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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Dolphin Project

I just posted a new article Understanding The New World Order at

I don't reinvent the wheel by detailing the beginning through secret societies so many others have done that already..but I give it a realistic look of what it is and who is involved.

ELF must be emails are increasing lately on all those who are convinced they are one of the two witnesses...complete with websites and Scripture to "prove" it.

If I had a $1 for every time I've heard someone claim they're one of the witnessess I'd be able to put in the septic and well we need for the house. I'm hoping to get a shell up before it starts getting cold. I'm surrounded by wolves.

A lot of baiting lately...WW3 starts on ... seems as usual when ELF gets cranked up that you start reading the same type of stuff all over the internet.

Seems dolphins are in the news here and there, moreso than usual over the past year. The military using them for covert missions etc..the New Age getting goggle-eyed over them.

I'll relate a story a man sent me last year. It would almost seem ludicrous if he wasn't so serious and providing factual info as he could to back up his claims. I was going to post it on my watcher files site and just never got around to it at the time but I'll relay what he told me.

Apparently he, I'll call him John, was dating someone's daughter who was in the black technology faction of the New World Order. This father did not want John seeing his daughter and threatened him to stay away from her. He refused. So the father had John kidnapped and taken to a black op facility.

Here's where it gets crazy, but if you know the tech they have, quite believable.

The father has John soul-scalped and placed into the body of a 14 year old girl who had also been abducted and taken to the facility. They took the girl's soul and placed it inside a dolphin.

Sounds like something from Hollywood eh? Where do you think they get their ideas for movies?

So now John, once a man in his early-mid twenties is trapped inside the body of a 14 year old girl...and the girl (soul) is now trapped inside a dolphin.

He told me how he could see her (as the dolphin now) furiously swimming around the tank she was being held captive in. He was sent back as this where she live her life.

So perhaps it makes more sense why our military and government seem so interested in using dolphins as spies. Perhaps they aren't dolphins at all but the prisons of trapped human souls. They probably bribe them with lies of freedom if they do what they say and go on particular missions for them.

For some reason the Lord keeps bringing this encounter I had with John last year to my mind. I don't know what I can possibly even do with this kind of information but just pass it along as a FYI on what they are capable of doing and already doing.

So much cruelty going on...adults and children being locked in cages in underground bases, people having their souls taken out of their bodies and their bodies being taken over by something or someone else...I'm reminded of the thousands of tiny boxes at Dulce that hold the souls of humans who are trapped in them and can't get out.

Makes you wonder that if you were sitting in a sports stadium today, how many of them aren't even real humans at all.

They make look human, but they are evil beings just inhabiting a human's body and many will commit unspeakable crimes and become murderers and pedophiles.

A person's eyes are a mirror to their soul. What do you see when you look into someone's eyes? Do you see the Lord or Satan?

Well I don't know what to call this FYI info I've given for today, perhaps the Dolphin Project. I'm sure it has a different name and I'm sure others have more detailed info on it they could share if they will stand up to reveal it and help expose this nightmare taking place.

How much more can we take? The Rabbit Hole goes much further than we can even imagine.

Yah bless His Warriors

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