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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tid Bits and Tad Bits

Well it's nice to know that summer is winding down. It's certainly been an interesting one.

I've been busy with getting the kids back to school and getting moved into a house. Yes, we finaly have one. I had had enough of living at the inlaws and it was obvious we weren't going to get a house built fast enough there and I simply couldn't take living in those conditions any longer. We've tried to build this same house twice there over the past 4 years and both times have had to stop and leave the area because of the nonsense created and caused by my inlaws at almost all times. They were terrorizing my kids with their constant fighting and childish tantrums and when they get bored with fighting against each other they were ganging up against us, they both act like 2 year olds and I'd had enough. I told Yah, "we have one week and school starts and we need to get out of here now!" Within 3 days we had a house.

There's been so much going on I've just been busy with ignoring most of it. It's amusing how some people will do anything to try and get my attention because they want me to bring their nonsense into a public arena and ya know what, I simply refuse. There's groups, sites, lists, created by the New Age and UFO/Alien Disclosure crowds designed to attack me that they're so ludicrous they're laughable. These people are so torn between trying to choose between themselves as gods, dolphins as gods and/or messengers to mankind, to anything and anyone else but the Most High as God. I mean who takes these people seriously?? And they want me to waste my time on them? I don't think so.

There's so much desperation going on to stop my work and shut me up that people invent and spread lies and hatred all over the place designed to attack or discredit me, but they discredit themselves. If they're blatantly lying about me then how can anything they say be believed? Liars are liars. And that's what my enemies are and they have absolutely no credibility and that's why every time they stand to build momentum against me they fall.

When you consider all of the groups and agents sent against me over the past 6 years it comes down to this, I'm still here, and every 6 months or so THEY drop like flies. Why? Because Yah gets tired of them and takes them down Himself.

Yah allows things to happen as well...they thought if they created the conditions to where I was homeless for a few months that the orgone network would collapse and my writings forgotten about on the net. That I would become so upset that I would take my anger out on Yah and abandon Him for being without a home. Oh well, they failed. Again. Do they really think my relationship with Yah is so shallow that it's based on what I have or don't? On material possessions? Are they that stupid? Yes. So they had to see for themselves that I'm REAL.

The Orgone Network is destroying Satan's kingdom and plans on earth and we'll continue to fight against him and his forces while there's still time. We haven't gotten weaker, we've gotten stronger

I'm working on a website on the Serpent Seedline. To explain it how Yah has showed and taught me about it. I've seen some pretty outrageous claims on the net from those who acknowledge this seedline exists and there's a lot of errors involved. The serpent seedline is comparable to another "rapture debate", one doctrine various views. You can't lump them (views on serpent seedline) all together and call it one doctrine and claim everyone believes the same thing, because I certainly don't believe what some of the others do that promote this doctrine. In fact it's something I've been learning from Yah over the past year or so, and so I'll eventually be done with the site and post the link here so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about.

It's certainly been one of the areas they've tried to shut me up on the most. Mention a serpent seedline and the hybrids from it practically start to shapeshift with spit and anger.

In fact the top 3 areas I get attacked on the most are over:

1. Orgone
2. Serpent Seedline
3. Talmud (exposing what the Talmud says)

and these attacks aren't from Christians who just disagree, the most vicious people and constant sources of attacks can be traced to government agencies and univsersities where the CIA works out of.

Anyway till next time,

Yah bless His Warriors

Thursday, August 17, 2006

No More Mr. Nice Guy...

I get so tired of those who pretend to want to do good but do evil. The manipulators, liars, deceivers, gossip whores, backstabbers. Those who cause division and keep it going constantly because they don't know or want peace. They serve their father the devil and become pawns for him that he can use to continually seek to come up against me in any way, shape, or form that they can.

There's many who mock and criticize and make fun of my work for the Lord and wasn't it Jesus/Yahushua who said they did the same to Him and that Satan would do the same to us? And people do. They sling their crap in bucket fulls and claim they love the Lord while He judges them and takes their health and finances in condemnation for what they are doing to me and they simply "don't get it."

Last year the Lord told me He had had enough of 2 of my enemies in particular. He said one was going to die and one was going to lose their health.

And that's how it is. His judgment and condemnation are upon them.

The Lord has put me through many tests and trials and through Him I've withstood them all. He says through much tribulation comes much joy. I learned a long time ago to just leave all things in His hands whether they be good or bad. He's always testing His people. And He knows those who are really His and those who just give Him lip service.

Sure at times I get a temper against those who are vicious and evil continually...but the Lord understands and He forgives. I'm a work in progress and have much to deal with. The Lord allows attacks and pitfalls, He allows us to go through hell on earth so that we learn to depend on Him and our reward in heaven is much greater. Through much tribulation comes much joy. He told me that the other night when I was sitting here and it's been on my mind a lot lately.

The Lord has led me to no longer call upon Him for His Warrior Angels to protect and defend me or my family, but to call for His Destroyer Angels. He will destroy those who are wicked and evil and harass us. So a warning to those who need it. The Lord's patience is done with you and my patience is done as well. You have been warned.

I get it from all sides constantly. Enough is enough.

All people have to do is ask the Lord Himself if I'm His. And for those who already know and plan and conspire constantly to harass and intimidate me because I'm a threat to your Luciferian agendas your destruction awaits. For some it will be much sooner than later.

I know I shake the gates of Hell and rock Lucifer's kingdom. The Lord has told me that Himself many times and it's obvious when so much of Satan's attention is focused on taking me down any way he can to shut me up so I'll stop exposing his plans and revealing everything about his evil and wicked alliances with mankind helping to bring him to power on earth. It's shaking his entire kingdom to the core.

Yah bless His Warriors

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Dolphin Project

I just posted a new article Understanding The New World Order at

I don't reinvent the wheel by detailing the beginning through secret societies so many others have done that already..but I give it a realistic look of what it is and who is involved.

ELF must be emails are increasing lately on all those who are convinced they are one of the two witnesses...complete with websites and Scripture to "prove" it.

If I had a $1 for every time I've heard someone claim they're one of the witnessess I'd be able to put in the septic and well we need for the house. I'm hoping to get a shell up before it starts getting cold. I'm surrounded by wolves.

A lot of baiting lately...WW3 starts on ... seems as usual when ELF gets cranked up that you start reading the same type of stuff all over the internet.

Seems dolphins are in the news here and there, moreso than usual over the past year. The military using them for covert missions etc..the New Age getting goggle-eyed over them.

I'll relate a story a man sent me last year. It would almost seem ludicrous if he wasn't so serious and providing factual info as he could to back up his claims. I was going to post it on my watcher files site and just never got around to it at the time but I'll relay what he told me.

Apparently he, I'll call him John, was dating someone's daughter who was in the black technology faction of the New World Order. This father did not want John seeing his daughter and threatened him to stay away from her. He refused. So the father had John kidnapped and taken to a black op facility.

Here's where it gets crazy, but if you know the tech they have, quite believable.

The father has John soul-scalped and placed into the body of a 14 year old girl who had also been abducted and taken to the facility. They took the girl's soul and placed it inside a dolphin.

Sounds like something from Hollywood eh? Where do you think they get their ideas for movies?

So now John, once a man in his early-mid twenties is trapped inside the body of a 14 year old girl...and the girl (soul) is now trapped inside a dolphin.

He told me how he could see her (as the dolphin now) furiously swimming around the tank she was being held captive in. He was sent back as this where she live her life.

So perhaps it makes more sense why our military and government seem so interested in using dolphins as spies. Perhaps they aren't dolphins at all but the prisons of trapped human souls. They probably bribe them with lies of freedom if they do what they say and go on particular missions for them.

For some reason the Lord keeps bringing this encounter I had with John last year to my mind. I don't know what I can possibly even do with this kind of information but just pass it along as a FYI on what they are capable of doing and already doing.

So much cruelty going on...adults and children being locked in cages in underground bases, people having their souls taken out of their bodies and their bodies being taken over by something or someone else...I'm reminded of the thousands of tiny boxes at Dulce that hold the souls of humans who are trapped in them and can't get out.

Makes you wonder that if you were sitting in a sports stadium today, how many of them aren't even real humans at all.

They make look human, but they are evil beings just inhabiting a human's body and many will commit unspeakable crimes and become murderers and pedophiles.

A person's eyes are a mirror to their soul. What do you see when you look into someone's eyes? Do you see the Lord or Satan?

Well I don't know what to call this FYI info I've given for today, perhaps the Dolphin Project. I'm sure it has a different name and I'm sure others have more detailed info on it they could share if they will stand up to reveal it and help expose this nightmare taking place.

How much more can we take? The Rabbit Hole goes much further than we can even imagine.

Yah bless His Warriors

Sunday, August 13, 2006

So Much To Say..

Sometimes I have so much to say I get into a gridlock and simply can't say anything at all.

Of course it would be easier if I were still on radio...having to sit down and put my thoughts into words sometimes just never gets done right away.

I am considering perhaps hosting an afternoon show, perhaps. I don't know. It's a thought. At this point I don't even know where or with what network.

The Seti Disclosure Project

For the past several years this has been their achilles heel for the coming alien agenda.

Although mentioning the name and purpose of this group is almost laughable for now it eventually plans to be of use.

You can Google the project yourself for more understanding of it, but in a nutshell this group has been heavily funded to sit out in the desert with billion dollar microphones and equipment to declare there's nothing in space.

Until they decide there is and announce it to the public.

So let's see, after all these years of boring television and cable interviews about this SETI Dysfunctional Project and what a waste of taxpayer dollars it is, (just to keep the public conditioned on the project and name itself to lead them along on leashes) they will one day all of a sudden have a breakthrough discovery that, "Hey, there IS life in space, look what we've found!" And then they'll spew their propaganda for all the world to see what they've always known all along anyway, the world will just be relieved to see the idiots at SETI are finally acknowledging it.

I mean what's really suppose to happen here? Is the world suppose to be shocked that life is found in space or just relieved these idiots are going to stop lying about it and start acknowledging it?

Houston we have a problem...many people already know UFOs and aliens stop trying to keep it covered up because by the time you think the world will be ready for your grand acknowlegdment it won't even phase them. They're sick of you and the games you play. Most people don't listen to you anymore, you've lost any resemblence of respect from most of the public.

The one thing governments are hell bent on believing for some reason is that people can't think for themselves and only believe what they're told to by them (governments) Arnold Lizardnegar has already pronounced that same belief..he just made public what the secret society lizards have always believed anyway.

Well people CAN and DO think for flash for these lizard-tards.

Ok so let's get back to SETI.

After years of wasting money on their desert games, this project will step up to deceive the people about what they are seeing in space. "Ok we do see something, but it's THIS. " They will try to control what exactly is being "seen" in space with their microphones and telescopes.

It's all about control and putting their eventual spin on what's actually going on in space and how it affects the earth.

Don't believe them. They've been planning these lies and this whole setup since the day the project was on the sketches.

If you haven't seen my website Crystal City Fraud that exposes some of their planned shenanigans check out

Is there life in space? Yes...the Bible says Satan and his fallen angels inhabit the heavenlies. So how do you think they do that?

They inhabit planets, moons, live in star systems and constellations and they fly around in UFOs to get around, they're not celestial beings they are terrestrial. Many of them are also confined to the earth and live in underground cities and bases.

They had UFOs and interplanetary travel before Adam and Eve and they still have it today. Read my articles on who and what these aliens are at

There are many things the churches don't and won't do, and one of the things they won't do is accurately portray our past, because Satan wants to keep the masses blind about the present and the future.

I don't know how many times I've heard ignorant people proclaim "aliens aren't mentioned in the Bible" when the aliens and their seed dominate it.

In Genesis 6:4 it says angels fell before and after the flood. In Gen. 3:15 the Lord proclaims a continual war between HIS seed and SATAN's seed. That means offspring folks. Don't think there's validity to the Serpent Seedline articles I've written? Read them again with discernment.

And it is several of these serpent seedline hybrids that vehemently attack me online. They don't want these truths revealed. They thought they had the churches dumbed down and under their control from ever realizing and understanding what it IS the Bible actually says. They are furious about my articles that expose their deceptions and who and what they really are. So don't listen to their hate filled lies and tantrums about me folks, the Lord has stood me up to speak and I am doing so.

Throughout the Old Testament and especially in the Book of Joshua you will read of the wars between the Israelites and the Cainanites, Hittites, Jebusites, Peravites, Anakims, Philistines, and many others. Those races were the Nephilim. They were half human-half alien races from the procreation of fallen angels with human women. That is why the Lord would often direct Israel to destroy every man, woman, and child of these races when they went to war against them. Because they weren't fully human with pure human DNA!

Our Biblical patriarchs lived through these times. A time when humans and hybrids both shared the earth! The hybrids built their own cities and had their own governments and nations.

Now can you get a picture of our past?

And for those who are time-line challenged..these times existed AFTER the flood. In the days of King David, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Daniel and all the Old Testament prophets and patriarchs.

Yes the church can understand that before the flood the days were evil and there were giants on the land ..but they seem to think the flood stopped everything when it didn't. It started after the flood as well again as per Gen. 6:4 and all the hybrid races mentioned from Genesis 6 on were the nations that Israel were always going to war against. There were 3 dominant seedlines, the Hebrews, the Arabs, and the Serpent Seedline nations.

The rainbow signifies that never again will the Lord destroy the world with a flood because the next time He destroys it it will be by FIRE.

Today we live in the same kind of era our forefathers did but it has been masked and hidden through DNA mutations and generations of mingling with humans.

No longer do we have the giantism defect that was so blatant in the old days, today it's the wheat and the tares, you can't tell the difference! That's why Jesus/Yahushuah said the angels themselves would be the ones to separate the humans from the aliens and hybrids (tares) among us. Perhaps because they are the only ones who can tell the difference. Most humans certainly can't! And most people have been mind controlled and manipulated from even believing a co-existence even exists!

I tell you it is a truth. Take it to the Lord and ask Him about it.

In the old days there was no redemption for hybrids. After Yahushuah died on the cross and rose again He offered redemption to mankind. If His Spirit draws men and women unto Him then He is offering that person His redemption. It is His Spirit that calls us to Him. I hear from many people who love the Lord and are full of fear that they can't be saved because they have hybrid contaminated blood. I say to this that if the Lord's Spirit called you to Him then HE is offering you redemption regardless of your contaminated blood. The Bible says the last days would be as the days of Noah, and in the days of Noah only Noah and his sons had pure human DNA! Everyone else had contaminated blood from the fallen angel-aliens.

There was no redemption for them then, but the Lord will offer His redemption to those whom He calls to Himself now.

Hybrids, like anyone else, must make a choice, whom will you serve the Lord or Satan?

Granted I'm not speaking of the clones who don't have souls or those created by "them" to live in a human body but serve Satan. They are already sold out to Satan and would never receive the Lord's redemption because they don't want it..they are sold out to Satan from the beginning.

Many of these who are sold out to Satan lead our churches today and lead the packs of those who fight against and come up against people like myself who reveal these truths and expose them for who and what they are.

They call themselves Christians and quote the Bible, so does Satan folks.

I am a believer and servant of the Most High God filled with His Holy Spirit to stand and speak the truth for Him in these last days. I am not a Pauline "Christian." Remember it was Paul and his followers who were called Christians in Antioch. The 12 apostles never accepted that title or referred to themselves as "Christians" because that was Paul's group.

Many deceptions going on today. Many more are coming.

It is the fallen angels who inhabit space and are referred to as aliens because many of them lost their angelic looks as part of their judgment for rebelling against God. The humanoid alien races such as the Annunaki giants live in space as well..there were 2 rebellions against God and 2 different judgments...the Anuk never lost their angelic looks, just their access into heaven. Read the book of Enoch... scroll down the left side.

There are two types of alien races, those who look human and those who don't. Both races are fallen angels, kicked out of heaven for rebellion. Don't be deceived by the garbage SETI will come out with....they won't acknowledge these alien races as fallen angels, they will declare they are our creators and forefathers of earth.

Sitchin is a pawn of the alien agenda, don't get tangled up in his garbage either they're all working together to bring about an Alien New World Order. I have more on that coming out soon.

be at peace,

Yah Bless His Warriors

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Leo Wanta Carrot...

I've been musing over this whole Leo Wonta thing the past several days. For those of you unfamiliar with it for whatever reason, he has $2.4 trillion dollars he's trying to hand over to the American public but the devils in the white house are blocking the money from being released. For the full story you can read about it at Greg Syzmanski's website, the same Greg who invited me to be a guest on his radio show and then cancelled because he doesn't believe in UFOs and Aliens after initialling inviting me on the show to discuss..UFOS and Aliens...

Greg says he "stands up for the truth" yet seemingly seems to bend over to keep the real truth from the people.

I think for the most part that Greg, Jeff Rense, Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick (deceased) have been bamboozled, or perhaps they were witting agents all along for the Alien/New Age agenda. I know several of them are referred to as "White Knight" journalists by the NESARA crowd themselves. In other words, they ARE agents working for THEM.

So an entire faction of Aliens posing as Ascended Masters and who have human agents working for them, use these same agents to deny that (they) these Aliens even exist.

Almost amusing.

And that's why my eyebrows rise over this whole Leo Wonta story.

Is this the foot in the door they're going to take to bring the Alien agenda into the forefront?

If you're not familiar with their agenda and planned economic program for America check out or even

I've spent the past few years exposing the deception of NESARA, along with others, perhaps the puppet masters have decided to try another route into gaining control of America and pushing the Bush regime out.

There's more than one way to skin a cat...


I smell Alien Agenda all over Leo Wonta.

And that's the facts, Jack.

That's the way I see it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

What Isn't In The News..

Stormpay is back! I have updated my orgone sites and some others with Stormpay. Stormpay is much better than Alertpay and I missed it!

For those who already support my ministry or would like to begin you can use Stormpay at

Or you can mail to:
Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, Ohio 44615

It's been another night of "invisible" people.

These are cloaked intel/military people who think that just because they are invisible and surrounding my camper they can't be heard. It's almost laughable!

I recognized this technology they had a few years ago, but it's been pretty blatant lately! I just ask Yah to kick them out.

They've developed a cloaking technology where they can be completely invisible so you can't see them, in fact for the most part you wouldn't know they were around until they do something cough, or walk on twigs/branches/ or talk even..they seem to think that since they are cloaked they can't be heard. So much for brains...

I saw a fully lit UFO the other night when this place was the usual zoo and I had to ask Yah to send His Warrior Angels to secure this area...soon after the UFO passed over I saw a white streak of light in the sky. It was an angel. Angels often appear as white streaks of light or white beads of light. I knew Yah's Warriors were here to kick butt...

People often ask me how I'm still alive if I'm exposing the alien agenda as I do...YAH IS WHY.

I am totally protected by Him. It's not like I haven't had a zillion death threats or even assassination attempts, it's not me they're taking's YAH...and I'm still standing!

One of these days perhaps one of them or even a few of them will realize they're on the losing side.

Yah bless to His Warriors

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mid-East Crises Planned to Trigger Maitreya's Arrival?

Are the wars in the Middle East planned to trigger Maitreya's arrival?

Considering what we know about the Illuminati, that they are a council of 13 Aliens running the politics and governments of this world through their hybrid children, such as the Bilderberger faction of the Illuminati, then everything in the middle east begins to make more sense in light of the one thing that we've always known per the Bible, that in the last days the Middle East and the world itself would be a hotbed of wars, famine, death, and destruction.

The Bilderberger faction of the Illuminati is the one our government and top politicians take their orders from, along with Great Britain.

And as a matter of fact, yes the events in the Middle East are being used to trigger the expected Moslem Mahdi, or Messiah. It has long been a prophesy of the Moslems, in particular Iran, that at much war and upheaval the last, twelfth, Mahdi or Imam would arrive. And whose waiting in the wings to make his entrance onto the world scene? Maitreya.

If you don't know who this Maitreya is then check out

I also have Bible Codes on him at

I just posted an article "Inside Iran: Signs of the Apocalypse- Are They Paving The Way for Maitreya" at

This Maitreya will arrive to help the Arabs fight back against the aggression against them by the United States, Israel, and European Countries that have been warring against them for the past several years, slowly escalating to a climactic point where he will arrive. He will lead them to war but they will be defeated.

Moslems have their own versions of what is going to happen, the one that is dominant is that Miatreya will arrive with Sananda, and this Sananda, who looks like "Jesus" will replace the Gospel with the Koran and a one-world religion of Islam will be created.

What's laughable is that Islam was a religion created by the Vatican FOR the ARABS. It's not a religion, it's a deception...but they've made this manipulated Mohammad and Islam a religion to deceive the Arab people which they will then try to enforce upon the world while claiming Jesus is even in on it now by replacing the Gospel with the Koran.

You can see what a mess it would be. Especially with the Vatican who knows Mohammad was set up by them to create Islam to become enemies of the Jews so they could have wars in the middle east that eventually would end up with Jerusalem becoming an international city with the Vatican itself running it. It was a setup for the Vatican to begin with. Not necessarily to push their manipulated and deceived Catholics and Catholicism, but the position itself for the "black pope" to rule the world. The pope behind the pope. The one with the real power that Satan directly controls, his second hand man. Satan himself would take over that position when the time is right.

Satan will rule the world from Jerusalem.

Who's going to dominate the Middle East when all the preplanned and prefabricated wars are done? The UN. Who controls the UN? The Black Pope.

Eventually the UN forces will be replaced with Satan's alien forces. When Satan arrives his forces will arrive with I've been warning about as this UFO and Alien invasion.

His forces will take over and rule through the UN with him as the One World Leader/Dictator.
Don't be surprised if the UN is moved to Israel.

So the conditions are being made ripe for Maitreya- Phase One. He's a frontrunner before Sananda comes. Sananda will come as the "Son of God", he's not going to share the spotlight with anyone else, he will demand that all worship Him as God but he'll have his puppets around him enforcing it.

Maitreya will be defeated with the Arabs/Moslems.

Then Phase 2 begins, Sananda's takeover of the world.


Yah bless to His Warriors

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Dave Glover Show 97.1 FM St. Louis

Today I will be on the Dave Glover show. He hosts a talk show out of 97.1 FM in St. Louis.

The interview will air at 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern. You can listen online at

We will be discussing the Paranormal such as Aliens and UFOs.

If the above link doesn't work for some reason you can go to and click on the Dave Glover link. You may have to register (for free) to get access to the online streaming so get there a little bit early.

I have never talked to Dave before so it should be an interesting show! I'm sure it will be alot of fun, I enjoy doing live radio interviews.

If someone can record the show in mp3 format and send it to me at I'd appreciate it! Thank you.

and Yah bless to His Warriors

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why Are Humans Being Abducted

In my last post I explained some of the "why's" people get abducted and how or why aliens can get access to abduct them to begin with.

The next question of the day is why abduct them to begin with and what do they want with humans?

First it helps if you separate the abductions between actual aliens and military abductions. Our military abducts thousands of people a year for their own agenda and it easily gets blamed on the aliens. With the official government policy of refusing to acknowledge an alien existence it creates a conspiracy because most people already know and believe they exist, they just don't know who or what they really are. So when the military abducts people the abductions are blamed on these 'mysterious' aliens. Most people would never believe our own government could be behind them and actually be abducting citizens themselves. But that's exactly what is happening.

Alien abductions typically have the same characteristics as described by various abductees around the world. They are taken aboard a UFO where they undergo medical experiments for breeding purposes of the aliens. Some women are impregnated or have eggs removed to be used by them for breeding. Most of these women never know they are pregnant..they will perhaps carry the fetus for 3 months before they have a mysterious miscarriage or it is just taken before that even happens and the woman never knows she was pregnant to begin with. These women are targeted and used as breeders. The hybrid fetus does not have to be carried full term, as a human gestation is 9 months, the aliens can take the fetus after it's initial beginning stage of life and "grow it to maturation" in their own special incubators.

Some women will be abducted repeatedly over the span of their lives to be used for such purposes. A lot of these women will remember nothing and not even know they are going through abduction experiences where others will remember tid bits here and there about things they can't explain, realize they're probably being abducted, but then become too afraid to talk about their experiences for the fear of being ridiculed and told they are crazy. Many miscarriages women have could probably be accounted to "fetus robbery" where the hybrid baby was stolen from the mother's womb shortly after she was inseminated with it.

Some abductees claim they were told their DNA is being tested, or they are being abducted to help save a dying "grey" race and are being used as breeders to help keep the race populating. I wouldn't doubt they are tested for the DNA, but the only "race" part about the greys is that they are cloned and manufactured beings, not a actual live race of beings that procreates to begin with. The greys are created beings to serve as slaves to the Reptilian race, furthering their agenda here on earth to bring about "The New World Order." And this New World Order includes having multiple thousands of hybrids on earth (half alien half human) that are moreso alien than human being born with "above normal human" capabilities. Star seed children and Indigo children are some of the terms used to describe these hybrids. Most hybrids assimilate into society and go unnoticed because their real creation is unknown as many of those who were interbred with aliens/humans never know who their "real" father is, or grow up in adoptive homes, or don't actually know what their real history is.

The Lord's salvation is open to these hybrids as it all falls under the prophecy that "the last days would be as the days of Noah." In Noah's day he was the only surviving human left with pure human DNA, he was "perfect in his generations." Today, a majority of people and family lines have been infiltrated and contaminated with alien DNA. But just as with anyone else, they must accept the Lord's salvation and follow HIM. If some of these are not of Him, then they simply won't accept His Salvation to begin with. In other words, some humans born today aren't even of the Lord or capable of receiving His salvation because they are completely sold out to Satan from the time they are born, the serpent seed, thus the wheat vs. tares.

Military abductions are more deceptive. At times they will portray the whole facade that the human is undergoing an alien abduction when the military is just masquerading as these 'aliens' themselves. Military abductions often feature rape and chip implantation. Many of those who have been through military abductions have described the same various things to me, such as being taken to bases both underground and above ground where they are trained for special projects. Typically we refer to these as MILABS (military lab rats). These people suffer abuse, rape, and even the splitting of their minds which is referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder. Different "people" or personalities are created within them and each fulfills their own role or job when called upon. Almost all of them report having sexual personalities created within them to be used and abused by their military handlers when they're being held at a base. Also, a personality is created to become involved in covert operations and thus this "personality" undergoes training for a job, assignment, or role, to be performed at some point in the future when called upon. The Washington D.C. sniper is a good example of that, he was a mind controlled and trained pawn of the black military's to do exactly as he did.

Some people are abducted and implanted to be used as mind controlled pawns to help further their NWO agenda and/or New Age teachings. Many of these abductees will actually begin to promote the views and teachings of their abductors, or be used in other ways to unwittingly disseminate their agenda.

Another aspect of military abductions is chip implantation so the abductee can be tracked at all times and even under the control of their handlers to be mind controlled into promoting visions, teachings or even prophecies for their agenda without realizing they are being controlled. I've talked about the Church of NORAD in other posts where religious figures or people are given fake dreams and visions, even fake prophecies and touting them as being from the Lord Himself when they are actually just manipulations from NORAD and other underground bases that handle and manipulate these chip implanted people. They have experiences from NORAD and claim it's from God. The Dulce Base in New Mexico and NORAD in Colorado are both known for their dreamscape manipulation technologies and how they manipulate and deceive people via their dreams and minds.

These chips act like 2 way radio transmitters. I've heard from many people that they've been able to hear voices, or even music in their heads and they know it's real, and from somewhere else (not their home or area they are in). From what I can tell these chips will malfunction and that is why people can hear what's going on on "the other end." What they are hearing are actual things or conversations taking place at wherever the base is that has the listening and targeting device for the chip they were implanted with. They're hearing things from the "home base" that has them under surveillance and implantation.

Many people are chip implanted, especially those involved with the Patriot movement, or anti-New World Order movement or organizations. In fact many who are anti-NWO are the ones being harassed with chip implantations and abductions. Whole congregations of churches are targeted as Christians are their #1 enemy. Christians are huge targets and most likely other than patriots, their main targets. And they make great targets because they are the last ones who would think something like that would even be possible to happen to them. And even if they knew something was going on they would be the last ones to talk about it for fear of being ridiculed and criticised for "not being saved." Most Christians are always the first ones to bring out the judgment and condemnation on someone else because most are so sure they know everything that they never realize they know nothing or how little they actually do know.

I've written an article on how to deactivate chip implants at

Not all chips can be deactivated, most notably brain implants because you wouldn't want to put a powerful magnet on your brain. But the Lord can help and I'll be discussing that in my next post.

Yes folks, we're surrounded by Satan freaks. Freaks and enemies of the Lord who want to destroy and control you and implement Lucifer's kingdom on earth. Once you know their game and can recognize how they are fighting against mankind, you can learn how to fight back effectively against them.

It's us against the New World Order.

Until next time,

Yah bless His Warriors