no idea. Something caught my attention. That’s usually how the Lord works. Something that I’d had seen a couple of weeks ago; didn’t really do anything about it; kind of set it aside. You’ve all heard about the Super Hadron Collider. I was looking at this article, “Scientists: Nothing to fear from atom-smasher.” It’s this Super Hadron Collider. I’ve had a lot of people asking me about this.

The collider basically consists of a ring of super-cooled magnets 17 miles in circumference attached to huge barrel-shaped detectors. The ring, which straddles the French and Swiss border, is buried 330 feet underground. The machine, which has been called the largest scientific experiment in history, isn't expected to begin test runs until August, and ramping up to full power could take months. But once it is working, it is expected to produce some startling findings. Scientists plan to hunt for signs of the invisible "dark matter" and "dark energy" that make up more than 96 percent of the universe, and hope to glimpse the elusive Higgs boson, a so-far undiscovered particle thought to give matter its mass.

When you think about this huge undertaking that they are doing and the timeline that is coming about; they want to power this thing up in August. They want to be able to search the hidden things of the universe and break down particles and search for wormholes. This says they can even create black holes.

They have no idea what this thing can cause. They try to assure you that “the scientists are sleeping at night and there’s only a 1 in 50 million chance of something going wrong with this thing. It’s almost akin to winning the lottery.” You know, every week someone still wins the lottery. It’s an event that happens; it’s not something that can’t happen. It’s an event that does happen every week. This thing does create a lot of concern for people that have a brain. You can pretty much minus out everybody in the scientific community; because they obviously don’t, and leave it to the little people on earth that think something like this could be pretty dangerous to our earth and universe.

From what I’ve seen coming, I would venture to say that this has something to do with all the disasters that are coming. Look at the timeline; this thing gets powered up in August and we know that in our near future we’re going to be seeing catastrophes the earth has never experienced before. This kind of machine isn’t out to protect and stop these things from happening. It’s either the cause….and that’s what I think when looking at the timeline that this thing will be the cause of a lot of these things.

I said last week on the show that the Lord will use man to fulfill prophecy. We know that the earth is going to shift on its axis. We’re going to have massive weather warfare here on this planet. Its not always the governments doing, sometimes it’s just the Lord's outright anger that can cause things to happen, but a lot of times He does use man to fulfill His wishes. You look at the Super Hadron Collider and the timelines that coming and all the things coming in the future, it very well could be the cause of the earth shifting on its axis and practically flipping upside down. All these things coming to pass that the Bible has talked about.

Another thing that interested me is they claim that 96% of the universe is consisted of invisible dark matter and dark energy. That’s because we are surrounded and inundated every day by the 4th dimension. They haven’t figured this one out yet, although some of them have.

They won’t talk about it. The 4th dimension is the spirit realm. It is Satan’s kingdom. You look at how much of it is involved around the earth. I’ve talked about how there is a council above the earth that rules over the Illuminati and that the Illuminati are just children of these aliens that rule over the earth. They are hybrid creations.

These beings are from the 4th dimension. There is nothing good in the 4th dimension. Try and tell that to these New Ager’s who think they are ascended masters, gods and light beings. They use religious terminology to refer to them. They’re all from the 4th dimension; the spirit realm. That is where this dark, invisible matter is.

Everything in creation is balanced as well; almost has that ying-yang effect; the positive and the negative. What I really think is going on; one of the other aspects of this Hadron Collider – they aren’t seeking the negative and the dark energies; they are going to try and suppress the living force energies of the earth. That’s my concern. So, I asked a friend of mine who’s a physicist; one of these brains, one of these brainos. He’s probably listening to my show; don’t take offense. He knows all this science and physics stuff so I asked him about this Super Hadron Collider and what his thoughts on it were.

I made my own statement that I thought the whole thing that they were bringing it out now is to try and suppress the life force; the living energies of the earth. One of their ways of combating our orgone energy; the natural living energy of the earth; the same thing that the earth produces. They work together; we’re helping the earth to keep pumping living energy into the atmosphere.

Of course this living energy is what embattles against these dark energies of the universe which is the 4th dimension. It’s a constant battle. We’ve been very successful with getting this orgone around the world and across the country. I know we’ve knocked out many of these dark 4th dimension bases that were under the earth where the aliens (fallen angels) reside. People want to think of them as extraterrestrial beings from galaxies millions of miles away; it’s all a bunch of hogwash. They are in our planets, our moons and our star systems. They’re held here and can’t go off anywhere else.

We’re surrounded daily by these 4th dimension beings. I asked my friend what his thoughts were on it. He had personally seen more than one purpose for this thing that they could be accomplishing, other than the production of Higgs boson, finding that; which he described as a scalar form of energy.

He considered it as an excessive energy production for quantum mapping and controlling of time and Yah’s people and humanity. So it’s a way to control time; to perhaps even stop time. This is the energy that binds the energies of the matrix and feeds and displays the energy forms of the energies of the quantum fields’ matrix. It would be like giving their weather control, mind control program, energy and chemical program a big shot in the arm; enough to take it to the next level. They will keep loading these energies to overcome and control earth’s life forces to the point that they will create a situation that has not been mapped out in their science manuals.
As I was reading, it would be a bigger and better weapon for them to use in mind control technology. It would also be some kind of tool that allows them to read peoples minds; to be able to hear what they are thinking. You’ve seen Hollywood hint at this kind of stuff coming; where you would be guilty of your own thoughts. This is the kind of technology that will give them access to your mind and hear what you are thinking and saying.

What I thought was really interesting was this whole concept of being able to mess with time. I happened to get something in my email that was quite interesting. The usual “what’s up in the new age garbage department?” They have a timeline for their own agenda going. What I’m talking about with the new age department is actually those beings in the 4th dimension that are surrounding and controlling our earth.

There are different groups of them; you have the beings claiming to be “ascended masters” who will come as Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya and Sananda, and then you have the outright evil ones; the greys and reptilians. You see them in the White House with George Bush. There’s a You Tube video at site where you see Bush giving a press conference at the White House and there is a grey in the background in the window. They work outwardly with our government; the greys, the lizards, the reptilian and even the tall greys. You have like 2 different groups of these 4th dimension beings in the 4th dimension working with the factions here on Earth. I’ve told you before, they are all fighting for control for who gets to establish and run the New World Order. Who gets to be the Fourth Reich? It just goes on and on.

The reason that the Lord led me into the New Age area of it years ago was dealing with the alien aspect of it. The whole fallen angel aspect and control of the Earth, because that is more so Satan’s realm. That’s the one that I believe he is coming in on. I know that some people believe that Satan will come himself. He can’t do that according to the Bible; it contradicts what Revelation says. He can’t come as his own person, his own self; he has to work through either one of these new age 4th dimension beings or someone human like Bush. Somebody who they would soul scalp, kill the person and take over their body. Pretty much like Dick Cheney. He was soul scalped a long time ago. This is pretty much how they operate.

What I thought interesting was still in this new age, 4th dimension agenda is that they plan on having this D-day. I’ve told you about the D-Day, when Maitreya will arrive on earth, take over the media and declare that he is god and has come to help mankind. I don’t think he’s going to outright claim he is god, but just wants everybody to worship him as god.

Some of the things happening before then; William Cooper had also warned about it; that there would be an event in our skies where Jupiter would become our second sun. This was not only an Illuminati plan, but also one of these new age 4th dimension plans. One of their plans is to have Jupiter become the second sun in our skies. What this is supposed to do is mimic the star of Bethlehem. (Right before Christ was born; there was a star in the sky that lured the wise men. You guys all know the story.) Right after this happens, the antichrist will arrive here on Earth. So they are going to signal his arrival with a second sun…blowing up Jupiter; however they do it. I know they’ve tried before, doing practice runs by shooting nuclear bombs into it to see what it would do. That’s still an active part of their plans.

Another thing about it is they call something coming up as the “big sleep”. I thought this was amusing. I have these notes from their website. They had a meeting in Vancouver Canada in April of 2007. These events were supposed to happen last year, but were delayed and supposed to happen this year. I found it funny because I know full well that in March of 2007 we destroyed a huge part of their troops.

You guys remember the falling satellite (Temple 1) bit from NASA from March earlier this year that was quite amusing. We brought the Capricorn down then. It’s a ship that holds all these 4th dimensional beings on it; all these New Age beings – Sananda, Captain Helena, Soul Tec. I have the pictures of this group the Ashtar Command at The Ashtar Command inhabits this ship Capricorn. That’s what fell out of the sky. A lot of them had died in it and a few of these beings had escaped with their lives.

The main ones were allowed to escape alive because they have a purpose; the Lord will allow them to implement their strategies and agendas here on earth. He is using them for His own purposes just like He does with Satan. They were allowed to live, but many of them did not. They were planning to shoot this thing out of the sky if they had to because it had malfunctioned, it was falling out of space and they didn’t want people on Earth to see it. So they were fully prepared to blast this thing to smithereens if they had to, to keep anyone on Earth from seeing this thing coming out of space.

It's pretty much the same thing we’re seeing now will all these UFOs crashing out of the skies. They’re calling them, “Oh I saw light meteors shooting past the earth!” Lots of people describing them as meteors, and frankly they are UFOs crashing out of the skies. We’re doing that because of the orgone energy we’ve been blasting into the atmosphere for the last 5 to 6 years. Of course they aren’t going to give us credit for our own part of the war, but that’s alright. There are always wars in the background, this is one of them. Us fighting just to keep them out of here and destroy them as much as possible. We’re taking out as many of their troops as possible.

I found it interesting that they have this whole thing called, “the big sleep” as part of their agenda. It pretty much mimics a rapture or a resurrection. I’m going to read what they state about it from their website:

"It’s a period when humanity and mother earth will go into stasis; a period of involuntary hibernation so that the celestials can clean up." They call themselves celestials. I’ve told you on this show before that there are only two types of beings in our atmosphere; terrestrial and celestial. If they were celestial, they would be in Heaven with the Most High. Terrestrial beings live in the outer planet areas and stars. Those are fallen angels; the evil scumbags that reside with Satan and try to rule over the Earth with Satan. They want mankind to think they’re celestial, ascended beings. Its all part of the 4th dimension beings I’ve been talking about.
This is what they plan to do: the earth is going to go into an involuntary hibernation which means it’s something they are going to force on Earth, so that the celestials can clean it up. It will affect fauna and flora as well as humans and the electrons will also cease to move; meaning that electricity and electronics will be put on hold. This effect has been brought forward as the removal of the Illuminati had to be carried out as a priority before the announcement they will be taken off the planet to the many destinations and experience the void or relive stone age conditions.

Some will be re-created and some will finally decide to join the light. What I find amusing is that their whole plan is to come in and supposedly put the earth into a 3 -6 week hibernation. Everybody freezes, time stops. The only thing that would change is the weather. If its summer, we’ll go on to fall, or whatever. The weather won’t change, but time itself stops. This is where they’re telling their followers that they will remove all the evil Illuminati off the earth.

I talked about this last week; when the Lord comes; one of the first things He does is remove all the evil and wicked off the earth. Their whole thing is a mimic of that. What I find amusing is they are actually going to go after the new world order crowd. This is the justice that I’ve been talking about. The first thing Satan does when he comes to earth is remove (kill) all those who helped him get to power. So all these people that work in the new world order agenda, what fools they are.

First of all because they reject the Most High and second of all because they believe Satan and think they will rule on Earth with him. He’s going to kill them all off. I’ve been saying this for 8-10 years, since I started on the internet. He’s going to go after the people that are loyal to him and be the first ones hauled off and killed. They have the same plan; these ascended beings, ascended masters are going to come to earth and haul off the Illuminati.

At first I thought they would come after the Christians, but they do that later. Right now Christians are kind of serving their agenda. These beings are trying to get everybody to think they are religious beings themselves; they just want to light and love mankind to death. They just ignore Christians and play along with their agenda for now. They’ll go after them later.
Like I’ve said, with either agenda whoever wins; the 4th dimension new age or the 4th dimension new world order, both groups are going to come after the Christians. It doesn’t matter which group wins. I thought I’d tell you what’s going on and keep you in the know. FYI. For your information type thing.

What they plan on doing is killing off all the Illuminati. Can they pull this off? Can they actually stop time for 3 -6 weeks and blah, blah? No, I don’t think there is any way in this creation or that God would allow that. They’re just a bunch of huff and steam, but they give you their intentions; what they would like to do. Now, do they do it? I think they will eventually. They’ll go after the new world order crowd if they were going to come to power. They’d haul Bush and Cheney off in a light year and many of the whole new world order faction they’ve been fighting against. It’s just the way…I’ve been warning about it for years that Satan will kill off these people. He would do so through his own faction.

Satan runs both factions; the New World Order and the new age. He runs the entire 4th dimension; anything that happens, happens under his nose. He has no certain loyalties to anybody. What he certainly doesn’t have loyalty to is human beings. He hates them all, whether they are his hybrid children (serpent seed) on earth or not. They are humans and were created in the image of God and he hates God, so he wants to kill all humans. Any type of human would be the first to go, certainly.

I find it interesting that they are still hog-washing the new age crowd with “we’re going to get rid of all the evil….going to have an earth stasis so everything will stop…we’re going to clean the earth of everything with negative energy.” How would they know what is negative energy? It’s what they are. They have to have electronics to produce the fake angelic glow. People have had visions and seen the angels. They said they’ve seen Gabriel. It’s all electronics and manufactured by them because they don’t have a real glow about them; they’re dead evil beings. To mimic Gods angels so they have to have technological help to do that.

I think this whole super hadron collider thing that they’ve built is going to be one of the aspects of technology that helps them in more ways than one. Not only just helping them target the positive and living force energies of the earth, but also the Lord’s people; anybody with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them. I guess you could look at it that way, because evil people and evil energies don’t. Somehow they can detect people that do have the Holy Spirit residing in them and that they are the children of God. Using technology to be able to pick these people out of a crowd, pick these people out of countries. They know exactly who they are because they will use this technology that can practically split atoms to find who the Lord’s people are. We’re getting up there. We are getting into the end times. Especially if this starts running in August of this year. We know there is going to be earthquakes and economic collapse coming. The only thing that’s going to be is a huge fight between the new world order human faction (the serpent seed) and these ascended beings (fallen angels) faction; these idiots claiming to be ascended masters and gods.

Last month I warned there would be a flyover in July. They want to make themselves known. Sure enough there was a flyover in June by the Crawford Ranch, Bush’s Ranch. They’re going to start to make their presence known as mans time clock runs down. Actually it’s their own timeclock that’s running down and they can’t seem to get their own agendas off the ground. Basically what we are looking at now is they’re still positioning and getting their agendas off and we’re still looking at an increased famine here on earth.

We’re not only going to have coming catastrophes; hurricanes and tsunamis hitting both coasts, earthquakes, volcanoes. Still working relentlessly on the famine and the plagues. We still have those things going on. Every time you turn around, there are more disasters and a new one coming. Already this year there have been record numbers of disasters here in America have lost a huge chunk; pretty much all of our bread basket. If you kill the bread basket and the largest importers of food can’t import the other nations starve. They can’t import because we can’t export. They’ve destroyed our cornfields and wheat fields and taken out rice fields in a couple of nations. They are just targeting bread baskets all over the world to implement this famine; to get it going. People need to be preparing.

I guess that’s all I really wanted to talk about tonight; this Hadron Collider because so many people asked me about it. Not something that I feel anything good is going to come out of. I think its going to be a huge target. Too much control and power into the wrong hands for the people that are operating it. The people behind it are going to use it for technology in ways that we can’t even imagine. I’ve already said that we have technology that we can’t imagine.

Can you imagine what more you can get out of this thing? I think they’re going to use it to target the Lords people. It’s going to be a way to target living energy and they’re going to see it. If you look at people today; some people that you look at have dead eyes.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. You pretty much have dead in a live human; somehow they’ll be able to target who has the Holy Spirit in them. They’re going to try and suppress the living and life force energies of the earth to try and destroy the earth. I just don’t see how they can do that. As long as we keep the orgone out there, even if they destroy every plant on this planet, everything green, everything pretty and everything alive, we still have that orgone out there that will keep churning and churning and churning. Its automated orgone; it’s an endless energy. They can’t find it, they cannot destroy it.

As long as we do our part and get that orgone out there, they can’t successfully ever pull off their plans of destroying all living energy off of the earth. They can’t do it. Just another, “Haha Satan. You can’t win.” The Lord has made sure of that through His people; His warriors out there. Very few.

There are just a handful of warriors across the world. You would expect the numbers to be in the tens of thousands who are actually saving the earth, but maybe in the hundreds, a few thousand.

There’s just very, very low number of the Lords people that can hear, that have listened to His calling to get orgone out and getting involved with the battle that’s going on. Waking up and getting involved with the battle. It’s going to come to an end sooner or later for us, not the Lord.
A lot of us, we’re looking at martial law and persecutions and things like that. I do believe the 144,000 will be raptured off of the earth shortly before Sananda arrives. So when we’re gone there’s nothing left for the warriors here to at that point to do except survive. Survive and hide. There will be plenty of people left here; the church will be here. 144,000 is a minute number of the actual number of people who claim the Lord as their Savior and love the Lord.

The problem is that so many of them are drowning in apostasies and errors today, sitting in the churches and being led astray. The Lord will allow them to be tested in the hour of martial law and persecution. He allows them to be tested. That’s why He doesn’t do much about Satan and the acceded masters and the new age garbage and the illusions and facades they will be bringing. He allows all that to happen to test His people. Their judgment’s coming, but for now they suit His purposes.

Like I said, until then once the 144,000 is gone, who is going to be left here to fight on the earth for the Most High? We’re the only ones doing it now. There is barley a fraction of this 144,000 who are doing what they are supposed to be doing now. When you look at the numbers you think its not that many people.

Well, I wish I had 144,000 working with me right now getting this stuff out. I don’t even have that, so it seems like a really large number. But that’s alright; one man Noah listened to the Lord, did what he was supposed to do and saved his family and mankind got a second start. That’s all it takes, folks, one person to listen to the Lord.

You could be that one person or be waiting for somebody else to be that one person. It’ll be one of the two. I encourage everybody to stand up and do what the Lord leads you to do despite how crazy you think it is. I’ve been hearing that for years…they think I’m crazy… she believes this…..she believes that. They want to nitpick on you on doctrinal differences and waste their time on that. I get busy, I’m a doer. I get out there and do the things that the Lord needs me to do.

Questions for the show. You can email me at I probably won’t answer a ton of questions tonight. I usually get a lot of questions that come after the show for some reason. I’ll end a show and 10 or 15 questions will trickle in. I never get to them if I get them after the show. Some of you who send emails asking why I never answer, I get them after the show. Just resend them for the next week. That’s all it is.

Question from a listener: Sister Sherry, in reading your article on the coming alien invasion you mention that Satan is allowed to release the captives in the pit. Does Satan think this would benefit his purpose?

Answer: Yes. This is kindof confusing. I would have to read this three times to understand what it is you’re asking. If you’re going to ask me a question, ask it and don’t answer it yourself. That throws me off. I’ll just try and pick something out of here.

The captives that are released from space; the ones coming in from Niburu and other areas in space are cast down on Earth as talked about in Revelation chapter 12. They become part of Satan’s forces here on Earth. They’ll be taking over governments and militaries, securities, things like that, because mankind will be replaced. I’ve always said that Satan will have no need for mankind once he gets his foot on the earth. He will destroy all those who helped him get here.
Comment from a listener: FEMA has thousands of burnable plastic coffins. Just google “FEMA coffins”. You Tube has videos.

Sherry: I wouldn’t doubt it. I know we’ve heard stories for years about FEMA stockpiling body bags outside of certain cities. They do plan on having massive plague attacks where millions of people will be killed when exposed to plagues. Nothing is going to kill people quite as fast as just outright chaos and hunger that the famine would cause. The Bible says one third of mankind will be killed by wars, famine and disease. All three of them working together to kill off mankind. At the rate this is going, if only 10 thousand or 100 thousand in 5 -6 years of war in Iraq, I would skip the war and just go to hunger and diseases. It doesn’t seem to me that war kills as much as a plague would. I don’t say that to be slight, but actually just mocking their own statistics and their own lies about how many are killed in war. I think they only advertise about 10% of the true numbers of people that are killed or maimed in wars. I know if you’re living in America, this war has been going on it Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003 and they claim that only 10,000 have died. We know it’s a lot more than that. We don’t’ really get the truth from them.

I’m going to wrap it up tonight folks. If anybody else has anything on the super hadron collider, go ahead and send it to me. I feel in my spirit that this huge collider that they have built over on the border of France and Switzerland is more or less just going to be the destruction of mankind.

They're just taking all of these weapons that they have now for mind control and electromagnetic harassment. Unless you’ve been personally harassed by their weapons then you have no idea what I’m talking about, but there are plenty of us that have been experienced these microwave weapons where they just blast you inside your home with microwave beams and burn you. They can find you anywhere and they can target you anywhere. You’re just burning from the inside out.

Their technology to where they can read your mind. This super collider is what I think they will use to find and target people around the world that have the Holy Spirit residing within them.

I think that is a huge possibility; I just know that it has a lot more to do with spiritual things than any kind of science or physics things they are telling the public.

That’s it, folks. That’s my thoughts on it. I’m going to wrap up the show for tonight. Be back next week.

Until then everybody, Yah bless.

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