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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why Are Humans Being Abducted

In my last post I explained some of the "why's" people get abducted and how or why aliens can get access to abduct them to begin with.

The next question of the day is why abduct them to begin with and what do they want with humans?

First it helps if you separate the abductions between actual aliens and military abductions. Our military abducts thousands of people a year for their own agenda and it easily gets blamed on the aliens. With the official government policy of refusing to acknowledge an alien existence it creates a conspiracy because most people already know and believe they exist, they just don't know who or what they really are. So when the military abducts people the abductions are blamed on these 'mysterious' aliens. Most people would never believe our own government could be behind them and actually be abducting citizens themselves. But that's exactly what is happening.

Alien abductions typically have the same characteristics as described by various abductees around the world. They are taken aboard a UFO where they undergo medical experiments for breeding purposes of the aliens. Some women are impregnated or have eggs removed to be used by them for breeding. Most of these women never know they are pregnant..they will perhaps carry the fetus for 3 months before they have a mysterious miscarriage or it is just taken before that even happens and the woman never knows she was pregnant to begin with. These women are targeted and used as breeders. The hybrid fetus does not have to be carried full term, as a human gestation is 9 months, the aliens can take the fetus after it's initial beginning stage of life and "grow it to maturation" in their own special incubators.

Some women will be abducted repeatedly over the span of their lives to be used for such purposes. A lot of these women will remember nothing and not even know they are going through abduction experiences where others will remember tid bits here and there about things they can't explain, realize they're probably being abducted, but then become too afraid to talk about their experiences for the fear of being ridiculed and told they are crazy. Many miscarriages women have could probably be accounted to "fetus robbery" where the hybrid baby was stolen from the mother's womb shortly after she was inseminated with it.

Some abductees claim they were told their DNA is being tested, or they are being abducted to help save a dying "grey" race and are being used as breeders to help keep the race populating. I wouldn't doubt they are tested for the DNA, but the only "race" part about the greys is that they are cloned and manufactured beings, not a actual live race of beings that procreates to begin with. The greys are created beings to serve as slaves to the Reptilian race, furthering their agenda here on earth to bring about "The New World Order." And this New World Order includes having multiple thousands of hybrids on earth (half alien half human) that are moreso alien than human being born with "above normal human" capabilities. Star seed children and Indigo children are some of the terms used to describe these hybrids. Most hybrids assimilate into society and go unnoticed because their real creation is unknown as many of those who were interbred with aliens/humans never know who their "real" father is, or grow up in adoptive homes, or don't actually know what their real history is.

The Lord's salvation is open to these hybrids as it all falls under the prophecy that "the last days would be as the days of Noah." In Noah's day he was the only surviving human left with pure human DNA, he was "perfect in his generations." Today, a majority of people and family lines have been infiltrated and contaminated with alien DNA. But just as with anyone else, they must accept the Lord's salvation and follow HIM. If some of these are not of Him, then they simply won't accept His Salvation to begin with. In other words, some humans born today aren't even of the Lord or capable of receiving His salvation because they are completely sold out to Satan from the time they are born, the serpent seed, thus the wheat vs. tares.

Military abductions are more deceptive. At times they will portray the whole facade that the human is undergoing an alien abduction when the military is just masquerading as these 'aliens' themselves. Military abductions often feature rape and chip implantation. Many of those who have been through military abductions have described the same various things to me, such as being taken to bases both underground and above ground where they are trained for special projects. Typically we refer to these as MILABS (military lab rats). These people suffer abuse, rape, and even the splitting of their minds which is referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder. Different "people" or personalities are created within them and each fulfills their own role or job when called upon. Almost all of them report having sexual personalities created within them to be used and abused by their military handlers when they're being held at a base. Also, a personality is created to become involved in covert operations and thus this "personality" undergoes training for a job, assignment, or role, to be performed at some point in the future when called upon. The Washington D.C. sniper is a good example of that, he was a mind controlled and trained pawn of the black military's to do exactly as he did.

Some people are abducted and implanted to be used as mind controlled pawns to help further their NWO agenda and/or New Age teachings. Many of these abductees will actually begin to promote the views and teachings of their abductors, or be used in other ways to unwittingly disseminate their agenda.

Another aspect of military abductions is chip implantation so the abductee can be tracked at all times and even under the control of their handlers to be mind controlled into promoting visions, teachings or even prophecies for their agenda without realizing they are being controlled. I've talked about the Church of NORAD in other posts where religious figures or people are given fake dreams and visions, even fake prophecies and touting them as being from the Lord Himself when they are actually just manipulations from NORAD and other underground bases that handle and manipulate these chip implanted people. They have experiences from NORAD and claim it's from God. The Dulce Base in New Mexico and NORAD in Colorado are both known for their dreamscape manipulation technologies and how they manipulate and deceive people via their dreams and minds.

These chips act like 2 way radio transmitters. I've heard from many people that they've been able to hear voices, or even music in their heads and they know it's real, and from somewhere else (not their home or area they are in). From what I can tell these chips will malfunction and that is why people can hear what's going on on "the other end." What they are hearing are actual things or conversations taking place at wherever the base is that has the listening and targeting device for the chip they were implanted with. They're hearing things from the "home base" that has them under surveillance and implantation.

Many people are chip implanted, especially those involved with the Patriot movement, or anti-New World Order movement or organizations. In fact many who are anti-NWO are the ones being harassed with chip implantations and abductions. Whole congregations of churches are targeted as Christians are their #1 enemy. Christians are huge targets and most likely other than patriots, their main targets. And they make great targets because they are the last ones who would think something like that would even be possible to happen to them. And even if they knew something was going on they would be the last ones to talk about it for fear of being ridiculed and criticised for "not being saved." Most Christians are always the first ones to bring out the judgment and condemnation on someone else because most are so sure they know everything that they never realize they know nothing or how little they actually do know.

I've written an article on how to deactivate chip implants at

Not all chips can be deactivated, most notably brain implants because you wouldn't want to put a powerful magnet on your brain. But the Lord can help and I'll be discussing that in my next post.

Yes folks, we're surrounded by Satan freaks. Freaks and enemies of the Lord who want to destroy and control you and implement Lucifer's kingdom on earth. Once you know their game and can recognize how they are fighting against mankind, you can learn how to fight back effectively against them.

It's us against the New World Order.

Until next time,

Yah bless His Warriors

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