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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tid Bits and Tad Bits

Well it's nice to know that summer is winding down. It's certainly been an interesting one.

I've been busy with getting the kids back to school and getting moved into a house. Yes, we finaly have one. I had had enough of living at the inlaws and it was obvious we weren't going to get a house built fast enough there and I simply couldn't take living in those conditions any longer. We've tried to build this same house twice there over the past 4 years and both times have had to stop and leave the area because of the nonsense created and caused by my inlaws at almost all times. They were terrorizing my kids with their constant fighting and childish tantrums and when they get bored with fighting against each other they were ganging up against us, they both act like 2 year olds and I'd had enough. I told Yah, "we have one week and school starts and we need to get out of here now!" Within 3 days we had a house.

There's been so much going on I've just been busy with ignoring most of it. It's amusing how some people will do anything to try and get my attention because they want me to bring their nonsense into a public arena and ya know what, I simply refuse. There's groups, sites, lists, created by the New Age and UFO/Alien Disclosure crowds designed to attack me that they're so ludicrous they're laughable. These people are so torn between trying to choose between themselves as gods, dolphins as gods and/or messengers to mankind, to anything and anyone else but the Most High as God. I mean who takes these people seriously?? And they want me to waste my time on them? I don't think so.

There's so much desperation going on to stop my work and shut me up that people invent and spread lies and hatred all over the place designed to attack or discredit me, but they discredit themselves. If they're blatantly lying about me then how can anything they say be believed? Liars are liars. And that's what my enemies are and they have absolutely no credibility and that's why every time they stand to build momentum against me they fall.

When you consider all of the groups and agents sent against me over the past 6 years it comes down to this, I'm still here, and every 6 months or so THEY drop like flies. Why? Because Yah gets tired of them and takes them down Himself.

Yah allows things to happen as well...they thought if they created the conditions to where I was homeless for a few months that the orgone network would collapse and my writings forgotten about on the net. That I would become so upset that I would take my anger out on Yah and abandon Him for being without a home. Oh well, they failed. Again. Do they really think my relationship with Yah is so shallow that it's based on what I have or don't? On material possessions? Are they that stupid? Yes. So they had to see for themselves that I'm REAL.

The Orgone Network is destroying Satan's kingdom and plans on earth and we'll continue to fight against him and his forces while there's still time. We haven't gotten weaker, we've gotten stronger

I'm working on a website on the Serpent Seedline. To explain it how Yah has showed and taught me about it. I've seen some pretty outrageous claims on the net from those who acknowledge this seedline exists and there's a lot of errors involved. The serpent seedline is comparable to another "rapture debate", one doctrine various views. You can't lump them (views on serpent seedline) all together and call it one doctrine and claim everyone believes the same thing, because I certainly don't believe what some of the others do that promote this doctrine. In fact it's something I've been learning from Yah over the past year or so, and so I'll eventually be done with the site and post the link here so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about.

It's certainly been one of the areas they've tried to shut me up on the most. Mention a serpent seedline and the hybrids from it practically start to shapeshift with spit and anger.

In fact the top 3 areas I get attacked on the most are over:

1. Orgone
2. Serpent Seedline
3. Talmud (exposing what the Talmud says)

and these attacks aren't from Christians who just disagree, the most vicious people and constant sources of attacks can be traced to government agencies and univsersities where the CIA works out of.

Anyway till next time,

Yah bless His Warriors

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