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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mid-East Crises Planned to Trigger Maitreya's Arrival?

Are the wars in the Middle East planned to trigger Maitreya's arrival?

Considering what we know about the Illuminati, that they are a council of 13 Aliens running the politics and governments of this world through their hybrid children, such as the Bilderberger faction of the Illuminati, then everything in the middle east begins to make more sense in light of the one thing that we've always known per the Bible, that in the last days the Middle East and the world itself would be a hotbed of wars, famine, death, and destruction.

The Bilderberger faction of the Illuminati is the one our government and top politicians take their orders from, along with Great Britain.

And as a matter of fact, yes the events in the Middle East are being used to trigger the expected Moslem Mahdi, or Messiah. It has long been a prophesy of the Moslems, in particular Iran, that at much war and upheaval the last, twelfth, Mahdi or Imam would arrive. And whose waiting in the wings to make his entrance onto the world scene? Maitreya.

If you don't know who this Maitreya is then check out

I also have Bible Codes on him at

I just posted an article "Inside Iran: Signs of the Apocalypse- Are They Paving The Way for Maitreya" at

This Maitreya will arrive to help the Arabs fight back against the aggression against them by the United States, Israel, and European Countries that have been warring against them for the past several years, slowly escalating to a climactic point where he will arrive. He will lead them to war but they will be defeated.

Moslems have their own versions of what is going to happen, the one that is dominant is that Miatreya will arrive with Sananda, and this Sananda, who looks like "Jesus" will replace the Gospel with the Koran and a one-world religion of Islam will be created.

What's laughable is that Islam was a religion created by the Vatican FOR the ARABS. It's not a religion, it's a deception...but they've made this manipulated Mohammad and Islam a religion to deceive the Arab people which they will then try to enforce upon the world while claiming Jesus is even in on it now by replacing the Gospel with the Koran.

You can see what a mess it would be. Especially with the Vatican who knows Mohammad was set up by them to create Islam to become enemies of the Jews so they could have wars in the middle east that eventually would end up with Jerusalem becoming an international city with the Vatican itself running it. It was a setup for the Vatican to begin with. Not necessarily to push their manipulated and deceived Catholics and Catholicism, but the position itself for the "black pope" to rule the world. The pope behind the pope. The one with the real power that Satan directly controls, his second hand man. Satan himself would take over that position when the time is right.

Satan will rule the world from Jerusalem.

Who's going to dominate the Middle East when all the preplanned and prefabricated wars are done? The UN. Who controls the UN? The Black Pope.

Eventually the UN forces will be replaced with Satan's alien forces. When Satan arrives his forces will arrive with I've been warning about as this UFO and Alien invasion.

His forces will take over and rule through the UN with him as the One World Leader/Dictator.
Don't be surprised if the UN is moved to Israel.

So the conditions are being made ripe for Maitreya- Phase One. He's a frontrunner before Sananda comes. Sananda will come as the "Son of God", he's not going to share the spotlight with anyone else, he will demand that all worship Him as God but he'll have his puppets around him enforcing it.

Maitreya will be defeated with the Arabs/Moslems.

Then Phase 2 begins, Sananda's takeover of the world.


Yah bless to His Warriors

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