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Monday, April 03, 2017

#7 Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter

Last Days News with Prophetic Views

Ambassador - Prophet - Messenger of the Most High

Hello Folks,

Last year the Father told me that when He was going to bring us home He would show me a sign.

To the Elect and Bride: There will be 3 raptures and groups leaving over the next year or two.

The First group leaving are the Warriors who have been with Me, and other Elect the Father chooses to bring home.

The Second group leaving is the remainder of the Elect and part of the Bride that qualify according to the Father's approval. I would suspect during First Fruits of May 2017 or 2018.

The Third group leaving is the Bride who qualify as the "Church of Philadelphia" and will be taken shortly before the mark of the beast is enforced upon the world. Again, could be 2017 but I suspect 2018.

I'm not going to argue dogmas and doctrines with people who don't agree. 

The First Fruits is simply that. The First.

In the Bible Codes First Fruits also means Firstborn, the Elect. I explain in my article Angels in the Flesh who they are

They are the firstborn, angels who came to earth to fulfill roles born as humans. They are referred to as the Elect in the Bible. They will be the first ones taken back Home to the Father. 

In planting and harvest seasons the Barley is the first to produce and rise and be harvested along with other harvests of the time.

In Biblical feasts we were commanded to observe and follow, the First Fruits (first harvest of the year) is observed following the Passover feast every year.
The Feast was a thanksgiving offering to God for His goodness in providing food and was a national peace offering (Lev. 23:10-17) and individual offerings (Exod. 23:19, Deut. 26:1-11) of the first harvest gathered every year.

It is observed until Feast of Pentecost which begins some 50 days after Passover. This year approx April 19 to May 30 would be the time of First Fruits.

Just as there are 3 Harvests every year, there will be 3 Harvests of the Lord's people from off the Earth.

This is what He has taught me, so those who want to argue will do so at peril and my own deaf ears, I only listen to HIM. I've had enough of church doctrines for 35 years and man made theories and guesses. Enough of that. Let's just get it right.

Everyone always asks me who is in the first group. Other than my Orgone Warriors I don't know if anyone else is. They could be. But Father keeps me focused on my own departure from this Rock, and those who will be going with me. My supporters, and fellow Warriors who have helped me over the years via financial, spiritual, or physical help. It's been a team effort to tear down the Strongholds of Satan and his New World Order charades and I started a war and resistance against it back in 2004.  The Father loves our group and as a reward He is taking us out of here symbollic as the first harvest.

I have proclaimed many times over the years how Father loves our Warrior group. In the Bible Codes it is referred to as precious and effective.

When I asked Him about Why He loves the Orgone Warriors He said it was our attitude...our love for HIM...the fact that we are here for HIM and want to serve Him in taking down His enemies.

It is because we seek Him...we search Him out for the truth in all things...we go to Him direct and He leads and guides us...

We live our lives in service to Him...we're thinking about Him, what we can do for Him while we're here...He's our focus, being Warriors is our focus...not the things of this world, He takes precedence in our lives.

And we back up our faith with our action. Our works is a result of our love for Him. 
We get attacked, beat up and beat down, but we get back up and keep going.

It's about our love for Him and what we can do for Him, rather than the majority who seek Him on what He can do for them. They only seek Him when they want something from Him...we have a different relationship with Him.

So when it comes down to it, it's about Relationship. 
So many of the "bride" spend all their time on rapture dates and when they think they're leaving rather than producing fruit on the earth for HIM. They have little works for Him. Or they spend all their time trying to be "right" on dogmas and doctrines (religions) that all they ever do is argue with everyone else and pick fights with those who don't agree with them. The Father hates that, He hates the bickering and back stabbing and the gossip and hatred it leads to.

The majority of the brethren think causing discord, anger, resentment and hatred among their brethren somehow pleases Him. He hates it.

Like fine tuned instruments the Elect have learned what's important and stay focused on the Father direct while the Bride drowns in pride, apostasies, and time wasting producing no or little fruit for Him. Those who try to reach them and wake them up realize what an uphill battle that is.

The Elect have learned to hold onto the truths they have in Him and walk away from the chaos, to walk alone if they have to, and to hold HIM close to their hearts as they seek Him daily on what they can do for HIM.

It's about relationship folks. 

The Elect are despised, mocked, and hated by others because the others simply don't understand them. And the Elect know this, and Simply take the higher road and stay focused on the Father.

They are the outcasts of society, the churches, the bride, but to the Father they are Special, Precious, His reliable, dependable, servants on Earth who would die for Him and live their lives for HIM.

And this is why He chooses to take them home first above everyone else. 

And so I await "The Sign."

The Sign He has told me to watch for that will signal our leaving.

When I see it, I will proclaim it.

I put out several videos since the last can see them on my channel at

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April-May-June should be exciting months for some possible action in the skies.

Everyone (TPTB in the Background) are waiting for us to leave...they stumble all over the place with senseless delays in implementing their own plans on earth because they are waiting for us to leave first.

That's why nothing ever seems to be happening of significance. They announce stuff then delay...delay...delay...because they think we'll be gone, and then it doesn't happen....

Yes, we are tired of it to...the roller coaster...

But someday soon............we just watch and wait until then.

Keep focused on the Father folks, ask Him every day for the Truth In All Things.

Yah bless you all very much,
Sherry Shriner


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