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Sunday, August 13, 2006

So Much To Say..

Sometimes I have so much to say I get into a gridlock and simply can't say anything at all.

Of course it would be easier if I were still on radio...having to sit down and put my thoughts into words sometimes just never gets done right away.

I am considering perhaps hosting an afternoon show, perhaps. I don't know. It's a thought. At this point I don't even know where or with what network.

The Seti Disclosure Project

For the past several years this has been their achilles heel for the coming alien agenda.

Although mentioning the name and purpose of this group is almost laughable for now it eventually plans to be of use.

You can Google the project yourself for more understanding of it, but in a nutshell this group has been heavily funded to sit out in the desert with billion dollar microphones and equipment to declare there's nothing in space.

Until they decide there is and announce it to the public.

So let's see, after all these years of boring television and cable interviews about this SETI Dysfunctional Project and what a waste of taxpayer dollars it is, (just to keep the public conditioned on the project and name itself to lead them along on leashes) they will one day all of a sudden have a breakthrough discovery that, "Hey, there IS life in space, look what we've found!" And then they'll spew their propaganda for all the world to see what they've always known all along anyway, the world will just be relieved to see the idiots at SETI are finally acknowledging it.

I mean what's really suppose to happen here? Is the world suppose to be shocked that life is found in space or just relieved these idiots are going to stop lying about it and start acknowledging it?

Houston we have a problem...many people already know UFOs and aliens stop trying to keep it covered up because by the time you think the world will be ready for your grand acknowlegdment it won't even phase them. They're sick of you and the games you play. Most people don't listen to you anymore, you've lost any resemblence of respect from most of the public.

The one thing governments are hell bent on believing for some reason is that people can't think for themselves and only believe what they're told to by them (governments) Arnold Lizardnegar has already pronounced that same belief..he just made public what the secret society lizards have always believed anyway.

Well people CAN and DO think for flash for these lizard-tards.

Ok so let's get back to SETI.

After years of wasting money on their desert games, this project will step up to deceive the people about what they are seeing in space. "Ok we do see something, but it's THIS. " They will try to control what exactly is being "seen" in space with their microphones and telescopes.

It's all about control and putting their eventual spin on what's actually going on in space and how it affects the earth.

Don't believe them. They've been planning these lies and this whole setup since the day the project was on the sketches.

If you haven't seen my website Crystal City Fraud that exposes some of their planned shenanigans check out

Is there life in space? Yes...the Bible says Satan and his fallen angels inhabit the heavenlies. So how do you think they do that?

They inhabit planets, moons, live in star systems and constellations and they fly around in UFOs to get around, they're not celestial beings they are terrestrial. Many of them are also confined to the earth and live in underground cities and bases.

They had UFOs and interplanetary travel before Adam and Eve and they still have it today. Read my articles on who and what these aliens are at

There are many things the churches don't and won't do, and one of the things they won't do is accurately portray our past, because Satan wants to keep the masses blind about the present and the future.

I don't know how many times I've heard ignorant people proclaim "aliens aren't mentioned in the Bible" when the aliens and their seed dominate it.

In Genesis 6:4 it says angels fell before and after the flood. In Gen. 3:15 the Lord proclaims a continual war between HIS seed and SATAN's seed. That means offspring folks. Don't think there's validity to the Serpent Seedline articles I've written? Read them again with discernment.

And it is several of these serpent seedline hybrids that vehemently attack me online. They don't want these truths revealed. They thought they had the churches dumbed down and under their control from ever realizing and understanding what it IS the Bible actually says. They are furious about my articles that expose their deceptions and who and what they really are. So don't listen to their hate filled lies and tantrums about me folks, the Lord has stood me up to speak and I am doing so.

Throughout the Old Testament and especially in the Book of Joshua you will read of the wars between the Israelites and the Cainanites, Hittites, Jebusites, Peravites, Anakims, Philistines, and many others. Those races were the Nephilim. They were half human-half alien races from the procreation of fallen angels with human women. That is why the Lord would often direct Israel to destroy every man, woman, and child of these races when they went to war against them. Because they weren't fully human with pure human DNA!

Our Biblical patriarchs lived through these times. A time when humans and hybrids both shared the earth! The hybrids built their own cities and had their own governments and nations.

Now can you get a picture of our past?

And for those who are time-line challenged..these times existed AFTER the flood. In the days of King David, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Daniel and all the Old Testament prophets and patriarchs.

Yes the church can understand that before the flood the days were evil and there were giants on the land ..but they seem to think the flood stopped everything when it didn't. It started after the flood as well again as per Gen. 6:4 and all the hybrid races mentioned from Genesis 6 on were the nations that Israel were always going to war against. There were 3 dominant seedlines, the Hebrews, the Arabs, and the Serpent Seedline nations.

The rainbow signifies that never again will the Lord destroy the world with a flood because the next time He destroys it it will be by FIRE.

Today we live in the same kind of era our forefathers did but it has been masked and hidden through DNA mutations and generations of mingling with humans.

No longer do we have the giantism defect that was so blatant in the old days, today it's the wheat and the tares, you can't tell the difference! That's why Jesus/Yahushuah said the angels themselves would be the ones to separate the humans from the aliens and hybrids (tares) among us. Perhaps because they are the only ones who can tell the difference. Most humans certainly can't! And most people have been mind controlled and manipulated from even believing a co-existence even exists!

I tell you it is a truth. Take it to the Lord and ask Him about it.

In the old days there was no redemption for hybrids. After Yahushuah died on the cross and rose again He offered redemption to mankind. If His Spirit draws men and women unto Him then He is offering that person His redemption. It is His Spirit that calls us to Him. I hear from many people who love the Lord and are full of fear that they can't be saved because they have hybrid contaminated blood. I say to this that if the Lord's Spirit called you to Him then HE is offering you redemption regardless of your contaminated blood. The Bible says the last days would be as the days of Noah, and in the days of Noah only Noah and his sons had pure human DNA! Everyone else had contaminated blood from the fallen angel-aliens.

There was no redemption for them then, but the Lord will offer His redemption to those whom He calls to Himself now.

Hybrids, like anyone else, must make a choice, whom will you serve the Lord or Satan?

Granted I'm not speaking of the clones who don't have souls or those created by "them" to live in a human body but serve Satan. They are already sold out to Satan and would never receive the Lord's redemption because they don't want it..they are sold out to Satan from the beginning.

Many of these who are sold out to Satan lead our churches today and lead the packs of those who fight against and come up against people like myself who reveal these truths and expose them for who and what they are.

They call themselves Christians and quote the Bible, so does Satan folks.

I am a believer and servant of the Most High God filled with His Holy Spirit to stand and speak the truth for Him in these last days. I am not a Pauline "Christian." Remember it was Paul and his followers who were called Christians in Antioch. The 12 apostles never accepted that title or referred to themselves as "Christians" because that was Paul's group.

Many deceptions going on today. Many more are coming.

It is the fallen angels who inhabit space and are referred to as aliens because many of them lost their angelic looks as part of their judgment for rebelling against God. The humanoid alien races such as the Annunaki giants live in space as well..there were 2 rebellions against God and 2 different judgments...the Anuk never lost their angelic looks, just their access into heaven. Read the book of Enoch... scroll down the left side.

There are two types of alien races, those who look human and those who don't. Both races are fallen angels, kicked out of heaven for rebellion. Don't be deceived by the garbage SETI will come out with....they won't acknowledge these alien races as fallen angels, they will declare they are our creators and forefathers of earth.

Sitchin is a pawn of the alien agenda, don't get tangled up in his garbage either they're all working together to bring about an Alien New World Order. I have more on that coming out soon.

be at peace,

Yah Bless His Warriors

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